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Wednesday, Oct. 9, 1912.
Ninety bank and postoffice
clerks painfully crawled from
their beds this morning, every
muscle and cord In their bodies
reminding them of the violent ex
ercise of last night at the big
"open house" meet at Y. M. C. A.
I $c.oo Gold <M nnl
I ¥«* Glasses Now H> JL -UU |
A positive guarantee with every pair of glasses.
Free examination for the next 10 days.
A few of the many thousands who recommend my work:
J. F. Williams, Pacific Cold Storage; R. D Woods, 1609
South I st.; Wm. Zelley, foreman round house, Milwaukee R.
R.; George Tebbltts, supt. Soldiers' Horn% Ortlug, Wash • 8
. J. Smith, 4632 South X St.; T. Stickler, Western Union Tele
graph office; Rev. R. 8. Stubbs, 3925 North 30th St.; Mrs. W
Petri, 719 South Lawrence; A. Peterson, 2901 Pacific ay • E
H. 1 Perry, County Treasurer's office; John H. Peterson 919 So
15th at.; A. A Howell, lawyer, Bankers Trust building; Mrs
Charles Ingwall, 6116 No. 44th st.; C. A. Gallup, clerk, Taco
ma hotel; T. A. Fuller, dispatcher, Puget Sound Electric R.
R.; Mrs. A. Ford, Orting.
Chicago Eye Specialists
Room 332 Provident Building
.^ _-, <—-■—^, , , .j^-^g^^ <S m.j«««, yj^BEji^Hj Sgarfcjhjjnf <K*Juiij(Mj iffiffi7;iiinj •Hkß«2«i&y ffijgaflLJjagj L BS^U«j SJ
■. ; PN-w. .-.■•.',..:•- ' •""" |! ~" " ~~~ ' ' "
Grand Opening This Week—Taroma's "S.&H." Headquarters mi.;. « T Tm s>tt.*i m I*! 1*- I ——i
McOorniack Bros. Third Floor. „, , li§§Sfl CUT OUT THIS COUPON &T«fl} ChaSeS Grand Opening This Taroma's »S.«II." Headquarters—
' 1 Week- fM Good for 10 &Xi Green 111 Required I ""-" • MrtjMM"* "-•
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■ —_—_.__________________ - ■ . " ■ . tunity.
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Wm nomen or (fj|j(JXIOO FEET filled
■. /^Sterfe -■ . TacomaShow you can serve oue with mil lin- I \)
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___^ I_^^>_l_l__^..V*-' *' -^*'* •*— .--Jrt i t^.. .-" . ."■■.-„._ .«., ". hbsmh^.m««J»i«^ a^ir ■ ■ "-vHTOIIQ 1^ lO**r« if/illv^ .--''■*' ■' ■.. - _
-— .^^^^^^^^^^. .^ .^ _. .. • -*^ "fJ- -L" ' •■'■}-^--' - • -"■- -=■ ■ -■-• ■»■ ■-;- -- .-1.. , - ■>■»«,. -*j*Jr% WWwV'!-'* ■ . vs£ : .-*,,* : r **'t-;. ■ , *„'_■/** -s*'. ■» ■'•- ••> .^-v/.'■'■., „7* ■*'*£.--" *:*r^*;'"-^; '- i.'-:*^?fc
<9fil{ iH^ISQ^COf i liSPISflf^QS] JBWHUPJKI> TllWiliuVamt mmmmwuatrt himtxuiuwwrmX Cnmrnenl <^".^^^™^ <-^»-"-,^tT> n"wvirJ *L"L"J^*'4< '' ' Iniinnnl *^aiimm i --i c t r -'■-—' a f •*-■■■ » >•»>•* /""'*'•"■""" "■% j********.****** —■■■ ■■ ■■■^ _
Wives watched their manly
hubbies engage in every known
form of indoor' sport, and young
women adored their friends en
tered In swimming and diving
contests. The evening was a
thoroughly enjoyable one.
The coal conspiracy case of the
government agaiiu>t C. E. Hous
ton of Seattle and John H. Bul
lock of Portland Is up to the jury
in federal court.
Two full days of oratory was
cut out this morning when the
attorneys on both sides agreed to
submit the case without argu
On the reconvening of court
this afternoon the attorneys for
both sides made their requests
for instructions to the jury. Judge
Cushman started to charge the
jury at 3 o'clock and the case
was given to the jurymen to de
cide. - - '
Approved Aids to
Health and Beauty
A most satisfactory remedy for re
ducing those large, dust-collecting
pores, which so frequently appear
below the eyes, is made by stir
ring together an ounce of ' almo
join, one-half pint cold water and
two teaspoonfuls glycerine. Let
stand a few hours before using.
This cream-Jelly win remove nil
pore dirt and fill out wrinkles when
■ued for massaging. It li greaae
less and very fine for treating
freckles, blackheads mid skin
roughness. This nimozoin cream-
Jelly makes the skin very clear
soft and velvety.
Washing the hair at homo can be
greatly simplified by using a tea
spoonful of ennthrox dissolved In a
cup of hot water. The lather of
this shampoo removes all dirt anil
Jandruff and rinses out easily The
hair will dry very quickly and be
much softer, glossier and fluffier
than when soap Is used. Thin sham
poo has been.found very beneficial
to the hair and scalp. as It does
not bleach or destroy the luster of
the hair, making it brittle like al
kali in soap dors. »
The safest and surest way to re
duce weight is by means of the cel
ebrated parnotis treatment. Dis
solve four ounces of parnotis In one
and one-half pints hot water and
take a tablespoonful before each
meal. This remedy Is harmless and
inexpensive and can be had at any
drug store. It is useless to starve
and exercise to excess, as parnotis
reduces rapidly without these un
pleasant features. This treatment
leaves the skin smooth and firm.
■...••■ ..--■ -;.>./.*! re/" ' : —
'■'•.• ■».■•■ ■■"._-' '. jjfi i
Wednesday night: .J i»'>
OrtingJ. A. Falconer, JudKP**'nill" White, Lorepzo JOow,
. Siiiiiiiinu school house—W. 11. Ford.
Mason library—E. G. Mills.
Thursday night:
Buckley G. Mills and county candidates.
Friday night: •
Stunner—J. A. Falconer, W. H. Ford.
Fife school—Lorenzo Dow, L. 1.,. Henbow.
Old Town— O. Sorley.
Y. M. C. A. auditorium Frank Magill, W. 11. Keye».
Kmitliside Improvement hall— revelle and county can
didates. . • ,
Saturday evening:
liong Brunch—County candidates.
I "ii > I up—E. G. Mills... ■
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
BUULINGAMB, Cal., Oct. 9. —
Because her mother accused her
of stealing 30 cents, 14-year-old
Marian Schultz, one of the can
didates for queen of the coming
Burlliigame Woman's club street
fair and carnival. Is in a critical
TACOMA—Tonight and Friday and Saturday
nights, Julian Eltinge in "The Fascinating
Widow." Coming, "The Old Homestead."
EMPRESS-Vaudeville, daily matinee and
evening performances. "The Waltz Dream,"
head-liner this week.
PANTAGES—Vaudeville, daily matinee and
evening performances. "Six American Beau
ties," the feature this week.
Old Homestead.
What can possibly be said at
this late day for or against Den
man Thompson's "Old Homo*
stead"? Criticism of this play
lias long since been annihilated.
"Who builds stronger " quer
ied the First Gravedigger, "than
the mason, the shipwright or the
carpenter?" The answer should
condition here today from a self
inflicted bullet wound in her side.
The child's mother, Mrs. Anna
Schultz, a prominent socialist,
heard a shot in the bathroom, and
upon Investigation, found her
daughter lying on the floor
grasping a revolver which she had
talion from her father's room.
have been Denman Thompson.
Verily, the play on the 27th Is
not so much a drama no was an
inslitutlon. In fact this high
standard of company and equip
ment is the very reason the old
play has been so success these
many years. "The Old Home
stead" comes to the Tacoma Sun
day night.
R. M. Robs, general claim agent
of the Maryland Casualty com
pany, who was lost, suddenly
turned up here yesterday and will
try to effect a settlement of the
Bringolf bond for the shortage of
the former treasury clerk.
Commissioner Freeland has de
manded $10,000 from the com
pany for the two years' pecula
tions of Bringolf, the company
having a $5,000 bond up for each
The city commission was call
ed In special session yesterday aft
ernoon to hear a sudden complaint
made by Commissioner Lawson,
Arvld Rydstrom and Herman
Keith that the settling basin at
the Nlsqually power plant Is weak
because of poor concrete and
likely to fall down. Commis
sioner Woods recommended that
it be tried for 30 days and if It
stands he says It will show It ia'
all right and it will grow strong
er with age.
SALT LAKE, Utah, Oct. 9. —
J. H. Hartley, reputed to be the
son of a wealthy New Bedford,
Mass., family, Is dead here today
from a self inflicted wound after
killing Miss Louise Gelinas of
Hartley was awaiting the action
of the grand jury on a charge of
white slavery, said to have been
preferred against him by Mies
English, French. German . Y.
W. C. A. "Advertisement."
to separate a boy from a box of
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. His pim
ples, boils, scratches, knocks,
sprains and bruises demand it,
and its quick relief for burns,
scalds, or cuts is his ri;,'ht. Keep
it handy for boys, also girls. Heals
everything healable and does it
quick. Unetjualed for piles. Only
25 cents at Ryner Malstrom Drug
Co.. 938 Pacific avenue.
You mon and women who can't
'get feeling right—who have head
ache, coated tongue, foul taste
and foul breath, dizziness, can't
sleep, are nervous and upset, both
ered with a sick, gassy, disorder
ed stomach, are all worn out.
Are you keeping your bowels
clean with Cascarets—or merely
doMliig yourself every few days
with salts, cathartic pills, rnstor
oil and other harsh Irritants?
Cascarets Immediately cleanpa
and sweeten the stomach, remove
80XE6-ANY DHUO STOR^^ T^lllf^
..■aa! Osteopathtc Specialist and Bloodless Sur«
MM WgS?^ '*'f%i£%sl^ geon, with experienced medical and sur»
aalaßCTp; ■■• '^» Klcal xpßcialiHts assisting. We make *
aM »a . -. specialty of eye, cur, ■luinaeh, Hkln, blood,
JHHK?'” ' <tla9 kidneys and bladder, also Avprmllrlila.
y _ -•*« HV llhruuiatlain, Cioltrr, Catarrh Dropalcal,
HaaTlsilw^Ta^* :;i**»K '-Par Tlihrrfiilnr aud Arnrmlo rundlllon*.
'* •■■■■.■'■■■• V\ Keiiito-urinary discaxcs, prostatic ail-
H f- ,1} nifiits, and all weukiieHKev, chronic and
Jl&m ■> \ 8,»7 nervous diHordors.
mStssfc' Vxr&iW - . J Tills Is tin; (inly plaro In the city wticro
%ak* **>.■»/rfF^ r-^ >'°" ran K(t Oatoopathlc anil Clilroprnctlo
'^^^M^'l I*^**^' 'f trfntinciit combined \sltli expert medical
Ostenpnthlc Specialist anil Bloodless Sur
geon, with experienced medical and sur-
Klxil specialiHts usKlsilnx. We make a
specialty of eye, ear. utomnch, skin, blood,
kidneys and bladder, alHo Aypemllritla,
Hh.MiMuii.il,, <ii.Hr.-, Catarrh I >r..|.«1, «l,
'I'iilh i ■ nlitr nuil Arnrmlr conditions.
genilo-ui mary diseases, priißtatlc ail
ments, anil all weaknesses, chronic and
ni'i'viHi.s disorders.
Thin Is the only plaro In the city where
you run jjet ()Bteopathlr anil Clilropractlo
treatment eomlilned with expert medical
treatment. Lady attendant for women.
« Wft* k TAllllll —A 32-page booklet devoted en-
F*sHst s V'V tirely to the treatment of catarrh of the
F^^%' S "'*■' ' Mk. ear, eye ' nose" throat and other parts of
j tS§sP*\ ■ \ _^S« the body free to all. Ml.V—Bear in
Jt < ijfgjjjgg 1 tnlnil I am tin 1 oldest established men's
I &&m I specialist In Tacoma. with the best
B fl|' I <^li I equipment on tin; Coast. Thpro Is a rea
bblbbl / ' <> J^a ■ sin why we do the hue st men's prac
alaay I tice In the city. "314," the new "COS," fug
ai II P blood poison, Riven for lew* money.
aaWJft v .-y'?+ ' jßaaaaaa^^^ I*l 'IVrplnr-Ogonr Treatmrut will ralst
aa^K^i- ft any subnormal temperature to normal. A,
aHat^ #IS am three months' course of treatment will
■ BVaH by positively return to normal health any
■i Blaal Br parson suffering with tuberculosis in tha
earlier stages.
mil US— O a. in. to ti p. m. Mmill,>« from 10 to 12. I.TATIOIf
Fit I'" !'*•
l.i'.i 1 I'neifle Ayr. ■!.•«« door to \mioiinl ll.ink of Commerce.
DBICHIPTIVH rililll.AllS ON Hi;«n k.st
the sour undigested and ferment
ing food and foul gaseg; take tha
excess bile from the liver and
carry off the constipated waste
matter and poison from the bow
A Caecaret tonight will
straighten you out by morning—,
a 10-c«nt box will keep your head
clear, stomach sweet, liver and
bowels regular and make you fed
cheerful and bully for months.
ii?.?'* forget the children— them
little Insides need a good, gentla
cleansing, too.

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