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Thursday, Sept. 19, 1912.
Mother's Pension in Real Life-Before and After Mrs. Squea's Pension
This is Mrs. Anna Squea ana »>er Drooa of seven, left fatherless
and destitute when Sque& was killed by Black Handers. This photo
graph was taken In the midst of despair. Just as the children
were about to be taken from her and sent to various orphan asylums,
something glorious happened. The mother's pension law saved the
day. Mrs. Squea gets (49 a month and is raising her seven to honest
manhood and womanhood. That is in Chicago. Of course it couldn't
happen so in Taeoma, for Washington has not mother's pension law,
like Illinois. HERE the children would be parceled out to charity
(at much greater expense) and the heart-broken mother would be
left alone to shift for herself.
. A. W. Williamson, accused of
having counterfeit coins in his
possession, is today acquitted by a
federal court jury which was
nearly 24 hours in reaching a
verdict. . -. ■
Go down to the fish house at
the 15th st. dock and get a great
big salmon for 25c. ***
Olympia Boat
The New Steamer
Leaves Municipal Dock Dally at
• a. m and 3 p. m.
The 1:00 p. m. Trip Connect!
for Shalton. ,
returning Leave* Olympia
11:15 p. m. and 0:08 p. m.
(or Taeoma and Seattle 7:10 a,
, aw. Phone Main 08.
Double S. & H. Green. Stamps
. .on These Days r
Hind's Honey and ■ v JQ 1 «
. Almond Cream „..... .'.*: OIL
Swan Down ,■%" ... 1 fir
Powder ..;";;',....;.: IUU
Colgate Tooth a Of)a
Paste ...::.....;.'..;. ZUC
Euthymol Tooth ';; • ■", •• Cl
Paste ;....... ;^..;.^ IOC
Monnen's Talcum. '■■■'■' " nr,
2 for ...:....... :.. 23C
Squlbb's L .- 'lE**
Talcum .;. f;;?.;v. ..IOC
Syrup Flgs^SS^?.- 91*
genuine .. .'r.';1 rr.^".TVio IC
Antlphlogis- n _
tine ;T..'............ OOC
Bromo " - "1C»
Quinine .:....;..... Kfi I«C
Alcock's Plasters, ... Ar A
2 for ....'...:... .r.. fOC
15c Best !?Ti9 ■"":'w-';j'::fl«
Peroxide .'.'...;..'....'"; .". «lC
25c Best ■."" ; V >'V ".>-; <|C_
Peroxide ........... IOC
25c bottle % Uv>r;.;-'-*.^i ci;
Castor Oil ;';IOC
. 25c '. bottle I'.- \\ ■ i *>■''«' ~ii AC I
Glycerine •....;...."^V'IUG
; 10c box ■/:,-:! '^:?'iA- A-\:'r^K't%
Sulphur r.'iV^i 'i.^tii\ ;: JU
fl Obi box i Epsom' J r i ■ - C_
saitß^-r.-.:r.T.-r.-'.-. r;.^uC
We are ■ agents for the i Ohio
Truss. Let <us * fit r you. - Don't
pay; If ' not • satisfied. fi-\* -K j •* ;>S
• Let ;.nsTfIII your prescrip
tions ; and j you * wII]. be : assured
of just- what the doctor .orders.
Free ' and I prompt j delivery.
Two J Prescription I Drug 5 Store*
Ont Rate*
640 C St. Cor. lath and C SU.
Chinese Girl Is Seme Dentist
So All Her Patients Declare
Along with the late develop
ments in China, one may expect
almost anything of the slant-eyed
folk, biu roost people will be sur
prised to learn that in San Fran
cisco there is a Chinese girl who
practices dentistry—and very suc
cessfully, too, since her chair Is
always filled and her time is en
gaged for weeks ahead.
Dr. Leong is a graduate of the
College of Physicians and Sur
geons and the only Chinese wom
an practicing dentistry. She has
her romance, too. When young
she was taken In charge by a
woman mission worker In San
Fraclsco's Chinatown. Her bene
factress gye Miss Leong a home
and afterward advanced her
money to get a scientific educa
tion. Now the ■benefactress is
getting old Jnd her Chines« pro
tege supplies the home and funds.
Dr. Leong says that the Chi
nese have good teeth and take ex
cellent care of them, scrubbing
them several times daily with a
sort of miniature scrubbing
brush. They have a "tongue
scraper," too, which they use
upon awakening in the morning
to freshen the taste.
Chinese have larger teeth than
Caucasslans, Dr. Leong has found,
without a Jar, shock or disturb
ance, is the awful speed of our
earth through space. We wonder
at Buch ease of nature's move
ments, and so do those who take
Dr. King's New Life Pills. No
griping, no distress, just thorough
work that brings good health and
fine feelings. 25c. Ryner Mal
strom Drug Co., 938 Paclglc aye.
AT $19-50 ™
A beautiful new line of Novelty and Man BBRKPlii^Sill
Tailored Serge Suits worth $26.00 to « 'Mi 1
$30.00. Most of these Suits just arrived iJflB §&**«
by express from New York, so there Is 3*-B 2 :«B ~H
nothing newer or more desirable in the ■■ ♦ ->j*-*«**
city at their regular prices. At tomorrow's ' Vxm'l&k I
price you are getting the biggest snap of —*TjM I
the season. Whenever we pick up some- - EtMf*§g?fli ■' I
thing extra special we are quick to give the uJ\' I
public the benefit. These suits are blue L_ * Jjjf —i
and black serges, mixed tweeds, cheviots, m%% Nfl~^
diagonals, etc., in all the pretty new color- v %r« 1-jjs^-^
ings. In all sizes. Skinner satin lined and '; •''iliSl Wb
guaranteed quality, style and •1Q Ct\ , Wm J-fl■*'-"'
fit. Price tomorrow $ I tIiUU f'M \ *!§
By Way of Introduction: V 91 C flfl '^ ' 'ill vk^
-8«le of New Conta^,. .. . . ... . . $ I OiUU. I |\iL SI
Just BO of the 'prettiest : new models in ' - WWf iff
Coats will be on sale here tomorrow at a'-'-;'^W llSsSi
f; price to save you money in the very begin- ' t'^. v !h
ning of the season. They're Auto, Street • C%3r \v\
and "Johnny" coats—new in style and ■■ '. JS^^ W -
materials. $17.50 to $22.50 *ir rift : . "'^fly.;
values for V.'.'.".»i 1....'. ..".■.vf I wiUU -..'-; 'f^r-^WT.^'«•■•'?
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Fine All Wool Cliecked and Plaid : I- V ; - „;f.-'• IJOC'i1 JOC'i
Cloth Street Hats, $!.«» andtT..:. if.".. ;1.;..-.V.''i L3O
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colors, 91.80 to r.VT. /^T. i,. .•;■..:?;.■".V:iVfl i?.^.-';''-1 ItJiUO
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3 Plush Hats, $4.98 to :n;V; t vrr;;: rr;.t t?.'. r.'?? 4 10 • Ull
J5 Beaver Hat«,; trimmed or untrimmed, in all the «'/' C 1 Ml
g» newest shapes and colors, f5.95 t0...;'. ;T*.. .\.. ,t^ I DiUU
f Specials "__ - v > ,*.","'■ " '' "
gSweater*, 'p t ., '^Vt^^^s«S!~^sSi^ I'^i" *^ *'' •" S J^4^
$5.95. 9Z9 c ST n^« Comets and
Sweaters, W.toU.
in trying to get artificial ones for
her patients. She speaks English
Judge Alfred^B^Beers of
Bridgeport, Conn., was elected
commander-ln-chlef of the Grand
Army of the Republic at the re
cent encampment of the Civil war
veterans, held in Los Angeles.
Although his wife Hallie, has
been found guilty of stealing $2,
--600 from a sailor, Sam Brown,
charged with being an accessory,
was dismissed today in Judge
Chapman's court because of in
sufficient evidence.
EMPRESS -Vaudeville every afternoon and
evening this week, "A Night On a Roof
Garden", headlining.
PANTAOES-Boyle Wolfolk's "Chicklets,"
headlining vaudeville bill every afternoon and
PRINCESS--"The Great Divide," every even
ing this week, bargain matinee Sunday. Stock.
• •
"Pinafore" was delightful. It
was full of delicious little sur
prises, most of them through the
efforts of the inimitable Mr. Hop
per, and the big crowded aud
ience, drying its tears of Joy and
holding its fat sides, went away
In a mood at once happy and
grieved, for the Gilbert and Sul
livan Opera company had closed
Its engagement.
No one can tell the story of
"Casey at the Bat" "as DeWolf
Hopper, and the audience knew
it. And that is the reason the
actor found himself fairly engulf
ed in wave upon wave of ap
plause that swept over and about
him when he came forward at the
end of the first act to answer a
curtain call. The audience want
ed "Casey at the Bat" and It .got
Fatal "Venus" May Win
Freedom Through Lover
VENICE, Italy, Sept. 19. —
| Countess Tarnowskl, the beautl
, ful and wicked "Venus of
Venice," may soon be freed from
prison by a royal pardon. She
has served only two years of her
eight-year sentence for the mur
der of her lover, Count Paul
A wealthy Russian duke, who
first saw her during the trial, be
came Infatuated with her rare
beauty and he has since HveJ near
the prison, praying and working
for her pardon.
The duke has been spurred on
by knowledge of the brutal treat
ment of the countess. In her
Isolated cell there Is only a small
table, a stool and a wooden
couch, or sleeping shelf.
Italian prison rules say that
convicts must arise promptly at
6 o'clock In the morning; if they
remain on the couch a minute
Canr«ret users never have Head
ache, Constipation, Biliousness
or Sick Stomach.
It Is more necessary that you
keep your Bowels, Liver and
Stomach clean, pure and fresh
than It is to keep the sewers and
drainage of a large city free from
Are you keeping clean Inside
with Cascarets—or merely forc
ing a passageway every few days
with salts, cathartic pills or cas
tor oil? This Is Important.
Cascarets immediately cleanse
and regulate the stomach, re
move the sour, undigested and
fermenting food and foul gases;
take the excess bile from the liver
and carry out of the system the
constipated '"-waste matter and
polgln In the Intestines and bow
No odds how badly and upset
you feel, a Cascaret tonight will
straighten you out by morning.
They work while you sleep. A
10-cent box from your (h-uggict
will keep your head clear, stom
ach sweet and your liver and
bowels regular for months. Don't
forget the children—their little
insidea need a good, gentle cleans
ing, too.
Mr. Hopper Is the embodiment
of humor itself. Word and ac
tion and expression are all con
tributive of that quality which
demands of an audience a burst
ing rapturous glee.
But even Mr. Hopper cannot be
the entire show in a company of
the quality which has been at the
Tscoraa theater the last two
nights. And it U with regret,
l)nt at the same time, well wishes,
that the people of Tacoma see
DeWolf Hopper and his co-stars
leave for other expectant cities.
A cast of capable actors, a good
story and plenty of Bcenlc effects,
go to make up a good play. Such
is promised by Messrs. Woods
and Chalker, when they present
their new comedy-drama "The
Girl From U. 8. A." at the Taco
iiiu Saturday night.
longer they are severly pun
ished. So, no matter how tired
■he is of standing in that lone
some cell, or how her back aches
from sitting on the wooden stool,
whether Bick or well, the count
ess cannot lie on the wooden bed
during the daytime.
Several times was the beauti
ful* countess caught resting on
nf^couch during the day. Each
time the hands that have charm
ed nobility of Rvssla and Italy
with music and which have been
caressingly kissed so often by
distinguished lovers, were tied to
the- cell bars, while a whip was
brought down again and again
upon the graceful form of the
writhing woman.
Edgar Hicklin guiltily admit
ted in Judge W. O. Chapman's
court today that he did "unlaw
fully strike, beat, bruise, and
wound said Abraham Morton,' the
plaintif," as charged, and was as
sessed a fine of $10 and the costs
of the prosecution.
Hicklin and Morton became In
volved In an altercation over a
dish of ice cream
Charging that Mrs. Sarah Da
vis, owner of the Shell theater,
had discriminated agalnHt him be
ciiuse of color and later assaulted
him, Louis Hyutt, a negro, swore
out a warrant for her arrest to
day. Hyatt allegeß that when he
took a seat Mrs. Davis said col
ored people were not allowed in
that part of the house, and that
iMi'B. Davis took hold of him and
put him out of the theater.
To wed Mlsg Vivincenzina Le
Quidece, his school days' sweet
heart whom he left In Palmero,
Sicily, 16 years ago, the niece of
the mayor of Galano, and one of
the most wealthy heiresses of the
Island, Dan Pagano, 314 11th st,
is today on his way to New York
whence h« will sail for Italy.
Commissioner Woods' monthly
report shows $229,220 worth of
Improvement work completed
thus far this summer. There
were the first of August $1,203,
--457 worth of ,publlc contracts un
der way.
ALL IMs I lit ss is GONE!
"Really does" put bad stomachs
in order —"really does" overcome
indigestion, dyspepsia, gas, heart
burn and sourness In five mm
lutes —that—just that — makes
Pape's Diapepsin the largest sell
ing stomach regulator in the
world. If what you eat ferments
into stubborn lumps, you belch
gas and eructate sour, undigested
food and acid; head Is dizzy and
aches; breath foul; tongue coat
ed; your insldes filled with bile
and indigestible waste, remem
ber the moment Diapepsin comes
in contact with the stomach all
such distress vanishes. It's truly
astonishing—almost marvelous,
and the joy is its harmlessness.
A large fifty-cent case of
Pape's Diapepsin will give you a
hundred dollars' worth of satis
faction or your druggist hands
you your money back.
It's worth its weight in gold to
men and women who can't get
their stomachs regulated. It be
longs In your horne —should al
ways be kept handy In case of
a sick, sour, upset stomach dur
ing the day or at niglit. It's the
quickest, surest and most harm
less stomach doctor In the world.
with this bank! With its
aid he handles bis payments in
the modern way with check!
It places at his disposal ev
ery banking facility to prompt
ly and safely conduct his busi
ness, and to form a connection
with what is known aa a strong
bank 4s helpful.
Thiß bank invites your ac
or Ticoau
(By United Prow I .■»-« <1 Win.-. i
Sept. l< . —"You can go now an
far as I am concerned."-' In this
matter of fact manner, Magistrate
Edmonds dismissed Walter Dans,
alias Walsh, and bis wife in the
police court this morning on the
charge of coniipliclt In the famous
robbery of the Bank of Montreal
In this city last September, when
over 1271,000 was stolen. The
two suspects were arrested again
and taken to Toronto to answer to
the charge of having In their pos
session money stolen from the
Dank of Montreal.
Is Main 12. Call that number any
lime up to 9 p. in. and your wants
will be met.
Stomach Trouble Cured
I tvlU purr any cane of stomach iroulilr. It make* no dlffrrraip*
what rntixrd It or nliiil rnndltlnn you are la I will cur* you If y«n fol»
low my directions. ■ „ . -, , ■■
Dr. Macy
Osteopathies Spe
cialists and Blood*
less Surgeons,
with experienced
medical and sur
gical i specialist*
assisting. We
make a specialty
of eye, ear, atom
ach, akin, blood,
kidneys and blad
der, .ii' Appenril-
Cltlll, UliriMiinlhm,
Goitre, ' Catarrh,
Dropsical, Tnlii-r
--cular anil Aenemlo
*on I lon >■ til
to-urtnary dis
eases, prostatlo
ailments, and all
chronic and nerv
ous disorders.
Our charges for
Bloodless Surgery
Osteupnthy and
treatment are the
lowest consistent
for the services
This is the only
place In the city
where you can
get Osteopathy
and Chiropractic
treatment com
bined With expert
medical treatment
. An'tUnmniiiA
'OF IV ills iTO MX.V—Hear In mind lam the oldest »Ktabll a he«
and only i.iruV specialist In In. „.,,,1 and not n doctor that allows him- ■
melt to be exploited l>> others for a verjr small salary. Investigate this) i
statement* .- * ... , . r -*-,*. ** 4t'*^
The office In which I work Is owned by myself and not by a nyi
resident. company, and no so-called ."Specialist from the Bait" <?)■!•'<
exploited upon my patients. ■■• , :'-,.;
TWO WEEK« I'll I:i ■. TREATMENT— Free Clinic «■ Npcl Inn.
«'"«« Omj-ollnc iini'hiiir. This machine has an already established rep- I
utation for curing tuberculosli, nervousness, insomnia,- hysteria, hay
fever, catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, eczema, aenemla. If you
have a headache come Into my office any day and be cured of It In SO
minutes' treatment on thin machine. .»...■. i.,.. ■
STOMACH Tlioillll.io CUIUCD I had been for yrars, and I am very
Mrs. Ktta Gardner of tills city well satisfied'with the treatment, X
makes the following statement:' - am now able to attend to all my
Having been treated for tome work as well an anybody could <do
time by my family physician for It. Bcllevo me, I shall always stand
Intercostal neuralgia, stomach ready to commend your treatments
trouble and general nervousness, to the sick, . . - ...
Buffering untold misery and espc- Slnoerely, ' « i
daily at night, a friend advised me . ■ ■■ jr. I). BOCHARD.'
to call upon Dr. Macy. I want cv- ______ ■ ■ .»■:*.-;.*jt!
cry one to know that ho helped me „_._„„, :Yi'*.iVw
from the start and made me feel _ „ VEIIY WRATHFUL -
like a new woman In three weeks' "*• ?*. C. Many: I note the testl.
time with his wonderful treatment, monlals of good results from, your
■ Yours for drugless healing, wock appearing In the dally paper*.
MRS. ETTA GARDNER, . Permit me to add one more to the
1918 So. 30th St.. Tacoma, Wash, number. I am very grateful for th*
Oct. 20 1911. - - • help received from your treatment.
______ For several years I suffered , from
"VOlin TniHATHFiVF „„,,,,, MV ,, gastritis, during which time many
i i,« i T,,«.*, vI^JL HHhD , ,„ prominent physicians were consults
ach had suffered from severe "£%« w\. Win tvaaa ali na. ntVe ca Irl^y Wc o »3 t
ach and bowel trouble for some w,i In NevJj i las vcar ray ™3l
eight years which always kept me W"" became unbearable behi_- iiii
In a distressed and weakened con- able to retain any nourishment
dltlon. Your • treatment which I w , at ever Mv str" n_th i,».i-. n^ to
took in June 1908. cured me so that X a ml" raoldlv and I waf com'
I do whatsoever work I wish to do n Jli e d to r.-t_rn to Taco m I so?B
around home. The bloating which Fearned of your work The tw2
caused me so much distress has not »__"£■ uea^tment I took Tof > you
Jrn^nmS # Purclval, Sta. P., gave me i n , mnß to relief, and I
lacoma. - .-,y.y. ■„,-.■. ■.„ , • .am thankful I can now say my cur
—~—~~ ■. *" . •" ■ ' - ■■ Is permanent. ■■ «',-• ■■ - .-. :•.- ->■„' Va*
■■• Very truly yours, •s-"i>|;
i nee I .(■; I,IA SHAW.
V 8308. North 29th •»"«
Dr. Mary, Dear Sir: After leav-
Ing Portland, where I had been un
der treatment of four different doc
tors and osteopaths, and was grow
ing worse from day to day, I came
to Tacoma In July of thin year,
hoping to find relief. While stop
ping at the Imperial hotel It was
suggested by some one that I come
to see you. I had been an Invalid
for two years and was not able to
walk. It took me three-fourths of
an hour to get to your office, a dis
tance of five blocks. The two
months' treatment I took from, you
brought me out so I am better than
110 l us—9 n. in. to Bp. m. Sin.. in, m from 10 to IX i oNsn.TA-
I <<i\ i■■hi-:I-:. mill.. I'uciric nv., next door to National Bank •( t.om«
Did You Ever
Taste Germea?
There's something delightfully tempting
about this breakfast food—everybody likes
Its-full of nutriment —made of the best part
of the choicest wheat —with a rich flavor of
its own.
Buy a package today. Be sure that you get
the Red Package.
Sperry Flour Company
Tacoina, Wash.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Mouey Back,
A pleasure at all time*—Shur-
On kli\s«<>s.
Our prices $3, $.%, $8 and up.
We grind lenses.
17 Years in Tacoma.
Ith Floor Fidelity Bldg.
Dr. M. C. Mary, city, Dear Bir: I
had been bothered with stomach
and bowel trouble for two year*
previous to taking a course of your
treatments In July, 1907. I have
been entirely free from this trouble
since coming to you. I heartily
recommend your treatment.
Yours respectfully,
3815 South Vaklma air.

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