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Osgar Desires
to Raise a
Set of
Alfalfa to
Wor4a *>y Achaefer
Music by Condo..
NEW YORK, Oct. 11. —Seize
Worn us Gentle (or rough) Read
%t —the wildest scramble mixed
up In a world's baseball series
progTam is now on full blast. Be
fore this pop-eyed series con
cludes there will be two baseball
clubs fit for the booby hatch and
200,000 ravln.g rooters running
about In dizzy circles, pursued
by an army of keepers fresh from
the "bughouse."
Of the battles up to date, the
teams not only have broken even,
but each hectic and nerve shat
tering battle has gone to the
final Inning—the final pitch, the
final out, where the frail margin
of a hair might have won or lost
all three conflicts. ir there 1b
any edge today, it belongs to the
Otants. McOraw has Tesreau,
Mat hew son and Marquard left,
while Boston has only Joe Wood.
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Collins. Hall and O'Brien failed
to show what Is technically called
game-proof goods Yet the Ked
Sox s:lll carry two strong fea
tures. The Giants have shown an
ea#or with to orack at every close
call while Boston hjaa displayed
a dauntless spirit in the attack
at the finish—a resolute courage
in battling until the last man
has died This angle flashed bril
liant yesterday when only a mir
aole saved Kube Marquard, after
working in one of the grandest
games of hi* career. Boston's
one weakness is a lack of gener
alship—the team appears to be
working iv circles, with no cen
tral aim
Jn the fourth hattle today, Tea
reau and Wood will hook up be
fore the greatest, crowd ever wit
nessing a game. With even mid
dling weather, there will bo 40,
--000 persons at the Polo grounds,
and If the gams breaks, cracks
and flashes as the others have
done», there will be the wildest
Kpuum of frenzy that ever tore
the welkin into strips or rattled
the beetling crags of Coogati's
Both teams today want rain. A
postponement means a fourth
game Saturday before a bigger
crowd than could l>e mustered to
day, and, consequently, more
money for the players.
Yesterday's score:
New York 010010000—2
Boston 000000001—I
Struck out—By Marquhard 6;
O'Brien 8. Bates on balls —
Marquard 1; O'Brien 3. Two
base hits —Murray, Herzog, Stahl.
Gardner. Double play — Speaker
to Stahl. acrlflce hitß—Merkle
Gardner, Marquhard. Sacrifice flj
--Herzog. Stolen bagea— Flotch
er, Devora. Wagner. Hit b\
piich«d ball —Herzog.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAN. Ore.—Baseball
fans here are somewhat depress
ed today at tbe news that the
Portland Pacific Coast league se
cures but four of the classy play
ers drafted by McCredle. The
men are Kores, shortstop from
Dcs Moines; Courtney, shortstop,
and Hynes, pitcher; Lyttle, Ca
nadian league, and Young, short
stop, for HarrUburg, la the Trl-
State league
The check for Armstrong, the
classy backstop, has been return
ed to Judge McCredle with the
explanation that hU draft had
I been disallowed.
Tesrenu explaining his ilium ond.s to Idah McGlone Gibson in
r.>l.i grounds clubhouse —I'lioto graph by Doncourt especially for
the Times.
By Idah McGolne Gibson.
(Written for the Times.)
All New York is wild over
Charles ("Jeff") Tesreau, the
coming pitcher of the National
league and who New Yorkers
say Is a Becond Ed Walsh.
Tesreau Is a blig, raw-boned,
southern farm boy, who was
born near Louisville, and, not
withstanding the adulation he
receives (there are more men and
boys outside the Polo grounds
watching him come out and ko
lv than there are at the door of
the Winter Garden on watf-h for
the chorus girls), he is keeping
his head much better than might
be expected.
i I presume he has taken a peep
Into Marquard's book, which
would show him how short-lived
is popularity. Marquard, after
being held aloft on a bed of roses
after his 19 straight games, haa
been dropped with a cold thud
since he has been unable to fool
the crack hitters of tbe National
league, and the bleachers shout
"Take him out," the first time
the umpire calls "Four balUs."
Tesreau is saving his money.
He lives at a little hotel near the
Polo grounds, about which there
Is a tradition that It once housed
George Washington for the night.
Luther McCarty, the Nebraska
quarter-breed ■■■■• Indian heavy
weight, and Al Kauffman, his op
ponent" In Saturday's big . battle,
all primed for the fray, the fans
are today looking for a good
bout . Jim Griffin has been se
lected as referee.
At the training camps of both
boxers the finishing touches will
be put on today as th» men are
reported to be in fine fettle.
DENVER. Colo., Oct.—Presi
dent [ Media of the t Western
league, may take ' the i Denver
Grltzlys," winners of the pennant,
to : Oakland, Cal. for a aeries of
games; with the " Coast league
champions,* according ]to negotia
tions under way, here today. ,
;,^* COLONIAL ";'V. '-
: '-'; ■ 7th Mid Pacific pi, . " ".
Main B»70
He wears moderately good
clothes (Tesreau, not Washing
ton) and be ha« not adopted the
silk hoee fad. His only extrava
gance seems to be a splendid in
terrogation mark in diamonds on
his tie and a three-oarat diamond
on his left hand.
When he was recruited to the
big league he depended upon the
speed almost entirely. He said,
modestly, "My curve ball doesn't
amount to much and McGraw
and Mathewson got after me to
try the spliter, and it Is with
this that I am making my suc
Tesreau has been likened to
Ed Walsh in hla prowess with the
spit ball. He lacks Walsh's ex
perience and clever headwork,
however, but the ones who seem
to know say that he will keep
them guessing In the National
league next year, although Tes
reau tell* me he has not signed
as yet.
Pigskin Prattle
Olympla Saturday, 3 o'clock
sharp. ' ' r>
The smokers on the team «re
being driven bard. It pays to be
good, doesn't It, fellows. t
... ■■• _ „.- y| (
Scrimmage . work . has tout
Horejs and Rushmer out of, lye,
game and has left Crane, Dee »n
and some others in bad condit: m,
Whltworth and the alumni i ay!
Friday afternoon, th» U. 8. 8.
Pennsylvania sailors having ha ik
ed out. "■ - ..; :■ ;'V.* i.. ■'„
Taooma High should Just ab at
strike her strkle when she me As
Spokane one week from [ Sa< ir
day. ■^X'^ii:^-, ■ft
' Both Whttworth and the IT. t .
S. are anxious to play each ot er
and yet they.cannot get toget e>
to make arrangement* for a gai ie.
Olympla Is expected to put up [
a good game. . "Pugs" Colbert Is
their ■ coach. r;-*:; ~,^* f"V;;VV<: ■ Vf' '
V. P. 8.. is expecting to put up
a stiff game against the U. of W.
champions of the last four years.
. The local •'U. w weighs dose to I
200 pounds. They, will take; a 1
big crowd a10ng..,/./'"■_" 'r:'-^' ri''-'■■. ,
. Coblentz and : Johnson will play -
halves. ," Eepeland will ,' play,! fulK £
back. '* ;r'" j-?.*'"*"■->•. -■\~ ,w' ?•*'•- y>- ;-"^ *•''*'•
When the U. P. S. meets the
University of Washington in Se
attle Saturday they will have the
heaviest team which has been put
in the field in years, and most of
them* are veterans. While the
local men hardly hope for victory
they are expecting to give the
state school the surprise of the
season. Pierson, a new man at
fullback, is showing to advan
tage and weighs close to 20 0 in
uniform. Art 3m!th,, fullback,
who joined the team last night
for the season, is the lightest
man of the three backs, and he
weighs 175 pounds stripped. Ar
nold Tisch and Leo McQuarry
are the two halves, and they are
mooses who have had experience.
Captain Sedvis, quarterback, is
the lightest man on the entire
eleven, weighing 1 4 0 stripped. The
line weighs close to 200 pounds.
The proximity of the game with
the state "U" brings memories of
the way Beck, the U. P. S. cen
ter, played all around big Pres
ley last year. Beck is back In
hia old position this year. Coach
Pltehford is drilling his men in
some new plays with which he
hopes to make some good gains
against Dobie's warriors.
The second team of the U. P.
S. is strong and is looking for
some games. They will probably
go with the first team to Belling
ham, one week from Saturday,
when the lrst team meets the
Bellingham normal team, and
will play some eleven there. Fol
lowing is the line-up which
Coach Pitchford expects to use
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In the game SatUTday:
Left end —Beardsley.
Left tackle—Barcker.
Left guard—Wright, Long.
Center —Beck.
Right guard—Stefflna Lu
Right end —Benadom.
Quarter—Servis (captain.)
Right half —Tish.
Left half —MeQuarry.
Fullback —Pierson, Smith.
Although the winner of the In
ter-class game 3at the High
school will be settled by percent
age some one of the teams will
get a whole lot of satisfaction
out of the result of the game Fri
day afternoon between the fresh
man and senior teams. The
freshmen have already beaten
the junors, while the seniors took
the sophomores into camp Mon
day. Now the two undefeated
classes meet.
St Martln'B college le having
considerable difficulty In schedul
ing games and Is very anxious
to meet some or the teams of
thlß vicinity and elsewhere. All
the members of the team are of
high school standing, although
playing under the college name,
and therefore would like to meet
teams of high school caliber.
However, they are ready and will-
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\^fmiwm!K MOORE & MOORE
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TAILORS 1314 Pacific Aye..
Friday, Oct. 11,1912.
ln.g to meet any team In the state
of Washington outside of the
State college and State Univer
sity teams. St. Martin's has al
ready defeated the Shelton and
Olympia amateur teams.

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