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' Hood Carrier Service
I If Times Is not delivered promptly, kick, g
P and kick hard, to the Time* office, ion lira '•>.•
$ entitled |to : best ! «orvlce In th« city. A Deuiaud 3 •
pi It of the circulation office. ;-- v:: ; '■
(By United Press leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, March 27. —De-
claring that 150 loft buildings lv
Manhattan alone, are In such con
dition that they might at any time
furnish a repetition of Saturday's
fire horror here, District Attor
ney Whitman today started an in
vestigation, the result of which,
It to hoped, will find a remedy for
the conditions existing.
'While some officials say that
the laxity of the law, rather than
anyone's criminal negligenoe, is
responsible for the toll of death
•xacted by the fire in the Asch
building. Whitman will ask the
(rand jury to probe the fire fully
fend if persons have been negligent
he will demand a prison term for
them. Assistant Attorney Rubin
and Bostwlck have been detailed to
probe the hoiror to the bottom.
Whitman and his assistants are
examining 50 witnesses of the hol
ocaust, including Joßeph Asch,
owner of the burned building. As
• possible explanation of th« fire's
start, it has been learned that the
employes of the Triangle company
habitually smoked cigarets and
Our line of Clothing for
Summer Wear, will be
time well spent; for our
prices are much lower
■ than ; those of the high
rent fellows
§| $115 :to $25 ;. ■
All Wool from $16.50 up
U^v: «(Never Faked Yet.)
?::\- ; --; • - 012 Commerce
Comfortable, Convenient, Compact
This cut shows you ~ East Side, walking distance to rail
'the exterior plan of road yards »nd Puyallup river fac
'%" ■ • ' 'tori****
(our/ California bun- tor<»- ■-.."•' .'••■.- . ."■-"-"■ •
galows, hones 11 y i , '>-■%.■ i. —><„ . ... ■ „;.
constructed, best of
plumbing, attractive . ''
Interiors, with BOx ' yfV; '.-i:y^Nff^'
100 feet, fenced _ ,C^.. J^^t^^^S^,
with heavy galvan- '£#*■•' -'^^^fl BleW.'"' *'"'*
lzed wire wood- ?i'.'->^^^^^^^Pl^?^fefc^>. ' '•-'
eheds, in fact com- '^S^M BP^slb^^bw''^^^*' I
pleto in every re- |f]j*. IlLjfe^
Bpect. The prices IIX vSM
range from $1250 llbml
op to $2250, with I 1
cash payment of | Br*^B
$100, balance only \ W&^M
twenty dollars a | BP^H.^^gßß
month including all I tStSSmJU
Interest charges. WWMWBWHWBWBM
§ Lennox Trust Company
Suite 5, 052 H Pacific aye.
Ask your Bookseller about it.
• •- * ;■•:■--■■■- -■■■-■ ■--■■■■■ . ■ -■- ■ ■ - ■ ■
'fe llf wdHB BJ iffiKfS^i I
: After, the last word in criticism has
" After the last word in criticism has
;-. been said/ the book that succeeds is the
book that has the vital f quality. For
Pthat reason Mr. yaughan Roster's new --*
novel,' The Prodigal Judge,' is sure of
a cordial reception. In its salient -. V
characterization ; the ; story j; is ; unique 'l]LsJ.
among works of current fiction* .^^m
- "Closing *' the volume, the reader is
touched by that rare feeling that he has '
H left a c company whom he | has known V
intimately and, for the most part, loved.". .z:
— FLY. Herald
■ WwdraUJ by Bracker. Price $125 net. For »aU eoerywhce
nS?£? a sZu t. The BOBBS-MERRILL CO.,Publisbers ffi? $ *?j
threw the stubs carelessly about.
Mayor Gaynor today headed a
public subscription for the care of
the destitute families of the vic
tims and the news of the city are
also raising funds for their bene
No members of the shirtwaist
makers' union of the city will work
tomorrow when the funerals of the
victims, In a monster ptocesslon,
will be a living protest against the
lax building laws of the city.
Of 142 corpses of those who per
ished hi the Asch building fire,
which are In the city morgue to
day, only 45 are still unidentified.
At daylight long lines were formed
outside the temporary morgues in
which the dead He and more than
1,000 women, weeping nnd wail
ing, were in line at 9 o'clock to
try to trace in the charred and
mangled remains, the features of
those they dread to identify.
To the 142 dead are added 14
Injured in hospitals, five of whom
are expected to die.
Superintendents Meet
Superintendent of the Northern
Pacific lines from Portland to
Paradise, Montana, were here to
day in conference over the busi
ness of the company for the com
ing summer.
Considerable in the way of Im
provement of the line is expected
this year and everybody is look
ing for a 'big year of 'business.
The Scandinavian - American
bank opened up in its new quar
ters at Eleventh and Pacific ave
nue today In the remodeled bank
ing room in the Berlin building.
This 'building was purchased last:
year for the bank home and it has !
been fixed up into one of the most;
attractive banking houses in the
(By United Press lieased Wire.)
VALEJO. Cal., March 27. —Fol.
lowing an investigation by feder
al officers for several weeks, Pay
master A. M. Pippin, V. 8. N., is
held aboard the receiving ship In
dependence. Pippin's accounts
are being audited by experts and
charges will follow if shortages
are found.
The following 1b a digest of an
article entitled "What It Costs to
Homestead," written for the Tech
nical World by Charlton Lawrence
Ed holm. H« tries to eet folk
straight as to th« pros and cons
of homesteadlng; to make it clear
to them that homest«adlng entails
some expense and a lot of hard
work, but that It Is worth while
when the homesteader has a good
start and plenty of pluck.—Editor.
lly Oharlton Lawrence Edholm.
"What does It actually cost to
homestead out here In the west?"
That was the question I propound
ed to an e-nglueer engaged in re
claiming some of the vast areaa of
desert land in the southwest.
"That is a question I always
sidestep," he said, "and i>t has been
put up to me about a thousand
times. The fact is that it all de
pends upon the man."
That Is thoroughly western, the
habit of sizing up the man raither
than "h'le pile" and estimating his
chances of success by what he Is
rather than by what he has. It Is
logical that it ahould be so, for
out her«, far from the financial
centers, it is the man who does
the work rather than his dollar.
Unfortunately, however, echoing
the virile call of the west is the se.
duotlve call of the western land
boomer, dulcet, siren strains of
easy life and effortless rewards.
Sometimes they are fairly plaus
ible, sometimes they verge on the
"The actual cost of an Irrigated
homestead under the Shoshono
project is, water right charge, $16
per acre, payable In 10 annual In
stallments, without Interest; main-
Admiral Togo of the Japanese
fleet which destroyed Russia's
navy in the battle of the sea of
Japan,' will be a summer- visitor
to the United States, ■ provided,
i however, no war exists between the
United States and Japan at that
time. Togo will be In New York
| the second week in June and will
i pass about three days in Wash
ington. This trip will be made in
cidental to Togo's visit to England
las special Japanese envoy to the
coronation of King George.
United States Japan
Admiral Tai-sho
Vice admiral Chu-sho
Rear Admiral Sho-sho .
Captain ............ Tai-ea
Commander ........ Chu-sa
Lieut. Commander . ..Sho-sa
Lleutenaflt Tal-1
Sub-lleut. Chu-1
• •
If we could print letter beads at
$1.00 per M, who would get your
order? We can't do It, but we can
possibly save you more than a dol
lar on your next order. Try us and
see. Bartoo Printing Co., 762 C. ••
J. Protopsalts
J: Pressing and Repairing
1336 ii So. O it. M. 6399
Tacoma ' ~ ; ' Wash.
Do You Know That
* " ■ Optician and Jeweler ;
. Opposite the Arcad?.
Get Your
Chicken Wire
: We have Poultry Net
ting 'j in 1 v and 2-inch
mesh in sizes from 1 to 6
ft. high. , .
>%•"*:■»■"■'■«"♦ '-^ ."i' 1-:- •.","■'"■-....!. "■;•-■.' ■■?.,•„
- ->lllß [ Tacoaui'A»«.ti'-'-- ' .-'
--■j|j^@ Phone* I j M. 1402-A4403
tenance and operation charge,
which until further notice is fl
per acre per annum; land office
fee covering his homestead entry,
from $6.50 for a 40-acre farm to
$8 for an 80-acre farm; commis
sioner's fee $3.50.
"He must pay the first install
ment at the time of the filing.
This is $5.60 an acre. One should
have sufficient funds to put up
his house, barn, fence and well;
purchase stock, Implements and
Jail Sentences Never Saved
- Drunkards, Says Police Judge
SAN DIEGO, March 27.—Po
lice Judge Geo. W. Puterbaugh
has saved hundreds of men by
"just giving them a chance to
show what Is In them." And no
body in San Diego denies that
he has been successful.
"The Master said we must for
give our brother not only eeven
times, but seventy times seven,"
la this judge's answer to all those
who tax him with misplacing his
confidence many times.
It igrieve.B him, says Judge Pu
terbauigh, to fine an old man or a
boy. His office, he declares, is
one of sadness. Once a man who
was up for sentence, said ne
wanted to reform. Judge Puter
baugh took him to his home, fed
him, clothed him and the man
turned out bad. But the judge
said he didn't care.
"If I have only one out of every
hundred I feel I will have done
well," was his answer.
Another time Judge Puter
baugh had a man before him
charged with abusing his horse,
an ancient and faithful animal
that could ;barely hobble along.
The court sentenced. the 'horse to
pasture and then turned to the
owner. The man began to ex
plain, but the judge Interrupted
"The more you say the more
you increase your fine. I was
going to fine you $10, now It's
"Many times the attempted
kindness of reasonable leniency
has been misplaced, but this is
not necessarily discouraging,"
said Judge Puterbaugh recently.
"In my opinion, such punlsh-
A Real Mexican Gent's Skypiece
A hat for a real Mexican caballero —a Mexican gentleman—costs
no lees than 9200, and sometimes $500.
It depends upon the amount of real gold and silver which Is
used to trim it,
of felt, and hand made at that,-by. some poor hombre's family, which
receives, say, two pesos for pressing the felt into shape, and re
pressing it. .'*' ■-■■:-• '"• i : lib* .-M: ■■■*: . : . -* ' . ■■,•■, r - fi ■ ['.
ii. '•' v. Then the. Mexico City :or Guadalajara or ■ Chihuahua hat ' man
gets it, and does the rest. 'i' -, -.-*' ■,- -.■■•■---.■ ;..
v The crown of the ordinary sombrero Is from 16 to 20 Inches
high, and ' the brim. If spread. out \ flat, would . reach 10 inches, but
curled up as it la, iit ' doesn't cover * the Mexican's , rather ■ narrow
shoulders. '%^/.>" J ;. I'':-:ii'f;!f-'.^-;..'-/:,';.'-;-.: ; :.i". ;;- .■■■-■■; ■;'. -- ■-'. ■■■■.
Yv.'The peons wear straw bats summer and winter—if you can say
- there ■is ' any I winter In • Mexico d; their hats are not - worth 10
oentavos, or 5 cents American, ieach..;^"vff • ■ '-::'*■. „
The wide-brimmed - articles < which are ' seen on Americans re
turning from Mexico are not sombreros, but merely big hats., This
is the real thing, o ;:;,,-;; -r^^n^'..-" ;:;i'-.;\i'v '^ /, \ •-;:'.-5-">- ■';':.;
I Week puati that you do not need the assistance of nome good
A,bank — not call ■ on this; one? «••♦':w«'^-*>*»<s«***i*«Ci»pi^^««jl
■ ■ In handling collection*, discounting commercial paper, advis
■ Ink with, you on business matter* !or offering absolute , safety for
'i your deposit*—no; other , bank can ) offer . better facilities or serv- ,
■'■■.■.'**' Talk with 1 our ■ cashier today.; "'' ': ,:' "
V..Capital, 1200.000.00. ;.--• . s . •--.. rr,» ,',,->■ ■ . : iJwSgR*
nt Tarama
provisions to keep himself and
stock until his crop could be se
cured. His house may cOBt him
from $300 u 4 > according to his
needs and desire. Fence will cost
about $100 per mile.
"A thing 'that helps materially
on a new place Is the family cow,
chickens and a pig or two. There
are settlers here who are making
all of their expenses with a couple
of cows and a small flock of chick
ens." .
ment has never reformed one per
cent of the habitual drunkards,
while, I believe, such punishment
has made confirmed drunkards,
when kindness, patience and
good advice might have caved.
The responsibilities of a Judge in
a police court are very great.
His discretion often either tends
to the making of good citizens or
confirmed drunkards and crimin
als. I believe In trying to help
men help themselves. Deserving
ones may lie benefited."
"Pearls of Wheat"
"Times Want Ads."
One package of Pearls of Wheat
free with every 25 cent cash want
ad Inserted in the Tacoma Times
ttiis week. •••
For ther Mexican
spares no ex
pense when It
comes to bta hat
or his saddle.
The ordinary
caballero — one
wearing a hat
like this — owns
perhaps twenty
five th ov s a ii)d
acr«s of land —
wears a hat
which weighs
from blx to eight
pounds Again it
depends upon tho
metal trimmings.
The real swell
sombrero la made
Cooler Weather
. Is Predicted
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C. Mar. 27.
—Beglning today temperatures
below the seasonable average will
obtain over most of the country
east of the Rocky mountains, |
while relative high temperatures
will ,be prevalent west of the
Rocky mountains .this week, ac
cording to an announcement of
the weather bureau.
Toward the end of the week
warmer . weather Is promised for
the east, while lowered tempera
tures are predicted for the North
west. ■■. . „. . . -
Frost, the Chicago railway and
mining i.romater, indicted by a
federal grand jury at Chicago for
alleged coal land frauds in Alaska,
1b In Europe. He may return and
put up the $5000 bond required by
Judge Landis. In 1876 Frust came
over from Germany; later he es
tablished a banking and brokerage
business, falling when he had to
let hla pet project, the Chicago &
Milwaukee electric railway, go into
the receiver's hands.
Smokers' Articles. A. .t. Innl3. •
■Hi- happy. U#e Red Cross Ball
Blue; much b«tter than liquid blue.
Delights the laundrese. Ten smiles
for a nickel. Always buy Red
Crcea Ball Blue; have beautiful
clear white clothes. At all groc
ers. ♦*•
Pearls of Wheat
It is the most whole
some, nourishing and
healthful breakfast food
on the market.
Pearls of Wheat
is made from the choicest
grade of wheat—milled
by the latest improved
machinery -in the most
sanitary, plant in the west
and - packed in airtight
Pearls of Wheat
is a home product, there
fore always fresh. . The
price is i- 15 ■ cents for a 2
pound package.
.One Package Free /
with each 25-cent cash
want ad inserted this
week , in the Tacoma
Times. 'Z-'p?j?(:^t r'-j$
768 Commerce B*. ;
1 »■ *». i».* .**.,«•< m~ ■s
-*' - — - -■■-' ..* i-i* . i_»-.j-_ri.i*»±i..r>iKi.»*-«■-■»* v*»>».-a»BiJ«
ON A Bte BILL?K&\ ONABtofflLL|R2)\
Our Furniture Sale Will
Be Continued for a
* . * ;.' ■* '' ■■■•■' ■ ■ * ■' ■■•■
Few Days More
The past week has been one of the busiest we have
ever had, and the prices we have been quoting
have induced a large number of homefurnishers
to purchase their furniture several weeks in ad
vance. These goods have all been stored away
and will be delivered any time they are wanted.
If you are going to buy furniture, buy now
and take advantage of the low prices we are now
offering. Everything to furnish the home is in
cluded in this sale.-, * ' -■ ■ - ..
The Credit Buyer Has the Same
Chance as the Cash Buyer During
This Sale
$8.15 for this jjm^jjp
Extension Table ""fiSHr *^^
C-foot Hound Extension Ta- _,J^|w^^^.
ble, like cut, has 42-inch top, '^udfvymw, gMMI
8-inch pedestal; finished in |W^jctß|WP i*^^H
go.den oak; valued at $15.00- %A)^ n»«KjSfr TT "
23 of these go <fO IK a ' *^ifl|
A 7 rri for a 3-drawer Dres- MO DC for a «oH4 Bras»
<pfiUU ser worth (12.00. $l£iUU Bed with 2-4ach
_ M _____ M ____ posts and 5 heavy fillers; res
«A Qn for a 6-foot Extension ular price >195°- •
Table valued at $7.75. Q . for a hardwood Diner
————^^———^— 30C worth $1.50. ' .■ ' -
?1 70 for & full sized Iron ————^—————
lit J Bed always Bold at my ni- for a large Chiffonier
$3.25.. . , 4>f ,03 good value at $11.60.
Mall orders filled at adverUs- Goods packed and shipped or
ed prices.... delivered without extra chars*.
yMjK^^^ wwiiShings MOUNT a '^^^^ft^^V
/■ ■ « JEWELRY \
Jf , We have the distinction of being the only Jew- M
0 ■ «lry house in Tacoma having a fully e«ul?l>*J m
0 jewelry factory and employing a complete Staff of V
0 Btoue setters, ring makers, engravers, Jewelftrs «Jid m
■ repairera, each of these being a separate orwjca.. »
S "f^jTfa in this factory that "Andrews" diamond* B
■ . are mounted, "Andrews" Jewelry made, enKTayln« ■
1 and r^ ro"ld dd aeom it a pleasure to show those 1^ ■
■\ terested In the art of Jewelry making through our 0
■ • • •■,.-..■.■.■ •■• --- . •-■. ■'•■ ■•'■. .-"•.. , , - ■... ;♦-.; ..»,
; : r;.- ■ ■■':■ „>-;--.■■ ■: •- " ■-.■; :■:-,,-::.. ■ . ■ .■-■,■ *
If you have any estimating on paper-Hang
ing, decorating, Painting, phone Main 5928. Will
•be pleased to call. :' " " *"
:'--*^i > TEETH V.;- $
1 ■ _, . t ;#iif«^'^_--- ; THE Eiißonio DK!fTAL PARLORS r:
tiTfyMPE%J&£& do th« b««t dontal work In the city
■IwlttTl Wk M m and at most moderate price*. Pain-
IKIIUM&A^A.* * ls* extracting a »peciftlty. "
*. \~ ~ '.T:r^ CROWN AND BHIIM3B WORK A |
< Painless extracting 800 r: --': : BraCUM^.v"".,^ - h
Best Gold Crown.. $a **—***"<>•* «d^Uja«te. Free,
R M t rfridge Work. «S , Work QuSSito^
: Plates as low a. ...«S .. _ .-":^- > :*"«®*"^*SRi
opia Finings . .91 » P Electro * Dental Parlors X!
Platinum Fillings, .fl Theater HMf. . , 9th *ad O «i^l i.
If You Have a Kick-
Tell It to th« Tim*—. Th«
Time* stands for th« people*
. rigliu, and i»n't afraid to tight
for them. --'; .- ;

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