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Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1912.
Get a 25 Cent Bottle Now and
Forever Stop Falling Hair, Itching
Scalp and Dandruff
If you Wish to Double the Beauty
of your Hair in Ten Minutes surely
Try a Danderine Hair Cleanse
Your hair becomes light, wavy, fluffy,
abundant and appears is soft, lustrous and
beautiful as a young girl's after a Danderine
hair cleanse. Just try this —moisten a cloth
with a little Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, talcing one small strand
at a time. This will cleanse the hair of dust, I
dirt and excessive oil and in just a few 1
moments you have doubled the beauty of
your hair.
A delightful surprise awaits particularly |
those who have been careless, whose hair
has been neglected or is scraggy, faded, dry,
brittle or thin. Besides beautifying the hair
at oner, Danderine dissolves every particle
of dandruff; cleanses, purities and invigor
ates the scalp, forever stopping itching and
falling hair.
Try as you will, after one application of
Danderine you cannot find any dandruff or
a loose or falling hair, and your scalp will
never itch, but what will please you most
will be after a few weeks' use when you will
actually see new hair —fine and downy at
first —yes —but really new hair sprouting all
over the scalp. Danderine makes the hair
grow long, heavy and luxuriant and we can
prove it. Ji you care for pretty, soft hair
and lots of it surely get a 25 cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danderine from any druggist
or toilet counter, and just uy it.
pi T/^/^PC!C The foundation of every business sue-
cess is money. Save your money and
k^^^^^^i'* <».rfc^ a g 00( opportunity for business Invest
ment will surely come. Begin to save today and keep at It. You
will surely get ahead. There is no way to do this so good as to
put your money in a good, strong bank such as ours. '
CAPITAL. $800,000.00
Showing of New
Spring Suits 1912
SUITS AT $17.50 TO $19.50
Beautiful assortment of New Spring Suits, in mannish wor
steds, diagonals, Bedford cords, etc.; - 26-inch jacket styles.
Good $20.00 to $25.00 values. <MQ Cfl
Extra .values 17.50 and $ I 9i3U
SUITS AT $24.75
200 Spring Suite in beautiful mannish worsteds, diagonals,
navy serges, Bedford cords, etc.; 26-inch jacket length; plain
and fancy tailored models. Good . 90/1 TR
$35.00 values. Our price «p£4-if 3
SUITS AT $29.50
150 beautiful Tailored Suits, all man tailored models; navy
blue serges, diagonals, Bedfords cords, etc.; 26-inch Jacket
lengths; plain and fancy tailored. 900 Kfl
Sale price $£Ui«JU
Other models too numerous to mention. Prices from
$35.00 to $49.60. Ask to see them.
Any Fall Suit in the house, values from $24.75, $27.50, $29.50,
$32.50, $36.00, $39.60 to 43.50, your C 1 Q QC
choice in the clean-up sale $ I OiuU
Women V and Misses*
Sample. Suit and Coat Shop
509-10-11-12 Fidelity Bldg. R. J. \ Quick, Prop.
Take Elevator sth Floor. . .
§ I. Arthur sayst
"(Eta emit to a man to
run a light an watali
plant, let alone buildin'
"Board am fairly
good at tie pure food -
Those Shirts in our window at $1.00? They'll not
be there after Friday morning but there will be
plenty of them in stock and right here we say to you,
it's mighty seldom you get shirts of this grade any
where but in this house at the price.
There's all those little narrow lavender, blue and
black stripe effects and a new gray stripe in the lot,
and two patterns in the soft French cuffs. All new,
W*s We shall do our best to keep these shirts in stock
JpO all the time and you can bank on the fact that they
i^'lffis /ss=r> will be $1.00 each. Not $1.25 or $1.50 reduced to
fn:^«vAl\||.V /^fl§| $1.00, but just plain $1.00 all the time, and.new
Sn»'''"''llll*^^7^777^/ shirts coming all the time.
jflllf m^* > 1120-1122 Pacific Avenua
Four Score Hard Winters Has Mother Jones Seen.
and She Is a Heroine in Labor's Ranks Still
"Where do you live, 'Mother'
Jones?" asked the chairman of a
Congressional investigating com
mittee of a little woman in rusty
She had kindly, determined
Irish features and the moat pierc
ing and confusing of blue • Irish
eyes. Brave, kindly, faith-inspir
ing eyes the old woman had, and a
motherly way of ; speaking—when
she was not aroused. But this
chairman was trying to defend the
steel barons from the charge of en
slaving their men.
"I live in the United States,
Borr," she replied.
"Hut where—ln what state
have you a home?" '■*
"Where the big thieves are
wringing their* dollars out of the
blood and bone of my poor, miser
able people, sorr," came back the
reply, in a voice like that of un
[accusing judge. "Sometimes tt is
among the slaves of the Alnbnina
I iron iniiii's; sometimes with the
gold and silver miners of Arizona,
where the Southern Pacific has fas
tened Itself on ilielr tliroitts; Nome
times with the boys on the north
ern copper range, ami often in (he
coal miners' sharks In . Pennsyl
vania or West Virginia. Where
you send your militia, where men
are shot and women driven from
their homes »t night by armed
bullies, there I stay.".
"Mother" Jones Is nearly 80
years of age. What she told the
corporation congressman is liter
ally true. For more than a gen
eration she has been an organizer
for the Western Federation of Min
ers ami for their brothers, the Un
ited Mine Workers, j Strikes she
has seen and taken a part In, since
she was a little girl In a southern I
cotton mill. Once she led 1,500
women of the coal miners' families
against a Colorado sheriff and his 1
deputies. The sheriff for once)
was driven back from the strikers';
picket line. At j another crisis,!
when the children of the Phila- 1
delphia factories were crying for
protection, "Mother" Jones shock
ed 'the community by organizing a
, great parade of 7000 crippled and'
maimed boy* and girls, ragged
and pale, underfed and haggard as
factory children always become,
to march through the streets ofj
the fashionable shopping quarter.
Always she is making a fight
I against social wrongs. Usually sho|
lis dramatic about it. Always her
I warm heart and her fearless
i tongue, and her white forehead|
that has more than once been
! pressed by the muzzle of a depu
ty's gun, endear her to the wretch-
Colds Go Overnight!
Pleasant Vapor Treatment Does'
the Work Without Stomach
Dosing! i
Here's an offer that means
something. " '
Money returned If HYOMEI
doesn't give satisfaction in treat
ment of catarrh, coughs, colds an««
of wise
people the
country over
are using
vannr treat
ment to
break up a
Anlli In thA
head or chest over night. F#Uo^j
I this advice once in the evening
i and again Just before retiring.
Into a small bowl full of boiling:
water pour a scant teaspoonful of|
HYOMEI, cover head and bowli
■with a towel and braathe deep into!
the lungs the soothing, healing,
germ killing vapor that, arises.
HYOMEI 1b made of Australian
Eucalyptus an antiseptic that is
used extensively by the foremost
nose and throat specialists in the
A bottle of HYOMEI costs only
60 cents at Crown Drug Co. and,
druggists everywhere.
Ed people who spend their days in
factories and mines.
Just now tho miners have lent
"Mother" to the striking shop em
ployes of the Harriman railroads
m the western country, where she
is making appeals to the women
jto do picked duty. Incidentally
[she visited the convention of the
California State Building Trades
ICoUBCtt, at Fresno, and urged the
delegates to stand by their offi
cials, Tveitmoe and Johannsen, In
dicted in connection with the
aliened dynamiting conspiracy.
"Moat governments are based
on brute force," says "Mother"
.Jones. "Those obey who must.
The economic conflict is becom
ing so bitter every day In thin
country, because the workers are
awakening to a realization that
private ownership of the means of
production is the underlying cRUPe
of their misery and their weakness.
You can't reconcile the exploiter
and the exploited, they must strug
"Men are cruel when greed
State News
Judge Hanford quashed all in
ilid hi.'ills against E. Ridgway and
X E. Glass of the Jovita I>and
company except the one.charging
them with running a lottery when
they took In $395,000 by sale of
lots at Jovita Heights on a "draw-
Ing" scheme.
More women than men register
ed for the municipal election at
Seattle February 20.
A. J. Biehl and Harry 11. Hum
phrey, mixed up In the Washing
ton Trust company of Portland,
i which pretended to back the Co
humbia River Orchard bonds, were
I arrested and put under $0,000
bonds at Portland.
Little Falls has one newspaper
and two more will start.
The state experiment farm In
Lewis county is expected by Prof.
Sparks of the state college to pay
for itself.
So few people died at Snohom
ish that the undertaker, Deacon
urges. At HazMlton we saw 22
poor wretches shot down as they
were peacefully marching; across
the country during a strike. On a
mountain side In Weßt Virginia I
a groop of the boys one
night, and all was peaceful. Next
|m<irning I came back up the moun
tain, to find them lying In blood —
half a dozen brave men shot in
tht-lr sleep by the mine owners
'and their sous, who had riddled
,tfcOM poor shanties with rifle bul
lets without one word of warning.
|No man was ever punished for
!ttint murder.
"Now, you think If those things
day after day, and you ccc the
deaths of hundreds of babies as we
did In the coal Ktrlke last winter
In Westmoreland county, Pennsyl
vania, and you bepln to see what
Is niHant by the clans struggle.
"Force begets force. Tho peo
ple will revolt as individuals at
first, but an a unit finally. In this
grand uprising, which Ih not K<>
ln|C to !><■ one of liloihl hut one* of
Industrial action, women among
A. Moran, went Into bankruptcy
and his hoarse was sold by the
sheriff to \V. A. Cathcart, a farm
Montenano will have an Incu
bator factory.
H. .T. Welty, the Bel Hugh am
hnnk wrecker, Is working in the
Jute mill at the pen.
Mrs. E. E. Eaton, wife of a lo
cal merchant, has been named as
chief of police by the mayor of
(By I'nlted Press l.oisr.l Wire.)
Chinatown's warring tongß have
today signed a 24 days' armistice.
All hostilities shall ceaee until
after the Chinese new year. Chief
of Police White's ultimatum to
blockade Chinatown unless the
pact were signed brought about
the agreement.
In n Stupendous Spectacular
Revival of
I'RIOEH-—ftOc to »a.OO
FEB. 18 AND 19
John C. .Fisher Presents Musical
Comedy Success
IniniriiKi) Company, Parisian Cos
tumes, Stunning Chorus and
iinll.-t Scenic Novelties
Prices: 50c to $2.00.
Scat Sale Saturday.
Curtain at 8.15.
"The Man from Mexico"
Rollicking Farce Comedy
Prices: •-!<><, 80c, ROc
Bargain Matinee, Wednesday and
Saturday, 10c and 25c.
CurtUn: Night, 8:15; Mat., 2:80
Berzac's Comedy Circus
Educated Homes and Ponies
Ruth Francis & Co.
"World's Best Vaudeville"
the workers are going to have
tlu-ir share. Yea, th«» women are
rowing with this revolution of ours
Oh, I wish you could see ilh-iii a*
they make tlte fight in their
home* all through the mining re
gions! How they cheer their men
on, how they ecouomixe, how they
teach their children and their •>!•.
ters to bo brave and never cringe!
Among the forty nationalities . of
the. coal miner* we have mm many
heroic women an. there, are ', any
where on the'face'of-the.* earth.
Those women would alone make a
tier order of thing* sure.". 9ff '■'
I Talks like*, this have lad "Moth
er" Jones to jail and often to in
sult. When deported from Colo
rado Kite spoke to a humble brake
-111:111, who smuggled her bark to
Denver. There she sent this mes
sage to Peabody—"Governor, I'm
back; what are you going to do
about It?" -- --•■.--.
Gas in Your Stomach,
Bloat and Pressure
Around Your Heart
Cured, Cured to Stay Cured With
HaiiliiKtnu'* Gas Tablets.
Berauie BAAL/MANN'S (TA3
{TABLETS are made specially for
the cure of Stomach Gas. Gas in
the stomach and bowels Is not al
ways dyspepsia; very often It's
nervousness or rather from a
nervous, irritable stomach.
Is the only remedy In America
made especially and distinctly to
: calm a nervous, Irritable gas-form
-1 ing stomach. Gas simply cannot
1 form after a few days' use of
[ oauso your stomach will be quite
. oaJra and In normal action.
. TABLICTB aro so different from
. anything In c.iift/ nee, contain no
i pepsin, no soda, no chdTcoal, no
1 peppermint, no digestive of any
I kind; they are mad« for stomach
. gas only and cure you where ev
erything else has failed.
These peculiar tablets are sold
for 50c a bottle by nearly every
, druggist. If not In stock tell htm
,to get them for you from his
. wholesaler, or send 60n in silver,
stamps or money order to HaV.nt
. Mann Pharmacy, 320 Suiter St.,
I San Francisco.
Bp*' [sH^^H^^ __^_ ■
a^^^f _^*^^^ti ■ H| IB IBT^
Store Opens at 0:00 a. in. and Closes at 0:00 p. m. Daily. Saturdays from 0:00 a. in. Till 10:00 p. in.
Factory Accumulation of 1,000
Odd Lace Curtains, Val. to $4 Pr.
on O|CI f\ Each
Sale Ow 0 Curtain
Sale Starts at 9 o'clock Tomorrow morning
Third Floor.
An extremely lucky and timely lace curtain
purchase. This lump of .000 lace curtains
purchased in one lot at a lump price con
sists of sample curtains, patterns manufac
turers have discarded, curtains commonly
known as "seconds/ the latter having fail
ed to pass the inspection room because of
slight imperfections such as a drop stitch
or irregular weave. The lot. about one
third of which are odd curtains, only one of
a pattern, is composed of Cable Net and
Nottingham Lace Curtains in Madras and
- Fillet Weaves, of these there are hundreds
of patterns, ranging from 1 to 6 or 8 of a
kind. Owing to variance of the qualities and
quantities of a pattern we cannot promise
to furnish any particular value or pattern
' after the opening of the sale.
POSITIVELY None exchanged, credited
or sent c. p. d. All sales final. If in pairs
and perfect, curtains would regularly be
worth $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00
and a few as high as $5.00 or $6.00 a pair,
choice of the 39c Each Curtain
lot tomorrow tach Curtain
I fHfl M mW4SdQ ■ "•J • ■ ■If you need dental work
liCvlnC\^9 llf II don't look further. We are
M i^LljLndßfeaJLfl^lAl^H always butty; buy *uppll«a In
I |>M «w 1j oJ| kVW ■ large quantities, and, aa a
IS^^^Biy W\ HI A I B 1! I consequence, cau fir* th.
■■"Vap^lUUUhaipiil hlKheat grade work at about
LI §fl>]Wil ""X^H lnklf lhe price ohar 's*Kl by
IB *tJ %m alB I IMI other reputable der.tUti. ••=
tHKlalllxo null K««lB>«l*«
rr»#. WTB O1V« CIAS
TAt-oMA TiiiSATßit ui.nu. , old CmWDI .95.00
- "h "" ° ■**. ' Bridge, Work ..... ...$5.00,
10 Years in the R^SSS 1!! 1.:::,.*
Same Location ??Ji.T:::: :8-SS
' ■ -> • ■ ■ ALL. WORK nIIAHAKTICr,n '
Easy to Cook. Easy to
Digest. Healthful
and Delicious
Mako the most tempting pea soup or puree
of peat.
They're rolled thin, and cook thoroughly,
in 20 minutes.
Try some. Order of your grocer. Send for
free Sperry Cook Book.
Got the Red Package.
Sperry Flour Company
Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

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