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Monday, Nov. 11, 1012.
Special Features of Interest Ti The Times 9 Womee Readers
Of much interest last week wax
the marriage of Miss Hatti*
Qulnn, daughter of Mrs. Agnes
Quinn, to Harry C. Harrigan of
this city. The wedding took
place Monday morning at the St.
Leo's church.
* • •
Mrs. William Virgea enter
tained Tuesday evening with a
birthday dinner In honor of the
13th birthday of Anita, her
* * •
Honoring her cousins, the
Misses Tripp of Boston, who are
guests of Miss Man el. Shlelda,
Mrs. Edward I. Salmson was
hostess at one of the smart bridge
liartles of the season Thursday.
• • •
A charming wedding was that
which took place In Buckley
Wednesday morning uniting Miss
Evelyn McHugh, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. M. McHugh to Elmer
Mnermchmidt of St. Louis.
• • •
■All kinds bulbs. Smith's 1116 C.
• . •
Tlik Misftm Mlgnon and M n-
Karet Fleetwood left Saturday
afternoon for Portland, where
they will l>e the guests of the
Mlhshs Dorothy and Mildred
Moulton for several weeks.
• • •
About furs. Gee Mueller, 921
South C. "Advertisement"
* • •
Mrs. Carey E. Janes will he
hostess Thursday nftprnoon at a
bridge party for SO guests Jn
honor .of her sister-in-law, Mrs.
Carey Janes, who has come to
Tacoma recently a bride.
Talk With Us When
You Feel the Need of
We want to be your dentist.
We guarantee to merit your
patronage and we solicit your
future recommendations. Ex
pens© and effort have not been
spared to place us in a position
to render efficient and pains
taking service at moderate coat
to you.
Rridgework $5 Per Tooth—
Our Bridge Work
Has been brought to the high
est state of perfection. The
teeth/ on this bridge are inter
changeable at will without re
moving from the mouth. We
use gold or porcelain as your
fancy dictates. This is only
one of our many original meth
Our Plate Work
Has always been' an Important
branch of our profession and at
this office Is treated with the
consideration it deserves.
Electro Whalebone
Are the most satisfying that
have ever been devised. They
do away with all of the wol?
known . annoyances ■ endured by
a large percentage of , people
who wear plates and are supe
rior In every way to any other
plate. ; i'tj •; ::- ■■' / ■
' Contracts ; for plates include
the necessary - extracting I and
the price is from $6.00 to $15.
-*;::. i WE GIVE gab ?
A Beautiful Evening Gown
Most Exquisite Conception
After all, the most exquisite
creation of the modiste ia the
perfectly fashioned evening dress
with all Its soft, clinging folds
and graceful linos.
A capital illußtratalon presents
itself in the accompanying pic
ture which is a real delight to
the artistic eye that catches line
and d«elgn and draping imper
And yet the whole costume is
simple and might be built out of
medium priced materials.
While the panior drapery over
the hip gives coquetry to this
Strawberries, 20c box.
Huckleberries, 3 lbs. 25c.
Cantaloupes, 1 for 25c.
I-..is, box, $1.00.
Oranges, 10®50c.
Lemons, [email protected]
Coeoanuts, 10a
Bananas—3oc do*.
Apples, bos, [email protected]
Apples—Gravensfeln, box, $1.35®
Roast Beef, prime rib, lb. 18<3>20c
Pot Roast, [email protected]
Boiling Beef, [email protected] ,'
Sirloin, 20c.
Porterhouse, [email protected]
T-Bone, [email protected]
Round Steak, 18a
Leg of Lamb, spring, 20c
Lamb Chops, shoulder, : ISo: Join
and rib, 20c
Shoulder of Lamb, 12U&
Lamb Stew, lb., 7c
Roast Pork, 18-20-250.
Pork Chops, shoulder, 20c;, loin
and rib, 28c. «V
Veal Roost, ls<S>2sc.
Veal Cutlets, 20025 a.
Ham, sliced, 25®30c
Salt Pork. ISc.
Pork Sausage, link, 2Cc; bulk, 15c.
Bacon, ISipVVo.
Corned Beef, boneless. 15c
Tripe, 180.
Brains, lßc.
Liver, 10c
Poultry f
Spring Chickens, 22c
Hens, 200. • - ■ . •
Spring Ducks, Itc'
Kauabs. ISA _„w ■
Halibut. S lbs. Ssc. - > ':-
Crabs, 11.50 02 aaz. •
Trout, 260 In. ■ . ■
Salmon. 15»
Black Cod, I ibJU 250.
Hock &ud. Ike.
Bound Smelts, 1 111*. 25a
Shrimps, ISO. ■ ~ '
Codfish, brick. Ms.
Olympla Oysters, II qt.
Anchovlts. quart. Mo. . .
Kippered Salmon and Cod. 18c. '
Kippered Herring, lie.
Celery, bunch, 5-S-lOc
Green Corn. 10a.
Cucumbers, 8 for 25c. •
Tomatoes, lb., ISc • " , •
Squash, lb., to. -, ; ,
delicate gown, the arrangement of
the sath of black net lends dignity
ami length of line.
It is draped over one shoulder
and arm and falls straight down
the back, being caught against
the skirt under a bead embroid
ered ornament.
The dress itself Is made of
white channelise —soft, line ma
terial suitable for an evening
gown—might be substituted. It
is trimmed with the bead em
broidered motifs and bead fringe.
The black velvet hat with tta
smart trimmings adds contrast.
Bell Peppers, lb., 15c.
KgK Plant. Ib., Be.
Qlobe Onions, 4 for 10c
Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Onions.
Radishes, all bunch stuff. 3
bunches for 6c.
Cabbage, [email protected]
Potatoes, sack, 75 @ 95c.
Spinach, lb., 6c
Sweet Potatoes, selected. 8 lbs. 25a
Bermuda onions. 2 lbs. 25c.
in rri'.ri. CIIERSE AND EGGS
Butter, tub, 35c lb., 3 lbs. $1.00.
Best tub. 37c lb., 3 lbs. $1.05.
Fancy Bricks, 38c
Washington, 38c.
Oregon, 35c, 3 lbs. 11.00. . -
Tllamook, 20c.
Wisconsin, 20c'
New York, 30c
Imported Swiss, 40c
Roquefort, COc
Fresh Ranch, fancy, 50c.
Regular, Eastern. SOc.
Reduced Prices
on Electric Lamps
, We have the famous Mazda
lamps which save you about
two-thirds on your light bill.
See our window.
115 watt now 40c, were 50c.
25 watt now 4Oc, were 60c.
. 4 0 watt now 45c, were 55c.
60 watt now OOc, were 75c.
100 watt now OOc, were $1.10.
Main 402. 111S Tacoma ar.
Mentis Must Be for Five Persons; Five Courses.
Cost Must Be Important Factor.
Dig Turkey for Host Menu.
Last Day, Nov. 22.
Address: Turkey Mum Editor. -
A Thanksgiving dinner for only $2.45 is the one proposed by
Mrs. O. N. Gaylord, 6230 South Lawrence street, and the answer is
"chicken." For $1 Mrs. Gaylord can have chicken, dressing, and
gravy. That ineane a dollar saved, for turkeys come higher l»y that
much. Here's her menu:
Cream of Tomato (15c)
Koast Chicken, Gravy, Dressing ($1)
Mashed Potatoes (10c) Mashed Squash (10c)
Celery (sc) Cranberry Sauce (10c)
Waldorf Salad (X.c)
(cabbage, apples, nuts, celery)
Mince Pie (15c) Pumpkin Pie (15c)
Fruit Cake (lJc)
• Coffee (10c)
Total cost, $:Mr>.
Cynthia Grey's Answers
Dear Miss Grey: lam 23 '
yearn of age and have been
"keeping company" with a
girl- of 18 for about a year.
For various reasons I am
not considering marriage.
Now, inn I doing an injus
tice to be no more limn a
friend? I have not men
tioned matrimony, and it
would Ik* rather einbarrasi
ing to tell her of my "inten
tions," us that would be
presuming she was in love
with me.
In so many of the letters
written to you by girls, ili.-y
say they have been "keeping ,
- company with a young man" '
for different lengths of time,
and apparently take it , for
granted that they are prac
tically engaged, Can't a
fellow he a friend to a
girl and see her once ' or
■ I win- a week and take her
out to placet* of amusement, ■
without being under obli
gations to marry her? I
..- would like to hear the girls'
ideas on this question.
A. — a man can be a
friend and take a girl to amuse
ntents and call and I do not be
lieve any sensible girl will con
sider herself engaged; but when
he makes love and expects the
privileges of an engaged man she
thinks him honest, and has faith
enough in him .to believe he
means what he says by his ac
tions, if not in actual words.
Be honest with yourself and
the girl, and you will have noth
ing to regret.
Dear Miss Grey: Wo are
two married Indies, of saino
ago. Both have been mar
ried over five years. Wo are
not satisfied with our hus
Miss Grey, we both have
another fellow whom we
think will be very good to us
and we love them very much.
Our husbands are good to us
in many ways; but we have
to spend our evenings at
home while they go out with
other company.
What shall we do about
It? Shall we leave our hus
bands for these other fel
lows, who are home-loving
men; or shall we stick with
our husbands? ■.
HOME l.( I Its.
—I know of nothing that
will make a woman dissatisfied
with her husband, or a husband
tired of his wife quicker than
the affinity disease.
We can always find good (?)
reasons for the things we want
to do, and excuses for those we
do not. And I. know the affin
ity craze Is responsible for a
great many unhappy homes.
Because your husbands do
not do right is no reason you
should do wrong; and not until
men and women learn what honor
means in marriage will we have
good homes, good children, and
a good nation. '.
These men of whom.you speak
are not home lovers, or they
would not try to break up your
homes, and they have not your
good at heart, or they would not
encourage you to dishonor your
homes by associating with them,
unknown to your husbands.
' Dear Miss Urvj: I am a
working girl about 17 and ■
hare always worked out and I
made my own way till now,,
and I am staying home. .'
I have a stepfather who is
not good to nie.%l am keep- '
Ing company with a young
man of 20. He is an elec- '
trician. He Is very kind to
me. . My home Is not such
'as to entertain him. It i* so
humble. And my stepfather '
won't allow It, so I have to .
entertain him on the street. '
It makes me feel bad to think
I can't treat him the same as:
he does me.' He seems to like
me very much. •' I ~ got %' ac- '.'
quainted with him at a hotel
waiting on ' table. " I would ■
Fruit (25c)
(bananas and oranges)
like lo get a good place work
ing. Would like to get a
place in a doctor's office. I
haven't a very good educa
tion. 1 would like a place
hero in town, if you could
find one for me. I always
wanted to train as a nurse;
but have changed my mind.
A. —My girl, the best place for
you is in a good private family
whore they will treat you right.
I judge from your letter that
you ;ire inexperienced. Wherever
you entertain your friend, on the
street, or in the home, do not al
low him to be familiar. This man
may be bone.st, but often a man
■eeerns to be very fond of a girl
to tho girl's everlasting sorrow.
I wish I could tell you of a
good place. If you will go to the
Y. W. C. A. and tell them the cir
cumstances, I am sure they will
help you get work.
' f Dear Miss Grey: We are
two girls of 14 and 15 years.
We are not sisters, but
very great friends. One of
us Iris ii father, but tlio
■ other has neither lather nor
mother and is living ' with
her aunt.
Now, Miss Grey, it isn't
very easy to tell fathers and
aunts things that we would
tell our mothers if wo had
one, so we are writing to
you for advice.
W'h are. very nun in love.
Would you jileu.se tell us
some good hooks to read?
We thank you very much in
advance and hope you will
not think us foolish. Please
answer an soon as you can.
A.— Love at 14 and 15 Is not
the same as it is in later years,
and if you girls will Bend me
your address and ask any ques
tion you wish, just as you would
your mothers, if you had them,
I will answer each one privately
and truthfully.
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,
by Kate Douglas Wiggins; Anne
of Green Gables, by L. M. Mont
gomery, and Uncle William, by
Jeanette 1/oe, are dandy books for
girls your age.
'Dour Miss Grey: To set
tle a dispute, will you kind
ly tell us the prop""1 * way to
limit: stockings, by the top '
or the foot?
Wo would also like to
' have your readers' opinion of
women running for office,
such as governor. Wo would
like to have your opinion,
too. We don't approve of ;
it ourselves. 'Iliaiikinn you.
8. E. C. I. M. IS.
■ A. —Hang your stockings by
the toe, except on Christmas Eve.
It depends on the women who
run for office. Women In general
are more conscientious, and if
one runs for governor who has
this trait, is well informed, and
has executive ability and the good
of the people at heart, I see no
reason why she should not be
Ail run down? Ayer's Sarsaparilla
b a strong nerve tonic No alcohol.
Sold for GO year*.
Ask Your Doctor. t£&ri£Sz
ixrram^^^m Thl" 1. to certify
fi>'/«*iiijE*6Sithat I wai accldant
iZ'-'^SSSwWEvtH a'l!r Injured on the
I*/EtW*?VBl railway last year.
KHts»i*'3i*B After doctoring with
I'KCraui'w many doctor* wlth-
KT^^ttiSfi finally I was *dvln»<!
li£tJaE[&£-&*3[l root and herb modi
r^WmrrWl Hn« Cor two monthi
KSr^MlVia isnw I am completely
fißfi&i&JaO not for him I would
be a. gruu sufferer today. I am
pleased to recommend Tee Wo to
■ny sufferer* who may deaira to
tak« hla medicine.
- (Signed) OKO. DUNHAM.
1602 Portland a».
-Tee Wo Chinese ■ Mcd. Co.. llltVi
v .80. C at.. Tacoma, Wash.
JOAN MAI'DE, and some of her strunge. friends, as our artist
draws them —but not at all as Joan sees them, OK COURSE.
Joan Maude's little book, "Be
hind the Night Ughts," has Just
boon published by John Murray,
one of England's most prominent
publishers, 'and even the biggest
literary folks in England are
reading it.
And no wonder! Joan ia less
than 4 years old. She can't read
or write. And what's more, sho
doesn't realize that she is an
When .loan was less than 3
years old she began to ta!k to
her mother of a queer lot of crea
tures whom she numbered among
her fanciful friends. There was
the "Kiddikee" and the "ilitch
penuy" and the "Lowdge" and
the "Hlbbertoo."
Of these and 17 other anlmnl.-i
Joan was almost continually talk
ing to her mother, telling her
what they said, what they did,
what they looked liko and what
recent advent ures they had passed
Joan's "Lowdgo" is an ex
tremely interesting and wondrous
She told her mother this about
It, never once, during a whole
year, changing her description:
"He's purple and ugly. He
runs very fast; faster than dog
gie; quicker than the hare. He
throws his legs up very high. Up
hae only two legs, but there Is a
large space between each. His
toee are turned up when he runs,
"First Lady" In the United
Daughters of Confederacy
Founder and honorary president of the United Daughters of
the Confederacy, who will be jtne leading figure at the annual con
vention of tbat organization 4n Washington, D. C, Nor. 11-12.
and he turns them down when
he haw l'inishi'd. He likes to run
along the little streams because
h<> can never catch them."
The "Hibbertoo" is her best
"I can see him," she says, "but
nobody else can, though, of
course, you can think you can.
We go to palaces at ni^ht and
have long talks with the kings.
All the kings like 'Hibbertoo,'
'cos ho is vt-ry wise, lie likes
smiley faces. We always stay to
breakfast with tho kings. 'Hib
bertoo' doesn't have any mamma.
But all the other animals hedp
him, whenever he meeds it. and
that makes it very nice for him."
John Murray, the publisher,
ivail tlio nianiiKiiipt. It was "an
astonishing production," and he
wanted to publish it.
■$> ■$- 'if & & <$> <J><J> <J- v •s><?> ■$•<«> 4" ■$■
♦ CINCINNATI, Nov. 11.— I
•• Mins Myrtle Hays, a society ♦
♦ girl «nd suffragette of Addy- <£
J' ston, a suburb, paid an eloc- •
♦ tlon wager in a fashion that <s
♦ caused no ond of merriment <£■
■'.• today when she rolled a pea- <?
♦ nut throuKh Cincinnati's ♦
♦ leading thoroughfare with ♦
•• her nose. ♦
•s<?'<B>'s<* >"$ <? > 's>'s>'s'<>4><?»<^<!>
; Cynthia's Answers to
Many Questions
The, pro.C«";« of making vinegar
troru grape Juice is to expose
*\us Juice to the air until It ia
through ferment lug; then bottle.
A man can be sued for "ne-»
ceasity" bills contracted by his
wife. The suit will be brought
in the state where the bills were
Vaseline Is conceded by ex
ports to be one of the best pro
moters of the growth of hair
known. Apply a very little at a
time to the scalp and massage
well into the skin.
The expression "23" started
from the fact that the corner of
2:' id ay., New York city, was, or
is, apt to Income congested and
loiterers are asked by the police
to move on, or ' skidiloo."
The expression "Quo Vadis"
means "Which Way." The novel
of that name deals with tlie
mental and physical conflict of
the hero In deciding whether he
will be a chriotian or a heathen.
Thore are no national holldaya,
but there are legal holidays, July
4 IwiiiK one of them.
When the initial is used on
stationery, it should be either
the monogram ur the last initial.
Jim Jeffries and Jim Corbett
fought In the Mechanics pavilion,
Bu Francisco, August 4, I'JO3.
The willow plumes are still
stylish ( but the unkuoU«d ones
lead. Straight feathers are
worn very much.
If nn American tnkes out citi
zen pai>ers in another country,
liis wife becomes an alien anil
cannot vote in the United States.
"Hard Up," send mo your ad
To clean fur, place common
whiting in a damp place for sev
eral days, but do not allow to
get wet. Hub well into the fur,
and leave a few days, and then
brush and shake well. If diffi
cult to remove from a skin,
throw over the back of a chair,
and brush with a stiff bristle
(HK)I)S ('. (). l».
Special* for TiH'Stlujr and
5-lh. can Rod Karo, reg. 35c
quality, ».■«<■.
Snider's Catsup, 10c a bottle
3 Tic Matches. lOc.
25c K. C. Baking Powder,
18 lbs. best Granulated
Sugar for »I.(M), with $1
other groceries.
Noun- Kveryday Price**
See what you save by buy-
Ing here—
New crop Seeded Raisins, 4
lbs. 2.V.
Loose Muscatel Raisins, 4
lbs. He.
Best Domestic Macaroni, 3
pVgs. •-:•-.•.
Sugar Cured Loin Bacon,
17 I-8c Ib.
Picnic Hams, 13c Hi.
Lard in bulk, 15c a U>. Much
the sjoHt economical way
to buy.
Boiled Cid«r, large bottle
2.V; small ISc.
Canned Corn, 2 cans 15r, 00c
a dos.
Canned Salmon, 2 for 15c;
Ksc a doz.
Canned Pineapple, 15c;
$1.75 a doi.
Solid pack Tomatoes, lie;
$1.80 a <li>7. It My this
grade and add the water
yourself, it's cheaper.
Mount Vernon Milk, 2 for
Eagle Milk, 15c a can.
Baker's Premium Chocolate
•Ba a lb.
Ghlrardellll's Premium Choc
olate, 30c a lb.
The best apple values yea
will find at our stores.
Good home grown ones
from «5c up. Fancy Yaki
ma Baldwins at f 1.10 per
box. Thats from 16c to
25c per box less than you
can buy them elsewhere.
Elleasburg Potatoes, 75c a
: . hundred.
Fancy Yakima Potatoes, 05c
. .a hundred. -
Mac Lean Brothers
032 C Street." :■•'■■ vv; -,■.'■■-;■
.Main 000. ■> 't --■ ■.:■>'•■■■•-•
8510 Nortli Proctor.
. ■'... /, • -.. .' ■--,': ~:::.. Proctor 570
'Bo.* Taeoma ■ Stored •" ;,."
5103 So. Union. MadlMon ii*B.
-. -■. - Sonth; 12th mid K. •.« ■ ■[
.> w--H.tV--TeJ.' Main (MM i-M
■?$: KOR cash ron LESS"

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