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m uaonoay, marcn Ml, raxi.
For Sale, Real Estate :
One that Is a moneymaker. One of
the best buys this side of the moun
tains, 180 acres, 80 a. in grain, bal
ance logged off land and seeded to
clover . and timothy. Fine trout
stream crosses the place, with good
water power; water piped to house,
barn and chicken yards. The build
ings are all good an 1 plenty of feed
on place for stock; 15 No. 1 milch
cows, chickens, hogs, turkeys anil
ull farm tools go with place; a fine
orchard. Place corners on a fine
fake that Is full of bass and trout.
J3oathouse. good boat. Owing to
death In family.this place must be
■old. Can make terms. Price $8,000.
204 Banker* Trust Bide.
Two fine lots and a 4-room cot
tage, with porcelain bath, electric
lights. These lots face on two 100
--foot streets. Ail improvements In
And paid. This Is a bargain at
• 1,600: ?L'OO cash, bal. at $20 per mo.,
Including Interest at 7 per cent.
(This property adjoins the Orandln
addition In the swell North End dis
Harry V. Smith
204 Provident Bids.
Farm Near
IHORT Itllli. ON i\ I 1.11 l III! 1\
(No. O) Ht-iHTi- farm with 5-room
louse, 4H acres cleared and fenced,
801 l good shot clay, slight souther
ly incline, on county road, 100 rods
to school, H. F. D. House ban B r.,
3 porches, Is painted, celled and felt-
Id. (Jood barn, 30x411; stalls for 5
lead; 2 chicken houses; woodshed,
pothouse; 16 young trees just bear
fi(c. All buildings In good condi
tion; good well 22 ft. deep; improve
ments wall worth $2500. Price
If.i'oii. $1500 down, mortgage at 6
per cent., or will swap for larger
(arm. (M 6)
< 952 Pacific Aye.
10-A Chicken Ranch
Near Tacoma. Improved. Frank
jMaglll. 611 Provident bids.
FOR SALE or rent, on easy terms,
15 acres; fine orchard; new build
ings; good bottomland; five miles
from Tacoma. Apply Mrs. S. W. Tay
lor, Milton, Wash.
FOR SALE or trade for acreage or
vacant lots, 6-room bungalow, 3'/
lots. 'Phone 81540, M. 6320.
• Good Home
tit 6 large rooms, bath 2V4 lots In
fruit and berries, all Improvements
In ana paid for. Price $2,600; $100
Cash, bal. monthly.
11. P. KI-^iM.!IC
: 411 California Bldg.
• Two nice waterfront lota on Stella
tioom lake, close to car line. Juat
the place for a nice summer home.
(Will sell for $825.
■nd two lots having a fine location
. between Whitman and Horace Mann
schools. All Improvements In ,and
paid. On So. Tacoma car line. Price
. $2,500; $500 cash, balance to suit.
. 317 California Bldg.
■ Puyallup Short Line
Nearly 10 acres, right at station, 3
Rores cleared; a fine place for store
• Anil small dairy or creamery. Price
(6500. Easy terms.
Over 4 acres, nearly al cleared,
rl*nt at Flrwood station. Price $2,
--,750.* Easy terms.
4W acres at Ardena, 1 acres in
blackberries. 1 acre raspberries and
1 aero In potatoes, all for $3000,' on
easy terms.
6 5-8 acres, half cleared, % mile
from Firwood station. Price $3000.
i - iVery easy terms.
ill* PirYALI.VP
1 aero, all In bearing, fruit and
garden, best of soil, 4-room house,
1 block of car, dose, to store ant
Maplewood school; an estate and
Shust soil. Price $1000. Half cash.
2V4 acrei. all cleared, valley, small
furnished house. 1 block car. small
urnlshod house. 1 block to car. Price
1650, or trade for anything; no
lcher soil In the valley. .n
It 3 acres in bearing orchard, berries
■ fend garden. The best vacant loca
■ *lon for a home In Puyallup, between
:-J £>ptli car lines, best of soil, closo to
i Bfchools and on the best residence
Street In Puyallup.
■:,; 40 acres 1H mile from station, 20
■f miles southwest of Tacoma; 7-room
*• house, barn and 12 acres In cultiva
tion, balance logged-off. A bargain
' tit $1600, on terms.
, 614 Bankers Trust Dldc
see murk; fob VALLEY LAND
■ 160x130 ft. way below the market
for cash. It Is level, plowed and
• In clover. Owner, Main 9152.
* REMOVAL, ; NOTICE i - •" '.
! On April Ist we will move to sec
ond floor National Realy Building,
.1117-1119 Pacific aye. , Ullaln*'
i „ H. F.* GREGORY CO.
- FOR SALE—2 H acres west side of
: Fox island, - 100 feet- waterfront;
--Springs on same. C. M. Mitchell, 81(
Mo. Steele. Phone It. 6001. <
Y; PROMPT ACTION -. -':.'--
I ill got It $2000 middle North End
I <b?no for $1700, easy terms; fine $3.
--100 South End home at $2400: 1 fine
lota In fruit and garden, worth $800
• - lor $600. Other snaps.*^-^ -x"~r**rtm
CO3 s Cat. Bide. k^tst Phone 'M. 7561
Kk'R-KOOM :cott»g<s -t or nale.'l lot,
ijij^ easy terms. 1412 ; So.. I ; street. isn»»
Small bungalow (or ■«,!• cheap; 2
[ Jpod Kits, fIOOO. m» No. Hoson
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Mar 27 —
Belief that the Madero family,
the backbone of the Mexican re
bellion, has received peace propo
sals from Former Ambassador De
la Berra, which may end the re
volution, is general hero today. Al
fonso and Julio Madero are here
awaiting the arrival of Gustavo
Madero and Francisco Madero, Sr.,
from Washington and a conference
will be held either here or in the
Chihuahua mountains.
The whole question of peace, it
is believed, hinges upon the atti
tude of Francisco Madero, jr., the
.self styled provisional president of
Mexico. If he accepts the peace
plan the rebellion will tad.
The above is Cap Paul Mason,
one of the American legion ■ with
the Mexican insurreeto army under
Madero, operating in Chihuahua.
Capt. Mason was with Gen. Lee
Christmas In Honduras when he
heard of the outbreak of the Mex
ican revolution. lie hurried to
New Orleans and came from there
to El Paso, where he Joined the in
surrecto army then encamped at
Guadaloupe opposite the Texas bor
der. ;jp *;; -: "■„ .; •-. -' ■ -.■,■■"■-.:-•,'>.;.#'.
He . engaged in | the battle -of
Casas Grandes and was one of the
few Americans who survived : that I
engagement. «t< *; •■; ;,
(By • United Press leased - Wire.)
LOS ANOELKS, March 27—Dr.
Horace .C. Cates, one' of the . most
[prominent ■ surgeons §^ In Southern
California, lies today at > the point
of death as a result of 'blood pois
oning caused 'by a prick with a.
safety pin.
The Dauntless Eagle and the Rising Sun
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, March 27.—Frank <Jotch today wired his accept
ance of the $20,000 purse, offered him by (he Kinpire Athletic club
for a match witli (Jeorge llacki'iis liimidt on I .:>■><>t~ day for the
World's heavyweight wrestling eh aiiiiiioiisliip.
Frank Hooper, 22, gave up his
life in the snow at the summit of
the Snoqualmie pass Saturday
night and was found frozen stiff
at the foot of a telegraph pole
when searchers lost in a race with
Hoopes is a lineman who tins
been stationed at Laconia. There
was trouble on the line Friday and
Three Suicides in Seattle
(By United Press laMMi Wire.)
SEATTLE, March 27. —Three
men,, two white and one China
man, killed themselves this morn
ing. The list;
J. M. S. Lane, real estate dealer,
shot himself in Ills offlo«.
Wah Sing, Chinese, hanged him
Late Bulletins
(By United Press Leased Win-.)
SAN FRANCISCO. March 17.—.Attorney Oreley, representing
Jack Johnson, appeared In Judge Morgan's court today and said the
papers in the appeal would be ready during the day and would be
NEW YORK, March 27.—<Be*lde the open door of his safe,
which had been rifled of $1,000 In cash, Julius Dulworsky was found
with a bullet in his body today.
TjONDON, March 27.—Russia has already invaded Clilna, ac
cording to advices received here today by a private Chinese society.
CLEVELAND, 0., March 27.—Tom L. Johnson, former mayor
of Cleveland, who lias been 111 for mime time, is much worse this
UOIKK, ldn., March 27.—Beyond the control of the flre depart
ment, the Carlon l^iisk Hardware company's warehouse. In the
heart of the business district, Is burning this afternoon, and at S
o'clock it was feared that the entire wholesale district would go.
(By United Press leased Wire.)
SALEM, Ore., March 27.—A
man giving the name of George
Brown and said by the police to
answer the description given out
by the Portland police, was ar
re.ited here today on suspicion of
being the murderer of little Bar-
bara Holtzman of Portland. De
tective Joe Day, who is here, asys
the man answers the description
of the man wanted.
SEATTLE, March 27.—Alexan
der yon Hasan, tent maker, has
just completed an aeroplane of his
own design which he declares will
make 70 miles an hour.
"I have already made one trial
flight," he explained. "I arose
without effort and flew at 200 feet
for 20 minutes, coming down as
light as a feather. I made a speed
of 35 miles ah hoar. I expect to
go 70 miles an hour."
Yon Hagan'n machine has two
sets of silk wings, aluminum
framework, two motors and three
propellers. It weighs 600 pounds
without the operator.
he started out to find and fix it.
That was the last heard of him
until Saturday noon when the
telegraph office at Seattle ticked
the message: "This 1b Hoopes,
near Whittier; can you send help?
Am nearly all in."
Searchers started at once but
when they found the young man
Sunday night he was dead.
self with a towel in his laundry.
George Van, Syrian, fruit deal
er of Ballard, shot himself.
The cause of Lane's suicide is
unknown. Wah's suicide Is the
first in the history of Seattle
Chinatown. Georse Van is sup
posed to have worried over finan
cial trouble.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SAN ANTONIO, March 2 7.—
Four aeroplanes are being hur
ried to the border. They will (be
placed in commiaion under Major
O. Squire, commanding the signal
corps, for scouting purposes. It
is stated that the actual conditions
aeroplane under actual conditions
will be thoroughly tested. >: ■'- .
"The weight la mostly at the
bottom," said the Inventor. "That
makes it practically Impossible to
turn over."
One propeller is in front, the us© the oth«r
f^°?hi *hrf e:2 uarters bft«k. anl "Ai soon as I get everything'
th«! third !at the j rear. One 40 ready.': I will hold \ public * MghU *
horse | power motor runs | the two'he S said, "then everyone i can seel
t/ront propellers and « smalled one, that I've hit it "*" - • "
•o horse power, runs the rear blade 'v, Yon if Hagaa wa» born in G.w-!
[If one motor gets out of order or many 52 years ago and served Inl
>run» hot, he can shut lit off I anO th«}G«rnjaii >, array i for 14 1 years.l !*
State News
AJBBRDEBN, March 27.—After
a night joy ride K. R. Qellerman
and J. P. Carothers with chauffeur
Albert Shole, plunged through thi>
open dra\V into the Wishkah river
yesterday morning. They were
Hot '■ seriously hurt and managed
to "swim around until picked up by
a- tug.
jw* Two Saloons Hum. •
Diamond and Eckenstein Baloons
at Eatonvllle wore destroyed by
■fire yesterday. They are cover
ed by Insurance. Lobs $3,000.
,;jfl Taken Fnth«fJ's Place.
CENTRAUA, March 27.—
N. Benedict jr., has just been com
nti irlmihl postmaster at Centralia
taking the place of his father who
has held tho place for 13 years.
Will Complete !><■ Forrest Airship.
'ABERDEEN, March 27.—A. L.
Smith, of Dawson, will complete
the construction of tho airship
started by Richard De Forrest,
who died before he had the ma
chine finished.
liong Trip for Child's Health.
SEATTLE, March 27.—T0 try
to bolster up the health of (i-year
old Jwinle Mcßea of this city, Bhe
will be taken on a 3,500 mile in
land cruise from the head waters
of the Athnbaska river down the
McKcnzie to the Arctic ocean.
Murder Trial On.
ABERDEEN Miuch 27.—Forty
seven witnesses have been called
from hero to testify in the case
of Louis Salazer, charged with
killing Ah Fook, a Hoquim Chiua
i'ollconinn an Officer?
SEATTLE, March 27.—Ex-May
or Hi dill, as attorney for A. B.
Nicholson, charged with attempt
ing to bribe Policeman H. S.
Thompson, has filed a demurrer
to the indictment setting up that
it in no crime to bribe a police-
man. He bases this on his con
tention that the policeman ts not
an officer under the law.
Kasternors Coming.
WHITE SALMON, March 27.—
Dr. Johnßon, president of the
White Salman club in Minnesota
is here to start work on his half
section of land. He saye there
are 107 members in the club In
Minnesota who will move to this
plaiv this summer.
i li> I hi Praa Lease* Wirr.)
JVASHINfITON. D. C, March 27.—
Following the successful flight yes
terday of Aviator Anthony Jannus,
carrying Miss Gladys Hlnckley as a
passenger. Mrs. Alice Longworth
has Intimated that she may make a
flight with Jannus tomorrow.
Sparks Just
Off the Wire
(lly Vnltpd I'rvss li<-ase.l Wire.)
LOS ANGKLK3, March 27.—
P. Walsh, amateur aviator, has an
nounced his intention of flying
from I .us Angeles to Ban Diego.
Walsh has just received a now
Curtlss biplane which he Is test
ing thoroughly in preparation for
the flight.
ROME, March 27. —With Kinß
Victor Emmanuel and his queen in
attendance, the international expo
sition of urt and history, one of
the biggest features of the semi
centennial celebration of United
Italy, was opened here today.
NEW YORK, March 27.—Jos
eph O. Robin, who has been con
victed of having looted the North
ern Bank of New York end the
Washington Savings bank will not
be sentenced today us planned. He
will know his f»tt> on April 28,
CHICAGO. March 27.- Packey
McFarland has picked another
easy mark. The Chicago scrapper
will land a little- soft money
through a bout with Paul Koehler
at Akron, Ohio, on April 4. It
will go ten rounds.
NEW YORK, March 27.— Fifty
million dollars worth of property
baa depreciated 50 per cent, It was
said today, because of the an
nouncement that there would be
no racing on the New York tracks
this year unless the owners' lia
bility law Is repealed.
Rev. (Jul.iicl West full, aged 88,
died at the residence of hits daugh
ter, Mrs. M'CJhee, near Spanaway
Friday night. He leaves two MM
and two daughters. The funeral
was held today.
Mrs. li-(( y 3. Wlnlon tiled at. one
of tho city hospitals yesterday,
aged 42. She is survived by a
sister and throe brothers.
(lly United Tress I-icascd Wire.)
CHICAGO, March 27.—Charg
ing that he Is a part of a wide
spread white slave system for fur
nishing American girls to rich
Japanese, principally on tho 'Pac
ific coast, the United States auth
orities here are holding Eugene Y.
Hughes, who saya ho is a Korean.
Hughes is accused of having vio
lated the Mann white slave law.
(By United Press Ix-ascrl Wire.)
SEATTLE, March 27.—Tie trial
of Charles F. Munday, a Seattle
attorney, Earl E. Sigley, formerly
secretary of Michael J. Heney,
late Alaska railroad builder and
Archie W. Shields, are charged
with conspiracy to defraud the
United States of the use and pos
session of 6,087 acres of coal land
valued at approximately $100,
--000,000, and possibly more, in
the Kayak district, Alaska, will
open in District Judge C. H. Han
ford's court tomorrow morning.
Clearings $772,365.61
lialances 85,968.98
Good for a
quick fire
for spring
or summer,...
. or the very I
'. Best in the city.
A phone order
will bring
a load to your
door in an hour.
M. 589. ; A 3589
fly On tlieTiyer
Tacoma-Seattle Route. Four Round
Trips Dally. Leaves Tacoma 8:36 a.
in., 11:16. 3:35, T:SO p. m. Single
Fare , 36c. * Round ;. Trip 60c. .*. Flyer
Pock..A. 'H. Nessenson. Agent. - ' ■
■f^ylliJLjiifl ill! *Jhr
X; Strs. Indianapolis
■:i ;AvC'-.;''and'Sioux^i^
** The' fastest ' and ! finest » day',
! •teamem on the MuCmUiSm
| RIGHT ROUND imps daily J
bp Loaves Tacoma J" from £ Mu
nicipal Dock at 7:00. 9:00. 11:00
a. m., 1:00. 3:00. *:00, 7:00
»:09 p. m.
jp*« Leave J Seattle i from * Colman %
dock, 7:00. 8:00, 11:00 «.'-«> m.
1:00, 1:09. *:00. 7:00, »:00 p. nu
tfnaun rtHb so«
•' A. sitaun K*e«/ Two Hours.
|«M U-K. > PCaCBU. A««t, rag
____ghane.M*ln tiil^
Momi Id-mimil, in Hi. li« I
innalcal rvtraviißjin/.n, "Tin- Mid
ninlif Sons," at the Tnronm nunln
Brings 30 Kcntuckians
Here to Start Farms
(lly I'nlled I'ress ImwM Wire.)
OHBHAUB, Manh 17—Jariett
Cook uf tills OOttSty has Just re-
HHKIIThe Totally Different Store HHBSH
Nothing Down
No Advance Payment, Then
$1.00 a Week
At the request of many of our customers wo have de
cided to renew our liberal offer of last week until next
Saturday night. Buy your new clothe* for Easter now—
wear them home.and pay us $1.00 a week. Any respon
sible person can secure credit at L/lncoln'B and there's no
red t»»wi required to open a charge account.
-PHSr The Lincoln
J||||l Totally Different
Totally Different
V^ciJ d'"orent an^ better—
MhL f 1 r'*:m;~jßsm[ different values— prices
j\~Dii jt 'ftamm "'l'<'lll torms —better treatment
f/rfe p't~* MSw We're gaining now customers
Ifr*' j LrJiH every day because no other store
f^fi ' vs't^lii in Tacoma can match our low
l£| y|»|fc|";ffiU prices, or equal our llboral and
fH generous terms. ;
'-V *mF*^ff II New Tailor-made Suits for Im
[% */■' m 1 1| (li" from *'-•'■■«»• $15, 918.75,
■1 •'mSm II *--■•"><» and up to $10.
**'viv^fr 11 Ladies' Dresses for street and
•\»^Vl>\lW\ II evening wear. Prices from 914.50, i
1 Hot ' || 910.50, and up to $50. -
/fAMF-WJ 11 Ladles' Dress Skirts from $1.95
V Wffesll ■' it $3.50, $4.05 and up to $12.50.
J^'yttjlf 11 New spring styles for men In
jQIiL V^lillftwfl^l' Rrailcs raiiKinK from $12.50, $18.
We solicit your pat- jHMf m S'jk*™"
ronuKo because we fiiM^VAMMW
know you can do bet- IB M MMM MMB SB^A
ter hero. All goods SMMM%J\J'MMJB.ILM
marked In plain fig- JMiiyjM jjiju IJjTjjll lI_JP
ures and only oho
price—cash or credit '■ v^ •■'■-'^.
—Money back freely, v • ©85 C , St., Near 9th. '--^i"s
extended arms ;of, , * \\Jfh j lj^^^Trrr t n
fAe semaphore ■ "*' * '~T T\f /
jpy HHEY MEAN that the Moving Train has auto- >
r' g.'jf^ matically protected £ itself j from ja x collision. No;." f,
P■ fiWyf. train will follow it onto the block of track it occu- :
. ;,^^^j pies. The signals ' are"'set automatically. As the , •,:
train enter* a new block an electric circuit is broken and the
Rafnw T of the semaphore fly outward, signalling all comers to
"STOP." Tfae^ remain set until the train passes to the block
The System gwes perfect protection. Any defect or acci- -;'?i
dent to the electric system, a broken rail or an open switch, •
will break the current and set the semaphore at "STOP." A ;
- train cannot etner a block that is not safe in every way.
The! Electric Slock Signal and the exclusive use of Steel
Coaches make our system most inviting to tb*st who dtmami tig
safety and comfort when they travel,
O. W. R. & N. Co.
O. S. L. and Union Pacific
All Trains ArriT<».'«n<l Depart from, T*com» at I'nion Depot.
' j^feltJy t Ticket Office, National Realty Bid*. _„,.:. :|
ROBERT LEE, G«n«ral Agent,
W. D. SKINNER, General Freight and Pmaaenger AgezU, Seattle
turned from a trkp l>aok to his old
home in Kentucky and he brought
with him 30 of hia old neighbor*
who will try to duplicate bia •ue
lct<as In the weat. Cook came to
. . wis c. ■inly with |1,200 ten
yi-am ago went to farming and to
worth 141),000 now.
I N. W. Gro. Co7|
■ ? —— %
Tlualnoss never wan bettor
with uk than It Is now. UlKht
prices mill a strictly cash
house are a combination hard
to beat. A few reminders: '■■■■
(lrtini» -If you want
oranges iret them now. They
are KOinK up. Our JOo lisa
are 11.-.nullv (old for Z6c, our
:>r..' for 30a and our 30c for
llf.c and 400,
llun»- — Wall filled clear
honey In combi, 180. Strained
In full pint Jars. »sc| quarts,
45p. ' '"* '■ *'
—Dandy new, full,
crenm Oregon etiaWM, !&«..
Itlrh full cream Kastern,;
urni. r — Good Raitern";
oreaini'rv In Imlk, a»«< and
•J7V4<-. 1 lb. bricks :!(»<•. Fresh
Wnshlnßton Cri>iiini'i v. aoc. :
■Iranii — Fancy small or
large white, 5 lbs. for 23e, 21
11.•< Kl.in..
Mrnh— Wlion maklnß Kar
den reini'iiilipr we carry all
varieties ot fcarilnn and grass
seeds both In bulk and pack
Northwest (Irocery Co.
1302-4 Commerce at.

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