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I;\<t> KvrnitiK Kvrcpt Sunday by Th« Ta< ihiim Times Publishing Company
Entered at the >»tofllre at Tacoma, Wash., an second class matter.
' ; ■ —. .
One Cent a Copy. si» Cents a .itftfpfifci 26 cents a Month, $3 a Year,
Week, by Carrier or ; by Mail, "^ig^^ 3 by Carrier or by Mail.
a*.-** i. ... -.—r^-r—-r; j — -**--."■ - yr-^hrT=T."Tr '■*'■■■■ ■ • '-•— r—-r-v-tt -*» "■■■■—■• ■■■ -......—..„ .— r ~- -—-■- — ■■- ~rrz
. ' —"** ■" '—^*" ~* —~—*~" ■
Tii»- prospects that Tacoma is to have ■ permanent military canip
wUhin a short distance of the city limits are exceedingly bright.
Government officials have for a long time been looking for a favor
able location lot a permanent can site for state and federal troop*
aii«l mobilization groundx.
Every officer who has visited the camp in the American lake region
during the past few days agreen that, such a place has been found
there. It excels anything else on (he coast, they declare, both for the
carrying out of maneuver plans and the mobilization of large bodies of
There are miles and miles of open territory accessible both by water
mill rail, and close to a large iiiy. Drainage and water supply, two
equisites of a ■lltary camp, are unexcelled.
Should the government determine to take the stepiwhlch now seems
probable, the ultimate result would undoubtedly be to make Tacomi tho
headquarter* of the army for the Northwest.
An ordinance recently Introduced 'in the council prohibits the dis
charge of fireworks in any of the eft) parks. The provision is a wise one
Bnd, ■Her it is passed, should not be allowed to 1,..,, me a dead letter.
The enforcement of hu , n an ordinance will prevent it repetition of
the recent accident in Wright park, when the lives of several thousand
people were placed in jeopardy. Public parks such as Tacoma has are
intended to li,. places where people cnn go for rest and recreation, ami
! not,place* for the handling of large quantities of dangerous explosives.
"iiiHiimde goods for Tacoma people," the slogan of the Manu
facturers'- association, should be the motto of every Tacoma household.
Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing would bring greater success to
Tacoma Institutions than to be patronized by home people.
li little is Unuwn about Judge A. |
n.Parker's public life, • com- |
paratlvely nothing has been told or
lilb home existence.,
Hi' lives on a beautiful farm or
park, fin miles south of Albany, oil
the hanks of the Hudson river, at a
little Bag station on tke Went ■bora
railway oiled Kmopd*. Now. ISsopus
].-■ a dignified name, hence one cx
pei'ts, to . liml a (lisnilieit town. But.
one Is ui^.i|'l"'inleil. lew of (lie
train* stop there, unless ordered to
do so for some distinguished guest.
IJoml 10 i;c)s<'nioiiiii.
There Is a tiny flagman .s shanty
at the crossing, 'which serves lor a
st,llion, too. A lolly winding- road
le«da eat.t to ihe Hudson river and
to "Ko.seinount," the judge's country
home. . it is a pretty bad road, too.
Ro en..m il consiats of 90 acres of
rich land, surrounded by a stone
wall, a simple, old-fashioned large
frame house, and $ series of barns
From the long, low veranda in front
one looks down lilt' hill upon the
beautiful Hudson, A little landing |
there shows where a tiny steam yacht
ties up during the -season.
»I|H* (hie l>.tm;litoi\
At Kingston, about eight miles
f.om Hosemoimt, Judge Parker's I
only daughter lives. Ike is the wife
of He.v. Charles Mercer Hall, rector
of Holy Cross Episcopal church.
At the Tae'oma Business College. Regular
work in Commercial, Shorthand, Typewriting,
and English Departments.
For pupils of the 1 Cth. 7th and Bth grades.
Six weeks' term commencing Tuesday, July
6th, at the Chamber of Commerce Building.
• - ■ ■. ■ , ■•• ■■ «
• Ask Your Grocer For •
jTjis Shield Brand!
J Of Hams, Bacon and Lard j
* ' * Inspected by Uncle Sam and Bears His Stamp. •
■ It's Prom the U. M. C It's All Right. ■ •
; i>ac?;ifsve. Union Heat Co. S% u 238 :
Kingston, of which Judge Parker is a
On his visits (here ihe judge In
! variably carries off With him from
Kingston one or both of his little
Mis. Parker Is Ititlliaut.
Mrs. Parker is a very handsome
and brilliant woman. Sim is very
retiring ami her picture has never
before been printed. She is a
daughter of the late Moses I.
Hchooninaker, one of the oldest
Dutch New York families. She is
thoroughly domestic and superin
tends every detail of her country
home. She, too, is passionately fond
of the grandchildren and keeps
them at Hosemount all summer.
The Parkers entertain often, but al
ways on a small scale. But those
who once became their guests al
ways long to be invited again.
Parisian Dye Works cleans, dyes,
presses or repairs i lollies, 1109 C
si Phone Red 875. •••
Smoke the
"Saengerfest" Cigar
Leading lOi Cigar lit Town
• • •
• II) <')-in <;rcyv •
• •
Some women, who would not be
lii"l looking if Uiey knew how to
make the best at themselves, spoil
the whole effect by making faces.
They bite their lips or chew their
cheek's' They sot their lips in pur
posely firm, tinbeautiful lines. They
twist the corner of the mouth over
where the middle of the mouth is 1
intended to be. Even In conversa-
ion they manage their mouths, by
drawing the lips in or sticking them
out. There are a hundred and one
little affect at lon i of the mouth that
really good looking women practice.
Without, knowing It they are spoil
ing the linen of their faces and Ml.i -
ing themselves prematurely old and
Mill .III). .
The same is true of the now. one
woman wrinkles her nose when ■„<,,■
laughs, giving a sort of sniffing ap
pearance to Hie no.se, which is any
thing but beautiful. Then she won
ders why she has lines below the
eyes. In sniffing her nose she raise
her upper lip. spoiling both nose and
The name is true of Hie eyos ami
forehead, one woman almost closes
her eyes when she smiles and raises
and lowers her eyebrows in a really
astonishing manner, nm the whole
11 her pi 'i iv nor effective.
The fare is not alone in its affec
i at ions.
There is the whole head, or the
ntok. One woman holds her head
on one side and nods and bows Ikm
lell Into sonif twisted poiitlon that
If Hen painful is certainly sufficiently
ungraceful to be objectionable.
The hands ;md arms tOO COBM ill
for their share of affection*. One
woman never smiles without covei
inn her mouth With her ham). An
iii her seldom speaks without cover-
Ing her mouth. This is not only m
eleganl bul ii makes her speech in
audible. People are always asking
i iiese women whai they Mid. Borne
women rest the face on the band
while in conversation.
All these little things women do
Without knowing It. They are hab
its, the outgrowth of affectations.
The;. ar«' not natural. There is no
reason why the mouth should be all
screwed out of shaoe to make v lit
lie smile. There is no reason why
the nose should be wrinkled and the
upper lip lifted that n friend may
know that one is pleased.
These are the little affectations
which are so much a part of our
selves that, no one thinks to correct
Ibe fault. We can only correct the
habits by watching ourselves and
correcting them as fast as we fliul
It is natural to talk, laugh and to
smile as nature intended, and na
ture Intended it to be done with the
leasl possible effort. It is an effort
to bite the lips and wrinkle up the
(ioixl to Know.
Bnergy will do anything that can
be (louc ill this world; and no lat
enis. no circiimsiances, no opportu
nities will make a man without it. -
Goe4 he.
Till-: mi i: DIMITY.
A pale blue dimity with ruffles is
set off with a garland of forget-me
nots, consisting of loops of ribbon
and liny clusters of velvet blossoms
heading the top ruffle on the skirt.
A knot of th« Bowers and ribbon or
naments each shoulder and appears
at the elbow. A touch Of pink in
the (lowers is attractive. A fold of
pluk chiffon about the low- cut bod
ice gives a dainty touch.
The ginger which we use in the
kill In II is obtained from lilt root
stock of the singer plant, a native
of Bast Indies The plant is now
cultivated in other countries of like
climate. The cultivation Is easy
TTir X-tdoMA TIM! S
when the climatic- conditions are [a
The root-stock Is commonly about
ill-- Rize of a man's finger. It U
knotty, fibrous and flcsln when ii Is
Thia root-atoch sends uj> i eed
j 1 iK• ■ stems with smooth sheaths of
leaven The plant grows from three
to four and ;i hatl feel liinh.
The flowers are produced by short
leaflets sterna, in spike- about tlie
of a man's lhtmib.. mikl are or a
I whitish color
When ihi'hi< iii*--I,.j< <■ withered tiio
rool stock is i.-tl^'n up and is pir
pared for markei either b> seething
;iiid scalding in boiling water and
drying, or by scihi>!iik ;m<l wanning.
The boiling watof is turned over n
to kill ii Ulnger thus prepared is
called black Ringer. The scraped
ginger is called whir.' ginger. 'iii»>
blackest of KinK<>r is. however, no
darker than stone color. White nhi
ger Is far from white.
Candied or preserved ginger Is
imported from Chipa and the Indies.
This sugared gins*!- is considered by
some a most delicious sweet-moat.
The medicinal properties are well
known. Ginger u>a, oil of ginger and
essence of glnget are used commonly
In the average home.
Color mid Weather.
The woman who is always lasllly
dressed considers the weather when
choosing which gown to wear. Of
course the weather may change sud
denly, but a general observance or
the effect of the weather upon color
is usually possible.
Red, pink, any color largely made
up of rose, is not pretty when worn
In the sun on a hoi day.
Green and white In combination
are prettiest on warm days. Pale
blue and white, pah; blue, violet
shades largely of pi tie, cream color
and sol't white materials are attrac
tive on warm d <
In winter time or during the fall
months or even on a cold summer
evening nothing is prettier than red
At evening parties pink is always
appropriate. The evening coolness
makes the color attractive. The
pink shades arc always effective if
; Social and :
• Personal I
•••••••••••••••• ••!
The Modern Woodmen and their
friends will royally celebrate the
coming of Head Consul A. It. Talbol,
who will arrive in Taconia on the
morniug of July L 3. a picnic has
been arranged far the occasion at Pt.
Defiance park, where Mr. Talbol will
meet the member* of the outer an,l
Hive an addreas in the afternoon In
the evening he will speak at the Ta
mina theater. An excellent program
has been arranged. Qood music has
1 been Bee urea and Hon. Francis \V.
Cushman has promised to be present
and deliver an address.
Court Defiance No. 38, Foresters of
America, installed the following offi
cers at the last meet ing: Harry Hud
son, chief ranger; George Lawrence,
sub-chief ranger; 1). G. Crookshank,
S. W.; Frank Smalley, .1. W.; George
Rollins, S. B.; William Graham,
junior beadle; W. .). Hanson, record
ing secretary; .1. Jones, lecturer;
Professor F. Hermann, musician;
Messrs. W.uikoop, .1. J. Brink and
Tony Foster, trustees.
Mrs. William Jones has as her
guests tins week Miss Helen Wilson
and Miss Ruth Potts of Washington,
1). C.
The Sunday school of the First
Congregational church will enjoy a
trolley ride next Tuesd^, going to
Poi&l Deiiance park, t/uth Taconia
and Puyallup, and ending with a pic
nic luncheon :it Spanaway.
Mrs. A. f Case of Detroit, .Mich.,
will spend the stuumer months as
the guest of Mrs. K. J. Keown al
ihe (rvlng.
Miss Helen Parrel) of Seattle is the
guest of Mr. athl .Mrs. .1. W. Davis.
Mr. Joseph Singer will be the host
at an .informal musk-ale this evening
In his studio, a program of enjoy
able musical selections has been pre
pared, and several of the best known
artists of the city will assist.
Mrs Horace Burnett "of Eugene,
Ore., is visiting her cousin, Mrs. H.
ii. Campbell; 906 South Thirteenth
street. Mrs. Burnett will remain In
Tacoma during the summer.
Rev. John Oval! will leave Monday
for Spokane, where he will conduct
Nature beauty in the stone
is developed and brought to its
perfection only by skillful
cutting and artistic setting.
Rubies, Diamonds, Emer
alds, and all perfectly cut,
beautifully set, fairly priced.
Pioneer Jewelers.
Ul I Pacific Aye.
R. I. KLI..UI - .-'■<> .. .l. u..n«
Ked tibOJ. I'aii , .iiiiuntecil at Ht>vr«|
rod. Send us mm •»•••• We make inapt,
machines drawing* -racing*, blue print*. '
under the tirade of trees. Therefor*
pink Rowns are pretty at lawn par
We seek what charms us. whether
it he color or personality. if women
wish to appear at their best they .
, will observe little tilings. The bis
! tilings will lake care of themselves.
■ How to I'bure the Luncheon Dishes.
Head of table: Cocoa pot and tile
i-tand. cups, saucers, sugar bowl anil
, tun us.
Foot of table: Meat platter and i
Cold meat fork, salad bowl and salad
Bpooo. . -
Coven: Luncheon plate, folded
; napkin with roll.
I Left side at each cover: Fork,
bread and butler plate,
Right side at each cover: Knife,
teaspoon, dessert spoon and tumbler.
Place salt and pepper holders and
olive dish, with fork, within roach or
each person.
Arrange pudding dish with dessert
plate-, and extra rolls and butter on
tide table.
i Fold the napkin triangularly and
I place a roll inside, then lay on the
I plate. i
Mixing t-'iuls.
[f an article <>f clothing is the fad
then » woman thinks it her dutj to
| adopt It. The fad habit is excusable
when carried only to a certain ex
tent. But there in one thing no wo
man or girl should ever do. she never
should mis lads. To adopt the long
chain, the teal ring, the lace fall on
the hat, the head belt and the latest
'watch foli makes a woman ton con
■picuotlß. No woman can afford to
attract attention by wearing unusual
dot hing.
< lieiry Preserves.
Sour red cherries make the besr
preserves. I'it them. Allowing one
pound of sugar to each pound of
cherries, add three tablespoons of
water or the same amount of cur
rant juice, which is better, and boll
until cherries change color. Skim
out when color changes and till jars
two-thirds full. 801 l the syrup until
thick and turn over the cherries.
'I'll.- While Glove.
The White glove loses none of Its
of its popularity. White driving
gloves have been provided with ;>
brown palm. Doth white lisle thread
and silk gloves now Ml the hand as
perfectly as a kid glove. There is a
meal difference between white wasli
leather or chamois skin and the wash
ulnw. though they are common;;'
the meetings held in that city by the
Swedißh M. B. church.
Judge and Mrs. Thad Huston will
arrive home tomorrow from a visit in
Salem, hid.
First Church of Christ, Scientist,
oorner Division avenue and l street;
('. C. Baton, firsf leader; 1 I a. tu ,
"Sacrament." Sermon will be follow
ed by the semi-annual communion
scrviic, and being, lik<- all Christian
Science services, public in its char
acter, all are cordially welcome.
Holy Communion church, South I
and Fourteenth streets, Rev. Harry
Hudson, rector: holy eiicliarisl, 7:30
a. ni.; matins, litany and sermon. II
a. ni., "The Fourth Commandment."
Central M. E. church, corner of I
and South Twenty-first streets. Rev.
.lames Clulow, pastor; morning ser
vice, II a. m.: Epworth league, 7
p. m., led by i'\ \v. Praiaon.
St. Luke's Memorial church, c
street and Bixth avenue, Key. F. T.
Webb, rector; I I a. in., sermon, "The
Words of Christ," by Rev. C. V.
immanuel Baptitt church, Easi D
and Wright avenue, Rev. S. A. Ab
bott, pastor; 1 1 v. m., morning ser
vice; S p. m , Key. A. H. Hans,' <n
Htivallup will preach morning and
St. Andrew's church. Oakes and
North Eighth streets, Key. I. T
Webb, rector: S p. in., sermon, "Kle
vat ion of the Character of Christ,"
by Rev. C. V, Grimes.
First United Presbyterian church,
Sixth and Grant avenues, Rev. A. F
Kirkputrick, pastor; lla. in.
First Baptist church, South Ninth
and D streets, Rev. .1. Lewis Smith,
pastor, v a. m., "The Common Sal
vation." Last union Baptist tent.
meeting at 8 i>. m. at South J and
Eighth streets. Rev. Theodore Han
sen will preach on "The Open
Books "
First Christian church, E and
South Thirteenth streets, Key. Mor-
Coal and Hood
Sole Agents for the Rcnton Coal.
Two yards, one at 1930 C St., Telephone
Main 580; the othtr yard at So. 11th and
L, Telephone Main 404.
Exclusive Scientific
one who understands the eye and
its relation to human ills. 90 per
cent of headaches are caused by
strain. Consultation and ex
amination free.
Room 208 Luzon Building,
Cor. Thirteenth and Pacific Aye
■" f ' ' '
should be chosen for fire things.
First, iis economy. Wilt it pre- ________ Jg^
nerve (he ice or melt rapidly? Sec- Xt; ■ . ' ' :=^ S$M K^'i'lJilmS^
ond. its efficiency. Will the food 'f, "" ''"Tn B!f ■ lir?Sl 11
chambers !>f really cold even for 1 ]jj jpk LLJL. '-'JKLJj
a reasonable time after the Ice tr)Wmrmm w l^flVfPnH HSiJ
man luis failed to come? Third, Its Ij '^HHS 'l^^^l X! &S3 I!
rleanlineae. Will it be ea«y or *if- n IMfiS U p I
ticnll 10 dean every p»rt? Fourth, ILJ^--J^--l M kE-StTy^ljj
its appearance. A nice looking re- lr^*— -C^ t> T^ 1 rtH«i-«^gp
frlgerator adds zest to your appe- tf^*"v Bl En
tile. A poor looking one does ex- " A KMBm<> JtStK'
B«ll> the opposite. Fifth, It* /nE' W^nDV
price, which must not be more <v^^^^HNl^-'
than moderate. «v - /ajM f^»|4
1:1:1 icm.i i; \ ions WFf $ Olffl^^ W
embodying all these points are rC jT>l jflf W^ '„,.-,
now on view at our place. The . l!!L llMW(l-.,
morning is the beet time to call.
11. W. Myers & Co.
Dealers in Hardware and Furniture
Pbonfl James 2576 Corner 11th and X
f Optical Goods
■ —— 906 C Street (iraduate Optician
rjftfcl PnrliAcfor> (Under New Management.) If you
"Ultl lyUtllCalCr wish for ail the comforts of a homo.
„ ~~~~~—^— without the annoyances, go to tha
Rochester; everything the best. Families given weekly or monthly rates.
American plan. Mrs. E. Forbes, Mgr. F. J. Carlyle, Lessee.
I—ls*l4-4=kf CZ n *•«<• /-».*-».*-• one of tlle I>e" hotel* in the city Room
I lULwi z^cirnson a"d boa"' **■* l" *°°° per week. All
' Hie accommodations of a high-priced hotsl.
——^—«———————^— Corner 13th and X, on Cable Line.
ton L. Rose, pastor; 11 a. m., "Fel
lowship"; communion, 12 o'clock;
evening .service, 8 p. in., "Queen Es
Swedish M. B. church, corner .7
and Eleventh streets, Rev. John
1 Ovall, pastor; lla. in., "God's Power
for Man"; 8 p. m., "The Loneliness
of the Human Soul."
St. Peter's church, North Twenty
ninth and Starr streets, Rev. A. K.
Bernays, rector; 11 a,. m.,. "The Un
just Steward." . .. >i/-. ■■ •
Grace M.E. church, East D and
Thirtieth streets, Rev. F. A. LaVio
lette, pastor; S p. m., Rev, F. B.
Brooks will preach , _
Bdgewood Methodist church; 1!
a. m., Rev. B. F. Brooks will preach.
Fowler M. E. church, corner East
I) and Thirtieth streets,: Rev. G. 1,.
Cuddy, pastor; 11 a. m.. '■Tribulation
a Blessing In Disguise"; 8 p. m.,
worth M. R. church, corner of
South Severnh and Anderson streets,
Rev. E. H. Todd, pastor; 11 a. m.,
"Baptism"; sacrament of baptism,
after service; 8 p. m., Fanny Crosby
service, with the installation of the
Up worth league officers.
Ben Olson
We carry a large stock of the
latest improved sanitary fixture*.
1130 Commerce Stieet. Phone Main SW-
We rent, repair and sell all Standard
Makes of
New Drop Heads from 15.00 up.
Second-band Machines from $2.50 up.
T "phone Red 1385. 033 Tacoma Are.
Hi acres choice, cleared land at
one-third price of lots: suitable for a
home, greenhouse, orchard or chick
ens; located right in town. Do you
realize that this is only $40 per lot
Lots 3 blocks away sell for $125. En
tire piece (15 lots), only $575; $113
cash and $10 monthly. Nicolay Has
.selo, 212 Provident Bldg.
1700—5 lots and new cottage, So. 42d arid
O. Apply to owner on premises.
FOR SALE—SSO Washburn Guitar,
concert grand, for $20. Address
B. C, Times office.
FOR SALE—CHEAP—I National Cash
Register, 5c to $1.00; also 1 $150 Grapbo
phone, the largest on the Coast.
1215 Pacific Avenue.
TRANSFER business for sale. Apply
J. 8., Times.
BUSINESS chances"
electrical suppues!
WE have just received a fine line of Elec
tric and Combination Fixtures, every
thing new in finish and style. Be sure and
see them before buying. Tacoma Electric
Co., 781 C St.
YES, let 1. W. Adams estimate on you/
papering, painting, tinting. \ He's quick
er'n a wink. Red 1776.
1188-1 IM-1 1M
Pacific Avenue,
Ed Laßounty's Barber Shop
Is the place for first-class work. I
guarantee to stop the hair from fall
ing out with five treatments.
RAO Carpets and Rugs. Hugs mad* Iron
old Ingrain or Brussels carpet*. Hoi*
I Bros., 717 ho. 11th St. Black 2325.
WALTER'LOV i: av. tils-1 j Berlin
Bldg. Tel. Main 310.
Rdinou Theater.
"The Bold Mr. Timid," by DeWltt
Ash more and Paul Bouldon; the
trick violin player, and a novel act
by the Madorns, globe rollers, are
the star attractions at the Edison
theater this week. The entire pro
gram is up to the average, and in
cludes a number of other good acts.
Star Stables, general livery delivered,
rhone 139. «•
You will have both if you have your
watch repairing done by
Manufacturing Jeweler.
041 Commerce Street.
We carry a complete Hue.
Sayre Drug Co.
1106 Pacific Avenue.
Cut Glass Punch Bowls.
Cut Glass Salad Bowls.
Cut Glass Mayonnaise Bowls.
Cut Glass Finger Bowls.
These are a few of our fine
Cut Glass Assortment.
The very lowest prices for
fine goods.
Edward I. Salmson
Jeweler, Watchmaker and
930 Pacific Avenue.
FOR RloNT—House of six rooms and bati
at 2353 Jefferson aye., corner of 25th
street. Joshua Peirce, 728 Pacific Aye.
UNFURNISHED apartments for rent.
Suite of five rooms and a suite of four
rooms in Grandln Apartments, No. 919%
C street. Inquire of Mrs. Fliggle, in the
building, or of Joshua Peirce, 726 Paciflt
FOR RENT—One suite ot sevet U.rg#
rooms and one suite of four rooms, at
1921 Yalcima avenue. Joshua Peirce, 721
Pacific avenue.
UNFURNISHED apart mints" for rent.
Suits of five rooms and a suite of
four rooms in Grandin Apartments,
No. 919 Vi (' street! Inquire of Mrs.
Fliggle, in the building, or of Joshua
Peirce, 726 Pacific avenue.
W. T. and Bertha L. Thomas, Osteopaths,
314 California Bldg.; 4 years of success*
ful practice.
WE loan money to clerks, bookkeepers,
mechanics and other employes. 11. C.
Lucas & C, 410 Provident Bldg. ■
, TO LOAN— or less on real at*.
J. A. Trost, 534 California Building.
>idm:y to low
Monthly Installments
Long Time, Low Rate.
Dillon & Kylie
402-403 Provident Bldg. Tel. Red 8287.
O'NEAL & HOUCK—Carpet cleaning, up»
bolstering, furniture repaired, featben
renovated. 300 So. J St. YWa Main 324.
L. L. LOVE, M. D., 201 Lu-on bldg. Tel.
John 2141. 501 Aiuswortb ay. Tel.
John '-'We.
itt t Co. General freighting, household
goods, safeo and pianos removed. Office
| 109 Tenth St. Office telephone, John 2341.
I Uarn telephone, James 3311.

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