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Friday, Kov. 3, 1911.
of irs. ran
OI'KLOrSAS, La., Nov. 3. —
The jury in the case of Mrs. J. P.
Mcf'ree, charged with the murder
of Allen <!arland, reported a dis
apreement today.
The case went to the jury at
noon yesterday.
Immediate steps are ibelng tak
en for a second trial.
Complete Cast for
Fairy Playlette
The cast for "The Toys
Awake," a spectacular little play
to be given the evening of No
vember 10 and matinee the fol
lowing day at the Taconia theater
under the auspices of the Y. W.
C. A. is practically completed.
The story of the pluy is based
on an old German legend of a
toymaker at Nuremburg. The
"biene is laid in the kiiiK s palace,
Correct Dancing
Dreamland Dancing
Cor. 11 til and So. I) St.
lvil gore's Full
Every Saturday
Gentlemen 50c.
.Ladies Free.
The secret of success is not so much in knowing how to
lnako money as in the ability to hang onto it.
We asaist people in thoir efforts to save money. If this
matter concerns you, call and sco ub about it.
Capital $300,000.00
Bankers Trust Building, Tacoma, Wash.
18 Button Calf Hi IVB» £2rl2*ii***& SCSS& i 16-Button Tan Hi
Tops, $2.95. j |rES§EMIK I Rf§R9iI« Tops, $3.39.
SHOE SALE, Saturday
We want to introduce the Cutter & Chippewa shoes for boys to those
who are not acquainted with the wonderful wearing qualities that have
made them famous. The saying with us and by those who know them is,
"Keep soles on them and expect nine months' wear." They do even bet
ter. It settles the shoe question for boys if you will try one pair. The
shoes will do the rest. All sizes of all styles on hand for tomorrow.
A new shipment of Cutter and Chippewa shoes for hoys has arrived.
Chippewa 10 V^B^^p^^^^^^P^F /^"^^ Chippewa 10
inch Top Tan 4: • «l Inch Blaok
Crome Kip. f' wrffifly v "v ■3S Crome Kip.
On- pair lasts nil HEsiiilii&^'jSa* *$&&&,*^\ **■'•**Hi •;;1 '"'" '"" double
v.hn r with half wSn^m^'J^W^^fSK^' "' !f|bU soles, double fns-
B - . W3b tenod, hard fln
twho. they keep Sj^fe^^^^M^^BP |3jßj|]tf~i£jf full bellows
tho boys' feet M mrnrfßlTii SrKßtf'StK tongues, one p»ir
idry uiul hi' if^H9tt)i uwbSb lasts "H w<nt>'r '
health Rood; Bfi HmPI^P'W? I ' 1 "''"lo "" "'"'"
sizes 2 1-2 to C, jJlK^f^^^V^. wl '■'' I 12 l 0 2, '$8.001
a liair £j&T^&^ '&£•;■' WSAflpr 2 1-2 to 6, a pali
I m mtt BBKHSHafIL^CJSI^ A 3L?«* '-s» /W ( > lithß^ffix 111 I I I
Chippewa Extra High Cuts
Black crome oil calf uppers, double fastened soles, full bellows tongues,
outside counters logger style, sizes 12 to 2, $3.35; *fcQ OC
sizes 2y 2 to 6, a pair >T . «PO.OO
Cutter Shoes for Boys Chippewa Boys' Shoes
Regular height boys' shoes, good for nine months Regular Height
of the hardest wear If you keep soles on them; Made of the same good leather as th« 10-Inch
they are thick and heavy, made to wear, not for tops, closed fronts, full double nailed solos, all
looks; sizes 9to 2, $2.28; CO Cfl wide width; sizes 12 to 2, 92.25) An EH
sizes 2 1-2 to 6, a pair .. . «p£ivfU sizes 2 1-2 to 6, a. pair o)c.,%JU
Ladies' Dull Calf Low Heel Tan Russia Black Velvet Top Shoes
Button Ladies' Shoes ladies' patent vamp velvet top
Russia tan calf, button, ext.eo- button shoes, tiger eye buttons.
New short vamp, high toe style, slon sole shoes for ladles and extension welt soles, high toes,
Just in, heavy soles, genuine big girls, with medium heels, Cuban heels, short vamps, new
<»lf vamps, dull kid tops, Oub- about 1 1-4 In. high, gervicea- neat and up-to-date, all sizes
an heels, all sizes and widths; ble style for winter wear; sizes and widths, $8.50 shoes, a
13.G0 shoes. Special CO QQ 2 1-2 to 7, $4.00 shoes CO DC pair CO QQ
for Saturday, a pair . .s£. ■ *JQ a pair $£iUU Saturday $£iO3
in n■ ii i\it ¥i • Ladies' 16-Button Shoes on Sale
Ib-Dutton Dark lan Russia Tomorrow
Oal< shoes for ladles new short vamp, high to, KllKf^SXS.' ffii^SSJ ££?
last, Ouban h««ls, extension soles; $4.00 shoes. extension solos, dull kid tops with 16 buttons:
On .Mile Saturday, »q QQ sizes 2 1-2 to 7, $4.00 shoes, on On (JC
all sizes, a pair «pJi Jd Bale Saturday, a pair y&itlw
Homey Comfort Shoes All Felt House Shoes
Flannel Hn«d kid «ho«« for old ladle*, "awful" _„_,. „. , '
Wide. toe.. »}6s and lw»I% eoUd comfort, warm Felt BhoM - folt tO P". houM Bhoes - °™ Ml*»'
iraoes; sices 4to 8. On salt O1 MQ style to "*lt around In," good Quality; 0 4 Bf|
tomorrow, a pujr ................... V I i*rU sizes 4toß, a pair $ 1 lull
Km ' .*.-;-■_ : ' ■-.■-.-■■ ■ - ■..- ' ■ ■■--■■ „ ■-■- ■ - - ■■- .l
Women Acquit Man Accused
of Printing Obscene Matter
(By VtaHad rr«».,s I.eii-cl Wire.)
LOS 4NOBLJM. Nov. 3.--•■We,
tlie women of this jury, find the
defendant, A. A. King, editor of
the Watts News, not guilty."
Thete words, coming from the
first woman jury ever to try a
BMe. in the state of California, to
day me still rmgiuif in the ears
of King, who was on trial for hav
ing circulated an "obscene and
indecent newspajier."
King had accused members of
the Watts board of tfiMteea of
having applied pro'ane epithets
to him, and printed the exact
words which be aliened the city
tinl event being the anniversary
of the queen's birthday.
Mrs. Sydney Anderson will .play
the role of the fairy queen and
Mrs. L. J. W. Jones the part of
the queen of toyland. The queens'
attendants will be Mrs. .1. A. Wol
bert. Miss Frances Hubbert, Miss
Virginia Caesar, Miss Margaret
Temple, Miss Jessie Loose and
Miss Nellie Bennett The dancers
in the minuet figures will be Mrs.
Grant S. Hicks, Mrs. T. I). Cur
ran, Mrs. L. H. Dean, Miss Ava
Jane Raze, Miss Margaret Dana
her, Miss Rhoda Vaeth and Miss
Elizabeth Metcalf. The tambour
ine dancers will include Mrs.
Chandler Sloan, Mrs. James 11.
Page, Mrs. George B. Smith, Miss
Louise Stone, Miss Dean Wade,
Miss Katharine Skown, Mice Jes
sie- Roberta, Miss Mary Snyder.
• She —.Do you really think •
• I am so very fat, Mr. Smith? •
• He — Why, no; 1 saw a •
• lady in a circus the other •
• day who must have weighed •
• at. least 50 pounds morn •
• than you. — Philadelphia •
• Telegraph. •
l official uttered. These words cast
aspersions on KinKs parentage,
with the condemnation of the
Creator prefixed.
In explaining the Jury's de
cision Mrs. Mcl He Moouinu, the
youngest member, who is 22,
said: "Our verdict did not mean
that we approved of such lang
uage. It meant that we believed
the defendant was honest in his
endeavor to aid the public when
he pflnted the article. It isn't
half so shocking to read tmch
language iv the privacy of our
homes as it Is to hear It on th«
PORTLAND, Nov. 3. —Under
arrest today pending an investi
gation into the killing of W. A.
Wortnian, a striking machinist.
Hun Hicks, an employing ma
chinist, who shot YVortman last
night in a clothing store on the
KiiKt Fide, ciiintuined that lie fire,,!
in mM defense.
Hicks said Wort man, whom he
had never seen before! insulted
him and thon attacked him.
Hicks said !.<■ uhot, believing
Wort mail meant to kill him.
(My United Tress Leaved Wire.)
ST. LOUIS, Nov. B.—Stricken
with apoplexy, Norroiin J. Cole
man first secretary of agriculture,
aged 84, is dead today, alter an
attack which seized him on a
train. Coleman organized the de
partment of agriculture under
President Cleveland.
Bargain Annex
Let's Get Acquainted
The Prices and Good Goods Will Do the Rest
The Money Saving Center in Ladies Ready-to-Wear Goods
If I knew you and you knew me,
'Tis seldom we would disagree.
How little to complain there 'd be
If I knew you and you knew me.
Bead these prices carefully and then come to our store and convince
yourself that every article is exactly as advertised—
$35.00 Silk Pongee «Q QQ $1 R. 50 Ladies' Long CCOO
Suits „... $ZidU Coats «pU.OU
♦to.oß wool jc OO $19 I>H(I , OS . , -_ QQ
tSfig?. $11.98 !«!;•• -<"- Long $8 98
$27.50 Wool CIO DO CoaU *0.00
Suits ...-...■...•.. (lIOiUU $25.00 Indies' Long *. 1 1 QO
$30.00 Wool &4 CQQ Coats *l I • <JU
Suits „.. r . I J.JO $30.00 ladles' Long Pl) QQ
$2. BUr Silk. C■! CQ I Coats $IGiUO
«f.Vr C'« tS ..' -- «PliOO $15.00 Black Fur $4.98
$1.25 Muslin m 8P(8 $4.30
E![°"""::::: ::::;:::::::: 79 C ---"" 79c
$2.50 Ladles' Whlto 70_ i $7.50 silk *< 00
Waists IDC I Pottl<'OHtH «Pll«JO
Csc Corset ' Oil $1.25 Tailored Flannel CO*
Covers .......... tHC I Waists , UUC
7»c Cornet AQr* $6.00 Ladies' Dress **) QQ
Covers *„.., 'WC Skirts <|»/. •DO
$35.00 Long Oaracul 01 R OD f $«S-75 Ladles' Dress AQ QQ
Coats <j)tJ,JU Skirls $UiUO
$16.75 Long Rain CO QC $7.75 Ladies' In.-..; mil QQ
Coats »... »>Ui«j3 Skirts
$6.50 Black Silk CO QD $1.98 Long Crepe QO/»
Waist ptidO Kimonag . . . JOb
$1.25 Cotton CQ« $2.25 Cotton OQ«
Blankets , OjC j Illankcts DOC
Choice of Any Trimmed Hat $2.25
Bargain Annex
1151 C Street.
Olympia Boat
10:4S A. M. and 4:45 P. M.
Municipal Dock
M. 6808. A 4808
Opposite Arcade Store.
A Little
Convince most any one with a
reasonable mind that a little
money epent on their tooth,
once in a while la the money
spent to the greiitetit advant
Watch (or the small oavlttee.
It is much cheaper and better
to have a cavity fiMc-d v uen
they are timall than wbon theY
get to aching and too large to
hold a filling properly. By
neglecting l\6 9IX»aO cavitl«|
they soon have td te oapped
with gold crowha, ooetlng in
the long run fire to ilv tlmea
as much to care th,e tooth.
So reflect a little and get
busy with those small fillings.
It will pay you in th« long run. ;
Consult a dentist you have
confidence In at once.
Our prtces are as low as Ja
consistent with first class wort
Rldpath Hotel Dldg.
1146%Pac. ay. Phone M. 4282
Lady Attendants..
Opposite White Lunch.
Dm. O. F. Korrls rud D. L.
McOaw, Props.
Strs. Indianapolis
v and Flyer
The faiteat p.nd /meat day
(teaniera on the coa«L
nlttlpU X>oak at 1:00. «:00. lFiOt
a. m., 1:00. »iOO. 8:00. f!so
t:00 p. m.
. *r» £?**s%.* from Colmw
(Jock, 7 100, /IW). l\:v0 ATM.
1:00, 8:00. BiOO. i*vo,_riff? p. m. •
Real Tailor Service
jO U- /Jf\ now within,
xraf JKMlni '9 vSi rciicli of
#^aKlll every man:
iJiMMMm^Ji ®\ ii There J a me
■ivlPSSlv 111 when man's sense
JtllWtmw II oi econom y die-
Q ffiMl?»\ / I tated that he buy
yCinr H Rea d y Made'
\ uuilll I 1 clothes ("cold
I jpUI " f clothes ("cold stor
\ W II \ \ 1 UNION LABEL IN 1 JIPfC dothes" VVC
1 \b 1 » " " EVERY GARMENT lit ;w'
J J call them).
Now that time is past. There's no need
of yoat wearing a poor imitation of the tailor's art.
Why? This is the reason, pure and simple: you
can n-o-w wear real high class, made to measure clothes
and pay less for them than you did for your last season's
store suit. Our system gratifies that secret desire of
most every man. That is, to wear garments whose very
cut bespeaks Ms tailor's skill. You'll find it worth your while even
to see the great array of new woolens. Pwre wool—and shrink proof.'
Suit or Overcoat
No other tailor on earth
can duplicate our values H^feJGi
under $25, HB
•The Scotch woolen -^ mm i ~^+ (T World's Greatest
Mills were the origl- A\^P Tailors.
natore end the first iff/)7i/D7f aiiore.
tailor, to make $15 jMJmJK^tittf* ****&*
•lilts possible^ and \ Sf jFWrwr&Wfm'Wm§ SOS
always first in value-, IFT T'l'llHPiimwiimPiiiilff 1 Ml'ilffiP^ *&***+&
riving in the face of 1111 j " F^l I a BTBP^ w% •/•• *
fh«most.unßcrupu-' milylllPi ' raCIIIC AVCI'Dlie
£ovp oompetiaoo. "^^^l^^^^^ umm*m w nmvtroftg
"Distinction in Clothes"
Bradley & Prewett
942 Pacific Aye.
This overcoat is one of the many In our stock
that we nro specially proud of. It combs just
below the knee and fits in snugly at the buck.
The colors arc gray mixture, brown mixture,
dark oxford, gray and black.
The Price Is $25.00
Then wo have other loose box back coats in
knee length and full length —
$20.00, $25.00, $30.00, $35.00
Come in and talk the matter over with us. We
will bo glad to show you. The weather is quito
uncertain now, and you never know when you
may need an overcoat. Better buy early and
bo prepared.

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