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If There's
Somebody in
the House,
Leave It to
Osgar to
Meet the
Words by Bcbaefer
Music by Gondo.
(By UnlUMl I»rens Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, Oct. 7. —Arrange-
ments for the great world's base
fcall championship series which
opens here tomorrow, were com
pleted today, and the sale of seats
for the upper grand stand and
boxes commenced this morning.
A line of Si.UOO persons was on
.hand at the Polo grounds at day
light. Tho Giants will play a
practice game this afternoon with
the Highlanders. The national
baseball commission members are
here. Tomorrow the general ad
mission sale will begin.
I The management of the Giants
la confident that all counterfeit
ing and scalping of tickets will
be eliminated.
§ The Boston Americans will ar
rive here tonight. Jo Wood will
■be their pitcher for the opening
: game. It has not yet been decid
ed who will pitch the initial game
lor the GlanU.
7 American League £
, ; ' Standing of the Club*.
•*'.■■ 'Woo. Lo»t Pet
Boston ....... 105 47 .691
Washington ... 91 61 .699
Philadelphia... 90 62 .592
• Chicago .. 78 76 .507
Cleveland ..... 76 * 78 .490
Detroit ........ 69 84 .451
St. Louis ....... 53 101 .344
■'. New York ..... 60 102 .329
* ■i < ". - ; :. R H E
Washington ......... 6 11 3
New York 8 9 2
Hughes, Cushion. Griffith, and
Schaefer and Williams; Henry,
Keating, Fisher and Williams,
, Bterrltt, Thompson.
V-: ,r ■- ••;■; " a H a
Chicago ............. 761
Detroit ............. 0 8 1
■'■•'■ White and Easterly; Dauss and
lp- : ~V- ■:■'-/.:; RH E
Cleveland ........... 16 4
St. Louis ......;.... 13 17 2
• :■-" Games, Steen, Dremmcr and
Adams; ' Baumgartner and Alex
ander. ;
Boston 3 10 1
Philadelphia 0 6 0
,j National Leagne j
Standing of turn Clubs.
-';»■. Won. Lost Pet
New York ..... ID3 -48 .682
PltUbiM-K ..... 93T--B9 .612
Chicago ; ...... 92 59 .609
? Cincinnati .... 75 i 78 .490
Philadelphia ... 73 79 .480
• St. Louis . .:..• 63 ' 90 .412
i ßrooklyn ..... 68 95 .379
I.Boßto n^r.;-.r.- 52 101 .340
■-'■:; |KgK:R II
St. Louis ............ 2 7 0
Chicago .....;.^; 1 3 8 3
.'.■*; Harmon, . Bailee .. Amd Wingo;
1 Lavender, j Lei Mold and Archer.
jIBWS/ ;-f"' r:--'--:: ■-•-; -It H B
Philadelphia .. 7 10 3
I Boston ar;. r.*;v.-r. vr. 11 •13%' 2
;': '-"-y Brown, 1 Meyer, Finneran ■' and
llf organ; Walsh, , ■ McTlguo ' < and
Rarldan. ;-i lt-?-:- '■■'■'■",'. -■-''■■, —
■ . • ' * ■;' vv R H E
New York ...V...'/.'.. 1 12 • 0
Brooklyn ; ..; .^iT^; .1 0 ;.; 4jl 0
|'.'*l, Tezrean, . Crandall,- and I Meyer,
I Hartley; * Ragon ' and ' Miller, Er
|^rln.;:v-r^vv-yi;;^ i „;v; .-:■;;,. : --
te«fe>.'v,,-;;.: :? : {£■•:- r, . • - R H ■•: ■
Plttsburg i .V.V....;.."- 5J 10 0
Cincinnati :vr.%. .1 •• 18 «; 1!
3K O'Toole, Cooper and *s Simon;
Fromtne, Suggs and ' Severold. M
j I Pacific Coast Leagne {
~ Standing of th* Team*.
iki'fV:^ \■ ft Won. UK ■: Pat
Oakland ..108 Ri* 74 .592
&m Angela* ...104 77 .677
Vernon .........100 w" 79 .560
Portland 76 ©88 .46*
San Franclaco . 80 104 .480
Sacramento ... 64 110 .B*4
"Our Team Work Is Perfect. We Have the Best
Aggregation of Baseball Players Ever Gotten
Together," Asserts Leader of Boston
„. Jake Stabl, the Collage-bred Manager of the Boston Red Sox;
From a special photoghaph showing bow he looks today. ,
Especially Written tor the Times by the Manager of the Boston
Red Sox.
Tou ask me to write my Ideas about the world's series games
between the Red Sox and the Giants. I will in •■in by giving you
the reason why we won the American league pennant. The reason
First—Because every man on the Boston team was after it
from the stait.
Second—Because our team work Is perfect. No man is for
himself; every man is for the team, first, last and all the time.
Third—Because we have the best team in the American league,
and I think the best aggregation of baseball players ever gotten to
The fan may tblnk that having the best men, the rest Is easy,
but every baseball manager understands how far good fellowship
in a club will help toward making pennant winners.
I am fully in sympathy with every one of the boys and they
have always treated me like one of themselves. All through the
season our conferences have been heart-to-heart talks. Every one
of the men has not only given me the best service he could, but the
best service that he could give to any manager In the business.
Don't forget one thing. No one man on the Boston team won
the American league pennant. It was won by the Boston baseball
teaui. Of course, Joe Woods holds the record for pitching In the
American league, but if his support had not been as good as his
pitching he would not have established the splendid record he has.
Some people may say our outfield Is without a flaw and that we
shall depend upon Speaker, Hooper and Lewis to beat the Oiants.
Others may point to our batting averages when they discuss the
probability of winning the world's aeries, but I depend upon the
Red Sox's ability to PLAY BALL from the time the umpire calls
"Play" until the series ends.
Every man on the team has played his position not only with
credit, but with honor, and unieas something happens which we are
not expecting, every one of the 22 will be fit and ready for the game
of his life when we enter the world's series.
We shall go for the world's champion pennant with the same
determination and signal purpose with which we raptured the
American league pennant and If past perform mires count for any
thing, I am sure we will have two pennants Instead of one flying
over our club house next spring—at least, the Gianta will have to
go harder even than they have been going this year If they hope to
pull down the big streamer.
Cattle Perfection Gasoline Engines ;
v"The Cheapest Good Engine on the Market" * •
5 WM. A. MULLINS ELECTRIC CO., 1014 A st. j
Do not postpone th* opening of a taring* account simply M- ' '" "
I nun of the • mwlla«M ;of roar | first deposit ■; All thing*, rom
know, muit bay« their beginning. Th» big thing* of today war* ",
mtl* thing* of yesterdayßemember, we roc«l»» deposit* a* low -1 :
M a dollar.
40/o BANKERS TRUST 00. BANK io/o i
g^g^jpsaase^sstta CAPrrAXfsoo.ooo.oo <
lrli!j lAvVMA 1 IJUJCiB.
The showing of the Tacoma High school squad in the game
with Aberdeen Saturday was very disappointing to say the least.
That Tacoma was licked by a team which was expected to be due
for an unmerciful beating, takes the heart right out of the local
followers of the game. Aberdeen was outweighed ten pounds to
the man and was conceded little chance with the husky veterans
of the blue and gold. Tacoma men were exacted to put up a
great exhibition with the bitter taste of the Aberdeen games of two
years ago still in their nioutlu As it was Aberdeen played tiie
better game and ought to have won, even If their scores were
nearly all made on flukes, while Tacoma's were the result of
straight football.
The locals appeared off color
in many respects. In ths flret
place they were over-coafUetit.
It was not until the last Sufcrter
that they seemed to realize they
were being beaten. Coach Per
kins himself still-looked for vic
tory In the last quarter, but when
Aberdeen made the final touch
down on a fumble he turned to
the Aberdeen coach and said.
"Well, you've got ue now."
The added weight this year
seems to have taken out the dash
and fighting spirit which former
ly marked the play of the blue
and gold teams. The team did
not seem to play together; the
interference was not good and the
forwards, who were looked upon
as the strongest of the eleven,
were broken through time and
again to nail the Tacoma backs
before they could get started.
Horejs was a disappointment, not
playing to his usual standard.
"Dub" Coblentz played his usual
good game, but could not do much
in the kicking department. Two
new men in this year's line-up,
Espeland and Brazell, proved to
be among the best.
How They Scored.
First quarter: Aberdeen 14,
Tacoma 6; second quarter, Aber
deen 0, Tacoma 6; third, Aber
deen 0, Tacoma 0; fourth, Aber
deen 7, Tacoma 7; total, Aberdeen
21, Tacoma 19.
But most disastrous of all was
the fumbling of the backs. The
failure to cling to the pigskin
was directly responsible for the
With the outlook as bright fta
It was this year and the remem
brance of a similar defeat f<rom
Aberdeen two years ago still fresh
in the players' minds there was
absolutely no excuse for the de
feat. They should have been
prepared. It seems to take one
Democrats, Both of Them, Yessir!
Woody Wilson and Tyrus R. Cobb
In Detroit Gov. Woodrow W iUon expressed a desire to meet
the world's greatest bait play«r, and Cobb was presented. The
only Tyrus bashfully declined an Invitation to dine, but expressed
the V--;«» that the next tlm» h» ■ hook hand* with Wilson, It would
be Id the White House.
defeat yearly to make the team
play football. Tacoma showed
that she could play football in the
last, quarter, fighting like a crowd
of demons, but it was too late.
The boys hated to take defeat
from Aberdeen. Berkins will
drive his men hard now and there
should be a different looking team
lining up against Olynipia Satur
day. Rooters are looking for Ta
coma to wipe up things from now
on but would have appreciated a
clean slate.
The second game of the High
school inter-class football games
comes today at the stadium and
will be between the Sophomores
and Seniors. A good, game is ex
pected, for the class teams have
been working as hard as if they
were playing first team football
and have the plans down pretty
well. The winner of this game
will be next in line with the
Freshmen for the school cham
pionship, the under class men hav
ing defeated the Juniors in the
stadium Friday.
Whltworth started the season
right Saturday, taking a clo_se,
game from the Olyinpla Hich
school team by a score of 6 to 0.
Whitworth's touthdown was scor
ed on a plunge over the line by
Al Watkins, a member of last
year's second team of the Taco
ma High school. Whitworth fail
ed at goal.
(This is the third of the Times
stories intended to instruct the
boys of Tacoma in the fundamen
tals of football. The stories are
written by a member of the Times
staff, who has had a great deal
of experience as coach of youth
ful football teams. —ljditor.)
Tackling weakness means the
actual Io&b of hundreds of yards a
season In a team's defensive play
ing, while not knowing how to
block is equally costly to the de
Take tackling first: Th#re Is
but one way to stop the man with
the ball. HE MUST be grasped
firmly about the thighs, with the
arms, and the weight of the tack
ler's body must be behind tins
Other ways MAY be effective,
sometimes, but the man who gets
hold and hangs on between the
waist and knees downs his man—
ALWAYS. Runners able to shake
off this sort of tackling occur
about once in a football genera
Unless several teams band to
gether to purchase one, a tackling
dummy is an expensive proposi
tion, although its use will pay, In
effective tackling during the
Not having the dummy, give
the bar.kfield every bit of practice
possible, tackling piayers. Tack
ling a man in motion, time after
time, from different angles,
teaches the tackier to make the
best use of his ability.
In the actual games, opportuni
ties to tackle bob up unexpected
ly, when players are off balance
and unprepared. The trained
tackier will get his man when the
untrained will miss him.
Where 50 men tackle properly
and effectively, five know how to
block. By blocking is meant,
taking off a tackier; in other
words, acting as interference. It
is surprising how few varsity
players, otherwise good men,
know how to block.
Lots of players believe they
should not put themselves out of
a play to block a tackier; but re
member, there are 11 men on
each team, and it is a good gen
eral policy to put out of the play
tke man who may stop your man
with the ball. It is up to you to
do it without fail, even at the
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SEATTLE, Oct. 7.—Falling on
Strand far 10 hits, the Seattle
Giants won the last 'game of th©
season from the Spokane Indians
b a score of 4 to 3. This waa
the last game on the little lot
where the pop fly is a home run,
a fine new grounds being planned
for next season.
Frank Farmer and Joe Bonds
are having work trying to come
to an agreement for the fight
which was scheduled to take ,place
in Eatonville October 19. Farm
er claims he Is not lacking In the
temperature of his feet and la
only seeking a postponement of
the match until Thanksgiving
day. Farmer Incidentally men
tions that he does not believe the
winner should get all the booty.
Joe Bonds took thia to mean that
the Kapowgln man was looking
out for hia own interests exclu
Bonds expresses his williagnewj
to appear at the Grace benefit
smoker, but no one haa been
matched with him as yet.
12 years in Tacoma.
Office in Turkish Bath de
partment of Colonial Hotel.
Private entrance for ladles. TeL
Main 6970. "7th and Pac. Aye.
cost of going out of the play
Whether you, In the interfer
ence, go on or not, is nowhere
near as important as seeing that
the would-be tackles does NOT
go on.
When men who realize this
block a man, the spectator may
think he has tackled him, but ha
does not. The blocker shoots
out for those flying thighs just
the same, but his arms are close
to bis body, and it is the impact
that brings down the tackier.
When the body is thrown side-
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
MILWAUKEE, Oct. 7—Driving
a Fiat car like a veritable speed
fiend, Caleb Bragg won the Grand
Prix $10,000 road race here Sat
urday, covering the 410 miles in
five hours fifty minutes and 27
At the 47th lap, fly« laps from
the finish Bragg led with 370
miles in 322 1-2 minutes. De
' Incorporated
Sole Agents James E. Pepper & Co. and Louis
- Hunter Rye
Family Orders Solicited and Promptly
T Attended to.
102 810 So. 14th St. Telephone Main 113.
No Bar in Connection.
--•■"• - ■ - .....-■"-.-.
Do You Know the
"United Clothes"
From Maker to You, Saving
the Middleman's Profit
Suits, Overcoats and Raincoats. ~ - •
Pants $1.75, $2.60, $3.50 and $5.00. l\
-Buy direct from factory store and save $5 or $10
on your suits. ■ ,*'•;■ f ;-^ ;;- : :"v;. ;-.:v
We are here to stay, g Every garment guaran
teed to give satisfaction or a new garment free
of charge. :'-' " .;-■'." : .-.; ■f- : H:.«;. .^"■■ i
©74 Stores—74 OIUm I??*!
900 Pacific Are. Ej^^^^H
;. HP ■'■ From Sinker to You )'■■■ .-/^^E| s^^
Monday, Oct. 7, 1912.
, ways it is as effective as a tackle.
Practice it.
Speed is positively necessary
in tackling and blocking. The
runners try to outguess the de
fenders on the time direction of
the lunge. They hop sideways,
lengthen or shorten their stride
just a fraction, to make the tack
ier or blocker nit.ss, and If it Is
up to the defender to go at run
ner or interference so faat that
he will not have the time to fig
ure out a trick to dodge,
(Handling the ball will be dis
cussed in the next story.)
Falma was second and Anderson
third; Bergdoll fourth.
DePalma overtook Bragg in the
home stretch and In trying to
pass struck Gregg's car and over
turned his own machine.
Both DePalma and his mechan
ician. Alley, sustained broken
legs. Their condition Is not criti
cal. Bragg's average (or the race
was 69 3-10 miles hourly.

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