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Today's results of the great Olmpic game, today in the Times Pink Sporting Extra. Every feature of the great sweeping victory of the Americans will be featured, telling in detail how the Yankee lads
are bringing home the bacon in Sweden; how the American athletes are breaking world's records and the pictures of the winners. The Times is the only paper in Tacoma that can give complete details of
I the great Olympic games and give today's news of the Oh'mpiad TODAY.
A man \ spends $50,000 :■ (or • t?>'is;
z%'s motor boat, • guaranteed. to ■ make
r^: 1- 6O i iuile«; an; hour and. the r first ". ■«>j*
time her.uses it the bearings (njell^'jAr
,•;.- J: and j the;propeller: shaft Jjoins/ If iV>p
:C-; this isn't your idea of nothing atfjs^
Vall, what'kTuV'-:-;^O^^^V 1 --.^
VOL. IX. NO. 175.
n'n rnn Ti*T 11P
' ■ >■" >5f "~ STADIUM. "* ;"' -I-.-:-"■'" ;'■'?'■'<' ■■"'■-'
Tlie Fourth stadium night is to
be outdone tomorrow night.
The llitt fireworks company has
given its music and costumes for
the 5O Indian girls dance from the
Conquest of Mexico, which will be
combined with the other features
and the big Ilk demonstration.
And the thousands of Tacomans
who neglected to go on the night
of the Fourth will now have an
opportunity of seeing the best
features of the Fourth with the
best thing of the Conquest of
Mexico and a lot of new features
added. ■
4,000 Car- Tickets Free.
And the carnival committee is
going to do the handsome thing
by the people. To. make up for the
disappointment .of those who ex
pected to see the flying machine
come into the stadium, the com
mittee has secured 4,000 street
car tickets to take the children
who do not live near enough to
walk home free.
Every school child In Tacoma
outside of the High school will be
admitted to the whole show free,
and the first 4,000 coming to the
stadium tomorrow night will get
a street car ticket home.
Children Under 12 Admitted Free
In fact, all children under 12
years will be admitted free to
the stadium and a ticket home up
to the 4,000 limit.
The program Is going to be
Tland Concert
There will be a massed band
concert with 50 musicians from
7:30 to 8:30.
Then the grand entre of all
Elks- —10,000 of them in Elk cos
tume are expected, with Elks
from Qlympia, Aberdeen, Seattle
and Portland right from the big
Portland show. In the cavalcade
will also be the dancing girls, the
original Rex float, the ad club
and the cavalry.
Dancing Girls.
The show will start with the
grottisb dancing girls, the Indian
girls dance from the Conquest of
Mexico will follow with the cav
alry drill, Indian solo dance by
Mrs. Taynton Thayer, broadsword
contest, Japanese fencing, steeple
chase and Roman races and the
whole show winding up with 30
minutes of the greatest fire
works ever seen here.
George Griffin, who was charg
ed with insanity by his wife fol
lowing the excitement caused by
Griffin's stories that she had been
murdered and which led to the
dragging of the Narrows for her
body and the supposed sunken
launch, was still at the county
Jail today.
His transference to the asylum
at Stellacoom was delayed yester
day in the hope that he might
partially recover when notified
that his wife was well and safe,
but he was more violent today
than before and it Is probable he
will be taken to the asy.lum Im
mediately. Grave fears are enter
tained ft. his recovery. It Is
believed he will succumb to ex
Not Very Serious
WASHINGTON, July 12. —
Purely a legislative matter, which
has not yet reached thcw-iuiport
ance of a diplomatic crisis, was
the way the state department
summed up today the situation
created by England's protest
against the Panama canal bill.
Club Bonds
We have a client for a few
: of tfcese bonds. Will pay cash.
Calvin Philips&Co.
California Bldf. Mala 22.
The Tacoma Times
America's Champion Mother
Is Dying Of Consumption
UNION CITY, Mich., July 12. —
I have seen and talked with the
only woman who can "lay just
claim to this title: "The cham
pion mother of America," Mrs.
William Moore, of this place.
Nineteen times htis Mrs. Moore
gone down tato tlte valley of the
shadow of death to usher Into rife
X tiny babe; seven times twin*
were born to her, making 25 chil
dren in all! That is the mother
record for all America.
Born in Columbians ■ county,
0., August 20, 18C3, she, a 14
--year-old country girl, married a
young farmer named Wilkinson,
at Belfontathe 0., in 1877. they
had one baby, a girl. The father
died and the widow married Wiil
lam Moore, also a farmer, at Ken
ton, 0., in 18$1.”
In 1883, Mrs. Moore had her
second child, a boy. A girl, the
26th child, was born to her' June
2, 1911.
Duly 21 of' the children are
alive; 'five, daughters are married
and have made Mrs. Moore grand
mother to 15 children.
I asked Mrs. Moore the ques
tion that would occur to most
people: "Do you love the last
baby as well as you did the first?"
This was the mother answer:
"No mother of just one child
could love a child any more than
I do my 26th; nor any more than
I did my first, or any other of all
those born to me."
"Don't you think if your ffm
tly of children had been smaller,
a larger per cent of them would
have lived, and they would have
had more chance to grow physi
cally, mentally and morally?" '
"Maybe so, one can't tell; all I
know Is that the Lord gave them,
to me and I have done the best I
could to bring them up. Now
there Is Joe, he's the best boy
anywhere. Ajjd there are my five
married girls, all happy and well,
and you see these here, they're
well and happy. Of course they
have to work hard, else we would
starve. All of my children have
had to work from the time they
could walk."
But the school teacher told me
that Fannie, age 12, had only 8
days .schooling last winter; that
Frank, 12, was only in the third
grade. It was plain to be seen
that there are hard times In this
For the first time Id the history
of; Pierce county since the adop
tion of the direct primary law, the
■ootaiiste may file their declara
tions of candidacy without holding
a' county; convention, the strength
of j the ; party having ; increased sto
Bucli i an; extent? that ' the ; total so
cialist vote of last year was 600
votes above "■. the|required ' 10 j per
cent j of j the lloUAiYWtis&^RgSs&X
I Auditor Stewart thin morning;
canvassed the results at 'the; last
vote to make tins certain. The
result Indicates tlut a touch lar
ger vote will be polled this f year ]
Dr. Harry Pepper, the village
health officer, said that Mrs.
Moore had consumption and
should have been in a sanitarium
long ago.
"I would rather live just one
year with my children here than
to go to a sanitarium and live
without them teu years," Mrs.
Moore has said.
w? Once 'An -tEaI while :*; when j'Ttio
Moores are; in particularly desper
ate straits the village \ folks j take
up t a - collection, ■-. gather . up., some
secondhand clothes and help the
family along. V;: i^'-;-i.» .ilj t
Fisher To Investigate
(By United Press Incased Wire.)
v~, WASHINGTON, D. \ C.** July
12. —Secretary of .* the 8 Interior
Walter L. Fisher, it was v? an
nounced- today, will . make - a per
sonal Investigation -of , the | rum
pus *in ' " Hawaii £•« between 1"?, Qov.
Frear t and ."Delegate - Kalanianole,
leaving -Washington for ; a tour of
the. islands just as \ soon .as ': the
present;' session •of -.'- congress .'" is
concluded; i^?;^--. '.-"^Z- • ■>fcl t .*^.'*- i" ■ ■'-
Presby's Want Money
(By i United ' Press < I^aesd Wire.)
9i, ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., July
12 .—The J entire morning session
of . the j Presbyterian . national con
entlon" was devoted to finances.
Retiring National Chairman Chas.
R. Jones stated "that. it would re
quire not less than $150,000 to
defray * the J expenses of an ener
getic? Campaign. I*/f.a?^Sa^ t¥iM'i-
~r)-'^The^5 watermelon %[ has ar-?*■
•vt ''i: Several Cof £ the ' big round %' r ,
¥* green kind \ were j i placed son
p| sale ," in Taroma yesterday £<:'?
riimi «g from 43 cents up tln^
f| price. Cantaloupes are . not §f
■ plentiful enough Jto drop 5 In^S
H price : any. It [costs ■ about 1O]£»
$$ cents to : get i a good ■: one;^^
fef^af-.'"../.;..'..-:,:".-:... ir*r "rrr^gij,^
The members iof ijTihT^ Retail
Grocers' association? tit' a me; ting
held | yesterday, voted I unanimous
ly :to .; close , their places of ■ busi
ness all day Tuesday, July 16, to
attend- the > Seattle j Potlatch.
In «the great political 5 tangle.
'% Judge M. : ; L. '- Clifford lon the
indicia! non-partisan ticket for the
superior,^ court bench '*."■ was IS, the
first candidate to file.
%?A:fA?i Newell, an attorney, run
ning for superior Judge, was i 88
--sociate counsel 'In; the'defense of
Charles * Newcomne, under 'i sen
tence to bans for the murder Jof
art I • Kvalshaug, wan ' the sec
m Dr. P. J. Stewart was the third
on the list and the last up to noon.
"Doc" wants :to be elected'vpronar
to »use6*d Dr.l 0. D. Shaver oa
ropubllcaa'ticket.",} 1 u,i'- :r
(United Press.Leased Wire.)
• July 12.-—Senator/ Lorimer's '
allegation that he had " con- j
sented to an attempted brib- :
cry of delegates to the re
cently r Chicago .? convention
seemed ;tO;\ afford Colonel
i Roosevelt 'much' amusement ,
today.* 1: When - his " *tte«tion .' I
: was called to the -• Lorimer ; i
j speech*, of . yesterday. In ]
which the Illinois senator ,
■ gave the names of Taft dele- i
gates Who, he said, were of- !
fered money to . desert j Taft, , .
'Roosevelt^' asked: »','' Who \
presented ''these t affidavits?" ■;
": "Senator Lorimer" of Illi- ¥
nois," he was told. ' ■--- ■'--: j ■ *' ,
,' -.Roosevelt threw back his .
-head and laughed.;: ■" '-."<•".'«?
■ *-'. .— -, ~S"':.-'. 9
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
■• WASHINGTON, D. C, July 12.
— Fighting with his back to. the
• wall, Senator William Lorimer of
i Illinois todayjresumed his* des
-1 Illinois today resumed his des
perate attempt to sway by drama-
I tic'appeal of Innocence the most
' difficult |of audiences—the Unit
ed States senate—and obtain '.a >
. vindication at their hands of the
charge of corruption in his elec
tion. „•■■.".',•■ '".'■".">. i».',;|
■ : } Lorlmer's famous • blonde curls.
bobbed viciously as he tossed his
. head P and. shook | his ' body with
. violent j gestures. He *» removed
I and replaced his gold : spectacles
! nervously from j time to time."
• » ? Criticizes Roosevelt. ' ■ - r?j.
t , ■"I ' was 'discussing the' attitude
i of J the custodian of; all the mor
i als of the country, public and
, private," said 'Lorlmer, in begin
ning' his speech. -si He referred to
i Roosevelt. ; : "He would \ not : accept
: ■<.!.>• money from the ? malefactors
. of l great wealth. ■>'- $I • notice, how
i ever, that $ 1,900,000 was contrlb
i uted to. the ! l campaign of 1904.
Of course that ~«* came £§ from | the
common people, of whom he is the
guardian.':". None of it came I from
, the. trusts or malefactors of great
' wealth." %^--'f% -<V-»r ■'.>;?-'' i': '■'-■ ~%'
i -■'""".<>>*; VtOa : ,TatCi--:J'c-'.^-:l['^
' Unsmiling his criticism of Pres
• ident 'Taft,.; Lorlmer read further
• from Taft's || letter to fey Colonel
• Roosevelt; in which he *Bald:'-^.;ti
" "I want to win and so do you."
"Was I :-.; warned?" exclaimed
; Lorlmer. "Was I given a sword
; and told to defend myself?.V'iv:?.
rA Conspiracy. irr''r"-a--' < r.'.
. If "No, they wanted .to sneak up
; in the dark of the 1 night with a
club j and ' beat out their enemies'
brains. That lis i the | way *r, they
wanted Ito win. Was * ever any
inqrtal more completely "surround
ed by conspirators and intrigue?
The |j[ president [0 of r^ the 1 I totted '
States, the ex-president, William
J. Bryan, * the trust : press! of thd
country —all joined in: a ■ conspir
, acy .to destroy one ; man and satis
fy the malice of the most corrupt
set of newspaper owners known'
• to this coaritry;.Jv*^-^*-i,* y^vSC?
;. y^M'Si'A*, Grave v Charge. vtfi^Sif
~ "The men prosecuting this, case
' are capable '. of conspiring to do
anything, even to ; take a life, '.to
destroy the mail marked for elim-
; ifk After,seaklng an hour, Lorimer
visibly weakened. He i wag bath
-edsin 'J perspiration. His tawney; '
; hair .was tousled -. in ; moist disor
der. It was with great physical
j effort that belt continued. Hi J
' voice grew husky, and he frei
quentl; leaned on his" desk *in ' ap
parent exhaustion.
Kvcry Member^ Had Money.
| "Every member of -the -Illinois^
; general assembly hadi money f: at',
.' times," Lorimer continued. "It
• is ridiculous to create the impres
i sion that all of this was given for
j Lorlmeri>t«.'^F^^i-^@?-^
j The statement in the ; minority
report I (*»at > four , ; members \ of the
• legislature confessing to having
i been bribed was bitterly denounc
■ ed *bjr| Ltorlmervs^di^^^ffgl■■,.';■
C:; Lorimer ; asserted \ thats he; spent
! more than $30,000 of his person
al funds advancing his . particular
hobby, the deep waterway proj
. ect, and. had-receipts to show an
expenditure'^ of $20,000. He said
If jit bad t not - been | for this "per
% secution." this % great lSg r project
'. would have been completed.
8} Shortly <i after I o'clock, when
j Lorimer • had spoken nearly,: threw
hours, a I luncheon recess was
taken until 1 o'clock.
i■'•'■'.•):• WILBUR FI'NKRAU
• Tjie funeral of Harry Wilbur 1
wi'! be held tomorrow afternoon
it 1 clock from Urn Uaffney
<lt< United' Press Leased j Wire.)
"HOME,' July 12. —Abandoning
pursuit of her husband and the
Costunzl theater chorus girl with
whom he la reported V- to have
eloped "Wednesday - Slgnora Mas
cagu! is returning to Rome from
Florence today. *"..v "-T '"?.,
,V Questioned on the road ~[ the
Composer's wife refused! angrily
to'-diHcußß the atory of the elope
ment or the quarrel' between the
Mascagnlg which preceded it or
even to admit that It was In pur
suit of Mascagnt and the chorus
girl that she left Rome.'"';'.'
r Where Mascagni and, presum-
I ably, the chorus -girl, who ; Is
in Win from' Rome, have gone is
unknown, except possibly to close
friends of the family. .■ '
The Mascagnls have not lived
together harmoniously for a long
time. .'.. .s. „.■""
. T
Wilson Has His
\\ Mind Made Up
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
- BRAGIRT, N. J. ( July ,; 12.—
Announcement was made by Gov.
Wtiodrow Wilson that he had ar
ri\vil at a decision regarding the
nek - chairman of i the j democratic
national committee. Until the
derision is communicated ', to ■■ the
committee, when it meets .Tues
day, ho said he would not -make
his selection known. .^.-. ~ .
j Jt • was generally / S accepted
antcng the politicians-here, how
ever, , that the chairman k will Ibe
William *P. McCombs, who has
acted as campaign ■ manager - for
. th« governor up to the present
time. ,'. „.-.?■'"-.■ l&&£:^
Money Sprinkled
>* Oil lit "Street
j VANCOUVER, B. C, July 12.
—-Traveling along Granvllle at.
late last night,", the ; big touring
car used by Hugh Springer, mana
ger of the Mlnoru race track,
bring in the cash on Lulu Island,
Crashed into a .. small:* runabout;
both cars'' being > overturned. and
smashed to splinters.'* J: A' Howie
of Winnipeg:and>W. B.; Prescott
are in the hospital. today as a re
sult, ■ but ■ both will * recover. »;.The
citsU was sprinkled * all j over: the
street." "■. -• .-■.■.;,.;-.--i •■/. ;^'-'-'/..-.
1 1 l^ve|ForgPrison
ied into a email runabout,
cars being overturned and
bed to splinters. J. A. Howie
innlpeg and W. S. Prescott
n the hospital today as a re
but both will recover. The
was sprinkled all over the
rold And Calvin
Leave For Prison
O. Herold, sentenced to
from five to fifteen years for kid
nnpln one of. the most notorious
prisoners In the county jail be
cduso of his continual faultfinding
and" efforts. to '--^ gain A" notoriety,
and Frank | Calvin, sentenced i to
from five &to ten f, years $ for % the
Attempted murder of Mrs. Vivian
Irving, a nurse, were taken to the
pcult eiHlary at Wai , Walla \ this
morning. to ,begin their terms.
Loses Mind In a
Motion Picture Show
(By United Press ]>asc<l Wire.)
* VANCOUVER, B. July, 12. —
Local police . are ■ unable %to £ find
any '■ clue to the identity of a pret
ty 16—year-old miss who : fainted
I while.' in a moving; picture I show
■ yesterday • and when ; brought ■to
had [ completely lost her; memory.
She ; was neatly dressed? and »ap
peared ! in f. comfortable , : circum
stances: l^£^*'^^^;fx£Zf;'t"&-
Kughie Hughes Is
; Fined , For Speeding
:' Hughie Hughes, whose bad luck
wjth his Mercer racer left htm in
tho * lurch '. ring> the 1 auto races
last \ week, ; was ; last night : nabbed
by the speed cop on the Mountain
road charged with traveling 35
miles an hour* Hughes Is the sec
oad ' speed king ;to • fall under the
bin of the [speed f destroyer.
||CHir»ll«r4 jg' Say, old man, can •
I- > .■commend »mi %% some good !
coot tli«ct j you've? «ver had. work
lug «iy'U^rf>«ggJ{j3Sj(sp?.: ,•, * "*t
Mb*: Siir» I caa. Hun
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
MADISON, Wls., July 12. —
Senator Robert M. LaFollette to
day went on record as opposed to
the third party movement father
ed by Colonel Roosevelt. In an
editorial in LaFollette's Weekly,
he not only declared against the
Roosevelt move, but scathingly
attacked the colonel's motives in
organizing the new party.
LaFollette's editorial Is head
ed "The Citsr of Mr. Roosevelt,"
and ha Bums up his conclusion
as follows:
■ ,>, Progressive » Only In ; Words. /«
"Mr Roosevelt appeals to, pro- .
gressives to Join his party. 'Roose
velt's whole record demonstrates i
that he has no constructive pow
er; that the is progressive only in
words; that he is ever ready to
compromise to win regardless of
platform promises or progressive
"He will not last. In the end
the people of tins country will
get his true measure. No party
was ever successful organized
about a man. Principles and Is
sues must constitute the basis of
any great movement."
Compares Roosevelt and Rryan.
Comparing Roosevelt with Bry
an, LaFollette says:
"Bryan at Baltimore, foregoing
all chances of his own nomina
tion, marshalling all his forces,
braving Tammany and the trusts
to rescue his party from their
domination, carrying the conven
tion for the adoption of a pro
gressive platform, the most pro
gressive yet offered, was a tow
ering figure of moral power and
patriotic devotion to civic right
Roosevelt Had Great Chance.
1 I "Roosevelt -at; Chicago, -backed
by ! money ' derived from the stock
watering operationsi of '. the I steel
trust and the Harvester trust, or
ganizing what are I now confessed
to : have been 'fake' contests as to
nearly 200 delegates in order to
control ; the convention and secure
his | own I nomination, refusing Ito
aid ;in the making of ,' a i progres
sive * platform, : bound jto have j the
nomination or deturoy the repub
lican ' party, was 5a > most * striking
example of, misdirected power and
unworthy ambition. r'-f"
"He ! had < as great an ; opportun
ity as Bryan to serve the progres
sive cause but he was 'serving' the
man, not the pause." tSfrps-Z.i'::
At Boston.
|« First gime—S^Kif V RV H " r B
Detroit iffe'4 g|i'
Bostonf!;¥;*."rf n???7i*?Z4 jj 3 gj i
g| Batteries: p l-ake. k: Mo ran C and
Stanage; 1 Collins;: and I CarrLgan. J
Chlcagd^.«rf?S^Sl 015 4.0
Chicago 0 5 0
l*hlladelplila?t sf: ar??f^i 6 si 6 Si
feSI Batteries: Bern, White and
Kuhn; | Bender and Thomas.
► Liberals Win Out ;
(By United I Press Leased Wire.)
RBGINA, San*.. July 12.—The
latest ? returns | today In § the J pro
vincial ': elections s here S yesterday,'
show ; the; liberals, who I were sup
porting reciprocity, have retained
their power, i having 1 forty +, seats
to the conservatives' fourteen.
Two elections will ! ; be j held •*t a
■Mrs. WiPkeruham. wife or t>f le
gate £Wiefce whant^o*g^Alisltirt to
coagretsii, !r r,Sj!> Kai-.iiK^hrtf*}.
ting! for * a«r hngband | who |ii
go nortb to their * tonsa^Sil^^^^*'
SOURCE OF story explained by nkwspapem MAN ox
(Iljr United Press Leased Wire.)
SEATTLE, July, 12.— Hanford
congressional'committee Is on Its
twelfth day's Investigation of the
charge of drunkenness alleged in
the Impeachment '-■• complaint
against Federal Judge Hanford. |
.The first night session held by
the committee last night awa oc
cupied by. the ' testimony of Al
fred Battle, law 'partner of Rich
ard A. Balllnger ex-Becretary of
the . interior, who was principally
Involved in the ■ conspiracy case,
which .was j aired before the com
mittee ' for two days. ' Balllnger
did not choose to take the witness
stand himself. " ," " r -" ;. V■ 1
. J Battle's testimony' throughout
was an attempt to explain a num
ber of alleged shady transactions
charged to k Ballinger '■; and other
attorneys, and claimed ,by ...wit
nesses to have been countenanced
by. Judge Hanofrd.,"■■".". ' \ '.. ;
John H. Powell, L. C. Turner
and Ira Bronson, members of the
bar ' association committee which
"whitewashed"; Balllnger several
years ago, alos were called by the
defense In connection : with the
Finch ttestimony." * ;JJ : "j :.;'
Frank A. Paul, attorney, testi
fied that he had seen : Judge Han
ford In ' such a condition that "If
It were not that be was a federal
Judge, one would -"think'■;; be had
%"■' Mayor Seymour's suggestion .to
Commissioner Mills ■;,-, yesterday
that there ought to be a woman
cop ■■ hit '' the women voters just
right. Already ;■<{ they are all
wrought up about lt.V/j -•■-'.' ,:.-'
v j'At 9 o'clock *", this ; ■ morning a
handsome, - .: business - appearing
young woifan was at the office
of Mills ,to • get I the appointment
on the spot. '■-Vw.^i '■'■'^^'■■'■■'^
;,« "Why ' there • Is 'none to be ■ ap
pointed," said Max Garretson, the
clerk. -. "The ' place has * not ' been
created :yet.'V^v~'J^ --^/"S^ •■'■ J:': t';,
The young 'woman went off up
to see \ the ; mayor. .■rVT".;^,:-:*- / '.i-ifi .
SEAS few minutes later an elderly
matron came in. ; She too was di
rected to the mayor. 1 .;*-; •■"*;/' • „
°';i"\ *. tell ; you " s we ; need ■ a woman
policeman," said ' the lady.\S.>'>-3'i,
•<■ " We « need S* someone %% to ~, lopk
after the eight f hour law/y*;^ 1
The mayor said It was up to
Mills solely and the women left.
"I'll r have \ a i talk \ with % him,"
she i said. ;^Q:-.;:J tf\";^'i^Jiyy. s;,o?i^ &
i-,;r It ' looks as If the mayor stirred
up t something. ;;;./*:^i<f IGliv
Two Women Die In a
Burning Street Car
(By .United; Press \ Sensed i Wire.)
MEMPHIS, Ti'im.. July 12. —
Two women were j killed and
three r others ■{ are ; believed I to| be
dying as a result of a panic on a
burning street car here today. !,-.."■
When (he car took fire the mo-
"It Pays to Advertise"
Tbis advertising Is done judiciously, and If you jet I
for your dollar the full amount of PAID circul*- '. I
.PRStton (unpaid circulation is worthless). You I
should select a newspaper which covers yoot %'■. ;?V||.;
Held; which has influence or prestige. - We ftand » I
Es^yr ready to; assist i you ■in ' undertaking an effective and f ■•,-- •; I
judicious advertising campaign, even If tile doU»: *, j I
*^ '^^Satfybui 1/ command are quite Knitted It la to our ; vi - I
' .' ~p3 interest that you 1' gba» get full result*. Your aue- I>■
- cess and oar success must always be intermingled. I
Pboae us and *oil send a representative to talk. I
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been drinking to the extent of
incipient Intoxication."
The committee yesterday called
upon William A. Slinmonds, a re
porter for the Seattle Times, to
explain the basis of it story pub
lished In that paper that the Han
ford prosecution waa prompted
by the vice and white glave syn
dicate. Simonds said that .fudge
Hanford made that complaint
himself. He said he agreed with
the judge because be knew tlio
latter had sentenced many white
slavers. The article in question
referred to the white alave syn
dicate having employed detectives
to shadow Judge Hanford wit hi
the view of bringing about his
Balltnger alone of all the attor
neys involved will not take the>
stand to defend himself against
the charges of conspiracy in con
nection with the Heckman and
Hansen bankruptcy case made by
Attorney J. I-. Finch.
The last of the other Attorneys
accused by Finch tetmied today,
declaring that their connection
with the famous case In which an
estate of $60,000 was dissipated,
was proper and legal.
Attorney J. B. MetcaU and the
referee In bankruptcy, John P.
Hoyt, occupied practically the
whole of today's session, detailing
their connection with the Heck
man and Hansen affair.
Chairman Graham of tbe Inves
tigating committee today denied
the rumor that Judge Hanford
bad told the committee that he>
would order a complete Invest!*
Ration of the charges against
Dallinger and others made bjr
"I hae never spoken to Judge
Hanford," said Graham.
James A. Clark, a barber, tes
tified that Judge Hanford waa
unmistakably Intoxicated one
evening about six years ago when
he came into his shop for &
Asked by Chairman Graham as
to whether in his opinion Judge
Hanford was intoxicated at that
time, the witness replied:
"I should say be was."
Vacation Is On
In Real Earnest
This vacation season has begun
In earnest at the court house.
Deputy County Clerk George Mur
ray this morning posted signs in
the court rooms that the judges
would be on duty from 10 to 12
In the morning only and then
upon appointment during tbe next
two months.
Smashes Windows
VANCOUVER, B. C, July 13.
—Going suddenly insane, Mrs.
Thomas Clarke of Forbes avenue
Btarted in on a window-smashing
campaign and did about $100
damage before sbe was taken to
the asylum.
tornian I refused •: %to i* release,; th« JS
Rates.;, The j passengers were thus
held |In I the j car;?: : becom' W
panic I stricken, began ,;: Jumping ?>;
from the I window*: - > Two {of * th« 0
women were crushed to death and
the three others seriously Injured."^

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