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Friday, Oct. 18, 1912.
ThFo B r esl High Grade! One
$3.50 SHOES : I P"ce
Men's and Young Men's
One filT\. ' A
Look ijS^y^ Look
. Will -y®^^'; IsAU
convince^^^Ofpp We
You l^^^F Ask
When You Buy From Us
You Save $1.00
No Ground Floor Expense
- Hafsos & Matlock~ —-—
One "" SrdTlo^ — Th^ 0 B B est
Une 3rd Floor p or
Price Bankers Trust Bid. $3.50
Do not postpone tbe opening el a sartngi account slmplj- bt»
cause of the smalln«M of your (lnt depoatt Ail things, /on
know, unit hare their beginning. Tbe big things of today wore
little things of yesterday —Remember, we receive dopoaita as low
as a dollar.
. - CAPITAL 9800,000.00
Heaters ,J| .-
The Lenox Heater for wood , JKUKS&r
Is cast-iron lined, cast-iron top AWHmmF' * *
and bottom, ixtra large feed iSr9KES^^^^^SiL _
door in front; body Is ; No. 24 *^Wk^^^^^^^^^^!w
nickel-trimmed, with nickel- - |E^^S^^^ggsS9r
plated foot rails. Comes lv 3""* " ■ BS
sJ zea— •- ' ■ .. - H SPrSBSHB
18-inch wood $1 liZO
No. 20, takes $10 7K ||^^^M|pSW^^Bß ■
20-inrh wood ikli.il 3 . i BSmßl^l
Main 02. 1113 Taconia ar. «^|a
Hardware, Heating, Tinning }fjf
y and Plumbing. ■" „- jSf • '
Every woman should see the New Every man should visit the finest
Fall Creations at the New York Sf^ST 6 .Men's Department in
. _„ * ~-■■•■■-;■ ■■'■..•'• tlfc city at the New York & Wash
& Washington Outfitting Co. 's ington Outfitting Co.'s. . „; .'
-' ■ ' ' **' " '"' ' ' "■■.:/-. *■■■■■• ■■-•■" - :- ' " „ •■•
; HBi This Display I s
WKMjimm Exceptionally
WpP.w ■ ■ •
[ fjptJßß^nj^^j f -.V ■ as our ock is now complete with the season's
'"^'^'■SHM^-* '- I en°i('est styles and fabrics. Just received an
—X ■H^^A >:^ ex(llusite line of evening gowns, which are
'<^W^ ■"**■ i a]l moderately priced. Credit to all.
|^^B „ Saturday Specials
Wmm { : Indies' $22.50 Tailored Blue Serge d»| C A A
' • filiiiiifl BW^' I " Suite, Skinner satin lined .... ,y*O«UU
, ?~BH^^R I Men's and Ladies's2s.oo $17 Cft
y':,. fl^^^Bft 1 Raincoats V*» •«HI
*>-:''^P^^^^Hp^4J Ladies's3o.oo <tiQ CA
:' " ';V ' JJRfflPrJt^ i C°a^s-. $I*7.DU
~" " "^SLJRrPCT'r^^^^i^SrJl^^^ftvi^^^^f^ i-^ '■•*'■'' ■' ~:~ •v _ '■"*■- '^ . ':' ';"-. ;:" '- -r'J- '. * * '- ■ ■;*■'-■ ' ■■•■' p :" .■■■■■
New York & Washington Outfitting Co.'s
924 926 C St.
*vjj|M Tacoma's Oldest and Largest Credit House. ~c&
Hallowe'en will be the occa
sion of the first of a series of so
cial affairs to be Riven by the
:Bon Ton club, recently organized.
Mr. and Mrs. 3. A. Inre,
wedded yesterday, are sailing to
day for Nome, Alaska, where Mr.
Ince owns a mercantile business.
Mrs. Ince was Miss Clara Swen
son of Tacoma. The Rev. W.
Chalmers Gunn officiated at the
• • •
A program of music has been
arranged for the reception to
members of St. Luke's parish
this evening at the ■parish house.
• * *
The President Council of wo
men yesterday morning paid the
last tribute to the memory of
Mrs. Amy P. S. Stacy, first pres
ident of the Washington State
Federation of Women's clubs.
Mrs. Roaanionde Cheetliam of
Seattle will give a song recital
this evening at the Aunie Wright
• •* •
A Voters' Educational meeting
under the auspices of the W. C.
T. U., took place this afternoon
at the home of Mrs. C. J. Vin
neriuan, 5002 South X street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Corner
have left for Kalispell, Mont.,
where they will visit the sister
of Mrs. Corner.
Mrs. \V. R. Schumake requests
that the members of the Needle
work Guild turn in their gar
ments at the earliest possible
date for the annual distribution.
The I :»\i, <.• Aid of the St.
John's English" Lutheran church
will meet next Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. H.
Klann, 2415 North Prospect St.
• • •
The Taconia Bay Nursery has
completed plans to present Mine.
Harriet Labadie, the dramatic in
terpreter of Xew York, at the Ta
conia theater, October 28,
Sirs. Flora Powell Stone, a pio
neer club woman of Marshall
town, la., is visiting with Mrs.
Dr. So hug this week.
All kinds of bulbs. Smith's,
1116 So .C. "Advertiesment."
• • *
Mrs. Fred Olds was hostess at
an informal entertainment this
afternoon, honoring Mrs. A. F.
McLaiue of Spokane.
About furs. See Mueller, 921
South C. "Advertisement"
• • •
" The legislative committee,
composed of prominent women of
Pierce county interested in state
legislative work, met at the
home of Mrs. Horace G. Scott on
Wednesday afternoon.
The W. R. Rust mansion on
North I street, which cost $122,
--000 and was sold to George Mil
ton Sav»g« two years ago for
$50,000, was sold yesterday to
Dr. Francis J. Bailey of Port
land, former surgeon in tho U.
S. army and prominent in the
Boxer uprising in China, for
I - Cynthia Grey's Answers |
''■':'.'* •'-.. ■,::'■ -.THERE ARE LB^T-FOOTED DOGS
.. Dear Miss Grey:* In answer to one of your readers, who
>':. wants to know. if there are left and right-footed dogs, I nay
yes. I iiM-d to own one which could run first one wajr and then
swing over and run the other way. L. 1,. G.
Dear Miss Grey: lam a widow in love with a man 14
■ years younger than myself. He loves me and wants to marry . •
' me. , ,■-.. l
He has nothing, I have a little money and some property
and two little boys. Shall I marry him and start him in busi
ness? He drinks, but says he will do tli<> right tiling by me and
the children. Do you think he will get tired of me? Just think,
he Is 34 and I nni 48' years old. 1 could be his mother; but I
love^— yes, I love him better than my own life. . Please tell me
what to do. / . A WIDOW.
A.—A woman of your age should know better than to put, faith
in the promises of a drinking man. If he does-not love you well
enough to stop drinking before marriage, he won't after.
Don't give him a cent. It is your duty to keep what you have
to support your children, and don't marry him until he has not
touched a drop of liquor for a year at least.
' Dear Miss Grey: Tell your daughter the real truth of life
nnd let them use their own good judgment' ns to who they want
for coiiipiiny. Allow them a certain amount of s|iending money
so that they will not be forced to accept attentions from any old
sport who happens along), so they may go to amusements with
out waiting for some guy's offer to go to the show.
I tell you, Miss Grey, 1 had five yeurs' experience with
showing girls a good time before I met v girl who gained my re
spect .mil my love, and she did not get it by being easy.
My experience Is that girls who had chaperones were the
easy marks as soon as they were out of Night, and they will get
away sooner or later.
The best truth I ran tell mothers is to tell their daugh
ters the actual truth of life. .- , EXPERIENCE.
Dear Miss Grey: Why all this talk about the mean wretch
of a man in sheep's clothing,, etc., etc.?
Poor girls! They know nothing at all. Pile all the blame
on mere man. I would like to bet my last penny that nine
tenthg of the girls that go wrong do so of their own accord.
Have been among lots of them, and I know. T. E. S.
—Tomorrow and Saturday nights, |.
"Bought and Paid For."
EMPRESS—"Fun in " Delicatessen Shop" and
, other vaudeville, afternoon and evening.
PANTAGES—Miss Bess Laugenour, swimmer,
headlining a bill of vaudeville afternoon and
evening. '
» f _ __—: : •
" 'Bought and Paid For' seems
like something you own, and if
someone tries to take it away
there will be a fight," is one of
the many extracts from the dra
matic writers' criticisms of the
sensational comedy drama which
William A. Brady, Ltd., will pre
sent at the .Tacoma theater to
night and tomorrow night. The
play is In four acts ■ with the
scenes laid In the upper part of
New York city. . ...
Women have ceased to be
touchy about their ages, as is
1 proven by the registration books
at the city hall. \ .
"When they first began regis
tering last year about half of
them- who came in gave their
ages as "21-j-," but this year
only an occasional one tried to
shield her age," said Mrs. Ken
dall, one of the city registrars.
The Times man picked up a
registration book at random and
happened to get the third pre
cinct, Eighth ward. Just one
woman of the hundred or more
registered in the precinct gave
her age as 21-]-. It was Mrs.
Carrie Shaw Rice, teacher - in
Washington school. In a half
hour's search the ' only other
"plus 21" woman found was Ada
U. Hillman, Y. W. C. A. secre
tary. .
The registration books are real
interesting reading. They beat a
dictionary all hollow. They con
tain f the pedigrees of all the citi
zens' vocations and ages, and the
autographs are In themselves a
study. - *"
One striking thing Is the list
of vocations. The reporter turn
ed to a random page and it bore
17 registered voters. There were
two housewives and the rest of
the vocations were all different.
They ran from laborers to bank
ers. .
Registration clerks have ';. wit
nessed a lot of human nature in
recording the nearly : 28,000
--names of Tacomans.
One thing that : struck Mrs.
Kendall was the utter selfishness
of women. Four out of five of
the llth-hour registration were
women. 'They came in at night
. ... .'jt
WE havre •■';"■
An extremely beautiful and at
tractive display. There are two
points that give all its value to
an Umbrella — Quality "".» and
beauty. . . V
Quality Is absolutely neces
sary-while good looks added
thereto increase the * value. .
Froraipl.oo to $30.00. t
: Call and examine them. .
Mdhncke & Co.
* Y*';U- 014 Pacific Aye. K. " ■ ' '
' Established 1883. '■■% -k ;
. ....... .•-..■...".».. _.J
The Author.
when the time was supposed to
bo for laborers and compellefl the
latter to wait.
On the last day the voters were
lined up 50 deep. A stunningly
dressed woman from the North
End came right back of a hard
working washerwoman. It was
the turn of the washerwoman to
be registered. The North End
bediamonded "lady" edged around
her poorly clad forerunner. k I
"I'm in an awfully hurry,
Corner 9th and C Sts.
The Dental Office
That Always Does
Have your work done by
a busy people.
Eleven years
in (lie .same lo-
cation. By fail'jßjk. ».^^
treatment ani'^K*^^^^
moderate prices BBBSB§EaR|
we have grown HBiir jttjSr
from an office VJ *~-<W
of two chairs to
the largest and
finest dental of- Ms BP
flee on the Fa-^yv
rifle Coast un-^|F
der the personal manage
ment of Drg. W. B. Burns
and J. P. Austin. * ,5
■| Thero Is no branch c*
Dental .Sctence that Is not
thoroughly I understood • and
; practiced by
us. We make
Kk no charge for
M h\ an examina
■ nM tlon. Tell you
■J Kj in advance
VJ H what your
H ■ work will coat.
[ Then the work
w is entrusted to
■ r^m^ the doctor Def
adapted to
perform the work indicated.
If you need Dental work of
any kind, we j would Bbc
; pleased to. tare you call. '
Kxtnu-Un**... *Oc
22k Oold Cr0wn5....... ♦»
Porcelain Crowns . f.1.50 A *5
ItridKo Work ...', P :? .. «S
Platinae Fillings » .'..... 91
; ; EXAMINATION and '.
woo't ■• you ■ just ' wait until - I ■ get
registered?" ehe said. -.;'•,,■ ;i-
And the poor washerwoman
waited.- i. ■ ■■- ; -.---■ ,;••:.--:'
"What Is your vocation?" ask
ed the registration clerk as be
took down the name and age of
the woman in "an awful hurry."
"Why nothing," she said scorn
fully as siie gave the clerk a
withering look for his audacity In
supposing she ever did anything.
I Makes Face Young— m T
Tightens Love Ties J_
A fretful expression, a wrinkled
face and a faded complexion, da
more to drive the male member»
from home than Is commonly sup
posed. It was one of my greatest
difficulties to appear smiling-, freuti
and elegant wlion my dear ones
were ■with me. -But I have over
come all that. I have changed my
mental attitude and I now find tt
second nature to look cheerful. Due
partly to this, partly to a remark
able treatment recommended by a
friend, my appearance has 80 im
proved I look fifteen years young
er than before.
A Blmpla face lotion made by dis
solving? an ounce of powdered sax
oiite in a half-pint witch hazel,
proved a wonderful wrinkle-chaser.
1 still use this occasionally. To
renovate my complexion I purchased
an ounce of ordinary marrolized
wax at my druKgiHt's and before
using this up, a marvelous trans
formation li i<i taken place. It was
like removing an unsightly mask,
revealing a new faco, a youthful
complexion of distinctive delicacy,
clear, white and velvety. I merely
applied the wax like cold cream be
fore retiring, washing it off morn-
Ings. Ten days' treatment sufficed.
lEPB fifflMirral
It's time you were coming In
to select that Christmas Dia
mond. Pay a little down and
some here and there, take It
out Christmas and you will
pay. no more at this store, as
though you paid all at once.
1142 Pacific Aye.
Fine large Egg Plant, Oc
A special treat. , This size
usually sells for 15c to
. . 2 oc.
' If you are from the south
you will enjoy some Okra,
2."ic a 11>.
Brussell Sprouts.
1 10 lbs. Sweet Potatoes 25e.
Hot House Cucumbers, 3
. for 25c. Very fancy. ,—
Tokay Grapes, extra fancy,
> 23c box.
Concord Grapes, 25c basket.
Don't fall to see our Apples.
Some very special values.
100 boxes fine cooking
Apples priced from 75c to
DO. , You can find some
'■ thing -to suit you in this
Yaklma Jonathans, 90c to
»1;25 box. „ „. *-.
Yaklma Gum Golden, OOc .to
91.25. , '
Bakery Specials from Our
Sunlit Kitchen. £
Devil's Food Layer Cake,
special 2»c. ■ > ■ :'• ''
Lady Pound Cake, 4 vari
eties, 29c each. , -
English Genoa Cake, special
12c each. ".--
Layer Cakes, 25c each.
Kran-z Kuchen Coffee Cake,
special 19c each.
Pate Shells, 40c doz.
3 doi. Cookies,' 6 , varieties.
23c. V ,- J t.
\ Delicatessen Items.
Roast Chickens, 73c each.
Chicken Pies, lOc * each.
Mince Meat made ■in our
kitchen of the finest ma
■t* V terial, 18c lb., 3 lbs. for'
>*'■* Candy Items -,-', -/ •
Mexican Penocbe, 28c lb. '
Cream Taffy, 15c lb.
Peanut Bar or Brittle, - 15c
lb. -:,:- > -'-" -.'. ■ -■■/.
Cocoanut Brittle, 15c lb. "w
Baited Peanuts, 15c lb. '■-•■■ '■■•;
Oriole Chocolates, 35c Ib.
\Candy Figs in pkgs. 85c. -
Lean Brothers
932 C Street. ..*-:.,t!^
Main 900.W-yv; - ■■>:<?-■ t ./,.
■.'■■\- 8010 North Proctor.
"■**• - '■-■&.■ '•V----.-', Proct"-" 579
So. Titconi* Store, ".'.:■••
.5405 go. Union. Madison l»».
£*r. - Booth * 12th : and, K. **Gtas
•■.:::^TH~:»UiaiOO*,.: .;-•■;,
* ■■■fc^^s■■fc^,* W>"s^^fl^A'■■■l ¥aW^Mv>
?* ■ I ik II 11
H I I JF I J3A 'aw*
-■■"_■-■■-"'■ -■ V»~ *
Shot to Pieces
I Doors Open 9:00 A. M.
Watch Windows for Bargains
Men's $3.00 *l A
Hats .... ...... 4>l. **"
$15.00 Men's d»r at |
Rain Goats. .... yD.Vd
$25.00 Men's (19 AT
I Rain Coats yIL.Vo
I $18.00 d»O QC
■ Cravenette .....: yO.VO
I $20.00 d»A OA
I Overcoat $i>.O U
I $25.00 *1| QC
I Cravenotte ... t . yll*VO
I $30.00 $lil o Q
I Cravenette . $1*4.03
1 $20.00 d»7 AC
| Men's Suit..;* yl.Vd
1 $22.50 djo OC
I Men's Suit „. «pO.OD
I $25.00 d»ii QP
I Men's Suit «J)1 l.^D
I 3ao° <£l/ 1 fiQ
■ Men's Suit. .^l't.OSJ
X Ladies' Shoes, sizes 2/> to 4, Qs*/»
1 worth to $5.00, cut t0..". . ......; .. VOQ. \
■ Ladies' $4 Long Kid Gloves, ; d»i OA
B all colors, cut to .V * . Oil
j£ Ladies' $10 and $12 Hats, \ d»Q QA
m cut t0..,.;...-..,.,.;. yo.ov
I *7-50 t? dm
|j Plumes yCf&D
nj Silk Petticoats, • <£i eft
1 values to $5.00 , _„. .^I.O^
a Black and Sateen Petticoats, VlO*
I cut'to /WC
S Silk Waists, AQ
U values to $0.00.... : . : . «Pl . O
M Ladies' Skirts, (o AQ
I values to $10.00 «P«>.*tO
M Ladies' $20.00 • (7 OC
9 Suit. v..... : . : ... .yl.iJd
I Ladies' $22.50 Tailored Blue - d»A OA
Serge Suit, Skinner Satin lined '... «p57«0j7
Ladies's2s.oo - (ia qa
Suit. .^IU.W
Ladies's3o.oo d»i QA
Suit .;...: ...;>......^13.891
Ladies' s37.so <tIC QO
Suit $10.03
.$15.00 Furs * -. • djyl AC
cut to. yt.&O
$18.00 - : .. d»^ QI-
Pluraes ....-%. #\M*?Di
Ladies'sls.oo , • :, djj QC
Dress .' .". „ '.VTf'^J;
Ladies' $20.00 j &C QC-
Dress '. i> n, OD
Ladies' $35.00 T- & to A
Evening G0wn....;........ . ; . : .i l«J«O5f
Ladies's2o.oo i fc7 OO
C0at......... .V 7 :' ................ .¥• •Ou
Ladies's2s.oo . ' # ijiA qa
Coat ....................:.... ; WU.p"?
Ladies' $30.00 * > d»i o qa
Coat. . .v...........'.... .V..... .^i^.Olfi
Ladies'sls.oo ♦ f&C AC
Rain C0at.;'..;....... .-■. .^... .':$"•"•>
$20.00 Caracul - : . C 7 aj;
Coat.-.' : ;..;....... ..1.^...;......: v • &o ~
$30.00 Plush , r*: . d»i<> aq
Coat: ■. ■•.......;.:;. ......:. :r.;:slZ.2;o|
. ■.■■ ... ■ • n■.■;..■;.^^■'.■■■■. : ..;.;

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