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Friday, Dec. 23, 1910
(By United Press leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Deo. 23.—Jack
Oudahy la In Loa Angeles ! today
and Mrs. E. C. Cudahy, who was
formerly Mrs. Jack, will arrive to
morrow evening. Each was drawn
to Southern California for the
Christ season 'by the Misses
Edna, Marie and Ann Cudaihy,
their children, who are ait the
Live Lizzard Found in Girl's.
Stomach, Declare Physicians
CLEVELAND, 0., Dec. 23.—
Two live lizards three and a half
Inches long, several smaller ones,
and a number of lizard eggs, were
taken frQm the stomach of Loral
Herman, nineteen, four days !ve
fore she died. A postmortem
examination showed that the wall
of the stomach had been attacked
by the animals, the doctors say.
The heart had enlarged to throe
times its normal size.
Kor several years lIM had been
III", complaining that something
was clawing at her stomach. Spe
cialists were puzzled until finally
Dr. Mclntosh, working on the
theory that It was a tapeworm,
found the lizards.
Miss Herman drank water from
a spring in which there were liz
ards, when she lived at Millers
burg, 12 years ago. and It is be
lieved that she swallowed the egi;s
or the young animals at that time,
and that they grew while in her
body. She craved moats and eggs
during the last few months of her
Illness, and it is believed she de
manded such nourishing food '><■-
cause the lizards, as well as her
body, had to be fed. She ate rav
enously, but weighed only SO
Incidentally, the health officials.
Sent Editors To Jail
Judge Mitchell Gilliam of So
nttle, wiho seiite-ncpd two editora
of Seattle Star to 'four months
and 30 days in jail for criticising
him for issuing injunction in fav
or of railway corjioraticn.
Scott's Studio. Fidelity Hldg. •
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You get coal and we guarantee
it the best.
Lump $o.r>o
Nut f&OO
Wilkeson furnace coal. . S)i4.."><)
Special prices on mill and
slab wood.
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That We Will Be Closed Monday, Dec. 26.
But wo we open to you until 11 p. m. Saturday evening with lots of good
new goods— and a Merry Christmas t) All—thank you.
1213 Pacific Avenue.
Tool and Tool Sets
f ' For Christmas
You should have one in your home work shop.
Buy One From Us Today.
Washington Hardware Co.
Good Goods Only 928 Pacific, 927 Commerce
Uatona convent in this city. The
little Cudahy girds, none of wlhom
Is yet ten years old, already have
seen their father .end have been"
toLd .that 'their mother le com rag.
Cudaihy, according to rumor, did
not 'know his wife .planned to visit
her little ones on Christmas day
hough B'h« Is said to • have
planned the trip for a mouth.
Whose Death is Attributed to Llz-
ards in Her Stomach.
refuse to accept the certificate of
death based upon the lizards the
ory, declaring that no such case
ha 3 been reported since the days
of primitive medicine,
(Br United Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Dec. 2;;. — Alii-
E. Hall and Lailie M. Ball, who
grew up together In Missouri,
married and moved to Tacoma,
living together 1-0 years and then
getting a divorce five months ago,
were remarried here yesterday by
Judge Gartens.
"Of course I'm gla 1 to set htm
back and I 'don't ear* who knows
it," said the I.! :.:.■.
"But, sai.v. .iui.','i\ Fve been pay
ing 'h«r alimony ever siwe we
were divorced five months and; I
I \v;mt to know will that go yet?"
ask«'d tlie RTOOIII,
"No, yt'.i wil not have to pay
alimony until you get another di
vorce," sui 1 the JUdge,
"Tbat will be never," Interrupt
ed the two times bride.
Hall is a raMrcud man at Ta
conia and the couple lett for that
city Last nlsht,
11* ix POLICE roiiST
The price of copper went up
with_G. M. Siilley in i>olice court
yeeterday where he mi Qnexl $2 3
;ml costs for stealing wire from
the ruins of McCcrmaflk Hros.'
department store. He was caught
in the act by the Dlfht watchman,
- ffledtom otalive A/nerkaj/ •■' ;
Copyright, i»io, Th« Merrill Compiny i. .-.>"••
lain t enough, the victor re
belllously answered, a thin ribbon
of blood streaming from his nose,
the light of battle in his eyo.
■"Tiiin't enough till he says I can
sell papers here."
"Ain't h« th' divll!" the polloe
man ejaculated admiringly. "Ye
stay all right kid. Ye'rt; th' boss
now. Show's over, triads. Move
And so, while his late antagonist
slunk, sniffling, away to hide his
disgrace, Hob McAdoo stayed,
master of the field and convert to
the doctrine of the meat Ameri
can specialty—Monopoly. When
darkness fell that evening the
original dime's investment and a
third replenishment were sold out;
and Hob, with a pocket full of
pennies, faced the responsibilities
of wealth.
When the policeman entered his
home that night and laced Ills
faithful spouse, H was with a
quaking spirit.
"Well, now," his lady exclaimed
sarcastically, "well, now, Pathrlcii
Flinn, an' what is thii angel ;iv
man y ye do be brinjin' home th'
"Shure, Norah," Patrick apolo
gized, "'tis the moat llilgant little
gamecock ye iver saw. Ho came
to mo Conner this ui't^rnoon, !i
--sellin' papers. Th" newsie on th'
corrner, thried fur to thase him
away. An' what did me little
bantam do but go attber that big
bully like mo sainted namesaliti
ufther th' snakes in th' ould coun
thry. An' he wiper th' gutter
(lane wid him. Shur<;, 'twas th'
most bncbui thing ye cud Imagine,
bariin' beln' in a slm'lar shindy
y^rsilf. An' whin I w.ia fur laviu'
mo cornier, the laad come up to
me an' says, 'Say, mister, whero'll
1 bo findin' a place to slape tH'i
Bight?' 'Over beyant be th' river,
them's a lot ay boxes,' Bays I.
'Aw, tell wid Ixixes,' i-ay« he, 'it'si
a bed I'm wantln'.' 'An' what'H th'j
likes ay yp l)e doin* wid a bed?'i
Myi I. 'Blapln'i ay course,' says h".
'I nivir slept, in a be<l, but I got
lots ay money now an' I'm want- |
in' a bed f'r th' nisUt.' 'How,
ould arre ye?' I asks. 'Ten years,"j
says he. 'Who's yer payrints I''j
I'Ain't got any,' says he. 'Who'voi
ye been livin' wid?' 'Nohodjr,' says
be. 'Shure, ye're a f;uare cuthnl
mer,' says I. "An who owns ye ',
I own mes'lf,' says he. 'Thin
■oiuo home a'ond ay ma tli' ni^lit.'
says I. An" li•»t*ti lu> it
"An" now," Patrick concluded
sadly, "he must be goin' f'r there's
no room iv him here."
"Think shame to yensilf, PatH
rick Flinn," Norah cried hotly, "to'
be thinkin' ay sendin' a poor,'
motherlißs little spalpane like him'
out into the cold worruld!" J
Whilo Patrick chuckled within
himself over the success o£ his
diplomacy, Norah fell to her knees
and drew the boy to her ample
bosom. At which unaccustomed
(tenderness, the frozen wrings of
his childish heart were melted and
Bob burst into a- torrent of sobs.
"Husha, husha, me de —arr,"
crooned Norah. "TherVs no UH
to be cry In. Shure, ye aren't to!
be lift alone, nivermore, niver
nob wred back from her em
brad' and. Stamping his feet, cried:
"I'll never cry again—not—au-
I other-—dam' —time!"
"Whisht! ye little- fpalpano!"|
Norah laughed. "Don't ye be
"Ain't he th 1 little divll!" Pat
rick slapped his thighs delightedly.
Bob, shake hands wfd Molly and
Kathleen—an' make ycrsllf at
Bod obeyed.
Some hours later, Patrick, bear-
Ing a candle and accompanied by
Norah, crept up-stalrs softly to the
spare, bedroom where ltob, face
downward, repqsed :n uneasy
slumber^ —and in a bed. Norah
sank to her knees by the bedside.
"Th 1 poor, poor la-ad!" sho
murmured, ikying her hund gent
ly on his shoulder.
Bob groaned and in his sleep
shrank from 'ith« '.ouch. The
movement displaced the night
gown—'Kathleen's—an,l disclosed
a black and blue shoulder.
"Th'« little ppalpaue!" Norah
whispered tenderly.
"It's not from flghtin', I w.ir
rint ye," Patrick whispered. It's
on his back."
"Don't you hit mo again, Jim
Thompson," Bob screamed in bis
dreams. "When I'm bis. I'll kick
hell out of you."
"Th' littlo divil!" Patrick whis
pered compassionately.
"He's like Paddy 'ud 'a' been,"
sobbed Norah.
"Arrah, NoraY darlint, ye do be
makin' a fool iv yersilf over th 1
la-ad that WM nivlr bcrrn." Pad
dy was the boy for whom the
Flinns' hearts bad always longed,
but who never came.
Bob Tiays Hold of the World.
With deep stisfaction of soul
' Bob opened his eyes on a new
"I'll stay here." he iaid aloud.
And stay he did, Hob, in the
arrogance of his boyish egotism,
1 lakinK his welcome for ffrant&'J,
I while to the Flinns, liiß-hearted
jand Instinctively hospitable, it
, never occurred to wonder at the
boy's presumption. The arrango
-1 nient thus tacitly established prov
jed a happy one. Hob found in the'
1 wholesome, homely atmosphere of j
the policeman's family Ufa a partial!
.collective for the dwirl'ins influ
ence of the tenement. As for Pat
'lHck and his wife, had they been
I told —which they never were —■
I that, they were exercising an un
, usual virtue In thus adopting the
i little vagrant, they would have
been abounded, such pride did
I they take in Bob from the begin
ning. And the non-appearance of
little Paddy ceased to trouble their
honest hearts.
So it was that when Policeman
l.FUnn set out that noon to his
I duties. Bob accompanied him, to. I
•'revisit yesterday's battle-field
1' where henceforth, by light of con
. quest and Patrick's protection, he
1 was to reign supreme. And when
Jthe day's work was done, together
. they returned home to "lrishtown.'.
1 A few days later their bonds
i were finally rivlted.
It was Sntimlay nigVit, and the,
family of Flinn was gathered in
the kitchen, which WU also the
living room. The master of this
household, reclined in the one big
arm-chair, was seeking the mini
strations of my lady Nicotine, who,
in Patrick's case, was a very
strong lady indeed. Xorah's head
I was bent abstractedly over a bas
ket of sewing -no fine lady's em
broidery, bii the homelier task —
and no mean one —of darning her
llord's socks. Over the table in the
I corner Bob counted the earnings
of the week. To this tusk the as
sistance of Molly and Kathleen
was needed, since, alas! Bob'n
notions of arithmetical values af
ter the sum of ten was reached
were hopelessly vague.
'•Three dollars and fifty-three
cents," Kathleen announced proud
" 'Tis th' wealth ay th' Injles,"
gibed Patrick. "I B'po-ie uqw. Bob
Jye'll be lavin' yer friends ft th'
niilyunaires ay th' East End, ye're
so ruch? Belike, yell tet up wid
la bank here In Irlshtown. 'Bob
I McAdoo, Banker' —it has th' fine
large sound to it. Or better still,
yell kape a saloon. 'Twould be a
fine investmint, tlist last; Irish
town has a anakin' thirrust f'r the
"Ho'll be layin' aside a bit ny
it, a dime or a quarther mebby,
f'r th' Sisters whin they come,
won't ye, Bob?"
Xorah suggested piously.
But Bob had planned other uses
for his money than wither specu
lation or charity. He laid to one
side the fifty-three cents and gath
ered together the three dollars,
which he carried over to Norah
and dropped, jingling, into her
capacious lap.
"An" what's this for?"
"Take It," said Bob.
"Ye mane kape it I'r ye?"
"No, keep It fer yourself."
"An" why should I kape it?" de
manded Norah.
"To pay fer me bed an' grub."
"Away wid ye, ye little rapscal
lion! Kape yer money, yell be
nadin' It f'r clothes an' th' like.
Ye can stay here without payln" yer
way, an' welcome."
"Bat that's char'ty ain't It?"
Bob demanded directly.
"Well, yes—sometimes," Norah,
returned slowly, embarrassed by
the straightforward question. "But
not In this case, whin It's frlnde
U givin' to ye."
"Aaln't goin' to be a char'ty
boy." Bob insisted. "Ohar'ty boys
gits licked."
With a sudden warm gesture,
Norah caught the boy to her.
"Shure," she exclaimed compas
sionately, "ye poor la-ad, ye're nof
thin kin' we're goin' to bate js«,
are ye, Bobsy?"
"No," he answered promptly,
"but I got to pay."
"But why?" Norah Insisted.
"I don't know," Bob returned
slowly, with a puzzled frown, "I
For Good
Call Up
Star Fuel
, Main BtUi, A 85TS
aflTt a cheap skate. You'll keep
ICVon't yoik?"
J "Not a cint ay It," Norah de
clared flatly.
Bob gave no answer to this de
claration other than to collect the
coins and place them in his pocket.
Then he took Ills cap from Its peg
and, without a word or backward
glance, made for the door.
'Hould on there," Patrick cried,
leaping afcer the boy and seizing
him. "Where arre ye goln'?"
"I don't know," said Hob coolly.
"Thin why arre ye lavin' this
time a? pint?"
"I'm goin' to find a ploce where
they'll 4et me pay."
For a moment Patrick slarod
helplessly at bin, wife, and then
laughed delightedly. "Ain't he th 1
llltli- dlvil! Hand th' money to th'
oulU woman. Ye stay, Bob."
_So Bob established his footing
aiid won his second battle.
When the money had been put
away, Norah sat down once more
and surveyed ber husband suspi
ciously. His half-closed eyes were
gazing with intense i •>>■ into the
smoke-cloud, between the puffs
loud chuckles broke from his lips,
his big body shaking w'th merri
"An 1 what be ye alchukliu' at?'
she demanded.
'Shure, Norah, darllut, at th'
way th' little divil worruked roun'
ye. gettin' his way an" all, an'
lxakirf ye take th' monoy."
"Humph!" his spouse sniffed
tartly. "An' who arre ye to l>o
liiughin' at me? Shure, I nivlr
saw Huch an ould fool over anny
wan as ye are over Lh' la-ad. 'Tls
Bol) this an' Bob that, till he has
yi' wrapped roun' his little finger.
An' him not a make in th' house
yet! Hut," her tone changed to
one of pride, "it's line stuff th'
little glntlemin's made of, with
his pride an' all."
"Ain't a gentleman," Hob flared
up unexpectedly from bis corner.
".Mm Thompson's a gentleman an'
he's nothing but a drunk bum."
(< '<>lltillllf<l llllllOM'OU'.)
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BW ' —' !> 4 CQ/1 Hll nil
The police are on Mi© lookout
for a fake telephone Inspector who
called at several residences yes
terday presumably to inspect the
phones but the police say really
to size up the interiors. Presum
ably after this man would get in
formation as to il)i- inside a[<-'
pearances of houses he and hi i
■pals would ret urn at night to
commit burgl&iry.
It was ascertains! from t'be
telephone company that no one
hail ben out in that capacity yes-'
terday and th« Intruder was .pro
nounced a fake,. I
, |
AT $14,000
(By I Tiii««-<l Press Ijmwccl Wire.)
OLYMPIA. Dec. 23. —The mi
prem court upheld .the verdict
against the WMke-son Coal,& Coke
company and the company must
pay to Alice Cox $14,000 for the
death of Alex Cox, tver husband, ■
In the mine of the company.
The company appealed en the'
ground tlliat the court in Instruct- (
Ing the jury used' the -word
"rould" instead of "would." The,
supreme court says It cannot re
verse a verdict on 6uch a pretext'
anil Mm verdict must stand. It 1
practically fixes the rule that an
e.meolyp v 2'*k» v ctnfw vbgkqjo
employe must be protected by tlie
company When it cii'J;>rs him to do
a certain niece of work.
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z , Demonstrations every day in our fJ/|
/ player parlors. Store open " evenings Ivf-J
J until 10 o'clock.
in Sacceasor to r*^o
\J) I>. S. Jobustuu Co. / 1 yj
'/ Player-Piano Leaders. MhiA
i. 943-945 0 Street. \C?\j

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