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With brass band, red fire and
lots of cheering, an automobile
parade landed Saturday evening
In front of the home of Ernest
Lister, governor-elect of Wash
ington. With gorgeous bursts of
fed fire, the next governor, his
Wife and son, were met an they
emerged from their home, and
the parade then started over the
city, winding up at the totem
pole, where Lister was called up
on for a speech.
Mr. Lister was happy and en
thusiastic over the way his
frloiids had gone down the line
for him In the campaign. Hut he
also called attention to the fact
that Seattle h«d thrown the old
Idea of tho "Seattle spirit" into
the bay and had loomed up with
©ver 7,000 plurality for him, and
he thought this augured a new
•ra when Seattle anil Tuconia
■ball cease to quarrel and both
Set In and work to make this
the great state her natural ad
vantages proclaim possible.
Because Dr. Nena Jolidon
Croake stood in the polling place
and listened to the counting of
the votes in her precinct and Will
Reed took the place of a tally
man who w«nt home sick so the
count might go on, critics Inti
mated that the seats of both
would be contested. The candi
dates Insist they violated no law,
and there will be no contest prob
able, as no court would ever
throw the candidates out on any
such charges.
3 Restores color to grey or
faded hair; Cleanses, cools i
end invigorates the Scalp.
3 Removes Dandruff-there
by giving the hair a chance
to grow in a healthy natural <
way and stopping its falling
out. Keeps hair soft and
glossy. Is not a dye.
| .00 and 50c it Drag Stores or direct
tipoo. receipt of price and dealer's name.
Bead 10c far trial bottle. — Philo Har
1 Specialties Co.. Newark, N J., U. S. A.
I nit MALM AMI l(i.< o m. »i.-
ID in VlltliKH 1111 11. i <(.
Merchant's Delivery
Moving and Storage
Main 108.
Piano Advice of
the Right Kind
You Cannot Afford Not to Consult Us About Your
Piano Purchase—We Know a Lot About Pianos.
Tacoma's home-owned piano
store has forged ahead rapidly
wtm9m?fw**z**f*p**'*~ mT^***—*~——**-f*a because of its unwavering and
ti> I lm(<'ils'"K efforts to reduce the
■ -*;.j. ■2i^^^2Sf^jsi ("'st "' Hl'lli "*r' which in turn
l^^^iifl 9rra :il:l> time maintain the hlgh
'-I jiiiHKiiiio fjuiiiit >-.
HRSb^S §§J2|liia§sii! '' know pianos. [lave made
|jjl » the business a study, not alone
'" >silßs23r^pißc^^« '■'•»*? t f""" "'" standpoint of com-
B finHivwr^'l*'"^''J merclal value of the different
M V^aaa^S3bftt\L >' f ! makes, but as to the artistic
■ fl-Scx tl^jH. xk*' I*"" f* • excellence of the piano—lts
)-?f * iHHrft |55* ft^ llS£^ ? ■ tone, touch and durability.
rji B3«^SAv^HS^«J|2JL^ra | Aside from our being iiblo to
!f3ESBrS*fdBMT^2«X^ ! ! Kave >"" a considerable sum on
'*VjMßh lil_jaSj^>tf^Fa 1 "'" urlce °' ft Klven grade of
B IJr^ESlTlßliHl^lllS' -Si inatrutu*nt> we can give you
£5 ffif**49 ""' l>t>Bt POBBlt>le advice as to
what make of pljino will be
F~ aMnC^I '1 '"'st' a<':|l'te<l to your needs.
i g^HHhlpWpß l^Sflfiijjy Thf> proprietor of this store is
g^g^^g^SßttaiiSßßiiltffcf^ffiH •' Tacoma resident. Our lnter-
Parawl BtN^T^ <sts ar'' '"'"'■ '""' we ''"'' l)er"
/j^l H(>lla"y interested In ever) cus-
"*■ and Records
P|>.: Sound proof Victor parlorß,
% adjacent to entrance on C .''.t.
P^^**" mp^_ , *»*JJb Vl'-trnlas— all styles, ranging
h^^fft^j—— - -•■ " ■*" from $15 to $250. Kecords
iBMBMy^feiiBa^Sy^PMWWBBMJBfcJ 60c up. XXI) SKAL Records
iTßa3H&&ii£&?'!L2*%*'i!.£&('**#?a>**~.i f>t at $1 up. Your patronage bo
;- • - licited for our VICTOR depart
, __, - _. ' „ , ' merit * All stock strictly new
; Where Dependable and up-to-date.
\l PIANOS ■ Are Sold at : I Easy Terms of Pay- 1
Reasonable Prices ment When Desired.
v 1115; il-fa—-» atA'^A ** .f Between
_C— aflpg^Pt^S^^ -rthe-
\ Street *J'B*it*- %ako ibr n»Mon^' . Cables
Turn to the BJUB Want Ads {
'.•••'•'= *•■ ■♦■ <y *.•■■•,< *•• ■•■ *$' ■'/ '•> •&■ <*>
<$> <?>
•$> All cases of street lights •':■■
■$> going out should be report- #
• ed to Main 117, where the <$►
■•> matter will be taken up and #
■»• fixed by the light men if It •
♦' is « local trouble. <$>
$> <?>
Justice Frank H. Graham, who
Is to be replaced by a progres
sive party man, has suggested a
night justice court for Taconia.
their way to San Francisco to se
lect a site for the Hrazilian build
ing at the l'anama-I'acifie exposi
tion in 11* 15, a party of Hrazilian
notables are here today.
SAN FK A.NCI SCO, Nov. 11.—
Ah a result of a street car colli
sion, ten iversons are suffering
from injuries here today. Two
are in a serious condition.
Suspected of being the men
who robbed W. B. Gates of $41.60
in Taroma Friday night, two ne
groes have been arrested in Se
attle, according to a message re
ceived by ('apt. of Detectives Fitz
Charged with Impersonating an
officer and carrying concealed
woaponß, S. Stilanos was arrest
ed last night by Patrolman Angus
Me was released from jail on $2f>
Assaulted and robbod, Harry
Lot, aged about 30, was picked
up from the curbing in front of
1610 South I St. Tuesday uncon
scious and was unable to tell
what was the trouble until yes
Stating that his wife had de
manded $2.) a month spending
money, John M. Webster, proprie
tor of a local rooming-house,
filed a cross-complaint Saturday
and asked that suit for divorce be
More dividend increases by cop
per mines are due for the year
1912 than any time since the
metal sold above 25 cents. Since
Jan. 1 fifteen companies have in
creased their rates, while two new
ones have started.
Father Knoipp'H Malt Coffee.
Duenwald'H, ai:t 11 lit. Mat C.
The Tacoma theater will be re
paired and remodeled by Con
tractor O. F. Larson.
Mrs. Ilattie H. Manning has had
plans made for a fine residence to
bo built at 814 East 66th at.
There Is $2,052,546 In the
state cisti box.
M. O. Kphler, Kittitan county,
Is raising double- jointed peanuts
on his ranch.
Judge Main of Seattle defeated
Judge Black of Everett for the
supreme court vacancy by over
11,000. *
W. J. Murphy, Taconia con
tractor, wins his suit in supreme
court against the city of Cemra
lia which must pay him $53,020
for stre«4 paving.
King county attorneys will
banquet Ucorge W. Sampson,
who, by a clever sticker cam
paign, got himself elected judge
"for two months, but the judges
all refuse to give him a seat and
he will go to court to get It.
J. T. Chilherg, who headed the
Alaska-Yukon exposition at Se
attle, says Wasington should put
up at. least $500,000 for the
Frisco show.
Five hundred cooks In a kettle
18 feet across will cook 50 bush
els of apples at a time and bake
2250 pies an hour on an end
loss belt running through an oven
to give to every visitor at me
Spokane apple show which open
ed today.
Airtight heaters, $1.50 and up.
Kwing Hardware Co., 1111 C Bt.
Main 7750. ''Advertisement."
When an officer went to the
room of Allen P. Eldred, book
keeper for Dexter Horton bank
at Seattle to arrest him for a
shortage of $400 in his accounts,
Kldrftd coolly took a dose of
poison and was dead in a few
All defeated candidates at
Spokane will hold a banquet.
Senator Poindexter has given
notice to republicans they need
not count on his vote in the U.
S. senate for any caucus scheme.
Argonaut Hotel, 1007 Inc. ay.
('life and grill in connection,
•' A il vi.it ienmnnr "
J. A. Johnson, head logger,
was killed by a falling tree In
Grays Harber logging camp.
Mrs. Sadie Templeton, Tacoma,
involved In a shooting affray
last summer, married Frank J.
McDonald of the American Thea
ter Stock company at Spokane.
F. E. McFiidden of Richmond,
Va., supreme regent of the Royal
Arcanum, with his wife, is in the
city, and will lie given a recep
tion this evening when many
members from surrounding cities
will be hero.
Ladies' Guild of Bethany Pres
byterian church will hold an all
day meeting in the church p«r
lors Wednesday.
"If you want pure pork sausage,
ask for Diamond T. C. Brand.
All first-cUiss markets handle
them. Made by the Carstens
Packing Company."
Judge Card denied a new trial
to the Howell-Hill Lumher com
pany in the suit recently decided
against it Id favor of the Tacoma
Eastern railway.
Supreme court reversed the
Pierce county superior court In
the case of L, G. Raynor and wife
against the T. R. & P. company
and has taxe.d the costs on the
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 11.—It
is reported here that J. A. Wy
land, owner of the Appeal to
Reason, the socialist paper with
over 1,000,0n0 circulation, snot
and killed himself at his home
at Girard, Kans.
Key. H. H. MrOinnls, who re
sided in .lajinn 11 years, told the
youn^ men at the Y. M. C. a.
yesterday afternoon of the inter
esting customs or the Japanese
in a half hour talk.
The kind of license required
for peddling fiah would depend
on where you sell them, In the
city, county, or throughout the
state. Inquire at the license bu
reau, city hall, or at the court
house for county license.
Wrist How of Pup,-'* Cold com
pound ends all grippe
You can surely end Grippe and
break up the most severe cold
either in head, cheat, back, stom
ach or limbs, by taking a dose of
Pape's Cold Compound every two
hours until three consecutive
doses are taken.
It promptly relieves the most
miserable . headache, - dullness,
head and nose stuffed up, fever
ishness, sneezing, - ■ Bore throat,
mucous catarrbal discharge*, run
ning of the | none, soreness, stiff
ness and rheumatic twinges.
Take this wonderful Compound
as ' directed, without Interference
with your usual duties and with
the knowledge that there is noth
ing else in the world, which will
cure your cold or end Grippe mis
ery as promptly and without any
other assistance or bad i after-ef
fects ias i a ■„; 2 5-cent '*, package * or
Pape's Cold \ Compound,", which
any : druggist , can supply—accept
no t substiute—; no **; quin
ine—-belongs £t» la U «rery S homo.
Tastes uic*
The Florence Nightingale
Of the Big Balkan War
Mine. IMKii IVrrii N. Tamlioriiski, a rich SiTviiui lady who has
given her imlatial home and all her money to the Ked Cross, on her
way to the front at I'ogerizvotz, where she took charge of the hos
«.'-n. Michel Siivoff, roniiiiniiili-r-in-rliii-f of the Bulgarian army,
who, in less than two weeks after Bulgaria had declared war on
Turkey, had twice defeated the nearest Turkish army in pitched hat
lles, nn<l had utterly routed a MCOad uriny of 150,0(M> men which
was i><K'kinu up the first.
<$> The constant rains with the warm winds yesterday <&
I brought an extra supply of water down the mountains, and <4
<3> the Puyallup got on a rampage yeaterday. It went up six «•
♦ feet higher than usual, and th c tldeflata in this city were <?■
♦ flooded. No damage la reported yet. 4>
♦ • ♦
McCormack Bros. >
*■-■ -/- *'■. ~ ■ ....
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200 Men's English Slip-ons in olive and
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