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Mayor Seymour today issued an open request for all flags to be set at half mast tomorrow for the Titanic victims, and for the broken-hearted survivors who will reach port tonight or tomorrow morning.
"It is one of the greatest disasters in recent years," said the mayor today, "and we should show this much respect for those who are suffering."
'' I Bob Hodge stirred 'em up' at ~
ii aL :-\i Pent* Hill last night. B«e page 7. -
(Ity United Pi-ess Leased Wire.)
NKW LOXIION, Conn., April 18.—Tin- wireless station here at
noon reported the steamer Carpathia sixty miles off Nantucket shoaiH.
• SOUTHAMPTON, Bng., April 18. —The following state- •
• ment was issued today by Mrs. Eleanor Smith, wife of Cap- •
• tain B. J. Smith of the liner Titanic, who went down with the •
• ship: •
9 "To my poor fellow sufferers: •
• "My heart overflows with grief for you. I am laden with •
• sorrow for you and weighed down by this terrible burden •
• which has been thrust upon us. Pray God be with us and •
• comfort us all." •
NEW YORK, April 18.—Insistent re|H>rts prevail here today that
Mrs. Astor, girl wife of Col. John Jacob Astor, who went down on the
Titanic, is (lying on board the Curpathia. The Astor family declare
tin) have received no such report.
(By United Press Leased Wire.) ■>-' :.-'■» ■: ■
NEW YORK, April" 18.—The Wall street news bureau today
posted a copy of a message purporting to have been received from
Captain Rostron of the Carpathla by wireless to Highland point,
declaring that no one was saved from the Titanic except those on
board the Carpathia, and that of these survivors . 100 are "In the
■hips's hospital. .
' The message stated further that the body of Col. John Jacob
Astor Is not aboard the Carpathla and tlint Mm. Astor is danger
ously 111. „ • ;■-; -•= --■>..-■•■ - . : • , . ..'<-■.■"• ■ ;.-:■•■
- Two hundred of the Titanlc's sailors, asleep In their quarters at
the time of the accident were crushed to death, the message says.
" The Vessel was in darkness- for four minutes after the crash. .•!>*•
;. . A similar story reported at Norfolk last night is unconfirmed.
!,S NEW YORK, April —Open defiance of the president of the
United States and practical refusal to relieve the agony of suspense
of thousands of persons were voiced today by J. Bruce Ismay, manag
ing director of the White Star line, when he curtly refused a wireless
7 request from the United States scout cruiser Chester for details of
the Titanic disaster. •-..'' .-• \ ». . "
■, .-, Ismay'B stand was reported to Washington by the Chester, which
made It clear that the request to ißmay had been made in the name
.of the president. - i' - >* ■■ - . 'v-^
Ismay is censoring the Carpathia's wireless for the reason,' it is
believed, that the real story will show criminal carelessness was re
-1 sponsible for the deaths of the thousand and more who went . down
when the Titanic struck. - The scout cruiser Salem sent out by Presi
dent Taft made a similar report. ■ / „ : '■ ■
"Can get do information from the Carpathia of any kind,
" although we are within easy radio communication with her. Some
times she acknowledges our rail, but she will not admit the receipt of
■ our messages or make any reply to them. I cannot believe that she
has failed to understand the message*, She is within easy range'of
1 tin- torpedo station, ho the Salem will go to Bradford this afternoon."
Bitter criticism of Ismay and his action is hourly growing in In
tensity here. Not one word of the condition of the survivors has be
come known, although untraceable rumors are current that many of
the women survivors are verging on Insanity.
It is evident that the Carpathia story of the horror will eclipse
anything in history.
Arrangements were completed today to expedite the landing of
the survivors tonight. The survivors will be grouped alphabetically
on the dock and this will make the work of reuniting the survivors
with relatives easy.
Mayor Gaynor today ordered that all photographers be excluded
from the dock and the streets in the vicinity roped off to keep back
curious crowds. Mayor Gaynor already has started a relief fund for
the widows and orphans of victims.
It is known that Col. John Jacob Astor, who is believed to have
perished in the wreck and his bride, who was Miss Madeline Force,
were returning so that their heir could be born in America. It is
rumored that Astor's widow is among the survivors reported seriously
Among the victims of the disaster Is "Doc" Owens, the most noted
ocean ramfler in the world. He and five companions had booked
passage on the Titanic.
Surveyor Henry refused to Issue passes to the relatives of the
steerage survivors. When asked why, when relatives of the cabin
ptutsengerH were given permission, Henry said that a local committee
had been adopted to care for the steerage survivors and take them to
the municipal lodging house.
Henry's action was bitterly criticised.
NEW voltK, April 18.—Tin- officials of the White Star line an
nounced todiij that the Carpathia will dock here at 9 o'clock tonight.
WASHINGTON, D. C April 18. —Following the adage that no
news is good news, President Taft today declares that he still hopes
that Major Archibald Butt, his military aide, was rescued .from the
liner Titanic. He has telegraphed Major Butt's relatives to that
NEW YORK, April 18. —The Carpathia reported by wireless at
10 o'clock this morning that she was then 75 miles east by south of
Block island and 140 miles from Ambrose light, at the entrance of
New York harbor.
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 18. —Senator Nelson of Minnesota,
chairman of the senate committee on commerce, today appointed
Senators Smith of Michigan, Perkins, Bourne, Burton, Simmons,
Newlands and Fletcher as a sub-committee to investigate the wreck
, of the Titanic.
(By United Pre«s Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, April 18. —The following was given out here
today by the White Star line as the final revised figures of those
saved from from the Titanic, and from them was deduced the
numbers of the probably dead.
Cabin passengers, names known —381.
Steerage, names known—l 26.
Steerage, names unknown—33.
Crew who manned boats —166.
Total—7 08.
MISSING, probably dead:
First cabin passengers—l 74.
Second cabin passengers—lß9.
Steerage passenger* —453.
Crew, including all but (our offtcers—7oo.
Total, 1,514.
W. W. Jeffries, general passenger Agent of the White Star line is quoted at saying: "I fear the rest of the survivors are steerage passengers." Meaning that the list cf names wirelessed in had probably
included all the first-clasa passengers who escaped death.
The Tacoma Times
How would you like to stand
in the middle of Pacific avenue,
put a fork in your mouth, and
catch a turnip thrown from the
roof of the Realty building on
the fork? .
There's a juggler, Zanetta, over
at the Empress theater this week
who has been catching turnips
thrown from all parts of the
house. Amateur baseball play
ers have stood up in the aisles
and thrown the turnips as hard
aB they could. It didn't feaze
A prominent sportrng man got
interested. Zanetta's manager
made the statement that his man
could catch a turnip thrown from
the highest building in town.
"I'll bet he can't," exclaimed
the sporting man.
"Have you got any money that
says he can't?" inquired the vau
deville man.
"I'll put up $100 with the
Times for Zanetta if he catches
the turnip the first time," said
the sporting man. "I'll give htm
$50 if he catches it in two trials.
If he misses three times ne
doesn't get a cent."
"I'll take you," said the Em
press man.
The money has been placed
with the Times. The date is set
for Saturday at 1:30. At that
time- Zanetta will stand at the in
tersection of 12 th and Pacific aye.
and try to catch the turnip thrown
from the roof of the 17 story
Viola Carver To
Plead Insanity
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
LOS ANGEL.ES, April 18.—m
the trial of Viola Carver of Ta
coma for the murder of J. Edwin
Edge, the defense will claim in a
(it of insanity the girl decided to
take her own life in the presence
of her lover and accidentally shot
him too.
Edge's mother, the coroner and
the autopsy physician testTCed
yesterday in a preliminary hear
W. W. Yon Blarcom, a news
paper man, testified that Miis
Carver in her cell shortly after
the shooting said:
"I love him."
Actress Stubs T<
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
MEDFORD, Ore., April 18.—
May Robson, the actress, tripped
and fell down a flight of stairs
in the local theater last night,
which necessitated calling off her
performance here. She will oe
able to resume her work in a
Early Home
Benefit Ball
At Armory
Tickets 50c
X Street
Two lots not far from the
cable line for—
(Only *1,100 Each)
Paving and taxes paid; abstract
and warranty deed.
211 California Bids.
Cross Section of the Titanic, Four Blocks Long
Cross section of the wrecked vteainrr Tilnni.-, giving an idea of her tremendous size and capac
ity. Imagine all these decks stretchlwg nearly four bljbcks long, and you get an impression of the
steamer's ability to carry and care for "2,000 persons. ;
• SOI I, \\ I Mills 3O tilt. •
• (United I'n-ss loosed Wire.) •
• 18.—The human soul weighs #
• 30 grams, according to Dr. •
• Ivan Kerstoff. ■ He placed a •
0 dying man on a weighing •
• machine, which at the mo- •
9 ment of death registered •
• that decrease. •
The Sunset telephone is facing
a lawsuit with the city and wants
to "settle amicably."
Attorney Charles Peterson . fcp
peared in the'council 'chamber
this morning and wanted . -the
council to call off Judge Stiles,
who is about ready to start suit
to stop the company from operat
ing t he Home phone plant.
He said Pillsbury and Bush of
Frisco, two of the head men of
the company, are here now but he
thought if the city would Just
call off Judge Btiles and watt
they would come back and take
it up with the new council.
Major Springs Joke.
"Bring them in now, bat I
want to say I am like the Scotch
woman; I'm open to conviction,
but I'd like to see the man that
can convince me," said the mayor.
But Peterson apparently . did
not want to bring them in just
now. He wanted the new council
to take it up.
The more he tried to play the
waiting game the more desirous
the council got to see those tele
phone men r|ght now.
Flnaly Peterson agreed to
bring them in late in the after
Just what they will have to of
fer remains to be seen.
It looks like the city has the
company over a barrel.
(By United Press Leased Wine.)
HAMBURG. April 18. —Con-
struction will begin in a few days
on the most powerful wireless
telegraph station in Germany, at
Neu Munster. It la hoped to be
able to send messages to America
without relaying.
Captain and Builder of the Titanic
Captain K. i. Smith, and K. P. Pelrre, builder of the liner Titanic
which sank, taking with her 2,000 souls. Pelrre escaped and Smith
(By United Press Leased Wire.) (iiteously for a list of,the survjv-
SOUTHAMPTON, April 18.— P."'«»* the crew. Many of the
scenes prevailed here to- t '[^ £*
day at the offices of the White ,„.„.,,,_ .", , . ",
Star line, which are being storm- ,"' One woman, shrieking for her
ed by the wives, children and husband, son, two brothers and
sweethearts of the crew of the Ti- four cousins, . all mem of the
.ta'iilc, who were all specially pick- Tltanlc's crew, • dropped uncon
«d seamen, representing South- scions in front- of -the company's
amptou'a seagoing aristocracy. , offices and was taken- to a hos-
Womeu and children ; pleaded pltal. ••• 7■ * •;• • •,"'•.•'*>.'>•}.»;
Young Astor Believes
(By f nlted Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, April 17.—"1
know dad is still living: I feel it,"
declared Vincent Astor, 20-year
old heir to the Astor millions, to
day. Young Astor positively re
fuses to believe that his father,
Colonel John Jacob Astor, went
His Father Is Alive
down with the liner Titanic. He
spends his time closeted with a
few Intimate friends, alternately
giving way to violent outbursts
of grief and rushing to the tele
phone to set la motion some new
resource of the Astor millions in
an attempt to learn his father's
V Pair tonight and Friday; llrfnt
froat t'fulght.

. (njr I ni1..1 Press leaned Wire.)"'
WASHINGTON. D. C, April 18.--J. Bruce I«m«y, manumit*
director of the White Star line, will tell the story of the Titanic dis
aster if (In- United Htntea iroverniiient ron m*ke him do It. . • "V?*
Thja much whs made certain today following a lengthy conference
between President Taft and Ben. Smith of Michigan, chairman of th«*
senate investigating committee, with Sergeant at Arms Hansdell of
the senate and Inspector Uhler. The committee left for New York
this afternoon to start the Titanic Inquiry Immediately. . ■, ? *\ -W-»
. .<" Smith desires to examine Ismay an*. the officers of the Titanic
upon their arrival, as It Is feared they plan to take the first ship back
to England, beyond the jurisdiction of the committee. '.."• ■>•r -^
.. -President Taft heartily approved of Senator Smith's plan, and
has promised to co-operate with the committee- In every possible way.
The president ordered Secretary of the Treasury MacVeagh to give
all possible aid to the committee In reaching and boarding the Car
pathla .before, It docks. • • -:•■':;■■; ■■'."',
Sergeant- at-Arms Randell will serve the subpoena on Ismay and i
the four surviving officers of the Titanic reported aboard the I Car
path In. '■..;■ . ; ■- .. „. .., . . -.;, v i i. .... :, r-f ,-(•„•■
. »Senator Smith hag received advices that a ship scheduled to sail
today has been ordered by wireless to wait until tomorrow, and that
Ismay. and the officers and crew of the Titanic are to be transferred«
to this vessel directly. from the Carpathla. . :...... .i t>: ,:
J Smith is determined to prevent this. ■ : ' ■ .. ~>;C-' h
- Postmaster General Samuels said that his department Is busy i
probing the false reports given out Monday that the Titanic was safe*.
In an effort'to determine.who is responsible for them. .■-.,-■:.-- m
:>^,-r ' ■'--'■: —: — —; ' :".:■#>%
t ••■ «v-■*,..■, , ijA*.-4 .I vi i. i 111 \. -;.•}-•>...,,•. : y— j p»*i<ai **'x#,itt*
■ (By United IY.sk Leaned Wire.) k'.'-'H?'?-''':M^Mst
NEW YORK, April 18. —The first word of the actual condition
of the Titanic survivors aboard the carpathla was received here this
afternoon in an almost Incoherent wlrelesa message. It read:-.•W^Wvsi'
• "Survivors In distraction. We pray God for saving us. Helped ,"
by another boat with rescue. Men pal ■■'..■ " Here the current failed '
and all additional the operator could gather was the signature,' which
seemed to be Mabel Thomas. . *i ,^te^« '-,';';,"" .-■■■•■:".--v.-'.'"-'ji ! '-r:i,;--;;V"
Ismay Is Tryii
(By United Press eLaned Wire.)
NEW YORK, April 18.—It Is
roported at the White Star head
quarters that J. Bruce Ismay, di
rector, aboard the Carpathia, res
cued from the Titanic, sent a
wireless to tne steamer Cedrlc,
Titanic Survivers Are Rendered Insane
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, April 18.—The
first ofTlcial indication that some
of the Burvlvors of the Titanic
wreck may be in a serious condi
tion resulting from exposure by
being tossed about in lifeboats,
before being rescued by the Car
pathia, came today when officials
of the White Star line accepted an
• The official count of the •
• vote cast Tuesday is as fol- •
• lows: 0
• Total vote, 18,107. •
• Woods, 10,105. •
• Mills, 9,480. •
• Pettit, 7,331. •
• Lawson, 9,254. • .. %
• Gronen, 7,731. •
• This is about 2,000 more •
• than was cast at the prim- •
• ary. •
The council canvassed the elec
tion vote this morning. Lawson
figures on taking hold about April
29, although he can go in any
time after he gets his certificate
Mills and Woods will not go in
until May 7.
There will be no change In
Woods' office. But other heads
are trembling.
Rumor has said that Mills will
fire Chief McAlevy, that either
Tom Malony or Jack Fitzgerald
will be chief of police. If Malony
gets it Fltz will be captain of de
tectives. Dan Costello and the
rest of the old machine will be
brought back.
(By rnitcl Press Leased Wire.)
LONDON, April 18. —The first Mason ever sentenced to death
In England by a brother Mason, no far as known, expiated his crime
on the gallows at Pentonville prison today.
When Frederick Henry Seddon was led into the death chamber
he still protested his Innocence with the same terror that he did tn
court before Justice Hmknlll, a errand master of the fraternity.
"Before the Great Architect of the Universe," uaid Seddon, giv-«
ing the Masonic sign, "I swear I am innocent."
In pronouncing sentence Judge Bueknill was deeply moved.
"You know and I know that we belong to one brotherhood," h«
said, "but that brotherhood condemns crime. I pray you to make
your peace with the Great Architect of the Universe."
Beddon was convicted of murdering Miss Eliza Barrow, who had
entrusted $2,000 to his care.
tig To Escape
scheduled to aall at noon today,
to wait at the lower end of tn«
bay until the Carpathla arrive*
tonight, take lamay aboard, and
aall with him to England.
Officials deny the report. It
Is reported that Ismay planned
this move to escape interviewers.
offer from St. Luke's hospital to
set aside Its new hospital addition
for the use of Titanic survivors.
It is reported here that seven of
the survivors are insane from
their experiences and many oth
ers seriously ill. The White Star
officials positively refused to dis
cuss the condition of the sur
A. L. Thorn lg a standing ap
plicant for city electrician and
some people say that Lawson will
appoint either Thorn or Collln*.
But things are running smoothly
now and he may keep hands off.
It is doubtful If he could get
Thorn confirmed.
Engineer Manley will probably
remain on Qreen river and Gron
en on the Minimally job, it it re
Lawson will name a water sup
erintendent In place of Agner, re
signed. Agner may be tendered
hla old Job.
W. H. Kaufman, of Helllngham,
single tax candidate for governor,
asked permission to address the
labor council here. The labor
body replied with a challenge to
debate on socialism. Kaufman
accepted and next Wednesday will
meet Joseph Gervais, socialist or
ganizer, in a public meeting.
Kaufman will be-asked to show
that the single tax will settle the
industrial questions now facing
labor. -

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