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Monday, April 8,1912.
(Hy United Prem Leased Wire.)
HILIJ3RORO. Ore.. April B.—
Evidence in tue case of John Day,
alleged bad check man, arrested
In New York today, is being sent
from here to District Attorney
Fredericks in I>os Angeles,-where
Day will be prosecuted.
The evidence deals with alleged
defrauding of persons and firms
here while acting as publicity
man for the Hlltsboro Develop
ment league.
If your meals don't fit comforta
bly, or you feel bloated after eat
ing and you believe it is the food
which flllt you; If what little you
ent lies like a lump of lead on
your stomach; if there is difficulty
Id breathing after eating, eructa
tions of Hour, undigested food and
acid, heartburn, brash er a belch
ing of |tf, you cau make up your
mind that you need mimethlng to
atop food fermentation and sure
To make every bite of food you
eat aid in the nourishment and
strength of your body, you must
rid your Stomach of poisons, ex
cessive acid and stomach gas
which sours your entire meal —
Interferes with digestion and
causes m many sufferers of Dys
pepsia, s:<k Headache, Biliousness,
Constipation, Griping, etc. Your
case is no different-—you are a
stomach sufferer, though you may
With a Player Piano in Your Home You
Are Always Ready to Entertain!
Music's greatest charm is in playing, not just
heaiing it. With a Player Piano in your home,
every member of your family may eujoy music
to its fullest measure. To a player, the fascina
tion is in producing the music, and with the aid
of an up-to-date Player Piano the repertoire
is unlimited.
We have the best and largest stock of Player
Pianos on the Pacific Coast and we invite you to
look over our line before making your choice of
a Player Piano.
You are welcome to the well-known credit
service of Sherman, Clay & Company, whereby
you enjoy the most liberal terms without the ad
vance of the fixed prices of the strictly one-price
piano house on the Pacific Coast,
A\ re gladly call your attention to the Apollo,
Farrand, Cecilian, A. B. Chase, and other Player
Your old piano taken in exchange, allowing
you liberally for it.
| Steinway Representatives.
Victor Talking Machines,
ShermanJßiay & Cc 1
928-930 C St. Tsg§/* * Tacoma
Tacoma Furniture and Outfitting Co.
911-913 0 St.
We Furnish Your Home on Credit
15 to 25 Per Cent Saved by Buying Your Furniture and Carpets
• Hero
, urtiTfJ^BrfiViii — " Extraordinary low prices will
jgf?!g^K«!3S2»2g§sg"k be made on Rugs and Linole
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minster Hugs y I OidU
J^V fll^^S iflK JI^I tfuV is9i K^^l l^r ' Lj^^^k..
$25.0-0 Paven- fl> -1 Q "7E \ EIIkHSs
>— ■■ . $7.50 Go-Cart 09 C(\
This $38 Steel 90Q Oft like cut <$JiUU
Range, this week . .«j»£O.(UU
"' ■■ ■ ' ' ft -* ' ■ i
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These Are Price* That Will Sell. Special i Attention . to Ouot-of-
Towb Order*
Osburn Glad
To See Geiger
Superintendent of Schdols W.
F. Geiger came back to Tacorua
y.-stcnlay after being away two
months. While In St. Louis be
was sent to the hospital and op
erated on for appendicitis. He
is feeling fine now and is bark
at his desk again.
Aunt Supt. Osborn is breath
ing a sigh of relief today.
call it by some other name; your
I real and only trouble is .that
which you eat does not digest, but
quickly ferments and sours, pro
ducing almost' any unhealthy con
dition. , . ;
' A case of Pape'i Dlapepsln will
cost fifty cent* at any Pharmacy
here, and will convince any stom
ach sufferer five minutes after
taking a single doFe that Fermen
tation and Sour Stomach Is caus
ing/j^'e misery of Indigestion.
No matter If you call your trou
ble Catarrh of the Stomach, Nerv
ousness or Gastritis, or by any oth
er name—always remember that a
certain cure is waiting at any
drug store the moment you decide
to begin Its use.
Pape'B Dlapepsin will regulate
any. out of order Stomach within
five minutes, and digest promptly,
without any fuss or discomfort al)
of any kind of food you eat-
H& The Adventures of ~
jHn Gentleman Detective
(Continued Fom Yesterday.)
"Don't eh," he said, groping
in his mind for a solution.
"No. You forgot to send me
that promised form of agreement,
didn't you? Thought you'd foiled
me, perhaps. Well, I wouldn't be
so foolish as to expect anything in
the way of fair and honorable
dealing when I contract to do up
a mining swindler for the benefit
of the only meaner creature on
(lod's carth —a patent medicine
poisoner. So I took precautions."
"Say, be careful of what you
say, young man," blustered the
"I am—quite particular. And
before you leave, wouldn't you
like to hear about the five thou
sand dollars I got fur my little
Doctor Hoff blinked rapidly.
"What dldje say?" he finally in
"Five—-cr —thousand—er—-dol-
"You got It?"
"In the bank."
"Where-dje get It?"
"From you, through your son's
check, duly certified."
Doctor Hoff blinked more rap-
Idly and moistened his lips with
an effortful tongue.
"H-h-how-dje work It " he ask
ed in a die-away voice.
"By the forced sale of water
rights to the North Pinto Gold
Mining Company, dissolved, in
which Mr. Roderick Hoff was vice
president and silent partner," re
plied Average Jones with an ami
able smile, as he opened the door
"Want a job. Average?"
Bertram, his elegance undim
med by the first really trying
weather of the early summer,
drifted to the coolest spot in the
Ad-Visor's sanctum and spread his
languid length along a wicker set
"Give a man breathing space,
can't you?" returned Mr. Average
Jones. "This is hotter than Baja
"Why, I assumed that your
quest of the quack's scion would
Positive Proof
Should Convince the Greatest
Skeptic in Tucoina.
Because it's the evidence of a
Tacoma citizen.
Testimony easily investigated.
The strongest endorsement of
The best proof. Read it:
P. McDougall, 1107 S. Sixteenth
St., Tacoma, Wash., Bays. "In
September, 1906, I told in a pub
lic statement of my experience
with Doan's Kidney Pills and at
this time I am glad to say that I
have had no need of a kidney
medicine since. I was confined
to my bed for five weeks by an
attack of lumbago, and the doctor
told me the complaint was a re
sult of a strain. The pain was so
severe that I could not arise or
turn over and I was practically
helpless. I was given several
electrical treatments, but the re
lief was only temporary. Doan's
Kidney Pills were finally procured
for me and I soon found them to
be the remedy I needed, getting
great relief."
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Mllburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the name — Doan's
—and take no other.
have trained you down fit for any
thing." . i
"Haven't even caught up with
the clippings that Simpson floods
me with, (since I came hack," con
fessed the other. "What have you
got up your faultlessly creased
sleeve It's got to be something
different to rouse me from a-well
earned lethargy."
"Because a man huncoPS a lov
ing father out of five thousand
dollars" —Average ,Ion«-s snorted
gently—"ls no reason why he
should unanimously elect hlnißPlf
a life member of the Sons of Idle
ness," murmured Bertram.
He cast an eye around the
uniquely decorated walls, upon
which hung, here, the Khrleklng
prospectus of a mythical gold
mine; there a small but venemous
political placard, and on all sides
examples of the uncouth or un
usual in paid print; exploitations
of grotesque quackeries; appeals,
business-like, absurd, or e,vcn pas
sionate, in the form of "Wants;"
threats thinly dlHguised as "Per
sonals;" dim suggestions of crime,
of fraud, of hope, of tragedy, of
mania, all decorated with the stars
of "paid matter" or designated by
tlie Adv. sign, and each represent
ing some case brought to A. Jones
Ad-Visor —to quote his hybrid and
expressive doorplate—by some one
of hi« numerous and incongrous
"Something different?" repeat
ed his visitor, reverting to Aver
age Jones' last observation. "Well,
yes; I think so. Where is Bellair
"Ask a directory. How should
I know?" retorted the other lazily.
"Sounds like old Greenwich Vil
Bertram reached over with a
cane of some pate, translucent
green wood, selected to match his
pale green tie and the marvelous
green opal which held it in place,
and prodded his friend severely
in the ribs. "Double-up Lucy;
the sun is in the sky!" he pro
claimed with unwonted energy,
"listen, t cut this out. of yester
day's Evening Register. With my
own fair hands I did it, to rouse
you from your shameless sloth,
with your kind attention, ladies
and gentlemen—" He read:
WANTED —A young man, unat
tached, competent to act as as
sistant in outdoor scientific work.
Manual skill as desirable as ex
perience. Emolument for one
month's work generous. Man
without family Insisted upon. Ap«
ply after 8:30 p. m. fn proper
person. Smith, 74 Bellair Street.
Slowly whirling in his chair.
Average Jones held out a hand,
received the clipping, read It
through with attention, laid It on
the desk, and yawned.
"Is that all?" said the indig
nant Bertram. "Do you notice
that 'unattached' In the opening
sentence? And the specification
that the applicant must be without
family Doesn't that inspire any
notion above a yawn in your pal
sied processes of mind?"
"It does; several notions. I
yawned," explained Average Jonee
with dignity, "because I perceive
with pain that I shall have to go
to work. What do you make of
the thing, yourself?"
"WeU, this man Smith—"
"What man Smith "
"Smith, of 74 Bellair Street,
who signs the ad."
Average Jones Laughed. "There
isn't any Smith," he said.
What do you know about It?"
demanded Bertram, sitting up.
"Only what the advertisement;
tells me. It was written by a
foreigner; that's too obvious for'
argument. 'Emolument generous.'l
'Apply In proper person.' Did a
Smith ever write that? No. A
Borgrevsky might have, or a
firplffenhauser, or even a Mavron
ovonpoulos. But never Smith."
"Well, It's nothing to me what
his name Is. Only I thought you
might be the aspiring young sci
entist he was yearning for."
"Wouldn't wonder if I were,
thank yon. Let's see. Bellalr
Street? Where's the directory?
Thanks. Yes, It Is Greenwich
Village. Well, I thing I'll Just
hi roll down that way and have a
look after dinner."
(Continued Tomorrow.)
'Joke' Put Out
Worker's Eye
As a result of a Joke played on
him Saturday afternoon, Law
rence Taunt of Puyullup, em
ployed at the Puyallup Box &
Veneer company, may loße an eye.
Taunt was working at his
tench when a boy on the other
side of the partition poked a
stick through a crack and hit It
with a hnmiuer. It struck Taunt
in the eye, the point breaking off.
It. was removed liy a doctor but
lie will lose the sight of his eye.
iu;i \ivs IKIWX UMUM
This is the latest photograph of
the Chinese president and shows
him in the garments of the west
ern world, adopted after he as
sumed the presidency. The strain
of guarding the peace of the tur
bulent republic has broken down
his health, and he is now under
the care of physicians.
Strs. Indianapolis
and Flyer V
The fastest and finest.' day
steamers on the canst.
Leaves Tacoma from Mu
nicipal Dock at 7:00, 9:00, 11:00
a. m 1:00. 3:00. 6:00, 7:00
9:00 p. m. • :--' ■• • MT
Leave Seattle from Colman
dock, 7:00. '.» 00, 11:00 a. in.,
1:00, 3:00/6:00, 7:00, 9:00 p. m.
*l\»;l,K FA HI-: Bsc
1111 l \l> TRIP .Vtr
A Slrnmrr KTfrjr Two Honr* w
- UK. IT IK 101,1,, Annl ■■- .
: . t Phone Main 1446 !,. *t;
c .•. • ..-■.*■<■» - . -
State News
■ Banker C. A. Wallace is In lim
bo at Kettle Falls for taking de
posits- after. his bank' was Insol
-C. D. Hllliuan asked federal
court at Portland for 30 days \ In
which to wind up his business af
fairs before'going to the pen, but
was refused.
■ All benches In Spokane parks
are built for throe—an extra neat
for a chaperone.-
Street car service between Ray
mond and South Uend starts Wed
nesday. '.* ';.,'.
■ .Washington.--'.Osteopathies' as
sociation in convention at Spo
kane elected l Dr. H. P. Morse.
Wenatchee, president and Dr. W.
T. Thomas of Tscoma, secretary.
John F. Clark, 37. timber
cruiser of Centralla, Is missing.
• H. ■■It. Douglass of the Ameri
can Book company is colonizing
teachers on a tract In the White
Salmon valley.
Walla Walla Is to have a new
$30,000 gaß plant.
John Lax, Br., prominent res
taurant man of North Yakttna, U
dead.' .
North Ysklma will combine a
horse show with the blossom fes
Engineer J. C. Gawler, fiscal
agent for the government recla
mation project of Yaklma, has
been ordered to New Mexico, the
government deciding to abandon
the Yaklma project for the pres
J. W. Gilllngham, J. S. Fel
lows, and Wlllard Taylor, promi
nent citizens of Sprlngdale, were
convicted of rioting because
things did not go to suit them at
the" city hall. i '
PORTLAND, Ore., April B.—
Women suffragettes are making
a systematic campaign to line up
the labor vote solidly for suffrage
when the amendment giving wo
men the right to vote comes up
fore the voters next November.
The Central Labor council of
Portland is on record as favor-
Ing woman suffrage.
A meeting was called follow-
A (I'm; KI»K tiii.: mviimtitutiom
A salesman of the National ltln
cult Company whs lately talking to
I grocer In a Southern city who
had laid In a stock of soda crack
em put up In a 5 rent package and
made. by* a competitor of the Na
tional lllHcult Company. The gro
cer said that the reason he carried
the competitive article wan be
cause prices Oil the imitation (roods
were so much lower that It afford
ed him an extra profit, and that In*
thought he could work them off on
Ills customers In place of Unecda
While they were talking: a color
ed woman came into the store and
asked for a package of Uncnda Mis
cult. To show the National Ulscult
Company's Kulesman how easy It
was to substitute, the proprietor
himself waited on the woman
showing her the Imitation package
and advising her to take it, saying
that it was "Just as g%od" as
Unceda Hlscult. The colored wom
an hesitated, and then said: "No,
sail, <!••>• Is wanted for sickness, an'
my missus sen' mo for ITneeda Bis
cuit; she is mighty partlc'ler, an'
she know what she want, so gib
me Uneedti Biscuit, boss."
This Is only one of many similar
Instances that are constantly oc
curring In the effort to substitute
other goods when Uneeda Dlscult
aro asked for.
After all, Isn't the best cure for
substitution the making of first
class goods, anil then the advertis
ing of them to consumers so thor
oughly and persistently that, like
the colored woman, they are afraid
to take any risk in buying some
thing else? •••
—From Printers' Ink, March 21st.
With Csunl HavaffP Perfect Cast
and I'rixliK linn.
Priceg—soc to $1.50.
Princess theater
Main 77«0
S«.-ffsKful Comedy Itriiniu
'The Heir To the Hoorah'
Mm —20r, aoo, noo.
liar-gain Matinee, Wednesday and
Saturday, 100 and 2T>r.
Startling Acrobats
\Vat<"h Next Week's I*ro|{rani.
Sii:i.l.\K VAII)KVII>I>K
By Victor H. Smalley
Scenic Theater
Refined and Up-to-Date
Moving Pictures.
Dream Theater
»Mli and G *t.
A powerful sermon against the
present day usury evtl.
"The Sheriff's Daughter" and
The Surprised Party as Surprised
Ing the abduction Saturday of
KMltor A. R. Bauer of the Bati
Diego Herald, a weekly whtrh has
been attacking the police
That the free speech advocate
will not lack for funds la the con
fident assertion of the leaders,
who Bay that practically all the
unions all along the coast have
promised financial aid.
Editor Bauer says he will move
vigorously for the prospeclton of
liis abductors. He has engaged
former Governor Henry T. Gage
as his counsel.
(I IIIIFX^fc2I' |illll (i
:! JilPLill^lh^B^^yi!!!;!; lllllllllliyilllll.lll
Why Don't You
Have Strong, Healthy I
and Pretty Teeth? I
■ ■ - - :. „. •.' •r-'i
; You can have them Just as well bb "anyone. They may
now be all decayed, uneven, broken and perhaps a ' few
iulkhliik, but we can remedy all those troubles.
We have done this kind of work for so long and have
accomplished It so'well that we have no hesitancy Id say
ing that we' can make your teeth pretty no matter In what
condition they now are.
And another. Important Item Is that good, healthy teeth *
never cause the aches and pains you may now su%er oc
casionally. •''"■■ . ....
j Remember too —the longer you put off this work the . [
) worse it • will grow— and the more expensive to remedy.
Come to us tomorrow —If you decide to let us treat v
' them, you'll never regret It—and there will bo no pain.
t . qs2i PacificAve. / t y&J I
A Most Remarkable Sale of Player Pianos j
' ..... .... .. '. ■„...'.. , , ■ , : ,„ j".
Thirty-two Player-Pianos to be dropped—
Not because they are at all undesirable in
any way— simply because we have too
many lines to do full justice to all.
Beginning today, we start to close out thirty
two Player-pianos, the products of three of the
most reputable player manufacturers in the
country. There's nothing at all the matter with
these instruments in any way. They are brand
new, of the latest style and contain the most
modern improvements. v
'At our'board of directors' meeting held . re
cently it was concluded that we were handling
more lines of Player-Pianos than we could do
full justice to, and it was decided to close out
immediately three complete lines. -^i -S
• Here's the Opportunity You've Been
Waiting For. ,
Brand new, latest style 88-note Player-Pianos
with every up-to-date improvement in all the
plain and fancy woods: -
$ 650 styles go at ......... $438
$ 800 styles go at v. $525 . \
$ 900 styles go at .......... $626
$1000 styles go at ........ :. .$685
Never again will such an opportunity as this
be duplicated. Be among the first to see hear
and examine these | i Player-Pianos. ' Informal
Player-Piano recitals daily at 2:30 \ and 4:30 p.
m., to which you are cordially invited, whether
you wish to purchase or not. ||
Terms as low as $10 down and $10 a month.
■ Home ■ ■■^■•{^^•ji^iiSS^^p^S
of the *O?^2IJLZmR\ Opposite:
Chickering %&4<€&X&t& , I Rhodes
V&jij^/ Brothers
1). S. JOHNSTON CO. r. ■ —■■ ■
943-945 C Street. -
The Nation's Largest Musical • Concern.
at niriiur
PHYAMAfP. April B.—Farmer*
are being Invited to the experl
iii.-nt farm to look over th« work
being done there this spring. Kx
tenslve exi>erinient« are shown In
the growlug of grasses aud hoibo
valuable suggestions are offered
in caring for fruit trows and vine*.

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