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; IJDAOVH or ifKWSPAJMCItg. | Telegraphic lltewa
1 Mnln »f th» United Praia A>»orlall.» by direct
L««sc< Win.*;.',".;'-'-, tii^i ;...,•■/.-..»_« ,w..,..».;ijy
! ■■««** t. at »tke I »0«1.im,-», ' Tiraam, Wash., iaa
: >crud-rl>u i Mailer. Pafcllaae£ by the | Tunu
Times , Pub. < Co. . Krerr j Bvealaa ' Kmrrpl i ■■aaar.
Is Washington going to sell its political honors at public auction?
Governor Hay admits he spent $13,100 just to get the nomination for governor.
The United States senate, which is not credited with having any too fine a sense of political right-
eousness, threw Lorimer out of his seat for just that sort of thing and on the heels of it the millionaire
governor of Washington who got the office in the first place by the death of the man chosen by the peo
ple, now tries to hold it by pouring out his coin like water over the state.
It is an outrage on political decency.
It is a slap in the face of the rising public sentiment which is trying to get back to the fundamen
tal principles of safety by which the people will pick the men they desire for office rather than that
they shall buy themselves into political favor with cold cash or through political intrigue and conspiracy.
The World Maker
I am Discontent.
I ana the Foe of Things as They Are.
The Fighter for Things as They Ought to Be.
It was my unrest with Chaos that brought about
the ordered Universe.
And my presence in the brain of the Anthropoid
Ape was the beginning of Human Progress.
Through the ages I have burned in the hearts of
men, driving them ever forward to better things.
I have been the Inspiration of poets, the Urge
of warriors, the Impulse of statesmen and the Ardor
of martyrs.
Greed and Tyranny and Sloth and Privilege
have ever reviled me, for they held me in fear, know
ing me for their inevitable doom.
Kingdoms and Empires have risen and fallen be
cause of me, deserts have blossomed for me, Creeds
and religions have come and gone for my sake.
I am the spirit of Invention, of Achievement, of
I am the flame in which the Dross of things is
consumed that the Pure Metal may remain. ■
I make the Thinkers think and the Dreamers
I am Doubt, I am Change, I am Progress.
I am Discontent.
808 HODGE is getting so strong in his race
for governor and Hay's contest is getting so weak
that there is no longer any question as to who will
get elected. You can't keep a good man down.
THE World's series begins next week, and all
of us will forget about presidential races and the
higher cost of living.
J. P. MORGAN says he is too busy to testify.
But J. P. is only an ordinary man after all, and the
senate kindly told J. P. to show up. J. P. will.
DR. NENA CROAXE is the first woman to run
for the legislature from this county, and she has a
plank in her platform declaring for the pensioning
of poor mothers. The first woman candidate for the
legislature is making a mighty good start.
'*>■■£'.•■■'■■ "■ '„.: Fruits ,-"^*-
, Strawberries, box 20c.
:, Blackberries, ■ sc. v... »,—-% ". •■.■■-■;-,.':•" -'..■;
Huckleberries. 10c lb., S lbs. 25c.
; Cantaloupes, 5 010 c - ■•• ••-.„*- „-'-
Crabapplea. box, [email protected]
Peaches, box, 50c. ■ ■ ..
"Pears, box. f1.0001.5t.
..Oranges,. 30 »40c.- .
Lemons, 20c.
CocoanuU, 10c.
'-, Roast Beef, prime rib, Ib. ItfllOo.
C Pot Roast, 12 4 0 15c ,-.-■' ■■. ? > v „
S Boiling Beef, I© 10c.." ■''
Sirloin, 20c -
Porterhouse, [email protected]
T-Bone, 22®25c • '.
■ Round . Steak, .: lS&'V£sS^3ffi»giSJ^§s
Lea- of Lamb, spring;, 20c - -
Lamb Chops, shoulder, > 15e: '- loin
-.•'" and < rib, 1 20c. --• -*, «■■ ■- ;:' ■ . • ,:
Shoulder of Lamb, 12>/4c '■' .
Lamb Stew, lb., 7c -; "
, Roast Pork. 10-22-25 c. V- r .
Pork Chops, shoulder, 20 O2lc ■. '
i Veal ; Roast. 11025 c. -'•>;>>* . «-'•:-" *}
I Veal Cutlets, 300150.*- % '. .
Ham, sliced, 25030 c. " ■- ■
t Salt Pork, isc ■"-, i^-«*'s.-. ;-"\= ;.,'"-.
Pork vßau*a«re., 15c, : bulk,, lte. ',^
1 Bacon, IS®3sc. i*r^/-*.-»-.1■.-7^.> -■-',:
! Corned & Beef, boneless, lte. ""•*;'-
Trip*. 10c
! Brains. ■ ISc --' ;■ ■ ->-fj._ ■■ <i» ■-< • -
liver, 10c
(Spring Chicken*, j 25c.
Hens, ISc
I Spring ! Ducks. 25c 1 .- -
! Squabs. Sic. ?-,■■■■•- * ■;'>-. , . • 5%*??
«is«Bn>4«-^".;rut :,'. ',/. '•:£.-, ,'<■.
Halibut. 2 lbs. 26c.
Caille Perfection Gasoline Engines
"The Cheapest Good Engine on the Market"
Tacoma Cancer Institute
We guarantee to cure Cancers and Tumors, al
so Goiters, Adenoids, Moles, Warts and all un
natural growths and skin diseases.
30 Years' Experience. No Knife Used.
Until our Institute is formally opened, we will
examine and treat patients at the Tourist Hotel,
1013 Pacific ay. Tel. Main 394-315.
editorial Page otf^CU CacomaXimetf
What Do You Think of Spending $13,100 To Secure a Nomination?
Salmon, ISc. ..'--'-;■: i ;-?':
Black Cod, 2 lbs. 25c
Rock CSii, 15c. -' ..
Sound Smelts. 2 lbs. 25c.
Shrimps, 16c
Codfish, brick, 25c. ■':>' -•
Olympic Oysters, #1 qt.
Anchovies, quart, 25c. «
Kippered Salmon and Cod, If c -
Kippered Herring, 18c. ,
, Celery, bunch, 6-6-lOc.
Green Corn. 20c. ■ - ■-• J -•/■-■■ i ,
Cucumbers, doz. 20c ■: ■'"
Oreen and Wax Beans, S lbs. l»c
Tomatoes, ( 2 lbs. for 15c ■ .
Squash, lb., »o. ■- - :
Bell Peppers, lb., 18a •
Ebr Plant, lb., 100.
i Globe Onions, 6 lbs. 10c. >■ '-' "
Beets. Carrots, -■ Turnips, "' Onions.
, Radishes,' all / bunch - stuff, 3
J bunches for 5c - ; -' . ,
Cabbage. 5 & 10c. . '
Potatoes, * sack, 80c ;'-.:>
Spinach, lb., Ec ;., .? •" *-. ■
Sweet Potatoes, selected,'* lbs. 25a
• Butter. 13c, I for 66c. * •
Fancy Bricks, Ifc -*JS>'*r
Washington, 28c. '. . ;-.■,<,.'-
Oregon, Sic, * lbs. $1.00. - • ■
Tllamook. 20c. CssMsa ;
Tilamook. 10c.
' Wisconsin,- 20c i^iS '/*'■',
New -York ' »0c ; '->• -',■■ — '
; Imported Swiss, <Aoe.^Wm -
Roquefort, «oc. ■ ■
. Fresh Ranch, fancy, 18c.
; Regular. ; Eastern. 10c ■ . .:.. "
Nobody—By Meek
---■.' - •■. ■ --. • ■ ••. .■ . -,- ' • ..••._,:■.■■- ■-•.■- :•.■_..■■.■■• ,:ia'.\H.i--i •
.■-•••• w ' ' NO PROOF -> ■:' ■ ■,-.■',.-„: J» ?
-. ■ Suspicious Neighbor—, your mother have a rooster for din
• ncr yesterday, sonic? i"*> ,- „-•-' • .•' ■
Somite —Yes'm. T . ,1".-. : .
Suspicious Neighbor— big one with black tail feathers?
—Dunno, Mother didn't cook the feathers. —Sydney Bul
letin. • , -.
:si;4 '■■"■ ■-.-' WINK CHILD ; '/]' ~ '
I '. ''You may give three important illustrations of the power of
the press," says the teacher to the class; . - ,
The pupil who has not hitherto distinguished himself Is first
to reply: ' --: '■;.; ' h :-.. ... -..■■_:.-,.. -':■ -j -
"Cider, courtship and politics."—Judge.
■ :': ' FINANCIAL ■' . •.-, ;■.'"■'/■
" - "I don't know whether it is a good thing to encourage women to
go into politics or not," said the man with a furrowed ,brow. <
"Surely you do not doubt their capability?" '
"Not in the least. But think of the appalling 'sums that will
change hands if they get to betting hats on elections." /;"**"%-: ;
Now we are back to the months with the "r" In 'em;
Now are the bivalves again to the fore;
Restaurant cooks on the menus are starrin' 'em;
Oysters are back to their glory once more,
Raw on the halfshell or stewed most deliriously.
Skewered with bacon or temptingly fried,
Ah, how we welcome them! How cxpediciously
Pood such as this is invited inside!
Doubtless there's plenty of germs to avoid In 'em.
Microbes of everything under the sun.
Cholera, ptomaine and double typhoid in 'em;
Still, now the season again has begun,
We will take chances on what we may meet in 'eta,"
Spite of the warnings of doctor and sage.
Oysters are bully, and folks who have eaten' 'em
Frequently live to a noble old age!
The Good Ship Ark, Ahoy!" came the hail from the 117 th story
of the United Horseshoe Nail Corporation building.
Capt. Noah craned his neck through a porthole and looked across
the vast expanse of waters.
"You forgot to take me on board," said Mr. Gottoo Much, presi
dent of the corporation, who was clinging to a pole.
"Dash Bing it!" exclaimed the world's most famous mariner.
"Put about quick!" We're gone an/1 forgot the octopus!"
So Noah was to blame, after all.
"But you don't really think that this picture to a genuine l«m
"Well, I'd hate to believe the dealer IKid to me. He aeemw a
very serious person, and his white whiskers were the salntliqat 1
have ever seen."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"I don't think I'll lecture any more in Boston. \^
"asn't your last lecture a success, professor?"
"Well, I had hard work to convince the audience that I knew a«
much about the subject as they did."—Pittsburg Post.
■T;; One way of X enteralolng ./*
crowd ;of young folks Is to make
circles with a compass on a num
ber of sheets of paper which are
distributed among those-taking
part ]in the contest. Now see ,
who can ; draw the funniest: face
inside of f his i circle, using only
three '; line* < and not I crossing : any
of 4 ' them. You will observe j that
the accompanying ! face wan made
loS ttt» way. This §is I merely a
munple::& Perhaps ft you i# can do
better. Try It.
If Lorimer was unfit for United States senator because he spent $100,000 to get the seat, then M.
£. Hay is not fit for governor of Washington when he spends $13,100 just to get the nomination.
And there are mighty few intelligent men in the state of Washington outside of the corporation
owners who want special favors who would put Lorimer back in the senate.
If this state can get down to the low plane of political indecency necessary in this situation to
elect Hay governor then it might as well simply announce to the world that the dollar is king and that
hereafter all public office in this state will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder.
To the man with millions $13,100 is nothing. It means nothing to him any more than a tin toy. He
is willing to pay $13,100 or $100,000 to get a little political prestige.
But what is the effect of sanctioning this sort of thing on the state and the people?
"You can't imagine how roman
tic it Is where we live! At night
when everyone la asleep, some
times I hear the nightingale sing
ing in the woods. Then I take my
horn and accompany him for
hours." —Fliegende Blatter.
Jack —I see that a German has
invented an aeroplane that re
mains stationary.
Malck—l have a motorboat
that does the same thing.—Cln
climai i Enquirer.
"Come up and Jine do army of
do Lord, slater!"
"Ah done jine."
"Whar yo 1 jine?"
"Ah jine de Baptist."
"Lawdle, sister, dat a(n' de
army! Dats de navy!"— Judge.
She —He's my best friend.
He —How lon have you known
8he —Since yesterday.—London
Helen —I positively dread the
thought of my thirtieth birthday.
Lillian —Why worry over the
past, dearie?— Judge.
si <;<.i sTi:i> BY HIS PEN.
"Say, you can't loin this club
of authors unless you've written
something, and you've done noth
ing but raise pigs."
"Well, isn't that making my liv
ing by my pen?"
Everybody in Pierce co»nty reads this column. Short
letters from lime* reader*, of I general Interest Hud without
personal malice, will be printed. Write about anything or any
body you wish, hut do not have malic* as your motive. Many
letters are not printed because they are too long. Keep 'em short.
Editor Times: As the city
commissioners have author
ized the payment of $2,600
to Pat Gibbons as payment
for trespass and damages
committed on Sec. 16, Town.
21 R. 7 X.. and aa I was
hired by the city to cruise
this land, my report may In
terest your readers: This is
part of the Green river pipe
line and consists in cutting
and partly clearing about
four acres of second growth
and burnt over land. Value
of Umber, $102; damage by
increased fire risk, $50. Also
three prospect holes, filled,
cost to re-open not to exceed
28.—William R. Bennett, who re
signed a few dayg ago as judge of
the eleventh judicial circuit of
West Virginia after Qov. Glass
cock had been aske> to convene
the legislature to consider
charge* of maladministration of
office, drunkenness, immorality
and incotnpetency, declares he
will vindicate himself at the poffls.
Benn«tt Is the regular republi
can nominee in the eleventh cir
cuit Despite the charge* Hennetr
ta making his campaign and thinks
the people will re-elect him.
Here are some of the. things hj
which Bennett, as Judge, accord
ing to the charges, violated bin
right to the office:
Accepted annually $2,600 from
a liquor company, total!lug $18.
Accepted from a lumber com
pany the loan of a aawmill and
labor for building a residence.
Accepted from a mining com-
The Times Daily Short Story
i m i ; I'liomi; \ i..
By Sdinii is. Stone.
The little, morning-glory-mount
ed phonograph crackled and rasp
ed and sputtered, then blared
Jerkily into "Way Down Upon the
Suwanee River." Old man Stev
ens knocked the embers from hia
pipe and sighed heavily. Aunt
Letltia, his buxom wife, echoed
the sigh.
"That there air was always
Bud's favorite musical piece," she
murmured. "And now I guess
he's ont on the wide, blue sea
wishin' he could sit here at home
and hear the phonograph play it.'
A pretty, black-hairod girl al
lowed a soft light of fond remem
brance to creep Into her dark
eyes. "Bud was the nicest fel
low in Huckleberry Hollow," she
declared. "I'll bet he's a grand
man by this time, running around
over the world, seeing queens and
world's fairs and battleships and
Indians. I'd sure like to see Bud."
"There's where my heart am
turnin' ever—" crackled the little
phonograph. Everyone lapsed in
to silence, dreaming of the belov
ed absentee. The pretty, black
eyed Beattle stepped out upon
the porch to drink in the warm
fragrance of the moonlit, balmy
night. When she re-entered with
a hysterical, little shriek, the
company started up.
"What's the matter?" they
cried In frantic chorus.
"A man! A mam!" screamed
$200. Total damage to this
property, $352.
4601 North Verd« St
Editor Times: I have read the
Times over since I have been
hera three years) and I would
like to know why we have to pay
for the water. mains and then
pay the city $9 to tax our own
pipe and then pay for the water.
I own six lots which cost me 915
a lot; that amounts to $30 for 25
feet of pipe. And then I pay the
city interest on my money. Why
can't they make the water pay
for itself the same as they do the
lights. Yours truly,
A R fl
R. F. P. No. 3, Box 3G2, Tacoma.
pany the loan of mules for work
on bis farm.
_ Accepted transportation" from
several railroads.
Accepted a deed to a tract of
land In Florida for - favors in
court proceeding*, -i i
-Accepted gifts of furniture,
clothing, diamonds and whisky
from saloon men and mining com
panies. - . *' . * • ■
88 Five separate charges of im
morality were made-. > ..
It was charged j that' th« tele
phones were removed -.■ from | his
house and office because of Inde
cent language used by Bennett In
addressing girl operators and
others. . ".■.■■. ; -■_■: ; •;--,-■,;-«,;.
| " Beer and whisky bottles 'orna
ment" Dennett's office, ; th© peti
tion recite*, and on the wall are
found the | following Inscriptions,
side by side: v. •■-' ■ : . • , V
"Honesty, sobriety,' Justice and
truthfulness—this .la my v re
, ligion." ■ '•;.;:;>■■'. •.,;'..: ;■:.■.: ■ ■'"... •
."You are a liar." . " , .
; without a jar, shock or disturb
• ance, Is the awful • speed ■of onr
earth through space. We wonder
I at , such ' ease ;of i nature's more
' merits, and. so do those who take
' Dr. King's New Life;" Pills. No
- griping, no distress, Just thorough
i work that brines good health and
fine feelings. 26c. Hyner i Mai-
Strom Drug Co.. 938 Paclgle aye. )■
■ Rent your vacant House through
; « Times Want *; Aa. Only ,* lc •.-»
word. •>- rbon*: Mala ;1 J:.'vt"i.'V *• •
(! '«t Vb*3fin nr%t Service.' j
>yi||?|^JW^||lj Masonic Temple
nrV/HLTnO Bn»«»e»« Office Main IS.
f HI fill r Circulation Dept. Main 12.
**>'*»*"' Editorial Dept. Mala 794.
i. OFFICE—776-778 COMMEIUK ST. ;
pretty»Mlss Bettie.
The girl pointed shudderingly
Into the darkness. "Out there,
sulking behind the trees—hiding
like a robber."
The old man Jerked up his
doubte-barrelled shotgun. The
male guests sprang outside and
seized heavy limestone missiles.
Out among the moonlit cedars the
figure of a man flitted between
the trees.
"Bang!" roared the old man's
gun. Clltter-clatter! rattled a
terrific volley of llmestoue.
"Don't shoot —look out —It's"
—came In hoarse tones from the
America's Prettiest Working Girls
(EDITOR'S NOTE.—Any one of our readers, walking the
streets In the morning or noon or evening hours need not be
informed that this city has more pretty working women and
working girls than any city in the land. However, there are
plenty of them in every other city and for the sake of compari
son, not to say contract, the Times has collected the photo
graphs of many of the PRETTIST WORKING WOMEN IN
AMERICA. We have secured the pictures from responsible and
discriminating editors In a large number of cities—one young
lady pre-eminemtly beautiful in each city—and we ask our
readero to judge as to the comparative prettlness of these
splendid examples of typical American womanhood.)
NO. 1. "
Miss Maybelle Holllday Is a glove clerk la a Columbus (O.) de
partment store. Bhe was voted the prettiest girl In the capital city
when she was selected queen for the great centennial celebration.
She presided majestically as queen during the centennial, but now
has returned to the glove counter.
if, Do not postpone th« opening of a savings account simply be
*•■■• of the •matinees Of roar first deposit All things, /on
know, must have their beginning. The big things at today were
little things of yesterday—Remember, we receive deposits as low 1
as a : dollar. \f; - ;•;••^.;,\.-.* .^T^-'^ -j' r .< ''*■•'■ 'r'-V ;■■■ *>.i-V.:';v^i"^'v
CAPITAL tuoo.ivro.oo
Saturday, Sept. 28,1912.
flitting figure.
"Bang!" went Farmer Stevens'
other barrel. Clatter-patter! rat
tled the second limestone volley.
The figure in the cedar clump
bounded away with the apeed of a
frenzied gazelle. Old man Stev
ens reloaded and hurried after.
The calm, moonlit night was
rended with the yells and cries of
blood-lusting men. Clatter-rip
thud! went the limestone missels
after the fugitive. Pretty' Bettie
hurried after. Somebody went
after Constable Jeff Skaggs. Th 9
man in front ran madly, desper
ately. The 13 Stevens hounda
joined In the chase. It was too
much for the skulker in the night
and by a foot's margin he obtain
ed the refuge of a tall oak ahead
of a panting hound.
"We've got him!" shouted the
excited pursuers. "Come down,
you prowlin' highwayman!"
Up In the leafy recesses the
fugitive emitted something be
tween a growl and a chuckle. "Got
whom, you precious crazies! Can't
you let a follow surprise you?"
"It's Bud," cried Mrs. Stevens,
"come out of the deep, blue sea!"
"Bud!" yelped Tommy and
Sammy. "Bet he's killed a mil
lion Sioux chiefs!"
"It's Bud!" sighed pretty Bettle.
"And I tore my new Chambray
jumping rail fences!"
"Come down, Bud!" quavered
old man Stevens. "I've wasted
some good shells, but I'm plum
dab glad to see you, boy!"
Ten minutes later, as they
brought out the fatted calf, the
morning-glory - mouthed phono
graph crackled:
"There's where de old folka

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