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Thursday, Oct. 10,1912.
Cynthia Grey's Answers
Dear Miss Grey: In reference to the woman who asks for
help to decide about adjusting relations between herself and
adopted child. My suggestion may help, although there have
been other thoughts.
She intends being as real mother in spirit as though she
were mother in flesh. It is right that she should wish to be
called "mother," and the child needs to call her mother; but
that need not prevent her telling the child the facts as soon as
it is able to understand and before others can do so. If done
with understanding the explanation can be given so that the
love of the relationship which is the reality need never be lost.
I>eap Miss Grey: I have been going with a nice young
man for four months as I am 31 and he is 33. Two months
ago I went east for a visit. I wrote to him several times, but
received no answer. Now that I hare returned from the east,
I would like to see or hear li him. Please advise me what
to do. CHUM.
A.—lf you are sure the young man received the letters, do
nothing; if not, drop him a postal saying you have returned.
Pear Miss Grey: I have been engaged to a a young lady
whom I love very much.
Yesterday in our course of con versa! lon, the subject of
the social evil came up and she asked me if I had ever been
immoral. After I told her 1 hnd at one time, she immediately
broke the engagement. I)o you think she did right, as I have
always l>.i n on the square with her and have been above re
proach for some long time pasi?
Is there any way in which I can regain her love? I know
I am not as pure as the girl whom I want for a wife. Do you
think it right to keep a fellow down for the past, if he is doing
right now? W. Y. C.
A. —No, a man should not be Judged by the past; but would
you have stood the test if the girl had told you the same tale? If
not, you should not expect her to do so. Your confession was
probably a shock, so let her alone for awhile, and then tell her
bow you saw your wrong and had for a long time lived a clean life.
Dear Miss Grey: lam a beautiful blonde of twenty years
and friends are forever admiring my beauty, form, and maii>
im-ix. A week ago 1 met a handsome boy at a party who called
once since and proiwsed to me. I told him to ronie next niulu
for an answer. 1 loved him at first sight. He lias never re
turned, and Ido not know his last name, or address. Ido not
Utah to consult my parents, so I come to you for advice.
A.—The boy may have proposed on a "dare," because you are
■o silly about yourself. You must be blind to allow a boy, whose
name you do not know, to call on you, much less propose. You
are old enough to know better.
Dear Miss Grey: Wo are three 17-yeur-old High school
girls who are very much in love with a handsome, manly young
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- - ■ — ■ — ■ , . rt^Vv* \ \ ' r;i J|f J^f
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priaetoyou. AMreM
fellow. He lives at the home of one of our girl acquaintances.
We feel that she is trying to prejudice him against us. We
three always go out together nnd of bite he ha« accompanied
us almost everywhere, lie never shows any partiality, bnt
treats us all the same. The girl friend has been very hateful
to us for th last couple of weeks and has told our boy friend
ail soils of untrue things about us. We three love him dearly,
but ore not at all jealous of each other; but we do dislike the
fourth girl in the rase.
A. —Include the other girl in your outings, and see if you
don't grow to like her. If you feel that you cannot do this, at
least pay no attention to what she says and do not say unkind
things in return. I don't believe you realize how silly it is to say
you are in love with the young man.
Dear Miss Grey: Your rep"*'* in the Times are always so
sensible and good, that I read them, although nearly sixty
years old.
But when you say to "George" that a beard is a token of
barbarism and that it makes most men look like billy-goats, I
must object. The hum barbarous looking men I ever meet
are those with a three days' stubblo ortv their face and a cigar
or pipe sticking out in the center like a factory smokestack.
A well kept beard is always nice, and can be trimmed and
arranged in as many different ways as the long hair of a
woman. And last, but not least, it is the one thing that nature
bestows upon man and not on women as a rule.
1 have been "barbarous" enough to let the tail feathers
and combs on my "roosters" grow, but in order to get into the
"band wagon" they will have to come off now. And soon as
in} good wife will cut off her long hair my upi>er lip will be
cleared. lIAKHAKIAN.
A.—As has been tested, a man who lives In the woods with
little or no clothing reverts to a covering of hair on his entire
body; hence my proof that hair on the face is a remnant of bar
barism, and if woman's long hair had been the discussion it might
have been included in the "remnant."
Pardon me, with no disrespect to your years, I think you must
not have Included yourself in the exception. True, beards may be
curled, braided and tied with ribbons; but really I cannot admire
them even so adorned. No hard feeling. Come again.
Dear Miss Grey: 1 urn a man 2;i years old and would like
your opinion. My mother and I have a home jointly with some
encumbrance which is being handled nicely. My mother is a
nur.se, and is awuy a great deal, mo do you think it would be
right for me to marry while mother is working?
I woi'k at my trade steady and come home and have to get
my meals, or take them at a restaurant, which I dislike very
much to do.
Mother comes home from a rase fatigued, and gets the
honse straightened around, so has but little time for pleasure.
Under these conditions what Is your advice?
A.—l think you and your mother better manage with hired
help, and wait until you can marry for love. It is an insult to a
girl to be married for a convenience.
From Diana's Diary
Miss Dillplokles Musics Herself With Finding a Central American
Geutleiuan fur Whom ail Unknown Damsel VeuriiH In Sunny
He was in a SpuniHh restaurant eating fried green fM-ppers in a sad
and pensive iiiiiiiiier.
Success is about to reach out
and crown my efforts.
I am dead certain I have found
Mr. Oarvanza X. del Pistachio To
mali's. There isn't one chance in
ten thousand that I am in wrong.
Won't I feel proud when 1 can
say to that dark-eyed seuorita in
far-off Mirimba that 1 have found
Don't forget those great bIK
salmon, 25c each. 15th mid Dock
streets. "Advert isemnnt."
tho missing gentleman for whom
she advertised in the American
It's all due to my clever scheme
of wearing a little Mirimba flag
I >iiil1 I■■1 ■■ 1 to my waist and watching
to see if the sight of It brought
moisture to the eye of any passer
by on the street.
Today a swarthy gent in a Pan
ama hat and other make-up sug
gesting the troiiics noticed the
flag. It didn't bring moisture to
Cynthia's Answer* to Miscellaneous Questions
Irving Batchellor la the author of "Keeping Up With Lizzie,"
which is said to be a humorously truthful satire on Ufa standard*
in New York.
An insurance policy Ik paid to the beneficiary unless the com
pany see fit to pay another relative who has kept it up; or th«
court may order them so to pay it.
ML McKlnley, 20,300 feet. Is the highest mountain In the Unit
ed States; Bit. Whitney, 14.501 fet, th« next; Mt. Tacoma, 14,479
feet, comes next, and then Mt. Elbert, 14"421 feet.
Wrinkles on I lie face yield to a wash consisting of 50 part* of
milk of almonds (made with rose water) and 4 quarts of aluminum
siilplinK'. I'm' morning and night.
TUues or other delicate colors which are likely to fade may be
set by soaking two hours in water In which sugar of lead has been
dissolved In the proportion of 1 ounce to a pailful. Rinse In alum
water made In same proportion, wash quickly In warm soapsuds,
and rinse in cold water.
Drinking about ten quarts of water a day Is said to produce
White ostrich tips and plumes are easily cleaned by using luke
warm water and a pure soap. Kluse in the same temperature of
water, and shake until dry.
A unique masquerade is to represent a big sunflower with tho
face for the center. A large leaf may full over each arm, and the
shirt be rather tight.
For hop stains try ether. It dissolves the green matter In grass
and may do the same witli the hop stain. Work la the open or
the fumes may affect you.
Doc. 2, 190,"?, a treaty regarding the Panama canal was rati
fied In Panama, and December 7 was submitted to the United
States for ratification. The Spooner act had been passed in Janu
ary, 1903, which authorized the president to make negotiations
with Colombia that would insure the digging of the canal.
To clean a baby's bearskin coat, sponge It with gasoline, rub
bing the direction the nap lays.
green. He quickly recovered
his eye, but it nearly turned him
himself, however, and walked on
swinging his bamboo cane as if
he'd made up his mind that it was
merely the heat and that he
hadn't really seen It.
" "Tis he!" I said to myself
" 'Tis he!"
I walked on a piece, real rare
less and then I turned. Then I
trailed him. Old Sleuth nor any
All kinds of bulbs. Smith's.
1116 So .<_'. "Advertiesnient."
of his Interesting family could
have trailed him better. I saw
him go Into a door, and then I
skated up close, lie was In a
Spanish restaurant eating fried
green peppers In a sad and pen
sive manner, pining, no doubt, for
the fair one in Mlrhnba. Also I
hoard the proprietor address him
fiiiniliarly as "my dear Garvan
za." There are lodgings over the
restaurant, and that is where he
must live.
About furs. See Mueller, 92 1
South C, "Advertisement"

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