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Tuesday, April 4,1911
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, April 4.—Permits
tor a parade of protest against
-working conditions in New York
which will be the greatest in the
city's history were granted today
by the municipal authorities. The
parade, fathered by the labor
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
OTTAWA, Ont., April 4.The
movement of negroes into west
ern Canada to take up free home
steads was brought up ln parlia
ment by Mr. Thoburn, who said
that hundreds of negro . settlers
had emigrated from the United
States. He said they are not
suited, to conditions in Canada and
would not make desirable citizens
and that something should be
| done to discourage the movement.
| Minister of the Interior Oliver
■ said there was nothing to prohibit
■ the Immigration of negroes Into
Canada, and that the government
could only administer the law.
NEW YORK. April 4."1
choose the girl," exclaimed Hen
ry Dv Bocq, when his wealthy
aunt, Mrs. Carmlna Dv Bocq, of
San Domingo, told him that his
choice lay between love and her
$1,000,000 estate, r.f which he Is
heir. The girl Is Miss Claire Mul
Claire, 20, of Brooklyn. Her hero
is 29.
on your feet make
wrinkles on your face.
Use Hercules Corn Rem
edy and get rid of the
902 Pacific aye.
M. 553—Phones—A 1553
_FHOt_K tßy^ / x * / //' *' __-___H_M_ttv_MH_oV-i _l__^_^_l
"Here's Yo'Winnin's Boss"
They's from Dege &
Milner's Store, Sah!!
"Mighty fine lot of hats I
. j Knox $5.00.
, *
"You get's a Knox and
S" a Stetson and one of dem y Knox Roxford
a Stetson and one of dem
1 Knox Roxfords and a 4 ■ $400 '" '
, -Knox Beacon* in dis lot- || Knox Beacon
you sure am some bettin' . $3 00
man, and de:y am sure
some hats." Stetson's
"Dey's a lot more fine $4.00
lookers down at de store $5.00
—you all who's makin' yo' $6.00 "
'lection bets had bettah $800.
see 'em tomorrow after
you's settlin' your bets." {
* From Hats to Shoes for Men and Boys. |
i • ? 1110-12-14-16 Pacific aVe. ." " 1
• ";r ■ r.i«■l*-- " ' ' ' '
» ■Ql--H_B_-BMHBHli^^^"'^HßHi^BHai
unions of the city, will take place
tomorrow afternoon. An enorm
ous turnout of labor will partici
pate and banners and mourning
devices for the victims of the re
cent shirtwaist factory fire will be
a principal feature. The suffra
gets have asked for a place in the
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
! Death today scaled forever a pe
culiar shooting mystery, when Rol
lin Patterson, 38, a Petaluma mer
chant, died from a bullet wound
at the Northwestern hospital here.
Patterson was found shot some
time ago In Washington Square.
Until the hour of his death he was
conscious, but at all times refused
to make any explanation of how
ho received his wound.
There were 139 births in March
and 91 deaths, leaving a net gain
for the stork of 48. There were
five more boys born than girls,
but nine more males died than
It looks to be .well-nigh certain
that Burleson of Texas will. head
the highly important committee of
Uncle Kitchel Plxley "Gits to the Front/
and He "Gits Ketched " Too
Our Industrious War Correspond
ent Goes Scooting for Ping To
bacco and Lands In Mexican
Calaboose Will Be Shot "To
' morrow"——Maybe.
(From Our Own War Correspond
—Ten days ago I got your dis
patch as follows:
To Kitchel Plxley, War Corre
spondent—Special Order No. 2.
Your war news unsatisfactory.
Don't hang around camps. Git to
the Front! Git to the Front!
Move Into the very teeth of the
(Signed) JEFF N. QUAD,
Assistant War Editor.
At onct I quits San Diego and
heads straight for Mr. Diaz's teeth
at Mexican or rather Calexlco.
That part of the town in Mexico
they call Mexican and the tother
part visa versa. Well, I hadn't
been there two hours when I run
out of plug tobacco and went
across the street to stock up.
Danged If I didn't step right into
Mexico and they grabbed me
quiiker'n scat!
Knowln' by my looks they'd
bagged somebody important, they
rushes me into the Interior 15
miles and at a little hamlet turns
me over to an ex-mule driver they
called - Gineral Gracia, who runs
mo into a little adobe jail, and
says I'll be shot tomorrow morn-
Here's how things has been
goin' on:
March 17. Safe In the enemy's
Jail. Gineral Gracia said I'd be
known as No. 13. —I asked him
why I got that infernal number
when he'd only five other prison*
ers, and he said I wouldn't mirnd
that at all when I was stood up to
be shot tomorrow. I'd taste just
as good to the buzzards. My skele
ton wouldn't be numbered at all,
anyhow. And he'd onct bet wrong
on the thirteenth horse in a race
and had been Just crazy to kill
something numbered 13 ever
There's sure a dirty strain of
humor in that man Gracia.
March 18. This jail used to be
a hen house, no mistake. There's
a home-made incubator over In
one corner, with a dozen eggs
brown with age. Then the five
Mcx prisoners don't wear socks,
Will John Joe Continue to Do
Uncle Joe's Work for Interests?
Joseph Fitzgerald of Brooklyn,
who will be the next chairmen of
the house committee on appropria
tions, Is an illustration of how suc
cess is acquired by brains. Some
times success follows merit. Some
times success follows virtue. Some
times success follows a career of
self-denial nnd of kindly acts
I which secure their mead of popu-
I larity. Then again success comes to
i a man merely because the convo
lutions of his cerebrum and cere
bellum aro more convoluted than
those of his fellows.
Ho thinks, and ha 3 the faculty
of thinking consecutively, accu
rately, in figures, in sentences, in
references to volumes, in the lore
which is acquired by study and
the burning of midnight oil, the
ability to think on his feet and to
put his thoughts into lucid speech.
It may be that the speech ls raspy;
or It may be that the speaker is an
unprepossessing, insignificant in
Is Interests' Man.
John Joseph is not noted for his
virtue. His political Integrity Is not
above par. Because John Joseph is
remembered and will be remem
bered, probably for a long time as
the man who was delivered by
Tammany to help the republican
Joseph G. Cannon hold his speak
ership authority and prevent a
proper revision of the rules. It
was shady business, but John Jo
seph Fitzgerald was there. He
$5.00 Gold
Glasses now
_____H ____?'* "*^H
-_-!_-_-. *" ■' m*~y
aa «*__. m a
Expert examination free of
charge for the next ten days.
2000 people fitted in our of
fice in the last year.
A few of the many pleased
T. H. Murray, Attorney, Fidel
ity Bidg.
A. W. Lee, Southern Pac. Tick
et Office.
W. E. Clayton, Gen. Agt. Cen
tral Labor Bureau.
R. T. Meath, Pioneer of Tacoma.
August Cultum, Bernice Bldg.
Mrs. R. H. Fife, 2155 So. L.
Mrs. H. P. Fuller, 924 So. J.
Mrs. J. B. Hicks, 632 N. Ander
Mrs. C. W. Harvey, Tacoma.
332 Provident Bldg.
and they never in all their lives
wasted water anywhere but in
their gullets. And Glneral Gracia
hez just turned his mule in among
us for the night. We've had six
black beans and two green pep
pers apiece during the past two
days. But Gracia said we'd be
shot at sunrise tomorrow.
March 19. We et those eggs
for breakfast. We don't seem to
have no delicate appetite left
after three days on black beans,
peppers and a little water dipped
out of hoof-holes in a swamp. I
tell you, Gineral Gracla's war
mule looked mighty fat and tooth
some when he was let In tonight.
IWe are to be shot tomorrow,
I Gracia sez. I;
March 20. Glneral Gracia got
j another prisoner this eve. He's
a Mcx drunk on mescal. Ever
meet a mescal drunk? Well, It is
sure the sincercst, deadest, most
; unanimous drunk on the list.
[Why, a ordinary mescal cargo will
was "It." The others followed him.
He delivered the cards under the
table which Cannon needed.
But John Joseph has a follow
ing In the democracy of the house
of representatives. He is smart. In
fact, ho Is as keen as the tradi
tional briar. Ho is the best parlia
mentarian in the party, if not in
I the house of representatives. He
is shrewd to see an opportunity and
perfectly unscrupulous to press an
advantage. He was put at the
head of the appropriations com
mittee because the other people
felt that they had to do it. They
were not strong enough to keep
him out. He is a bad element to
deal with even when most friend
ly, and when unfriendly he is a
menace to the regular democratic
organization of the house.
It Is a question now whether
Oscar Underwood nnd Champ
Clark and the revision-downward
democrats will dominate this lower
legislative body, or whether John
Joseph Fitzgerald, democrat of
Brooklyn and of Tammany, will
not gather a sufficient following
tinged by Special Privilege to
dominate the house of representa
#__ ■ •
Telephones Husband
and Kills Herself }
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
"I'm going to kill myself. Come
up and get our daughter, Mary."
Telephoning this message to her
husband, Charles A. Beck, who
was engaged in divorce proceed
ings with her, Mrs. Beck shot her
self last night and today Is dead
in the Emergency hospital. A
policeman to whom Beck appealed
when he got the death threat, ar
rived just as Mrs. Beck fired the
fatal shot.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, April 4.—Lulsa
Tetrazzinl today was radiant over
the success of her "farewell" con
cert last night in the Hippodrome.
More than 0,000 persons jammed
the house. .•"■"'-.*,.?■'...
We sell Iron Age garden tools,
"■•coma Imp. & Seed Co. ':,.>••'
I. make a Mcx stand two days like
i a post, with his tongue hangin'
a out and his eyes like hard boiled
; eggs and the buzzards roostin' on
: him nights in succession in peace
• and comfort.
i Well, Glneral Gracia stands
i this fellow up near the door, says
"No. C" and goes without leaving
ius any beans or water, but ho
>' promised we'd be shot tomorrow.
- March 21. We strangled and
i 'ate most all of one leg of Oracia's
i war mule last night. It was all
jwe will get, as Gracia says we'll
'be shot promptly tomorrow, all
but No. 6. They couldn't shoot
. him any deader than he is if they
, . tried.
March 22, 23, 24. No change.
j Going to be shot tomorrow,
i March 25. No. 6 has come to
' and I must give this letter to him
i to throw over the boundary line.
; Will be shot tomorrow, Mcx sez.
Yours at The Front,
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
VICTORIA, H. C, April 4. —To-
day between the hours of 12 noon
and 2 o'clock the roster of candi
dates in the forthcoming civic
election will be officially declared.
Nominations will then be made
and on Friday next the election
will be held. Keen Interest Is
being manifested in the question
of whether there will bo another
candidate ln the mayoralty race
or whether A. J. Morley, who was
recently unseated on a technical
ity, will be returned unopposed.
Mrs. Victoria De Lorenzl, moth
er of four little ones, the eldest
but seven, must be removed from
Her husband died five months
ago, and she has struggled to
keep the little family together, In
their small shack at 6 2nd and Ma
son. Hut scarlet fever has en
tered the home. A pair of twins
are just taking it and one little
one Is quite ill. All hut the eld
est boy are now afflicted. The
mother is about to be confined,
and the health department has or
dered that she be removed from
the children.
The little family has been de
pendent on charity for months,
' and its condition is now worse
than ever with disease breaking
up the home.
Woman Pleads
Unwritten Law
(Ry United Press Leased Wire.)
FORT WORTH, Tex., April 4.—
Mrs. Lizzie Brooks is on trial for
the murder of Mrs. Mary Binford.
Defendant took a revolver and
went to a department store where
tho murdered woman worked, and
shot her dead.
Each juryman was asked If he
believed a woman has as much
right as a man to protect her
The president with a large car
go and 430 passengers came into
the Sound from San Francisco yes
The Meteor, with $15,000 re
pairs completed, is ready to re-en
ter the Alaskan trade. '
The Tacoma naval militiamen
yesterday received their new unl
i forms.
The Hornelen is In port to load
lumber for the West Coast.
The Kumerlc will shift to Seat
, tie today to load the rest of her
• cargo.
I i l
City Briefs
Judge Chapman yesterday com
mitted John J. Galllver, jr., to the
Insane asylum at Steilacoom.
Harry Hunter was fined $100
and costs In Judge Arntson's court
yesterday, after pleading guilty to
indecent behavior In Wright park.
• Joseph and Agnes Polard were
awarded a $250 verdict against
Pierce county by a jury in the
superior court yesterday, because
of the opening of a county road i
through their ranch near Pitts
Buford Lichens, a 12-year-old
boy, fell from the new Yakima
bridge across the Fife street gulch
yesterday evening and broke his
leg. The accident was the second
of Its kind In a week.
A blank Inventory of $1,437,
--900 was filed by the appraisers of
the estate of R. L. McCormlck, in
the court house yesterday.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
, Declaring that the farming inter
ests as well as others would be
vastly benefited by the ratification
of the Canadian reciprocity treaty,
' Joseph W. Folk, former governor
of Missouri, is out with a state
ment here today In which he
maintains that the measure would
[ greatly benefit all Americans.
' "To the north of us," he said,
"we have a vast domain that can
become trade territory of this na
j tion by merely asking for it, and
It would seem to be the part of
wisdom to ratify tho treaty which
' is now before congress."
(By Fulled Pi-ess Leafed Wire.)
SAN FRANCISCO, April 4. —ln
search of his tl.o children, who"
were awarded him by Judge Haw
kins of Seattle, after the divorce
which separated he and his wife,
Albert A. Henry, a clerk in the
Seattle National bank, arrived hero
today and sought aid ir. his quest
from the local police.
Henry claims that a movement
Is on foot to hurry his children
from the state into Mexico. His
attorney claims that the children
are in tho caro of a nurse named
Miss Wickoff.
Champ Clark Social
Lion in the Capital
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 4.
— Champ Clark ls the social lion
of the capitol today. With the
opening of the 02nd congress to
day Clark becomes nioro than
merely speaker of the house of
representatives — he will become
the Moses who is to lead the so
ciety of Washington Into the
promised land of Southern hos
pitality and Jeffersonlan sim
plicity. The triumph of demo
cracy, it is said, means the inaug
uration of a new social regime, in
which the south and west have
taken the lead and the effete east
will be forced to play second
Mrs. Champ Clark is the ad
mitted leader of tho new dispen
sation. Always popular in Wash
ington society, she is well fitted
for the place.
' Tacoma postal clerks last night
elected W. J. Brady, president;
Robert McDonald, vic c president;
Leslie Hale, secretary, and Charles
Hopkins, treasurer. The associa
tion decided to accentuate the so
cial features of the organization In
the future.
1 a a-—a—aaaaa—.•^————— _—_———
If you are going to move, pack
or store your furniture, call Fidel
ity Transfer Co., M. 83-A1497. ••**
' TWO Ola" " *
of Wheat"
Want Ads"
One package of Pearls of Wheat
free with every 25 cents cash want
ad inserted in the Tacoma Times
this week. *••
We sell "Parson's", eight
times as strong as others,
will clean your clothes, use
It to spray your rose bushes
and flower plants.
30c hot- 0/1
tics -LHU
20c bot- 17*»
ties lib
Only at
1144 C STREET |
Main 500-AISOO I
Nice 4k for Bryan
(By United Press Leaned Wire.)
WASHINGTON. D. C, April 4.
—A big Memphis, Term., delega
tion here today will Invite William
J. Bryan to move to that city. The
whole south is supporting a plan
to raise $100,000 to Induce Bryan
to transfer his Commoner plant to
that city, where a home for Bryan
will be provided.
Senator John Sharp Williams of
Mississippi and ex-Senator Berry
of Arkansas will urge Bryan to
Goods T^ ou Now
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the "Bargain Corner.". • '
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■.. ,~ " •SCENIC ,- -44
, . The Scenic.. theater . era 4% .
splendid program today. In addi
tion to first run pictures and vocal
selections by Blanch. i Cooper, and ■
Viola Barrett, the big pipe organ
with the human voice attachment
la a big feature. This marvelouj
Instrument has taken a hold on the
public and crowded houses give ate
test to the public'- appreciation.
The baby " contest which starts
April 12th is going tc be a big
card. Already a number of kid
dies' photographs pro en display la
tho lobby. Tonight the election
returns will be read by Manage;
Cohen throughout the evening. **■
.. —— mm

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