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Mrs. <Suy Ijetand MorrUs of
Pasadena, Cal., ts visiting with her
■ Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
i Richardson, at their summer
tome at Gravelly lake.
•• ■ •
The executive board of the I.i>-
Ules' Musical club met Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. Geo. Tarbell
to complete arrangements for the
tegular annual complimentary
Concert with which the club opens
Its season. , ■ .
• t* it*
' Miss Myrtle Larson of South
fiend Is the guest for several
■tveeks of Mr. and Mrs. D. B.
£waln. , , ■'
" • - • - •■/
Wednesday m •'nine ,th« mem
bers of the Entrb Nous club were
entertained by Miss Hasel Van
Kleek at her home In the North
■-.»••- ..
•' Dr. and Mrs. Johnson of Oor>
Tallls, Ore., are the guests of Mr.
mid Mrs. Alexander Smith.
•_• • ■"-
' * An afternoon In honor of Mrs,
iW. H. Harries of Kansas ■ City,
|Ko., was given by Mrs. L. L. Whit
!. man Thursday at | her home on
Worth. Prospect street. .•
• • •
Mrs.' Tayoton Thaywr was host
ess at a. reception In honor of the
members of the Taccrma Business
Women's club at her home ' on
North J Street last evening. .
.*i .-\ ■ • /.:• »• • ' . ■
♦: 'It.c General Wright circle will
l&ntertaln at. 500 and luncheon
(Wednesday ' . afternoon at the
armory. -*■•»•
. ■*- • • ■-• ■ » „■-;
.' Mr. and Mrs. Louis diatnplln
and daughter, Miss Lydia, left
this morning for the east. Miss
Champain goes to Pullman to en
ter the State college and take up
flomestic science. Mr. Champlln
Continues on to St. Paul.
Stripes in dross goods will be
as fashionable this winter as dur
ing the summer.
Peasant eleeves are Introduced
this autumn on the outer gar
On every side Is seen the be
coming Jabot. It Is worn on th«
coat as well as the blouse.
Uncurled ostrich feathers of
every description appear on au
tumn hats.
Many of the new utility coats
are of dark cloth, made stunning
.frith immense collars and deep
cuffs of pure white cloth.
A fashionable fur Is the "civet"
pelt, the euphonious name given
to skunk thi3 season.
Black and white unout velvet
In a checked pattern Is used in
ornamentation on street and
house gowns.
Sashes are or every variety and
they hang at the back, in front
and at the sides. They are made
from beads, crystals, heavy
stones, gold and silver galloons
and combinations of fur and chif
Fashion decrees that skirts
must be trimmed, and the woman
who doesn't like ruffles or puf
fings can have a four-inch horn,
above this, at regular Intervals,
have three or four tucks the same
width as the hem.
Novelties In ostrich feather
fans show single plumea mounted
to each etlok, while on the face
of the fan Is a handsomely
grouped bunch of ostrich tips.
The fan is attractive, either open
or closed.
3fo odds how hii k jour Stomach;
how hard jronr head ache* or
how Bilious—Cascaret«
make you feel great.
'/' You men and women who some
how can't get feeling rightwho
Jibvo an almost daily . headache,
floated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath, dizziness, can't sleep, are
' bilious, nervous and upset, bother
ed with a sick, gassy, disordered
stomach, or have ..' backache and
feel all worn out.
Are you keeping clean Inside
•with Cascarets, or merely forcing
a passageway every few days with
■alts, cathartic pills or castor oil?
This Is important.
sea rets work while you sleep;
cleanse and regulate the stomach,
remove the sour, undigested and
fermenting food and foul gases;
take the excess bile from the liver
and carry out of the system all the
decomposed waste matter and poi
son in the Intestines and bowels.
S A Gascaret tonight will straight
. en you out by morning 10-cent
box from any drug store will keep
your entire family feeling good
- for months. Don't forget * the
children. ■ They love Oaeoarets be
oauee th»y taste —do good —
never grips or sicken.
O* CaUtrriih I'm Be Vund
Coins In and let u» tall you
how. No daneeioui <3pp«. Ask
for our 11.00 Frae Trial Treat
ment. Bo convinued,
71U So. X St.
Pretty Designs for Doilies—Cut Out Pattern and Work Them Yourself
Then* designs for the glr) and
woman who love to do needle
work are original. They are also
simple to work.
When you are prepared to draw
your design hold the clipping of
the design from tilts page against
a window pane through which the
sun is shining in brightly. Over
it hold the fabric on which you
wish to traoe the dosign. The
pattern will show through. Trace
it lightly with a soft lead pencil.
The designs here given are for
your costume and for dollies to be
used on the table in vnrioue ways.
The Dollies.
No. 1. Buttonhole th« edge of
Are you Having Mrs. V.'s recipes? One woman has written in,
saying that she bought a notebook and Is pasting them all in every
night aphabctically. She paid 125 cents for « book which shows the
letters of the alphabet in little tabs sticking out from the pages. In
this way she can find any recipe Instantly.
.. •- All the recipes in thla column have been tested by good house
keepers. Many of them are new. *
•...' --. Mrs. V will be glad to get good favorite recipes from the women
readers of the Times or to answer requests for recipes.
Bran G<?nis.
Two cups bran, I cup of Hour,'
1 teaspoon soda, 3 tablespoons of
molasses, I>4 cups of sweet milk.
Hake in gem pans. Delicious.
Tomato Rabbit.
Melt a tablespoon of butter,
add V 6 tablespoon flour,-stir till
smooth; then add V* cup cream.
As soon as the mixture is thick
end smooth add %• pound mild,
soft cheese cut in small bits. When
the cheese Is melted add V* tea
spoon mustard, a little tomato
catchup (quantity to suit taste)
and season with paprika. Serve
on thin slices of bread that have
been toasted on one side only, so
that the rabbit may better soak
Into the bread.
Pear and Quince Preserve.
One-half bushel of pears peeled
and quartered and eight large
quinces. Peel and quarter the
quinces and steam them until soft.
Add four pounds of sugar, three
cups of water, let come to boil.
Tlien put in the pears, and when
Fall Duds Show Up the Lean Men
It's no use. . If you havent
broad, manly shoulders like a
football player, your tailor won't
give 'em to you.
The day of the ready-made apol
lo Is done; the fall guy who
springe the fashions for men lays
Heverythlng la so bloomin'
Hinglißh, doncherknowT
The 'lounge" la thrown open
to public view, stamped with the
approval of the authorities.
"It la distinguished," says a
men's fashion maga:zin«, "by the
snugneis of the jacket, its de
creased length and the small
waistcoat opening."
. Economy note: Cheat protec
tors will be unnecessary with the
this tumbler dolley, and m«ke eye
lets at the points indicated by the
small circles. Work the sorolls
in simple outline.
No. 2. Buttonhole the eflge of
this tumbler dollay, and work the
little flowers either solid or in out
line. If in outline, niske French
knots where the centers are indi
cated. Kill the dotted half of the
dolley with French knots at regu
lar intervals.
No. S. Thto dew-on-the-pine
deßig» should be worked in out
line £tltch with eyelets where ln
dlnated on the'endf; or the needles.
Th« dots In the center of each
clust<* of needles should be dune
in French knots, aud the edge of
the dpiley should be buttonholed.
they' have cooked a little while add
quinces and cook until %you can
put a straw or fork through them.
Can hot. I put my pears in water
while peeling them to keep them
from turning yellow. The quinces
give the pears a fine flavor. 1 did
four quart cans last year and we
were so pleased with them I am
going to can more this year.
Ripe Tomato Preserves.
Scald and peel ripe tomatoes,
weigh them, sprinkle over - them
their weight in sugar and let
stand over night; In the morning
pour off the liquid, add as many
lemons, sliced very thin, as there
are pounds of fruit; boll liquid to
a thick syrup, add tomatoes and
boil until they look clear. The
time required will depend on their
size. Put in a jar and when cold
cover close.
Qnince Preserves.
First wash and remove all Im
perfections, then pare, quarter
and . core. Take eklns, cores and
seeds, put In preserving kettle,
latter feature.
"The trousers tend slightly to
ward narrowness," says the arti
cle. Horrors! Pity the poor
man with curvature of the knees!
"The lapels are rounded, and
provide the novelty."
There* a dress reform move
ment on lit Berlin to Induce menj
to wear knickerbockers and!
cover with colil water and bimmer
slowly until soft, and the gluten
starts from the seeds. Then cool
and strain through wire sieve.
Put Juice bark in kettle, and
when hot put the quince cut to
desired thickness and cook until
I cut in eighths. With the
quince put pears or sweet apples
one-third quantity.
Now skim them out and spread
on platter until thoroughly cool.
Add sugar to the Juice to suit
taste and while hot put quince In
and simmer slowly until cooked.
Skim out and cool again on plat
ters, after which return to syrup
and let simmer a short timo. This
taking out on platters, cooling
and. returning to hot Juice gives
the rich red color so desirable.
I'ut into cans while hot and seal.
It ueerus a lot of work, but is
quickly done, and the result pays
for all the labor.
IVnr Chips.
Pour pounds pears, weighed
after paring and cutting into
stockings and other togs of golfer.
All around, this padleaa move
ment la going to be the biggest
nhow-up in years of the brash Ber
ties, pert Percys and other things
which are not what they seem.
Meanwhile Paw will have his
l.isi year's pants pressed and buy
ja new shirt with what Maw leaves
I after she buys her new fall hat.
flfchtha. Stand over night, sprin
kled with 2 pounds granulated
sugar, thon add % pound canton
linger (I buy it at the grocers in
little pots), cut In small pieces, 2
li-mons rut in thin slices. Cook
very slowly 2 hours.
Chocolate Cream Pie.
This is the way I make mine:
1 V> pints of milk scalding hot, 1-3
cup of flour, 2-3 cup of migar, the
yolk of 4 eggs and melted cholo
!«t»> to suit the taste. Flavor with
vanilla. Stir until thick. Unke
tli<> crust and fill while both are
hot. Frost with the beaten whites
of whipped cream.
Hear Miss Grey:
Have been engaged to a
young man for three years. He
planned on saving his meney and
at the end of three years we
would get married. He has not
saved any money and has pretty
steady work and does not drink.
We hardly ever go out together
tn cause him to spend any on me.
We planned on beign married a
number of times, but he post
poned it. We are both just past
21. / Shall I keep on going with
him or give him up?
What was the largest crowd
that was In the stadium at one
time? B. L. H.
A. —(1). That depends entire
ly upon the depth of your affec
tion for him. (2) Sixty thousand,
Labor day.
Dear Miss Grey:
(1)1 have light bair and com
plexion. Am called blonde." Can
I wear red. Which is more be
coming, red or gray? (2) Have
very full face. How can I make
It thinner? How should I nias
■i'"7 (3) I have a bunion; it
doesn't hurt, but it only shows.
What shall I do to take it away?
(4) How shall I dress my hair?
Am 18 years old. (5) Is it all
right to send a postal card to a
married man, only one on busi-
DM and he answer.
A. — (1) Yes, but an i.icon
■plcuotu color like gray is always
in better taste for general wear.
Kisher would be becoming;. (2)
Home attempts at facial massage
arc seldom successful. You might
try a general flesh, reducing diet.
(3) Consult a chiropodist. (4)
Either part it in middle, or In
pompadour (without a rat) and
coil low qd back of head. (5)
In strictly business communica
tions, either by letter or postal,
the writer is not supposed to know
or care whether the person ad
dressed Is married or single. Bus
iness correspondence should be
gin "Dear Sir" and signed form
ally "Yours truly," followed by
name in full.
Don't be misled. Aek for Rod
CroBS Ball Blue. Makes beauti
ful white clothes. At all good
grocers. •••
XL be € bur cbe s
I I I 111 II \ N
Trinity Oerraan Lutheran. 1801
Po. I st.. Itev. L. M. Fees;ar. pastor
Hninlay scUool, 0.30 a. in.. Herman
sarTloa, 10: SO a. m ; Kntllsh aervioa.
7.T.0 p. sa.; condrmatTon classes,
Tu«K(luy and Friday, 4 p. m
Conflrmiitlon servlca at 10:10.
Qerman Zlon Bvangellcal Luther
an church, So liiili ,-tml L sts., H«v,
J. Uutchausen, pastor. Sermon,
10.30 a. ni.; Sun.lny school, »:90 a
m . ■-wniug ,ii rvic», English, 7:10.
German Lutliernn Frledeus Klrcha,
So. 21st. Services In Qermun a<
10 .10 a. in and 7 p. m.: Sunday
scticol, 0:15 a. m.; Young Feopl«'«
mi'fting, « m.; parochial school
■vary wenk <lay «xi«iit Baturd:»»
from 9 to 1 by Prof. H. A, Krall
Pastor. Aug. F. Oravbener. Ourman
Lutheran In South Taooma (Swed
ish LuthiM'Hii church, ciiiner tiStli anl!
Uli mlnni .»i:i uve.) every alternaH
B-uini.iv ut 2:30 p. ni. Pastor, Auu
F. I.i ..■ i i in i.
St. Paul's German Lutheran
church, Tacoma avenue and South
17th at.. Rev. R. I-allewant. pastor.
German service, 10:30 a. m.; Sunday
school, »:IO a. in.: English service,
8:00 p. m., begins Sept. IT.
St. Paul's Danish Lutheran. 1110
South L at.. J. M. arsgwraon. pastor.
Sunday achool at 10 a. m.; service,
11 a. m.
Our Savior's Evangelical Lutheran
church, Si>. lTth and J sta. Sunday
services, 11 a. in.; Sunday school,
1:30 a., m.
' First Norwegian Lutheran church,
fid iiml So. Warner at., A. U. BJtirka.
Similar hilhhjl. 10 11. hi. every Sun
day; 11 a. m., services In Norwegian
language. -
Swedish Mission Tabernacle, So.
mill mill I si .< . J. W. Carlson, pas
tor. Sunday school, 9:46 a. in.;
iinn'iiliiH' service, 11 o'clock; evening
services, 7:46 p. m.
Swedish Mix-Inn Tabernacle, South
Tenth and I nt»., J. W. Carlson, pas
tor. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.;
morning service, 11; evening service,
7:15 p. in.; Young People's socluty.
6:80 p. in.
Christian and Missionary Alliance,
■OS Smith O> St., Itev. <>. J. Stone,
pastor. Sunday school. 2 p. in.;
(treadling, 3 p. in.: evangelistic serv
er, 7:30 p. m.. lJlble atu ly, Wednes
day, 2:30 p. in.
First Evangelical cniirch. So. 13th
anil X sts.. T. It Hornschueh, pas
tor. Sunday school, 10 a. m.; V. P,
A., 6:80 p. m.; sermon, 11 a. in.;
7:10 p. in., a mother*' meeting.
The Swedish Evans^Ucal Free
church, 1212 Smith 14th street, Rev.
Oscar W. Kallbi>rtf, pastor. Sunday
school, 10:00 a. in. service, 11:00 a.
in.; Young People's meeting, 6:30 p.
m.; service, 8:00 p. m.; prayer meet-
I nil, Thursday, 8:00 p. m.
The Friends church. No Bth and
(Hutu sts.. Esthor 11. K. Terrell, pas
tor. Bible school. 10 a. in.; meetingl
for worship, 11 a. m.
iiiMi:n im.hi\
First Church of Christ Scientist,
Masonic Temple, 730 St. Helens a vs.
Bervlce 11 a. m., Wednesday evening
testimonial meeting.
Church ot the Brethren (Dunker),
Eo. r.Oth and (1 sts.. J. U, Q. Stlver
; con, pastor. Sunday school, 10 a. m ;
, oruacliliiK, 11 h. in.: Blhle study,
1 7.00 p. m.; prayer meeting, Wudnes
-5 day, H:00 p. in.; Holy Kplrlt ttu.ly,
- 6.30.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat
ter Imy Salnta. Sunday service In
' Ina Fraternity hall. 1117' i Tacoma
; »vf. Sunday school, f:00 p in.;
• m nlnK service. 8:30 p. m.
International Rlba Students- As
sociation, Maccabees' hall, 1!0!>H 0
st. Discourse^, 8 p. m.; praise and
I testimony im-itlng. 4:45 p. m.;Bera
m> Bible study, 6:30 p. m.
Park Unlvernallst church, Division
aye. and J at., W. D, Buchanan,-min
ister. Service! at 11 a. in.; Sunday
school, 9:45 a. in., 'evening service, •
» Universal Spiritual society. Odd
I Fellows' hall, 711 Commerce and
71- Pacific aye. Lecture at 2:30 p.
' m.; lecture 8 p. m ; meetings 6:30
t mil 7:30 p. m.
T - •■*■»•■■■■■■■•■•
The Exodus society holds service!
. In I. O. O. P. hall on 6th aye. and
Anderson St., every Sunday at II
• a. m.
I ■™~"~^~""-*
Progressive Psychio Society, Fra-
I ternlty hall, 1117 Tacoma nrt
Circles at i p. m.; lecture, 8 p. m.
Christian and Missionary Alli
ance, 90S So. O St., Rev. O. J. Stone.
, pastor. Sunday school, 2:00; preach
-1 Ing 8:00 Wednesday morning, 10.30
i prayer meeting; Wednesday after
noon, 2:30, Bible study.
Salvation Army, 12tl Pacific aye.
* Bervices: Knee drill, 7 a. in. hull
, ness meeting, 11 a. in.; company
meeting, 1:30 p. m.; preaching, i p.
m. Young People's meeting, 6 p. m.;
■alvntion meeting, Bp. m. Brigadier
and Mrs. Robert Dubbin will con
duct Ilia afternoon and night meet
- Ings. . .
McKlnley Park M. E. church. Sun
day school, 10 a. m.; morning acrv
' Ice at 11 a. m.; Junior league, 3 p
> m.; Rpworth lease, 8:80 p. m.;
. evening service, 7:80 p. m.
Epworth M. IS. church. So 7th and
; Anderson, W. O. Benadom, pastor.
Bible school, 9:80; morning service,
' lla. m.; Junior league. 2:45 p. m.;
[ evening service, 8:00 p. m.; worth
League at 7:00 p. m.
Norwegian Danish Methodist
church, 1604 So. J St., Ellas QJerdlnjf,
pastor. Sunday school. 10 a. , in.;
preaching, 11 a, m. and « p. m.;
■ Young People's meeting at County
; Hospital, 3:00 p. m.; Young Folks
prayer and testimonial meeting, 7
'p. m.; prayer meeting Thursday
night. . . .-.■-,■ .
, The Ethical society. at hall. So. Xd
and Tacoma aye., services at 11
o'clock. Da. Nathaniel I. Jlublnkam
will lecture on "Macbeth". .
International ' Bible Students' as-!
sociation. Temple of Music, (45 C st.
Discourse at 3 p. m • praise and tes
timony meeting at 4:18 p. m.; Be
rean Bible study-at 6:30 p. m. All
Bible students are welcome. .
Fiends East Side meeting, 49th
' and McKinley aye., Mary li. Stanton,
pastor. Bible school. 9:45; morning
worship, 11 a. m.; Y. P. C. E., 0:80
p. m.; evening service, ,7:45. .'. .
First United Presbyterian church.
6th aye. and Grant. Services,, 11 a.
[ m. and 7:30 p. in. j
I " Bethany Presbyterian church, cor
: tier No. 41at it and Verde aye , Rev.
- Oliver T. Mather, pastor. Sundai
Saturday, September 16, 1911.
school. t:4t a. m ; mornlnc a*rvlos\
11 a. m.; Intermediate CL B. 1:41:
avanlng service, 7:46 p. in.; Y. P. 8
C. X., B:4*.
First Praabytarlan ohureh. corner
South Q and 10tl>. ltev. Muidnck
Mi-l.eud. l> D.. pastor. Mornlnc
svrvloe, 10:30 a. in.; evenlnir »><r\ Ice.
8:00 p. m . Christian Undeavor, 7 On
p. hi
Sprafue Memorial Presbyterian
ohurch, corner Sn-itli 6Sth ana War
ner. Rev. James A. Dodds. paator.
service, 11 a. in . C 8., 7:00 p. m.;
cvrnlni service, 8:00 p. sn.
Cavalry Presbyterian ohuroh, oa
Division lane. Rev. John A. Rodsjara,
pastor. Sabbath achool. 10 a. in :
Burnlni aurvice, 11 a. m : T. P. 8. O.
K. 1:46 p. uil, evaulng service, 7:1(
p. m.
Oakland Presbyterian church. So.
SSth and I'rootur Mts. Hunday aohool
10 a. in.; preaclilug service, 7 HO p.
Manltou Park Prnibyterlan churoh'
The now chapel arritcuted on Sun
day ufloi'Doon »l 4.00 o'clock, by the
ltev. A. 1.. 11 in. -In i !.■■• hi. D. lv
First Christian church. Sixth aye.
ana X St., W. A. Moore. pastor.
Prayer service, 9:48 a. m.; Bible
school, 10 a. in ; morning service,
11 a. m.. evening service, 8:00;
Christian Endeavor, 7:00.
Lincoln Park Christian cliurch,
19th and a St.. Ralph C. Sargent,
niliilatir. Morning ssrraon at It
o'clock; evening sermon at 8 o'clock;
C. K. in,-, la at 6:80 p. in.
Central Christian church. No.I. and
Bteele sts., ltev. F. 11. Groom, pastor
Sunday school, 10 p in.; morning
service, 11 a. ni , evening svrvlce,
7:30 p. m. *
< o\<;m:<; vnn*al
First Connreg.il tonal church, PI-]
vision aye. and J at.. Rev. FMwuid
T. Ford, I>. 11., pastor. Morning
worship, 10:80: evening worship
8:00 p. in
Alkt Congregational church, oor*
'ncr 61st and Park live.. Rev. Sullivan
18. llealy, pastor. Mlhle achool, 10 s.
rll.; morning survlce, 11 a. m.; even
iik servloe, 7:80 p. m . prayur meet
ing, Wednesday evonlng.
Pllsrlm Consregntlonal church,
No. 24tli and Wurncr sta.. Rev. Ed
gar C Wheeler, pastor. Morning
service, 10:80 a. ni ; Sunday school,
11:46 a. m.; evenlns service, 7 46 p.
Kast Congregational church, cor.
K.ist !•! and 28th st«. Labor day
servlcei Sunday, September 8. 11)11.
Morning tiervlco at 11:00 a. m.,
evenhiK service at 8:00 p. m.; Sun
day school, 10 a. in.
First BaptlHt Churcji, 80. »th anil
l> Ma., Hey. Mlllard L. Thomas, li.
I P., pastor. Sunday school lor I'.M.i.
■ ntnily. 9:46 a. in.; worship with
Breaching, II a. m.: Young People'!
nlon, 7 p. m.; people's evening serv
ice at 8 o'clock; mid-week meeting
Thursday, 8 p m.; dally prayer
service, 12:16 I. m. Welcome.
Finnish Baptist church, Ho. Slier
Irian aye. and 23d it.. A. J. Stormans.
pastor. Sunday school, 1:45 a. m
evangelistic service, lla. m. and
7:30 p. in.; Young People's Union.
6:30 p. m.; prayer. Thursday, 8 p. m.
Sixth Avenue Baptist church, cor-j
ncr Fife St., Itev. George IE. Whits
house, minister. 10 a, m., morning
worship; 10:20, sermon; 11:00, Bible
school, with primary and other da
rartments; 8:30, Junior B. Y. P. U.;
■Ah. Sneolr B. Y. P. U.; 7:45. even-!
' Ink worship.
•■• ■!»!• % I.
Trinity church. No. 3d and X sts.,
Rev.. Charles Y. Orlmei, rector.
Early celebration, 7:10 a m.; Sun
day school, 9:45 a. in.; Bible class,
10:00 a. m.: Mattlns, 11:00 a. m.;
evensong, 7:80 p. m.
Church of lie Holy Communion,
' So. 14th and I sts., Rev. Robt. T. 11.
1 McQlnnla, rector. Sunday services,
7:30 and 11:00 a. in., and 7:30 p. in.;
Sunday school and rector's bible
i class, '.'.if. a. in.; Wednesday m«at>
t lug, 7:45 p. m.; Friday, 4 p. m.
1 St. Andrews church. Oaken and
No. Bth st., Rev. Frederick T. Webb,
D. £>„ rector. Evensong and sermon,
> 8:00 p. in.i Sunday school, 9:46 a. m.
' St. Luke's Memorial church. So C
and «th sts., Rt. Rev. P. W. Keator,
D. D., bishop. Rev. F. T. Webb, D.
. D., vicar. Morning prayer, 7:80 a.
m.; sermon, 11:00 a. m.; Sunday
school, 10:00 a. m ; Thursday, St.
Matthews day; holy communion,
10:30 a. m. )
Theßank of California
Ketabltahed 1864.
Capital and Surplus $15,000,000.00
San Francisco Portland Tacoma Seattle
The Bonk of California Building, Tacoma.
o A IM pL
l^^r "~ t^^m Vull M? 3 tt/JjJ »°PB '
CAPITAL PAID IN ...... $600,000.00
SURPLUS .... i V .;...... $450,000.00
'.;■.•;.-- ■-.-' .-,:"■■ '"- ■ ; ' "■'.-■■■'..-: -v,-^''- '•-"■-■■•. ■•••■:. >^
General Banking —-Safe Deposit VauIts—IN
TEREST PAID On All Deposits in Savings De
partment ' , ,■ _...'.
. „ -Jl
'Oldest Trust Company in Washington.
MKTHOUIIT ■ -.;:..-:.■ -d.',
Dedicatory services at , th» new
Mason M. i A church, cor.' No. j Ittlh:
and Mii.ilb.iii •!».. Fred I. Baldwin.
pastor, • Sunday aohool, 1:41 •a. jn.;
roornlDK ittmon 10:10 a. m.; erasing
in.; Kpworth league, 1:00 p. m. ■.•..■• .^
Swedish M. B ohurch. 1 and lltk
■U.. Rev. A. O. Beck, paator. Morn-
Ing servtoe, 10 SO a m.; - Sunday
school, 11 m.: Kpworth Iwfut, T p. i
m.; evening service, 7:48 p. m.; pray
■•rmon I oft p. m.; class meeting. IS
•r maatlnc. wttdnMday •v«nlo« at
"II p. lv . . - - j,- ■. \-. r ,
Flnt Mathodlst Episcopal church.
South Mli and O sta.. Thomas W.
l.aiio, jvistur, MornliiaT worship 'at 7
In .to a. m , Sunday „ Im.ul at It
in.; Up worth Ujairuo at IMS p. in.;
evenlna; worship at *9tp. m. - ■ •
Central M«th«dlst tplscopal
churoh. So list and 1 at*., K. W.
Nt Ickion. pastor. Sunday - school.'
1:46 a. m ; preachlnc 11 a. ■».; class
meeting;, noon; Kpworth l«aa*ue, 7:09
11. in.; prenohliiK 1:00 p. m.; Junior
lrxKuß, I p. m prav«r sarvioa.
Thursday, 00 p. m.. conference
Wadneiday, 1:00 p. 01.
St. Paul's M 1 church, 80. 434
and I. Its.. W....<f0 B. Marsh, psstor.
Hunday act ->ul, 1:41 a. m.; Bpwortoj
league v.j« p. B*.; prayer meeting,
Thu-viny. 1 p. 111 , pr~i''!ilii|. •11 a.
«r_ and 7:10 p. 111. *
Kllin Pr«a church, So. Aluaworth
and 17th. N.irwi'glun survlcos 10:4S
a. m.. 7 30 p. in.
First Free Mi>thudlst rhuroh. On.
I st. betweeu 11th and 14th. A. N.
West, paator. Preachlna; at 11 a. m.
and & p. in . class iii.-ciiiik at It m.;
Siniilay school at 10 a. ia.; luuuk
r. Dillon m«utlna at 7 p. m.; pruyar
nieutlntr. Tliuinuay at 7: 30 p. m.
Celebrated Chinese Doc»
tor Offers Treatment of
Native Herbs Abso
lutely Free.
To one msn or wommi In each la
fallty will tie given, free, a proof
treatment of I>r !.•■•■ X Chin's won-
Jerful Chinese Hoots. Barks and
Herbs. This proof treatment, which
la offered without on* .out of coat,
has been used In China for over four
'thousand years and has cured more
men and women than any known
treatment now In extstnnee. To
prove what this wonderful treat
ment will do, f>r. Chin Is offering a'
free treatment so that the skeptl-.al
may see and the doubters be con-,
vlnced. ,
A cured patient la a doctor's beat
No matter how niany other treat
ments you have fried; no matter
hnw many other doctors have failed,
Dr. Chin stands ready to prove to
you at his own expuuse that his
remedies will do the work. Sit
down NOW and write Dr. Lee K.
Chin, 361 Hall Safe llulMlng. Ba.n
Francisco, telling him In your own
words just how you feel and from
what you suffer mntl. He will then
send you a treatment prepared to
jmeet the requirements of your case,
and which will convince you thai
I you are not In the Inourable state,
lint can and will be cured. This
treatmont will be sent to you In •
Iplaln wrapper with the i>o>taga paid.
Don't put this matter off until
| tomorrow Just becauuo tliare Isn't
pap«r and pencil handy. Look one
up now und wrlta Immediately. This
Is YOUR opportunity te get wall.
Don't waste it.
Strs. Indianapolis
i and Chippewa
The fastest and finest day
steamers on the coast.
I.i .ii i ROUND Till I*9 DAILY
Leaves Tacoma from Mu
nlolpal Dock at 7:00, 9:00, 11:00
a. m.. 1:00. 8:00. 6:00, 7:00
9:00 p. m.
Leave Beattl* from Colman
dock, 7:00. >:00. 11:00 a. m.
1:00. 8:00, 5:00. f:00, 9:00 p. m I
ROUND TRIP Me "."■» - /
A Kteamcr Kvarr Two Hours.
L.. K. PIIRCBLU As/cat.
Phone Main 8441. ..,.:%

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