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Decides to
Dispose of
His Cornet
the Neighbor
Words by Srhaefer
Music by CoudO.
Tacoma High is out of the
championship race and here only
solace now is to take a fall out of
the three Seattle teams, starting
with Broadway next Saturday.
The blue and gold suffered the de
ciding defeat last Saturday when
it fell before the huskies from
. Tacoma's defeat by Kverett was
(.imply a case of the boat team
winning. Tim bin ml of football
displayed by the victors naa un
beatable In high school circle*} this
From the time the locals came
onto the field for practice it was
evident that something was wrong
—the old dash was lacking. They
tried to fight, but didn't seem to
hi*'' it la them. The backs could
not gain. They were slow get
ting started (even reliable "Dub"
CoMVntz) due partly to the soggy
new Held and partly to that la
mentable lack of "pep." When
they did get started they heavy
Everett linemen had broken
through and were upon them.
Tbere was no interference to help
the back* along.
Everett Ww Strong.
Everett's line proved Btrong on
offense, also. It ripped holes In
Tacoma'» line wide enough to let
* parade go through, and Kver
•tt's backs were not slow to see
the hole*. But the very points
upon which Everett had expected
to win the game (Tacoma'B abil
ity to acquire penalties and to
fumble) were tho ones where they
themselves were weakest.
Time after time the "Smoke
stack City" boys were penalized
for holding while they fumbled
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often early in the game. Everett
tried to nuike good her threat to
"get" Colilentz and other Tucoiua
stars and their dirty playing near
ly turned the trick.
At the start of the game it was
all Everett. Eight minute* after
'Coblentz' kick-off the ball was
rimhed over the line for a touch
down but goal was missed. Late
in the second quarter Everett
worked the ball down the field by
rushes and forward passes to Ta
coma's two-yard line where they
were held for two down* only to
force the ball over on the third
down. Goal was kicked.
Tucoina Helpless.
Tacoma icould do nothing,
"Dub" Ooblaata making the long
est run when he circles left end
for 15 yards. In the second half
Tacoma braced and had a slight
advantage. Four opportunities
to score came in this half. Drop
kicks were tried twice and failed;
once CoblenU kicked goal from
placement after making a fair
catch of a punt from behind the
Everett line. The fourth oppor
tunity came in the fourth quarter
when a puss wag thrown to Good
man who had a clear field ahead.
Goodman missed it.
Although Larsen at left end,
was one of the stars of the game
the line extremities seemed weak.
Brazell, who took Oeegan's place
at right end in the last quarter,
came in for the biggest cheer or
the day wlen he started in by
grabbing? Daily before he could
get started and throwing him for
a logs.
Horojs fought in great style
and "Dub" Coblentz was a bright
light aa usual, tearing off some
fine punt 3.
I—Walter Johnson.
2—Clyde Mil;.ii.
3—A team stronger than in
Would you be surprised If
Washington won the American
league pennant next year?
Stranger things MIGHT hap
pen; St. Louis might follow
George Stovall out of the second
division, for instance.
Because Boston won the flag in
the Ban Johnson league, and the
world's championship to boot, It
is by no means a sure thing that
the team will repeat.
Washington pushed Boston,
right along up to the close of the
season this year, and Clarke Grif
fith is so confident of landing the
bunting in 1913 that he la telling
his friends he will work Walter
Johnson in four games against the
National league champions.
When you consider the situa
tion, Griffith has every right to
be careful, at least.
But more valuable than all else
is Griffith's own ability to handle
his men. The shrewd little man
ager won the admiration of critics
this season by the way he worked
his pitchers.
Griffith has three BIG reasons
to supiport hia contention that
Washington will divide the
world's series money in 1913.
First, he has Walter Johnson,
one of the greatest pitchers in the
Second, he has Clyde Milan,
clever fielder, a better than .300
hitter and the best base runner
In the league.
Third, his team will be strong
er next season than it was this
(By United Pr«aa L*-asrd Wire.)
Satisfied through his showing
here In a four round bout last
night that a new star of the Stan
ley Ketchel type has sprung Into
the pugilistic sky, San Francisco
promoters are hustling to give
Grover' Brlnekley a ahance to
Muscled like Tom Sharkey but
wearing a pretty crimson sash
which made the fight fans grin
Brinkley appeared last night In
Dreamland rink to meet Tom
Burgess, a tough and handy fight
er. <
"See the doll get his," waa the
general titter, and a saucy flirt or
his heel by Brinkley as the two
met for the opening spar caused
the grlng to widen.
The grin lasted barely a second.
Bam, went the dandy's left,
square on the point of the chin,
and Burgess aat down. Then
Burgess made the mistake of his
life. H« got up. Then like a
flash came a left and right like
the kick of a mule. Burgess
went down again—and stayed
down. He had not landed a blow.
"Who Is this fellow Brlnck-
Icy?" was the query of every fan
who saw htm work, and the an
swer came today.
When Ketchell, after he met
Joe Thomas and when he was ad
mitted the best middleweight in
the world, was living In San Fran
cisco, a young boy used to act aa
year. It will have the benefit of
a year's experience as a team;
the recruits will be better equip
ped to put up a championship
fi^ht, and the team should get
away to a running start, which it
did not do this year.
II ,-nl Washington ben up
among the loaders when it won
17 games in a row, the American
league championship penuant
would have floated over the home
of the senators. But the team
"fetch and carry" for the fighter.
In his idle momenta Ketehel
taught the boy a few tricks of
the game, but before lon* the
pupil developed such a punch
that even tbe rugged Ketchel
backed up and more than once, it
Is said, he went down before the
youngster's right.
That boy was Brinckley. I
i • i:i,i, WORKS HAKTV.viV
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 4. —
Confident that be will have little
trouble in winning from ' Tommy
Dixon, Harry Dell, toe San Fran
cisco featherweight, Is hard I'at
work today .nevertheless, prepnr
ing for the bout which, la sched
uled here for November iJ^Vj
♦ ♦■$-«>♦<s>*<»♦♦**♦ «V>
'♦ (United Pres» Leased Wire,)
♦ NEW OilLE>4.lN.\ L*i.,'
<$> Nov. —With the "solid
<& South" backing Joe Mandqfe <%,
■*> to a man, Champion Ad . <S>
♦ Wolgast will have his hands <t>
<& full defeating . the Now Or- ♦
♦ leans boxer in their ten <
<& round no-decision bout her*
<£ tonight, according to the b*-'
*• lief of sport whltera here <$
$• today. ' -• •'. ', ■ " •■''■'■♦
+i*VH*.:.M " ■ : '': l ?*&*.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦'
to CURB A coi.n in OITII DAT
r«k. UAXATrVK IWOMO Qulnln. Tabl.U.
DnifcUU r.fund monir If It tell* to OUT*.
B. W. Orav.-. alnatur* la on weh box. M* I -
started poorly and had much
ground to gain before it was on
fighting terms with Chicago and
If Griffith can pick up one
good pitcher and an outfielder
who can hit .300 and field like
Shanks, Washington will look bet
ter than Boston when they line up
for the pistol next April.
When the "Gray Fox" spent
$10,000 for Gandll, he made
Washington a first-division team.
Griffith earned the title "Fox."
He is without doubt one of the
shrewdest men the national game
has produced. Which is another
pretty fair reason for expecting
him to lead the eight-cornered
race for the flag next year.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
VENICE, Cal., Nov. 4.—Ven
ice is buzzing today over the
boxing show given by the Audi
torium Athletic club Friday
which was attended by nearly 200
women. One of the bouts was
the "real thing," declared the
fans today. Mose Hunter won a
four round decision over Young
Blackburn in a whirlwind encoun
ter. Several other amateurish
bouts made up the card.
At Minneapolis—Minnesota IS,
Illinois 0.
At Syracuse — Rochester 0;
Syracuse 38.
At Philadelphia—Pennsylvania
State 14; University of Pennsyl
vania O.
At Ann Arbor—South Dakota
0; Michigan 0.
At Madison—Wisconsin 30;
Chicago 12.
At Bethlehem, Pa.—Carlisle
34; Lehlgh 14.
Darmouth 0; Amherat 0.
15in kn«-ll O; l.nfnyrtU- 0.
CornHl 10; Williams 84.
(By tTnited Press LniMd Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4. —
Denton "Cy" Toun^ Is the latest
candidate In the field for the
1913 managership of the Oakland
Coast league team. Youag wants
to come to the Pacific coast on ac
count of property holdings,
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW ORLEANS, La., Nov. 4.
—-Joe Mandot, who is to fight
Champion Ad Wolgast here to
night, ruled today" a, 6 to B fa
vorite over the title holder.
Clean, New, Sanitary.
Always Open. Private Rooms.
Pae. ay. ft 7th. Main 5970
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4. —
Fisher, Rogers, Lindsay, Krue
ger, Doane, Fitzgerald, Cunning
ham, Chadbourne and the new
shortstop Kores, from Dcs Moines
constitute the batting strength of
the Beavers for next season.
According to Manager Walter
McCredie, who is today on his way
East, Portland fans will be able
to tell the way the wind is .blow
ing at the close of the 1913 cam
paign by looking at the flagstaff
in the local ball park.
While east attending minor
league association meeting in Mil
aukee, McCredie will keep a sharp
lookout for desirable talent.
•• v <}>•s■:&<*>■-& VS- v •-■ <£> -J> »> <$> * <$>
* (United Press Leased Wire.) <S>
<» CHICAGO, Nov. 4. —That <$>
<£ President Murphy of the ♦
•■ Chicago Cubs la negotiating •■
<$> to exchange Frank Chance <$>
<$> for Pitcher Nap Rucker of ♦
<«> the Brooklyn Nationals, is ♦
<§> the report current h«re to- ♦
<5> day, following Murphy's <t>
<i> hurried trip to the East. «>
<& <»
(United Tress Teased Wire.)
' PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4. —
The Multnomah club is today re
joicing over practically a clean
sweep of victories In the boxing
and wrestling tourney against the
Spokane Athletic club.
Wisconsin looks like first
choice for the football champion
ship of the western college con
ference on the form displayed In
early games. Ca,ptain HocSetl,
left end, la playing his third sea
son on the eleven. He played
football for three years on the
Green Bay (Wis.) high school
eleren before attending the uni
i iiMliimimm^m Tlilt la to certify
ffPHgffflSWl'*"» I was accident
-2flßPW3fflß»"y Injured on the
JHK>* ■in!! way Laat year.
•■JEvr.* ■After doctoring with
"W ip: |^l many doctor* wtth-
M^M^M out getting relief.
■fe'it”- I finally I wa» advlaed
sSH^W^H root take kerk Wo'i
■ r»ot and kerb medl
,«mM *!*7mM cine for two months.
yflnw3Vß Now I am completely
HBBk*i2Jßi cured. him It were
■sHtilli not for htm I would
b« a great sufferer - today. X am
pleased to recommend Te« W» to
any sufferers who may 4*slr» to
take hla medicine. .
(Signed) DEO. DUNHAM.
l«01 Portland ar.
r«a W» Chinese Mad. Co.. Ulilt
09. C »t., Tacoma. Wash.
Mathewson's famous "Hank
great world's series pitcher.
"Dominie" Mullaney, for years
manager of the Jacksonville team
in the South Atlantic league, but
now an umpire, I understand,
pulled the funniest thing I ever
heard a number of years ago. It
was a pun that would be appre
ciated by the northerner, but it
failed to make much of a hit with
the dyed-in-the-wool southerners
at the game. It got Mullaney,
who is quite a character, In a lot
of trouble, but it saved the um
pire from rough handling, so was
worth while.
If memory serves me correctly,
Jacksonville was playing at
Augusta. Things were breaking
badly for the home club, and the
umpire seemed to be trying to
make It worse.
With Augusta hopelessly beat
en, the fans forgot 'the game
about the sixth Inning, and start
ed on the umpire. What they
said would not look well in print.
Wiat they threatened to do to the
umps after the game would have
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the Mother's Pension Aid Law.
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demption of bonds, certificates of delinquency and many other
detail* pertaining to finances, to also when electing your
county treasurer, see that you have the man who has these
The person that pays a one-dollar tax wilt receive the
same courteous treatment aa the person who pays a larger
amount. My motto Is, "TREAT ALL ALIKK," as you, Mr.
Voter, are ray employer.
I have handled forty million dollars ($40,000,000) as
cashier in th« County Treasurer* office pud the State Oh«ch
log Bureau says my daily re^fts check correctly to the cent.
Do you approve of the system of having each taxpayer
notified as to the amount of his taxes each year without extra,
c«u« u> jrom, thereby saving him or her ' unlw - trip* to the
Court House? | If bo, renieml»«r that la oue of the Improve
menU I will install when elected. • ; d ..."• ■-,•
ft'l Intend to collect all inoi»*ya due the county the same v
the prevent County Treasurer, Mr. Meath, has done.
Monday, Nov. 4, 1912.
of Hair," a caricature of tl*o
caused a man of less nerve to
take It on the run.
Malianey was playing first for
Jacksonville and begun to taunt
the crowd about blaming it on the
umpire, and in a nice way told
them what Quitters they were.
Now, Mullaney, although born
in the north, has lived south so
long tat he has long been re
garded as a southerner. What
happened wag all the more sur
prising, coming from him.
Sore at Mullaney's taunts the
crowd turned to the first Backer.
One rooter after casting all kinds
of reflections on Mullaney's ap
pearance, age and ability, raised
a laugh by shouting: "Why, I re
member you during the Civil
war, Mullaney."
Quick as a flash Mullaney with
his ready Irish wit replied:
"Ye« ,and I was with a winner
then, just as I am today."
That remark let the umpire
get away with his life, but Mul
laney had a strenuous time of it
at the end of the ninth.

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