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Saturday, July 13,1912.
* >jc<- >jvi. >jvv >JtV *Jt4' >j^- >JW>JVC>j«.*wv J^M.>jv<,>j^ >j^- )j^- >*vC-Js»Ur*ivC >
S The Best, Quickest and i
\ Cheapest Way to Go to I
|- v-r —"—————— THE'— ———— j
{ Golden Potlach j
I Golden Potlach 1
■* ' '" ■; '' " *■ ' £•
||| July 15th to 20th, Inc., I
{ Is on the Big Fast Steel Steamships 1
j "CHIPPEWA" and
I Steamers Leave the Municipal Dock i
| 7100, 9:00, ll;00 A. M. 1:00 3:00 1
| 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 P. M. I
I Returning Leave Seattle , |
I 7:00, 9:00, ll;00 A. M., 1:00, 2:00, 1
I 3:00, 5:00: 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00 P.M. 1
> For the convenience of our patrons the Indianapolis will make a spe- *£
} cial trip each night, July 15th to 20th, inc., leaving Seattle at 11:00 £
i . p. m. and Arriving in Tacoma at 12:40 a. m. . The Tacoma Railway & %
1 Power Company announce that special cars will be operated on the vj
}* Pt. Defiance, Fern Hill and South Tacoma Lines. These cars will S
} be waiting at 11th street and will leave immediately after the pas- &
I sengers are discharged from the Indianapolis. The Pacific Traction &
c car will leave as usual at 1:15 a. m., from 9th and Commerce sts. .t.
[ The Golden Pot la Th Is Yea 1
i Will Be the Greatest Free I
| Show Ever Attempted 1
I on the Pacific Coast 1
! Something' Doing Every Minute I
i With: the: excellent ; steamer service and the low rate, ; every person in tS $4
Z ~": k Tacojaaa should "• arrange to spend at ' least ' one day hin ' Seattle during t- ft
| the Golden Potlatch. jjj
L. K. PURCELL, Agent, |
i^^Sß Municipal Dock • * 1
y MAIN 3445. |
Cliff Thompson m Jimmy
0 , 0
"Alias Jimmy Valentine," that
clever crook play by Paul Arm
strong, which was offered hero
this past season by H. B. Warner,
will be the new bill at the Prin
cess theater for the week begin
ning with the Sunday matinee.
The play, which is a dramatiza
tion of O'Henry's story, "A Re
trieved Reformation," has been
one of the biggest successes of
recent seasons.
■ The story of Valentine deals
with his reformation and also
that of two or three of his pals
who reform with him. In th«
opening scene In the warden's
office at the penitentiary, a num
ber of character types of crimi
nals are introduced. The play is
filled with excitement from be
ginning to end. There will be
several new faces in the cast in
addition to all the familiar ones.
Cat Causes Quarrel Between Miss
Florence Roberts and Nat Goodwin
LOS ANGEL.ES, July 13. —An
icy wall of cold disdain aroße to
day between Nat Goodwin and
Florence Roberts. Miss Roberts'
beautiful Angora cat is the cause.
I Miss Roberts has a luxurious
colonial suite at the Alexandria.
This morning Goodwin came up
1 rora the beach for a few days
and registered at the hotel. He
was assigned a swell colonial suite
which happened to adjoin that or
Miss Huberts. He abhors cats.
Miss Roberts dotes on them. The
hotel management officially for
pit- ®m
When I say- that I can relieve
and cure you with my medicines
compounded of herbs, barks and
roots, I am reasonably sure of doing
so, no matter what other remedies
have failed. To back up my faith
In my ability to do this I will send
you free, and postage paid, a trial
treatment that will prove' "my
statement. A letter will bring you
the proof. . ■ : „ - „
The science of medicine as prac
ticed In China Is 4.000 years old
and entirely different from that of
the Occident. My remedies, oom
pounded of the plants, given - by
Nature to man for the cure of dis
ease; have been tested » again' and
again and have brought- relief.' and
cure to thousands when every oth
er method has failed. tint v ■ ":■. <j - 3
Do not be discouraged-" 1 If you
have not been able to secure relief
from other medicines. You have lost
faith In all medicines. That expe
rience has been the lot of hun
dreds of those who have been abso
lutely cured by my Chinese.Nature
Medicines. It will cost j-ou nothing
for a trial treatment from me,' ana
I< am sure -you will I congratulate
yourself and thank me for the ex
periment—which . will not - be ' so
much of an experiment after ■ all.
"• I: do not - claim >to work | magic
nor to cure Incurable " disease,', but
I do claim to bring relief and cure
in many cases where . others have
absolutely failed. I treat the dis
eases In the list- below. Just put a
cross opposite the 'ailment from
which , you are suffering,, cut this
notice out r and ' send ;. to me. .~ A
treatment will be forwarded to you
on the day your letter arrives. .•
:':t Hk«-uni««l»in * ' "••« Elplleßwr '_.: -■■•■ ' *
>■ Lumbago ;. ■ ;'-. * Klda«r Tronblr >'
■- Ewiiia . ,< Bladder Trouble
Scrofula * Heart Dianas*
f Catarrh - ,'- ' ' "i; 0 Impure Blood *<S
4' Dropajr J*iy« , Female Tronbl* i
}' run ( - fv <- •>,■ or Tointld ■ Liver ■*«*
f Neuralgia ;.'.-. . Partial Paralysis
'V< Diarrhoea •'.' 2 '"■ Malaria -.**. ■ ? ■*.■- :
■•: Coaatlpatlaa ":'■_• Nnrvensaesa •-.
--■ Indlßratloa »«.-'. r Plmsln ■ . *'. '■ t
I Healarhe - I.unr Trouble ■
Dtnlaean Asthma „ii? ? «-4S
HDo I not watt * until > your case . has
beoome .- chronic jor I Incurable, but
write today and take advantage of
this I free i treatment. Cut out ■ this
notice, » mark . a" cross { opposite £ the
ailment: from . which you suffer and
send today to Ylt-eho Lav ■ Chinese
Herb Co.. bept. C, 1712 Flllmora St..
Son v Francisco. -j*ri-zr.££3i» t
The Bank of California
Established 1864.
Capital and Surplus $16,300,000.00
Ban Francisco Portland Tacom* Seattle
The Bank «f California Building, Tacom*.
• PRINCESS— Jimmy •
V Valentine,' Sunday mat- •
0 lnee and night, . every •
• night during week, Wed- •
• ncßday and Saturday mat- •
0 I'iee. • •
• EMPRESS—Vaudeville dally •
• matinees and twice night- •
• ly. New. bill Monday. •
• PANTAGES — Vaudeville. •
0 dally matinees and twice •
0 nightly. New bill Monday. 0
0 —Advanced motion 0
0 pictures dally. 0
0 —Advanced motion 0
0 pictures dally. 0
0 •
Another highly entertaining
bill la promised at the Empress
theater next week beginning
Monday matinee.
Clarence Wilbur and his funny
folks will headline the new bill
with the "New Scholar,'! a happy
combination of music and com
Lovers of music will have an
other feast when Keeley and
Wilder present their offering of
melodies past and present.
The mirthful monarch of
Mystery, E. J. Moore, will be the
big mystifyer on the new bill.
Some daring and difficult
tricks will be offered by Hanlon
and Hanlon in the line of ath
letic stunts.
I.eßoy and Harvey Co. will
present the little playlet, "Rained
In." Mr. Leßoy is a former fa
vorite In "Strongheart," and Miss
Harvjey was equally prominent
with "The Comuters."
One of the Ellnore sisters will
be a bright comedian on the bill.
Miss Klinore has a mixture of
grotesque mannerisms in the
"funny" field.
Current events, god music by
the Kmpress orchestra and twi
light 1 pictures will complete the
bin bill for the week.
liids them.
With the aid of a bellboy Miss
Roberts slipped her Angora
Ihrough. Every afternoon the
boy gave the cat an airing on the
roof. In his haste today he put
the feline in the wrong room.
Goodwin got In a few minutes
later and the cat almost leaped
Upon him in getting out, and Nat
nearly raised the roof.
Miss Roberts and Goodwin hare
demanded suites In opposite ends*
of the building and on different
OLYMPIA, July .When the
office of the secretary of state
closed last evening- only ten per
sons had filed declarations of can
didacy. They are: Frank Ham
mond,-Seattle, and J. W. Bryan,
Bremerton, republicans, for con
gressmen-at-large; A. S. Burrows,
Seattle, superintendent of public
Instruction; Jesse Murphy, Seat
tle, democrat, state Insurance
commissioner; Peter I verson,
Poulhbo, state senator, Twenty
third district, Kitsap and Mason
counties; John R. Mitchell, Olym
pia, to succeed himself a judge,
Thurston and Mason counties;
Justin 'L. Sutherland, White Sal
mon, for judge of Cowglitz, Ska
mania and - Klickitat counties;
Hugh C. Todd, Seattle, democrat,
governor; John jg H. Schively,
Olympia, republican (incumbent),
Insurance commissioner, and F.
Leo Orlnstead, >,' Colville, ' judge,
Stevens and Pand O'Rellle, coun
ties. . ■ .-.-■■ jv» v ; ■;-.-, /.■ ■
By United I Press Leased Wire.)
M ROME, July .13.—Members of
the Mascagni family today renew
ed their dental that the.composer
had eloped to Par-is with a member
of hie chorus of the opera. While
irfcy declare his exact whereabouts
Is unknown to them, they are cer
tain that he and his eldest daugh
ter, are now ' lap Switzerland, t; in
search of a v'Ha where he can se
cure the privacy' he must have to
finished: the I new ; opera 1 score.' he
recently atarted'j^J^v^':;^^. r-j. ",:.-.
(By United, Press . Leased Wire.)
i r.VOa 1 ANGELES.*; July V.. —A
-burly I highwayman , who | held % a
gun on :T. Kataoka is | speechless
in a hospital. Kataoka practices
lessrm 23, jiu Jttau, and the thug
.went over, his: head. * Vocal : cords
paralyzed, 1 but ■ may; Improve, '( the
doctors My^^^S-^vC-^SSSia
l,«-l!ny Harvey at the Empress
next week.
• •
"The Hold-Up," featured on
the new Pantages bill, la one of
the greatest scenic productions
yet produced. The special scen
ery shows a locomotive and train
of cars In action. The passing of
trains at a station on the desert
and the Interior of the operator's
room where the hold-up occurs.
The company offering the sketch
is headed l>> Perdval Lennon.
The Four Janowskys, a troupe
of European ladder acrobats. Is
also featured.
Howard and Dolores are singers
and dancers.
Mons Bankoff and Lulu Ben
nett are acrobatic dancers who
have been a sensation for several
seasons in the European halls.
Bert Lennon. character actor
and impersonator, gives a series of
Impersonations of famous stage
Special music by the Pantages
orchestra anti new first-run com
edy motion films will complete
the bill.
The bridge between Atchiscm,
Kas., and Winthrop, Mo., Is
crowded these days and nights,
and the bridge tender complains of
overwork because he has to guide
so many wayfarers over.
Winthrop Is said to be the wet
test town of its size In the coun
try. It has 83 inhabitants, includ
ing women and children. It also
has six saloons and six wholesale
liquor stores.- The couhty court
has Just issued licenses for four
additional saloons.
Atchlson is dry, which accounts
for the stimulated refreshment
business in Winthrop.
ploding with a roar that could be
heard for miles, and scattering
flaming gasoline over the road, a
four-cylinder roadster, driven by
E. Schneider of North Yakima was
completely destroyed last night up
the Umatanum canyon.
Schneider was returning : to
North Yakima from Seattle.
In less than fifteen minutes aft
er it exploded the car was a
charred ruin.
Woman for Congress
(By United Press Leased Wire)
LOS ANGELES. July 13. —Los
Angeles democrats may put for
ward a woman candidate for con
gress from the ninth district. Miss
Muesa Rawlinga la their choice.
Miss Rawlings was secretary --".of
the Lob Angeles Women's Clark
club during the primary campaign.
She is said to be willing to make
the race. t i. • V-- -^ -v'- -;
ITo Look "and Feel : , - *
: Bright in Hot Weather 1
• This I* the season when she who
would have a rose-leaf complexion,
lily-white ■ neck • and * hands, - should
turn, her • thoughts ■to tnercoltzed
wok,'the firm friend of the summer
girl. Nothing- so effectually over
comes the soiling effects of - tun,
wind, dust and dirt. The wax lit
erally absorbs the scorched, discol
ored, withered or coarsened cuticle,
bringing- forth a brand new r skin,
clear, soft and girlishly beautiful.
It also undoes the pores, removing
blackheads and Increasing the skin's
breathing capacity. v. An - ounce 6. of
mercollxed i. wax, 't obtainable iat any
drug- store, applied nightly like cold
cream, and i washed H off h mornings,
will gradually I Improve B the . worst
complexion. w,r*?*"-<--«A--»i-»'*«*i:C'«- »sw.
When ■ depressed by th heat and
you want to , freshen lup * for i the
evening, , bathe i the faoe In a lotion
made <by t dissolving an m ounce oof
powdered * saxqlite •In « a half pint
witch haiel. > You'll find this more
refreshing > than an i hour's Test. It
also | smooths out ; fine lines, • affect-
Ing f even . the « deeper ; wrinkle*.—
or the Best Photo w
Postal in Tacoma \i
Go to the
1814 Pacific aye.
PHONE MAIN 7760. r*
: S
Beginning Sunday Bargain Matinee, July 14th
The Princess Stock Company In
Paul Armstrong's Sensational Drama
Alias Jimmy Valentine
Prices 20c, 30c, 50c
Bargain Matinees Sunday, Wednesday and
Saturday. Prices, 10c and 25c.
Curtain: .Night, 8:15. Matinee, 2:30 .
n 4 •im i nr>n NKW mhh DE«IN- 1
L) A IVI I A f It v NIN<) W|TH MA|
"World's Best Vaudeville* 7 1
"The Holdup"
Season's Dramatic Triumph
|~ — '— I
■ ■ • ■-; *>P
, r ™™ |
■ Evening prices lOc, 10c, 35c. Box Heats, 50c. Matinee* 10c, 10c. '.
Harry Hayward & Co. In ■
8 To Harstine Island, Sunday, 14th ,>>vl
■ Given by Socialist Party I
■ 3 Hours Ride on S. S. Tyconda. ; ■
■ Clam Bake, Dancing, Good Speakers. I
■ Round Trip 60c. Children Free.'. ■
I Tickets at the Boat. , I
Tacoma. Wednesday, July 17th
Free Circus Street Parade 10:30 a. m.
9 bands, 250 horses. Eais! neiepha^ts f
camels —400 people of all climes in native costumes
will be shown in parade. .' .' . . / r tyv^^
Two shows daily—afternoon at 2, night at 8, doors
open at 1 and 7p. m. Waterproof tents. ' Admission :
25 cents to see it all. ; ' ,/:.,, 7"
Advance seat sale at Sherman, Clay & Co.'s on
morning of performance..;,/.,. \. ,„^ „,, >. - Vt^y
i front yard ; requires but \ a short time ,in? a i spore I
hop. It pays. Call up Main 171 for attractive I
prices on lawn mowers, garden hose, sprinklers, I
Washington Tool & Hdw. Co. I
928 Pacific Aye. 927 Commerce St. I

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