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ftiday, Oct. 11,1912.
Special Features of Interest Tk> The Times' Women Readers
The Aeroplane Cuff An
Attractive Women's Fad
A waist without a sleeve is
like a room without curtains,
forlorn of grace or comfort.
The woman who sews acknowl-
Good Watches only and sell
at the lowest, prices good
watches can be sold at. 17 jew
eled Waltham or Elgin Watches
In dust-tight cases, each $9.50.
Others from $6.00 to $100.00.
Ladies' gold filled Waltham
Watches. $12.00, others 99.00
to 9J00.00.
Engagement Rings. Wedding
1142 Pacific Aye.
Attire of Quality Moderately Priced, Our Motto
A Superb Showing of the
Season's Choicest Products
pa /!r^&' v^lKjjSSw c cordially invite you to inspect our
m ri^jßL^\J^^^^ beautiful line of Men's and Ladies'
IP rt/fflt^mwxri'BP * ;l" Al)l);"vI which surpasses anything
H^wJxtL. tvMiilwM^J' ' we*iave ever *ia(*^° pleasure <>f show-
W/^j^MWAj^^m^^Xf ing' A" assortment of colors and fab-
W A' V Vv / if^y^^fe* •£% ricS to SUit the most fastidious dressers
FHi lf*(^m¥ l!h!imr2si \ and always moderately priced. Credit
yJi *■ 1/ In/ <7/IA I Men's and Ladies' $25.00 *17 CA
Clf "^ WUrlllJM 'I 1 Raincoats .........."...... $11 .OU
~~liwrr*- 1 H~ JII Iff I ■ M Men's and Ladies'slß.oo ; d»| 9 |-a
J%lllll^"\ li I lllli m Raincoats •• • •-• • • •'. V*«••*"
W&nklfcittjJl' Jim Ladies' $22.50 Tailored Blue Serge
SisP^iiilraiv *" ////// \ Suits, Skinner d»1 CA A
•^^^^^M /Ml Satinlincd $ID.UU
The New York & Washington
Outfitting Co/s
924-926 0 Street.
Tacoraa's Largest and Oldest Reliable Credit House. „. '
edges that the cut and the set of
a sleeve Is one of the most im
portant matters, as well as one
of the most difficult in dress
making. The style and finish is
equally a factor in the symmetry
and becomingness of the cob
tume when complete. And the
CUFF with its trimming is often
the determining point.
This picture shows the very
new long-sleeve "aeroplane"
cuff, the resemblance to a wing
giving it the unique name. In
stead of being tight-fitting, a
pleasing suggestion of fullness
is worked into the upper part of
the cuff by the introduction of
four tiny pleats on the inside of
the sleeve near the bend in the
arm. Hut the really attractive
feature of the cuff is the soft,
plated frilling of chiffon which
circles the lower edge of the
sleeve and extends in a single
line up the outside of it nearly
as far as the elbow.
For the woman who finds it
necessary to turn back the Bleeve
of her dress-up waist occasionally
when compelled to be housemaid
as well as hostes the "aeroplane"
may be eaily fashioned with an
opening of the outside seam and
fitted with hooks and eyes or pat
ent fasteners. In this way the
entire cuff may be drawn up over
the other part of the sleeve to
protect It from dirt when neces
CyotMa Orey 9s Answers
Dear Miss Grey: I am a young girl Ik, although I look
and art more Uka 14.
I am not a "boy crazy" girl; but honestly, Mi-> Grey, I
am getting tired of bring isolated from even the company of
my girl friends—just because I am not like them in that way.
80 the other night I went out with a girl friend; in a short
tliue we met two boy frieudti of hers. Of course they wanted
to see us home.
I was beginning to think the boy I wax witli was a gen
tleman; lint before very long he put Ills arm around me. I
politely told him that was not necessary, and he gave me a
slight push, »s though he was disgusted with we. Do all girls
that are popular with young boys allow them such privileges,
or am I wrong in resenting them? Kveryone tells me I will
be an old maid. I don't think there is any immediate danger,
do you?
I believe in only one lovo and I think T will know Uie right
one when he comes along. JI'ST A (.IHHR
A. —You are certainly on -the right track. There is a certain
kind of popularity gained by familiarity with the opposite sex;
but no self-respecting girl cares for it. Far better be a self-respect
ing old maid forty times over than the plaything of every sensual
boy who has not learned what It is to be a man; or to sell yourself
la marriage.
You will know when the right one comes, and would better
hold to your high ideals until he does—and after.
WHO 1)11) WftOMO?
Pear Miss fJrey: I'leasP give us your advice. There wns a
home broken up by a jouiik num. He pernnn<li'd the womun
to leave her huslmiul. Her husband Rot a divorce The young
man left her. She remarried her former lwsltMnd; but sho
Mill says she loves the other man betU-r thun lu'r husband.
There in a baby two years old.
Now, what kind of a mun wns thnt to brenk up n home?
Is he worthy of her love? Also, wliut kind of a woman was ,
she? Did she do rii>h< to reiniirry her former husbaiKl, and is
she doing ri^ht to tell him ili.it .she loves the one Hint broke
up the home? Did the husband <lo right i, v remarrying her?
He did it for the sake of bis child. Who did wrong? They
all want to know. Your answer will settle this niixiip.
A.—Right motive combined with good judgment is what de
termines the right or wrong of an action. There is no question
but that the young man and the woman did very wrong.
If the husband took her back for the sake of the child or for
her sake he did right. If the woman followed the mo»her-call when
she re-married her husband she did right; but if she married him
because the young man wouldn't support her she did a very selfish
If each will be governed by principle, by the right and wrong
of each action, happiness will result. Neither should dig up the
skeleton of the past, for its bones will rattle every time, and it is
not pleasant to hear. If they are kind and thoughtful to each other,
true love will come.
Dear Miss Grey: Would you please udvise us as to Hal
lowe'en entertainment? Our spree will be given in our school
building. Please don't fall ns.
A. —Why not give a pumpkin social and decorate the school
room with crepe paper vines with the blossoms and the pumpkins
hanging from them. A stack of corn stalks and large bunches of
autumn leaves and berries are most decorative. Tlse pumpkin
lanterns with some yellow electric light bulbs in the blossoms. The
invitation should be small paper pumpkins that open book-like and
"Request the peasure of the friends' company at the pumpkin shell,
Where Peter Pumpkin and his wife will treat them well. Saving
them from all anxious cares caused by Halowwe'en witches' snares."
Have a real or imitation kale garden at the back of the school
and have each guest go into it blindfolded and pick a leaf of kale.
The first meeting for the year
of the high school branch of the
Parent-Teachers' association will
be held in the auditorium of the
high school Thursday afternoon
at 2:45 o'clock. This meeting
will be of a very informal nature
and ie planned to give an oppor
tunity for the parents to meet
the teachers and to Inspect the
school, which many have never
visited. It is especially desired
that there be a large attendance
to ditcUEa plans for the year's
v. orK, : nd that every part of the
city be represented and a cordial
invitation Is extended to the par
ents of every high school student
♦ • •
The second giuno In tin- wo
men's golf tournament between
Tacoma and Seattle Tuesday re
sulted in a victory for the latter
by a score of IS to 7
• * *
Miss l'.lspiili Ryder, tli« 10
year old daughter of Mf. and
Mrs. T C. Ryder, won eight
prizes at the Puyallup Valley fair
for splendid work In embroidery.
• • •
Miss Generieve Thornly will
have as her guests members of
the Delta Gamma sorority tomor
row afternoon at her home 420
North Yak Una avenue.
• « •
The Christian Kndeavor so
ciety hag arranged for a free en
tertainment and social this even
ing at their church, corner Proc
tor and South 34th street.
• • •
The ladles' Musical club will
hold their first rehearsal Mondi y
afternoon at the Y. M. C. A.
• • •
About furs. See Mueller, 9: \
South C. "Advertlsemen ,"
• • •
The regular meeting of Two
ma chapter, Order of Eastern
Stars, will bo held tomorrow
evening at 7:30 in the Masonic
• • •
AH kinds of bulbs, fimithfc,
1116 So .C. "Advertlesment "
• • •
The M< Kinlcy Park M. ]!.
Aid society will hold a home
bakery sale Saturday In the real
estate office of C. H. Snow, 4034
McKinlejr aT.
• • •
The Ladies' Aid of the Park
Universalist church.will hold an
all-day meeting to sew at the
home of Mrs. B. A. Lewis, 1814
North Alder on Wednesday, Oct.
• • •
A basket sapper will be given at
the Park Univerealiat church, cor
ner of Division and J «ta., at 6:30
Tuesday evening, Oct. 16, follow
ed by the parish meeting. The
ladles will bring baskets, and the
gentlemen will bur their supper.
If he gets a short, broad leaf, bo will his bride be; if a long, narrow
leaf, she will be tall and slender; if the leaf is bitter to taste, she
will have an ugly disposition; if Bweet, she will be kind and loving.
The refreshments may be served as simple as one wishes. Buf
fet fashion Is very good. In the center of th tabl place a big
Jack Homer pie filled with the favor. The yellow paper plates
and paper napkins with pumpkin decoration are handy for serv
ing. A simple menu ia as follows: Witches' Uroth, Basket Salad,
Deviled Sandwiches, Fruit Sherbit, Gobliu Cups, Witch Cakes, Cof
fee or fruit punch.
Dour Miss Grey: I think a great deal liku "A Brother,"
ready to talk their heads off to their sister**; hut are they ready
and willing to take those misters and show them a good time,
the same as they would another boy's sister?
If he would try that scheme awhile, and try talking less,
he would find his sisters are worth getting better acquainted
with, and make as good company as other girls.
"A Brother," you can't exi>ect your sisters to stay at home
always. And If you know so much about how hoys act, it's up
to you to act so some mother will feel safe to let her daugh
ter go out evenings with you.
Dear Mi« Grey: If a man, married or single, owes a
doctor's hill and makes a nominal |taynient each month, can
his wages be garnisheed for said debt? If so, how much
money must he have due before he can be garnlsheed? Is a
minor exempt from garnishment? READER.
A.—A physician's bill cornea under necessity, and can be gar
nlsheed for all above $10 weekly salary unless you nave a written
agreement or a verbal one with witnesses, that you pay a nominal
sum at stated times.
It Is a mighty mean man who will take advantage of this law
If the other fullow is doing the best he can.
Dear Miss Grey: Could you tell how much an Albany
Journal, published in December, 1811, is worth, and who would
I*. S.—The paper has the president's message to congress
in in.
i A. —Write to the National Museum at Washington, D. C.
Dear Miss Grey: Allow me to write something to the
,;' ■ boy who is so indignant over sisters going out.
' I wonder If he ever asked sister to accompany him? Oh,
',> no, that is entirely out of the question. He is going out with
I the boys or perhaps some other boy's ulster, and his sister
.;' i must stay nt home and go when father aud mother go; but
JK sister is not satisfied with that.
; When my brother and I were at home together, and he .
would ask me to go places with him, how pleased I was! It
wns easy then to turn down the "classiest" beaux in town. To
':- think he cared more to take me than some other girl! Oh, I
was glad and proud! And when he would tell me In his boy.
f fsh way, I looked nice, life was worth living. I can see plainly
{ the happy expression on mother's face watching from the door.
Now, thousands of miles separate us. Although young, I
am married to a good man. Hut despite the miles that sep.
■ .".. i,- us, I am still "Dear little Sis" in lei's I receive from
him. If you boys could but realize how many girls could bo
saved from the awful fate that befalls them by a little watching
over and gentle talking. Tell them, brothers, the things they
should know.
I believe there are lots of good men and boys in this
world, and lots of bad ones, and it is hard sometimes to distin
guish them. More difficult for little sister. . Brother, help herl
I»oar Miss <iroy: Would you think it manly to write on
a slip (li<-.<- words, "I love you," and give it to v womnn whom
you think very linirh of? Or is it Ix-ttor to u«* your voice?
I mil a trifle nervous when it c«uii<'« to prosxMiagl I Imvo
mado the attempt so nmny Unit's; but I always lose my hreutli.
I llmnk you. PKKCY.
A. —it is pretty hard for a girl to reallre that a man who la
not bravo enough to propose may possess all the other virtues in
the catalogue, so I would advise you to practice up oa deep
breathing and proposing until you can steady your voice.
Radium was discovered in 1898 at Paris by Professor Pierre
Curie and Mme. Sklodowska Curie in collaboration with M. Bel
Almond meal used Instead of soap Is splendid bleach.
J*V A QTTRIU' The Oldest Credit Institution on the Coast, /^
v^JLJ^T LiiliJ 1 EilVn Operating 23 Stores. Y*g|cjiiSf
Shopping at Our Store is a Pleasure %
7J^jn|^*y for good many reasons; Because our Stock is new and up to l>?Zfjf^E?/
IFW date; Because our Prices are as low as any reliable cash store \O/
\&r would ask for same goods; Because our Sales force is attentive V^
HimtHhiviiEMMnMß imbih| au( ass j s ting m finding the Garments or "i^^""" mammmmmßmmm
M'%k* Article that you would like; Because our
VI >f&^.^3a\ fitters are skillful in fitting the garment to
1 -!>%^Bffl SOU 'll on'('r to give you perfect satisfac- »>S}t>ss*
jV; \\3&£jw tion, and Because we have the clothes for y^^sil^
/?^^7p^ the men as well as for the women folks of /jl^'siiaajl
/'nHBI^ MEN AND young men» fr°m ~- mi^^^^^^r
IMPS $i& tr* Qlik T?£p?r
IfJHfCif iplO IO <4>OD \4sMnr
W//hrL^\ REGENT COATS AND suits for *^/X
(L^l^^^ $15 to $45 '
j^^P^ Open a Family Account *' M '
WmlF and remit weekly or monthly-it won't Sl harksonHat $3.00
Warn 3ost you one cent more. ( -
Cash if ~y~ EASTERNS" Cf.ediJl
The Store Where Your Credit Is Good.
From Diana's Diary
Mlsh Dillplcldeg Buaies Herself With Finding • Oniral American
Gentleman for U hum an I nU nown Damsel Yearns in sunny
Mm inl»i.
So I hiked down to the newspaper office and put an ail in the
Personals. , „, ft m
As I said, I've Rpottcd my man.
Mr. Garvenza X del I'itachio To
males. But I haven't told him
After I'd found the exile rating
out hfs heart in a chili parlor my
first hunch was to rush in and
tell him about the ad In the paper
from a dark-eyod senorita in Mi
rimba being anxious to lenrn his
whereabouts, and then go my way
happy in a good action well done.
But instead of doing it, I paused.
That would be too tame. There
wouldn't be much climax. Mr.
Tomales might lose a lot of time
writing to the dark-eyed senorita,
and the glad reunion would be
comparatively cold-lilooded. Now
if I could only lead the girl to
him there would be a real snappy
reunion with throbs galore. It
would be regular mellerdrammer.
That's why I didn't break it to
him right away. I wanted time
to stage it.
A remark let drop by th« con
sul the other day made me think
I | Cynthia's Answers to Miscellaneous Questions
Spokane won the pennant In 1910.
The Christmas tree originated in Germany. . .
John Kenrick Bangs was born at Yonkers, N. V., In 1862.
Highly scented oil of Rodlum will attract rats to the trap
when cheese and other dainties fall.
that maybe the dark-eyod senor-
Ita wasn't really away off in Ml
ramba. He said that if the ad
were put in the paper from there
it probably would have come
through his office. It strikes me
that maybe she is right here in
town anxious to be on the scene
in caHe he was discovered. How
to get hold of her was the next
question. Why, through another
ad, of course. So I hiked down
to the newspaper office and put
an ad in the Personals saying that
if the "dark-eyed senorita In Ml
rimba wished to learn the where
abouts of Mr. Cravanza X del
Pistachio Toraalea she should
<ome nexa Friday at 2 o'clock to
" and put my address.
That would get her, I felt sure.
If sin- was In town. If not, It
would be time enough to tell Mr.
Toinal.'B. I dropped him a formal
note also to be there at that hour
"on a matter of important busi
My, I'm so excited over it I can
hardly wait.

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