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If You Have a Kick--
Tell it to the Times. The Times stands for;
; the people's rights, and isn't afraid to fight;
I for them.
(By United Press leased Wire.)
WINNIPEG, Man., Dec. 24. —Following a revolver battle be
tween strikebreakers and striking carmen of the Winnipeg street
car system here last night, the railway management secured a
Maxim rapid fire gun and ammunition from the government ar
■" eenal at Halifax and prepared today to defend its property against
attack. "**♦
Fifty cars have been wrecked since the strike began, and fear
■was expressed that the company's terminal buildings would be
burned. In an attack on thirty cars last night carrying armed
strikebreakers many shots were exchanged with strikers and sym
The cars were all withdrawn at 8 o'clock last night, as outside
the business sections they were not safe from brick and stone
throwers. The company so far has had fifty cars wrecked or par
tially so since the strike opened, and are in fear that one of
- their three large terminal barn s will be burned.
(By Vnltrd Press Leased Wire.)
KENTON, 0., Dec. 24.—Six per
sons were killed by illuminating
gas in an apartment at the Lintz
hotel here today. Their bodies
were discovered by a bell boy.
The dead:
William, 24.
(By IHii. .1 Tress leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 24.—Al
most before sunrise today Domln
guez aviation field was alive with
scores of hurrying mechanicians
putting the finishing touches on
, the great aerial machines entered
in the second Los Angeles avia
tion meet scheduled to begin this
It la predicted that a record
breaking meet will be held, in
view of the fact that prizes have
' been offered for each day's sport
regardless of the big prizes for
the record-breaking perform
The committee has announced
a prize of $3,000 for a record alti
tude flight, and the same amount
for speed and duration flights.
An additional $1,000 is hung up
for the aviator who may exceed
any new record established.
Runaway Boy
Gets Bad
PUYALLUP, Dec. 24.—Harry
Bailey and Ted Riley, high school
boys, started to "bum" their way
to Tacoma on the N. P. Riley fell
off. nailey went on until the
train stopped, and then told a
Btory that Riley was undoubtedly
ground to pieces. He went back
and organized a searching party
and they hunted all night. In
the morning, tired, full of despair
and alarm, Bailey started home,
stopping at Riley's home to tell
his mother the awful news.
He told it with sobs and ter
ror. The mother was calm. When
Bailey was through she quietly In
formed him that Ted had simply
Jumped off the car and came
tome and that he was sound
sleepd In bed.
Then Bailey fainted.
VANCOUVER, B. C, Dec. 24.—
A seizure of 6,249 boxes of Jap
anese oranges was made late yes
terday by Thomas Cunningham,
inspector of fruit pests, upon the
ground that they were badly in
fested with four kinds of noxious
scale. These oranges came in
from the Orient on the steamer
Kumeric. It Is said that other
seizures will be made. During De
cember over 20,000 boxes have
been condemned.
Tax Commission Robs County
Of Million Dollars Annually
.' That i the * state tax commission
annually . causes Pierce county to
lose at least 91,000,000 was s . the
statement "; which '•■ was - tfhrown 'la
the. faces of, We ; legislative dele
gation | yesterday by County I Audi
tor Stewart at a { meeting of the
delegation to (hear complaints of
county officials. ; ■'„,:';r,.', •;.'
The members of the delegation
i vere too politic to take any action
or pass any resolution as Ilie re
\sult of what -whs told them, (but
It Is certain that some of the
; members 1 at f least ' will . go \ to i the
next; assembly . fully "., primed to
* ** "w
The Tacoma Times
The six persons had" gathered
for a pre-Christmas revel in a
room of the hotel. The manage
ment of the hotel did not know of
the gathering until It was report
ed that there was an odor of gas
coming from the room.
A small stove which had been
connected with the illuminating
gas had become disconnected,
filling the room with gas. It is
believed the revelers had been
overcome with liquor before the
accident to the stove happened.
"Poisoned" Girl
Faked Illness
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICO, Cal., Dec. 24.—That
Lavlna Corey, daughter of Mrs.
William Whlteline, found poison
ed in a room of her cottage here,
has feigned her own illness and
evidently is not suffering from
the same sickness which killed her
mother, was an assertion made to
day by physicians who have treat
ed the girl since she was taken to
the hospital. This statement has
added a new element of mystery
to the acse of the two women,
who, when first found, were sup
posed to have entered a starva
tion pact.
Dock Figures
The Etudled attempts of the
special dock interests to discredit
the municipal dock proposition
by declaring that the foundation
for the dock alone would cost
$40,000 and that there would
be only $80,000 for the whole su
perstructure, brought an estimate
from the city engineers as to the
foundation this morning. Mr.
Raleigh presented figures show
ing the foundation if placed on 13
concrete cylinders will cosf $9,468.
The commission discussed the
dock problem somewhat and ask
ed that estimates be prepared by
the engineer to show whether
with the money in hand it will be
possible to build with concrete or
whether wood will have to be
The mayor said Raleigh had
stated that there was sufficient
money to build with wood, but
some prefer concrete If it can be
(By United Press .l.as.<l Wire.)
VANCOUVER, B. C, Dec, 24.—
That there Is $10,000 worth of
opium secreted on the Canadian
Pacific Oriental liner Empress of
India, waiting to be smuggled
ashore. Is the statement made by
one of the men who was arrested
recently and sentenced in the po
lice court for bringing the drug
down the gangplank. Some of
those who have attempted to de
liver the goods in the city have
been caught, but he says that the
Chinese, who are the principals
in the traffic, have been able to
beat the customs officials at dif
ferent times.
work" Hot (radical ~ changes < In the
powers of this commission which
- has proven altogether too friendly
i towards corporation* of the state.
Zt The ; failure • of ; the < commission
to segregate personal and real es
i tate property of corporations' (has
made H i impossible for the county
to | collect j anything on\refusal !to
pay. Large business Interests and
real estate outside Ctl • the actual
number of miles the railroads
have sln operation, are not J taxed
but I the ' entire ':( holdings >f of ' Che
company are ' trerasjed |on a 'basis
of mileage throughout fane state. ?
There are yet som^ packages undelivered
in the Times office. It was found impossible to de
liver all the bundles yesterday and today. Children
who wrote Santa and have not as yet heard from him
are requested to come to the Times office Monday
Those who live outside the city will have their car
fare given them if they come in.
It is urged* that all come Monday if possible as
it is desired to clear up the office which has been
much handicapped since the Santa Claus season
opened. The public has responded heartily, the
Times employes have done their part and endeavor
ed to deliver all packages. It will not be * much
trouble for most of the children to visit the office.
They are requested to do so.
Do not come after 4 o'clock this afternoon. If you
haven't come in yet, or cannot come before 4 today,
wait until Monday.
Visitors to the Times office will
tell you that the editorial rooms
of late look more like a toy shop
or clothing faooiso than a news-,
paper office. Great heaps of ipack
ages, piles of clothing and a gen
eral holiday stoop air 'has been in
vogue few some time ipast.
All day yesterday the automo
bile darted about town delivering
Xmas bundles for the children.
When darkness had come it was
found that it would !be impossible
to deliver everything by Saturday
night.. For this reason children
who have not 'received their pres
ents have 'been asked to visit the
Times office and get them.
It has not been the easiest thing
in tlie world to 'handde all these
little ones, but encouraged by a
liberal response from the public,
Times employee 'have worked far
into the night sorting and wrap
ping toys a.nd clothes.
It would require columns of
type to tell of all the little inter
esting things wlhiiob 'have arisen in
connection with the distribution
Of gifts. Gruff reporters and sore
ly tried telegraph operator* have
done their part in (helping,; the
children who crowded the office
(By Tnlted Press I..hm .1 Wire.)
BUTTE, Mont., Dec. 24.—Be
cause he gave her a back comb
and a bracelet and is alleged to
have promised to marry her, Re
becca Goff Is today suing George
Heller, a well known Butte busi
ness, man, for $10,000, charging
breach of promise. Tile defend
ant alleges that Miss Goff is
crazy and that she recently spent
some time in the Warm Springs
Our Daily Discontinued Story.
i. Framools , McGilllcu'ddy, barbel
and ,'■ frleeur, ■ face message _: : and
halr-dreeeing done 'While you wait,
was also a dead game spot*'.'• H«
took all the pink papers and used
to wager >as { muoh as $2 In th«
band took \ round " Che corner.'Jiii
One day while lie was shaving a
man"with, a tender face a dog
flg*t started . outside of S MoQlUl
cuddy's aho.p , Me laid a mental
bet with himself that; the toiack
and:tan:'would', win, and watched
the ■. sor&p ' with , on«: eye and', the
scrape with tanother.*- 'U'^f-?i^*^
l*r Just at 6 the \ crisis of t the * fight
Francois' Stand : slipped and—;.' ~
: *^-; ■-*:.■"-(.THE END.)
and ma.de It hard to write and re
ceive wire messages. Printers
have "brought in names of needy
i families and carried the packages
I themselves to save time in deliv
ery. Everybody has 'helped out.
A man dropped; in last night
with seventy-five cents sent 'by a
couple of men who had not given
their subscription to the Milwau
kee donation. He wanted it known
that it was brought in so that the
givers would be sure the money
was received by the Times.
Very few instances have, been
encountered where any but the
really needed solicited aid. Three
children, two girls and a boy, did
show up this morning who ■were
not only warmly clad but looked
to be the children of comfortably
situated parents. The boy ■was
nattily dressed, wihi'le the ir-I-jtls
also wore warm, pretty clothes,
good shoes and new rubbers.
They wanted prevents. When
asked why tfheir parent* didn't
■get them any the boy " replied,
"Oh, father needs the money." A
half dozen poor children' were
pointed out to them and 1 they were
gently but firmly told tlhat those
in need were the ones to be taken
care of.
' With a stout umbrella late las*
nlghit M. G. Berge, manager of
the Western Mercantile aigiency,
who lives at 811 South M street,
put to flight two holdup men, one
of whom was armed with a revol
ver. - •.-.•■ -" - ■ ;: •" '■"
At the command "Hands up,"
Benge Instead of obeying begwi
to Ibeilabor both ibandlts with U1»
umbrella, and gaining a tempor
ary advantage, made good tile
safety in a record-breaking sprint.
He met the holdups on South M
street between Tenth, and Elev
enth where the street Is ipoorly
lighted. He ran to X street wiwwe
he met a tpollceman who returned
to the scene with toim.
• '■ •• '■' ...'•■: :..•:.:■-*■.•./■•.•
r .The Elk club rooms were fined
wltih charitable Elks test nigtet
who ■ brought their '•■ tributes 'and
laid J them ■ on ! the ' altar j. for j the
poor of the city, • There •' wee all
sorts of clothing arod enough of
It to' fit out a •regiment with all
Uhe members of the families, In
cluded. ' ."_- -'H: ■"•■■. ■ ' ■"•' .-
T- Following, tlhe * bringing In of
the ofterlnigs there was a .program
end: a general • good time . by . th«
crowd.' ;. '. '•■ .: _■ \ X ■ ,"■ ■'■•.."f/>
.; • The Elks , Ihave , collected a " lot
of names of the city poor and the
clothing and other Glwistmas 'i>re»
entg * wUI _be - taken out to them
today.'.': , '"';,..: >*-."■"; ■ \"-': ~-:-\y
The residence of 0. J. Carr, on
Twelfth street, was burglarised
last night, the marauders securing
two wtaches, several rings, a
watch fob, a lodge emblem and
several more valuable articles of
The family was out when the
house was entered.
"I wanta—l wanta dolly—l wanta doll buggy—l wnnta rockin 1
chair—l wauta set o' dishes—-I wanta bottle o' perfyume—l wantn
■?#ashtub—l wnnta bed for dolly—l wanta —Oh, yes, I want mamma
to get me a baby brother!"
* ■ CHICAGO, Doc. —The coroner today began an investigation
into Hi'- death of Stephen I'avlitek, who wits killed by an explo
sion of nitro-glyceriiie which Intel been placed between the plates
of a IniKe ho nsafe. . I 'lie explosion occurred In the shop of the
Turnbull Safe & Vault company lute yesterday afternoon.
RKRKET.KY, Cal., Dec. 21. After binding a watchman at the
Berkeley farm creamery at 2100 AlKton Way, three masked men
this morning rilled the safe and obtained $30 in money and a dia
mond ring valued'at $700. .The snfo crackers cscuiH-d without
leaving any clue.
JUAREZ, Mex., Doc. 24.—Revolutionist*! i.mLij held up a pas
senger train two miles from here, seized provision* ami ammunition
aboard and then allowed the. train to proceed. The holdup is bo
lieve«l to iiidirnle that tlie imvlmlh will attack Juarex. Tile train was
Imhiuil (..u.uil this city. The revolutionists flagged the engine.
? WEST UNION, 0., Dec. 24.—The investigation into the election
scandals today revealed a contriu-t system of vote buyiiiK. I Ik
ur.uiil Jury adjourned this afteniocm until next Tuesday, Hfter liav
ing returned indictments ;i«;iinsi 053 persona. It is repotted that
eonfertfcHM liave been oMained involvinK nuiny of tin- w.-rulU<l
"higher ups" In tlie political life of the state.
CHICAGO, I>ee. 24.—Former I'olloe Inspector U*n| MoOsjm,
convicted of taking money for police, protection at vice in die West
Nid<*, over whirli he preGl<l<"d, will kihmkl Ills Christmas in the state
prlNon at Joliet. MoCann surren <k'i-i><l to the sli.-i-iir today and wmh
taken to the county jail. Tonight lie will be taken to Juliet and
pniere«l In the prison tomorrow.
Revoke License Of
Street Car Company
(By l Tnlt«d Press Wire.)
SEATTLE, Dec. 24.—8y a vote
of 17 to 1, the city council late
yesterday, voted to revoke the
franchise of the Seattle, Renton
& Southern railroad, the com
pany that operates the suburban
line Into the Rainier valley, com
monly known as the Crawford
A great crowd of suburban
people, all patrons of the road, at
tended the meeting, which bad
been specially called, and when
tho result was announced they
broke into wild cheers and made
iin emphatic demonstration.
The Crawford road had secured
I WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 24.
—A compromise on tine Panama
exposition question may be con
sl<ie'*'(l when ooDigtress reconvenes
after the (holiday recess. It Is now
htihg outlined 'by congressmen not
pledged to either San ■ Francisco
or New Orleans, the Golden Gate
City . will j get the exposition ; In
1918 to commemorate the work
on "■■ the I : Lakee-<to-tbe-Gult deep
waterway. :">''-"v vi-;;.:' 1 .' ■' ;-■-: ■..
--%• It fe «aM tibia plan * lias been
suggested at the White House and
that it has met. with the approval
cf the president. Taift and those
who ) (haw J oipenly ft espoused 'f. the
ooiapromlfle (proposition' ■ are said
to feel that no event in whirfh New
Orleans ©mi feel a d«ep ' Interest
could ] 'be ' seiectexl f than : the > co m
pletion ; of, or at least the pnßhr
in« i of, actual i work, on : Che deep
ening of the Mlssiaei'ppl river and
bhe j dieting -■ of •■■!■ the /. necessary
*»UMiM to make it mi outlet from
■: ■.'■■■.■■'■;■ ..—■■; '■'■.: • *$m*
a stay of proceedings during the
morning from Judge Hanford, and
this was served on the city clerk
prior. to the council meeting. In
spite of this order, however, the
order revoking the franchise was
The franchise was revoked be
cause the company raised the fare
from five cents to a sliding scale
of from ten to fifteen cents.
Pending the eutcome of the
stay of proceedings Issued yester
day by Judge Hanford, the city
will make no attempt to enforce
the order revoking the franchise
of the Seattle, Renton & Southern
road which was passed by tile
city council yesterday.
the Great Lakea. An esposltion
to celebrate tine event would be
In order, it is urged, and New Or
leane would be the proper city In
which to hold it.
Find Aeroplane
In North Sea
..«'■•■ !■ ■ .:.'• -''- -J '- ■ . "-■ :•:,-,■■*--.
- AMSTERDAM, Dec. 24.—1t Is
reported | that ■ a - biplane, | supposed
to be ' the Wright - machine ■ flown
by ■ Cecil '■■ Grace, the aviator, who
was ' lost • in attempting:' a : ■ flight
from Calais :to '■ Dover, • has " been
found in the North sea near Texel.
It Is believed that Grace baa been
drowned, x , : v -: -■'^"j:- f.^%^'~s^, „.»•■
Ocoa»lon«il -/• ralnu tonight and
Sunday. ModoraflS southerly
Good Carrier Service
; If Times is not delivered promptly, kick.
; and kick hard, to the Time* office. Yon atw
j entitled to beat aerrlce in the city. Demand
' It of the circulation office.
■.-.:,■ • ' - . . ;
» what LAWSON says. •
9 "I will • -*c against an ordinance calling a special election •
ft on the antl-; ting ordinance."—Commissioner Nick La-waon. •
ft Section 226: • • • If within ten dayi a petition •
• signed by quail (tad electors equal to 15 per cent of the totaJ •
9 number of voters cast for all candidates for mayor at t«i« last •
» prac«dln« ©lection, l.« presented to the city council iprotf»tl«y •
I against the going Into effect of an ordinance, th« name ph«H •
» thereupon be suspended from going Into effect and k shall be •
9 the •duty of the omnicM to reconsider said ordinance and if the •
» same be not entirely repented the council shall eubmlt the or- •
9 dlnance sb (provided In Article XVII to the quallflod ejectors •
• of said city. #
> Article XVII—The council uhaill within 20 days after die •
• attachment of the Ork's certificate of sufficiency to the to- •
9 oompanying petition, call a special election, unless a gooenU •
» election is fixed within 90 days thereafter, and at mioh special •
ft election the proposod ordinance shall be subraHted without aJ- •
ft toration to the vote of tih« qualified electors of the city. •
yi:i<- city council refused to re
peal the antl-treating ordlnanc*
this morning.
Commissioners Freoland, Tow*
< 'If and Lawaon refused to voto
for repeal. Woods and Iloy» vot
ed to repeal.
The mayor announced that next
■week an ordinance will tie brought
IB calling for a special eJoctlon
M provided by charter at whloi
the ordinance will (be submitted U
the people.
Mr. Ijßwson says he will not
vote for the ordinance. If h» does
not and Woods and Rojts refuse
■too to ca.ll an election then the
.<■< 'ion cannot be held.
(Isy UalteO Preaa f<wm>l Wire.)
(in u;ti.\.)
CHICAGO, Dee. i£B.— s<itl«
--| llicnt lirltvt'fii (he engineers of
tli<> 01 western rallruads and the
company iifriclaJb lias been
reached mill the threatened gener
al striker Ims been averted. Tlie
fact or 11 sen lenient was an
nounced by Commissioner of 1.11
--bor Charles I". \elll, who liun been
acting us mediator. Tin) terms
Imve not yet been given out.
CHICAGO, Dec. 24.—A crisis in
the pending controversy between
the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers and the managers of 61
western railroads over wa^es,
came today, it was predicted that
by nightfall peace would ibe es
tablished or both sides would be
preparing for active warfare.
Oharles P. Will, commissioner
of labor, wiho has held numerous
conferences with the engineers
and the officials of the railroad©,
praiaiileil to both skies tentative
propositions containing many con
cessions. He declined to reveal'
what tihose concessions were, but
Intimated that a decision would
be reached today.
•If the latest i>ro;iosals are re
jected, It ie probable that .Will
will 'urge arbitration under the
Erdman law as a last resort.
(By rnltod Tress cLawd Wire.)
OTTAWA, Ont., Deo. 24.—That
the duke of Connaught will not
be the next governor of Canada Ib
the growing conviction in official
circles In Ottawa. The opinion Is
based on a substantial bint of a
aeml-offlcial nature received from
the mother country.
King George ie said to have dis
covered that the duties devolving
upon a king of England are tool
onerous for one man, and the
duke may assist bim.
both crowds. Fawcett Bars lie
would like .to be recalled as far em ■
getting out of office goes, but
(By United Pros* Leased Wire.) anyon« wh° knows the mayor
• CHICO, Cal., Dec. 24. Bert ro*i" tlhat he wM flsh* to Mi«
Kelly, 22* a sa'feblower, was shot '*** 'ditch to stay until be puts .
and killed last night by Richard that antl-treatlng ordinance
Epperson, a storekeeper, at Dur- 'hrouish and makes It go. , r , „.
ham, a small farming village The antl«treatlng ■ ordinance
seven miles south of here. Kelly seems to be focusing much asnti
had knocked the knob from the mont for and "against certain com
door of Epperson's safe and • ap- misslonere and there ie «very evl
plied an explosive to the strong dence that a lively •battle will do
box when he was discovered. veJop. -v;-j:
•y . Ton <*h!l<dran who were mad© happy yesterday by Mm puk- •
• agree of toys and clothes brought by the Titnea Santa In She •
•; automofolte. stop thanking , th«, TlmeM*. Santa for ,- *whU» ,1 and •
• «4vo your; thanlw |to : Manager Humbert of the t Shermani* day •
• | Piano comjvany. Who ] donated to Is automobile ito . the Times ito •'
• 'be,used In dl»trllb(utln« the gift*. > >ii •,.- v- V 0
• &&•} Automobiles come h»«h ' w hen ' hired an«» the > Santa rfa'adl •
• «h too Btn4U to permit ot »ucU a thing but Uhirough the «en- •
• ororfty orf Mr. Hubert !SanU had: th« use of a fin« w all day •
• • • ••••••••••••••••• mm*m*mmmr£Zi,
But the charter says the coun
cil shall call an election and mi-b
--mlt the ordinance to th*» people.
If then- Is no general muntcntiwU
election coming within 90 days
then It shall call a special election
to l>e hold within 9 0 days. .
There Is no discretion allowed
in the case. The wlhole referen
dum provision of the charter com
mands that tlie ordinance either
he repealed or that the special
election be called.
If the council simply Ignores
the city charter, takes the hit In
its teeth and becomes a law unto
Itself, then any citizen may go Into
court and secure a writ of man
damus compelling Che council to
follow the charter and call the
This would make the oatinoli
men who refuse to call the elec
tion look extremely foolish.
But Lawnon saysl he will not
vote to call the election. Ills ex
cuse Is that the election would
cost the city $4,000.
This is Just twice wfhat It will
.-oat. An election in Tacoma costa
for judges, clerks and pent for
polling places alKimt $2,000.
I.llUsnn'k Fix.
But UwHon Ie In a tlglht box.
He had prom the mayor ho
would not vote to repeal the or
dinance. Then ho promised the
saloonkeepers he would not roto
■for a &i>eciai election, but would
stand out to submit the thing at a
(general election. There will not
bo a general election for a year
from next spring, so the gaboona
would 'have clear sailing until
then at lea/it.
If La wean sticks to his present
determination and Wood* and
Roys Join him it will then be up
to ni;iiwl;iiiiUF.
Will anybody start it? V
That Is the Question.
Mayor Fawcett feels pretty
deeply on this ordinance and tie
has plenty of friends. It is a safe
wager that some of them will have
the council In court in a hurry if
it tries to avoid t)he charter pro
vision ifor the special election.
And something else may be
started also.
. There Is a volume of talk on
the street today of recall*. "•"
The saloonkeepers •want the
scalp of Fawcett, Freeland ami
Laweon. On the obher aide the
temperance elements are Just
about ready to start a recall on
Woods, Roys and 1/hwsmi.
Lawson by his attitude has ap
parently lost the confidence of

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