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Friday, May 10, 1912.
"The Dependable Store"
For $1 You Can Enjoy the
Luxurious Convenience of a
McDougall g^s
Let us put one in YOUR Kitchen.
The great saving of time, patience and "tired feeling" its hardly
realized until you have a McDougall right in your own kitchen.
Think of the thousands of steps you take every day in running from
range to table, from table to pantry, and fron pantry to range again.
You savet hese steps by owning a McDougal. It has a place
for everything you need in preparing a meal or when baking—and
bo conveniently arranged that you can instantly place your fingers on
the article wanted.
You save these steps by owning a McDougall. It has a place
ing, reading or recreation. And there are no strings to our liberal
offer of $1.00 down and then only $1.00 a week. No clubs to join
no fuss about taking advantage of it. It is open to YOU.
Will you take it up now and make your work easier?
Just $1 Cash Down and then only $1 a week.
Tkus^Furnishing fa
927-929 CsY>^J!iM^^^^^
We Operate 23 Stores on the Coast, But Have No Other Branch Here
Is stored for you at the EASTERN Store. Tomorrow, Saturday, is a
good day for you to call and get acquainted with the many advantages
this store offers above others. " „ ,
-j^T^jUjjv Reliable Merchandise
|a^^^^^ Courteous Treatment
WMmMMWEm Expert Fittings
35P8m?sP^® Lowest Prices
JJf i^&^^S, Some Beautiful
Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, Petticoats and Millinery
is entirely at your disposal* You may select your wants from our many
excellent - value offerings, have them . charged and, remit in small weekly
or monthly payments. ;"; '■':.-■'■ -"- ;tr',:< J. ' •'■:^::-:-^': -'■ 'W . ''-•'■
■■ -■-■ y-: „-'■■ ■■■'-■! ' ■ -.--. %>>■;'• -„■■■■'■' ' '■■'.-,- ■■-„.* ' ■." ■" ■ ■■',-;■-■■■" ' ' " . "^*" 1 '■"-.""' ■ ■ ' '
Street ' - £ - ' -; . Street /
U Outfitting^^Som^ny^k^^ ':
The Store Where Your Credit Is Good
WE <;i:t what wk wivk, hikmakck ii
l>ear Miss Grey: After reading the letters of Kismarck
II anil It.i- lii'lor, i am unahle to keep still any longer. 1 won
der if thes,. gentlemen can look over their |MW»t lives and say
they are s|M>tless. Are they fit husbands for a good girl? If
so, let them go into homes where girls are the companions of
their mothers anil they will find pure girls to marry. They arc
judging l.y Hi.- girls that are allowed to come and go as they
pleune, night or (lay. But now, boys, let us look at you a few
minutes. If you think no many girls are going wrong, there In a
chance for you to do good. Help these girls to nee their mis
takes and encourage them to do better. Old you ever stop to
think if so ninny girls are had there iniiNt be a great many men
and iKiys equally as had? Consider the matter and choose a
wife as good as yourself and mi better. A MOTHER.
I tear Miss Grey: lam living in so-called single bliss, but
want to register a kick against such a "Bachelor" butting into
human affairs. .Yours for the ladies, KOKX KOB.
Hear Miss Grey: Maybe "Bismarck II" i- one of the many
men, iiho is 100 lii/.y to work for himself, much less for some
one else. All girls are. not a* he describes, us I know honest
girls who would be willing to be n good helpmate with less than
$18 |>er. If a niun is fool enough to marry v fickle girl It is
his own fuult. .There are thousands of bachelors in the city,
why don't they tax them? If (hone fellows were married there
would be a little more money in circulation, as when they are
single they have a Unlit hold on the dollar. Well, If the Puyal
lup river overflows one could find plenty of material for filling
u l»- A WOMAN.
_____ A WOMAN
Pear Miss Grey: Why doesn't someone catch those specl
mens, ■■I'.iviiai.k II" and "Bachelor," and put them in cages?
They will supply the missing link. In the Darwinian theory. It
looks as if money were their god, and if they married they
might hare to spend a few nickel* on their wives. I congratu
late the young ladies who found them out before they married
them, as It would have been a living "hell" If they hadn't.
Dear Miss Grey: What n blessing the "Bachelor" agrees
with "Bismarck II" and finds bachelor life good enough for him.
If he should change his mind, 1 pity the girl. I am a house
wife, and my home and family are well taken care of. If I
wish to attend a pink tea or a |H>lilical meeting, that is my privi
lege. We have a Ixiy of eight. We are trying to raise him to
respect his mother. In so doing he will respect all women.
"Bismarck II" Hays there are good women, but hard to selwt.
There are good men, but also hard to select. I have one of the
good ones. But I suppose the i>oor ones are left to be bachelors.
l<et us hope so. CONSTANT l;i \m K.
Dear Miss Orey: In regard to "telling it all," I think It
depends on the common sense of the one who tells. Years ago
when » mere girl I married a man whom I thought had never
been married, hut after a year of married life found out from
strangers that he was a divorced man with a daughter threo
years old. My heart was broken because ho did not "tell it all."
After being a widow for three years I became engaged to a man
whom I loved with all the remnant of my heart. On my return
from an absence he told me of wrecking the life of a 17-years-old
girl, and my heart was finished from his "telling it all." Now,
Miss Grey, what do you think? TKLLTALK
A.—lt is a broad question, and one depends on the individual
case. No hard and fast rule can be applied to a discussion of such
vital importance to the persons concerned. If a woman is strong
enough to stand on her own stamina and sense of womanly rightous
ness if the truth is known after marriage, she may safely keep the
past to herself; or if she wants to test the man's broadness she can
do so by disclosing it. Where there are children I think it Is best
to tell. In your case it would have been far better for the first
man to have told and the second to have kept silent.
To \\ ii-h a Sweater.
Dear Miss CJrey: I have a
white sweater, willed I wash
ed in lukewarm water and
soap, and then hung up be
tweun chrose cloth until dry,
an you recommended. Now it
In vt-ry much out of shape
and discolored. I am unable
to wear it. What can I do?
A.—lf you rinsed it well, and
used white cheese cloth, there
should be no discoloration; and if
you had basted it in shape be
tween the cheese cloth it would
not be out of shape. .Try it again.
lietter for Ijoneljr.
Hear Miss Grey: In re
gard to "lionely" of May 4,
you gave him the right ad
vice. If he wishes to meet
nice young ladies there is no
place like a fraternal lodge,
and I know of one, the
"Homesteaders," where we
have splendid social times. If
"lionely" is made of the
right material to fit him to
meet nice young people, I
will gladly recommend him
to the society. If he wishes I
will be glad to explain our
order to him at length.
Boston Market
& Butter Store
2322 Pacific Aye.
18 pounds fl» 1 fin
3 lbs. Fancy OC
Butter HOC
3 cans OC-;
Peas ......;; ....... ZOC
3 cans • • OC
Corn ' /DC
3 cans ORn
Tomatoes ............ CoC
Pint jar :'\ £<v^s?Oft3
Honey ....:... .... C.UC
Comb Honey, ! OKi»"
3 combs ............. ZjU
Yak! in a Honey, f C 'V
per comb ....... .....I
i^.....:........5c i
Sou^s 3C
Fancy Rice, :Wi^&R*\
per) pound ....... .v.V^mCJ
;Lard in 10-lb. :'-- ■:'.': J*4 nf|
backets ........... $ I ,UU
Lard In B-lb. '^': PA,
buckets . ;y:. r .iV;:':;;. 3UC
Eastern Sugar. Cured V..!>'* n A
' Bacon, per lb ■.. ." .; ';'V?j IOC!
: Dry' Salt Pofk;->,/iT;'/^T|"nt^
j per :pound •'.'... ci...."'.' I &aC
9 j !hB. sait":'">*', lV,:.v](f 'fFrin^
Pork .*...... ...;*;* I iUU,
Rolled and; Boned ?> ,*> 1C«.
Picnic Hams, lb.?r.*V;.i'.^l UU
Hiilsville Heroine
To Testify Against
Allen Outlaw Band
One of the strongest witnesses
against the Allen gaiiß in their
triul for the Hlllsvllie, Va., court
house murders, will be Mis:)
Jezebel Goad.
When the Aliens started shoot
ing, her father, the clerk of the
court, fell wounded. He strug
gled to his feet and emptied his
revolver at the outlaws.
While 81dna and Claude Allen
kept up a steady fire on the
wounded clerk, Miss Jezebel ran
to him through a storm of bul
lets with the new weapon and he
drove the Aliens off.
Seat sale tomorrow for "The
Pink I^ady," Tacoma thenter. ••
A Great Building lulln
when its foundation is undermin
ed, and if the foundation of
health—good digestion—ln at
tacked, quick collapse follows. On
the first signs of indigestion. Dr.
King's New Life Pills should be
taken to tone the stomach and
regulate liver, kidneys and bow
els. Pleasant, easy, safe and only
2 5 cents at Ryner Malstrom Drug
Co.. 988 Pacific ay.
Live Bargains at the Public Market
3 cans Tomatoes -*<- ©$«£■'' - '"\ !&•■'**, •'-.'->' */&"•' '"" ' l_4_fl_M n\RI»K\ COMPANY
toes 2nc yMß^^^^^^£^^gggaJMaßfcMS^^^?SarpH!; -'.' vV^J^SSiP^H Fresh Vegetables and Fine
14 oz. Queen Olives 15c Jr ~j | „,,, Quick Delivery.
Fancy Strawberries and other BBBS^^S^BB jBK IB B_|^_B^_B__BS—B_j_^_____lr **"~~~"
good thing to eat. H_lßl_BE_B HJBIS. PPP Wj !■ IB VASHON ISLAM) PRODUCE
Free Delivery. BBwK;^!'*' Wholesale and Retail
„___._-___._«_ _^_Hi_l_^_^_^_^_^_nH '* Sy*??**"Ti*^--t^*r -i- J Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
OnlY V ■rjXVO BEffi^^H^^^^^Kjl^JM^^" v .^i- ;" wi*a^> (Pi HI nil 25-30, Public Market
JLX^o 00. .LJ. JVltllll t *^,^s._' i ■: ' '> ■ """<4- j^'' n f*'*-^*"'^. v" v -v *™1 Frc-e Quiok Delivery.
Stall 17 to 22 TPnnV TFA rAMDAMY FublicMarket
Telephone Main 2128 ■ tLTLI I ILA \*UIVIrMHfIT Free Delivery
One Feature of Cup Quality of Our Ceylons
Is the specialty we make of medium and high grade Ceylon's. They are selected for their cup qualities and not for ANY HIGH
SOUNDING much advertised name. For years we have made a study of thf» various grades which come to this market.
We know what Teas give flovor. rectness of these statements. _ : Like our tea, our coffee Is selected oa
We know what Teas give strength. What Is true of tea holds good in the its CUP quality, and only those RICH In ;
We know what Teas give both flavor coffee world. There are some 133 differ- the aromatic oils that produce that de
and strength. There are many dealers ent kinds of coffee, some bod, some fair, lightful fragras'w and exquisite flavor so
that do not know one Ceylon from an- some good. Are you satisfied with much desired are permitted to pass. Each
other. Can you tell? jour's? Which grade do you use? You one tested by "taste" to secure the desired
It Is o#r business to know that we may want the best for the money are you quality
not be Imposed upon. This is the kind getting It? * ' Buy and try one pound and be con
of a guarantee this is worth while. We "Teddy's Delight" at 25c Is good. vlnced. i:
have these tea* blended and packed by Teddy's Breakfast Blend, 30c, is better, - We have added peanut butter in bulk to
our expert, and know just what you are and . our stock selling at 20 per pound. Sat-'
getting. Try our 400 and 50c Ceylon Teddy's Leader at 35c is the be«t value urday that you may test the quality we :
blends, and prove for yourselves the cor- on this market. will sell two pounds for 35c. h'.«'-
WATSON ■--■:'K SAM- RISING BREAD, MARZANO A SON Fresh Killed Chicken.. g|
THE FLORIST FRKSH EVEBY SATURDAY Second fish company from . The only dry picked chickens
FRESH EVERY SATURDAY Second fish company from
Geraniums, $1.00 doz and up. . entrance. on the market, lb. .....;; flOe
nth and d«t Mam 1761 *' D* uir iv * °°' Halibut, ioc, s ibs. ...... sssc Enterprise Market
nth and d at. Main 1761 Halibut, ioc, 3 lbs awe Enterprise Market
1124 D st. Trout 20c llliSHo.lt :
W Jt i^|lV Great Western Meat Co.
Hj ml ■■ ■| i^r Public Market . >
I ■■ 11 lift : Saturday Specials
Hi HI ■ I I Pot Roast 10c Boiling Beef .....?... ...8c
[ Bf 'I^L Leg of Lamb 121'-c Lamb Chops 12 l-2c
H^HHHj I D Sboulder of Lamb *= Good Steak 12 l-2o
o •! , ci "-4 m '"i :'*a r c ' *L ':"1 \ Picnic Hams lie ; :
Special for Saturday only, 45c boxes of Matches " ' """ • *•-*"-•■■ ■- ■■■■■■-■■■■■■ ■■■ ■ ■■■■■■ ■-.-. ■. .;.-.■■.■ ■--.■.%,::
. for .....;..-.■;.'......:.-.-...-......;■";,;. '■■ ..V;.. 10c ■' ; -■:."• '-■■* %^<i ■ii":- ;;;-'- - - :'■: ■••'■ ■ ■:■-■;•; ■-'■'-&&
Strictly fresh local RancKEggs, d0z... .. Mwffi I Hothouse Lettuce and Fine Rhubarb
Strictly fresh local Ranch Eggs, doz 22V£c
3 lbs. of our Superior Brand Butter-fresh aoes ;•■ ■ • ••• > ''>' V' •— '* "> ';?^ to $1.65
churned every day .................... % . 95c P0tat0e5,(5eed5)............... i. $1.00 and $1.25
, - •■ " Potatoes (small) ........;.:.;.;K.v..lVvv.sl;Opj
," QUALITY BUTTER STORE Carrots, Parsnips and Beets .....;Hv?i^Vf^|
1106 Commerce St., near 11th St \\r l • . j> l /-% ' --J
' •..r:-,-' 4±- _ ■ ' Washington Produce Co.
P^: THE NATIONAL MEAT CO. .V / 946 South D. „
:.>J* ■:.'.. 1126 South D. Free Delivery. Phone 8433.
Roast Beef ;:...;;. 10c Lamb Chops 12 1 / "' " ' *"": '/" "' '"•"'"'
Bon** Beef .so felifi FOWLETTE POETRY M.RKET
<!,„,,] slf.'iiL- VIXLc ShnHlri^rs T omVi a. Yo|i Don't Need to Eat Cold Storage Jnnk.'lJ^^^^S
l*OOa ; OteaK ..... lZy 2 C r SnoUlderS Lamb .8C We can supply you with the very finest live or ; freah Wiled chlck-
The Moat Sanitary. -, The Ii west Prices. The Beat Meat. ens.. We dress them while you wait. Any quantity from Ito 5
__________________________ — __________________^_ 1,000. Also fresh shipments ducks and f geese. 5^ Prices low.
SUPERIOR MARKET ', r? . ..-.,.:-, j.oozza^son — u^m,
1128 D St. i . Look for Our Sign . r_ :. 1 . .'.. . 4.- m* I .
Pot Roast *:v.^.aoc shoulder Mutton .... 8c atroiiize the Market
Boiling Beef 8c Legs Mutton 12% c ' * "J \ . ""ft - ■'■
Student* of' the I. V. S. will
present "She Stoops to Conquer"
at the college gyiunaaium this
• • »
The Tiiciim.i II ikll -i h.H.r, de
partment of music will give Its
fifth annual courort this evening
in the auditorium.
• • •
From present indlcationx tlie
Colonial Bazaar to be presented
at the Armory next week, will bo
tthe biggest charitable undertak
ing Tacoma women have con
ducted for years.
• • •
M. i hlm is of Thriii Sorority, V.
P. S., will tjntertaln at their an
nual luncheon Monday.
• * ♦
The I'arent-Tonohers of the
Sherman school held their reg
ular meeting this afternoon.
• • •
The Tuhoina rluli meet* with
Mrs. George like Monday after
• • •
The Twentieth Century club
met with Mrs. F. C. Miller Tues
day afternoon.
• • •
The annunl open meeting of
the Aurora club will be held at
the home of President Mrs. K. A.
Trommald Saturday afternoon.
• • *
The Parent-IViu hers of the
Horace Mann school met this
• ♦ •
The literary department of the
Woman's club met this afternoon
with Mrs. W. . Kobinsou.
• • *
The college federation of Whit
worth will present Oscar Wllde'e
satirical drama "The Importance
of Ueinn; Krnest" this evening.
Bedding plants. Smith, Ml C. ••
IiITTI<K i I.iic.i. I.l> II- BOW
Mother! Don't scold your cross,
pwvlsh rinhi' Look at the ton
gue! See if It Is white, yellow
iiiid coated! If your child In llsi
less, drooping, ltin't Bleeping well,
Ih restless, doesn't cat heartily or
Ik cross. Irritable, out of sorts with
everybody, stomach sour, feverish,
breath bad; lias stomach-ache,
diarrhoea, sore throat, or is full of
cold, It means the little one's
Htoinach, liver and 30 foot of
bowels aro filled with poisons and
foul, constipated waste matter
and need a gentle, thorough
cleansing at once.
Oive a teaspoonful of Syrup of
Figs, and in a few hours nil the
clogged up waste, undigested food
and sour bile will gently move on
and out of Its little wimte clogged
bowels without, nausea, griping
or weakness, nnd you will niirH\
have a well, happy and smllinu
child again shortly.
With Syrup of Figs you are not
drugging your children, being
composed entirely of luscious fig*.
Henna and aromatics It cannot be
hurmful, besides they dearly love
its delicious taste.
Mothers should always keep
Syrup of Figs handy. It Is the
only stomach, liver and bowel
cleanser and regulator needed -
a little given today will save a
sick child tomorrow.
Kill! directions for children of
nil agos and for grown-ups plain
ly printed on the package.
Ask your druggist for the full
name. "Syrup of Figs and Elixir
of Sennn", prepared by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. This Is the
delicious tasting, genuine old reli
able. Refuse anything else of
; —
Merchant's Delivery
Moving and Storage ,
Main 108.
8 Ivoavcs Good Kr.-»ii Bread
Every Da/
(Bring this ad.) '
800 So. 17th SI.
Picture of your mother ■• a
girl to be divided amongst 'nix
children. Bring It to me, I
make a specialty of copies and
iiahkii i 11: uißia
"Photographer to the Children"
300 I'nclflc Avo., Tacoma.
re-Thing Corn Itomover
Guaranteed by
ItYNKII M \l s I ii<>M
l'rescrlpllon Specialist
038 Pacific ay.
Cut this out and present at
time of any purchase and you
will receive double Green

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