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Adolf Is
Eeally Too
Perishable to
Make Good
Word* bj Bchaefer
Music by Condo.
"Cy" Neighbors, the beat out
fielder In the Northwestern league
this year, and a .303 hitter, Is
for sale at $500, according to an
announcement given out by Pres
ident Edd N. Watklns of the Ta
coma Tigers Just before he left
for the annual meeting of minor
league magnates In Milwaukee.
It la said that George Van Hal
tren, the veteran umpire, has been
given orders to try and use his
Influence to make a dicker in Cal
Clothes from Maker to Wearer
214-220 National i;.-.ili> llhlg.
, Ten Dollars
Mm for a twenty? Of course you would, so would any
17{t other man. Well, that Is Just what we are going
to offer you In some fine suits and overcoats left
/*9yEk on hand from this fall's orders. They were made
tyflliß to order for
«BR $25.00 ,':: $40.00
P> Wf You may nave them for half price.
lip The Herald Tailoring Co.
gIW Uktab. 1889
My , Goo. L. Young, Prop.
BW HO So. I2th St.. Opp. I*. O.
■£_- W^fc- T^^^^K /£&■* •=. '' / MPT!
I Whether you smoke it in a jimmy pipe or as a cigarette. <
I Take it from any angle, Prince Albert simply measures right
jl I up to every idea of what a smoke should be. Pack in your old
1 I ' jimmy and it opens up a new delight in pipe smoking. Roll up
IS I a cigarette and you have the finest paper-coated smoke ever com-
II I pounded. Burns evenly, with none of that die-out-between
f I whiffs habit. And doesn't burn up in flash like dried-out, chaff
|i I brand tobaccos. P. A. is long burning and it's handy for
II I cigarette smokers because it is easily handled on a windy day.
||L,uuiHU" llliiniß Now ' Mr. Man—you who think you can't
|||fe^S3S=g3gl smoke a pipe—give P. A. the third degree in
IWIIPE^,I^! promises right in bloom.
llsl f®L 11111 l Put this on ice: Prinde Albert won't bite your
IPIV / &B&&. \ ill to "gue- The sting is taken out by the patent
Hi If m mi \ VMM process that we spent three years and a fortune
111 11 il I wBmMM I I I All li" tobacco thapm. in tUy r,d 10 Mm lint,
lillfill \\V.THiU^/l''lfil " *°PPy'•* Sent cloth bag., half-pound and pound
('I I 1 \ ■ ■/ ' fi JmA-nufer. wf* mot.ten.r pad. in lop, and
liii '^^eJI 111 R J REYNOLDS TOBACCO company
11 I $pfi®fflP ~mLm I Winston-Salem. N. C
(Uy I'nited Press Leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, Nov. B.—The big
frao of Jack Johnson, negro
.heavyweight chapion prize fight
er, shook with sobs when he ap
peared before United States Judge
K. M. Landis today to nave ap
proved $30,000 bonds furnished
for him by his mother in a white
slavery case.
Now, kids, you've got to quit
parading around with thr-ee rifles
and shotguns and all these pop
pers you like to monkey with.
You'll lose them if you do sport
That la Ijuwtiva Broms <Julnlnf. Look fat
th« alfnatura of R. W. CJruT*. Cum a Cold
la On* Da*. Cm«a Grip In Tw« Day*. 33a.
Two out of three games in the
Postoffice Bowling league were
won by the Lions on the Y. M. C.
A. alleys last night. The Tigers
made their wins three straight.
Elmer penning ran the high score
of the season, spilling 111 pins.
The ecore:
Lions. Ttls.
W.Johnson ..127 til 119 404
Conrad l-"4 112 105 371
McDonald ...133 126 132 391
414 395 356 1166
Giants. Ttls.
Witchen 154 102 109 365
Kvers 121! 141 100 364
K. Lennlng ..211 110 120 441
488 358 329 1170
Tigers. Ttls.
Cook 11l 165 101 421
States 100 122 112 334
Klvert 139 153 149 441
394 440 3G2 1196
Reavers. Ttls.
N'oniyke 144 124 111 370
'l,owe 73 109 87 269
Tomlinsou ...147 119 135 401
304 352 333 1049
What the Fern Hill boys believe
to be a record score in grammar
school football was made by them
In a same played yytserday aft< m
oon at Fern Hill with the Mid
land team, the final result being
102 to 0. One of the Fern Hill
boys made 7 touchdowns. -
Think of batting better Mian
.300 for lti consecutive years in a.
major league-
This is the unparalleled
achievement of John "Hans"
Wagner, the wonder-man of the
Pittsburg baseball club; the man
who goes along year after year,
hitting the ball with the same
deadly precision that has made
him a nightmare to pitchers ever
since he Joined the Louisvill."
club i>n 1597.
Hans finished the season of
1912 with an unofficial batting
average of .326 (the official tig*
ure won't change it much), a fig
use he has fallen below bat twice
in his bin league career. He
batted .320 in 1010 and .30.1 in
1898. Mis grand average for ltl
years is .342. He has played in
2169 games, been at bat 8238
times, scored 1502 runs, niude
2849 hits and stolen 638 ' .■-<"•
And "Hans" closed th© year
We Guarantee Satisfaction
214-220 National Ilealty Bldg.
J Wtiyf^Cts I L
o R-wh'/* Q
A M 4 ' N
t ,3Wif llsl:
. .•■ ■.*-"■.■ yT^i ■ . ..■■-.
>^^ —
Special Price on 1 Men's Raincoats
$15 and $18 Garments, Special
I BANKERS 3rd •Floor '
: - ■*•** TRUST 'i *£*
&JZL. 3rd Floor BUILDING ;?levator . r
■"■.'''•• ;V,i" :■■■■■ i Next Door to Peoples Store '.' \'" ■..-,'V ■
Year G. AB. R. H. SB. AY.
' 18n7 ' Gl 241 38 83 22 .344
igaa 14* 591 80 180 25 .305
1899 " 144- 549 102 197 36 .359
.| iyi>o 134 528 107 201 36 .3SO
1901 141 556 100 196 48 .332
11902 !*.' 137 538 105 177 43 .329
I !903 . ..129 512 97 182 4<5 .355
I^o4 132 490 97 171 55 .349
1905 147 548 114 199 57 .363
1906 140 516 103 175 53 .339
1907 142 515 98 180 61 .350
l9og 151 568 100 201 53 .354
| 1909 137 495 92 168 35 .339
19!0 '"!.* ....150 556 90 178 24 .320
11911 130 473 87 158 20 .334
1911 !!.!!!!! 146 562 92 183 26 .326
Total* 2169 8238 1502 2829 640 .343
Clean, New, Sanitary.
Always Open. Private Rooms.
Pac. ay. & 7th. Main 5 970
without noticeable loss of his mar
velous speed, dimness of eye or
lack of dexterity In the greatest
pair of hands fn baseball.
Before Hans Wagner estab
lished his record, "Pop" Anson
was pe*rless among the game's
great batters. Anson>> record
was 13 straight years In the .300
Wanner, barring accidents, will
be with the Mrates in 1913 ana
it is to be expected that lie will
again lwt better than .300 and
establish a record of 17 succes
sive years in the .SOO class.
Only eight players besides
Wagner have batted .300 or bet
ter for 10 years in succession in
the past 36 years.
Anson batted .300 for 15
years; Dan Broutlwrs 14- Willie
Keeler, 13; Ed Delehanty and
Joe Kelley, 11 each; Hugh Duffy
Jesse Burkett and Nap Lajoie, 10
Short Sport
Frank Baker, Ueorge DoHuer
and "Soot" Holmes trailed out
to Nlsqually flats Tuesday and
stayed over until Wednesday for
the purpose of bringing in some
40 ducks which they corralled
and blew some metal into.
Lincoln high is half expecting
to be beaten when it stacks up
against the Spokane team Satur
day. Several veterans of tlie
Spokane team are eligible now
and the team is stronger than at
any time this season, while Will
ard, the Lincoln star, is out of
the game with an injury.
Spokane school authorities
have ruled that the high school
team shall never leave the city
limits after the game with Lincoln
in Seattle Saturday.
That city basket-ball league
ought to be a great thing. Eight
teams are expected to enter and
a regular schedule will be played.
Shifts In the line-up of Tacoma
high will not be ao extensive as
was first thought. "Dub" Cob
lentz always did hate the quar
terback position.
The Oregon "Aggies" are
ready to put up a stiff scrap
against the U. of W. Saturday.
Washington will also be ready.
We hare a complete line of
heaters for wood or coal, priced
from $1.50 to $20.00. See our
line and prices before you bay
—It will pay you. We alto re
lln* your old heaters.
Mala 402. 1113 Tacoma »r.
♦ ♦
<5> (United Tress Leased Wire.) *
<» SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8. <$>
<$ —San Francisco and Sacra- •$>
♦ mento clubs of the Pacific «>
♦ Coast league are seeking ♦
<?> the services of Harry Wol- ■$
<?> verton as manager for next <i>
<$> season, according to reports ■*
•■ prevalent in baseball circles <3>
■$> today. Wolverton will not <!>
«> manage the New York Amer- <$■
<;*> leans next season. <«>
♦ <»
What T.x.ms Admiro
Is hearty, vigorous life, accord-
Ing to Hugh Tallman, of San An
tonio. "We find," he writes,
"that Dr. Kings New Life Pills
surely put new lite and enprgy
into a person. Wife and I be
lieve they are the best made."
Excellent for stomach, liver and
kidney troubles. 25c at Ryner
Malstrom Drug Co., 038 Pacific
W. Ton, Cbl'aaa*
Medicine Co.
■Ky I have been «uf"
■pSfeagS ferlp.g severely
Kjjpriyjta from kidney trou
-IHK£^V '"'« ami rheums
»Ep»^r tlam for (ho paat
\ft'Sv * yn., and have
K|y|P'X^ been doctorlnjc
■K Wont r»Jlof. After
m^mm^t^amtrjlng your won
derful remedies, undir your
treatment for I weeks, th* pain
and soreness have entirely dis
appeared. Tours truly. P. A. Sni
der. 6710 So. Yaklma ay., Tacoma.
A wonderful Chinese medicine.
Send Zc stamp for queatlon blank
to M4*H Pacific ay. Main ills.
Our autumn and winter line of SUITINGS
and OVERCOATINGS and let us talk to you
about the latest styles.
Every man demands winter comfort in a
winter suit or overcoat and we stand ready
to meet all demands.
(SStiJ£ m B I A close survey will
«B»X W show you that our price
|||i[|^M Suit or Overcoat
||||l||i^ Made to Order
Ir If %\K
«| mm i d/ JLftJP
j|l||ll|i| I Union Made
t'i -2--!.'.' '• \^B*!' ■•(•••' t^^n \i
C!ii!Jiij;|\*nix||jW S Tlie weather is be-
iill^ 8 1 comin & chilly and rainy,
' jHT\«F~~ III so you'd better order
KwAM^v.^ Bi.VoUl' ll't and Overcoat
920 Pacific Aye.
Friday, November 8,1912.
Interest In the new boxing
class at the Y. M. C. A. Is in
creasing with the weekly meet
ings every Tuesday. Two new
members have been added. Lind
and Olds are the new men. Llnd
especially shows considerable
promise, while Olds may make a
good man with a little experience.
When your faithful
friends, the clocks in
your house, get to tell
ing falsehoods, don't
blame them. A good
clock needs very care
ful attention. Let us
look after the ailing
Charges Moderate
Work Guaranteed
Mahncke & Co.
914 Pacific Avt>.
Established 1883.

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