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A Woman May Buy Christmas Cigars, But Not Every [Man Can Smoke Them ' • By Condo
Johnson Will Fight
McVe^For $30,000
(By United Press Leaned Wire.)
CHICAGO, Dec. 27.—Appar
ently willing to ,l<-rYinl his title.
Champion Jack .Johnson today is
wafting here for the deposit of
$3t*,000 by Hugh Mclntosh of
Australia to clinch a match with
Ban McVey, Langford's con
queror. Then he'll start for the
Should Mclntosh "come
through" It Is probable that ten-
PORTLAND. Ore., Dec. 27.—
The Multnomuh Athetic club di
rectors have barred the club's ath
letic instructors from mat and
ring events.
The order particularly affects
O'Coniuill, wrestling instructor,
claimant for the world's welter
weight champion; Tommy Ryan,
former middleweight, and Tommy
Tracey, the boxing director.
They cannot appear in any pro
fessional contest while connected
with the club.
ThE <3rmtest Plat
I Ever 1
During the baseball season of 1011 story after story of "The
Greatest Flay I Kver Saw," by well known ball players, wan published
'by numerous newspapers. The Times has gathered expression on
this subject, an they MIGHT be told, by diamond r.>li-«>riii.-«..
John McGraw —Fred Merkle's failure to toucl*
Bill Fineran—Sherwood Magee's strike-out
when he made a hit off the umpire.
Clarke Griffith—Jack Chesbros wild pitch
which cost New York a pennant.
Rube Marquard—Frank Baker's home run oil
Christy Mathewson —Frank Baker's home run
off Marquard.
Fielder Jones —When the ball hit DRve Alti
eer's head and was caught, giving Dava an assist
and put-out.
Silk O'Laughlln—When a Philadelphia police
man prevented Sam Crawford catching a fly ball
In a 17-lnuing game In 1908.
Bill Donovan —Charley Schmidt's passed ball
In the Detroit-Cub series, 1907, which coat us a
Bill Klem—Larry Doyle's failure to touch the
plate In the fifth world's series game. No one
else aaw it.
Tim Huret —Kid Elberfeld's attempt to score
from second, through the pitcher's box.
Connie Mack —-Ames' throw, in the last
world's series game. The ball hit Barry on the
bead and four runs srored.
For Spokane, St. Paul BDjfflt
and All Points East Take tho
■ -
The finest COMPLETE train in the Northwest.
Leaves Tacoma daily from Union Station at
6:25 p. m.
Splendid Service, Equipment & Roadbed
• For lowest (area to all points, ticket* and
tffWyrjß Ku r*MrTat*ona < call on or address
UMPffnluMU ***• F UEnnERT, B. JT. HKALY,
HHtfjMOTre|l O. P. *T. A. Oownl Aceot.
SIMF ISSbMFB Banker* Trust Huildinj?, Tacoma, Waeh.
lg:ati Tels. Main 168, AllO3.
tative matches with Jim Flyun
and Al Kaufman here will fall by
the wayside. Johnson still main
tains he is ready to fight Firm*,
"or anyone else," 'but Insists that
real money must be put up.
The only other condition John
son makes is that he will not
fight in Los Angeles or San Fran
cisco. He evidently remembers
his Jail term in the latter city
and Is sore on the whole coast.
—:—; ,—»
Here's Rothermel
New Tige Leader
«, . •
Here is a tabloid biography of
Albert E. Rothermel, the new
manager of the Tacoma Tigers.
Born in 1878, in Berlin, On
Educated at Sandtisky and
Cleveland, Ohio.
Then a bookkeeper:
An expert accountant. - <t
Then came to Tacoma as pur
chasing agent for the Traction
company, i
Wag secretary of the Tacom*
baseball team in 1911.
It) now president of the team.
He is married and has one
His home is at 409 South L.
His office is in the Chamber of
Commerce bids.
How Tb B<x-B>Y\vbKLPfr (jpvEatest Boxer
Kdltor's Note—"Keep your temper" Is the first advice given by
Abe Attell, featherweight champion and the world's greatest boxer, in
this, his Initial lesson "How to Hox," written especially for the
Times. These articles were originally intended by the Times for
l,,,ys—to teach them the needed art of self-defense and give them
healthful exercise—bnt they are just as good for yoong men and all
men, for the same reasons. Young fellows who hope to make the
American Olympic toaiu as amateur boxers will find many valuable
pointers in Attell** advice.—Editor.
Featherweight Champion.
Gat control of your temper.
This is my first advice to the boys who want to learn to box,
ABB ATTELLi. Joint of the index finger, as shown fit the
photograph. Never place the thumb on top of the tint.
Watch your man constantly. At
first, if he Is a quick man. it will
be hard to follow his every mo
tidn, Jiut you will reach the point
where almost every muscular
movement betrays his Intention.
Another thing you must learn
early Is to judge distances. Many
Iwjxers, In the game for years,
have never learned the art, and
: their blow* often miss. When a
punch is started <be sure the op
ponent is in range and it will
land A wild swing throws you
off balance and a fast opponent
will land a stiff punch.
Some boxers are Iknown as
"knockout?* men. They hit to put
a iii..ll in dreamland. I don't. I
can't bring myself to the point of 1
McFarland Won't Quit
Wants to Fight Wolgast
(Uy United Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO. Dec. 27. — Packer
McFarland has changed his mind
! about retiring. Now he wants a
match with Ad Wolgast upon the
champion's recovery.
"I did Intend to quit," said Mc-
Runner* In the Swedish Olym
pic marathon inny not be assisted
along the route, by attendant*.
This Is a change that may affect
American runners. It mean* mar
nthoners. must run their race un
aided, without being given re
' 111 -.liimiit. It puts every runner
on his own mettle, which is the in
tent of the rule franters. Ameri
can competitors must train over
the full distance, without attend
ants, if they hope to have a chance
in the blue ribbon event of the
1912 Olympiad.
draft of the National league base
ball schedule for 1911 to being
discussed by Barney Dreyfuss,
' chairman, and John Heydler, sec
retary of the league, today.
We Meed More Work to Keep Our Men Busy,
So You Can
, SAVE $5 to $10
I Tailor Made at the Same Big Reductions
The Reliable Clothiers and Tailors. i
1217 Pacific Aye.
whether for fun, exercise or In a match.
I have seen many promiHiug box
ers ruined by losing their temper,
swinging wildly and giving an oppo
nent an opening for a punch that
stretched them on the floor.
Position Is important. Stand with the
left foot from eight to twenty tiwlms in
front of the right, according to the length
of the legs. This gives a chance for quick
foot work. Don't stretch the legs too much
or balance will be lost.
The left arm should be extended co
the glove reaches on the point of the op
ponent's Jaw. Cover your ribs and stom
ach with right hand and arm. The left is
your great asset, as it Is used continually
for short jabs and blocking. The left is
used to wear down the other fellow, while
the right la for heavy punches.
Many boxers don't seem to know how
to double their fists and broken thumbs or
buttered hands are the penalty. The fist,
closed properly, is a splendid weapon. The
fingers must fit snugly over the middle
wanting to knock a man senseless.
I try to wear down my opponents
with a rain of punches, preferring
to win on points.
The greatest fault with begin
ners is that they try to land
knockouts and in doing go do
much to spoil their future. Don't
try to knock out nn opponent. Use
your head us much as your hands,
lie i Millions. Acquire general
ship. Take it easy at first. Watch
every move the other fellow
makes. He alert for openings.
Never be "uncovered."
Different boxers employ differ
ent methods. Some take 10
punches to land one. They lay
Farland today. "I was discourag
ed by the criticism heaped upon
me after my Thanksgiving day
match with Tommy Murphy. -It's
the hardest kind of work keeping
my weight down, but I'm back in
the game." -'
•—— ~ •
Joe Birmingham, Cleve
land outfielder, has not the
reputation of Lajoie, Cobb j
or Speaker, as a hitter, yet
Ed Walsh prefers to pitch to
these stars than to Birming
ham. The ex-Cornell player
has broken up several games
for Walsh, which probably
accounts for the pitcher's
I opinion.
0 ■■ •
Most teams look about the sam
to the jrreat pitcher, Bender, c
the Athletics, although Washing
ton, the lowly, makes it -intt/est
Ing for him. He is probably lea
effective against this team tha
he Is against any other -in th
league. • • .■•'. ■ ■ \
back waiting to shoot over a
"haymaker." I don't. I never
let a man hit me when I oan pre
vent It. I hit every time there Is
an openlnig, whether the blow is
glancing or smashing. Every
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
BUFFALO, Dec. 27.—Jack
("Twin") Sullivan has "come
bach" today. For ten milling
rounds he stuck with Joe Jean
ette here, although the big negro
outweighed him fully twenty
pounds. It was the black's fight
I all through, but he couldn't <put
Sullivan down.
Caddies Make
High Scores
The caddie tournament held at
the Tacoma Country and Golf
club yesterday was very much a
success. Leon Gerson, a scratch
man, won first money B. Ofstad
and Harry Swanson wera tied for
second place but In the playoff
Ofstad won. Fred Harripon, who
1b credited with 162, landed in
every bunker pit and holds the
largest score on the local links.
The number of competit^rg In
the competitive shoot of the Ta
comn Revolver club is speedily
.growing larger. Last night B.
B. Perrow was high gun of the
evening. The women members of
the club will shoot tonight.
Overall Out
H\f United Pross Leaned Wire.)
YOUNQBTOWN, 0., Dec. 27.—
Oivall Overall, famous ex-Chi
cago pitcher, at one time with the
Tacoma Tigers, has announced
that he la through with major
league ball.
SANTA CRUZ, Cal,, Dec. 27.—
WatHonvllle will be th<- training
ground for the Portland luwlmil
{club next spring.
punch I laud counts so much for
me. ' . .
( (n my second article I will ex
plain the methods of defense I
have used in the 250 bouts of my
ring career.)
When Detroit plays in
Cloveland, Ty Cobb seldom
hits anywhere near his real
form, for some reason. When
Addle Joss was alive he pre
ferred to have Cobb on the
Cleveland grounds. In a
pinch, to several other De
troiters. Cobb always hits
his best, in New York and
4_: — •
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
27. —John Ropers was held yes
terday to answer before the su
perior court for the murder of
Benjntnin A. Goodman, diamond
A Charming Woman
is one who Is lovely In face, form,
mind and temper. But its hard
for a woman to be charming with
out health. A weak, sickly wom
an will be nervous and irritable.
Constipation and kidney poisons
show in pimples,- blotches, skin
eruptions and a wretched com
plexion. But Electric Bitters al
ways prove a godsend to women
who want health, beauty and
friends. They regulate Stomach,
Liver and Kidneys, . purify the
blood; give strong nerves, bright
eyes, pure breath, smooth, velvet;
skin, lovely complexion and per
fect health. Try them. 50c at
Rynor Malstrom Drug Co., 938
I'aclfic ay.
All that's belt In Osteopathy
medicine, surgery and Optometrj
(or less money. Experienced ape
cialists assisting. We make a spe
cialty of diseases of the eye. ear
STOMACH, skin, blood, kidneys and
bladder; also APPENDICITIS, GOI
TRE, RHEUMATISM, chronic and
nervous diseases. Consultation
free. 1219H Paolflo ay., next door tc
National Bank of Commerce.
Strs. ladian&polis
and Flyer
Th» tautest and finest day
steamers on the mmL
leaves Tacotns, from Mu
nicipal Dock at 7:00. 00. 11:00
a. m.. 1:00. 1:00, 00. 7:00
(too p. m.
Leave Seattle from Colmaa
dock. 7:00. 1:00. 11:00 a. m.
1:00. »:00. t-.tO. 7:00. »:00 p. to.
nistn.K FAKE Ma
round TRIP 80s
0 Jlrnmrr Rvrrjr Two flour*.
I, K. ri;ii(Eix, A»at
Phono Main 14 48
Frank Rlley, athletic director
of the University of Pug.»t Sound,
will try to come 'back. Nick
Langes, Seattle "rassler," hinted
that he would like to mett Rlley
an the mat, so Mark Shaughnes
tey has been trying to arrange a
Riley can v get In condition
easily 'but It Is expected that both
men will be a little over we'tjlit
That Riley knows the game has
been shown before and especially
of late in his training of "Denver
Ed" Martin.
Both men are very fa»t wrest
lers and it Is expected that it will
be. the best preliminary event of
Shaughnessey's big bill at the Ar
mory on New Years night.
Indoor Hockey
Beginning at 8 o'clock tonight,
indoor hockey will be introduced
to Tacoma, when the 'j rlnlty
church six will line up against tha
Northern Pacific team. Following
this will be a game (between the
Athletics and the Excelsiors.
Mother, our shoe-salesman
i wants to talk to you -
are you giving your boys' feet
the proper care in buying his
> j
fJsljSS^ If you're not you're handicap
(PPP\3 ping him for his life's battle
i /<* 3 after he's grown up—
■ /j\\\ it isn't a matter of "how
i m v\ 1\ cheap" can you get shoes for
/ IV In him but "do they fit his
/ I \\ft/4^ feet "—that's the
, J \1 \feJ^ real economy of any shoe
■ XS& >^\l/ "D. & M." shoes for boys are
1 C^JmJk^ Jtl made to fit—and they're sold
/ **|uy /«|| to fit— they have the comfort
} / If I iff ll* £ lv i n £ proportions —we see
;, L /// it If that the boy gets the right
» // f length, the right width—
t It ill M \ and the right kind of shoes
8 Ili mil *or *"s PPose — don't buy
I mw\ him a pair of light thin dress
f §¥ I shoes for his general wear— ■
■ I and don't get him a pair of
■ / heavy storm shoes for idress
* L.^JT e d better have two pairs -
a fTf^^^f^. you'll find it real economy for
I Suppose you and the boy stop in our shoe store
and see how much real shoe satisfaction, and foot
comfort, and long service coupled with smart
style we can give you for $2.00, $2.25, $2.50 arid <
up to $3.50.
k JAMES 11. DEGE, Pres.
1110-12-14-16 Pacific Avenue. .
Wednesdal, Dec. 27, 1911.
(By I nit.-.l Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 27.—
Another hard fought game be
tween the Seattle Athletic club
eleven and the Multnomah club Is
expected here New Year's day.
Multnomah gave Seattle a 9 to
0 drubbing Christinas day, but Se
attle has been greatly strength
ened since then by the addition of
several famous players.
Is the Thief
of Time
The time to have dental opera
tions performed Is white carl
ties are small. The BEST place
In Tacoma to have dental work
of merit ie the Tacoma DeuUl
1146 1-2 Pacific ay.
If i.lp.it h Bldg.
Phone M 4282.
Lady Attendant.

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