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Kiiri'llrii.-nt of OHO nlght-Nt-hoot
■tudeuts, with probability of a
total of 1,200 before the end of
the month, has exceeded all ex
pectations of those at the head of
the movement.
Out of 280 pupils who appear
ed at the High school, most en
tered as commercial students,
althpught many favored the do
mestic science and mechanical
branches. Three pupils asked
for Instruction in foreign lan
guages, German and French.
In the seven grade schools
Where classes are to be held, the
enrollment reached 34 3, many of
them foreign-born.
"This is one of the most sat
isfactory elements In the work,"
■ays Supervisor F. It. Mitchell,
"this teaching of those who have
come to America to make this
their home."
Large classes of women enroll
ed for cooking and sewing and It
will be necessary to find more in
structors to handle this work.
Time. Height.
3:44 a. m 1.7 [••!
1Z:47 p. m 10.7 feet
Save your hair! Danderine destroys dandruff and
stops falling hair at once -Grows hair, we prove it
If you care for heavy hair, that
glistens with beauty and is radiant
with life; has an incomparable
■oftness and Is fluffy and lustrous
you must use Danderine, because
nothing else accomplishes so much
for the hair.
Just one application of Knowl
ton's Danderine will double the
beauty of your hair, besides H
immediately dissolves every par
ticle of dandruff; you cannot have
nice, heavy, healthy hair if you
have dandruff. This destructive
scurf roba the hair of its lußtre,
lt« strength and Its very life, and
if not overcome it produces a
feverishness and itching of the
■calp; the hair roots famuli, loos-
There Is Only
One Best Beer
iV>V N order for Pabst- "BLUE RIBBON" Beer carries with
AN order for Pabst "BLUE RIBBON" Beer carries with
it the distinction of quality and good taste. Served with
|*j£o;jj&your lunch or dinner, BLUE RIBBON lends zest and
refreshment most . satisfying. Every bottle is pore and'
holesome —worthy of your table—the best beer brewed.
Bottled only at the brewery In crystal clear bottles,
W&SM> showing at a glance that It Is clean and pure.
1 tr'*' order will convince you. .jflTt
. ■ . Phona Main 6022 »'■••.■ .
SJ&T*™^ • 1111 Pacific An. T«»m., Wuh. -^ffgg^^
Tacoma Cancer Institute
We guarantee to cure Cancers and Tumors, al
so Goiters, Adenoids, Moles, Warts and all un
natural growths and skin diseases.
30 Years' Experience. No Knife Used.
Until our Institute is formally opened, we will
examine and treat patients at the Tourist Hotel,
1013 Pacific ay. Tel. Main 394-315.
Every person in the state of
Washington is appointed a com
mittee of one to serve on Tuber
culosis day, Oct. 27, and to make
that date one to be remembered
In the fight against tuberculosis.
From present Indications, the day
will be generally observed
throughout teh state, not only by
the clergy, but by the lodges, la
bor unions and other organiza
tions, who are planning to devote
some time to a discussion of the
facts concerning the spread, pre
vention and cure of the disease.
A special effort Is being made
to reach the schools, and tbe
leading educators of the state are
taking an active interest in this
phase of the work.
Commissioner Lawson was this
morning glve>n authority to deal
with power consumers for their
old motors. The city is changing
the current from two to three
phase and this will require install
ing new motors.
en and die; then the hair falls
out fast.
If your hair has been neglected
and is thin, faded, dry, scraggy or
too oily, don't hesitate, but get a
2\> cent bottle of Knowlton's Dan
derine at any drug store or toih t
counter; apply a little as directed
and ten minutes after you will say
this was the best investment you
ever made.
We sincerely believe, regard'ess
of everything else advertised that
if you desire soft, lustrous, Deau
tiful hair and lots of it —no dand
ruff—no Itching scalp and no
more falling hair —you must use
Knowlton'F Danderine. If even
tually—why not now? A 25 cent
bottle will truly amaze you.
Training Bad For Girls, Says May
It Cost Her Tennis Championship
IX)S ANGELES, Cal., Oct. 3. —
"Girls should never train for ath
letic events."
Declaring that she follows this
rule herself and that the only
time she violated it she lost the
international tennis champion
ship, May Sutton. champion ten
nis player, ridiculed reports
printed In the east that she has
lost forty-seven pounds by syste-
Times Political News of
Tacoma and Pierce Co.
Twenty-two of the 39 state
conimitteemen of the republican
party met here yesterday and re
ported conditions in the state.
Chairman Rupp appointed Albert
Johnson secretary of the state
committee and was authorized to
name an executive committee of
nine which will be done as soon
as he ca nco#;ult the bosses.
It was reported that Senator
LaFollette of Wisconsin will prob
ably be brought here for four
speeches in the principal cities.
All the state candidates were
on hand and each patted the other
on the back and told him he was
a sure winner.
At the democratic dianer yes
terday the Wilson men arranged
for a big banquet to open the
campaign in this county October
it. The democrats believe by
feeding up the voters they can
get them enthusiastic quicker
than any other way.
Dr. E. J. Brown, the big social
ist of Seattle, will speak In Ta
coma at Maccabee hall next* Wed
nesday night, October 9. Dr.
Brown is said to be the weal
thies socialist in the state.
The county canvassing board
completed the canvassing of the
vote on state officers yesterday
and last night certified the prim
ary results in this county to
Olympia. The state board Is hard
at work now trying to find out
who is to run at the election.
From present indications It Is go-
Ing to bustle them to get the re
sults determined la time to put
the winners on the official ballot.
Revised figures on the demo
cratic congressional campaign in
this district indicate that Charles
Drury of this city is only 11 votes
behind Munday of Vancouver for
the nomination and the official
I count may put Drury In the race
Ezra Meeker of Puyallup took a
straw vote of 1,000 mem on Union
street, Seattle, one day this week
and the count was: Debs 116,
Roosevelt 489. Taft 137, Wilson
The progressives will hold a
meeting tonight at the Center
street ball, Center and L streets,
and at South Side hall, sCth and
L. Sorley, Cook, Langlow, Rood
and other oandtdates will speak.
Tomorrow night Judge White of
Seattle will speak at the old Ma
son church and Warburton and
Bryan will speak at the Univer
sity of Puget Sound. Meetings
will be held at Eatoovllle, Flf*
school house and Carbonado also
Friday night.
They had it on 'lay and Frank
Bptnnlng.: yesterday at ruyullup.
The • old . pioneer * parade | formed
and 'it ■ was' arranged '■', that S* Ezra
Meeker 4 should lead with . his 'ox
team V and '■>'<, haul % the j. r governor.
Frank j Spinning escorted ; Hay ,1 to
th« Viragon ( and , the i governor' got
In.l^ After they: got to going, the
matic starvation.
"The Btory that I starved my
self to reduce my weight Is both
false and ridiculous," said Kiss
Sutton. "I never went Into train
ing save once, and that once I lost
the international championship
in England. Girls should never
train for athletic events. By de
priving themselves of food and
other necessaries they only In
jure their health."
governor suddenly discovered that
Meeker'had rigged up bis ox with
bull moose tiers.
Washington synod of the Pres
byterian church at Seattle voted
to move headquarters to Tacoma
and made an assessment of 8
cents a member to raise $70,000
endowment for Whitworth col
No Excuse
For Pimples
Skin Cleared in a Short Time by
Stuart's ( n v !iim Wafers, the
Khfiioun Blood Purifier.
Pimples, blotches, skin eruptions
of all kinds, are simply the Im
purities in the blood coining to
the surface. All the external treat
ment in the world won't do a par
ticle of good unless you purify the
blood. And there's nothing so
humiliating as a face that's all
"broken out" and spotted.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers will
clear the most obstinate comples-i
lon, because they go right into the
blood and remove the cauee of the
trouble. The blood Is cleansed ef
all Impurities and foreign sub
stances and theso are quickly eilra
inated from tho system. You'll
notice a wonderful change In a
few days—you will hardly kaow
yourself In a week.
And Stuart's Calcium Wafers
are absolutely harmless to way
one. Their Ingredients are Ju»t
what a physician prescribes, tai
most cases of skin eruptions aixl
poor blood. These wafers are put
up In concentrated form, which
makes them act quickly and thor
Begin taking Stuart's Calcium
Wafers today and then look at
yourself in the mirror in a few
days, and find all those awful
pimples, blackheads, acne, bolls,
liver spots, rash, eczema and that
muddy complexion rapidly disap
pearing and your face cleared like
, the petal of a flower.
You can easily test Stuart's
Calcium Wafers (or yourself. You
can get the regular-sised package
for 50c In any drug store.
Determined effort is being
made to put the port district
scheme back on Its feet ln Ta
coma and get another vote soon.
The improvement clubs have
been enlisted to pull the thing
through and Mayor Seymour has
now been brought Into the cam
paign. After a conference yes
terday afternoon the mayor call
ed a meeting for the city hall to
night and today efforts are being
made to gether up all the friends
of the port district to get them
ou to try to launch another move
We Believe In a Living Wage For All Men!
The Millinery Section Is "And Spread the
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Gauntlet ' Gloves for j g M '■ "•' ' '-"-'£>^-'- and absolute cleanllnesa._
women, pique sewn, a Ji«ftr--**lll^^P^^^^^^^^''*'!''*««(»«Miß^^*^^^^^^^ —That's Our Lunch ,
quaHty!'for Pr.\.sl.oO M PACIFIC AVENUE AND COMMERCE ATjls2S7^m Koom. : ;;:^;v .:>.;.
On recommendation of District
Attorney B. W. Coin«r, John J.
Sullivan of Beeler & Sullivan of
Seattle, has been appointed by
Attorney General Wlckersham as
assistant district attorney to take
the place of Louis B. Shela, who
recently resigned.
The city council will go up to
White river to see P. tf. Hebb's
power plant site Friday. Hebb
wanti~a franchise to sell power in
Tacoma. It Is not likely the fran
chise will be granted unless care
ful provision Is made for taking
the plant over by the city ln case
it needs It, as an auxiliary to the
Nlsqually plant.
Commissioner Woods says there
will be no garbage Incinerators
put ln the 1913 budget. Woods
says the city has enough ground
left for dumping to last at least
another year.
That is not the main reason,
however, why Tacoma will not
build an incinerator.
Ihe city probably never will
build one. Seymour and Mills all
have something else ln mmd —
they want a reduction plant.
Vaguely they have in mind the
municipal farm with a reduction
plant on It as one feature, the
garbage to be reduced to soap
grease, fertilizer and other prod
ucts by municipal criminals who
will be placed on the farm.
Another shipment of the famous
Milwaukee sausage. Only place in
Tacoma who handle the genuine.
Duenwald's, 313 11th, near C.
Thursday, Oct. 3,1912. 1
Jgi Eat !at Argonaut .- Grin. Best)
service in the cltjr.^:U -,-m ?_ -
vyf. y ' •..-■•,-.? ''Advertisement";' ■
M Fountains A Else where
Ask for
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