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If You Have a Kick-
Tell It to the Times. The Times stands for
; the people's rights, and isn't afraid to fight
' for them.
vol. vm. no. 3.
You Children!
Get Packages!
Children who wrote to the Times Santa and who do
not receive their packages today, will please rail at
the Times office this evening or tomorrow.
The auto delivered a good many packages today,
but owing to the muddy condition of the roads it will
be difficult to make all the rounds.
Therefore, if by this evening a package has not
reached your house, come to the Times office after
7 o'clock tonight or any time tomorrow.
(By United Presa l>ased Wire.)
BALRM, Ore., Dec. 23. — "It
does not ajipear that the increas
ing number of executions In this
state has operated ac a deterrent
Of tbe crime of homicide, Bays
Superintendent C. W. James of
the Oregon state penitentiary in
Ills annual report to the governor,
Just made pulbll«, "aniti as a result
of my investigation, observation
and experience during the past
©tgfhrt yearns I am fuly convinced
that capital punishment should 'be
"Life Imprisonment with, re
stricted powers of pardon would
prov« equally, 11 not more effec
tive In protecting society against
those wii<> commit the crime for
■Which capital punishment It the
penalty and would not only be
more in accord with the snr-'ic of
our constitution, 'but more in
'harmony with tihe progressive
spirit and advanced conditions of
the present century."
Superintendent James 'believes
that the constitution should be
amended bo that anyone serving a
life sentence could procure a par
don from the state legislature
. SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. 2 —
After he bed' written a letter to
Miss Winifred Greenwood, an act
ress, declaring that he was igoinig
to marry (her provided »he would
leave the "str^e powder" off her
face, John C. Wagner, one of the
wealthiest citizens of South Bend,
was arrested today and confined In
jail pending an examination of ihls
mental condition.
When taken into custody he
was trying to sell a merchant
•took In a $50,000,000 moving
picture theater. He has been .go
ing to the theater twice a day for
' more than a year, wearing wihite
Bilk evening clothes most of the
time and .paying 'high prices for
cluoloe seats.
Yesterday he wrote tlhe actress
the letter, resulting in complaint
to the .police and <hia arrest. The
letter fallows:
"My Dear Miss Qreenrwoodi—To
day at 1 o'clock I am coming to
your theater to meet you and you
ere going to become my bride—
my consort through life and etern
ity. I only ask that you keep
the stage powder off your face and
Up*. Touts,
The Bcfhooner William H. Smith
reached port yesterday from San
Pedro reporting sever weather oft
the coast and the Aces of several
(By United Press Leased Win:)
NEW YORK, Dec. 23.—AVlhen
Gertrude Barmen, 19 years old,
was araigned In police court,
charged with cutting the throat of
her fiance,. Benjamin Silver, she
nrtmltted her guilt. Silver Is now
Jyiixg mortally wounded in a (hos
pital. . -
"Who can 'blame me?" said the
girl. "I intended to kill him anil
then commit suicide, but the po
liceman stopped me before I could
kill myself. Ben and I have been
engaged ' tor a year and. we were
to |be married last night. AH ar
rangements 'had been made for the
wedding. I had my weddlnig dress
and | the - hall and . the musicians
had been hired*. There were 300
A Story of the Town
"Oh, lovey, Just look at tbat beautiful doll—those eyes bo
She had lovey by the coat-sleeve and lovey stopped and lovey
"It would make Just the cutest Christmas present for sister's
"Huh. That doll's marked $17.60, and that kid'd bust It all to
pieces In 10 minutes."
"Yes, but it's so cute, and the blond hair "
"Nix. Not for niy moneys* •
"But, we'll Just go Inside anyway, lovey dear."
The Tacoma Times
' • Woman of 02 Yours ©
' • Held for Shoplifting; •
• $5,000 Goods Found •
; • BOSTON, Dec. 23.—Silks •
• and laces (hobnobbing with •
• sides of beef, strips of bacon, •
! • cans of so>uip, condensed milk #
' • and paint greeted the eyee of •
• a squad of officers Gent today •
' • to search tho home of Mrs. •
• Elizabeth Knadler, 63 years •
' • old, wflio had been arrested. •
• on a Charge of shoplifting. 9
9 There also were musical 9
9 instruments, vases, steins, 9
9 manicure sets and a great 9
j 9 variety of cither articles es- 9
9 tlmated to be wortlh more 9
| 9 than $5,000. 9
99VV©V0 V V w W 9 9 9
(By United Press leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, Dec. 23. — Chief Fire
Marshal James Horan, head of the
Chicago fire department, killed
yesterday in the falling 'walls of
the beef warehouse of Nelson Mor
ris & Co.'s plant, will be burled by
the city -with military honors.
Though the time of the funeral
has not yet been set, arrange
ments have been partially com
pleted and the dead chief will be
given the honors usually paid to
the fallen leaders of armies. The
city will make a demonstration in
his honor, and the First regiment,
Illinois National Guard, the crack
regiment in the city, will act as
special escort when the body is
carried through the streets to Its
burial place.
Is Convicted Of
SEATTLE, Dec. 23. —After a
trlaJ lasting several days In which
he was accused of killing Moth lias
Rmde, a guaTd in the city stock
ade, R. Ladovlch has been con
victed of murder in the second
degree and will be sentenced to a
life term lm the penitentiary.
That violets are still blooming
outdoors in Tacoma?
That Oontroler Johnny Meads
was baptised by defective water
works at tibe city ihali this week
Iwt that he has not yet Joined
the church?
people in the hall to see us mar
"Then I sort a letter from thJm
which said he didn't Intend to
marry me Just now, but I would
have to wait a wihlile. I went
around to where ihe worlke as a
drug clerk, and lue told me that
he didn't intend to mary me at
all. I toad taken my brother's
razor with me, and when lie said
that I went crazy. I don't core
what you do with me now. If you
send me away for a lon* time I
will miise the efaame fhat I would
feel 1$ I hiut to go out and face
those that were Invited to the
The gtrl was still dressed in foer
wedding dress.
The Busiest Season for Loan Sharks
Christmas brings happiness, good cheer, presents, Santa Claus.
It also brings the loan shark.
For at Christmas, when everybody is needing money and the people who ordinarily have little
have been less, is the best time of the year for the loan shark to work. Then It is that he issues his
insidious circulars letters, with hypocritical wishes of Merry Christmas and a seeming generous offer
to help out.
Once he gets his victims in his power he doesn't smile on them any longer. By exorbitant in
terest charges which are outside the law, by threats of exposure, by a BOON of petty cruelties and
persecutions, he harasses his victims till he has wrested the lnst usurious penny from them. Some
people who have "got in" with the loan sharks at Christmas have not been able to get out before an
other Christmas conies.
Hold Ups But Police
Are Close Mouthed
Despite the fact that Police
Chief Mialony continues to main
tain that his department has the
olty -well covered end! tihnt there
are no oases worthy of publicity,
holdups are of nightly occurrence.
Chief Malony suppresses the news,
and this, it is claimed, is leading
the public into a false sense of
Mrs. Turnbull Would
Make a Good Lawyer
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23. —He-
fore Mra. Lillian Ashley Turnbull
resumed the witness stand today
in her daughter's suit for a por
tion of the estate of Lucky Bald
win, it was predicted that the or
deal of her cross-examination
would be concluded tonight or at
the latest, tomorrow.
Mrs. Turnbull is the growing
womler of the trial. So apt has
she proved herself in answering
the stinging questions n6ked by
attorneys McNab and ifcEnery
that regular spectators have be
come imbued with the belief that
she would have been a clever law
yer herself. McNab also might
have entertained such thoughts,
judging from a remark during his
"I have heard you use that ex
pression before," he said to Mrs. :
New O. & W. Will Be
Worth $115,000,000
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 23.—
The properties to tie taken over
tomorrow by th« newly Incorpor
ated Oregon,' Washington Rail
road & Navigation company is
given an aggregate value of
$115,000,000. Today tihe affairs
of' the O. R. & N., its ten sub
(By United Press leased Wire.)
CHICO, Cal., Dec. 23. —Mrs.
William Whltellne and her daugh
tor, Miss Lnvina Corey, both vic
tims of poisoning, are critically 111,
while the police are Investigating
what they believe Is a mysterious
murder. The two women, found
yesterday and carried from their
home to a hospital, were supposed
to have entered into-a starvation
compact. Physicians, after an ex
(By United Press Lioascd Wire.)
LONDON, Dec. 23. —Hoping
that the broad wings of his Wright
biplane may have kept him from
sinking in the Goodwin quick
sands, rescue parties, searching
for Cecil Grace, the aviator, lost
yesterday while attempting to re
cross the English channel after a
successful flight from Dover to
Calais, are preparing to search the
treacherous sands today. The
search 1b extremely difficult, and
the rescuers, with ropes and long '
planks, are hastening to the Good- '
win sands, ready to give aid if
possible to the young aviator.
security which naturally results in
people falliiiß easy pTey to thugs
of all description \v3io now infest
It is stated that there has toeem
a holdup every night this week,
and come nights two, but the po
lice have not yet round up even a
(Turnbull after the witness had
employed the term "null and void"
during her testimony. "Did you
ever read in books of law?"
"No," Mrs. Turnbull replied,
"but I have been much associated
with lawyers—so much so, in fact,
Mr. McNab, that I believe I would
make a good one myself."
"I believe you," McNab »nid,
and turned his line of question
The attorneys for the defense
now are in a measure going over
the ground covered by Mrs. Turn
bull's early testimony. It was
apparent last evening that they
are concluding the cross-examlua
tlon. An adjournment will be
taken for Christmas, but It has
not been decided whether thin
will be declared tonight or tomor
sidiary companies and the North
Coast, the lines winch go to make
up th.« new iHarriniam merger, aire
I being wound up and sh&Tip on the
; stroke of midnight' tomorrow the
companies will cease to exist, and
the Oregon, Washington Railway
i company will begin iwsimesß. "
nmination, declared that both
had been poisoned. Mrs. White
line died early today. Her daugh
ter, who was unconscious when
the two women were taken from
the house, has so far recovered as
to be able to talk. She said she
was poisoned by her mother, but
she believes the poison was sent
in by outsiders, who planned to
kill both her mother and herself.
Those Who Give Money
to Times Santa Claus
■ John D. Rockefeller and „ ibis
friend Andy .' Carnegie, who re
cently .gave $10,000,000 each of
the s\ money r they ~* had 4 wrested
from the people of this country,
might do come real thinking could
tlhey sit In the Times offle* .for a
few , hours ■ these days t and study
the people who come to be*kp th«
children of Tacoma. - ".TT'V"s
Well dressed men and w«U
dressed women . have ■ oooie; : alao
(By United Press leased Wire.)
MADRID, Doc. 23. — Despite
Oarlist and clerical attempts to lm
ir*-clt> the 'progress of the measure,
the Cortes tVlay passed the fa
mous "paddock bill," virtually
providing for the separation of
otmroh and state in Spain and re
stricting the esUtbllehinent of Te
llglotis orders.
Premier Can-alejas did not no
tify the opposition, that the bill
would be consideredl, but quietly
directed the antl-clerlcala and
members o# the government party
to l»e. In, their seats. When suffi
cient votes were on. hand the
measure was presented and pass
Perfectly aware that tlhe 'pass
age of the 'bl'll will cause the
church to appeal to the people
to overthrow the government, the
premier >haa announced that he
will proceed with further anti
clerical legislation and seek the
adoption ot a plan for the lm
provemont of the condition of the
Spanish masses.
World News
J*ln Brief
TAUXTON, Mass., Dec. 23.—
Weir Vllage hae a trained goose
Which deliighte In the companion-
Bhip of boyis. It la owned by
Master Alfred Tripp. One of its
iavorite pastimes is coasting with
tho boys on their sleds.
BOSTON, Deo. 23.—Chased by
a collie dog, "a ifrtphtened cat
Jumped into the wagon of Jolvn H.
O'Brien, and, crawling onto the
(horse's back, started a runaway
tha* continued from Marine ipamk
to McXary park at breakneck
speed. No damage was done.
WATERBTTRY, Conn., Dec. 23.
—Capt. William Davidson, an
Inmate of the soldiers' homo at
Norton, celebrated (his one hun
dredth anniversary last week toy
taking a two-mile tramp over
frozen roads. A youth of 76 who
tried to accompany 'him gave up
after the first mile and went home
In a. wagon. • '
BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 23.—For
the larceny of two cents from Jas.
J. I Fleming at Stone* am In fine
waking room at the North station,
John F. McCarron .was sentenced
to the house of correction for six
months. jt
Rain tonight end Saturday.
Light to moderate southerly
wi'udß. - ■ ■•; -
i men and women whose appearance |
•bow they live by the toll of their
1 hands. But not least of these «re
I people v,lho have oome ■In that at
first glance ml«iht (have 'ibeen ibent
upon seeking - a Httle - help tor
themselves.' In fact persona in the
office 'have arisen to see. if some
thing might be done only to re
ceive ■ the.humble -• oßering of a
nickel or a dim* j for ', the "Santa
OLaus man." ;;; %S&mw
(By United Press Lxvux-d Wire.)
CHICAGO, Dec. 23.— Reports
that a. dozen stock yards laborers
iw.-rishixl In the fire yesterday
which killed more than 30 Ohi
oago firemen, cammed great crowds
to.gather today about tho smok
ing ruins of the beef "warehouse
of Nelson Morris & Co., at the
Union stock yard» to watch the
firemen w'luo <ir« Htlll dicing in
the wreckage for the bodies of
theiir comrades. -
Forty-fhree engine companies
and three truck companies are
still at the fire. The blaze Is
smoldering in the lVlns and
streams of water are belmj? poured
in <o keep the lire from tweaking
out afresh.
(Ily United Press L,ensed Wire.)
FRESNO, Cal., Dec. 23. —
Eighty-five members of the Indus
trial Workers of the World, lock
ed In the county Jail here on
charges of vagrancy, or for having
violated the anti-street speaking
ordinance, were placed on a diet
of bread and water today. The
change of fare followed a demon
stration In the Jail last night,
when the workers cursed and
abused Sheriff Chittenden and the
other officers.
The demonstration followed
what the Industrial Workers
claimed was the sheriff's abuse of
[a drunken prisoner who had to be
I subdued after fighting with the
guards who took him to his cell.
(Ily United Press LoiiNed Writ.)
SPOKANE, Dec. 23.—When
Miss Margaret Perkins went to
work as telephone operator In a
local hotel today the management
requested her to give a bond not
to marry within six nionthß. Thin
instrument, duly signed and seal
ed, holds Miss Perkins* bondsmen
liable to the extent of $500 in the
event she becomes a bride on or
before June 11, 1911. The sure
ties are prominent business men.
The reason for this unusual re
quirement by the hotel manage
ment is that half a dozen tele
phone operators have married
within as many months.
(By I'nltcd .Press Le«s<id Wire.)
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. —
Fuel depots at Bremerton, Snn
Francisco and San Diepo will be
established soun, if a rec.ommend-
atlon made by Secretary of the
Xavy Meyer meets with the ap
proval of congress. Olongnpo,
Pearl Harbor, New York and Hos
ton also are mentioned as likely
locations for coaling stations.
"An ample stock of coal is as
essential as powiler and shells in
preparing a fleet," said tho secre
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, Dec. 23 —Mrs. Ida
yon Claussen la preparing to
bring suit in a New York court
for ■ ail»olut« divorce. Mrs. vow
Claussen, wiho "threatened to bring
suit against Col. Theodore Roose
velt because of his alleged refusal
to seuTce for iher a .presentation
at the Swedish court, was divorced
several years ago in South Dakota.
She said today that she wants a
decree from a New York court.
Until lit Is granted, she says, she
will not feel that her decree Is
blurting li«-ic.
Up Saturday
The *nti-treatln# ordinance will
be up Iwfore the coiimcil 'or ej>o
oial action Saturday morning. It
1b likely that an election will be
nailiHi for about the middle of
• A determined effort Is being
made by Che s&looiifl to eet the
coaincJil to iypea-1 the ordinance
and not put It to an election.
Commissioner Lawson has prom
ised . the - mayor that he will - mot
vote for repeal,, however, and
there la little hone of the saloons
using Freetand to pull their chest
nuts out of the fire.';' ; .
About JO per cent of the names
on their petition for a. referendum
were thrown out by the city clerk
but there will be enough left.
Already the anti-saloon vote as
veil ■ as : many; drinkers | who be
lieve |in i the ordinance < are J pre
paring tor batUe on thu question.
■-.^..j ..■»*--■.■■.,-.- -^.-j.. .*- ...» „.,„,
Good Carrier Service
If Times is not dellrered promptly, kick,
and kick hard, to the Times office. Yom are
ratified to best service in th« city. Deouutd
It of the circulation office.
Public Opinion Is That Bank Officials Attempted
to Hide Real Facts in Case.
Joseph Frank Fuhrnian,
the defaulting pojrlßfl teller
of the National Hank of Com
merce, and bank officials met
In the office of the IT.l T. S. mar
shal this mornimm for anoth
er Interview as to the ac
counts which the acciißOd de
faulter juggled.
Fuhrman has not yet been
ahle to furnlnh the $4,UO<( re
quired to gain his lib<>rty
pending hin trial before the
U. b. district court.
This morning the prisoner
■bowed DO pfft'its of his first
night spent In the county jail,
except for a certain nervouss
neai which was evident.
The coafereaea with bunk
I officials this marniiiK is ex
pected to result in Kulir
iniin'K ball being provided by
his friends.
How much was the sum total of
Frank Pnbnnmß'a defalcation from
the National Dank of ('omincrcf?
I'lfs'ident Cbester Thome yeK
terday pwnKHWWy told the EftOoma
Times that the amount would not
exceed 178,004. He was told that
tho Times did not wi«h to cause
any 11111 mi lim jf alarm but would
not suppress ajiy fnot which came
to Its knowledge. Mr. T&OflM
then said the amount was approx
imately $75,000.
Since Mr. Thome's statement of
yesterday various other figures
have appeared In the 'public prints.
On« paper mentioned 192,000.
Another said 182,000, and nti!l an-
other mentioned $2»,ooo only.
Naturally tho iiulilic said other
Mr. Thorno was flatly told by
the Tiin/s today that an apparent
ly well grounded Impression -had
gone forth that the bank officials
wow endeavoring to hold some
thing back. He was a.pahi asked
for the exact figured. Mr. Thorno
then declared that the figures "at
present" were $93,117. He "ex
l>lalnort" his explanation of vcklit
day by saying that 11 "payroll" at
the !><'s Molnes shliiigl<» mill had 1
beon met. i
Th«! difference between $75,000;
and $93,117 is $18,17, which
would make a tidy payroll.
Th« Times believes that there
was a sad tangle in a "frame-up"
as to the exact amount which
should be given out to the press.
However, Mr. Thome's seeming
iUacrepaiM7 may have simply been
an "oversight."
<'<>vcriiifc Up.
It is now talk int banking cir
cles that the National Hank of
Commerce wished at no time to
have the full amount become
known, and 'as la seen by Mr.
Thorne's latest report there la as
yet a question as to the total
amount of the defalcation.
Mr. TlHi'i'iii' toekutad today that
he did -not know exactly what the
re]K>rt of the bank examiner to
the oomptro^r w<>ui,d be.
Because of the various state
ments which havo appeared and
the apparent attempt of Che bank
to keep the amount of shortage
from public oyes and ears much
doubt la being expressed as to
wihother tlhe "unique .and amus
ing methods" employed by the de
faulter in placing hie money will
net as great returns to the bunk
as lias been nuticlpatod.
Every 'reader of a newspaper
and ©very busings man knows
that a 'big bank defalcation Is Ken
orally given widest publicity fry
Oho ipress unless "apecla.l Interests"
are injured by so doing. A blind
man has been able to observe that
there has been a tendency to keep
from the public the exact situa
tion which prevails at the Nation
al Hank of Commerce.
Yesterday President Thorne
gmve out $75,000 as the amount.
Today he gives "$93,117, at pres
When men" with millions come
to earth long enough to realize
that the everyday, ordinary citi
zen Is a most remarkably shrewd
person when It ocmes to reading
between the Hues and grasping,
facts that are not printed, more
confidence wIU be placed In our
leading financiers by the public
It Is an open fact that almost
everybody Jn Tacoma ie asking
how much did Frank Fuhrman get
Into the National Bank at Com
merce for ,
If the Times knew it would tell
you. . —_ . _
But it should be iremoiwbered
that the bank examiner has stated
that the Tacoma National Bank of
Commerce has a reserve fund of
$400,000 or over to cover all
(By United Press Leased Wire.) I
SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Dec. 23.
—In r*wiKin«e to *. letter asking
him far th« name of "true western
forest: ranker" sudh as she had
reed about In m««azlne stories,
State Forester Homana faas found
a soul mate for Beulah Hamilton.
a stenographer employed by a clay
■ product company In *--. Brooklyn,
N. Y. ■ , ■ ■ .
I ■ JinK I iiliriii.iti, who default) <l
with anyivFutre from $20,000 to
•'nol»«tl.v will tell how mnch" of
I the TiKomit National Ilank of
OsUBCNe fnii<N. I ulirnian WHS
formerly a hwhilmt of the "Tiv
lioiiin" NtafT, the Taconia llit.'i
s<"liool puiM'P.
I (My United IV.H* 1..n-.,,1 Wire.)
NEW YORK, Dec. 23. Dr.
Frederick A. Oook, following his
return from Kurope on the steam
er George Washington, declined
today to be seen at the home of
his brother, William Cook, In
j Brooklyn, where he will spend the
holidays. Over the telephone. Dr.
| Cook Mid that he would give out
| a long statement Monday.
I "1 expect to remain under the
American flag," said the explorer.
"I am not going to locture, hut
: Intend devoting myself to sclen-
I title mailers that have engrossed
'my attention for 20 yean. I will
also convince the American people
thai 1 really believe that I did
reach the north pole."
At thin point Dr. Cook left the
telehpone, falling to hang up tha
eroetver, thus preventing any fur
' ther calls.
English Spies
Sent to Jail in
LEIPSIC, Germany, Dee. 23.—
Captain llernard Trench and Lieu
tentant Vivian Brandon, English
1 army officers, convicted of spying
'on German fortifications at Bok
rum, were sentenced to four years'
- imprisonment each by a German
court here today.
The Englishmen admitted hav
ing taken sketches of the Kokrum
fortifications, and then having
given the sketches to the British '
: officials.
The outcome of their trial, it is
expected, will bring about Interna
tional complications between Ger
many and Great Britain.
$200,000 FIRE IN
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 33.—1n
a fire that caused $200,000 dnm
aiges iii the Baironne street tnisl
-1 was district and (heavily damaged 1
the new Shoi'bert theater, three '
' negroes wore fatally bunked to
day. PY>r a time the fire threat
-1 f ned the entire district, but final
ly was brought under control.
LONDON, Dec. 23.—The depos- :
. ed king of Portugal, Manuel, sifter,
going to live In a house recently
rented for him at Richmond, will :
attend lectures at Oxford, it was
(learned today. - ... • • •*- ''..
Manuel Is saM to be firm in
the belief that some day ho will
! regain his . lost ■ throne > and -. his
' rree»>nt plan l« to equip himself
. thoroughly for such a contin
gency. , . ; ;.>£,- ;.- ; ;^
The luck-r wtnger la Joe lient
zer, of UrovUle, 0a4., -wtiotn blm
says is the man she tiks been look
ing for. ■'■".-.aW ! * forester :'did not'<
fancy the Idea' of i rnakin* Ma of
flee a! matrimonial | bureau, to ha'
turned her picture and letter over
to « local newspaper,
brought her several hundred pro*

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