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?■ There seems to be a strange dearth of pitchers in the North
west circuit this year, or if they exist they are diamonds yet un
polished. Spokane is pretty sure to have a true and tried pitch
ing staff of the first water. Tacoma comes second, with Vancouver
a poor third. Outside of that, the magnates aro in the air. Dug
' dale and Nic Williams are simply lost, as far as twirling staffs are
* concerned, and before they find their whereabouts, this little league
race may be pretty well settled. Victoria is no better off, but Vic
toria Is a new club, organized late, and not so much is to be ex
pected. Of course, Williams and Dugdale may have the stuff, but
If they uncover it, it will be because luck is with them, and not
because there Is any certainty of talent ln their ranks. It's a mighty
• fine thing to gather in 20 or 30 bush heavers, and every two or
three years gather In one real live one like Yean Gregg or Jess
Baker from the lot. On the other hand, It is a whole lot better
baseball sense to pick up a pitcher or two, drafted by the big league
teams, but not quite ripe for tho big brush game.
This little petty politics in baseball circles Is hurting the game.
The machine with some members of the national commission at its
bead has Tammany skinned to a frazzle, and the sad thing about it
Is that the dear people have no chance to express their disapproval.
California has been the great outlaw jumping ground of the country,
and there have been some pretty raw deals down there, but at the
same time what's fair for the goose is good for the gander. Tommy
Sheehan Is in the game, and numerous others are scattered around
the coast teams, even though they did fall for that outlaw stuff.
The great and only Hal Chase was an outlaw, too, but no one thinks
of holding that against him now. But when poor Benny Henderson,
after a couple of years of idleness tries to get Into tho game, the
national commission decides it has made a mistake about his re
instatement, after he has played one game. Henderson joined the
. Beavers a week ago.
Some of the Seattle hugs have insinuated that I alalia' Household-
AfA Victoria tail in didn't amount to much, and that they would havo
~*an"awful grip on the cellar this year. Eddie believes this is a lack
of neighborly courtesy, to Victoria, the latest sister to join the aid
society. However, just to show some of those tan shoe sports over
In Dugdom, Eddie is going to take his screw over to tho Seattle baili
wick Sunday and show Seattle fans how the game is played. Speak
ing of cellar champions, it looks as If Victoria wouldn't have any
thing on the regrade city at that.
Shreeder Isn't altogether pleased with that game cock answer
ing to the name of "Tige," which Count Bassey has started for the
north, but he has decided to take it out of the express office if the
C. O. D. isn't too high. Bassey says If the Tigers have that rooster
for a mascot this year, they aro going to win all their games, ;uid
the rest of the hoys are dead sure he's right. They say that Bassey
had to do a burnt cork stunt to get tho bird, and that down In Mo
desto the owner is out with a stuffed club looking for a cullud puh
Says Jess
Is Goods
(By Lulled Press Leaned Wire.)
CHICAGO, April s. Ross Com
iskey and Manager Duffy are sat
isfied that Steilacoom Jess Baker,
the boy who learned to play ball
near Tacoma, Wash., is the goods,
■o sure, in fact, that they cut loose
a southpaw who made good with
the Sox last year and whom every
body thought was a fixture, in or
der to make a place for (Baker.
Comiskey,- especially, is enthus
iastic over Jess, whom he says ls
. Just one of the best young south
paws he ever set eyes on, in spite
of the fact that his league experi
ence has been limited. Comiskey
has notified Joe Cohn, the Spokane
magnate from whom Baker was
.'secured, that Jess was a fixture,
and that the Sox, according to
agreement, were ready to turn
over two players, a pitcher and a
catcher, as part payment. , Cohn
> has J been reluctant to accept the
' two offered but has now arranged
to sell them to a Twilight league
Jess cinched bis place with the
Sox by the zero games he has
. 'Pitched the last few days. Experts
predict a brilliant future for the
of Wheat"
Wont Ails-
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(By United Press Leased Wire.)
OAKLAND, April s.—Admirers|
of Joe Lanum expect his wallop |
to bring home the bacon in his six
round 'bout tonight with "Gun
boat Smith, before tho Oakland
Wheelmen's club and he is receiv
ing considerable support in the
betting. The Gunboat, however,
is in excellent condition and ex
pects to knock Lanum out.
If the former sailer wins his
manager, Harry Foley, will en- ,
deavor to match him with Carl
Morris, the Oklahoma hope.
I (By Halted Press Leased Wire.)
Mac Will Be .Sore Now.
Secretary Parrel! of tho national
commission notified Secretary
Danny W. Long of the Pacific
Coast league tho reinstatement
of Ben Henderson, now playing
with the Portland club had been
cancelled. Farrell stated that the
reinstatement of Henderson was
due to a misunderstanding of the
facts in the case.
Polo Meet Commences Today.
LOS ANGELES; April s.With
the meet commencing today at
Pasadena and continuing until
, April 12, the California polo sea
son will be brought to an end.
The participants will compete for
. the Hogau and other valuable
Won't Allow Betting.
NORFOLK. Va„ April s.—ln-
I terest today in the opening of the
. spring meet of the Jamestown
Jockey elufb was omewhat dlmln
, ished by Gov. Man's warning that
i any violation of the Virginia anti
, betting law would result in vigor
i ous prosecution.
Discuss Motor Car Shows.
NEW YORK, April s.Mem
i bars of the show committee of the
National Association of Automo
i 'bile Manufacturers gathered here
today to discuss plans for next
, year's motor car exhibitions
, throughout the country,
SAN FRANCISCO, April s.—ln
, addition to a bout with Johnny
McCarthy, the "fighting harp,"
and Sammy Smith, the New York
lightweight, Jim Griffin has wires
out today trying to land Johnny
Coulon, the bantan champion, and
Frankle Conley.
; •• Red Cross Ball Blue, much bet
i ter, goes farther than liquid blue.
' Get from any good grocer. •*•
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, April s.—Does this
face remind you of home runs or
cream puffs. it should. Its own
er is none other than the notor
ious Ping Bodie who swatted out
so many homers last year for the
San Francisco Seals, that Danny
Long got sore and sold Ping to
the Chicago White Sox. Ping
showed up carrying about 20
pounds surplus, at the Sox camp
this spring, but Duffy' told him to
sprint to tho hall groundseight
miles away— and back two or
three times a day. Ping soon
dropped the 20.
Then the home runs began.
Ping's first, the knockers said,
W-# ■mlsaiEßia tSa "wHVilis-iV creW
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, April —As Overall
goes, Bobby Keefe comes. The
tall giant hasn't time to play base
ball this season, for the Southern
.California mine In which both he
and Mordecal Brown are Interest
ed, pays dollars where baseball
pays doughnuts .only. But there
will be someone to keep the fa
mous old band of Tacoma Tigers
before the eye of the big league
fan, and that one will be Bobby
Keefe, who shone with Overall In
Tacoma ln the early days. .
•Bobby Is going like wildfire In
1 .. **
PING bodie. i tj ;
was an accident the second was
because the pitcher is Ineffective.
Then they came so fast the boys j
around the camp lost count, and
the old Roman began to notice
the busher to whom all the Box
pitchers looked alike. Comiskey
sprung that "You're good, ; for?a
berth, kid," stuff on Ping the oth
er day, and the picture shows
whether or not the remark pleas
ed him. Comiskey says ho has
long been looking for a slugger
of the Bodie type.
Bodio takes his honors modest
ly and says home runs are the re
sult of cream puffs, several of
which Ping greedily devours be
fore and after each game.
Clark Griffith's Cincinnati'tesfcn, |
and while Griffith has plenty}of
good twirling material this ■ year, i
he has saved a nice little berth
for Bobby. . "'' j •
Overall will be badly missed by
the Cubs, where the pitching staff
is none too strong. It is believed
that his arm was practically use
less, accounting for his failure to
report. !,a r
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II Jack Kill!lay does not stick
with the Boston Americans he will
hold down a mound position with
Sacramento of the Coast league,
according to reports from Califor
nia. Sacramento is the official
farming ground of the Bostonlans,
and while many of the wise ones
figure him to stick with the Bean
town lads, he may be shifted to
Sacramento, despite McCredle's
efforts to hook the Spokanite.
George Ort of the Portland
Northwestern league squad Is not
satisfied with tho "Roadster"
name given the Beavertown tos
sers, and offers to give $2 5 to tho
person who will furnish an accept
able substitute.
Coast League j
Won. Lost Pet.
Oakland ...... 5 1 ,533
San Francisco ..5 2 .714
Los Angeles ... 4 3 .571
Portland 4 4 .500
Vernon ........ 2 6 .250
Sacramento .... 1 5 .167
At Los Angeles.
Portland 2 5 1
Vernon 1 2 3
Batteries—Koestnor and Kuhn;
Hitt, Brown and Hogan.
San Francisco-Sacramento game
postponed; rain.
Oakland-Los Angeles game;
postponed; rain.
Fans Elect Baseball
Magnate to Council
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, April s.—Baseball
fans were today given credit for
the election yesterday of Al Tear
ncy, .president of the Three I
baseball league, to Chicago's ald
crmanlc board. Tearney, who Is
a democrat, was pitted against
Milton Foreman, republican, and
one of the strongest men on the
city board. The defeat of Fore
man was a great surprise to the
republicans, who believed that he
would be returned an easy victor
over the baseball magnate.
With ii** Amatfitd*
Any amateur base ball teams
wishing games please write 11. L.
Minor, Manager, Homo Baseball
Club, Home, Was.h
i Wft^jf 0 LI'LE AHTIH'R SAYS: H
li JP^|§e "Hooroo fo' Barth! 1
|j . W*7BSir Da's tree thousand |j
y I a I Sga votes running' 'roun B
I J J/ V lookln' to' a owner; al- E|
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How Those
Stovalls Do
Hang On
Manager Jim McGulre showed i
George Stovall the confidence he i
had in him the other day, when he ■
made George field captain for the
Naps this year. Every year tor a
long time the bugs said Stovall
was due for the long rest, but each
year he turns up at the camp and
somehow shows just a little better
than the hungry recruits who are
after his job.
.less Stovall seems determined
to last just as long as his big
brother. Jess is trying for the
center field position on Nle Will
lams Roadsters, and from all ac
counts has the youngsters beaten
by a city block.
Do You Know That
Optician nnd Jeweler
Opposite the Arcade.
For Team
The present program mapped
out by Shreeder for the Tigers,
after that game at Chehalls Sun
day, will be five days of secret
signal practice at the park, and
possible games with local semi-pro
teams Saturday and Sunday. Duke
Campbell's All-Stars will probably
be pitted against the Lynch crowd
Saturday while another team yet
to be picked will furnish the oppo
sition Sunday. This will give the
boys a day of ease, and put them
on edge for the Victorians Tues
Shreeder has heard nothing
from St. Louis regarding Pete
Morse, the Infielder, but expects
to get word in the next day or
two. St. Louis asks 1750 for the
boy, which George thinks a wee bit
Eastern critics are asing if it
is possible Fred Tenny has In
stilled something Into the Boston
Nationals? Almost everyone pick
ed them to finish last, and It
would be sweet joy for Tenny to
land at the top of the first or sec
ond division. '
Muggßy McGraw has spoken
about that Baltimore deal, saying
he was a free agent, having been
given his release by the Baltimore
stocholders, when he made his
deal with John T. Brush to man
age the Giants.
Ty Cobb's act in refusing •to
recognize Harry Howell, now with
Louisville, because Howell Is al
leged to have asked the official
scorer to boost Lajoie's hatting
average that day at St. "Louis
when Nap made eight hits, shows
the Georgian in a smaller light
than many believed him capable
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Wednesday, April 5, 1911.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
DENVER, April s.—While Da
vid Stewart of La Salle was whip
ping Harry Smith of Omaha ln a
prize fight at Greeley last night
his neighbors wore counting the
, votes that elected him mayor of
• his home city. When at the con
clusion of the fight it was an
nounced that he had also been
elected mayor he was given a
great cheer.
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