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■T'aesday, April 9, 1912.
- means hand - practice. Neuro
pathy means nerve disease, or
■treatment of diseased condi
tions through the nerve supply.
The methods are practically tha
same and are often called blood
less surgery. It removes th«
cause of disease. No drugs, no
knife. Consultation free. Main
Graduate Chiropractor
711 So. X st.
S|j Arnolds
a Catarrh
For head and stomach. jj Every
50c package has a guarantee of
it's healing qualities or money
refunded if not as represented.
902 Pacific ay., Tacoma. The
Bonney Pharmacy.
Steel, Nickel Plated.
Emboss your note paper
and evnelopes with your
own monogram, initials or
name and address. V '
Handy to Carry in Pocket
Prices 25c to $1.00
Come and See Them.
902 Pacific aye.
. You may have your rods
j and lines ready, but what
about your eye glasses?
Will they stand the rough
workV A Shur-On will. In
. vesttgate.
4th Floor Fidelity Bldg.
Good Tacoma Eastern
Mill Wood, 2 ricks $2.50
3 ricks .- $3.50
Our mill wood has
never been in salt water.
We give S. & H.
Green Trading Stamps.
Without Lines/j
inthe y ' NtAH//
in thfi x#|s|9*Jy
111 IIIV «*vW '''iffT'f
It used to be true that bi
focal glasses were troublesome
and old-looking, and trying to
the eyes. It is not true of
Kryptoks— the new bt-focals
that look and wear like plain
glasses, but give perfect near
and far vision.
We replace I broken lenses.
Bring the pieces of the old lens
- and we will match It.
' 209-210 Provident Dldg.
The Montamara committee la
■till, wrestling with the . problem
of burning powder at the July
show. .. p* ■■-. -. ■ * ■'•:..-,
T. C. Hltt wants to Rive ..a
spectacular "Conquest of Mexico",
exhibition on three nights for $.'..
--000, but the ; committee has not
yet decided Just what to do in the
fireworks line. Five thousand dol
lars looks like considerable money
to burn up and the committee is
considering.whether it cannot get
more for the people In some other
line. £ . i:■ . -■■■.;- '.-■ ■--■,-•'■"
i The Industrial parade has been
turned over to the Rotary club,
and it Is already. getting busy on
floats and parade features.
Pettit Meeting
Is Postponed
The Pettit mass meeting call
ed for tonight at the rat Pres
byterian church has been post
poned until Friday night and will
be held at the First Methodist
Rev. T. H. Lane, H. O. Row
land and William D. Askren will
be the speakers and it is expect
ed the church will be packed. -.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
EL PASO, Texas, April 9.—
Desperate attempts of the Mexi
can rebels to get ammunition
across the Rio Grande have re
sulted today in the capture of 50,
--000 rounds of cartridge by secret
service men and soldiers. A large
shipment of arms from Galveston,
Texas, designed for Guaymas,
Mexico, was seized at Tucson.
Brooklyn' Elks en route to the
national convention at Portland
will stop over In Tacoma to see
the city when they come west in
July. They will spend a day
"To Them That Hath"
"To them that hath shall be giv
en" Is a sentence that applies to
fat people very neatly. It Is com
mon knowledge that once a human
I being begins to fatten up, to what
! they have already is added more
than they want until finally a
j stage Is reached where reduction
i must be made or decided disadvant
age results.
Then comes forward the ages-old
query, "Reduce—but how?" To the
uninformed nothing s-UKcesta Itself
but the (to them) twin evils — less
eating—more activity. They con
template a more or less lengthy
siege of dieting and exercising. So
It may be said-safely that every
man or woman In the land now
undergoing the fattenlng-up pro
cess has his or her mental eye
fixed dubiously on that not far. dis
tant day when he or she will have
to don the "ashes and sackcloth of
This Is not an enlivening pros
pect, and so it Is with considera
ble satisfaction that we announce
the emancipation of the fat. Now
adays one may reduce much or lit
tle, a pound a day If desired, or
hold their fat In check, absolute
ly stationary, without doing a tap
of exercise, missing a single meal,
doing a particle of harm or caus
ing a solitary wrinkle. All that's
required, as hundreds testify, is the
taking after meals and nt bedtime
of one Marmola Prescription Tab
let, which tablets are sold by the
Marmola Co., 1141 Farmer Bldg.,
Detroit, Mich., or any good drug
gist, at the uniform price of 75
cents, this sum being accepted for
a case of tablets bo well and gen
erously filled that even one pro
duces desirable results.
Phone Malstrom Bros I
Druggists, 9th and C. I
A Bank
To Satisfy
the needs of Us depositors
at all times—
Must be In a position to loan
funds on approved security.
Must realize that its sucress
depends upon the success of its
Must be conveniently located.
Must offer courtesy to large
and small depositors alike.
Such a bank is the
Scandinavian-American Bank
Eyes Examined
Glasses Fitted
Our service is not equal
ed in this city, not even
approached. Open day
and evening. Tel. Main
Caswell Optical Co.
Masonic Temple
734 St. Helens Aye.
7 Languages Spoken.
The upper picture Knows the in
terior of ili« Pedro Miguel locks
oa the Panama ennui, now almost
Aaiahed. The intakes for water
Hera are Bbj 14 feet. The lower
photograph gives «n klea of the
interior of one of the lock chain
nrrs at Miraflorrs. Compare
height of walls to man on ladder.l
4^j The Adventures of
* ' Gentleman Detective >
Gentleman Detective j
wW'iPIr^^PYRiQHTISII. me 80805-MERWU company. ».
(Continued Fom Yesterday.)
Thus it was that Mr. Adrian
Van Reypen Edgerton Jones
I found himself on a hot May even
! ing pursuing the Adventure of I/fo
j into the vestibule of a rather din
- gy old house which had once been
| the abode of solemn prosperity if
r not actual aristocracy in the olden
■ days of New York City. Almost
; immediately the telegraphic click
' of the lock apprised him that he
; might enter, and as he stepped in
to the hallway the door of the
right-hand ground-floor apart
ment opened to him.
! "You will please come in," said
| a voice.
The tone was gentle and meas
ured. Also it was, by its accent,
' alien to any rightful Smith. The
! visitor stepped into a passageway
i which was dim —until he entered
jit and the door swung behind
. him. Then it became pitch black.
i "You will pardon this," said
■ the voice. "A severe affection of
i the eyes compels me."
"You are Mr. Smith?" asked
Average Jones.
"Yes. Your hand if you please."
The visitor, groping, brushed
11with his fingers the back of a
hand which felt strangely hot and
pulpy. Immediately the hand
turned and closed, and he was led
forward to an inner room and
seated in a chair. The gentle, hot
clasp relaxed and left hit. wrist
free. A door facing him, if hiR
ears could be trusted, opened andj
"You will find matches at your
elbow," said the voice, coming
dully, from a farther apartment.
"Doubtless you would be more
comfortable with a light."
"Thank you," returned Average
Jones, enormously entertained by
the dime-novel setting which his
host had provided for him.
He lighted the gas and looked
about a sparsely furnished room
without a single distinguishing
feature, unless a high and odd
shaped traveling-bag which Blood
By an American Admiral on a Desolate Isle
IMC/YM /PHF-IA I in the Pacific! One Friendless, Starving Gin
I/IDvU V LjIcLjIJ ! Botfcle! Also One Lar Se' Unidentified Tooth-
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 9.
—The United States will use Pal
myra Island for a coaling station
for the Pacific fleet upon the com
pletion of the Panama canal.
This Information follows th«
receipt of Rear Admiral Souther
land's report of the exploration of
Palmyra Island and 51 other
small bodies o fland In the Pacific
toy the cruiser West Virginia late
In February, when he annexed. the
islands for the United States.
"When i% the »? ,West Virginia.
on a chair near by could be so re
garded. The voice Interrupted
his survey.
"You have come in answer tv
my advertisement?"
"Yes, sir."
"You are, then, of scientific
"Of scientific ambition, at least.
1 hope to meet your require
"Your name, if you please."
"Jones; A. Jones, of New York
"You live with your family "
"I have no family or near rela
"That is well. I wifl not con
ceal from you that there Are risks.
But the pay is high. Can you en
dure exposure? Laboring in all
weathers? Subsisting on rough
fare and sleeping as you may?"
"I have camped In the north
ern forests."
"Yes," mused the voice. "You
1-jok hardy."
Average Jones arose. "You—
er—are spying upon me, then,"
he drawled quietly. "I might
have—er—suspected a peep-hole.'
He advanced slowly toward the
door whence the voice came. A
chair blocked his way. Without
lowering his gaze the shoved at
the obstacle with his foot.
"Have a care!" warned the
; The chair toppled and overtnrn
; cd. From it fell, with a light
i chock, the strange valise, which,
{striking the floor, flew open, dis
closing a small cardboard cabinet.
Across the lront of the cabinet
: was a strip of white paper labeled
in handwriting, each letter being
individual, with what looked to
the young man like the word
"MERCY." He stooped to re
place the bag.
"Do not touch it," ordered the
voice peremptorily.
Average Jon*>B straightened up
to face the door a aln.
: "I will apologize for my clum
siness," he said slowly, "When
you explain why you have tried to
dropped anchor off Palmyra
Island," the admiral reported,
"there was no sign of human hab
Upon landing, the admiral and
his men discovered no signs of
mankind or even the animals
which they expected to find there.
On the trunk of a fallen tree,
however, was discovere dthe let
ter "M" thickly overgrown with
moss and on another tree was an
"A" similarly encrusted. A gin
bottle, empty, wag discovered at
trick me."
There was a pause. Then—
"Presently," said the voice.
"Meantime, after what you have
•accidentally seen, you will per
haps appreciate that the employ
niiMit is not without its peril."
', jAverugo Jones stared from the
tlucr to the floored cabinet and
baisfc again in stupefaction.
lt^'Ferhapß I'm stupid," he said,
"Bit a misshapen valise contain
ing a cabinet with a girl's name
On it doesn't seem . calculated to
ware an able-bodied man to death]'
ft. isn't full of dynamite, ts it?" ;
"What is your branch of ecien
tjfjc work?" counter-questioned
the other.
*i£>Bo any>" replied the young
man, at random. (
f^So other? Physics? Entom
ology? Astronomy Chemistry?
The applicant shook his head
In repeated negation. "None that
I've specialized on."
"Ah! I fear you will not suit
my purpose."
"All right. But you haven't ex
plained, yet, why you've been
studying me through a peep-hole,
when 1 am not allowed to see
After a pause of consideration
the voice spoke again.
"You are right. Since I can not
employ you, I owe you every
courtesy for having put you to
this trouble. You will observe
that 1 am not very presentable."
The aide door swung open. In
the dimness of the half-disclosed
apartment Average Jones saw a
man huddled in a chair. He wore
a black skull cap. So fa* as Ident
ification went he was safe. His
whole face was grotesquely blotch
ed and wollen. So, also, were the
hands which rested on his knees.
j "You will pardon me," said Av
erage Jones, "but I am by nature
cautious. You have touched me.
Is it contagious?'.'
A contortion of the features,
probably indicating a smile, made
the changeling face more hideous
than before.
(Continued Tor«iorrov.-.j
Houser Confident
(Ily United Press leased Wire.)
MEDFORD, .Ore.. April 9. —
"The prospects in California for
Mr. LaFollette could not be better.
He will carry the state easily.
Gov. Johnson's switch from La-
Follette to Roosevelt will be re
pudiated by a people who love
fair play."
Such was Walter Houser's pre
diction today.
the west end of the Island.
One of the exploring parties
broghut back several empty bot
tles, about 40 large Oriental
earthen ware jarg, Japanese
shoes, a toothbrush, an old bed,
a small tin pump, a lamp chim
ney, a wooden rake, a spade and,
most significant of all, a number
of large empty cases covered with
paper on which was writteu, In
Japanese, "This case contains am
munition." They ran against tne
letter "M" vut into tb« trees sev
eral times.
»-- Pan taxes opened . yesterday
with Its usual good bIU..-- ...
"Nerve" the title of a play
let *by the Rutherford Davles
company. • .
. The _ Three - Klderoa ; present
some | athletic feats.
• I Dancing and Impersonating are
Introduced by DeHaven and Sid
ney. .-".•■ L'--. - . ■ . ■
„ Kirn ball Brothers and Segal,
three messenger boys, have H a
good act of music and comedy.
The "Mysterious Pantomime"
is an act In 'black and white.
■ A musical act Is presented by
the Woods-Ralton trio.
Music and motion pictures
close the bill. >,
•—-———-——— '—+
t r Patrons of ? the Empress this
week will be satisfied with the
new bill.
The Bonhalr troupe of acro
bats lead with a number of son
sational stunts. -
' The Three Oamons also have
an acrobatic act that Is good.
Guy Barletts ' Trio present
bunches of comedy In "Splven's
Stage Door,"
"The Wrong Note," the sketch
of Walter Pearson and Al Lewis,
made a hit.
Mattie Lockette has some clev
er songs and stories. ■
1 Ed Cleve, Scotchman, is the
king of xylophoutsts.
Motion pictures and music
close the bill,
1~~ TACOMA f
• •
"The Newlyweds and Their
Baby" Is announced as the at
traction at the Tacoma Sunday
and Monday and is one of those
musical plays that are made up
of the most catchy kind of songs
and • music that never falls to
please, while the comedy element
is far from the ordinary.
Use Lime and Sulphur Spray
now. Tacoma Inipl't & Seed Co.,
15th and Com. ■ *»*
- ■ _; :____________ ii* s
jjiPß^ wool \X MS
«Si w Dresses for *r #*r **^ I
All wool serge dresses in navy blues, tans,
pj^g^HPßHfi^^*' cadets, and black, trimmed with collar of
Ik JPflik\fflt ' heavy lace, large buttons all the way down
*k mMxEtEn) Awj"^^<^ front, very newest spring models, high waist
IBSIm) **f!£L. line effects. They are . d» OQC
||||IKi| T& V£"fc $12.98 dresses for ... «pO.*7iJ
m WjrMjjß These come in wool cloth, in reds and navy, double
m irflfß*w )rcasted style; some are trimmed, others plain tailored
I j[j JiSjßpiiiodels for girls age 6 to 14 years. '^Q'Qftl
gMgKVSpe(:ial <PO.VO
ijWj *•/? If These come in all the new spring colors, also plain black
H J jjM Made of high grade soft messaline silks. Deep flounce.
lffffisj?\ Special price (tO QfiC*
~" \j tomorrow • '.*P"• v *r.-*r
- - -• - -' ■'""•' ■'■" }
Kettles Dinner Sets • Laundry Soap Frying Pans
3-quart double coated 50 piece net of semi- T ne big wash, Savon No. 8 solid one-piece
gray granite kettle, porcelain dinnerware, ; " , n , , , _" '■"
18c value. lO p double rose borders, laundry Soap. 10 cast steel frying pans;.
Special Iww gold trimmed *7 Cft BARS 4C. 45c value QQr»
' ___—— $10.45 value $1 iUU FOR I3C for OuU
Stock Pot "" ———————
Gray, granite stock pot Shelf Paper Tml«+ PatiAr Lunch BOX 3 |
with cover 9 3-4 in A88orte(1 colorß , cut ; lOlietraper Large .lie, plain blmck
in diameter; worth ed . per O« 1000 sheet roll. 7« box; IBc value Q«"u
sSecTai 1.:.... 35c Package ....... PC Special *c for ............JC:.
Best Clothing, <t-| IT AA
Best Service for
Better buy clothing that is KNOWN—clothing _j(B^ *
that is DEPENDABLE— be sure that you get the JhFBbL.
BEST by buying in the store that handles nothing jm. >PrijjV
Isn't it worth a good deal to you to be SURE
before you buy them, that your. clothes are the MWffl/tW Y\
LAST WORD 'in styk^nd will give satisfactory jfrnl/iallil ill
wear and service. . fdxWiVl*mi jffll r*sP
There ARE clothes that make a man feel well isfi'y// Jft^Ol
dressed—clothes that you can DEPEND upon Yl&t\ ■l/KS&n V
being correct in every detail—and yet they cost ir/fiu© '/i/r^tf
NO MORE than the ordinary kind. We want to ,'/l^M\ar^js^f r>7
show YOU just HOW PAR $15.00 will go in this WJZMI s|&KSrf§m "■-:<■■■;
respect—we want to show you our '. \M\ J|\^T3 :-
Fifteen Dollar Special mm/km
We have the Atterbury system clothes ,: also, : -y> I\W l| l£f/,^SsWi
priced at $20, $25 and $30. \-Xo)'£ t S& % jr^-v»^^^■■TlMl|
Margaret Hrnuit, In "The New.
Ijnwlh," at the . Tun nun Kuniluy
and Monday. ,', ,';. ■ ■-,-*,V-$ *''» -j '
Thursday will be Arbor day,
and all the Tacoma schools will
have special services in honor of
tho occasion and will plant trees
Or bushes. :. „ ■ ■ -'■ r .
What's The Matter
With Your Baby?
The young motht»r—nnd mnny un
old one, too —la often puKdcd to
know the cause of her child's 111
nuturo. The loudneaii of Its cry
ln(f docs net necessarily indicate
tho seriousness of Its truulilr. It
may have iiollilmk more the nniltit
with It than ft lmmlacho or a feel
ing of general dullness. It can
not, of OOUrta, ilem-ilbe Its feel-
Ings, 1■ nt as a (in liinliiiirv measure
you nr« Rate In trying a mild lax
Nine times out of ton, you will
find it v all Urn child nasdf, for
li m restlessness and peevishness
are pi'rha|iH due t<i obstruction of
Hi bowwls, Hinl OHO* Unit liiih liii ii
remedied the h.ndm he, the slug
gishness nnd the mnny oilier evi
dences of constipation and Indi
gestion will quickly dlsupiiear.
Don't give the little one salts,
cathartic pIIIM or naxty waters, for
Ilii's,- will act us purKallvfs, and
they are too strong for a child. In
No blanket bond Imu« for th**
park board.
That Is the slogan of the South
Side Improvement club adopted
last night, and It la likely to he
adopted by all Improvement clubs-
In the city.
If the park hoard wants bonds'
the voters want em-li project sub
mitted separately so they can do-'
ride each on Its merits.
General sentiment s.-.ni» to fa
vor bonds to buy Franklin and
\\ hi.win lakes, but whether tho
people would vote bonds for 0th""
er purposes Is a question.
Ashton Plan Up
Central Improvpment lea*ue'
will iiif.-t In the council chamber'
tonight and the committee that
was K"iuK to quli Jim Aahton on
what t>Vf( scheme he has for the
Hiihli terminals.
the families of Mrs. R 8. Slaughter,
IStl Huruee Bf.. Pueblo, Colo., and
Mrs. Ida A. liilnkiT, 756 So. Urant
Ht., Denver, Colo., the only laxative
given Is Dr. Caldwelln Syrup-
I'upxln. It luis been found to an
swer most perfectly all the pur
liiiMeu of a laxative., and Its very
mildness and freedom from (rrlu
iii k recommend It especially for tne
use of children, women, and old
folks generally- -people who need a
giutle bowel stimulant. Thousands
of American families have been «n
--thUHlastlc about It for more than
v quarter of a century.
Anyone wishing tn make a trial
of this remedy before buying It la
the regular wny of a druggist at
fifty •■•'ii i - or one dollar a large
bottle (family size) can have a
Hiuniile bottla Nent to the home freo
of .hiii-. by ■.imjilv addressing Dr.
\V II ('vldwell, 405 W.-iMhiMKloii St.,
Monllcello, 111. Your mime and ad
dreHH on a postal car will do.

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