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Oakland, California, has emerged from a fierce
straggle between the forces of ranirmllim and of
radicalism. Scare I Social late, 0,6331 combined op
poaltlon, 11^06, which la another "crnahlng defeat"'
for the "lam**. j
VOL. Vm. NO. 134.
Telegram and Letter Sent to Former Chief Show
That Blethen Was Very Friendly to Ousted Of
SEATTLE, May 34. Among other telegrams and letters which
passed between A. J. Blethen and C. W. Wappensteln are the two
80) op 17 Ad Chg.
Seattle, Sept. 26.
O. W. Wappensteln, •
Hotel Manx, 88 '
San. Fran., Cal.
Telegram received. Go to Hotel Oregon and keep out of sight. Don't
register. Fone me long distance. A. 3. BLETHEN.
dig. Times.
Seattle, Washington, Sept. 24, 1010.
My dear Wapp:—
. As I know that y.u will stop at Portland and at the Oregon, I
I am writing you this letter as a substitute for a night telegram I had
prepared Friday night for you, but which Inadvertently got into the
mail instead of into the Postal Telegraph. The telegram exceeded
one hundred words and therefore was billed to go as a "lettergram."
When I found the error this morning I wired you a few words
telling you to call me by telephone in Portland when you arrived and
tills I hope you wIU not fall to do for the following reasons:—
I.— had not been out of town forty-eight hours before War
dell started in to clean up the —and he had the help of every
enemy which Gill and yourself have made since this present admin
istration took office.
—Wardell first notified Berryman to close his dance hall in
the tenderloin district, as it was a nuisance— tbe notice
through Mike Powers and inferring that the Sheriff would raid the
place that night if the poUce didn't, and .ml. 11 didn't propose to
allow the Sheriff the opportunity.
B—They called me by telephone for advice and I promptly laid
out a plan for them to pursue, which they followed to the letter and
so far have escaped difficulty.
—I told them to obey the order of Powers without fail unless
the Mayor receded after I had interviewed Hodge and Hodge had
denounced the whole proposition as a falsehood.
B.When I obtained the latter information, however, I went
after Powers, and he said his orders were positive from WardeU and
be didn't think the Acting Mayor was moved by any information from
the Sheriff's office. Therefore the report coming to mc must have
been untrue, though Berryman said Powers had told him.
I then advised them by all means not to open up the next morn
ing, but to go before the Courts and get the hearing, which they did.
Judge Gilliam issuing a restraining order by demanding that the
case be beard todaybut the outcome will not be known until this
afternoonand in the meantime they have opened their house for
three consecutive nights, in spite of Wardall.
;, I enclose herewith statements made by Wardall denouncing you
by inuendo, if not directly, as they will save me writing the facts
but you should read them carefully.
Yesterday afternoon Bralnerd had Wardall in his office and de
manded that he remove you by appointing Bennett as' Chief of
Police, which he promptly refused, alleging that to accept such a po
sition would be to sacrifice his Captaincy and that he would not do.
I think WardaU began to feel a little shaky about Ills upheaval
work, and concluded that Mike Powers would do for a while, but to
day Mike Powers has raised the devil against Wardall and very
likely ho my be removed before Gill gets back.
Now if you appear in this city any time before Gill returns,
Wardall will remove you and then your enemies will'do all in their
power to keep you out after Gill returns. Hence Ido not want that
■ to occur as I do not believe he can legally remove you during your
Now I have given yon sufficient Information to put you entirely
on your guard and if you will keep in touch with mo by long distance
telephone until I give the word, you wiU very much oblige your per
sonal friends. ... ... •
I will not go into detail yet as to the charge Hodge has made
against you to Bobby Boyce, and 'who came to me in great distress
- night before lost, claiming that he had positive proof that you were ,
the greatest grafter on the face of the earth and that you were lead
ing GUI straight own to destruction.
I also enclose a clipping from today's paper which is a letter
Wardall sent me night before last, and simply to show you that
WardaU is attempting to turn all of his charges against you for your
return.'- ;- xyy ■-•-■ Respectfully, *
a_^ XXX^ ' ' .'■ (Signed) A. J. BLETHEN.
Mr. 0. W. Wappensteln, -
' Chief of Seattle Police, ; . '
i- X. Hotel Oregon,
Portland, Ore.
(By United Press Leased Wire.) stirred that body to renewed ef-
NBW YORK, May 23.More for
lhan one thousand lives are need- nn '^°^ eJ**» «20,000 llrt? ad $2,
-->____ , ,*, _, a. . - .a 000,000,000 In- property," said
lessly sacrificed each year in the Merrill, have been lost by fire in
United States by fire, is the state- America within the last 20 years
ment of Prof W. H. Merrill be- Four-fifths of the loss was need
fore the National Fire Protection less and might easily have been
association here, which has today avoided."
i Picked Up From the Day's News
I (By United Press Leased Wise.)
'(lly ; United Press Leased Wire.)
f^'f£^.^"* - \i*- ". ■ '.' i:_. .. -■■..', i 3 :
Xf'X OLYMPIA, May 24.—The
state tax commission reports ;,
tbat Pierce county, collected
,".Nln taxes in 1010 $3,006,326.
--. 88. The railways paid 5 1-2 .'
*|t of the total, the street rail-7
;:y ways 2.4 percent. -" y "-, f. :•".*, iff
XX BOSTON, May 24.—Urged by
£ the 'prisoner's [ aged mother. Gov.
fl Fobs , today j took under., consider
ation the removal of some of the
restrictions that have made Jesse
: Pomeroy, ,the famous : Charleston
I "lifer" a ' moderni counterpart of
-the "man In the Iron mask." Pom
j'eroy le kept In solitary confine
jj ment and never . sees or is : seen
by/ any; of j the other , convicts. i<y
•■%?:_, SAN BERNARDINO, May 24.
"My 'i uncle, R. E. . McDonald,! al-
Hm ready owes me $2,000. I cannot
j i advance ■ any ■ funds for ; bis '[ fun
,-f>ral.",Vyy fyXXiX: [■:■
ii This was »■ the 5 answer i sebt \by
A. jR. Urquart, :a '. nephew, in i re
'.'-f sponse to f a telegram -, announcing
'fi McDonald's . deathj in ; the f desert,
, where 7 he :. had X spen^.,,. rears '-% ln
5 prospecting. , .*■'■ '"'" r!f^4jjjjj&"" ""•'-''
¥*-.♦? HUSUM, Wash., May 24.—Roy
IChubb was loading ' a lot of baled
iv hayg and dynamite - when 7 a big
The Only Independent
Nreiftpit In Tacoma.
bale of hay fell on him striking
him in . the back of the head ' and
driving bis face into a box of
dynamite, breaking the box and
knocking him senseless. The
dynamite did not „ explode and
Chubb Is being congratulated. .
;.VALDEZ, May 24.—Prospect
ors returned from Valdez glacier
have brought effects and bones
of the body of F. B.: Flsk, of Bos
ton, who , was ■ lost ln I the winter
of 1909. , He starved to death in
a cabin leaving notations on the
margin of an : almanac telling bis
: NEW YORK, May 24.—
birth rate in this city for the first
three months of the _ year *_ was
28.11 per 1000, tbe largest on
record. xxy.,.y.-jy-y.:-fy:ff. |
Hants for His Arm. ' ■"■', X:
X- SACRAMENTO, ff May ff 24—
James Hurley has been searching
Sacramento for the past! week :In
quest !of I his ' artificial arm which
be j left 1 In •' a t lodging | bouse I after
sleeping; off 1 a "jubilee." Hurley
left , the lodging __ house Mm the
morning, forgetting Ito 1 screw ion
hla'Armiffffffff _y / y •_• ',':
X Showers tt, -ght; fair Thursday;
light westerly ■wlafa-W£2y e 3.m:wy
»_i.-_K^__l_™a_MßL'___^_#__rt.v ,*,_. , „ ffi^SsS WiTMMflim
The Tacoma Times
Clad in Green Tights
Society Beauty Walks
Big Hotel Corridors
She amazed guests of the fash
ionable Bellevue-Stratford hotel
in Philadelphia the other day by
nonchalantly . promenading« the
corridors clad in green tights. She
is a Virginia beauty, a descend
ant of President Polk, wife of a
very wealthy Philadelphia:!, and
has been presented at European
When s he alighted with a
friend from her motor car and
entred the big, brilliantly light
ed lobby nothing unusual was
noted. She wore a chic Persian
hat and a long opera cloak. But
as she strolled about the cloak
became a trifle oppressive and she
flung It open and back upon her
shoulders and continued strolling.
Her sang frold was decidedly
piquant, considering that ln
throwing open her opera cloak
the full length of the green silk
tights was displayed. The tights
were of glossy silk and a vivid,
if tempered green.
Seymour Pays
Another Debt
Meyor Seymour paid another
political debt this morning at the
expense of the public service and
turned the municipal dock of the
people over to a political hench
man as ay for work In the cam
Ball Hall was named as sup
erintendent of the municipal dock
to take the place of W. G. Row
land. .
. Rowland took the dock at Us
start and ln three months has
built up the business until It has
a monthly Income of about $I*6oo.
There were' prospects ahead for
increasing this Immensely. ■'"
Commissioner F-noeland would
not stand for the raw - deal and
he -voted against confirming the
appointment but It went through,
the rest voting for it. '
j; Commissioner Woods was auth
orised to redeck the Ilth street
bridge this morning . He said the
floor ls ln bad shape audi should
be replaced at once. . It will cost
about $1,030 for lumber for'the
job. V -Xf-X'X ■'. XyA'' ... ;.
. Commissioner Woods says the
old bridge is ln bad shupe all over
and the city will be lucky if It
does not collapse before it can get
a new one built. ', i : 1 i - ;*j j'..
The ax fell for the first time
in the light and water department
yesterday and' it bit Pete Dab roe,
foreman of mains. -•. !
Pete was an ardent Lawson
follower and Ihe made . such a
noise in the campaign that Weeks
took quick action on him and he
Is now out Dabroe knows more
about the city water mains than
all the rest of the people ln town
put together for he has been on
th job most of the time for over
20 years. y' ,y-y. : : \ , . ,'y* ,■-
James Agnew, . engineer at tbe
Tacoma theater building,' gets the
Job. f1- -yi-f '-"- :■:. ■ f-- ■ *
amg^^^A, ____% *vr
Uncle Job says: "I ,' really | don't
mm ■Jcar.xUffXXX ,:yi-.-yA
They. hist; up or lower the tariff;
ff: It 4 myj hens f only lay
KW I'll f continue ] to' say^fe_*w;' '£*■■
Poohinc-oh'to' the j poor bouse _ and
-"X: 'A-a 'Xyfffjm
Congress-Has Power to
Curb Supreme Court
Progressives Will Undertake to Set Bounds for the
WASHINGTON. D. C, May 3 4.—Can congress curb the su
preme court?
An affirmative answer to this question has been worked out
in the councils of the progressive members of the senate and
house of representatives.
And the remedies are to be applied. There will probably
be a bitter fight, but the remedy will be applied If progressive
republicans and democrats remain In sower.
Section 2of Article 111 of the constitution of the United
States is to be invoked —for the second time in history. This
section defines and limits the powers of the supreme court and
the last paragraph reads:
"In all the other cases, before mentioned, the su
preme court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to
law and fact, with such exceptions and under such reg
ulations as the congress shall make."
Applying this power of congress it is proposed to Introduce
and pass two bills. -yf ■'
1) A bill adding to the Sherman anti-trust act this simple
amendment: "Of whatever character." These words are to fol
low the words prohibiting- restraint of trade and are Intend
ed to do away with the word "reasonable,'.' which has been
read into the Jaw tby the ! supreme court.
2) A bill providing that no law shall be declared to bo un
constitutional by the supreme court except by the unanimous
vote of all nine supreme court justices.
The power of congress to regu
late the supreme court has been
so long neglected that 'It has
been almost forgotten .Few peo
ple realise that the constitution
reposes such power ln the repre
sentatives of the people.. Such,
however, Is the fact.
It is not contended by. pro
gressives ln congress that tbe
second of the two proposed meas
ures would prevent decisions like
the Standard Oil decision, *in
which the supreme court usurps
the legislative power and reads
words into the statute. ' Such
an act, however, would place j a
wholesome check upon the su
preme court and would head off
any: attempt by ' : the supreme
court to nullify the Sherman anti
trust law when the law had been
again vitalized by a congressional
declaration eliminating the word
Another proposition which Is
under consideration by progres
sive senators and representatives
Is the drafting of an entirely new
and lon clad law for the regula
tion of trusts similar to the Brit
ish "Companies Acts." ' ' .XX
(By United Press Leased Wire.) as J. W. King, who, with the other
OAMPTON, Ky., May 24.Mys- three men. is believed to have
tery as to the identity of the slay- come here from Oregon,
ers of four men whose bodies were Pearl fishers lately have been
found swinging from a tree in a re- making rich finds in the Ken
mote part of this county today is tucky river, and it Is believed the
still unsolved. Only one >- of the four dead , men were robbed and
bodies has been identified. It is then lynched by the men who plun
that of a pearl fisher known here dered them.* *
Late Bulletins
„ (By United Press Leased Wire.) ■-.-. ;
MONTEVIDEO, May 24.The proclamation of a state of siege
probably will be Issued at the capital today.'" The city is in a turmoil
following the riots, in which a number of soldiers and strikers were
killed. .'■■ . „-■ yyf _'■
;. CONSTANTINOPLE, May Russia served on Turkey today
a demand so drastic as almost to amount to an ultimatum, insist
ing on the immediate disavowal of any warlike Intentions by the
porte against Montenegro. •-",.* r'-'■'_■ , .-,-
BOSTON, May 24.—With a Speech tonight before the Inter-Co
lonial club on Canadian reciprocity, Secretary of War Henry L.
Stlmson will make lids debut as the "baby member. of the cabinet
COPENHAGEN, May 24.—-The' American battleship squadron
will arrive here tomorrow. '.Elaborate entertainments in which roy
alty wUI participate has been planned.
'. ........ ... ,- i- ■---„„'. y-.f
TANGIER, May —All of the Europeans in Fez are rejoicing
today over their release from the . attack of the rebellious tribesmen
who have been besieging the capital. *
• MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May) 24.Arriving here today Gov.
Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey ' wss j greeted by a ■ big reception
committee and conducted to ; the Publicity club, ' where at noon
he delivered an address. -■'.-.. •XX- 'f,:": .: X- i :■**?&*?.-*s■.■. ■.-
Poll Halls, and Now Reuben Keune
"-:XaX'- ■--..':? •-.,>.•■■- iy:-yy'y ''Xriyf-' *xy -;iif -..--::. x--~-■:-
Must Spend Time Reforming
"I don't know why I~ did ■• it,
Judge;; I v got to .* spend my
money ln ths poolrooms, and that
was j the beginning," ' said ' Reuben
Keune, 18, "after pleading guilty
before Judge Chapman of burglar, j
lslng two Old Town grocery stores.
. * ."It's Just; another * example *of I
the evil . Influence of f the jj pool
halls," said! the 'eonrtfrSyyfxlX*}
His voice choked with emotion, ,
the 'i lad's , father asked % tho \ court
for _ leniency. "He's J been f sickly
and' I've; never . asked f him to do ,
much f work," he said." "This iis
his ' first | trouble, but] I I guess jhe
got In bad company."
M With I his I father A standing g by
and bis mother sitting weeping | a
few J feet * away, f the i young £ fellow
received a ' oueio 15-year sentence ;
to j the rtformatory at i Monroe. He
s»*«tiTued sett-control x until X he ■
'bade mother and father
Motion for a new trial was filed
by Attorney Lefebvre for Roy
Moorhead in the superior court
this afternoon. The defense al
leges that Moorhead did not have
a fair trial and the motion sites
fifteen irregularities in the court
proceedings during the trial.
(By United Press' Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. 0., May 24.
—When the senate convened at
noon. today Senator LaFollette re
sumed his - speech demanding an
lnve* tgatlon of the Lorimer elec
tion. f"j-j,* **».,-:*; J *!.--*?* •:■'-■■ ''■.;'■>•• '■'■ >
Clearings 1594,895.41
Blalances 55,793.74
farewell- and '• then j burst ;"' into
j *?-'■-.-■ -* *..*t,. '■'\.-.^-'.^'-^y-.W -y'..hJjr^.^^-miK^aS"f-
9— — 1
(By - United Press Leased V Wire.)
M SIOUX CITY, la, May 24.—A
certain I spot •ln . the back of .£ Rene
Simon, the "fool . flyer's" hand 'ls
destined ]to remain always | dry, in
accordance Ith a vow taken iby
the aviator _ today to T leave ' forever
there the kiss imprinted |therej. by
Madame! Sarah Bernhardt.
The "Divine Sarah" watched Si
mon during a flight yesterday» in
which the ("circled. over J three states
at a'p sight of fljfiOOlfeet^J-f^l.f -■
When he slighted she rushed
ov eritt/ his hang%r.f and: seising his
hand pressed It t**er. lips.-S®aSS
Edna to Marry Banker—
. She Admits It Herself
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
LONDON, May 24.—Edna
Goodrich, who Is stopping at the
Ritz Carlton made no denial to
day of the rumors that Bhe Is to
marry a London banker. During
the trial of the Goodrich-Good
win divorce proceedings, she was
seen constantly in company with
the banker whom it -is said, she
is to wed next month. - She Is ac
companied by her mother.
No Delay On
r;??the;l Bridges
" - ■ „ -. i ,-"■».
The council refused to stand
for Mayor Seymour's requested
delay on the bridge question this
morning and' the recommendation
of Commissioner Woods .'that Mho
city call for bids at once for the
construction of the City Water
way and Puyallu river bridges
was adopted, Freeland, Weeks
and Roys voting with him.
The moyar wan ted* t ©lay the
plans away " until he can write
to his brother and some' other
eastern people to see what they
say about It.
The city will call for bids on
both bascule and vertical lift
type of bridges and then will de
cide which to use.
Suicide Drowns
In Bathtub
. (Br United Pr-rw I.enaed Wire.)
BAKERSFIE-LD, Cal., May 24.
—Ernest Berger, 35, a wealthy
Swiss, is dead here today, a sui
cide by drowning. He had been
sick with erysipelas. After i se
curing admission to .' a * hospital
Burger severed an " artery with a
piece of glass from an electric
light bulb. Bleeding profusely he
got Into the bathtub and turned
on the water. •* ?,
Lame Duck Club
How Reactionaries Who '-; Were
. Retired .b> the i People j Have
*■ Been Given Soft Places. ."
One of the sins with which
President Taft is charged by the
progressives of i his';. party. is '. the
use of ; federal patronage 7, to ; re
ward reactionary public ] servants
who have ' been. repudiated by the
people. The latter are ; generally
called "lame ducks." - *-y .'•--
1.-- : f»-,v,*__--*v.T-» .-« ia««..m- ....-,-... •-..
former J senator : fS from gj Missouri.
1 Warner voted whenever his vote
| was S needed % with? Nelson W. Al
drlch. Repudiated, by Missouri, he
has been appointed by the .presi
dent i; as * the *-. civilian ff member of
oard of ordnance and-forti
fications * :it $500} I per annum.
The Only lidrproilrnl
tttvr.pmp.r la lai*ona.
Declares His Desire to Prevent Wappenstein I rom
Being Ousted Had Led Enemies to Prosecute
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SEATTLE!, May 24—A. J.
Blethen, editor of the Seattle
Times, who was indicted by the
grand Jury yesterday, today made
the following statement to the
United Press:
"The cause of this entire up
heaval, resulting in the calling of
a grand Jury and the finding of
indictments against me and the
managing editor, the city editor
and the Times Publishing com
pany, lay in the election of Hiram
Gill as mayor ln March, 1010, as
he ran upon a platform demand
ing the re-establishment of the
restricted district—and the plac
ing* of the same in the Second
"As the Times was the only
newspaper that supported Gill for
the mayoralty when his adminis
tration was attacked It fell to the
Times to defend him and incident
ally his chief of police.
"When Gill was lnvelghled from
the city on a twelve days' voyage,
after he had given the chief leave
of absence for a like period, and
Wardall had started the upheaval
of an investigation, immediately
charging the chief of police with
graft; threatened his removal and
the same was wired to him by Mr.
Boyce, the mayor's private secre
tary, it naturally followed that
Wappensteln should wire to me
for the facts and ask whether he
should return to Seattle at once
or not.
"Hence my letter to Wappen
stein, which was reproduced In
the Post-Intelligencer this morn
Wanted to Boat Wardall.
"I was determined that War
dall should not get the chief of
police within his Jurisdiction be
cause by keeping him out, War
dall could not remove .him,'since
he could only remove the man
he found In charge, and that was
Inspector Powers, whb' had been
named as temporary chief . when
Wappenstein was- allowed to go
south by the mayor,*
"Incidentally, one might Inquire
The Central Improvement Club
league met at the city hall last
night with fourteen - clubs repre
sented. • '
The league took up the location
of the new South End High
school, and named H. G. Williams,
Q. J. Langford and Dr. S. M. Le-
Crone a committee to investigate
the matter. . -
The league is also working on
an ordinance for a city sealer of
weights and measures. The mat
ter will be presented to the city
■-' '• y-.-.y . -„....-■. , * i »■•« • ,'•"*' *. *. * ;y. *• * ... ;, *f. .*'.■_- ".-■:. V *^i'i*f; *V
(By United, Press Leased Wire.)
LAKE MOHONK. N. V., May 24.
That the United States senate
in all probability will ratify the
Anglo-American arbitration treaty
was declared here today by Presi
dent Nicholas: Murray : Butler '} of
Columbia university, when, as pre
siding officer, he opened the ses
sions of the Lake Mohonk confer
ence for the promotion of Interna
tional arbitration, y-'.'y
""* President Butler also announced
the ' plans' of ; the . Carnegie " Peace
Commission. He said the trustees
A Story of the Town
.*: - A young attorney in this city made enough money to be able tojll
• afford .' a I stenographer, and he . hired f one \at ' once. That , Is," he Jad-vII
vertised for one,"! and when the first neat J little f. person? applied,^ he%
f gave her a Beat and asked the perfunctory | questions:
"Do you understand business forms and legal papers?" " \-v3J--K:
"Oh, yes, sir. I have worked Uny three law ! offices and two W?
banks." -A- ... V" •-■,.':•.-••' ' ' ■J'-' '.:,/;. ;f-V.,*''■' ?_ ;■-. iffy' "■'..: «**"; "■' * '■"--, -..--■: • --,'■ .... „—,..,.tm-^tt^r
• panics. * .. - ,_>■ *-,-,, t! d „. .
;■ "Can »you. take dictation rapidly?" . -$t>fm
pais." Yes,'; and S write! rapidly. My,! one ' fault iis.l am . a little vreaM
on j apemngf'..%,om^^!S^^^&^S^W^mi'^^m^m V-.?T3r 4^_
"Great i Scott! Si You ? wouldn't do at any price. That's what I
[want a" stenographer forl | can't * spell •at ■ all.'lyifX,'f*&yHyjmfimm'A
:.-.-. „....'■-,-. ... ■ - ■■:-.■• ■■..*.:■ !..,.... — ,.".....,.,, „^y y- ■•:■--. y..y..yy -:. -:y "y-y:^*i±im
■- ' . m-mA i.-:. * -"-, .. r „ i <x- _- , . '
"Good l morning," said \ the pretty young lady as* she stepped
the window at the postoffice. "Is there a letter for me today?" Wf
SffiSfei'Piy look," answered I the _ tierlt^S^lSßsSßßM^SS^sßW&^^% 7"
rts3pThe: girl blushed 5 a little, and . she added. "It's 'a' business * let
sp*The man Inside the window took up a handful of letters and
_looked fj them i over ,5 hastily. Then '- he s. informed . the"/ customer sthat ftfi
;there was nothing; for her, and with great ' disappointment
f on her features she „ wen away from \ there. ".J In ! five ;minutes she . was
back again—this time i blushing more furiously, than before^" ~ ![
"I—l deceived you/ she stammered, "it—lt wasn't a busluewV
: letter' 1 was . expecting. ■% Will ,'you". please see ;if ', thsra fa ' sometbinfmS
: for, me among the love letters!" 'V-, -■„ "■ ■■■■'- "•'•'^-'•"•"-■'■^HBSSR'
Wow mmetmtmvj at war kaows aotfcta* .t war mm;
I tarn army. Kaaar aoma araaUanl do*aa_*t h_m a ;
'■•Idler for Ik* pipe*. and a aallar far aamatary •* '
; Ika ■><). Bat perhaps they art mm *<><•* la ■•__■■■ !
deleaatea for aatloaal eoavoatloaa.
how It happens that tbe Post-In
telligencer ls able to reproduce
evidence before the grand jury.
Did they steal It?—or did Dr.
Mathews, elder of his church and
foreman of the grand Jury, loan
it to them?
"That there was no testimony
before the grand Jury sufficient to
warrant an Indictment Is shown by
tho fact that the prosecuting at
torney refused to sign the find
ings of that body, until ordered to
do so by the court, who, of course,
acted from his interpretation of'
the law, and not from bis knowl
edge of what the testimony was. y
"As to tho conspiracy I have
only this to say: So far as I have
any knowledge there was never" a
cent paid to any member of the
police or to any human being by
the men who owned and operated
that dance house by permission of
the mayor—nor do I believe that a
penny of money has ever been
given to the chief or his assist
ants, and I know that no one has
ever assumed that the Times ever
received a penny from any human
being for anything that was not
absolutely earned In a proper way.,
"That Dr. Matthews has played,
Into the hands of the Post-Intelli
gencer for the purpose of political
revenge may or may not have been
an accident. Wilson . (owner of
the Post-Intelligencer) has always .
been a candidate for the United
States senate, and the Times has
always opposed him—and Wilson
has always been defeated. This
fact alone Is sufficient excuse for
all the dirty work which the Post-
Intelligencer has done toward my
self and the Times for the last 12
years while under the control of;
Wilson.' -..--;f |
If these cases are ever brought i
to trial they will be defeated as
rapidly as It is possible to : put
them before the court — even
the Post-Intelligencer admits . that.
there is not sufficient testimony
to Justify- a trial, and therefore
not sufficient to justify an Indict
ment, and 'by that admission | the j
P.-I. endorses the stand taken by.
prosecuting attorney." {jfMJB
commission'later.' - Jf^
William Crehan spoke on the
Weed Day movement; and suggest
ed that there Is an ordinance now
compelling all property owners to
cut weeds. Ths "W. levance com- 1
mittee of the clt • will probably
demand that the} ft > enforce it and?
bring to • book I §£j owners of ; va- ;
cant lots. JtZ't'" X: .: ■■;
W. Neilson, "? y fl. Kennell and
C. P. Green wd|f| appointed 7' to ?.
ask the mayor 0 name a tax com- -
mission to look Into local taxa
tion. •_■'.; : iryiff:. .'yfy y:Ay
of the Carnegie ' fund '.. propose to 7
work in three divisions—
tional law, economics and history I
and intercourse and education. * -X&
:.- President'; Butler announced,
on the authority of Secretary of
State Knox, that the proposed in
ternational court of arbitral Justice
would soon, be established at "The 7
Hague. He said that the questionf
of | disarmament was not possible '
of settlement JJ until - all 5, nations §
shall ' subscribe _ to ,¥- the fg doctrine f
that private property at sea; shalls
be exempt from capture in time of
'war. .-•• -... v--,-*o. ; ** y y y

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