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You girls in the grade schools and high schools and colleges who are graduating this year should s«e Miss Post at the high school at once and get some advice from her about entering the Times con
test for the best and simplest graduation dresses. The Times is offering $10 first prize and $5 second prize to high school girls and two $5 prizes to grammar grade girls who can make the prettiest and simpl
est graduation dresses themselves. It will be a fine climax to your school work to demonstrate to Tacoma that you know other things than school work and that you aie as successful with the needle as
with your text books.
Another of lloult'n dramatic
Htorles from the Soldiers' Home
tomorrow. Watch for it.
VOL. IX. NO. 136.
(By United Prens leased Wire.)
GELES, Cal., May 28.—Clarence
Darrow's attorneys will attempt
to show that there was an at
tempt, amounting to conspiracy,
in which the district attorney was
a party, to entrap Darrow ana
convict him on a bribery charge.
The outline of the defense's
position as stated by Earl Rogers,
Darrow's counsel, brought a
stormy conflict with Dist. Atty.
"Rogers has no right to make
an outrageous statement like
that," cried Fredericks. "I ask
that he be punished for con
Rogers was on his feet In an
"I will not apologize for any
thing I have said," he daclared
hotly. "I will take nothing back.
I contend that the whole thing
was a fake—a frame-up. I will
prove that before I get through
with this case. I stand here
ready to take the consequences
of any statement I have made."
Fredericks contended that
Rogers' statement had been to in
fluence the jury.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., May 28.
'—Several employes of a Los An
Beast Man Trails Men
Who Are Trailing Him
MONTESANO, May 28.—The cold chills ran over Louis Blair
and Louis Larson, two deputies searching for John Turnow in the
woods of Wynooche headwaters last week when they suddenly dis
covered that the beast man was trailing them while they were
trailing him.
Several times they came upon his camp and last Thursday
they discovered the remains of an elk that he had killed and stripped
off considerable of the meat.
The posse took up Turnow's trail one morning and followed it
all day and then discovered that Turnow was following them. That
he had them under surveillance with his deadly rifle was thoroughly
believed by the men and they came out of the woods to report
feeling that It was going to be a contest of hide and seek, in which
a false step or a moment of carelessness meant death to the one
making the blunder.
Turnow is living entirely on Elk meat now and the men think
they have a good chance of capturing him.
Want a Job-Help Judge
Reynolds Build Track
Judge W. P. Reynolds has taken
charge of the construction work on
the new automobile race course
and promises to have it ready for
for the big Montamara Festo
"I want all the live men and
teams I can get atLakeviewtoday,"
said Reynolds. . Anybody want-
Ing work can probably get It If
H. S. Teacher Commends
Graduation Dress Contest
Oirls, have you entered the con
test to win those cash prizes of
fered by the Times for the pret
tiest and least expensive self
made graduating costume?
There are Just 13 more days
until the commencement but It
Is plenty of time to win the $10,
or the $5 second prize or the two
$5 prizes for the grammar school
"I think It Is an excellent
plan," said Miss Post, domestic
science teacher of the High
school, commenting on the Times
contest. "I will take It up with
the sewing teacher and girls to
All girl graduates should see
Hiss Post at once and enlist In the
The girls who make their own
dresses are the ones who are go-
52200 Buys
1516 North
One and one-half lota and a
2-story house of 7 rooms. Go
see It today. We have exclu
sive sale.
California Dldg. Main 22.
geles morning newspaper were
cited by Judge Hutton today for
contempt for publishing an inter
view with Robert J. Foster, a de
tective employed by the National
Erectors' association, on the Dar
row trial.
Joror Lockwood yesterday told
how Bert Franklin, McNamara
detective, made two trips to see
him and offered him $4,000 if
he'd be "right." He also told
of meeting Franklin on the street
by appointment and receiving
$500 in bills from him. A man
near them hurried away when
the state's detective came up and
arrested Franklin, he said
He thought this other man
was Clarence Darrow.
Asked what his purpose was in
entering into the bribe negotia
tions Lockwood said:
"It was my purpose to detect
what I thought was a great
Rogers asked If there was not
a plan to entrap Darrow when the
alleged bribe was passed.
"Do you not know that Mr.
Darrow was that morning tele
phoned to in order to get him
down at the street corner where
the arrest was staged?" asked
Lockwood said he did not.
they will apply to the road super
visor. He wants to put several
hundred men on the job.
The news that the -races were
to be a go started a lot of new
enthusiasm last evening and the
guarantee was boosted to $30,000.
New entries are coming In from
some of the fastest auto racers In
the country and the event prom
ises to be bigger than ever.
Ing to be considered in these
The dress reform idea at com
mencements has taken hold of
all the cities in the country and
ueat and attractive home-made
gowns are now the order. The
Times prizes are to give addition
al recognition* to the girls who
show they have learned how to be
useful at home.
There ovLght to be at least 100
of the graduating class this year
send their names to the Times at
once as entiles in the home-made
gown contest.
Big Hotel for
Down Town
That the corner at Ninth and
St. Helens, opposite the Tacoma
theater, is being considered as a
site for the Milwaukee Tourist
hotel is persistently rumored t0
Real estate men expect to Bee
the deal go through.
At one time the Annie Wright
seminary waa under considera
tion, as was the Sands hotel site.
Both of these are said to have
been passed up In favor of the
St. Helens corner.
Jail Bank President
(By! United Press : Leased Wire.)
Hi WALLACE, Ida., May M 28. —
Unable to obtain ?$ 1 6,0001 ball,
B. ". F. O'Neill, former bank ! presi
dent, charged with embezzle
ment, was I today m remanded W, to
Jan .-._,.,,. „^ , v , f .„^..
The Tacoma Times
Labor Champion
Who Is On Trial
Clarence Darrow, as be appears
In his present trial.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, May 28.—The
government's fight to curb the
coffee trust met with a serious
setback today when the U. S. cir
cuit court here refused to enjoin
the trust from disposing of 950,
--000 bags of coffee now stored in
The suit is being heard before
Judges Laconibe, Cox, Ward and
Noyes and is directed against
Herman Slelcken, alleged leader
of the trust.
The department of Justice had
asked for m order enjoining Slel
cken from disposing of the stored
coffee as it was alleged that the
coffee was stored so that the sup
ply would be limited and the
price forced up.
Don't let those old soldiers
Up to yesterday only 35
of the required 75 automo
biles to carry the old veter
ans in the Memorial day pa
rade had been volunteered.
Other auto owners should re
port to Mayor Seymour at
Deny They Lied
About Girl
(By United Press leased Wire.)
' SAN FRANCISCO, j May 28. —
Joseph Watkins . and . Martin ■ J.
Prince, • bell ~i boys : = charged by
Ethel Williams, formerly of , Se
attle,-. a" 1 16-year-old ; candy J;. girl,
with ! perjury c in connection with
the | trial :of I Dr. 1 Otto : C. Joslen,
charged with i betrayal J'ofKi Miss
Williams, pleaded- not guilty her*
today. •, .^jpSSK^MSJ&ir 1:?', •: ■> '.
„; ■ The . case will be set for " trial
on Saturday. "^ >>C:.l./'. :' "■■."■ l'
Dr. Wiley •''- Seriously
k 111 With Grippe ' 1
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
,;, WASHINGTON, D. fC, May 88.
—Following . a 1 restless 1 night , Dr.
Harvey W. Wiley, « famous j expon
ent of pore food, ill at his home
here of grippe, was slightly worse
today, his temperature having. in
creased vto 102. ;; His , condition,
however, '.J la % not »•* serious. Dr.
Wiley . was taken ' ill Saturday and
since | then | has | been J confined, J to
Ilia bed. » » ■■ •
'"' The™ Times* Want Ad phone* Is
Main 12.' . • ... ...
"Bunk. That's what It la.
They stole the franchise from
Tacoma," declared Ma]. 8. A.
Huntington today, who represent
ed the Commercial club yesterday
In an effort to keep the ball team
In Tacoma.
"They simply stole the team
outright and t?ok advantage of
the constitution to oust Rotaer
mel and make a tool of him.
They wanted the franchise ao
they could not be forced into a
coast league.
"Last year Shreeder, Dugdale
and McCredie were for a coast
league, and Cohn, Wattelet and
Rob Brown against it. If a coast
league was formed It would leave
Spokane out.
"Now they can give the fran
chise to North Yaklma and thus
keep a coast league out. Also
they've got $10,000 worth of
playerß, they can sell. It means
that Tacoma will not have any
more baseball."
Ed. N. Watkins this morning
said that Fielder Jones, president
of the league, told him Tacoma
could not get back into the
league, that the dropping of Ta
coma was final.
Phone Company
Does Printing
In Seattle
The Sunset Telephone com
pany wants a new franchise and
then has its directories printed in
J. G. Thomas, representing the
local typographical union, pro
tested before the council this
morning. He said 75 per cent
of the local printers have tele
phones in their homes and de
clared that the printing traded
support 1,000 person* and pay
$2 50,000 wages. Taken with the
newspaper plants the printers in
Tacoma draw (500,000 in wages
a year.
Will Fight For
Civil Service r
In secret session the civil serv
ice board yesterday - authorized
Member Louis Muschek to begin
action In court to prevent the city
council from - removing the city
storekeeper and the secretary for
Commissioner Mills from , civil
service. : -..-■■,»'..:,^
' Action will be started when the
city commlssionerse attempt to
remove the present employes., s
Lawson ■ had booked former
Storekeeper Cliristofferson for his
old job. When he was elected the
first time,' Nick took the mayor
and policemen and bodily removed
the old storekeeper. '> r '"''- fS
Already 85 citizens have signi
fied intention of joining the Ta
coma Ad club excursion to Cen
tralla and intervening: towns and
it is expected a much larger crowd
will g0.;, -..-r;.--:] -■■-• r4£i :,.<.^,i;i;
Centralia is ) making j extensive
preparations to entertain the dele
gation and Roy, Yelm and " other
places en route will bive the party
a royal reception. :
Fletcher to Talk
: Sixteen years ,': ago r * Donald
Fletcher proposed a big scheme of
harbor; development 9 and ;;. people
laughed: at him. .5^ • : ':„ }' '. .-.*■!
■ • Now things 1 are ■', working out
much as ■ Fletcher ■ dreamed. So
he'll talk 1 before , the Central Im
provement club ■on I the ' port plan
tonight at i the city hall.*V; The
meeting is open 'to 1 the public.
Precedent 1^ Is Made
i«:A i precedent- was t set in Judge
Easterdny's court last ' night when
the damage case of , Robert Olsos»
against W. R. Grace I &': Co. went
to the jury last night and the at
torneys I and i judge 1 agreed | to f al
low the jurors to spend the night
at home 3 and ' then return ' today,
instead of i locking ', them I up. %\;, H
*T, The "; Jury I returned at 10 (a. nk.
today but had 'reached' no' verdict
up to noon. - >■ ' ■' ■..••;
■ ..-, -^ -.;>
(By I United | Press [ Leased Wire.)
ft£ EVERETT, May 28.—Furious
because» of £an alleged i breach of
faith, Mrs. Emily it3?i Russell, a
widow Of Oakland, Call., attacked
Schuyler Duryear, & lawyer, la
the street and' horsewhipped ! him;
■'-.■"■ a ' . ■ .' n&ekf&tf ?■«.
Mrs. Beach Completes 1000 Mile
Walk From Chicago to New York
CHICAGO, May 28.—Complet
ing her 1,027'-nille tramp from
Ne^f York city, Mrs. David Beach,
wife of a wealthy New York busi
ness man, walked into Chicago
today and was escorted by a large
crowd of enthusiasts through the
principal streets to the office of
Mayor Carter H. Harrison.
Mrs, Beach was just 4 3 days
On the trip. During all this time
she lived on a non-meat, raw
food, diet exclusively. Her daily
food consisted of raw vegetables
and fruit and cakes made of
ground whole wheat, raisins and
apples. She- drank nothing but
Iriiit Juices.
When she started, Mrs. Beach
Finest War Sentiment
Was "Don't Cheer Boys"
Out jit»the .Old. Soldiers' Home ait Ortlng, the veteransl'of the
big » war ; are ) thinking , and talking ■ of) little else than :V Memorial '
l)ay. Fred Boalt, the j, Times; correspondent,' made a trip out there
the other, day. ' His articles will ■be read : with .'interest: by -;every.
.. one. This Is the second of a series of four. : ■'•-.* ;;;-■ ,•■ ■..-..-.
■" fyt ' BY FRED L. BOAI/T. '•.-"•• ;;-/-;^<-' / -->!..
j :, SOLDIERS 1 HOME. ORTING, May 28.—"What," -;i asked of
; CapVJohh Mayer; officer of the day, "is the finest sentiment ever
utte»tl>'iH'j!.var|Jrae?".-;',"'-^:. r ''."'. • - '■■< --.■■- "■-% '■ .■--.':, v--:-;t.f is --, r>£_'v:*fi
• •'You'll be ', surprised ' when fI -. tell i you," * the < captain answered.
"It 'Don't give up the ship,' or' I'll fight It out lon this line
If It takes ail summer.' a. And it :, wasn't 'We [ have met I the I enemy
and they are oft*,' And It wasn't Dewey's, 'Fire when ready, Grldley.'
"luu've got to remember,;, when yon look for the : finest war
time ' 'sentiment eyrx uttered, that j the enemy -is a fine | fellow, more
ofjea ' than' not, who la m honest mil as : patriotic as: you | are. War
la about the worst business a man can be in, and the man who hates,
personally, the enemy of his country has no business to- go soldiering.
»*' M " 'Don't •give" np! the ship' i was I game, but It wasn't fine. When
Genera} Grant said 'I'll fight It » out on this line if It takes all
slimmer/ He proved Ihe ; was ia , stubborn i and 5 Indomitable fighter—
bat it v*wasn'tlllne.^> ii:.*;'^~ i-^^^v^ix.-'^i.'C^-' '■::"' l »-. "■■'.-<
i"-t - '•.The finest 1 thing ever uttered : In. war wasn't said In the rebel
lion,"} but in tire Spanish-American war. And wasn't said by a
soldier, but "bya sailor. "-' . ;'. ':;.;:..?.:/ * • ,
S. 4T"A ship's commander was in the • coining tower. A Spanish
battleship was sinking. The American crew cheered, but their com
mander waved them into silence. v■* \Z" ,■ icZl" '.''- ,'-,' ' '„t-» '
,i■•-;.(*," 'Don't 'cheer,', boys. The ' poor devils are dying!• : That ' was the
finest sentiment ever uttered." ' ", .N J
Early IS Leper
p KiiMinit ', View .citizens who ; de
manded 1 the "X removal of John
Karly ,*' leepr, had \ their fears jus- |
tified * yesterday ; when \ a * cooimis; j
(•OB of surgeons, appoint Iby j
<«ov. »Hay, unanimously declared;
himiftdepgr.^QiiE^ji^S 1- fv'tf
Dn, Mc^reary, county ,s physi
cian, and t i>r. Grlggs of i Tacoma
sat with the board.
weighed 149 1-2 pounds; when
she finished, 139.
Climbed City Stairs.
Mrs. Beach completed her Jour
ney by climbing agilely up five
flights of stairs to Mayor Har
rison's office.
Mrs. Beach had vowed to finish
her trip before June 1.
She presented Mayor Harrison
with a letter from Mayor Gaynor
of New York, Introducing "a
woman trying to walk to Chicago,
living only on a vegetable diet en
route." The tetter concluded:
"I do not think she can do it,
but if she does, I am sure you
will accord her the welcome she
-1 * - ,'• ' ■'■■ ■■■•--: )i^^^
(By V United i "Pr*»«l Leased Wire.)
FORT WORTH, Texas, May.. 28.
—With , the Roosevelt I people Jln
complete control, the f Taft ' dele
gates] to the. republican state con
vention today a bolted 'if and an
" nounced | that 1 they M would H send
contesting delegates to Chicago.
Roosevelt i swept the si state in
. 'the recent county,i primaries. •
Showera tonlfht and Wednes
(By United Pi-ens Leased Wire.)
' MA I Mill), May 28.—Knocked down and trampled by a frenzy
gathering seeking escape, 108 perNonn, moHtly women and chil
dren, met death at a tire In n moving picture house at Vilarea last
A search of the ruins today revealed 88 corpses plied In the
main entrance to the theater, and It Is feared that the death list
of 108 will be increased. ; .-.. , , -,r t ' •»
Tne ract that the doors to the
playhouse swung Inward Is re
sponsible in a large measure for
the death list. At the flrßt alarm
the audience, panic-stricken,
rushed to the exits. Their prog
ress was blocked by the Inward
swing doors, and, hemmed In,
men and women struggled in a
mad fight for life. The weaker
women and children were knock
ed down and trampled upon.
The fire started from a spark
which Ignited a celluloid film and
spread with lightning rapidity.
Before the audience could leave
their seats, the theater was In
flames. The death list undoubt
NEWARK, N. J., May 28. —
With political sharps freely pre
dicting that the delegation to
Chicago will be divided the polls
opened here today at 1 o'clock.
Polling will continue until 9
o'clock tonight.
Tuff* adherents claim he will
get eight, possibly twelve district
delegates, while former Governor
Murphy Insists that the president
will capture 2 0 delegates and
four übtasatm at large. Roose
velt men expect to capture the
four delegates at large and at
least 12 of the district delegates.
On the democratic side no
Bitter Fight Over
Washington Men
CHICAGO, May 28.—Ormsby
McHarg, who is to conduct the
Roosevelt contests, asserted today
that the bitterest fight before the
convention would be for the Wash
ington delegation. Balllnger, John
L. Wilson and other controlled the
Washington state convention, de
spite a 20 to 1 sentiment in the
state against President Tan, he
Claims 28 Delegates
NEW YORK, May 28. —
"Bully," exclaimed Col. Roose
velt, when asked how he felt
about the New Jersey election.
He declared he would get every
one of the 28 New Jersey dele
The case against James B.
Aggasiz, charged with violating
the 8-hour law, this morning was
continued by Justice Evans until
this afternoon.
Danny Cupid Badly Beaten
In Big Court House Battle
Danny Cupid
'got a hard Jolt
in the midribs
today at the
court house.
The best he
could do was
two little li
censes. One
was issued to
Charles L. Hall,
jr., and Amelia
A. Meyer, and
the other was
to Guy B. Colvln and Zella Heath.
Down the hall at the clerk's
office Fred Therkelsen wanted a
divorce from Daisy ibecause they
were unsuited as to tastes, tem
per and disposition. They had
• Can you afford to let your hous« or rooms re
main vacant when a little "For Rent" ad In the
want columns of The Ttm«s will find a tenant?
.*... .■..*/ These Times want ads save days and dollars to
owners of renting property. ;. ■ •■■
The cost of a home "For Rent" ad for s, week la
: the want columns of The Times is but a few cents.
Phone the ad to Main 12. '$3gs£
yjgxffl^i*~lHS~\ t .1- f-. p..-.- .-.■■" j.* s! ., f !■s^■■^gli«^«*«^.ij?s.'lj I i;* 1 ■I■■;i53 |si* J■Ji°'~'fe.■*.'^• r •• '
'■illy would have been much great
er had not cooler heads opened
windows, scores escaping In thla
In many ways the Vlllareal
holocaust Ih a direct parallel to
the catastopho at Hoycmtown,
Pa., January 13, 1908, when mor*
than 20 0 personx met death.
As at Villareal, the theater
doors fiwung inward, and In the
tight to escape scores of women
and children wero trampled to
death. A film of the picture ma
chine at Boyeretown also caught
fire from a spark.
name comes 'before the electors
save that of Governor Woodrow
Wilson. . „
Perfect weather brought out a
heavy early vote. ;', ■' \
RALKIQH, N .C, May 23.—
Return* ' from the democratic
county conventions of Saturday
In ■ this * state j indicate • today i that.
while Wood row Wilton will hay*
in..re * instructed, delegates to ' th» i
■tat« convention T June -■ 6 1 than
Congreaaman Underwood, the ma
jority of delegates will be untn-1
structed. Only 40 out of 100
counties Instructed.
Wilson Controls
In Texas
<l!y United Press Leased Wire.)
HOUSTON, Texas, May 28. —
Woodrow Wilson men are In
complete control of the democrat
ic state convention which met
here at noon today. It was pre
dicted that he will get at least
82 district delegates and eight
delegates at large. Judson Har
mon is second and Champ Clark
Wilson's success Is a Mow po
litically to Sen. Joseph W. Bailey
who stumped the state against
Sen. Culbertaon will head the
Wilson dt%gatee at large.
George Shofield, Ernest Lister,
W. H. Fringle and T. H. Martin
will represent the Commercial
club at the meeting of the North
western Development league at
Seattle in June.
tried Danny Cupid's dope for nine
years and found it wanting. Ger
trude Quirk .protested against
Danny on the grounds that Jos
eph J. had only given her 120
since February, 1910, and a few
personal reasons. They had been
married 27 years.
Judge Card handed Danny an
other Jolt. He gave Louise JPetas*
a divorce from William on her
cross-complaint that King Barley
corn had supplanted her in Will
iam's affections. Joseph Knobie
Brednlett was another who was
separated from his spouse. He
married Nellie in June and she
deserted him in August. He had
not taken the trouble to look her
up since.

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