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Mr. Sejraaaar la a aaalla addreaa !--—><•- ■tab*
flea-lured that be aid mat believe Mr. I a*raft ahaaiM r*
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The Tacoma Times
a" 1"""""a_a__a»_____a_____a______a____a_a_________a_a__™
— - — ...... . - l - ll _ rß^rir^ nri n/wx.^.-.r.-XLn-n.^J'Lr-'Ua-f'-rLrLri.ra.'i.rinnri.a'La^
I Muj-or Faavafll la lb. put haa hern arHl.laed by !
I the Tlmea. He has arm a people', mayor darias ', ", :_."
1 bin term of of flee and la bring -uppaarlral by the
.Timca. These facia pro a,, ahow that despite prevl
l ova criticism rendered by It, a Maiaapn will. If
I kaaeat • rnouab, •fund np for a man follo-r hla ', ■ -
< elect loa by the people, provldlaa; ha baa made cood.
} If he hoa made good there la no reosoa for hla re
t call.
Brother On Wall Street
Aided In Deal
-an. ■■■■- .■ i .—ma.! i.-.-■■.
Stone Webster Trust Not Only Factor in Effort to
Smash Sale of Nisqually Bonds. ?C»jv
• • ••• *** •••• •••••
• . W. W. Seymour, candidate for mayor against Mr. Faw- 9
9 cett, publicly announced that he was in favor of private hand- •
9 ling of public utilities. His campaign managers regret sin- 9"
9 ccrely that Mr. Seymour ever mado the statement, Just an •
• they regretted that he ever told of the circumstances regard- •
9 ing his sale of the gas plant. "-.?.•
• It now develops that Mr. Seymour endeavored to block 9)
9 sale of the power plant bonds. And yet Mr. Seymour says he •
• would make a good mayor for a municipal ownership city. •
• Mr. Seymour's brother is a bond broker on Wall street, New •
• York City, - - m
• 4 «
• •••• •••«••• *«-»•« •• .*
W. W. Seymour wrote to New York to block sale of the power
plant bonds. >/ '
Business men have been aroused over admission of Seymour, I
candidate for mayor against Fawcett, that he would favor leasing '
out the public utilities owned by the city, excepting water plant, j
for private companies to make a profit on. '

—— — 1 1 ■ ■ ... *. 1 ■ 11, ' - II —— —— ' — -■■- —■ ■ -. ■— -..I- ■■-—-% 4' I ■ —.a -.■■■-,,■— , ■ __. ,
Tka Oaly ladepraarat
Nowapapat la laa-aa— ,_.
The Oaly ladepcadrat
Newspaper la Tacoma.
VOL. VIII. NO. 88.
(By railed Press Ix-ased Wire.)
SEATTLE, April I.— C. D.
Illllman, millionaire real estate
and builder of boom towns, was
sentenced to two years and six
months in the federal penitentiary
and to pay a fine ot ("5,200 by
United States District Judge
Don worth today.
Donworth refused this morning
to giant a new. trial to t*io real
estate man convicted of using the
malls to defraud, , .Then he refus
ed the stay of sentence asked for.
After that he pronounced Ben
tence. He scored the prisoner se
verely as he sentenced him.
Judge Donworth sentenced Hill
man to two years and six months
on each of the thirteen counts on
which he was found guilty. Hov
ever he provided that he nit gut
serve all the sentences at the
same time so that .the. real estate
man need serve only two yeats
and a halt' altogether.
. ■;_ i ...
(By United Press Loused Wire.)
CINCINNATI, 0., April 1.-—
George B. Cox, "boss" of Cin
cinnati, reindicted yesterday after
noon for perjury, has disappeared
and efforts to find him have failed.
Cox disappeared from hir, office
soon after the Indictment had been
returned. Detective Ryan was
given the papers to serve on him
but has not been able to locate
him. Cox's lawyers have refus
ed to say where he Is. Their se
crecy is believed to indicate they
are planning another coup.
Brother of Girl
Trails Man Who
Lured Her Away
(By.United Press Leased Wire.)
WALLA .WALLA, April 1. —
Ross Morrison and Jack O'Keefe
were grabbed by officials here yes
terday on advice .from . Jasper
Hobbs of Salt Lake who has track
ed Morrison for three weeks to
land him for luring away his sis
ter, Irene Hobbs. The girl with
Flo Chandler, who was infatuat
ed with O'Keefe, - were both ar
rested at Baker City. '
(By? United. Press; Leased ■ Wire.)
* WBAVERVILLE, Cai., April 1.
—Negotiations ? were ? completed
here "today * for the j merger with
the Guggenheim interests of mine
properties valued -at over »25,
--000,000; ?;> ?"1;, ?"?-?;
MRS. HENRY TO -/ - ;'., 4. .'-
-***• 4 4 VyyA KEEP. ON - FIGHTING
(By United • Press I Leased Wire.)
.-;. SEATTLE, April I.The « at
torney , for Iva 3 May Henry 4- will
contest further -In ' the . divorce * ac
tion settled by the court this week
and will make an attempt to get a
modification ■of : the' decree so she
can - get the' children. .<*? yy
; \ :•*'' WEATHER .FORECAST.??.
Cf Fair tonight and Sunday. Light
westerly ■ winds. S.t|? 'a y ■ .■*. ;44y^ $
NEWS ITEMS FROM ;•; ■■.'. - ytpf <
•4.,4 4:44444i^44:44 9
Bert Bums and Will J Bitterest -
have - bought 1 their j yellow • shoes ■ for
the 1 season, *„ You I can',? »- keep *• your '
eyes - often 'era. yvyy^y^-myj®,...,*.^,
* Miss Ivy Lee t has • got .herself! a 1
nice new: ring. -i It looks | like * the
band .of fen j a General I Leo I cigar. MS
-There is a fine display; of i sponges
In the v oiler Front drui. store win
dow today. We also have a similar :
exhibition- ;onr, our - subscription
. Eben Tupper 1 is. thinking • some of
shaving off his whiskers this spring,
but - he | Is i so S sot s agin N wearing £ a
necktie be may change his mind.
, Humble . beginnings , make M swell
ending*, t Laf Watertower .ays. but
every man who s starts . life : peddling
popcorn * don't > end» up as ! a railroad
_ "hi* We hay» only •« roads
In tha U. A
-■ 7? ■ *
The campaign is almost over.
It has been more than two months now since the Royal Arch
started the recall for Mayor Fawcett and not yet has there been one
, good reason put before the people why the mayor should be thrown
out of office. v
The campaign being waged against him Is being waged for the
sins of Roys in the present commission and for alleged offenses com
mitted by Fawcett years ago.
I The absolute dishonesty of the recall campaign is shown by the
" nature of the charges being hurled against Fawcett.
The recall was put in the charter by the people for honest pur
| poses, not to give dishonest factions a chance to make trouble for
: faithful officials.
The recall was not put in the charter to give some disgruntled
faction a chance to make trouble, but solely to compel officials to
ring true in their official life.
. " It is not honest, it is not decent, it is not patriotic, and If such
action is allowed to have weight then it will be more difficult than
ever to get square men to run for office.
' What has Fawcett done in office?
He fought the street car company to a standstill, got five-cent
fare, transfers on the Traction line, a new street- up the hill in
Cliff avenue, secured an ordinance enabling the people to enforce
more cars.
■;---. Have the people any kick on that? Do they want to recall him
for that? Of course the special interests do, but how about the
Then he gave the city the municipal dock.
Of course other people have talked dock. The Times really
started the dock advocation that blossomed Into action and scores
of citizens have delivered orations on docks for years, but Fawcett
acted. It remained for A. V. Fawcett to formulate a plan, to lay
out the scheme, and to carry it through and make it go.
He experienced a titter struggle over it, too. Roys in the coun
cil and the waterfront monopoly and the subsidized organs outside
made a terrific campaign, but the people have the dock.
Now, do they wish to recall Fawcett for that? He put in the
antl-treating ordinance. Again he had to fight Roys inside and
the same old gang outside the council. And in addition he had to
fight the saloon power represented by the Royal Arch. Did he quit
when they threatened him? Not a bit. .
Mayor Fawcett is the first mayor in the history of the city who
has had the courage to come out openly and fight the Royal Arch
power. Now do the people want to recall him for that?
The people said they wanted economy and the mayor cut the
expenses In his department below what they were before and saved
thousands of dollars. When the commercial bodies sent a committee
asking for a reduction In the tax levy he took the lead in handling
the knife and cut the figures away below what the department heads
.-asked. ", .-- A.'■'■:■ - '■" ""• *-'" --' ' -
* _ Isn't that what the people wanted? Are they going to recall
him for trying to save them money?
'•""■*." They say he was slow in appointing the civil service board. That
is true. What was the reason? Why, in reading the charter he saw
the people had been buncoed. A bogus civil service had been palmed
off on thetn. He said he was for a real civil service, but not for that,
and he hesitated with the rest of them to saddle expense on the city
for a board that could do no good, and that never could protect a
single man in his position. •
- When the people demanded that the board be appointed he did
vote to appoint it, but has anybody heard of a single man it has kept
' in his Job slnco It started? The civil service should be amended The
Times has always fought for It, and is for It now, but it wants a civil
service that will protect efficient men in their Jobs. That is the
object of civil service and that object Is not secured in the present
And Fawcett is charged with the "open town."
2, The men making the charge know they are unjust. The com
mission plau placed the police regulation, of, the city on the commis
sioner of public safety, not the mayor. It was done for the very pur
pose ; of getting at it easily to compel action. The men charging
Fawcett with this offense themselves went to Roys and demanded
that he remedy matters. They recognized that Roys was the man to
»-?_7 fact Is, this whole recall of the mayor was conceived by the
Royal Arch, bora of a disgruntled spirit on the part of the special
Interests, nurtured by the mud of the subsidized organs and the tri
umvirate of greed, corruption and injustice is now - trying to foist the
thing on the people.
_ Next Thursday Tacoma will entertain the great ex-president who
FZllSa *2w* Pr °mlnent aa the head ° f «»• "ation bydemand^ng
Tacoma is going to go out and honor this man. It Is not rea
sonable to presume that citizens are going to go to the polls two days
before he comes and repudiate every principle of a square deal by
recalling a mayor who has done nothing of moment but what has
been for. the benefit of the people? "'w ** , nas
i Fawcett has made minor mistakes, naturally. But who Is there
* to accept the mayoralty and stand the tugging and pulling of varied
Interests who will not err in Judgment sometimes.
*b„ »?*- ,n l. ® BIG th,n« B that mean somthlng to the people, haven't
the citizens felt secure that they would be protected?
* , They did not have to be running to the city hall all this last year
.to see that the mayor did not sell them out to some public servfee
corporation They have not been down there to prevent him ''leas
Ing the city's public service utilities to a private corporation- The^
interest. 0™ *' FaWC6U St°° d .tO 7 the. Pe °Ple . a*"lnat "he splclal
.■_ 4 The issue even in this campaign is not the qualifications of Mr
Seymour. . Were he the personification of wisdom, Jut tlce .loya/tv
h^n h«^ Str~T h, al. h^ Un the ■recaU: «>-" Jus?mab J have
■• *.ta?; U fc ad ._ elect ,h,m Rgttmßt Mr-! Fawcett if the latter has b_ln
' ss'_w_r_3,& a-jas- *- -«•«.«"-. Bt-n^y
Throw out Fawcett after lie has stood for the people aealnst the
corporate be to pander to these very the part Men an __?.„ "'"i
cials will be to pander to these very Interest. M«>- «._. i " .
self-preservation, Is the first law of nS if n_bli^_?& *nd
; that the people will not back them up when they work .or th« _LT
they are going to serve the SPECIAL INTERESTS FOR mtJT^
___________ ■ ii |
bonds, the ultimate result oB
which. must be that the power*
plant project would fall if the se
curities could not be marketed. '
Of course Mr. Seymour bad A
"right" to write that letter and
"knock" the power plant bonds If •
he wanted to. He is In the bond]
Jobbing business and he was try-
Ing to make a few dollars for him-.
; self, but, what about the interest!
of the 100,000 people who live In
1 Tacoma and who will bo at the
mercy of the power trust If this
| plant falls to be built? *
\i i <A Bond. Sale Blocked. . ■*_&_.'
Mr. Seymour admitted ho had
written that letter to New York,
In the presence of three witnesses.
It had its effect and the bonds
were not sold. ,
Not for weeks afterward when
Mr. Savage finally went to New- '
York himself to straighten things
out and correct the false Impres
sion left by Seymour did a situa
tion develop that made It possible '
to sell these bonds. A Philadel
phia firm finally took them then.
But the failure to market-Mc^mT
• bonds to Spencer Trask A Co. at
the time was a black eye to the
; plant. No one knows how much
i it cost the city, for when the final '■-
and big contract was let there was
but one bidder and he put his fig
i ures up to the estimate. He waS
not going to take chances on m
• low bid with the bond buyers pre
> judiced against the securities by
the assistance of W. W. Seymour,
• the leading bond broker In Ta
; coma, the home of the plant. *
And yet W. W. Seymour ask*
■ support of -'he friends of mantel
• pal ownership in Tacoma. backed):
; as he la by the special Interests
. .and, having attempted with his 1
own' hand to defeat the sale of
• the power plant bonds which
, meant defeat to the whole plant!?
• George Youeli, president of r the
Pacific Fruit & Produce company,
was exonerated from all blame 1Q
connection with th death of Aug*"
ust Carlson, the" aged; man s whom
he ran over .' with .his. new " auto.
mobile last Monday. :^, The Inquest V
was . held «at ; - Lynn's undertaking >'
parlors yesterday afternoon. The:':
funeral, of Mr. Carlson was held
this afternoon from the chapel..-? ?'
The Times ballots are coming
in * fast and ', Indications t are that
tho people are overwhelmingly -In 1
favor of giving the postmen a rest
on I Sunday. Postmaster Stocking |
wanted to find out what ■ the sen- *
timent "of . the .people \ was ! on. this
subject |so the Times \ offered t»
.print the .ballot- in order that the
people could j. express:. themselves
In that way. ■:. - KJW%BI&
That *jj the , postmen work hard
enough i during I the I week'"' and de
serve a thorough rest once a week l
seems ito, be the i general sentiment.
The ballot? Is printed again" today«
end will • appear; for a' 1, week. Mark
your ballot with an X and send it
to the Times. They can he] past
ed on the back of a post card. %•&%%
Closed on Sunday j
Open on aandmyfejfy!??. J | j
,-•■■■-. -irvrtr-aTmrt -r-aian _airr,iiina.iii i —! .r.nai. ■ :
W. W. Seymoir wrote to New
York when negotiations were on
for tho power plant bonds and
advised against their purchase,
thereby blocking the sale and giv
ing a black eye to the whole
power plant proposition.
The public knows that those
power plant bonds are as good as
Tacomans realize that the most
desperate fight ever known In this
city has been waged from the very
Inception of the project by, the
Stone - Webster, power trust
against every step toward the
city's getting this plant. .They
know too that these efforts of the
power trust have 'been backed by
surreptitious efforts on the part
of certain local corporation
friends, the subsidized press and
financiers who had axes to grind.
.Seymour's Finger." ,
When Wright and Sweeney
took the contract for the tunnel
for the . power plant, the city
thought that everything was well.
But the fine hand of Stone-Web
ster influence was at work.
Whenever Wright & Sweeney got
ready to close a deal for the bonds
Stone-Webster blocked the deal.
Wright & Sweeney were not
able to carry $656,000 of bonds
themselves and the time came
when they were up against de
feat. They simply could not go
on. . , .a
Then Savage & Nichols organ
ized the Nisqually Contracting
company 'in Bonnell, Cornell
Brothers and other prominent 'lo
cal contractors and took the con
tract off the hands of Wright &
Sweeney at the request of the lat
ter. -----
They did It because they knew
that the price was ample for a
good profit and because they are
all heavily Interested Jln 'Tacoma
and know that Tacoma must, com
plete that plant or simply be up
against the worst grab by the
power trust ever perpetrated on
any city.
; These men were able to carry
the load for a time hut they could
not shoulder , the burden of . those
bonds themselves. : They | had .to
sell \ them. And .they 1 went \ into
the market to do " It. ; The '• big
bond buyers for this kind of se
curities in this country are Spencer
Trask \ft I Co., I New y York. ■• .' Mr.
Seymour has had; some ', dealings
with them but their general North
western agent is t Mr. Shore j"; of
Portland. The latter took up the
negotiations. 1 §*; He * was " progress
ing as fast as a deal of this char
acter generally I goes I when 3j Sey
mour entered. If' those ? bonds
were to be sold he wanted a hand
in it. ? But Shore kept on. yi. ■; ■ .*:»*
:'. -' "'■'.; tone-Webster.* AUy."?i?"; iw
And i then Seymour "wrote to his
brother.; In New York criticising
the' bonds as securities % and ? the
"knock" went to Spencer Trask &
Co. and the deal was all off. Vy£s
i"; The ; Stone-: We bate. * power' trust
had a new ally in defeating the
power plant in W. W. Seymour of
Tacoma. „ -.' 4.' t
■"vJ Mr. Savage % charged f Seymour
with' writing the letter and he fin
ally J admitted ■he had ■ written I his
brother In "j Now York, who iis * a
-roker 1 there. Seymour] said \ the
engineering - on Uhe)S plant '"''was
bad, and . that %ana the | fault he
found with the securities.
J*Mr. Savage asked ■ him if he had
not * approved J*] the Green. River
gravity t water ; .bonds * and ;he said
he bad. He asked htm if he did
not think i the engineering l on ' the
power J plant was ? better £ than I the
engineering ' on ' the %% Green % river
plant and he admitted* it wu,W
Yet he written to New York
to protest ' Bate of ' the power plant
«-----_-__■____________■___■___■ hi aaa)amaaammmmmamaaammwmmmmmammAammaaaaamamaaaaaaaaammm
A Poser For Seymour
ii i a . ...> v :■' ■■ .. * ;
Civil service for the goose does not seem to be civil service for
the gander. -yyy..:. ~y-y> ..... -
-,*■ W. W. Seymour wants it for the cily.'but he repudiated it for
, the park board. ?...;,-:?-. .'5 >X -....;..•. -- -
Seymour went to the Oakland addition to hold a meeting last
night. He got off his usual denunciation about the city commission
which ho seems to assume is Mayor Fawcett, and complained bitterly
of the slaughter of civil service hy the city commission.
. But right there Seymour struck % snag. '• * ■
There is civil service in the park board M well as the city law.
And Seymour has absolutely ignored it In the park board. '
.... The audience knew It and began asking pointed questions. '
"If you are for civil service why did' you not enforce it in the
park board?" asked a citizen. yyyyyr ■...„- ..--...
:.- Seymour grinned a broad, expansive smile. . That was a poser.
He hod not been np against that before. He finally concluded it was
not "practical" in the park board. ;?~; .•* -.--»•■' • -
But it Is in the park law. g It was put there to be enforced.
And Seymour ignored it. :-_- ,';> **?;.• •■'■■:... ..'.;•. . .........
He discharged Superintendent Hadklnson and refused to even
give him a hearing. 7"*?t..-' vr^tTb'Vi*'- — -y /--,- >— - -
Hadkinson demanded a hearing and he was refused. The Im
provement clubs demanded a hearing and that civil service be recog
nized, and still Seymour refused/ He simply ignored civil service He
did .throughout his career on the pa'k board. > *■•■--• '•-
There were 80 voters in the meeting last night, and when they
got through with Seymour there w«r c about 80 voters for Few*
cett.". \ ,**"'■' \'.' a *.."j.VVv'^"*ta?-V- .**'-7»*'.''.-'•- ■■>. '■-,'■ V.ovn
ES^fe£.Tl»ey took no stock in Ihe ranting against Fawcett for tardiness
In saddling expense on the city for a farce of a civil service, made by
» man who when in office refused to recognize and enforce' the law
for a real civil service. y• ' *-".*•...- &&"*-. 2 /--"-;.; '- ;- ■>' ....-,-■ •;y ,■"-** 7
!. . , 'It did not look .good to the peopM present. '■"'' ] i ' 4 ".4k4^ 44s}
-"" "' * * "*** - -■---—-.+». ,-, ***jy_ . . .''*.".'■■ *>.■'■
iiYi§*"i-r^^'^ *■""'
y y4±?^4^^^yyy^*yz-** y■ r4 v.,!! fc \ , : . :\
'• :,yy'yy.y~"*\y Ay* 1 .4 y"- f ~ '^flr*^-*V.
Think Postmen
Should Rest
At a meeting of Tacoma Aerie
No. 3, F. O. E., attended by over
500 members last night, the
question of closing the post office
on Sundays was discussed. By a
unanimous vote of all present It
was decided to write to Postmas
ter Stocking urging the. adoption
of the suggestion of the depart
ment that post offices he closed on
Sundays. The members feel that
the employes ,of Uncle Sam are
entitled to their day of rest and
recreation. ? ,
Can You Figure
This Puzzle?
• If one Seymour meeting results
in three mix ups how many mis
statements have been made In the
entire Seymour campaign? i ;i?"
1 Mr. Seymour -Thursday night at
Odd ' Fellows?" hall in South Ta
coma admitted that a letter he
was' reading from a charter build
er asserting that no statement had
been issued by- the • commission
was not true. .-Orator Hodge was
forced - to - correct . his y statement
that certain bonds were now draw
ing sufficient interest. , Several
people present readily ? made .-- It
known that ' they were better In
formed. ; ".J Mr. Hodge concluded
the evening with profuse apologies
to Hamilton Cronen as a result of
becoming mixed on the discharge
of I Mr. KeUey."4744^4 4k •?' ■'-"-"'
.-,y Many South J End ■*■ people wore
present and \ they were given ' just
a touch "of what '. is. going y, on *at
other Seymour meetings. .;' ■'
(By United Press "Leased Wife.)
S i NEW YORK, April 1 I.The
New York, New Haven ft Hartford
railroad today began ' policy of re
trenchment.' Announcement was
made that the curtailment was
caused -by loss 'of ■■ revenue j due to
the' failure of the' Interstate I com
merce j commission | to endorse the
road's -"' schedule •"";- of - -advanced
■ freight rates. '"'"..".*,,.
jglfe ■ - ." - ■"•'. smm
' "_ .i _ "A - '•' • ■;< ;..-■' .•;'*7s*.., »'l.v- f iii
; have committed 1 suicide. ,'■"•>**' "* 4 .
J Miss Venice, a s trained I nurse,
was responsible for Chisholm's ar
rest;;' She 4 told _ the _ police * that
Chlsholm i tried to gain her con
sent to assist him In collecting an
old Insurance 1 policy. "When i she
refused !to enter, Into the arrange
ment " she I stated s^ that g" Chlsholm ■
replied s| that "**""■£ he"«.l would « get
"Blanche" to assist ! him. *-•?,, £
-----a-. ,-*; . ' '"*— i y.-^yxx ":*
t i Robert 5 Sargent, bartender %' of
the Tourist hotel,' was arrested ' toy
Detectives : Recob and Brown yes
terday on a warrant charging vio
lation of the antl-treatlng law. " v
(By United Press leased Wire.) I
SAN 4 FRANCISCO, /April * I.—
Mrs.i Blanche ' Powell I today con
fessed •to l Captain ;of Detectives
Wall that she is the accomplice' of
Louis Clark. Chlsholm in the mur
der of her husband, John D. Pow
'.^ John W. Powell was found mur
dered In a tent In Coleman's gulch
near 1 Fort i Ross \ early | la | March.
Two I bullet I wounds lin the f head
was responsible for his death' A
revolver was ; found ! near the ' body
but [an 5 inquest; showed ' that eith
er bullet would have caused death,
making it impossible for Powell to
' The trout"fish
ing season open
ed ; today and
hundreds of city
men left early
for 'y mountain
streams in the
Cascades ,'"*'' and
; other streams
around Tacoma.
The preliminary hearing of Carl
.tilom, charged with criminal libel,
will not be held for several 'days,
.'and it in probable that B'.om will
be. released on $2,000 this after
noon. ? . -"■: -.";■; y~"yA,yy/;,y
;?■■ Blom was -.brought'back? from
,; Ellensburg late' last . night 'by De
-1 tective Brady, and was transferred
to the county jail this morning.
,: He 1 claims *■ he: asked ',-' Blaauw Ito
furnish him (500 but says this
as a part of his plan' to entrap
Ay "'•'■•'? ''<-"-: 4; *:? Salmon eggs
may be ■ used ? as -."•: formerly, the,
proposed hill prohibiting their use
having ; been ,: amended. »!.' As the
eggs ' are J the " principal bait used
by Tacoma j fishermen j this . action
ot the legislature ;was happily re
ceived. V^ Tomorrow it is expected
that the streams near the city will
ibe lined' with city men. - *"v ;

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