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SKITTLE, Fov. 9.—When I opened the door I saw a big man
■tttfog at a desk. He turned in the swivel chair, rose and laughed.
"I'm glad to see you," he said, and shook hands. I lost, tem
porarily, the use of three perfectly good fingers.
"I have no jobs to give out," he rumbied. "To tell ye the
truth, I'm casting about for a job on my own account. My work
here is almost done, and the job I wanted when this one was finished
I didn't get. Lister got it."
"You're not looking as downcast as I expected."
"Don't be misled by my looks," said Bob Hodge. "I'm sure
disappointed. I wanted to be governor of the great state of Wash
ington. I worked hard for the office. And I was beaten. But it
was not altogether for myself that I wanted it. Can ye believe that
now. Ye cannot suspect me of talking for political effect.
' 'Tis a fine and honorable ambition —to be governor of a state
like Washington. Was it presumptuous in me, an ex-coal miner,
and before that a sailor before the mast, to aim so high? I think
not. If it was, then our democracy is a sham, a hollow thing with-
good judgment by putttlng the
enforcement of tile street rail
way ordinance up to the police
department, where It really be
longs after all.
VOL. IX. NO. 283.
(By United l'ress Leased Wire.)
LONDON, Nov. 9.—Only the
most delicate diplomacy can now
avert a general European war,
every diplomat in London admit
ting today that peace hangs only
by a thread. Whether Great
Britain, Franco and Russia will
be found fighting Germany, Aus
tria and Italy within a week is
problematical, but the worst Is
feared, and it seems almost cer
tain now that this situation will
be realized.
Servia's defiant answer to Aus
tria's note of warning that if
Servian troops occupy that pan
of Albania which faces the Adria
tic sea the Austrian army would
cross the frontier into Servia, has
thrown all Europe into the grav
est apprehension in many years.
Although official verification ts
lacking, it is reported here that
Servia answered the note by rush
ing an army under General Yank
ovitch to seize Durazzo, a Turk
ish seaport on the Adriatic sea.
If this proves true it is admitted
here by all diplomats JLhat Aus
tria would be certain to carry out
her threat and then the situation
which all Europe has feared since
the Balkan war started will be
at hand.
<$><$> <$>^><^<$><$><J><J><s><J><^^<s><£^s>
♦ «>
«> • «>
♦ • • • (By United Press Leased Wire. <&
$> PRETORIA, Nov. 9.—lt Is believed here that the world's 9
<$> legitimate matrimonial record is held by Mrs. Theila M. De •$>
<8> Boer, aged 78, residing In Pretoria.: First married at the <5>
♦ age of 18, she recently became a widow for the tenth time. <?>
<?• She is the mother and stepmother of 49 children and the <?>
<$> grandmother of 270. <!>
<* . «
CHICAGO, Nov. 9.—Held as a
federal prisoner on charges of
having violated the white slave
law in his dealings with white
women, the "streak of yellow"
which has always been attributed
to Jack Johnson, negro prize
fighter, came out today a yard
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—Reply
ing to an inquiry as to whether he
thought the prosperity of the
country would be affected by the
result of the election, Andrew
Carnegie today said:
"No. Our republic bears a
charmed life."
Club Bonds
at par in exchange for
unencumbered lots within
the two and three-mile
Calvin Philips &Co.
til California Bids. Main >1
TheTacoma Times
PARIS, Nov. 9.—Contradictory
reports poured in here today re
garding the situation at Constan
tinople. One report stated that
the hoad of the hierarchy in
Turkey, Shk»k-ul-Islam, had pro
claimed a holy war to incite the
Mohammedans to massacre Chris
tians. Still another dispatch
said the sultan was preparing to
transfer the capital across the
SOFIA, Nov. 9.—Surpassing
in solenranlty and significance
any event in the history of Eu
rope in the last 500 years, Czar
Ferdinand of Bulgaria plans to
end the Turkish war with an
entry in force into Constantino
ple. Announcement was made
here today that King Peter of
Bervla, King George of Greece
and King Nicholas of Montene
gro have accepted bis invitation
to assist in the final downfall of
Islam, which will be celebrated
with solemn mass in the mosque
of St. Sophia.
BERLIN, Nov. 9.—Wholesale
butchery of Christians including
men, women and children by
Turkish troops just before the
surrender of Salonlca to Crown
Prince Constantine's Greek army
is reported in dispatches received
here f\m Athens late today.
Johnson kicked hard when he
was given as a cellmate John
Brown, negro, who Is charged
with murder.
"This is pretty tough on an in
nocent man who Is sick," John
son whined. Dr. Hogan at once
examined him and declared he
was perfectly well.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 9. —Tightllac-
ing caused the death of Joseph H.
Pennella, an. actor, at the City
hospital three hours after he coi
liipsed on the stage of a vaude
ville theater.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 9. —Gov-
ernor Colqultt refused today to
confirm or deny the report that
Senator Bailey has resigned.
1 News Items From
the Hicktown Bee
•— «
The Be* office is lust barely
recovered from the election and
we are pleased to relate that
Han Toiler, that, standpatter,
has had to give up his star and
the key to the town lockup.
Hen says he will not so to work
for a while.
More tobacker Juice was scat
tered all over the floor of Hufe
Simpson's grocery store this
year than on any previous 'lec
I'll bet there is lots of people
today, says Late Watertower.
who wouldn't Vote for Mr. Taft
to be president of their chicken
out substance.
"Much as T wanted the office for myself, I wanted it more for
the boys. They're fine boys, as fine as any, and it was in my mind
that they might stand a better chance when they come to man's
estate as the sons of Bob Hodge, the governor, than they would
as the sons of Bob Hodge, the coal miner?
"But much as I wanted the office for myself and mine, I want
ed it more for the cause to which I have given my heart. I can say
that now without the danger of being misunderstood.
"But never mind," Hodge laughed again, comfortably, whole
somely. "The governorship is now in good hands. I'm human, but
it is almost »s good as winning myself to know that Lister has won.
For lam told he is a good man, brave and honest. And, by split
ting the vote, I helped him. For that lam glad. For the corrupt
influences in the state that hate me, like Lister no better."
"You are not talking like a party man now," I said.
"Party!" Hodge sppke with scorn. "The grafter knows no
party, fears no party. He mouths 'party loyalty' when it suits his
purpose, but he has none in his heart. 'Tis the honest men in all
Governor-elect Ernest Lister, Mrs. Lister, our new first lady, ami their two children, Florence, aged 18, and John, ftgad O.
i —Photoß by Scott's Studio, Tacoma.
When Ernest Lister takes the
oath of office in January the state
of Washington will have a gov
ernor who has ideals and wiio
sticks to them even in a political
campaign. And yet as a cam
paigner he has just broken all
record* in the nation.
Ernest Lister began life at the
bottom of the ladder as a youtn
and for nine years was an Iron
niokler in Tacoma. He was a
union man and was sent as a
delegate to the international con
vention. But he did not parade
the -fact to catch votes. He De
longs to a lot of lodges and or
ganization - but no one ever
heard of it In the campaign.
A big newspaper went to him
and offered him $1,500 worth of
space free, but he refused It to
be free of any alliances
"I don't believe In that kind or
campaign," he told the politician*.
But hia was not a mollycoddle
campaign by any means neverthe
less. He discussed the issues—
state issues-—which are what the
governor has to do with. He
dissected the present administra
tion and told what he proposed to
change and his message waa
shouted from the stump at every
cross roads in the state in that
memorable three weeks.
Lister came to Tacoma from
England when a boy of 13. He
Is 4 2 now.
His father and uncle, Dave Lis
ter, had preceded the family some
time and had settled here. David
Lister was the first mayor of Ta
When Ernest got throagn
school he went into the molding
shop, then into real estate and in
surance and in 1897 John It. Rog
ers took him to Olympla to be
chairman of the state board of
When the Rogers administra
tion was ended Lister came bark
to Tacoma and engaged Id con
tracting. Two years ago he es
tablished a manufacturing plant
for interior work here which Is
parties that he fears. 'Twas fear that drove them to slander me,
knowing full well, the cowards, that, for a woman's sake, I would
not answer. And 1 did not. Thank God, I did not!
I fought a clean fight, and when I go to bed at night I sleep!
Read this. 'Twas sent me by mail. No; I'll read it."
It was a verse by Edmund Vance Cooke that Hodge read:
"You're beaten to earth? Well, well, what's thut?
Come up with a smiling face.
It's nothing against you to fall down flat,
Hut to lie there —thats disgrace.
The harder you're thrown, why, the higher you bounce;
Be proud of your blackened eye!
It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts.
"It's how did you fight—and why!"
Hodge rolled out the brave words with fine gusto. "Bobble
Burns never did better," he said. "I don't know who sent me the
verse, but 1 thank him. It was a comfort in the hour of defeat."
"And Now?"
He married Miss Alice Thorn
ton, a daughter of one of the
(rid families here, and has two
children, John, a boy of nine,
who is going to the public schools
and Florence, 18, who graduated
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SEATTLE, Nov. 9.—State
Chairman Rupp of the republican
central committee concedes the
election of Ernest Lister, demo
crat, today over. Governor M. E.
Hay, republican,' by 1,500 plural
ity. Hay was > ready to concede
his defeat, yesterday, when his
managers advised him to wait
till the official canvass of the
returns , before making - a public
statement. '• -'-f^' ■'*:.•; ■•';If;?-;'-^^-
here last year and Is now attend
ing Ingleside college at New Mcrt
ford, Conn., In which inHtltution
Mrs. W. W. Seymour, wife of Ta
coma's mayor, was a former
The returns, practically com
plete, show that Washington
went for Roosevelt overwhelm
ingly, elected a democratic gov
ernor, republican . state officers
generally, two progressive con
gressmen and three re
publican Strict congressmen.
CONBTANZA, Roumanta, Nov.
9.—Reports here from Constanti
nople say the Turks thef* have be
gun the slaughter of Christiana.
"Now? Dob Hodge must find another job. The Almighty gava
me a big body, with more bone and muscle than fat. There'a not a
mine I ever worked In that I can't go back to. There are a dozen
good men that have written me wanting me to be their partner. I
ran be a miner again. Or I can furl top-s'ls off Cape Horn one*
more. If I must I can sweep the streets. I'll take the beat thing
that offers, for there are four fine boys at home who must be fed
and clothed and educated and set in the right way of life, and it Is
necessary that they should have a better chance than their father
had. You must come out to the lmu.se some time. I'd like you to
know the boys."
It haßn't hurt Bob Hodge to be beaten. It will take more than
one beating to crush the sheriff. Defeat has tempered him. It has
robbed him, perhaps, of a little of his former boisterous buoyancy.
He has gone through the fires of a purgatory on earth, and they
have scorched his soul. But he has come through the ordeal a finer,
gentler, better man.
"I am young yet," he said In parting, "and strong. lam not
RAY KHKKIiAXn-S scheme to make
Tuconm tlie electric city of the
world by having everybody
cook, wash, iron nnd run their
sewing machines with < ii> elec
tricity In a winner and Kliould
be put right into o|ieratlon.
"What's going to become of some 1200 office hold
ers in this state, whose chief job Cor a dozen yean
or more has been to perpetuate themselves and the
republican machine In office >.
GoY.-elect Ernest Lister will have the opportunity
to make a complete cleanup. He will undoubtedly
wield the official axe in some of the more impoprt
ant places, lie will probably abolish some of the
offices ahoircther.
At any rate, some 1,200 office
holders are on the anxloiiß Mat
right now. And as for the re
publican party—well, the lons or
1,200 active, finely paid worUerw
in this state is one of those blows
which the old gang can hardly
hope, in Its present decrepit con
dition, to overcome.
While some of the officials were
appointed by Hay for lonAin
terms than his own, this will not
be binding on Lister and he may
call for the resignation of any of
these officers on the first day lie
takes office next January 15.
Some of the most important of
fices which the governor appoints
are the following:
Labor commissioner.
Assistant labor commissioner.
Adjutant general.
Industrial commissioners (3).
Board of control (8).
Tax commissioners (8).
University resents (7).
Public printer.
Hank examiner.
It has been a long tlmo sinco
the democrats have had a eluuica
to jollify over a president, and
they never did have the pleasure
of whoojiinK it up over the elec
tion of a democrat ns governor
on the straight ticket without
any taint of fusion until now, bo
they are unable to contain their
enthusiasm and will have .in ex
plosion on the streets tonight.
James H. I>. . • will be grand
marshal, and nn auto parado
with Ernest Lister and family at
the head will be given on the
streets, with red fire, brass band
and other dramatic features
The celebration will wind up
at the totem pole with a si>eech.
Funeral services for Mrs.
Clara E. Brewiiter will be held
Monday at 1:30 o'clock from the
family residence. 820 North X
street, *ye Rev. C. Y. Grimes or
flciating. Intrement will be at
Tacoma- cemetery. Remains are
at Mellinger's.
SB?) Lost! fit Found
l/wllß^X^^ A bunch of keys—valuable to the man
If J IbpW^jP who loßt t'lem > on c street Friday, practl
\f \MnjfA_'* cal'y of no use to th« man who found thejn.
\jp* Loser told of big loss in the "Lost"
„ column of The Timeg on Friday. .
■ ... .^y, ■ •, *■ f :*« "' .'; ■ •. '^-}r.ff^- -,\
y Finder read the ad—returned the ;kejnl
pocketed the reward* ,
I column of The Times on -^&^smm
Finder read the ad—returned the key*
—pocketed the reward.
. ■ I-..- 1-. Loser's office, ' desk and safe open ' tor
business as usual today. ■ :
; Times Want Ada Work Wonders -
Highway commissioner.
Public service commission (31.
Regents- of state college and
trustees of normal schools.
Warden state penitentiary.
Superintendent Chehalis train
ing school.
Superintendent .Monroe refor
Superintendents Insane asylums
at Stellacooin and Medical Lake.
Superintendent State Veterans*
Home, Port Orchard.
Superintendent State Soldiers'
Home, Orting.
Superintendent School for Deaf,
Superintendent School for
HHihl, Vancouver.
State librarian.
Stato grain inspector.
Dairy and food commissioner.
Coal mine inspector.
Hotel inspector.
Oil inspector.
Horticultural commissioner.
♦ ♦
•$> jov-s<iii;i>uijo ♦
♦ ———. <£>
♦ 7to 7:30 p. m.—Assem- ♦
♦ bly of Jubilant democrats ■»
<*> on Pacific avenue between ♦
♦ 12th and A streets. . <>
♦ 7:30 to 8 p. m.— Dl»em- <»
?■ barkatlon in 50 autos and -*
♦ jollification parade in down-
•' town streets. Governor-
':■ elect Lister will be Bhang- <*
•*> haled from his home by bis ♦
— exuberant supporters and ♦
•v will lead the joyrlde follow- ♦
* Ed by a brass band. 4>
t> 8 to 8:15 p. m.—Cover- ♦
t nor-oleet Lister's speech at ♦
<*> the Totem pole. 0
•■ 8 p. m. to midnight, Jan- ■•>
♦ nary 1, 1916—Exultation ♦
<r> by the victorious party. ♦
♦ ♦
Kiin tonight and Sunday.

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