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Saturday, July 13,1912.
Special Features Of Interest Til The Times 9 Womeini Readers
Mrs. W. H. Fuller, assisted by
Mesdamea Jones and Knupple,
'Will entertain Alpha Degree of
Honor - and friends at a lawn so
cial next Monday evening at the
home of Mrs. Fuller, 6502 Yak-
Jnia ay.
• • •
Alpha Degree of Honor will
Lave as their guests on July 24
l(their next meeting) their super
ior chief of honor, Sister Olsen
of St. Paul and their grand chief
of honor, Sister Wylie of North
lYakinia, * ■
• • •
The lll.iu.i club was delight*
fully entertained by Mrs. Eugene
JUckuecker at the Lakeside club
house on American lake. •
::. \ • • : •
Tito Mt-Kinley Park Reading
circle has a scheduled meeting for
.Tuesday, July 16, at the home of
Mrs. J. W. Cline, 3C86 McKin
ley avenue.
•' • •
Capt. and Mrs. C. Heuley of
Chicago and daughter are pay-
Ing their son, C. F. Healey, 502
South I. St., a visit to this city.
Captain Healey is chief of the
mounted police of Chicago.
. • • ■ •
Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Schmidt
of Pueblo, Col., have been paying
Mr. and Mrs. M. Schmidt. 2902
South 10th st. a visit.
• • •
One of .the prettiest weddings
of the season took place Thurs
day evening when Miss Josephine
Worse became the bride of Chas.
■Frederick Goranson. The nup
tuals were solemnized at the
Dome of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Morse, 1108
South M st.
• • •
Miss Wilmer of Washington,
ID. C, and Mrs. Stone of Walla
Walla were entertained at a
bridge party Thursday afternoon
by Mrs. Wm. Jones.
• • •
Miss Mary and Florence Swear.
Ington entertained at bridge at
the home of their parents, 6012
Bouth Union ay. yesterday after
• • •
Mrs. J. Ellinger, 3104 North
15 9th st. has as her guest- this
week Mrs. T. W. Sanders of St.
Cloud, Minn. •_. : . .
• » •
Miss Nina. Mornn of North
fife st. has as her guest Florence
[Vickford of Chehalis.
•. • «
. The"* Ladies' Aid society of
Central M. E. church will meet
In the church parlors Wednesday
Afternoon, July 17, at 2 o'clock.
'A cordial invitation is extended
to all the members and friends
of the church. - -.. -■■ ••■ ■- ■ "
• • •
The V. A. A. will met ill reg
tilar session Tuesday evening,
July 16. in Fraternity ball.
• • •
A special communication will
f>e held by Evergreen lodge No. 51,
F. & A. M., at 8 o'clock at the
Pioneer building in Old Town. Re
freshments will be served. The
lodge is moving to the Masonic
temple. ■' ;_;■' •' '■'-
J Cynthia's Answers to I
| Many Questions j^
i Lemon and salt -will remove
mildew from muslin,
Amherst ' college, Amherst,
Massachusetts, is non-sectarian.
Colors: Purple and white.
The mrlde's maid precedes the
bride to the altar; after the cere
mony she takes the best man's
arm, end they precede the bride
and groom down the aisle.
-Add a large onion when cook-
Ins ' cabbage. It will . take away
all the ill effects that! cabbage
Sires to some people. * ■
If a bruised place be ■ well
'bathed in hot water, - immediate
ly, it will prevent a discoloration
of the skin. *pv\"..'.'i, ; '■'■:'"■':' " .
The ' name of Port wines, •■ or
Oporto wines, is given in com
merce to the product of the vine
yards I of Oporto, i Portugal..
The . Tajuahal is "a : celebrated
mausoleum < in a beautiful ' gar
den outside' the city pf Agra,
India. -It was built by the Em
peror Shah Jehan for - himself
and - his ! favorite j wife, . Mumtaz
Mahal, who: died in 1629. The
- cost is estimated from $10,000,
--000 to $50,000,000. :>—■ .
Put Off
5.J;-'; •••>.-»-. -:•._: „■>".-.?;■ ■•■;•;,.„•. •«
. a Checking Account with th!«
bank IX you have any. money
■transactions.", ■'■■•■• ,■■..■-'■■. ■ ■ ■■•.".■.
„ •#•';■ - ■■■■. ;<■ '■ ■:•>■ -r ■-■■■- i.-'*>S> '- -''-" ■■?.',: ■■■-■ .'■,•»"
• $', To identify yourself > with f* a
I found banking Institution Ilk*
• this meant more than the mere
■snouting of money and eo««k«
I r—lt mean* Ah -I! around help
fulness (n biMlMca.
■ BoandinavfiuiK/lniFtican Book
This Pretty Frock for $1.50
If You Make It Yourself
About this time In summer one's wash dresses begin to look
a little faded. With the long days of July and August in mind one
is very apt to wish for a new tub frock. Any clever girl can have a
gown like the one pictured without much trouble at very little ex
pense. It can be of plain white, or dainty pink, or blue lawn. The,
skirt is of two wide gores front and back, fitted in closely to the waist
line and then making rather a wide spring from the hips down. It;
should be two yards and a quarter about tbe bottom. Just at the
knees gather it in, as pictured, with a puff of the goods or a band of
The waist Is cut exactly as you would cut a shirt waist, and then,
after fitting from the shouldjgrs to the waist, must form a wide "V."
This is corded on each side with material of a different color. The
gleeves are coat sleeves with turn back cuffs corded with the ma
terial. A little round collar of the material of tbe trimming Is over
laid with a collar of embroidery. la the "V" shaped opening Is
placed a piece of cotton net.
This little gown can be bad for a dollar and a half if one is clever
enough to make it oneself. Sevan yards of yard wide lawn at 10 cents
a yard will make it, and the 80-cent surplus can be used for the net,
the embroidery for the collar, the extra half yard of material for
binding,'the thread and buttons. If you use embroidery it will cost
50 cents more.

. Pneumonia is really the most
terrible of diseases. It Is at work
all the year around, and It
causes about one-sixth, of the to
tal of ' deaths in our cities. All
the rest of the diseases to which
man is subject kill only five
times as many people as does
pneumonia alone. ; • ■ „"?*•• -V
j • Navy blue Turkish - toweling.
Coat cut on directoire .lines.
White toweling used for the high
girdle, collar and broad lapels.
1 r-:.-».*. ;l--,V; • ■-/< •■,';■• • ■■■«•■.»■< ?:■:-.:.■:",
A tan colored linen suit coarse
ly woven. The front adorned in
military t fashion .: with „ stitched
bands of the same material. Ecru
net. used \ for the chemisette. A
collar. of black net edged with a
narrow pleating of white finishes
the neck line. With this may be
worn a Jabot of pleated white net
bordered with a pleating of black.
• • *
A soft, quaint dress may be
' made of cotton In a pattern de
signed to imitate the old fash
ioned chintz. The bodice is made
In the draped surplice style fold
ing tar over to tt.e right side.
White mull forms the chemisette
and sleeves. The skirt Is looped
up below the hips, producing a
modified panniere effect. A nich
ing of the material may be used
to define the high waist line.
Times Want Ads work 24 hour*
a day.
You will be Interested in the
"Business Building";talks run
ning ;la the lower right ;.: band
corner of th« first j P^S>?t^B.
Pneumonia Is caused by a germ
that is easily transferable, and
that is frequently found in the
mouths of well people. Hence
the way to escape pneumonia is
to fortify against It, for one can't
very well avoid the pnetitnococ
cus. Right living—cold baths,
fresh air all the time, sunlight.
exercise—these are the things
that bar out pneumonia.
(No prises mr», offered „ with
these puzzle* and tricks; and no
answers will be printed.—Editor.)
» Place a small coin on a playing
■ card i and > pots* the card yon * the
■ point of the forefinger of the left
hand. ■ Then -with a sharp flirt of
the forefinger and thumb of the
right hand, against the edge of
the card, you ■ can drive away the
card .. and j leave " the coin balanced
on ' your left forefinger. ;, ]:', f
* - i ; CMC All WATKft BEST
.Wash *» bread $ boards : and '■=' nix-
Ing I bowls, or anything :in which
flour lis 3 used,: In 1 clear, cold I wa
ter, using 0 a »maU •crabbing
(Ssthia Grot Avmi* £
Dear Miss Grey: I have not spoken to one of my girl friends
(or seven months. We are not exactly m.-ul at each other, but
lam very proud and so is who no wo will neither l>e tin- first to
■peak. " I am mo aecutitunied not to speak to her that I do not
mind it.
However, a third girl seems to feel awfully bad about it-
She Is trying nil the time to get us to make up. Should I make
up just to |4<ai.i' ln'i I.' Kverjrbody sw»ni« to want we to speak
first. Do you think me foolish if I muke up? IIONNIK.
A. —You are very foolish not to speak to the girl. Once upon
a time when the white man looked down upon his black brother,
George Washington walking with a friend, met an old negro, who
doffed his hat. Washington returned the salute. "Would you tip
your bat to a nigger?" asked the friend.
"Would you have a negro more polite than I?" returned Wash
False pride Is a very foolhardy thing. No matter what the girl
does, speak to her, not to please the third girl, but from principle. .
Dear Mi-.*- Grwyt No doubt you have won the exhibitions
of wild animals and reptiles on our street*. Isn't it a pity that
the poor, dumb, wild animals are enslaved by the human animals
and exploited fur man's greed for gold; that they are taken
•way from their natural haunts and put into unnatural sur
rounding* to be gazed at bjr the idle crowd*? Oil, It is heart
rending to see the helpless captives puce back and forth In their
nils, wearing their In-art-, away.
It is a pity that public opinion will tolerate such abuse of any
of God's creatures.' It is had enough to hold the wild animals as
prisoner* in our parka, but it Is still worse to shut them lv small,
close, stuffy rooms where they ar <■ tortured by the file* during
the day and the glaring electric light.* during the night. Why
don't those who love common Justice introduce* laws that would
prohibit ilie- cruel practice of enslaving wild animals for man's
•elfish exploitation? Kiln Wheeler Wilcox expresscy it:
"lam the voice of the voiceless;
Through me the dumb shall speak
'lvi a deaf world's ear
Shall be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.
The same force formed the sparrow •
That fashioned man, the king.
The God of the Whole
Gave a spark of soul
To furred and feathered thing.
And I am my brother's keeper!
And I will fight his fight.
And speak the word
For beast and bird .
Till the world shall set tilings right."
A.—Not only is this custom inhuman to the animals, but to our
unborn nation, the mothers of which cannot walk down our thorough
fares.without witnessing these tortured animals.
A sincere lover of animals like yourself is the one to start the
movement to make a law such as you suggest.
Dear Miss Grey: lam a girl 10 and commonly called a flirt
because I go with the boys. I try to favor all the boys and treat
them alike — Hint i«, not to favor one more than another. The
boys get jealouti of each other, and it causes a great deal of trou
ble. Am I doing right?
'> As for a steady fellow, I hn'd one once and he got Jealous
because I danced with a fellow and he wonted to dance with me.
He is still jealous when he sees me with Another fellow. Should '■
I I apologise or let him go? I love him dearly, as we were engaged.
' He hMn't any right to get Jealous, ban he?
! —"Treating them all alike" is a broad statement. If you are
•Imply friendly, just and honest in your treatment of each there is
do cause for Jealousy, but if you had promised your fiance the dance
or led him to believe it was his you should have given it.
Coquetting, cutting eyes, flirting and playing at love with others
is not treating the engaged one fairly. Give the boys to understand
if they do not stop quarreling you will go with none of them.
Dear Miss Grey: What system of short hand Is most com
monly used? Would it be advisable to take a correspondence
course in short hand, which promises to teach an easy system in
a short time? .-■:; '
If one is good at spading, abort hand and typewriting, does
It qualify one for the position of stenograptier? Also what
salary is paid? MISS H.
A. —The Gregg system seems to be the favorite. .
Some of the correspondence schools give good courses, but un
less a student is exceptional, be is apt to lack the Interest local class
work gives. The requirements you mention constitute a good sten
ographer, and the salary varies greatly. The minimum is as low
as $6 a week, but that does not mean you may not get more after
you have gained experience.
Dear Miss Grey: lam a young girl and*going with a young
man who thinks a great deal of me. Do you think it la wrong
for me, when he Is not able to come to see me, to go to the ahow
with some other young nun? I live In a navy yard town and
there ore many of the boys who want me to go with i them.
liease give me your advice. , EDNA.
~ A.—Certainly not, but be open about It and let him know. He
should not object to your having the company of other respectable
young men. ' . . . -, *.. :•-',,',;
But if you are engaged, you should be very careful of your
actions with others. ■ -• •.•
„ Dear Miss Grey: Do you believe in anyone being haunted
by a dead face?. I married a man whose wile died in one of
the Atlantic states. I never saw her, but did a photograph, and ,'
the face haunts me every moment. Kindly give me your opinion
why It should be so, and my life spoiled through no fault of ■
_ mine. ,"-:■' ■;■; ■./:,..,-:• » • . Titm iu.kiv. *! . .
A.—Your thought is back of the fact that the face haunts you.
Examine your mind and find what it is, and cast it out. Be honest
with yourself, and If there is a grain of Jealousy connected with it,
get rid of that, and you win find relief. You are suffering a nervous
annoyance, but a - face cannot possibly harm ■ you. . No, matter bow
dreadful or beautiful It may ■' be. It cannot stand between yon and
the loveliness of life.. f't,;W ';- - • - ;.' .-.. - .
Hey, Fellers! She's Come To 'Em at Last!
But What If the Buttons Come Off?
This Is the question: : : /
r WILL she now learn to appre
ciate ■ the vital | significance and
importance of suspender buttons '
' * That* the main ' conslderatloi.
A secondary consideration Is thi«: •
Will she follow the traditloi
and use - - ten-penny •;; nails •;; who: i
emergencies Arise} >:.:';::. '3J.^,"^ ;
These questions naturally arise
in - the - right of the latest -," cable
bulletin from '> Paris, which . says
that women are* now wealing sus
penders to keep their skirts f' up.
- :,'The .; dispatch, which wns 3re
layed ' through London, really
said "braces," but I suspenders is
what they meant.' There's nothing
of the Tuxedo or invisible systeip
about 1 them, either. They 7, are
sure enough' galluses, worn out
side and t without a ■ belt, 1* I*the
good old' American style.""i' 3
if Also they are \ worn 5 over ' Teal
skirts. '"'■^.;v^' r^V"-"?.^-*3^-^^
And . the I'skirts « they hold ,up
are Jso < folded I and ; creased as •to
resemble a pair of trousers. 4:a
"The woman who adopts, ; this
style," Bays the cable, "appears
like a man Jto I bis; shirt sleeves.
She i wear* ' a • real >J shirt It Mouse.
Over this appears brace*, attached
to the top of the skirt by . buttons.
I "The skirt .has no ■ belt. Th« top
of the skirt comes over the shirt;
t There are trouaer pockets oa.
*aeh '\ hip. The • skirt Is '§. folded
over in: trouser r form f? Rom W the i
waist \ down.^*i?S^B^es^p(Bi
:: All of which Is fine reading for
the male clUsen.^3p4i|*3^^s^si|
8f He i will 5 now alt j back:J quietly
I and watch. to »co what f the lad)
' does when * her I suspender . bu&totu
drag anchor.
Tuna Mill 1 T r 1 ' '
[©HI i c c£>u-rKe.J
BY 111 1.1 IK 111 It hi:
Th* first word—DON'T Pol it
Ml. YOl'lt (.1 OKKM s l.<i\l.
Among my numerous letters
recently was one which Interested
me greatly. It was from a wom
an who said that she hud a hus
band and two beautiful children
and who complained that her hnx-
Uuiil was neglecting her; that
while he gave her enough money
to tuke caro of the house and
children comfortably ho seemed
to caro nothing for her society.
She tu-ked me what she should do.
As I never have been inni-rled
my advice would be more or Ibhs
theoretical, but I believe if I
found that my hu»lmnd cared lit
tle for my society 1 would Imme
diately try to interest myself in
the other affairs of my life.
It has always sewmed to me
one of the greatest mlxinkes for
a woman to pour all the greut
wealth of love of which she Is
capable, out upon any one person;
or to allow her itit.i i-wts to be
come completely bounded by one
I am not advocating fickleness
nor free love, but I am pretty sure
that love lv my life will be an
Incident, just as It is in the life
of .mv other busy person of many
responsibilities—a very beautiful
Incident which may color the en
tire fabric of my every-day ltfe,
but still if it should be taken out,
I could turn my attention to the
building up of other interests
and other loves.
First, however, I think I should
look to myself and see if I had
made myself as Interesting as
possible to my husband or had
allowed thyself to become stxflld
and uninteresting, with little
originality of thought or desire.
If he still persisted in neglect,
then I would not allow hlui to
make me unhappy.
Betheada, cor. 80. r.ih and X sts.,
J. C. Owen, pastor 9:<5 a. m., Bible
school, S. Q. Bishop, supt., r., 5201
80. J at; morning; service. 11; 4:30
p. m.. th« Junior B. Y. P. XL; 6:45 p.
m., the Senior B. Y. P. V.. leader,
J. C Owen. 7:45 p. m., preaching;
Tueixlay, 8 p. in., choir practice;
Thursday, 7:45 p. m., prayer meet-
Ing, followed by S. S. teacher train-
Ing class,
Finnish, So. Sheridan and 23d,
A. J. Btormans, pastor. S. 8., V:45;
services 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.;
V. P. U., 6:38 p. m.; Thursday, pray
er meeting 8 p. in.
Central, No. L and Steel*. Rev.
N. 11. Brooka, pastor. Bible achool
at 10 a. m.; preaching at 11 a. m.;
preaching 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. in.;
V. P. U., 6:30 p. M.i prayer, Thurs
day, t p. in.
First, So. «th and D sts., Rev.
Mlllard U Thomas, D, P., pastor.
8. 3., 9:45; preaching, 11 a. m. Y.
P. IT., 7 p. m.; evening aervlcs at
(*; mid-week meeting Thursday;
dally prayer service, 12:15 p. m.
Welcome. . ■ ■
Sixth Avenue, Fife at.. Rev. Geo.
E. Whltehouse. 10:10, sermon;
12:00, Bible school; 11:45. Senior B.
Y. P. U.; 7:46. evening worship;
Thrus., prayer meeting;, 7:45 p. in.
First, «th ay and K. W. A. Moore
pastor. Prayer service. 9:46 a. m.;
morning service, 11 a. m.; Christian
Kndeavor, 0:80; evening service,
Roosevelt Heights, East Btth and
V. Bible school at 10:30 a. m.; com
munion at 11:80 a. m.; C. K. at <:30
p. m.; preaching at 7:30 p. in.
McKinley Park. Eaat 88th and
Spokane. Bible school at 10 a in.;
communion at 11 a. m.; C. 15., 6:30
p. m.; preaching, 7:30 p. m.
South Tacoma. 5619 So. Jnnett.
Bible achool at 9:45; communion at
11 a. m.; preaching at 7:30 p. in.
Lincoln Park. 29th and O. Ralph
C. Sargent minister. Morning.
10:30 o'clock; evening, 7:SO o'clock:
evening service at 7:30 p. m.; C. ML
at 6:30.
First, Division ay. and J. Rev. E.
T. Ford, > pastor. - Morning, 10:30;
evening, 8 p. m.; C. E.. 6:45 p. m. ,
Pilgrim. No. 24th' and Warner,
Rev. Edgar > C. „ Wheeler, . pastor
Morning, 10:30 a. m.; Sunday school.
11:40 a. m.; evening, 7:45 p. m. .
• Eaat. East E and 28th. A. - D.
Shaw. Service at 11 a. m. and I p.
m.; Sunday school. 10 a. m.
'/'■ '.: ■'. ■•;•■.(■*' KPISCOPAI, "-.'•« ■,',';••• .**,
' Trinity, No. 3d and X st.i.. Rev.
Charles Y. ' Grimes. Early celebra
tion. > T:3« a. m.; «a. S., 9:45 a. m.
Bible class, 10:00 a. m.; Matins. 11
lv m.
' St. Luke's .- Memorial. So. C ''and
Ith.. Rt. Rev. F.; W. Keator, D.'D..
bishop; Rev. ,F. T.. Webb, vicar. S.
8-. It a. m.; ■ services. < 7:30 and .11
a,■.*.;>.;. ■„,-,.-.,.•-.;> ; ?.. -,!... ,-•■., i.
„...--v-.rt,. - ; ;.-;-'.'.• ', ---- -■•-... " :.>.* "
v The Church 'of Holy , Communion,
cor. So. - 14th I and I at.. • Rev. Robt.
H. McGlnnis. rector. 1 Early service,
7:30 a. m.; a S. ■ and Bible service,
» 45 a. m.; morning prayer, 11 a. m.;
evening prayer, 7:30 p. v m.;;c •■; 4 ",'*»
»' St John's. So. ? • ESth -™ and I"-' Puget
Sound. Rev. ; Robert -H. ■ McQlnnls,
rector; W. .L. Cullen,: la reader. &
8., 10 a. in.; services,; 11 'a. m. ;",■ .
: St. Andre No.»Oakes : and 1 Bth
a ts.. Rev. Frederick T. Webb. D. D.,
rector. S. 8.. 9:45 a. m.; Mr. John
H. Jones, supt.; j evening , prayer , and
sermon, S p. to.X'T.'.r^ .f^^^^y-..:^
;...-"■.„', • i'EVANGELICAL'' -i. w -• -I:'
--*■ Adams t St.. ■ No. :■. Adams • and ' 22d..
N. Shupp,' pastor. ■ Services ;atf 11 a.
m.; v Sunday I school at .'' 10 SB a. ■. m.;'
children's ; day; exercises, ;B■' p. ,m. -..,
8 The I Swedish ' efturch. V 1113 So.
14 th. Sunday school. 10 a, t m.; ser
vices, 11 a. m.; Young People's
meeting, - 8:30 ■ p. ' m.; services, i : 11 p.
m.; 4 prayer, Thurs.. 8 : P-'^'fpMtl
*-■ First. So.Tlßth « and f\gX TM R.
Hornschuch, pastor, Sunday school.
rlO a, m.; Y. P. A y (:tO p. m.; ser
mon. ■ 10:-»I • a. > m.'"w,>ifß«?*»- s»w<*i»»l
* '« St. : John's, 80. ot!i and 'I. R*r. C.
i IT. : Stoever. j pastor. .-; Sunday ■ nchool.
MISS mi.i.lK nriiKK
I would fill my life mo full, with
the love, of children, the care of
the home and tho intcrcHtx of my
I'riemk ami relatives thai I ivouhl
uot inks the thing that lie did not
cure to offer.
» » »
•lust one last word—MANY A
9:45 a. m.; service at 11 and 8 p. m.
Zlon Evengellcal, So. 16th and L, (
Rev. J. Ifutchausen, pastor. Ser- i
men, 10:30 a. in.; S. S.. »;30 a, m;
vice, ling., 7:39.
„ • I
Ellm Free, 80. Aim. and 17th. I
Norwegian services. 10:46 a. m..
7:10 p. m.
St. Paul's, Taeotna and So. 17th, I
nov. U. Lallewant, pastor. Ger.
service, 10:80 a. m.; 8,. 8., 9:30 a.
m.; no evening; services In summer.
■ ■ I im:i: MUTIIOOIST '
w First, 80. I bet. 13th ana 14th. C. ■
M. ]>.■)■, i... pastor. U. 8., 10 a. m.; I
preaching, 8 p. m.; Young People's
meeting, 7 p. m.; class meeting, 12
m. prayer meeting, 8 p. m., Tliurs. •
McKlnley Park. East 38th and <
Howe sts., C. M. DeFoe. I pastor. '
8. S. at 3 p. in.; prayer meeting,
Tuesday, 8 p. m.
. '
St. John's English, Ho. Sth and I, i
Rev. F. C. W. Btoever, pastor. 8. 8., '
9:41 a. m.; morning services at 11.
Trinity, 1307 So, I, Rev. L. M. Fee- '
gar, pastor. 8. 0., 9:30 a. m.; Oer.
service, 10:30 a. m.; Kng. service, .
7:30 p. in. „- ■».<->.... .... -,■ '
First Swedish. 80. I and «th »t-.
Rev. Herman Llnd. pastor. Sunday ,
school at 9:20 a. m.; (Bwed. and '
Kng. classes); morning; at 11 a. m.; '
evening, 8:00 p. m.; prayer, Thurs.. ,
I p. m.; T. P. V.. Friday, 8 p. m. }
United Norwegian, So. 12th and I. j
8. 8.. 8:30 a. in.; services, 10:30 a.
m., 7:48 p. m. , J. O. Haugen, pastor.
German, So. : 21st. • Services*'. In \
Ger. at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m.; S.
•8., .9:11 a. m.;. T. .P. 8. C. E., i p. '
m. Ger. Lutheran, So. 1 Tacoma. ,
(Swedish • Lutheran church, : corner '
68th and Birmingham ay.) every al- '
ternate Sunday at 2:30 p. m. Pas- '•
tor, Aug. t\ Graebner. ■ ■■ -
Danish Lutheran St. Paul, IJIO <
So. I* L. ; C. J. | Skovgaard. pastor. I
S. S., 10 a. in.: service 11 a. m.; Lit- '
erary and Young eople's, Wednes- '
day, Bp. in. , >«. I;i r.. c ;.;.■; -,;.:;v, ,
Our Savior's, So. J and 17th, Rev. '
N. A. Larsen, pastor. S. 8. at 0:30 ■
a. in.; services in En». at 11 a. m. '
the first and third Sundays, and at !
8 p. m. the second and fourth Sun
days of each month. In Norwegian
language the first and ■ third Sun
days at 8 p. m.. and at 11 a. m. the !
second and fourth Sundays of each
month. On the fifth Sunday morn- I
ing service in Norwegian and spe
cial : song > service, in the, evening. ■ '
First Norwegian. (2d and So.
Warner, A. O. Bjerke. BS. S., 10 a.
m.; I second and - fourth Sundays In
month,- services r at. Tl sa. m. first
and third Sundays, services at 8 p.
m. i<! .: - I.' •■-„ 4,':,, . ■!;'""'"•. '; .:■•-.-;. „' -.-.
- -"--?,.;' -$}. ;t-. METHODIST >' '■ V;" vr ?
' Fowler M. li, 201 E. 30th St., F.
S. Pearson, pastor. . S. S. at 10 a. m.; '
preaching at 11 a. n. and 8 p. m.;
Kpworth . league at 7. .-...-.j
'* First, 80. Bth and G sts;. Thomas ,
W. ■ Lane, :t pastor. -- Class s meeting;
• :30 a. m.; school at 12 m.; Epworth '
League =at "r 6:43 • p. v m.: L services, .
morning 110:30,. evening ■ 8 s p.i m. ' r~- ■
»» «-■ "*-i T-—. ;0-;. t .'X i;ffi:i; „
Swedish. 3 and 11th sts.. Rev. A,
Q. Beck, • pastor. Morning I service,
10:45 a. m.; S. S., ' Vii m.; Epworth ,
League,, 7 p. m.; evening -service, ,
7:45 -p. m.; prayer meeting. Wed. ;
evening at 7:4S p. m. ■■&&!?&&&
&■ Central. So. list 1 arid' I sts., E. '
Erickaon. pas tor. ;S. : S., 9:4 5 a. in.:
preaching, 11 !a.; m.; class meeting, :
noon; - league. S. p. m.; R. L., 7:00
p. m. it prayer ' service, Thttrs., I p. •
m.;; evening service,; 8 p.ini.-jS^if.'Av: •
St. Paul*. So. 43d and L sts..
Waldo 18. Marsh, <m. pastor, aVa 8..
»:45 a. m.; l Epworth League, (:S0 p.
m.; prayer meeting, Thurs.. 8 p. m.;
preaching,; 11 - a.: m. and 7:10 :p. ; m.,
::r-«aSHM mi nm&A»g**!lP*S3X
■ '■; Epworth, cor. So. 7th t and Ander
son, W. T. Randolph, pastor. Morn-
Ing service at lit/,a. 5 m,;-<. evening
service at 7:30 p. m.
>'i Norwegian Danish, ISO 4 p So. 3.
Ellas: GJordinar, pastor. S. S. at, 10
a. m.; preaching, 11 1 a.;' m.; » Young
People's praise meeting. T p. m, ;
sermon. S p. m. .
'■ ''^ Mason, ♦D# jV and No. Madison sts.,
Fred Baldwin, minister. 9:45 a.
m., A 8.; 11 a. m., morning worship;,
13:15 class meeting; 6:30 EpwnrHi
league; evening service, . J*ft*
prayer and praise, Thurs., 1.1& ■ ■.
■.-.:■• ••' -n;;»" ■■■.■■ ' ■
Park. Frjactilarf at 1) 8. m. and
8 <>• »JVi 0. Sy ft I " a K.fEpworth
r.oSgTS, 7:4» p. m. J. W. Walker.
Spanaway. H~B. at 10 a. m.:
S. B. 11 »■ '» J. Walker, pastor.
Bethany, 80. s»th and Thompson.
S. 8., 10 a. in.; preaahtng, 1> a. m.;
Junior League, 8 p. m.; Epwortl) ■
I<uugue, 8:30; preaching, 7:80 p. m.,
rirayer aervlce. Thurs., 7:30 p. , m. ,
lev. Jas. Id. Mllllgan, paator.•■■■.'.<
l'li'i> Methoillat church, 1811 Ho.
I si Tli«ro will be no service at
th« oliurrli, all the services (or the
ilay will be held on the I'amp
□round at Bluckwull Station, near
Fern Hill.
Christian anil Missionary. 803 80.
O. Hey. O. J. Btone, pimtor. Morn-
In, 11 a. in,; evangelistic, 7:30 p. in.;
Sunday ii.ml. 2p. m.; preaching
3 p. in.; Wrdn^Niiiiy prayer meeting
II ii. in.; Dr. li H. Glover Wednes.- ■;.
day afternoon,
Swedish Mission. T»hern»cle, cor.
80. luili and ( at* J. W. Carlson,
puator. 8. H-, 8l4»l illuming service.
II; evening service, 7:15; Voting .
People'! society, »::.1l» p. m. Hey.
N. lleiim Uallard, will preach at
both mci vices.
City Tleioue Mission. 188 80. llth
•I. .s.-i-vlrus at 7:80 every evening.
sermon, Ii p. m.
Penlet Gospel. Services every
evening at I o'clock; Sunday at 3
p. in. 10* 80. lith.
Church of Ood MlMlon. *501 Ta
coma. Sunday school, 1 p. m.j
preaching, 3 and 7:110 p. m.; prayer.
Wod. and *"ii. eve. Wm. Strong,
pastor., ____!*'•
Tin .1111:1 Seamen's Institute, *th
and St. Helens, How. V. T. Webb,
p. 1)., chaplain; Mr. 11. Kernjr
|i"iißl>. supt. Holy . communion.
7.30 a. in.; morning. 11 a'olock In ,
tit. L.uke's, Dr. Wah!> of ricULlng;
•ervlre In Institute at 8 p. in.
First. So. O and 10th.. Rev. Miir
dook M. !.. ■■ i. O. D., pastor. Morn-
Ing- services, 10:*0 a. , III.; 8. B.,'M
|3 tn. 1 ovenlng aervlee, 7:80 p. m.;
C. E. «:30. ,'
Bprague Memorial Bth and War
ner, So. Tacoma. H. 8.. 9:45 a. m.j
service, 11 a. m.; Junior C. IS.. In.;
in.; Adults lliiilo class. 7 p. m.;
service 8 p. m. Itov. Dr. Dodds,
pastor. , "- i^lQfi
Bethany, No. 41*t and Verde at.,
nev. O. T. Mather, pastor. 8. 8. «
»:45 a. m.; V. P. H. 3, X.. at «l«6:
preaching, 11 a. m. and 7:<B p. m.
\V. -.11.1111.(1.-i. Ho. Both and I. «ta,
H.-rvl.'.'M at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m.;
Y. I. H. C. rt.. 7 p. m.; Btble achool,
II :4 a. 111.; prayer meeting., Thuta.,
II p. m. J. wmli'y Mi'Callum. |>:i»tor.
Cavalry. Division la,n«, Hi.v. A.
A. .1. Hogg, pastor, B. H.. 10 a. m.;.
C. Km 6:4» >•»"•; evening servlc*
at 8 p. in.
Oakland. Bo.' JBth ana Proctor >t«. V.
8. S., 10 a. in., preaching service,'
7:30 p. m. Rev. W. Chalmers Uunn.
Manltou' Park. 8. 8., 10 a. m.;
sermon at 11 a. m. l>y. W. Cliulmera
Dunn. .- ■■■■•;. ■-. --..■--; . ,
ii'■■" ROMAN 1 ATIIOI.IC . ."•."*■
Holy Rosary. Ho. »Oth anil Tuco- 1
ma, Rev. Oswald' Bnran, O. 8. 8.. ■
rector. Low mass,. 7:10; children's; «<
mans, 8:46; high nines, 10:30; vea
pera and benediction, 7:50.- - "■ ;-V.
„ ■ i , - ■- ► ■%*■ '"^
•Church of Visitation. V 80. sSth
near Warner. nev. Charles Cannon.
First mass. 8; high mass. 10:30;
baptism. I;; vespers, 7:30; dally .
maJM. 6a. in. - . .^.> , ■-- >■. -■"*
St. John the Baptist. Indian r«s- - :
ervatton, Rev. Chas. Da .Decker.
St. Leo's, Ho.' Yaklma * and < 13th,
Rev. G. ,C. . aoethem, • rector. ,
St. Patrick's, No. 13th and J, Ilev.
Joseph Mciiratii, rector...; ■■■> ;•.-■ ,':■ t". >
. St. Stanislaus, So. 40th and 'X,
Rev. ' Michael Fafara, - pastor.». .-^mj
First, 6th ay and Grant. Service*
11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. ■
Third, So. • 4th st, Roy. David '
R. MacDonaid, D. D., pastor. Berv- >
Ices, 11 a. m.; S. S. and - rector's
Bible class, 9:4( a. m.; Wednesday r.
meeting, 7:46 p. m.; Friday, i p. in.
.' VMIMCBI/liANISOUH •':'■* '■ ": ■■
'"•'' State Spiritualists Association ' ot
Washington • holds 9 meetings ' dally
at their state grounds at Hdgewood,
Wash., on the Puget ; Sound -.* Elec
Ry. Special services at 10 a. m..'
1:30 and JO p. m. Public oordlalljr
Invited, ' .-•, -■-.■, •-.-;■-- :•. > -■;;• -->;-,■
* Friends' East i Side church, ■ 4»th
and McKinley ay.. Mary I* Stanton,
pastor. Bible school at 9:46; serv-
Ices at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. . m.; ■. Y.
P.C..,6;10.>..:,^..-,:y ;^;;;;; ,,. : .y,
••i Church of the Brethren, So. BOth,.
and O (M., J. U.'Stlversson, pastor.,.'
S. ! 8., 10 a. m.; preaching, .11 ■a. M 4
and 8 p. > m.; ,' Christian ot worker* I
meeting, " 7 i p. * tn.; - prayer • meeting
Wednesday, 8 p. m. , „...;.-v. tVSfswrS:.
• Park ' Unlveraallst, ! Rev. - W. -■' D.
a. m.; S. S., . »:45 a. m.; -- services, >
7:45 p. m.-..f^y;<.-.j; ? -- ~:'.~^ '',*s.?* f^
Inter B. S. A»sn. 945 C st Dis
course at i p. m.; Bible study ;; at
4:30 and 6:30 p. m. — ''•■';''—''■,'-SJaSB
I Prog. Psychic Boo.; 1117 ft Tao.'ar.t
Meeting at 2:30 and 8:0» p. m. Rev.
V. A. < Jackson. : -,-• Vs£
Salvation Army, 1201 [ Pacific ay, f\
Services: Preaching, 8 p. m.; , Young %
People's " meeting, ... i-; p. ; m.; ,- salva-;
tlon meeting, 8 p. m.
Volunteers of America, 13th ! and
Pacific. Meeting* i every j evening - at: ■
8 p. m. Sunday at t p. m. and 8 p.
■Friends. No. Bth and State, Caleb
J. ■ Jenkins, t paator. am Bible " school, rf
10 a. m.; meeting for worship, 11 : a.'t;
m.; C. B. at-, SO;; preaching 4 and \
' praise at 7:30. *tsta&J'*w*&** s ¥!£ lZm
- ' Ethical - Society, i Tacoma < and; So.'
3d. ■:= Services at 11 fa.- m., lecturer. < :
Dr. Win. Bav«ry.'i*^«Wf»«»«K»V: £fl
.*•< Occult. V Sunday w> evening at »ta
o'clock !In Maccabees ! nail, . 1109 % t C. j,
»■ Seventh » Day Adventlst. corner {of
18th ■■ and 80. K. Meeting Sunday ■ at p:
7:46 p. im. < Paator, F. .D. *, Waga»r. •*>>
** Volunteers iof a* America, ». Ooap«l ;;
hall, : 1020 So. X St. Family gather- g
ing, 3 p. : m.: song and praise t sorv- i'
Ice, 8-p. - in., • preaching *byt O. ■*%.%
Fuller. - Street tdemonstrations.-•-■:: „
I"™Tm!rsßTAirsrooK^" -
Chinese speclaltatsf
who carry a fulls S
afl ti'jM line i of ;•' herbs > lm-| |
■IS '.:-«• ported t direct «> from! '(%;
■ Sm}"^' China. Si No £ poisons m
Kal used, no operations I s
fKt necessary; all,bust- g
Hey ness strictly con!!-1
■ denttal. Do not! »
HJ^Stall to nonsuit thetaf m
. JW*^Jssß»»»lttbout J your 5 disease *
aC ■todor. delays ware ?;
•«BB«B»i*ssßßls«Sj ans< , r i.,, Consul-1 ><
tatlon free. Pac!Oo *v. I £
upstairs over Lyric thoatw. I

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