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--■ ■- •£, The vote showed yesterday that 60 per cent, off Tacoma is against Seymour, j^—^r^r
s^ET The fight has just begun, Seymour polled every vote at his command yesterday. v^^
*^ If every Fawcett vote is brought out Seymour will be defeated 2 weeks hence. v*^
The anbaldlaed prcaa la attempting; to "toady"
the aoelallata. Judging from yeaterday'a dear
■ (radon the political gang that trlea to curry f
from the aoelallata la cutting Ita own throat.
SOOO prediction of the aoelallata cume true.
VOL. VIII. NO. 91.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PULLMAN, Wash., April 5.—
Six men have been found guilty of
Invading the girls' dormitory at
the Washington State college on
the night of March 27 and dump
ing the girls occupying the beds
out on the floor. The committee
returned Its report to President
Mr J*ros Refuse Peace
Terms—Diaz Will Start
War of Extermination
. (By United Press Leased Wire.)
EL PASO, April —As a re
sult of the 'positive refusal of
Francisco Madero, jr., "provision
al president" of Mexico, to consid
er any terms of peace unless all
the demands of the revolutionists
are granted, President Diaz is ex
pected today to start a war of ex
termination against the insurrec
tos in Northern Mexico.
Reports from Mexico City are
that Diaz has bought 20,000,000
Mauser cartridges and ten 'bat
teries of mortars to prosecute ills
designs to crush the rebellion. An
American who Is close to the Diaz
administration says that the dic
tator is prepared to use "blood
and iron" methods to smother all
opposition, and that Northern 1
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
state-wide search Is on today for
Mrs. Ivy May Henry, wife of Al
bert J. Henry, a clerk of the Seat-
He National bank, who Is fleeing
from San Francisco with her two
children, for whose custody a le
gal battle has been waged for
months. At the direction of Su
perior Judge Mogan, a warrant
for the arrest of Mrs. Henry was
Issued, and also a blanket warrant
for "John Doe," which may be
served upon those who assisted
her in spiriting away the children
last Monday night.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK. April 6.With
the filing of a motion in the state
circuit court here for permission
to surrender the franchises of the
Metropolitan Railway company,
now in the hands of a receiver, the
passing of the horse car in the city
of "The Great White Way" is a
matter of a short time only.
' - .— 1
Locks Boy in Freight Car
For Revenge on Uncle
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
lieving that Lehigh Valley freight
car No. 59498 contains the body of
Bernard Rogers, 12 years old, th B
victim of a diabolical scheme or
revenge, every railroad in the
United States and Canada was
asked yesterday by the Philadel
phia police to locate the car.
(By United Press I/eased Wire.)
SANTA ROSA, Cal„ April B.—
Further evidence that Mrs.
Blanche Powell, wife of John D.
Powell, murdered In a tent near
Fort Roso, March 19, was ac
quainted with Dr.. Lewis C. Chls
holm, accused of slaying Powell,
for a long time prior to the mur
der, was furnished the police In a
letter received ' from the woman's
The Only Independent
Newspaper In Tacoma.
Bryan last evening and the presi
dent is going over the evidence.
The committee recommends the
expulsion of three of the young
men and the Indefinite suspension
of the other three.
Their names will not bo made
public until their punishment is
definitely decided upon and their j
sentence given.
Mexico soon will bo "one vast bur
ial ground."
Francisco Madero, sr., and his
son Alfonso learned from federal
sources today that the younger
Francisco Madero has refused to
discuss peace until Diaz sends a
peace commission to him with full
authority to conclude a treaty
whereby war shall cense. The
rebel leader declined to leave the
field to visit El Paso or any other
place to meet the Diaz emissaries.
It is understood that Diaz has
sent guarantees of safe conduct to
the elder Madero and his son Al
fonso, whereby they may reach the
rebel camj> near Chihuahua in
safety. They are expected to au
tomobile there at once and strive
to Induce the younger Madero to
One N. W. Congressman
Lucky in Getting Seat
(United Press I/eased Wire.)
5. —As usual Northwestern
congressmen were, with one
exception, unfortunate In the
drawing of seats in the house
of representatives at the con
vening of the 62nd congress.
La Follette of Washington,
tho lucky member, was third
to be called and although a
progressive, selected a seat
Immediately behind Dalzell
of Pennsylvania and diagon
ally across the aisle from ex-
Speaker Cannon. He is In
the very center of the old
socialist mayors
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
OMAHA, Neb., April 5. —Three
Nebraska towns, Beatrice, Red
Cloud and Wymore, elected social
ist mayors yesterday. William
Griffin, a sprinkling car driver,
got the i majority . of Beatrice
votes Edward Wymack was chos
en In Wymore and Edward Foe
ln Red Cloud.
The uncle of the Rogers boy.
Assistant District Attorney Rog
ers, yesterday received a postal
card saying that the writer, waom
Rogers four years ago sent to
prison, had decoyed the hoy Into
the railroad yards on March 27
and locked him into a car watting
on a siding to be attached to a
through train.
father, R. E. Samuels, of Cedar
Gap, Mo.
In asking for further details
concerning the Chlsholm case and
the whereabouts of bis daughter,
Samuels declared that she men
tioned Chlsholm ln three letters
written to him In 1911. He de
clares that Mrs. Powell never
mentioned her husband in any of
her letters. . „;..._/.,,._ j
The Tacoma Times
Roosevelt Will Be Here Tomorrow for His
Speech in the Great High School Stadium
Theodore Roosevelt ls scheduled
to arrive in Tacoma tomorrow
I morning at 6:30 o'clock. He will
be breakfasted at the Tacoma ho
tel at 7:45.
Following the breakfast an in
formal reception will be held at
the hotel, after which Mr. Roose
velt will be taken for a ride over
the city.
Ten forty-five o'clock is the
hour set for Roosevelt's speech
In the stadium. Under the direc
tion of Professor S. L. Miller, two
thousand school children will take
part in a flag drill for which spe
cial music has been arranged by
Mr. Miller.
It Is anticipated that a tremen
dous crowd will be present at the
j stadium. The ex-president has
I been received with popular ac
! claim in California and his speech
es have been published almost as
j widely as when he was president
of the country.
Lorenzo Dow, who has charge
of the entertainment, has endeav
ored to make the reception a pop
ular one in view of the fact that
Roosevelt caro little but for the
good opinion of the every-day man
ami woman.
At the breakfast, representa
tives from various civic organiza
tions will be present.
Those who have not seen Ta
coma's stadium will bo enthusias
tic when they witness the scene
which presents itself tomorrow.
Thirty thousand people can be ac
commodated and the view from
every portion ls absolutely free
from interference.
OH omiest
Postmaster F. L. Stocking an
nounced today that beginning
Sunday, April 16, the postmen will
no longer have to work on Sun
days. Mr. Stocking states that
over a thousand letters have come
to him earnestly requesting him
to put such a rule In force, and
that as the contents of the Times'
ballot box are overwhelmingly in
favor of postmen having a day of
rest, he decided to take the step.
The delivery window at the post
office will be open on Sunday
morning as before from 9 to 10
o'clock for the benefit of the gen
eral public.
Girl Marries
Two Soldiers
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 5.
—Because she so loved a soldier
that she married two of Uncle
Sam's hoys in blue from the same
post without the formality of get
ting a divorce, a warrant is out
here today for pretty Mary McCor
mlck, 21. Harry McCormlck, hus
band No. 1, Is the aggrieved par
ty. McCormlck at present ls ln
the Fort Myer guardhouse, and
husband No. 2, said to be F. J.
Hoggins, an artilleryman, has
been sent to the Texas "maneu
vers" at San Antonio.
• •
• No More Cowboy For Him. •
•.. • ' •
9 (United Press Leased Wire.) •
• TUCSON, Ariz., April 5.— •
• Life on the Arizona desert as •
9 a cowboy has palled on Fer- •
• dinand Schumann-Helnk, son •
• of the grand opera star. •
9 Young Schumann-Helnk is in •
9 a Tucson sanitarium recover- 9
0 ing from sundry bruises 9
9 and aches attendant on a 100 •
• mile horseback ride which he •
0 completed yesterday. It ls •
• spring In New York, and he •
• figures as soon as his physl- •
C cai condition improves, he •
• said today, he will return to •
€1 "civilisation." '..4yi •
• '■- ";%•*-'#
...,-I*— _*-...»*... r .,.5.- i a.. v— -4—*1... .-;. .' . -*>"*-.
Berger Demands
An Explanation
(By United Press Leased Wire.) Joint resolution demanding full In-
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 5. formation regarding the alleged
-Asserting that Taft used the "^"e.oluUon calls on the pres-
United States army to assist Pres- d ent to send to congress all avail
ident Diaz of Mexico, Socialist able information explaining his
Congressman Victor L. Berger of action in ordering the troops to
Wisconsin introduced today a the flexlcan frontier.
Thousands of Mourners
Parade New York Streets
In Great Demonstration

(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, April s.—Display
ing hundreds of banners with the
legend "We Mourn Our Dead,"
the labor unions of New York City
today made a great demonstration
against working conditions in the
city's factories as a result of ttie
recent Triangle Shirtwaist com
pany Are, which cost the lives of
143 toilers.
Throughout tho whole factory
district of the city activity was
suspended and the workers, clad
in Bombro garments, passed by
thousands through the streets ln
silent protest against the Ore
traps, y, ■•■-.:■
' Thousands on thousands were
in the parade and despite a steady
downpour, women and children
marched In almost equal numbers
with the men.
Two columns of the tollers, one
from uptown and one from the
lower east and west sides, met In
Washington Square, almost under
the ruins of the Asch .building,
where the fatal fire occurred.
Prominent in the procession were
the survivors of that holocaust,
and the crowds who lined the
streets by hundreds of thousands
uncovered as those who escaped
the worst tire Manhattan has Been
In many years, passed by.
While the parade "was on the
city burled seven unidentilled vic
tims of the Triangle Are. Their
funeral corteges, however, did not
make a part of the parade.
I. : .
Fair tonight and Thursday.
Light northerly winds.
__•*■_.-» x • .
' The fight has just begun. Tl
tested, found dangerous, but not pc
cett, provided the full Fawcett str
hence. . The saloons, the dives ant)
beytind possible doubt expressed th
moiir says he has made no promts
tion been made against Fawcett?
the vote stood yesterday do not wa
per cent can, if it wills, defeat Seyn
la needed is for every Fawcett odh
The registration books ore now op
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 5.
—President Taft submitted today
to congress the reports of the
state and navy departments ad
mitting as true charges made by
Senator LaFollette that secret
plans of the American navy had
been furnished for battleships
built in the United States for Ar
The information was submitted
In response to LaFollette's reso
lution passed by the senate at the
last session of congress.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
MILWAUKEE, April s.—Be
cause he insulted a Washington
park baboon here, Mitchell Sme
llsh today is poorer by $10. Smo
llsh spat in the simian's face. On
trial he refused to say why he as
sailed the monk and was fined.
lie Seymour strength lias been
iwerful enough to defeat Faw
•cngth goes to the polls two weeks
I the special interest crowd have
lemselves as for .Seymour. Sejr.
leg. Yet why has this coinblna-
Sixty per cent of the people as
int Seymour in office. That sixty
nour by a good majority.'All that
icrent to register and then vote.
ten; Register. ; -4 r
The ahamefnl combination of tha dlvea and tha
wealth of Tacoma will be aent broadcast aver the
country. 11l —The victory two week- tram
now of the united atrenKth of Tacoma'a great maaa
of votera will offaet the unfavorable eam
i.aaiai which Krone when the dlvea .and the allk
atocklng crowd voted together at the antl-treatlna
The Only Independent
Kat-apapai la Tacoma.
Wealth and Dives Go
For Seymour
—M—_—— ———-————,
There was no election yesterday.
Mr. Harth, the socialist, was eliminated, however, and now tho
people will go into a final death grapple with the special interests.
And the people, Judging from the results yesterday, will win.
The shrewdest political game ever engineered by the -genial In
terests was worked yesterday in the campaign for Mr. Seyn_our hut
he could not get a majority. With s,t'.t;."i votes he Lacked Just 1,000
of having a majority. It is doubtful if he can ever poll as many
An analysis of the vote shows that Seymour carried the sec
tions of the city where the special interest owners live and whero
tho saloon and tenderloin elements hold sway. When this fact
dawns on tho great army of women who were deceived Into sup
porting Seymour they will desert him like citizens fleeing from the
W. W. Seymour was nominated
to catch tho women vote. He was
picked 'because he was personally
reputed to be a "nice man."
When the Interests want to put
one over on the people they always
pick a popular Idol or a "nice
man" to be the figurehead. When
the saloon Is seeking to win It
does not put up a "tramp" but the
cleanest man it can find who will
servo It. And the saloon and
special Interest factions in Taco
ma nominated W. W. Seymour.
They Immediately stepped Into the
background after starting a num
ber of workers to shouting "clean
man" and .they expected the
preachers and women to do the
Women Deceived.
Thousands of women were de
ceived by tho trick, being new
at tho political game. But not
enough were fooled to win the
election for Seymour.
Of the 8,605 votes cast for Sey
mour not more than 3,000 of them
were cast by men. At every poll
ing place women who were blinded
to the real issues In the campaign
by looking at the "nice man" can
didate worked all day yesterday
almost tearfully begging the wom
en in the precincts to vote for
Seymour because he Is a "nice
Women Wero Sold Out.
And now the figures of the elec
tion tell (lie story that the women
were sold out. They show that W.
W. Seymour, posing as the "moral
candidate," was backed by the sa
loons as had been repeatedly stat
ed in the Times.
He carried a majority or the
slum precincts. He won In all
the wards whero the slums and
the aristocrats rule, and in several
wards whero the great middle
class live enough women were de
ceived to give him a majority.
He carried the Seven slum pre
cincts in tho Third ward over
Fawcett by 432 to 875.
Sandberg Precinct.
In the second precinct, which is
' notorious because of saloon dom
i lnation, Seymour carried 61 to
•40. In the sixteenth precinct,
' which is now the tenderloin pre
■ cinct, and Includes the Kentucky
; hotel of Pete Sandberg, to which
1 his brothel women flew when tney
' were routed from tho Globe and
Standard hotel, Seymour carried it
against Fawcett 45 to 36. In the
' third precinct, taking in many of
' the saloons in the Third ward,
Seymour carried 88 to 66. In the
sixth precinct, which takes In the
line of doggeries down toward the
depot, Seymour had it over Faw
cett by 79 to 63.
Ho carried the slum precinct of
the Fourth ward, taking in the
notorious Garfield hotel. He was
the saloon candidate and It show
ed plainly not only In the work
in the saloons before the election
but it Is demonstrated in the elec
tion figures.
And the saloon never makes
mistakes in politics in a battlo of I
this kind.
Subsidized Press.
These facts are certain to turn
the tide against the special Inter
est candidate and the people will
now see why the tremendous cam
paign was made by the subsidized
press which scattered free papers
all over town for days before the
election full of misstatements and
deceptive arguments, to mislead
the new voters who never before
have been up against these Im
moral and self-seeking political
forces in Tacoma. '
. Seymour carried the First, Sec
ond, Third, Seventh and Eighth
wards of Tacoma. - - - ' -y ■*•.*'
The Third was given him by the
slums, the First and Second by the
aristocrats back of the special In
* ■ a
terests and the Seventh and
Eighth ho got by very narrow mar.
gins, duo to the deception prac
tised on tho women in these
Fawcett carried the Fourth,
Fifth and Sixth wards. Bart*-,
the socialist, was second ln tha
Sixth, very close to Seymour In
the Fourth and very close to Sey
mour In tho Fifth. Tho Barth
voto in these three wards of tho
common people alone would have
added 2,186 to tho Fawcett vote
and would have given him a ma
jority over all and re-elected him.
Not For Seymour.
It Is conceded that this voto
cannot go to Seymour and It will
lie with Fawcett In the next elec
tion. Of the total vote of 3,303
for Barth it is safe to estimate
that not more than tho 300 will
ever go to Seymour. The rest
will go to Fawcett, who stands for
municipal ownership, which Is MM
of tho things that is helping to
develop tho socialistic Idea In this
Seymour's tremendous vote In
the silk stocking Second ward and
the aristocrat precincts of tna
First ward show how determined
the corporato Interests were to
come back Into power in Tacoma.
He had almost threo to one In tfia
Second ward over both other can
didates. Ho had over two to
one over both In tho First ward,
and in one silk stocking precinct
about flvo to one over both.
The figures in the election yes
terday help tremendously in show
ing tho real issues in the cam
paign. They show that tho sa
loon and special Interest crowds
were linked together to elect Sey
mour for their own private ends.
The people aro now onto tho
All the hypocritical deceptions
of the subsidized organs and tho
smooth talk of agents of the spe
cial Interests on the stump will
not rub out the facts as revealed
by the election figures.
But those figures still show In
the Fawcett and Barth votes that
a majority of Tacoma men ana
women can be relied upon In the
fight against prlvil; for tho
few and domination by greed and
Sandberg For
Mr. Seymour
Pete Sandberg, the notorious
dive keeper, was among the prom
inent Seymour workers yesterday.
Sandberg realizes that Commis
sioner Roys was adverse to clos
ing the dives and knows that
with Fawcett in the mayoralty
chair, tho dive days are over.
With part of the church voto
combined with.tho Sandberg ele
ment, Fawcett's chances of return
ing to office at a first election
were spoiled yesterday.
9 news Items from ~~f
• — _, a
Miss Lydette Tyler gave, a baked
bean social at her home last eve.
£X?. rX-,o<, had a good time except
Will Blttercait. who don't like beans.
T. lioosevelt will not visit Hick
town on his tour this year. We
haven't a family In town with mors
than 11 children.
It. la rumored that Abel Skinner
If" going to take a trip somewhere.
He lias had a new handle put onto
his dress-suit case. » . ,
There were quite a lot of spooners I
on the dark . aide . of i Monument
Square last eve.. Constable Hen Tos
ler reports.l -- - ->- »• k~v
It's funny that the fetter that
wears little gold badges of nine
lodges he belongs to, usually ■ kicks I
like tarnation every time his wife
buys a new gingham' apron, lata
Watertower observed this morning,
as he returned on the ■ 10:17 ■ from
Tacoma. „., ,y.

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