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MERCHANTS— Mart good* are 11' =•:
■old I under th« -evening; lamp lat Pi
home than you ever 5 dream ; oLf;"*l
(By lnii..l Press Leased Wire.)
SEATTLE, v- Dec. • -24.—Miss
Maud Brown,- soubrette •of '"The
Time, the Place. and the Girl"
company, after a quarrel with her
lover, Walter Higby of the same
company, went to her room as he
was about to - pack his trunk to
;'. Iqave her and dramatically took a
dose of Epsom salts, declaring It
was strychnine: The young 'man
at once rushed for a doctor, and
when Escullapius arrived he was
put wise, and departed, leaving
the young lady snoozing soundly.
Higby went to Tacoma with C.
- H. Lind last night. (
Extra Payroll
For Workmen
-» 1
After a special legislative we
al-on yesterday at which en ordi
nance was ipaseed approving a apo
dal payroll for the men at work
on the city dock, the carpenters
were paid $747 for wages earned
in the last 10 days.
Many of the men were almost
out of cash as they have had little
work and the employment and the
cash from the city came as a god-
M-ml to them.
There was a lively taylns of
Chr'Ftmas presents following the
cashing of ttw time checks last
(By United l'rcss leased Wire.)
EVERETT, De.c. Charles'
Kirk, a saloonkeeper of Monroe,
was declared not guilty by the '■
Juiry which tried Win far the mur
der of Charles Mont rose, a logger
The murder took place at the Kirk
saloon. TKie crowd cheered the
verdict whidh -was rendered In a
few minutes after the Jury re
of C. C. M-iiinn, r, Key. Thomas C
•('■ill to !'• .itlitriit. Oru.
Elmer Llssendcn died yrsterdav '
noon at on. of the hoapitala, after
a long; illness. Ho was a welll
known theatrical man and leaves a 1
Z id?F£F, ti mot"er "t his home; 3106
North Thirty-fourth street. The re-
I?" er are In chars* of C. c. m'i
the Pacific atatea Telephone 4 Tel
esrraph Co., win be held this after.
Man from the chapel of the Hoska-
Bii.kKy-Kln* company. l; cv A
H. Sli.lunil.-i- will officiate.
In the modern »vf * rtr~"T<r<n
successful DIABETES
treatment of *Jlt\ULi 1 CiU
with Sal-Sano, there Is rapid relief
of all symptoms, train in weight. in
nerve and muscle powur, and in en™
tr«y. Without restricted diet. Ex
cellent results In gangrene. At
leading drugitlsts and
.. >. ™ «AI,-SANO CO. S
"Wrlff n,"o r 8t oohlot . NeW Tork
Wouldn't This Get a
Workingman's Goat?
Thirty more goats, making a total
of 40; nave been put In Manager
I Bean herd clearing rl;ht of way
I for tho Tacotna Railway & Power
, Co. Mr. Hean a short tlmo hko put
on 10 goat employes as an experi
ment, and they have proven so suc
cessful It was decided to ; dii to the
force. The manager figures the
company will be saved 13400 a year.
maw \vii/i, GRADUATE.
Seventy-one lx>ye and girls will
graduate from the Turotna Hlgft
school at t'lie ml'd-wlnter gradua
tion exorcises January 27. The
list of those who have completed
the course has 'been ma tie up and
It will toe the largest claBS ever
sent out.
Dine at the Carloton Hotel
Christmas Day. Table d'Hote 11
a. m. to 8 p. m., $1.00. •»•
Merry Xmas and a Happy
New Year to You All
Store Closed Monday All Day. Watch Paper for the
Biggest Slaughter In Merchandise Ever Known to the
People of Tacoma. Thanking You One and All for Your
Patronage and Assuring You With Greater Values for
the Coming Year at Our New Location.
ll44'lU^U:§ rmaC £^J- "44-1146
Pacific A ye. / --ji^ii^" m"™'^i "8»-^ l^^ :^";:' W*£: Pacific A
*m n. 4c¥
Today is the last day of-till*?
i Scenic theater benefit for the
i Aii/tl-TuiUerculosls society and the
1 last day of the Red Gross stamp
sale. The movement 'has ought
in quite a lot of money in the
last couple of weeks here but the
society etiill needs more to fight
the great white plague.
Tin' po<**oiri«'«* will bo open from
0 to II oVlork tomorrow moriiliiK
null tin- ■■»;!iii Monriny There will
be uue delivery mi Monday.
A handsome ftold watch fob yes
terday was presented to County Au
ditor Stewart by hlB admiring em
ployes. I.ant Christmas Mr. Stewart
was presented by the office force
with a watch.
Picked Up
If you are a woman, and 'hare a
small dog, and you are calling
on a fit'icnd< who is stopping at a
hotel, it might be wise not to let
your dog make too *ree wiUh the
articles on ■ the d<eek; Witness
what happened yesterday at a ! lo
cal 'hotel: ' : I :
A woman carrying a little tpa-*
pilloin, mostly white, stood by the
hotel counter While sJhe waited to
learn, whether a friend was "at
home." Doggie grew restless, v
"Does darling wish to walk
upon the counter?" Bald doggie's
mistress. "Then Ihim ' shall.
There!" . -^..v,;,^
The room clerk looked >on . aip
iprehenalvely, J>uit' hie not to make
reply, and (he held his peace.
Doggie mmd« straight far>a-ibtg
ink well and * poked ;luis slender
aristocratic bob* into its r dark,
mysterious depths. S He spluttered,
yelped and 'turned toward ihia
owner a very black face. Those
about gulped down: their feelings
and tried to look concerned. i It
will take that ink weeks to di&
appeair. ■" v, ; ♦ ■;•'.■ -;;.-'; J. .: "
Time. .. : 'Height.
1:15 a. m. ...""... ..V.. 11.6 feet
5:41 a. m 7.3 feet
12:02 p. in. ............'l4*l feet
8:15 ip. m. 4.8 leet
• • •
After two unsuccessful investi
gations to determine who ' the
guilty parties were at the robbing
at the paymaster's safe'on'-the
Philadelphia last July, the war de
partment has ordered the court
martial of officers who were on
duty at the time. A sum of
$2,200 was mysteriously stolen
out of the safe. * . ■ ~ *.
As the result of the recent
stranding of the steamer North
western at Pile Point, west coast
of Sam Juan Island, formal charges
have been filed' against the ship's
officers and an official Inquiry be
gan yesterday before United States
inspectors in Seattle.
The sdhooneir McWeema with a
load of lumber for Sain Diego will
be towed to sea today.
The eteamer Watson of : the
Alaska Pacific Steamship company
arrived' on the Sound last night
from San Ffaineisco.
(By United IVess Leased Wire.) I
1 WASHINGTON, D. C, Deo. i 24.
—President Taft finished 1 : Christ
mas chopping yesterday after (put
ting In tihree afternoons at It. His
gifts number up into .the hun
dreds. He does not buy expensive
gifts generally but lots of them.
Hand-painted china. I Cochran
Studio, The Hyson. •**
Observe Christmas and Jewish
Feast of Lights on Same Day
I Peculiar Coincidence "■■_ lirlnss Two
Celebrations Together) Great Bat
tle of Judas Maecaheua In Com
meaiorated. . '^—^rS.;
It doesn't ofen happen that
Christmas day and the Jewish Fes
tival of Lights are celebrated si
multaneously, but this year • they
will be.
Because Deo. 25 falls on Sunday
this year, the real celebration ~of
Christmas day takes place Monday,
Dec. 26, and this Is also the 1910
doy for the beginning of Chanukah,
the Hebrew name for the Festival
of Lights. .; -
Chanukah marks the anniversary
of one of the greatest military vic
tories In .; the . history of nations.
In this, history corroborates the
From a statue of the preat Jewish
hero by Max Kallsh, a juung Jew
ish-American sculptor.
Biblical accounts and the story of
the battle as related iq Josephus'
"Antiquities of the Jews."
The battle was fought 20" 5 years
ago, or ICS years before the Chris
tian era The cause for the war be
gan In 168-B. C, when the emissa
ries of Antlochus Epiphnnus called
on Mattahias, a priest of the order
of Joarib, at his hlme in Modln,
near Jurusalem, In an attempt to
uproot the faith of Jiflalsm.
Mattathlas slew the king's officer,
raised the standard of lebellian and
with his five sons fled to the moun
Shortly after father and sons and
tliolr few followers had reached the
mountain, Mattathlas iU«&, commit
ting the cause to his s.ns and ap
pointing Judaa, the must valiant
among them, as their military lead
er. It Is commonly supposed thnt
Saturday, Dec. 24, 1910
the name Maccabeus was given
Judas after his first grsat victory,
for the English translation of the
Hebrew word Maccabeus is "The
Not long; aftar his father's death
Judas took the field with" a small
army and after his first battle with
the Syrians he was hailed as th«
greatest hero in Israel's history
after David. Four great battles
were foungh in rapid succesßlon
and with a few thousand followers
Judas defeated four i;r at Syrian
armies of hundreds of thousands of
trained soldiers. On Klslev 25th, 16?
B. Cm 'which corresponds sometimes
with November and occasionally
with December—but seldom as late
as Dec. 26—hs recaptured Jerusalem
anfl succeeded In ' restoring* the
Jewish worship In the temple,
which had been discontinued fbr
three years. *
The Jewish Bible, In relating the
story of the rededlcatlon of the
temple and Its cleansing after the
worship of idols in the holy of
holies, tells of the discovery of a
small quantity of oil which under
ordinary clroumstances would last
only a short time. The oil was
poured in the lamp in which burns
the perpetual light and the lamp
continued to shed its rays for eightl
days until other oil could be se
sured and consecrated.
Judas, although he bore no title,
was after those battles the head of
the Jew, and following up his vic
tories over the Syrians he made.
war against all the former enemleal
of Israel, defeating in turn the TSd
omltes, the Ammonites, the Arabs
and other peoples, conquering them
one after the other. A year later
Lyslas, a Syrian general, invaded
Judea with an army of 100,000, but
the army was compelled to retire
and Syria finally acknowledged the
religious liberty of the Jews.
To commemorate the victories
and the miraclo of the oil, the
Feast of Lights Is celebrated for a
period of eight days. In orthodox
Jewish homes candles are lighted.
One wax taper the first night, two
the second and so on until the
eighth night, when eight tapers are
lighted Those candles are usually
placed near a window where the
people on the street -nay see them,
"to publish the miracle."
The prayer at lighting these
candles is simple and is as follows:
"Blessed be Thou, I Lord our God,
King of the world, Who didst work
miracles for our fathers in the days
of this season."
The accompanying illustration is
a reproduction of a statue of Judas
Maccabeus by a young Jewish-
American sculptor, Max Kallsh.
Silverware —184 7 Rogers goods
—at Henry Mohr Hardware Co.,
1148 Pacific aye. •♦♦
(My United ! Press' Itemed Wire.)
V NORTH i YAKIMA, Dec. 24.—A
local • Sunday" school **• ■a * tunned
way of collecting : Christmas ' dta
n«rß I for the poor. The- classes
have been divided Into fishermen,
•farmers, eta, and a grand Jubilee
will be held tonight when all will
come* co&tarued. Admission will
be" one potato presented '; for a
ticket at the door. The fishermen
will bring ash, the farmers cereals
and : farm produce©. *,: . " , "
Big Christinas Rush :
:', Breaks All Records
The rush of business at the post
office lias .Increased with such a
rush' that Postmaster Frank iL.
Stocking has ' found It necessary to
recruit 46 temporary clerks. The
volume, of business Is the largest In
Tacoma's history.' The rush was not
fir A IVlPrfv A mac )^
Wl^r-r ■■* ITICII J JYlilah wt
JMJjjkr ;■■ IS THE . WISH OF THE. DE- V^f
»3(L|?/ EDWIN GREGORY, „'.'" \TMS
ThmTurnishiitg C
n ■» i -, • •,. *r ■■—^
*~m, ***** J» I**^ EDWIN ORSOOffY, PH»." S
of '; the Times wha yon have In
:your store. It " pays. "' "*J^-<*-j:;' \ -"A,
apparent! a, I few days! agro. but S ye«j
terday .= It- started unexpectedly and
almost swamped the small army of
employes. u-■**.. ••■•-- ..-.i-*.,—*« j,» if, . « - .•
f Eyesight Specialist
«--..- ■■:.-'v4'j;,'; i -l,: ; Tea years 'In :
|^gBHBJ|^B^|HaBgaBM TuCOnvi .with
"VJCJr^ ■ pleased pad*
- *MHfcß?^* ioStfl ents In every
t'*i->iiP^ >T£gfSasTffl locality. who :
'"'■Sjfr'Et ■ win gi:niiy ti-n
>' T? " %■' B you al out us..
\* •&'',• '"■■■' 9J^H We feel you
ixJMOmxi I o"lv " '■' '"
*f^P'iHfftgJHtM knjw wo have
-^^^jgg^E9IBWW*H removed to 609
■JJHlyj J2TgM Provident n:d.
L*<wr«i I where'«'<• lr-
SBaßi vito .in to
. HH come Dnd we
t " l^Bßr Ajprni will tesl your
L^'l%H9 ">"-" a'<> £ lvs
hß'Sjß I decUlun wtth-
I9IAHC| I out charge.
'•SLmfajSsßt Our prices
HSwmjasyjßpf^ffiH are low; our •
m work the most
.» ■ : .' ■ • '••■ ' - •atlsfactory. „ ;
: DR. KAir.KY, Graduate.. State
certificate to practioe and member
of W. ; W. Opt. Abso. Main 9248.

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