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Strange, but
Some People
Don't Know
Yet that the
Tall One Is
Osgar. /
Worda bj SehMfer
Music by Cundo.
(Itj United Press T. a-.-.l Wire.)
NEW ORLEANS. La., N<rv. 5.—
Although he deserved no better
than a draw in his ten round bat
tle here last night with Joe Man
dot, it was conceded by all fight
followers today that Champion
Ad Wolgast is not a "has been,"
Another Cohan & Harris Success
A Laugh Romance of Quick-Fire
Action with Plenty of Suspense
Same Great Company and Pro
Trices, 60c to $2. Curtain at 8: IS
Sunday-Monday, Nov. in-11
The Messrs. Shubert and Lewis
Waller present
The Great London <•<■«»
With All English Company
The Dramatic Sensation of This
Season's Offerinlgs.
Prices, $1.50 to 33c.
Seat Sale Saturday. Curtain 8:15.
Mall orders now.
Main 7760.
"Brown of Harvard"
PRICES 80c, 30c
Bargain Matinee Wednesday and
Saturday — lOc and 28c.
■^■W. I f£ y good
Tobacco thats got the punch
•—-that hits the spot on every fire-up in your old jimmy pipe; the nd-blotdid, red-tinned brand,
thats just as much ytttr smoke after one round as after a thousand; the •*/ tobacco in the ring
; that has the bit*tut tut by a patented process and can't iting that tongue of yours—ny, that't
iPSIKi' Fringe Albert
It [Pjffl!l^PWAl§°|§P) H Get joun ;before the bell rines—before your pipe-joy is knocked
;ss' R !^^^^pwl|^^^Ha 9 dean out* by yfrr-bnnds. And take it straight, this holds good
■I M whether y°u j»m « iato » jimmy pipe or roll up a cigarette,
i !1 WMM wHsl m 're*^ tn<^ v y 'rom ll)'°' *• 'our Pac'caees — tib* sc-bag h
f>R] iNce Albert
( Jet yours before the bell rings—before your pipe-joy is knocked
dean out by firt-bnnd*. And taks it straight, this holds good
whether you iam it into a jimmy pipe or roll up a cigarette,
fresh and bully from any of the four packages —the 5c -bag hi
o m a ..»-■■ » »__-.-- i flKf ■^■■^ft !■ 1 <
*V •• A. mryuiliar*. /n tpppy hITI IH ISflu
•W poaitJ and hmlf-pomnd !■ Vfl BiJ
and that It will take a lonp dls
tanoe bout to settle the question
of superiority between the two
lightweights. Wolgast's efforts
last night undeniably were the
best he has shown since he vai
stricken with appendicitis iv Los
Angeles a year ago.
The sport writers of New Or
leans newnpapers declared the
contest a draw, and this decision
is said to meet the approval of
Referee Ed. W. Smith of Chicago.
Mandot had the better of the
long range fighting, but Wolgast
made him look like a novice in the
clinches. In the third round Wol
gast fought with old time deter
mination and had Mandot all but
out. The champion brought the
crowd to Its feet by staggering
Mandot with a fearful smash to
the Jaw. He followed up this ad
vantage by beating .100 about the
ring but was unable to connect
with the finishing wallop. Mandot
was in distress when he went to
his corner. The fourth round al
so was Wolgast's, but Mandot
evened up matters by making a
whirlwind finish in the laßt thr.»e
rounds. The tenth was the hot
test thre© minutes of fighting
even seen in New Orleans.
Mandot stagger&£ Wolgast with
two stiff rlgrhts to the jaw but
the champion lowered his head
and came In for more. Joe fol
lowed It Tip with two more to the
same place, and at the bell Wol
gast was hanging on.
Seat sale tomorrow for that
funny play "Officers 666." Taco
nia theater. "Adertisenient"
St. Louis Cardinals Now Entirely Surrounded By Lawyers
When Miller J. Hugging Is ap
pointed manager of the St. Louis
Cardinals, succeeding Roger Bres
luiiiiui. discharged, lira. Helena
Hathaway RoblHon Brltton, mag
nate-ess, will have on her staff
four honest-to-goodnesa lawyers.
The men are:
(Attorney A. C. Jones, president.
Attorney Miller «J. Huggins,
Attorney W. C. S<ofiel(l, sec
Attorney 1,. O. Hocker, nti.-r- 1
[ ney. l
If added cooks are needed to
spoil the broth, it Is probable At- i
torney Hocker can call in some of i
his office force. . i
Isn't it a fine bunch to ask thf t
national commission to go up s
against in an argument? I
Xo wonder Rajah de Bros, of '
County Tralee, later of Toledo,
0., was decapitated. The chances i
are he'd have been released !
sooner, had the lawyers been able j
to agree. And maybe It is be-
I cause she has a staff of able- i
bodied lawyers that Mm. H. H. R. i
Britton is willing- to take a I
chance on a suit to force her to i
I pay Rajah $10,000 a year and 10 I
I per cent of the club's profits, as|i
The defeat which put Taooma
High out of the championship
running did not dishearten the
members of the team and they are
out on the field today putting in
their hardest licks In preparation
for the three games remaining on
the schedule. These three are
with the Seattle teams, Tacoma's
bitter rivals, starting next Satur
day with Broadway, the most an
cient of the rirals. Coach Per
kins is thinking of making some
changes In the line-up which will
make the line heavier. His subs
are heavy and good. Broadway
Is supposed to be the weakest of
the Seattle schools but whenever
It cornea to a Tacoma-Seattlt
game there is always the hottest
kind of a fl^ht.
■■ MM • . •-.
Strawberries, 20c box.
Huckleberries, > lbs. 250.
Cantaloupes, 2 for 25c.
Fears, box, 11.60.
Oranges, 20 950 c
Lemons, 30c. . •
Cocoanuts, 10c.
Bananas—3oc doz.
Apples, box, 75C051.29. ;• •
Apples—Gravenstein, box, •. 11.35 0
Meat* BEO«»|
Roast Beef, prime rib, lb. H4>2oc
Pot Roast, 12H©l»o. , i>f ,^
Boiling Beef, i&lOa.
Sirloin. 200. •> ~;B:
Porterhouse, 25©250. !»)JJ»f
T-Bone. 22 0 25c. - ,«-, !
Round Steak. lie \f
Leg of Lamb, spring, 200. taitj
Lamb Chops, shoulder, 15o{ r tola
and rib, 20c. .__ .
Shoulder of Lamb, 12H«.
Lamb Stew, lb., 7c ,;. j <••
Roast Pork, 18-20-25 c. «
Pork Chops, shoulder, 20o; tola
and rib, 2Be.
Veal Roast, 18©2Ka *
Veal Cutlets, 2«»»fa. rr\ «
Ham. sliced, 25®»5c ») f.
Salt Pork. 16c ?l*|
Olympia Boat
tVMTM Uutltlttl rmk tMBf at
Th» » •• iv #. Trip C^o/iecU
r.etnrala% Ustm Olrtnpta
'■•'■'■ M.ijl tTte. vi •:•« «.«*!)
If AOIfOLIA— "' Olriß^l
for Ta com a and 8«*ttl» lilt
ci , f»hoii« Wat* * JOt j ■ '
his contract calls for — for the
next three years.
Attorney Miller Hugging, who
will probably succeed Bresnahan
as manager of the Cards, is a
member of the bar In Ohio, al
though he never worked at it. He
seldom writes LL. D. after hia
name, although among the profs
Who drilled Blackstone into him
were President W. H. Taft and
Oov. Judson Harmon of Ohio.
Still Huggins isn't proud, bo's
you'd notice it.
Huggins is no baseball spring
chicken. Ho was born in Cincin
nati March 27, 1880, and is of
German parentage — and thats
one of the things that gets under
the skin of Bresnahan—the Idea
of being succeeded by "wan of
The quest of the pesky "var
mint" la already being planned
by Tacoma men who are anxious
to do the -country a good turn.
The annual slaughter ia booked
to begin this year about Decem
ber and will continue till Maroh
1. The pests of the woods,
cougars, wild cats, coyotes and
even the English sparrow will be
put out of the way for the good
of the other inhabitants of the
forests. In accordance with the
past custom two captain* will be
elected and the sides will contend
for honors. The captains will
probably be elected the latter part
of the month. The annual "var
mint" dinner Is expected to be tne
biggest ever.
Pork Sausage, link. 20c; bulk, 15c.
Bacon, IS^tTßc.
Corned Beef, boneless, 110.
Tripe, 10c.
Brains, 15c.
Liver, 10c.
Spring Chicken*. 22c
Hens. 20c.
Spring Ducks. 25c
Squabs, JBo.
Halibut. I lbs. 2*c.
Crab*. 11 iot»3 doz.
Trout, 25c lb. ,
Salmon, 15c.
Black Cod, t lbs. ISA V
Rock Cud. 15&
Sound Smelts. 2 lbs. 250.
Shrimps, 15c
Codfish, brick. Me. •
Olympla Oysters. 11 qt.
Anchovies, quart, tie.
Kippered Salmon and Cod. Ho.
Kippered Herring, lie.
Celery, bunch. 6-6-lOc.
Green Corn. 20a. . -
Cucumbers, 3 for 25c
Tomatoes, lb., 10e. -_- ■
Squash, lb.. So.
Bell Poppers, lb.. 15c.
Erg Plant, in., Be.
Qlobe Onions, 4 for 10c.. -
Beets, Carrots, Turnips, . Onions,
Radishes, all bunch stuff. I
bunches for Be. . .
Cabbage, 591*0.
Potatoes, sack. 750»50.
Spinach, 1b... So.
Sweet Potatoes, selected. t lbs. 25a
Butter, tub, 250 1b.,1 lbs. 11.04.
Best tub, 17c lb., 3 lbs. 11.05.
Fancy Bricks, S to.
Washington, tie. ■
Oregon, tie, I lbs. $1.00.
' '•■ ■ CktiH -
rilamook. »0&
Wisconsin, -, tie. . _
New Tor£ iVi
imported Bwtaa, 40c, : -
Roquefort, (to.
i -v-,-TP-"v T i>.-. BsTSS). " . . . ■■:-.
FY«eh ' Ranch, fancy,"• 50e.; - '
Regular. ■ Eastern. 10c ,,
thlm Dootchmrn," as Roger
might have said it if he hadn't
had the benetlt of Toledo's pub
lic school system in his youth.
IT. P. S. has not yet given up
hope of a return game with Whit
worth. Frank Rlley, physical di
rector, will take the matter up
with Coach Ghormley of Whit
worth and will try to arrange tor
a prae either this Saturday or
next week. Rlley says that Mur
do<:k, Whltworth's manager, fav
ors the game. The U. P. S. man
does not believe his team had a
proper show with Benadoma and
Tisch out of the game after Smith
and M^Quarry had already been
barred. In case the game is not
played It Is expected a game will
he arranged with Bremerton for
fffjfi) Glasses Fitted
11/aL^^^^'? CASWELIi
\jfiy£jkjtfWb oI>TICAIi co
<>Nmlyr\^^JH Masonic Temple
Tacoina, Wash.
IB^^^9|^^^EflH SfV '*;^1 sl^P^^lßs9^BsW^BW^Bli
IsHsflssSv' 1 ' BBBBbW^IbbI HfasSr^ V V A SSBBBBsM
ss^srlftM iPftrfliPH ** *t S Ct JTlClt OCt K^sssssßßßMßl
QmPVE^HFI-:'"-'] Let It Be a Knox Ir^Slsl
f^f?j£f^3^6tfl Or stetson. SSSS^ps^IHI I
|^SfeMl^gs§^ m There's a satisfaction in paying BsSpJjSMpwß
B^p^ with a hat of national reputation. HipS PIS
H^SHB^l^w Knox Hats $3, $4 and $5. IbM KB
J^SySH Stetson Hats, $3.50, $4 and $5. S^!i3
HJ m Dege Special, $3. Kis^ffi
Genuine Velours, $3.50, $5, $7 & $8. gH/flaUffil
s^K^sJs! RP J^^^^^^Kmk. IV Bui lflli^,s^ftsßl
James H. - Dege Co* ■ • ■ •;
1110-12-14-16 Pacific ay.
The Good Clothes Store for Men and Boys. Sl> ■
Covered from head to foot with
gore and honor and mud and
dragging tha bloody carcasses of
15 unscrupulous mud-hens which
paid for their recklessness with
their lives, Detective Captain John
Fitzgerald, Baseball Manager Ed
Watklns, Commissioner Freeland,
Deputy City Treasurer White, and
a dozen others have returned from
a hunting trip to Springfield.
There are no more mud-hens
at Springfield, the game-hog pro
clivities of these hunters having
swept the coast clean of these
birds at that point.
Ducks were what they went
Making his time a little less was about 10 laps In the rear. A.
than four minutes below the Morgan was next but finished onlr
world's record, Jimmy Fitzgerald, 14 miles. When Russ Hall went
professional indoor champion of over to the rink this morning he ■
the world for the 15-mlle raoe, found Reindeer Bill still on the
won out in the 15-mile handicap
race at the Glide rink last night.
Vie Norman, the Seattle runner,
was his nearest competitor but
Eddie Shepler, well known In
boxing circles, will help Joe
Bonds in his corner when the lo
cal boy meets Frank Farmer at
Katonvllle this month in a return
bout. Bonds and Farmer fought
to a draw before and Joe thinks
he can put the shades of night to
the big logger this trip.
(Hy United Press l.cu^nl Wire.)
Nov. s—The Rugby fifteen, which
Is to represent Stanford In the
game with California university
Saturday, will be announced
Thursday. Coach Pressley has
tried out all available material
and claims to have rounded out
a winning squad. A medical ex
amination showed every member
to be in perfect physical condition.
Standford's send-off to the team
will be given Thursday at a mon-
Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1912.
after. The spit wag covered with
heavily armored hunters when
Captain John and his crowd ar- „
rived, and although a few ducks
were seen flyiug near the horizon,
none ventured near enough for
any of the army of 60 men to fire
with any hope of bringing one of
them down.
One young sand-piper settled .
down close to the water's edge
and was greeted with a ton of
lean. He has not yet returned to
The party was gone one night,
leaving Saturday and returning
yesterday afternoon.
go. Bill failed to finish last
night, and after the scorers left
h« had to stop and tally eaoh lap
ster bonfire rally.
The demand for tickets to tha
big game has been so great that
many alumnis and undergradua
tes here are unable to secure
seats. All attendance records are
expected to be broken.
Boxlnpr, indoor baselwill, and
basketball are the three games
which are bringing out the Inter
est of the members of the Taco
ma National Guard. The men . .
are practicing three nights a
week and are working hafd in
preparation for the annual tour
nament between the different
companies of the association. Box
ing is given the most attention,
although the companies are get- «<
tins teams in the field for the
other games and as Boon as the
Fourth company comes into the
field the schedule will begin.
Merchants Delivery
Moving and Storage
Main 168.

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