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If You Have a Kick-
Tell it to the Times. The Times N iau<ls for
(he people's rights, and isn't afraid to fight
for them.
(By I rnited Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 26.
I—Rumors of a coming shake-up in
the cabinet were renewed today. It
was reported that the changes
said to be contemplated by Presi
dent Taft involved the resignations
of Secretaries Knox, MacVeagh,
Balllnger and possibly Wilson.
Knox, U i« known. Is dissatisfied
over Mb loss of .influence in the
administration's policies. Politi
cans say that the time has arrived
for President Taft to dismiss Bal
A report that Congressman
Charles Scott of Kansas will suc
ceed Secretary Wilson is generally
credited. The president's secre
tary, Charles Norton, is named by
politicians to succeed MacVeagh,
.who it is expected will retire on ac
count of ill health. Senator Flint
and Representative Tawney are
mentioned as possible successors to
(By United Presa Leaned Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Deo. 26.—Arch
Hoxsey Is the hero of the aviation
fans today. The intrepid youngster
. added to the laurels he already had
won by ascending yesterday to a
height of 7300 feet la an atmos
phere that was fog-saturated and
• bltlngly cold, and after shutting oft
his motor, plunged to withlng 500
feet of the earth before righting his
planes. . _ .«.
Hoxsey's height record, establish
& ed Saturday, will stand at 9,288
feet Instead of 6,200 as announced.
. The barograph reading as first an
nounced was lncorreot. . '„
r MMaa
» Rain tonight and! Tuesday.
Moderate westerly winds.
(Hy United Press Leased Wire.) s
SEATTLE, Dec. 26.—Mrs. t
Maud Gertrude Black wants to be
freed from the bonds of matrt- a
niony which tie her to Ferdinand a
L. Black because her spouse 1
threatens to commit suicide, she 1:
alleges. o
On one occasion, says her com
plaint, her husband went out on c
the railroad track and told her he t
would let a train pass over him.
At another time, she alleges, he f
| A Story of the Town |
C. W. Parks, advertising manager of the Float ft Bachrach de
partment store, did not land bis "man," a day or to ago, but ha did
what a good many of the police are unable to do, recovered the
"goods." Two men entered the store and ope engaged * olerk regard
ing a piece of goods. The other man managed to place a mink fur
-worth $135 under his coat and walked out of the store. A bystand
er notified Parks, and the latter dashod after the thief. The culprit
edged along the sidewalk and was rapidly making his getaway
when Parks grabbed him. "He was able to Identify the man because
of a bulge under his coat.
"I want that," said Parks, ripping open the coat and grabbing
the fur. As he did so the man made a awing with bis right hand,
but Parks ducked. The fellow sprinted away, and Parks returned
triumphant with the stolen goods.
The Tacoma Times
NEW YORK, Dec. 26.—
"I'll show you how easy it is
to take," said Mrs. Joseph
Baronne to her daughter
Susie, 11 years old, today,
and lifted a bottle to her lips
In proof. Susie had objected
to taking a teaspoonful of
what was supposed to. be
cough medicine, which her
mother poured out of one of
a number of bottles.
Mrs. Baronne fell to the
floor in convulsions, and
died before an ambulance ar
rived. She drank from a bot
tle of acid by mistake.
Susie was almost distract
ed over the thought that her*
obstinacy contributed to her
mother's death.
(Ry United-Prow Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 26.—
The annual Christmas Bwim of the
Multnomah A. C. In the Willam
ette river was won today by Lewis
Thomas of the Multnomah club,
who finished but a few feet ahead
of Dave Welch, of the same club,
in view of thousands who crowded
the waterfront and the big bridges
spanning the river.
P. Warner of Vancouver, B. C,
came third, and P. McDonald of
the Portland Y. M. C. A. finished
The race was for 100 yards, and
Thomas finished In one minute,
2 8-4 seconds. TWrtyntlhTee men
started and all but one finished.
The temperature was 48 degrees.
<n> TTnlted Presa I.enned Wire.)
TONKERS, N. T, Dec. 26.—Clara
Morris, the actress, who went blind
recently, is slowly recovering her
sight, according to frlonds here to
day. It Is said that she can now
distinguish between light and dark
ness and her friends are confident
that she will be able Boon to see
laid that he took poison and pre
:ended to be in a dying agony.
On the 13 th of November he is
klleged by his wife to have loaded
i revolver and locked himself up
n a bedroom, telling his wife that
le was going to blow his brains
nit immediately.
Black is still alive and able to
>am $126 a month as a book
tee per.
There are two children in the
The Times Santa Clauß made
four 'hundred children of Tacoma
and vicinity happy. In tills 'he was
assisted by cheerful givers who
contributed $162.19 to the Santa
Glaus fund In. addition to' many
toys and articles of clothing;. -
Almost all the packages have
been delivered although there are
still some let*, in the office. Be
lated letters made it impossible
for the automobile to reach all the
houses and when the number of
chH'diren aided is taken Into con
sideration it w-ilil 'be seen winy
some ihave ibeen asked to visit the
office. • _
Some calls came from Puyalluip.
Children w:ho wrote from Puyalhiip
and whose names are on the Santa
Glaus list may come to the office
if they choose to get their bundles
and their car fare will be paid.
Other children who ;Mved on the
Go It, Carnegie! Go It, Rocke
feller!- You may be poor but hon
est yet!
• • •
Mrs. Eddy's iheirs now promise
to make a flght against burial in
Mt. Aulbuffin oemetery, Boston.
First thing those (heirs know,
tlheyll find themselves to be ex
ceedingly unpopular.
• • • .
They can't find one single thine
to warrant changing that New
York explosion to organized labor.
• • •
Having flnleflied his gift of $35,-
World News
Sf In Brief Jo
NASHUA. N. H., Deo. 28.—The
bite of a dog three years ago caus
ed the death today of Charles I.
Richards, 48, local agent (or the
New Hampshire Woman's Humane
■oolety Richards was taken 111
with pneumonia, and yeaterday
■ymptoms of hydrophobia devel
GREENFIELD, Mass., Dec. 26.—
Tames J. Casey of Waterbury, Conn.,
charged with vagrancy, attempted
to {rain his freedom by eating the
Commonwealth's evidence.
He succeeded in getting one large
bite of th« wrlttan avpcal with
which he had been soliciting alma.
"Very convlnolng," said the court
is It glanced at the rtmnant of
Casey's lunch. "Six months in Jail,
HANSON, Mass., Dec 28.—When
Chester Truner was ready to arise
this morning he could not move. He
had dislocated his hip while asleep.
ATLANTA, Dec. 24.—Tn response
to the request of Charles W. Morse,
made through the warden of the fed
eral prison, members of the "Mid
night Sons" company made a trip
to the prison and with itong, dance
and Jest mode happy two hours for
700 men.
CAMDEN, N. J., Dec. J?«.—With
their arms about each other, How
ard Newoomb and Mrs. Nellie N.
Hall were found asphyxiated In a
room where they .had 11/ ed a week.
A gas jet was found opes In the
outskirts of town and whom the
Santa auto did' not TeacHi will be
given their car fare at the Times
Last week was perhaps the most
strenuous ever sipent In the Times
offilce. It is (generally a task ito
pu'blisih a newspaper with nothing
to- interfere. But with countless
children coming to the Times
building, with gifts and foir gifts;
presents to-be bought and wrap
ped, the regular diutles would have
seemed light."
Since the day two weeks ago
when a little girl named 1 Afllce
wrote for a d 0.1,1 with, brown eyes
because her .dead 'papa had brown
ey«s the public 'has responded
heartily and the Times wae glad
to do Its share in making the
youngsters happy.
f Gocdibye, says Santa, ■until an
other year.
000,000 to Chicago university,
Rockefeller says he'll now quit
and let the university do its own
begigiiig or growing, as it were.
Ab a labor of love, Editor
Spreckels is now telling Hi-nam
Johnson how not to kick tine S.P.
c • •
Several Pacific coast elites aTe
trying to stoip the speed craze by
putting "bump gutters" In the
streets at tlhe crosewiaJl.ks. Ought
to make 'em deep enough for near
victims to dive Into.
Our Dally Discontinued Story.
For an ardent sportsman lignatz
Hassenipfeffer bad all other Nlm
rods lashed to ' the mast. And
while they were laahedi to the
mast Ignatz . took ■ advantage of
them and hied afield to shoot the
succulent hare and the delectable!
Boib White. , ~ ■ - , .;, ;
- Ignatz bad one Calling,. bow
ever, that made 'him a fea/rfjully
bad risk for accident insurance.
Lgnatz was careless -with firearms.
■ - On a .particularly bright | crisp,
November day- I&na-tz dragged bis
double .barreled- shotgun throuigjh
a fence, end—• •-" - ;■ . . .--i.
--:■; : (THE , END.) /
■ Arthur M. Olson, employe of
the lunch counter in the Board 'of
Trade saloon, was badly scalded to
day, and 'it - was ' necessary to - re
move him to the county hospital.
Boiling. water ; was ■•: accidentally
spattered over his face, neck and
arm» ; .:m^^SSa^iS^SS.
\TTTOIJIA, B. r., Dec. 2fl.— Advices Just reaching here from
the Orient mij that hi rue quantities of arms are lM'iug sliipin <l into
Afghanistan and t.he northern bo iiudarj of Indlu. It Is «aid the
arm'- are being shipi>ed Into tlie country noverned by IJrltaln by the
««> of tilto H<<l m itf 141 Persian gulf. It is possible that the Kng
llsJi govcrunieut will iiivestleatc t he reports.
WASHINGTON, T). C, Drc. 2<l.— tfmdiklßt Taft jarr<d White
Hnifc clerks today by uiTivlnK at his olfice at the usual 11 me ri-ndy
for wurk. Secretary of tlu* Navy Meyer was the only cjiller and he
conferred with the president for half an hour. Other government
olli' i - were t'loacd.
WKST UNION, 0., Dec. 20.— Adam* county politicians are do.
mainline today a grand jury line situation of eight adjoining coun
ties. assorting that Ailimw is no worse than other counties in i In
state in the matter of wholesale vote buying.
'WASHINGTON, D. C. Dec. 2«.— ltcports of an uprising la
Santo Domingo are substantiated by official vices received here
today. At the legation of the little republic it wus said that the
trouble was the result of the efforts to capture smugglers transfer
ring good* from llayll.
Women Battle for Millions of
Lucky Baldwin, Heart Breaker
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26. —One
woniiin having her reputation torn
, to ihredl by $500,000 worth of
1 legal talent, a daughter who re
r fused to be present to listen to hei
mother's reputation as a girl be
ing probed Into by the legal lights
! has been the spectacle ever before
the crowd of curious crowding
2 the courtroom in the fight tc
brenk the will of the late "Lucky"
r The woman is Mrs. Lillian Ash
-1 ley Turnbull and she is fightlnp
■ for a share of old "Lucky's" es
tate because she charges that he
was the father of her daughter,
5 Beatrice Anita. She further
f charges -that the old man tricked
9 her Into a contract marriage whici
t was not a legal marriage and thai
f she fled from him when she found
he had & wife living. She has
' sued for two-ninths of the $12,
--, 000,000 left by "Lucky."
\\ us Heart lircakcr.
""it Inn't a nice story; it is filled
with the sordid love affairs of an
accomplished roue; It is the tale of
a man who thought nothing of ac
complishing the downfall of a girl
and then caatihg her agtde for lat
er loves. It is this story and the
Insinuations against her mother's
character that the alleged daugh
ter of the old profligate "Lucky"
refufini to hear when her mother
was questioned, by the lawyers for
the defense.
Baldwin was a gambler in
hearts as he gambled on race
horses. He played to win always.
At lUs bedside when he died were
asembled the crowd of women he
always had around him at his
princely ranch near Los Angeles,
for hie death —not because they
really cared for him, but because
they wanted his money.
There was only- one thing that
' really affected Baldwin's flint
heart and that was the death of
his famous race horse, the Emner
|or of Norfolk. He had the animal
burled on his ranch and becasion
-1 ally before his death he would
' visit the grace.
His Queer Defense.
After the beginning of his rac
ing career his domestic troubles
started. So numerous were the
{suite against him that he finally
1 qct up this original defense: "The
1 woman has no right to say that
1 she was deceived, for my record
Is so well known that no decent
woman would have any relations
with me."
His wife divorced him in 1876,
and for the next two years he was
' caught In a startling web of love
' affairs, flirtations, scandals and
- engagement. The game got too
- big for him and he married Mar-
Jorle Dexter Just to escape the oth
er band, as he explained at th«
--1 time. Marjorie died two years
later, and Baldwin was again mlx-j
Ed in all sorts of amorous diffi
culties. Verona Baldwin, his
cousin, took a shot at him, and
following a fow minor escapades,
Jennie ePrkins socuerd $75,000 on
a breach of promise suit. In INBG
he again married; this time Llllie
Bennett, his widow.
Then-came Lillian Ashley, who
is now suing his heirs for part of
Baldwin's estate for her daughter,
Beatrice Anita, whose father, she
says, was old "Lucky." At this
time Baldwin's daughter, by his
first wife, Anita, eloped with her
Causin, Qeo. Baldwin. This nearly
drove the old man to distraction.
In lilh loneliness he offered to'
make Lillian Ashley his daughterl
and ended by making her his con
tract wife. Then she learned his
unsavory story and fled. Her
daughter, Beatrice Anita, was
born in St. Louis several months
Lillian Ashley sued Baldwin for
seduction, and her sister shot at
him in the courtroom. This is
said to have lost her the suit.
Since Baldwin's death, daughters
have been springing up with
startling regularity, and no one,
not even Baldwin himself, were he
alive, can say whether they have
all been heard from. And there
lit stands; a huge estate tied up by
the claims of a lot of women, most
of whom at one time or another
contributed to the turmoil that
'raged about Lucky Baldwin, and
now they are turned loose on
each other with the Baldwin win
dings a« the bone of contention.
Good Carrier Service
If Tiim-H la not delivered promptly, kick,
and kirk hard, to tin- Times office. Yob are
entitled to best service In the city. Demand
it of the circulation office.
Los Angeles Shocked
By Another Explosion;
Iron Works Blown Up
(lly Catted Press fir— rd Wire.)
I-OSAN'GBIjES, Dec. 20.—That
the explosion that partially wreck
ed the plant of the Llewellyn iron
works at 2 o'clock yesterday
morning was caiused by dynamite,
is the unariiinioiiM belief today of
the management of tlhe plant, the
police and the Pin.kerton detec
tives who have Ixm-ii given clisiri; ■
of the investigation tihat already
hias begun. According to evidence
offered In fhe ruins of the sec
tion of the il>u tiding wJlure the ex
plosive is bellcvd to ha/ye been
l*laced, a low grade of dynamite
van used and was got off by ■ long
fuse. A portion of this f.us«. has
been found and is being held by
the police.
Estimates of the damage done
vary. The more conservative place
It at from $10,000 to 916,000. It
is possible that 125,000 is nearer
the correct figure. Night Watch
mas .1. E. Asbury, a negro, who
was the only person injured. Is un
able to g'lve the officers any ma
terial assistance. Asbury was
badly bruised and his right arm
cut by the explosion.
The authorities are searching
for three men ween running from
Did Otto Ashbaugh, a laundry i
driver, deliberately desert his
wife, or has he been unavoidably
detained somewhere?
A poor little woman, slight and
tearful, Is revolving this question
over and over In her mind today,
ml her home, Sl7 Thirteenth;
street. She is not sure which Is!
the case. She hopes It is the lat-|
ter, but fears the former, for she
I begun a careful investigation on
Saturday, and the results lead her
to the belief that her husband had
everything carefully planned out.
"Why, I would have staled my
1 life that otto would have returned
Saturday night as he promised!
me," the said to The Times this
"He was alwaj'R good to me:
we never had a word in disagree-
That mimsliimi carrot* nnka n
fairly good sui'ostltute for i*k* in
puddlnig« and are a lot oheaiwr?
Tlint Rev. T. M. Iriine of the
First Methodist church uk<hl to
preach In tihe largtat Methodist
fhurch In Ohio
Tliat Tommy Hums, th<- ]>iiKil-
Ist, Is the ;proud father of a little
That there were Just two drums
left in Rhodes Brothers' 'fetore at
half poet eigiht o'clock last Sat
urday night
Tlint efforts are being made to
provide for t>be free use of radium
for medicinal purposes by persons
unable to pay for treatment?
That, Tacnina Iwid a lienvy snow
In tlhe flrßt week of December a
year ago
■ several articles of J«wedTjr that
That Taeoma handles more cars had been stolen Friday night from
of freight than any other city In the residence of C. J. Oarr. Ryan
the northwest? and SraKt had t.he Jewelry In their
———' [poeseeatoin and claim It w«e given
That Frccmont Campbell was In them by a stranger. The at temp
tbe grocery business In Tacoma In ed robbery In the galoot* netted
1880? - )the two prisoners nothing.
Two Children Burned
to Death In Seattle
H9ATTUB, Dee. 26—Lying In twin] Fire broke out In t>ie O'Connor
caskets wher« the Chrivlmas true home at S o'clock Sunday morning,
was to have been placed, the bodies' Kvery effort wu mad* to reach
of Donald O'Connor, Wo years old, I the room where the two little chll
nnd his baby slater, Bertha, only alx.dren were aleeplnc but they ware
, months old, are laday awaiting the dead when reacnera cam*. Both
drive to the cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor were ter-
The babea were burned to death rlbly burned trying to get to tha
early yeaterday In a fire which de- children
■troyt-d the horns of their parents. The fire was due to tha exploa-
Mr, and Mrs. Daniel O'Connor. ion of an oil lamp.
: .-'. " ' •,-•- -. •• ....... . . ----••:»
• •
• - NEW HAVEN, Dec. 26.—There are two John O. Pollack* •
• in Waterbury, Conn., both looking exactly alike -and living In •
• the same house. They are cousins, but John No 2 Is unm*r- •
• 'ried.::-v. ■. ;':^; > -.: .-•-:-. ,-•■-• :'""-V.r^'*i i «
• ft ; No. 1 we* arrested for a breach of the peace and penmd- •
• ed No. 2 to be th« float. No. 2 took his place In court, plead- •
• ed »ullty and served the 20 days' sentence. ■ • .-'.■'■ ■'"■■'■■ ■•':~^ r:^i%
• „':' - But there was an old fine against* No. 1, and when No. 2 •
• was arraigned to explain why he hadn't raid It be said It was •
• the last straw and gave the thing away. ,\ The authorities sow •
• say No. 2 will have to serve a 2 ) days' sentence and No. 2 »ay» •
• he Is golog to sue for,false Imprisonment,"-stt§| •
„- -„ -.- -v -.-. -^^-,^-~»-- s^,^V^'*J- I?*^'^ir I'-P™—e-^-- -r- - ,
the building shortly before the ex
/jvli»Io« occurred by Wll.lLi.in Yin»,
night watchman for Uhe Lecay
Manufacturing company's nearby
plant. Vine declared tJiat one of
the men shot at him as they ran.
The ;;t»";iihl floor officon wex«
fr!sinfully wrecked and the tele
flhone <xobHiig«, located In an ad
joining room, was blown into tha
street. Nigrht Wa-tclinian Asbiiry,
who was seated in the cxchunige,
was buried beneath a maw of
debris, from w>hi<*.h he was unaibfle
to extricate himself. He w*ub re
moveil by the police.
Mayor Ooorgo Alexander visited
the damaged plant late last even
ing. He was taken over t'h-o ruins
by dynamite export*, who explain
ed to him the exact position of
the dynamite and gave their rea
sons for lmlie-vliiK this explosive
was Hie cause of the affair.
"Our plaint has been dynamited
is certain," eald Secretory John
Llewellyn of the oompany today.
"This miserable affair is part of a
l>k>t to "get 1 üb. It was committed
by enemies of the company and I
am willing to say they were no:
non-union men.. We will spare no
expense to ®et to the bottom of
the affair."
• i ment. It Is like a thunderbolt.
If true, that he has left mo delib
, erately after only being married
since Inst August. I lor* Otto
and I still believe In him, but —"
Ever since Wednesday after
noon when Ashbaugh packed his
, things and left, presumably for
IBelltngbam, where he told Ills
i wife he was going, there have
■ ; been rumors among the neighbors
i that he had gone away with an
i other woman. 1-
She stated this morning that
Ashbaugh had taken her Jewelry,
saying he was going to borrow
money with It to buy Into a busi
ness In Bellinghain. Mrs. Ash
baugh is left In debt almost (200,
; and lilts only her furniture left.
She Intends to take legal steps
In the matter of her husband's dis
■ appearance.
Mob Shoots
Man Dead
HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Deo. 26.
—While deputies were trying to
take Oscar Chitwood, a moun
taineer, qu,icUy out of town, 30
masked men overi>owered the of
ficers today and shot Ohltwood to
dt'ath. The (prisoner was literally
shot to pieces by bulleta.
Ohltwood recently wilb »»iaiitp4
;i chiiii'Re of venue to Hunton, Ark.,
and wns being taknn t)hor« today
for trial on a chtiirgo of having
murdered Sheriff Jacob Houpt last
The Imldju's of Jnmea Ryan and
Harry 6mlU In trying to rob a
laborer In broad daylight in a Pa
cific avenue saloon Saturday after
noon not onJy landed them in jail
i-iit resulted in the dlaoovery of

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