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Catcher Schmidt, who ig trying
for the second string Job with the
Bra Francisco Seals, is a brother
ot the Detroit Tiger receiver, who
to famous for not only being a
dandy catcher, but the best scrap-
J>er In organized ball. Sohmltty
actually believed himself to in
the white hope for a time, but
later told Jennings he would re
"Battery for Spokane, Baker
and Baker." How'll that sound?
Dugdale has a couple of nifty
tafleiders named Chick and Bren
nan, who may upset the earlier
calculation of Kading, iLalrd,
Bues, Raymond and Bues, for the
Dick Breen, whom the Cincin
nati Reds bought from the Van
couver Beavers last year, is to be
farmed to the Santera league.
1 _ n .
' A San Francisco pa/per says:
''O'Connor, who was on the Te
celving end for the Tigers, boasts
of a strong whip. He gets the
ball to second in jig time. He
caught a number of Seals stealing
' tTmpire Steve Kane, former Na
tional leaguer, will open the
Northwestern league season In Se
attle. George Longanecker will
probably work in the Portland
fipokane game at Recreation park,
and one of the other two men will
perform in the Tacoma-Victoria
series in Shreederburg.
Cartwright, leading second sacV
•r in the league last year, Is in
excellent condition, but Conn
doesn't think the Fresno raisin
king will ibe able to hit over .400
and ig figuring on trading him off
to the New York Giants. —Signed
Conn's Press Bureau.
, Southpaw Kraft, new Spokane
pitcher, who comes here from
Hannibal, Mo., with a swell rec
ord, has silvery gray hair —"bound
to make a hit with the harem
skirt section. Kraft is a miner
by "avocation." He insists that
lie Is but 29 years old, despite his
Van Winkle barber's board bill.
Catcher Mclntosh hit .239 and
fielded .001 in the Twilight league
last year and is going to land
Danny Shea's old job with the
Spokane Indians this year or
know the reason why.
Your uncle Mike is looking for
a. southpaw.
Shreeder is figuring on Belling
Pitcher Edwin Victor to the Vic
toria club.
There is a rumor from the south
that Howatt may not stick with
the team.
Prospects at the University of
Puget Sound are bright for a good
baseball team. Ruhr Hall has
been engaged as coach, and today
between 25 and 30 of the boys are
out for the first practice.
Come On Jack, the
"Black Maria' Is Ready
"Coma on Jack, the 'Black
Maria' la ready."
Jack Johnson, the world's
heavyweight champion, recently
In a cell In the San Francisco po
lice station, turned several shades
whiter when Assistant Jailer John
Maloney walked in and said this
as h« grasped Jack's arm.
"l*wdy. man. you'all sho' ain't
Rwin« to put me in dat wagon,
are you.?" pleadingly asked the
ohanip. When assured that the
Jailer was just kidding and tnat
•>• would be removed from the
(By United Press leased Wire.)
SAPULPA, Okla., March 28.—
When Mike Schreck, the human
beer keg, squarea off with Carl
Morria, the more or less adver
tised "white hope," in this city
this afternoon, the odds on the
"hope" will be something like
four to one, and even money that
the keg does not respond for the
fifth canto. Of course it is nice
to have two stars In a boxing
matoh, but that isn't always pos-
Whisper the news so sad,
Tell it with tears and sobsi
Everything's to the laad:
Men are a 'bunch of slobs.
Gloomy and dark the day.
Everyone's full of dope;
Ne'er can our hearts 'be gay—
There Is no "White Man's
city to the county jail In an auto
his golden smile appeared and he
dtdn t seem to mind the rest
Johnson hag been breaking »pee<:
laws in half the states but whei
he so far forget himself as to frac
ture the regulations of San Fran
Cisco after he bad been release*
on probation on the same charge
he ran Into the law harder tban
he ever bad "before. iHe wag given
25 days In the county jail and had
begun tbe sentence when a super
ior court judge relaaed him on
$590, pending an appeal.
sible, and next to that, its nice
to have one and a goat. In Okla
homa, his home state, Morris is
certainly a star, and la the mind
of the ordinary fan there la abso
lutely no question but that Carl,
some day, will be the successor to
Black Jack. That's why it makes
little difference -whether Morris'
opponent is a sure-enough fighter,
or a poor old wreck like Mike
Schreck—the fans fall for the
game just the same.
A Spokane M. D. who has been
sojourning In the Hawaiian isl
ands for some time says he is sure
the Chinese are the coming ath
letes of the universe. He says that
around Honolulu they take the
lead in swimming, Jumping and
even baseball. McGraw and Con
nie M., please take notice.
There is plenty of chance for
the ambitious young iufielders In
the big leagues this year. In the
National league there are 10 dis
tinct places waiting for the 10
proper kids and iv the American
league 16 infield positions are
waiting to be filled.
Clark Griffith of the Cincinnati
Reds says he wants twirlers who
can hit, and that if he finds those
he has signed can't hit, he will
teach them how, that's all.
Addle Joss of the Naps says this
stuff about Chief Bender and Jack
Coombs being to the bad this year
is all bunk. Jack never uses all
he has, says Joss, while the In
dian, on the other hand, always
takes the best of care of himself.
Addle say« Connie's men will be
there with bells.
From two to six balls are Tost
every day In the creek outside of
left field at the Nap camp. A
ball in the creek goes to the pick
ninny who gets It out. Fifteen
dozen balls have been used so far.
S"I want to learn the
The re< ruit pitch
er eald.
"I'll give you just
one chance,"
The boss remark
ed, "now go
For six long weeks
in southern camp
The eager kid did play;
Then he wag sold to JCokomo
And did the fadeaway.
Forbes - Coulon
(By United Pi-ens Teased Wire.)'
KRNOBHA, WJs., March 28.—i
Whether Harry Forbes, the old-;
time bantam crack, has really j
"come back," will be shown here:
tonight when he goes against j
Champion Johnny Coulon. The:
two boys will weigh in at 116
pounds at 6 o'clock.
Watch pool Kame, Dawson vs.
Wilson, Donnelly Billiard Room.
Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Admission free. ***
Pipes and Tobacco. A. J, Innls.*
The news Is sent out from Chicago that little Abe Coonry Isn't
quite fast enough fur the Chicago Cubs, or, in other words, has no
chance against either Tinker or Kvers, and will be returned to the
Hpokane Indians. Joe and AJbe are both Jews, aud Abe 1» a swell
little hall player and Joe la Jnst as swell v manager and baseball
financier—so everybody is happy. Cooney's return, though, plug* a
nice hole for Colin, on the team this year, and any of those wise dop
sters who figure those Indians out of the running had better take
another look. Particularly, if Comiskry lets Conn have Jesg Baker
back, which is considered probable.
• • • •
Kent will be the scene of four boxing bouU tomorrow night,
given under auspices of Sam Falkenburg and the Grayatone Athletic
club. .As Kent is only a 3B or 40-minute ride from both Tacoma and
Seattle, the fans ought to be able to see the bouts and not be out all
night either. There will probably be a special service on the Inter
urban line. There will be practically four main events on the card.
Hahn vs. Scott, Rothus vs. Dyer, Mooney vs. Weltieman, and Noval
vs. Kelley.
• • • •
Before the season opened Manager Jim McGutre of the Cleve
land Naps announced that he would have two outfields, one to be
used when opposed to a right-handed fllnger, and the other when
a southpaw was in the box for the opposing team. Jim also an
nounced that he would work the same scheme with his infield. He
has abandoned the plan in part, but when a southpaw works he
will pull Jack Gnaney out of left field and put Orlggs in his place.
He will likewise exchange Easterly for Birmingham in right. Mc-
Guire is the first to try this scheme, and it will be watched with
interest. Easterly and Graney are both top-notch fielders, and
awful sluggers, but both are there with the south-paw stuff. East
erly is an old Coast league catcher and Graney was a southpaw
pitcher for the Portland Coast league team a season or two ago. He
always was a sweet hitter, but only a fair pitchir. One of the Port
land fly-chasers was laid up by injury, and Jack finished the season
In the field. McGuire, then a scout, got his optics on Jack, and he
has been chasing flys for Cleveland since.
• • • •
Pitrher Hohwrnk, who has been losing a good deal of sleep for
the Spokane magnate of late, arrived in Spokane from Louisville
the other day, and made Mr. Cohn forget all about how the fans
had forgotten to buy cut-rate season passes. The new heaver is
said to be a utility man and a nifty hitter, as well. He batted sec
ond in the American association last year at a .333 clip.
Women to See Fight
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SAPULPA, Okla., Mureb.j2B.-~
Several hundred women are amun,;
those who purchased seats here to
day for the Morris-Schreck ffgh
tonight. Morris has finished hlfe
work and is taking only light ex!
orcise today. The "white hope"
is now a five to one favorite; over
the Cincinnati German.
(By ( nii.-.i Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, March 28.—Co
lumbia university marksmen are
!on the ranges today shootlsg a
| telegraph match against the
cracks of the University of Arl-
I zoua. One week from today the
Columbia men will shoot against
j the University of California.
NEW YORK, March 28.—Two live contenders for the laurels
worn by the late Stanley Ketchel, In the persons of Hugo Kelly of
Chicago and Frank Klaus of Plttsburg, will go ten rounds tonight
before the Fair mount Athletic club. The men will meet at IGB
pounds and the winner probably will be matched with Montana Jack
If you have any estimating on paper-Hang
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(By United Press leased Wire.)
SAN FRANCISCO, March 2 8. —
With Ad Wolgast at 129% and his
opponent for Friday night's bout
llMtrA. L&Grave, still sticking
at 135, the two scrappers today
.■.,:■ „■vik'u.j t. iill'erent ends. As
the weight 13 133, Wolgast is try
ing to build up, and LaGrave has
his nose on the grindstone to take
off the superfluous meat. Wolgast
is a strong favorite.
PITTSBURG, March 28.—With
the national championship of the
Amateur Athletic association the
i priw. the best swimmers of the
'country will contest for 220 yards
here tonight.
(By United Press Teased Wire.)
CHICAGO, Mar. 28.—Wrestling
■fans are on tiptoe toady over the
proposed heavyweight champion
ship match 'between Champion
Frank Gotch and George Hacken
schmidt, the Russain I^ion. As
the Russian has a forfeit up and
Gotch has wired his acceptance of
the offer to the Empire Athletic
club, it is believed the match will
at last be put through.
Since his return to America
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Hackensehmidt has made a credit
able showing among the heavies
in this country. After all lie has
yet to defeat Mahmout, whom
both he and Zyblsco refuse to
meet for "personal" reasons, but
for whom it Is suspected, footh
have a great deal of respect. In
fact all of the heavies get faint
heart when the giant Turk Is men
tioned, with the exception of
Frank Gotch, who tossed the Turk
in jig-time.
Tuesday, March 28, 1911.
(By United Press leased Wire.)'
The air has a .peculiar tang, the
skies are 'bluer, the grass greener
and the big and little boys bap
pier today than at any timo since
1911 ibegan. This general good
feeling concentrated today at
Recreation park where the San
Francisco Coast baseball team was
scheduled to open the season with
There will be other games in
other Coast league citadels but
that's their lookout. San Fran
cisco fans have enough on their
hands In conning the pre-season
reportß of the work of their pets.
Three or four new faces will I>«
seen in the Seal line-up today and
three in Hogun'a team. ,
"AlcFarland was too heavy for
me," says little Owen Moran.
"Give me some of the blrda of my
own weight. Knockout Brown or
Wolgast would tickle me to
If as the Spokane doctor sayi
the Chinks are the coming ath
letes, let's drop the "white hopes"
awhile and look for a yellow one.
A Chinaman fighting a negro
wouldn't sound so bad, either.
Joseph K. Gorham has turned
up in Portland again and told
the wrestling bugs that they will
see Champion Frank Gotch in
action in the Rose city in the uear
Because Pat Bradley and Rufua
Williams were each patently
afraid of the other, a draw is the
derision today after their scrap
here last night.
Smokers' Articles. A. J. Innls. •
Watch pool game, Dawson vs.
Wilson, Donnelly Billiard Room,
Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Admission free. *••
* TTi ""^"""*' fw*-1' j^ -
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