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[IAXA IHIjI/I'ICKIiKS will be in
(he Times next week, beginning
Monday. She's going to throw
herself into the campaign as an
advance agentess. Watch for
VOL. IX. NO. 253.
Jakey Furth, stand up.
Come here this instant!
"This hurts us, Jacob, more than it clues you."
There now, you naughty little rascal. You
must stay after school and write "peanut grafter"
seventeen million times.
The members of the state public servicccom
mission will now come forward. Boys, it is your
duty to keep Jakey in order. You knew he was
grafting, and you let him do it. We've got the goods
on you, boys. If it happens again we will take you
over our knee and punish } Tou severely.
Jacob, stop that sniveling!
Thursday we called attention to the piddlin'
parlor car graft by means of which the Puget
Sound Electric Railway gouges two bits out of
patrons who are too tired to stand.
An indignant Times reader was a victim re
cently. He kicked to the public, service commis
sion. The letter received in repl} T contains cheerful
news for a long suffering public. Here it is:
"We beg to acknowledge receipt of your favor
of the 21st inst., in which you state that on that date
in traveling from Seattle to Kent you found all the
seats taken, hence occupied a seat in the junior car.
You state that when the conductor took up your
ticket he informed you that you would have to pay
for parlor car privileges.
"You do not state whether you paid the parlor
car fare. If you did, we would be glad to secure a
refund for you, as we have done in similar cases on
this line. VVe take it from the tenor of your letter
t!iat what you desire is really an expression of the
opinion from this commission with reference to this
"We are glad to inform you that we have in
structed this and other companies that when all
available seats are taken, then seats must be pro
vided in parlor and Pullman cars without extra
charge, if such seats are available.
"We are sending a copy of this letter to Mr.
Bean, manager of the Puget Sound Electric Railway
company, and assume that there will be no farther
difficulty in connection with this matter. If there
is, please advise; and if there is any other or fur
ther information that you desire, please advise.
Yours very truly, "The Public Service Commission
of Washington, by Geo. A. Lee."
This is .a very nice and polite letter. But it
doesn't get anywhere. The Times reader says ho
didn't pay the graft. He and two women stood the
whole way from Seattle to Kent.
He pleaded to the conductor that he was too
sick to stand.
"That don't make no difference," said the con
ductor. "Pay or get out."
Lee in his letter admits having secured refunds
for other pestiferous patrons who dared to kick at
having their pockets politely picked. But he "as
sumes," having sent a copy of his letter to Bean,
that, thfi nraot.\op. will pnrl
We offer the lowest rates
obtainable In Tacoma for
money on real estate mort
gages. No delay in closing.
Low expenses.
Calvin Philips & Co.
211 California Bids. Main 22
The Tacoma Time
A public municipal dance hall
for Tacoma.
"I'll run the chances of a re
call for advocating it," said May
or Seymour this morning;.
Commissioner Mills was telling
what he saw and found on his
trip east.
"There is Cleveland, heralded
as the best governed city in the
country," said Milli. "And if I
should tell you what they are do
ing there and we should advo
cate it there would be a recall
started in 15 minutes."
"What is it?" chirped the com
"They are running municipal
dance halls, charging about >
Various Features and Events of the Past Week As Pictured By the Tacoma Times Artist
It hasn't ended. The Furth crowd laughs at
the commission. And it isn't the two-bits the pub
lic cares about; it's being strong-armed.
But the commission has at least ruled definitely
on the question. ]f all the seats are taken, help
yourself to a chair in the parlor car. The commis
sion says that this is your right.
When the conductor demands the extra 'quar
ter, refuse to pay it. The law is with you. The con
ductor may threaten violence, arrest, forcible re
moval. If you are any kind of a man you will
stand pat and sit tight.
We respectfully suggest that the commission
require the interurban company to post a sign in
each of the limited cars informing the traveling
public that, if there are no seats left, they may help
themselves to chairs in the parlor cars without
extra charge.
This, it seems to us, is a better way than writ
ing a personal letter to every man and woman who
may ever have occasion to use the Interurban.
Fearing he would commit crime because of the condition of his
mind, I'aul Duroy, a young Omfw student, tins given himself up to
the authorities and is today in the county jail awaiting examination
by an insanity board.
I think it is only a temporary
affection," said Duroy this morn-
Ing. "Three days ago my mind
seemed to become clouded. 1
couldn't think on any one subject
clearly, but many ideas crowded
my brain like a hundred moving
pictures thrown on a screen a<
the same time. I was afraid 1
might do some wrong and went
to the police station."
Duroy has puzzled those whc
have seen and talked with him.
He seems perfectly sane, yet he
claims his mind is yet flooded
with myriad thought pictures.
He explained that he did not
have sufficient funds to consult
a brain specialist when he wae
first attacked, and looked to the
authorities for aid.
Monday a board of physicians
will take the young student from
his cell and give him a thorough
Duroy says he reads incessant
ly. Scientific books, history and
romance are his special delight.
His speech, while a mixture ol
his mother tongue with English,
Is pure, and he has a wealth ol
expression an 4an enviable vocab
ulary. He Is well rersod in al
most every subject of interest an<]
Is a veritable storehouse of lat<
cents a dance," said Mills.
"That's all right! too. I'm In
favor of It and I'll face a recall
on that," said the mayor. "You
have got to have dance nails and
If we cannot regulate them, then
I Bay the municipality ought to
own them."
"Well, we have a bad proposi
tion right here In this city now
on that question but I want to
tell yon that it is a lot worse in
Cleveland," said Mills.
Mills declared he had studied
the social evil question in all the
cities and that there was Dot one
that wag in better shape right
now than Tacoma,
His habits are exemplary. He
neither drinks nor is addicted to
tobacco, his only aversion being
continuous study.
IAD 111 IS
Grasping Tightly the revolver
with which he had ended his life
last night the body of an unknown
man, well dressed and of abont
:}H years, was found lying in a
path in South Tacoma park this
morning, a bullet hole through
the head.
Charles Joles, a real estate
dealer, 5214 South Union avenue,
discovered the gruesome object as
he was leaving his home for his
"We heard a shot about 12:20
o'clock thiß morning," said Mr.
Joles, "but paid no attention to
it, thinking at the time It wag
an automobile tire."
It is thought the suicide's ac
tion was premeditated as he had
removed all papers from his pock
ets and the only means by which
he can possibly be identified are
through the initials found in his
hat and the tailor's mark in his
coat. The latter bears the trade
mark of Shaner & Wolff of Se
attle. His hatband bears the let
ters, "F. A. F. McK."
A ring and watch found on the
body were taken in charge by
Coroner Shaver, who ordered the
body removed to the South Ta
coma Funeral parlors
The dead man was of sandy
complexion with a sandy mus
tache. He was about 5 feet. 8
inches,ln height and weighed In
the neighborhood of 140 pounds.
W. R. Rust wm a witnese in
the coal conspiracy case In fed
oral court this morning. He had
been connected with the North
western Commercial company, of
which Captain Jarvis was a mem
ber, but he shed little light on
the issues la the out*.
From left to ii«ht. (ho men in the picture are John C. I/awrence (at the wheel), standing Just beside him is C. 11. Kegley of the
State grange, next. sitting beside Lawrence, Hob Ilixl^e. Govnor Teats comes next, then l'olndextcr, Kilting in the rear wat, and bo* i
«ii«le him is \V. S. Cory. ; . , '
Oh, IM the big chunks of harmony floating in and about this in
teresting photograph! Right whilo the Btandpat papers are frothing
at the mouth with yarn and pipe dreams about the turrible strife in
the progressive ranks, along comes this picture to give the He to the
stand-Irtish "rumors."'
This shows how the big progressives p;ist of the mountains
treated the bi& progressives from west of the mountiiins. Here yon
Senator Poindexter and John C. Lawrence, 'mte rivals of Hob Hodge,
uu IN 1913?
IMitor Times: I would
like to register my kick
against the city dads, should
they attempt to levy any un
reasonable rate on the prop
erty owners of Tacoma. I
am a believer In the highest
degree of economy In public
expenditure. And if the com
niissioners must dance to
jtck of a few city em
ployes, who are not satis
. fied with decent wages, 1 say
tie them like any other em
ployer would, and put in
willing and competent tax
Low taxes means the up
building of a great city.
High taxes means ruination
$ml property depreciation.
My objection is the echo of
thousands of others who pay
the taxes of the city and
county. I emphatically say
no to high tax levies.
South Pine St.
Editor Times: Why not
investigate and learn what
these city employes were
earning before they went to
work for the city? Why did
they take the positions in the
first place if their services
were worth so much more
than their salaries would be?
While you are about it find
out bow many could be dis
pensed with and not be
Why are some men given
a life job and pensioned per
haps, while others as descry
ing get out and hustle to pay
them, and live on from 10
to 50 per cent less than tihose
they are paying? I believe
In a living wage, but I don't
believe in robbing one to
give to another.
It will be time to boost
salaries when all are treat
ed as elected officers, given
one or two terms and quit.
Pass the honors and jobs
along as long as there are
others competent to flll the
Editor Times: Will you
kindly give this communica
tion a little space under the
' heading "The 1913 Budget"
In answer to an article Oct.
2 signed "A Common Tax
payer," saying the city em
ployes work only 8 hours?
The city fireman who is
asking for an increase In sal
ary, la on duty 24 hours a
day, seven days in the week
and for the benefit of the
public at large who do not
understand that they are on
duty all the time. It Is only
fair to the city tlremen that
attention be called to this
1618 East Wright Aye.
Editor Time*: I w«nt to
•ay I am against the propos
ed raise In the salaries in the
fire and police departments
and in the city hall.
Your* truly,
■% URE, write to Out I inn-., when
tiling* «'-on't suit you or when
they do. J'ndsr mid boost, or
■% kick un<i protest, iu-t as you
|)'<\ise. «Your letters will be
printed, and everybody is read
m . ing them.
entertaining Hodge and his running mate, Oovnor Teats. C. B.
Kegley, master of the state grnge, and \V. S. Cory, progressive can
didate for stiite treasurer, are also shown in th eplcture.
Senator Foindexter has announced that he will help Bob Hodga
In every possible way during the campaign, and the two will likely
make a tour of the state during the next tew weeks. Kegley and
all of the other men who were back ing Lawrence, and I^awrence
himself, have also agreed to take off their coats to boost for Hodge.
(Uy I'nited Press Leased Wire.)
Safe crackers made a haul of be
tween $2,000 and $2,500 In
money when they blew open the
big safe In the offices of the Met
ropolitan Life Insurance company
early today.
Entrance was effected through
a transom and the cracksmen
were undisturbed at their work.
(Ity In I fed Press leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 5. —
Four Americans were killed, six
wounded and 100 Nlcaraguan fed
erals were killed yesterday in bat
tle with the Nioaraguan rebels
near Coyotepa, Nicaragua, accord
ing to telegrams received today
by the state department from M.
Chamorro, the Nicaraguan foreign
(Ilj United Press Teased Wire.) : ""\ ,/.-;',
' CIIICO, Oil., Oct. B.—Mind for some time, due to an nil-'
riient of his ■■>!••., (>corK<* ltaiivy of J'lmervllle ■ apiarist, is
today rejoicing over the recovery of Ills sight caused by a bee
sting. -■ - '. ;\ ■ ' '-•. ';•■'-• : ' ■ ,:■■)■.?■■■- _; .• '■;.•"':"' lJ:--; i; i *
. ,-. Iliiiley was changing a sivnrin of liccs from one. hive to
another when several of the insects fitting him on the face and
eyelids. *, To his amazement ■ lie suddenly: discovered" that he
could see again. :.:■:." ' ",\ : ?'-; ■ ■;;>,:.%^"i,-S*S,
The Wants of Tacoma Go Through
The Times Want Ad Page
If the people who night After night tell of their wants through
the Mule WANT ADS in The Times Want Ad page should form a par
ide it would reach many blocks.
A parade of a week's users of Times Want Ads would make ft
good-sized army.
Your want in The Times reaches hundreds who see no other dally
(Uy United Presii lieascd Wire.}
NEW YORK, Oct. 5. —With tße
finish of today's games the Na
tional and American leagues will
close their season.
Gardner of Boston is laid up
with an Injured finger, fractured
recently, and Doyle of the Giants,
who was spiked Thursday, Is also
on the layoff list, but man's In
juries are serious.
The Giants will meet the High
landers here Monday In an exhi
bition game.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Oct. 3.—
Although no witnesses were
scheduled to testify, the senate
campaign contributions commit
i/.- which is Investigating cam
paign contributions to the demo
cratic, republican and progressive
campaigns, met here today to ar
range for next week's hearings.

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