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The charity endorsement com
mittee which will O. K. chari
ties which local business men will
be free to give to leaned its pro
«. gram yesterday. In the flrßt place
no charity run by an individual
will get credentials. Rules are
laid down also governing the
methods of soliciting. One that
will hit professional solicitors is
that no charity must pay more
than 15 per cent commission to
the solicitor.
Browder Brown and Mrs. Ida
M. Healey have cast their hats
into the school board ring as
candidates for the place now
held by George Williamson. The
election will be December 7. Dr.
Healey is at the head of the local
anti-tuberculosis society, and
Browder Brown is a well-known
local democratic politician.
Britisher "Invents"
Pictorial Language
BOSTON, Nov. 16. —The adop
tion of a universal primitive sign
language instead of a universal
spoken language is a plan Ueing
worked out by Sir William Ram
say, the noted scientist, who Is in
He would take a man thus:
An upright line for the body, a
circle for the head, with two di
verging lines for the legs. All
that is needed to transform this
into a woman is a simple line con
necting the ankles.
WOODDURY, N. I. —Lillian M.
Clarke and George C. Dawson of
this place were married in Wil
mington, Del., by the Rev. George.
L. Wolfe, and a telegram later
advised the young woman's par
The bridegroom created a sen
sation here three weeks ago by at
tempting suicide by rat poison.
Clogged-up Bowels
Menace to Health
Constipation at Bottom of Most
Serious Illnesses—Avoided
by a Simple Remedy.
Trace the origin of the com
moner Ills of life and almost In
variably you will find that consti
pation was the cause. It 1b not to
be expected that a mass of fer
mented food can remain in the
system beyond Its time without
vitiating ill*- blood and affecting
the iH-rvrs and muscles. It con
gests the entire body.
The resulta are colds, fevers,
piles, headaches and nervousness
with its accompanying indigestion
and sleeplessness. There Is only
one thing to do, and that is to re
move the trouble; and as nature
seemed unable to do it. outside aid
is necessary. You will find the
best of all outside aids a remedy
that many thousands are now
using for this very purpose, called
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Many
hundreds of letters are received by
Dr. Caldwell telling of tho good re
sults obtained and among the let
ters have been very enthusiastic
ones from Mr. D. \V. Baker, 204
W. 6th St., North Platte, Neb., and
Mr. James Bennett, 104 2 Macad
am St., Portland, Ore., •who rely
entirely on Syrup Pepsin in these
It has untold advantages over
piUs, Baits uinl the various coarse
cathartics and purgatives, for
while these do but temporary
good, Syrup Pepsin cures perman
ently. The effect of its action is
to train the stomach and bowel
muscles to do their work natural
ly again, and In a short time all
forms of medicine can be dispens
ed with.. It can be bought without
JP^s"gP^g3»TJ| Why Are We
| B^>^^TirJl|j BUSY?
li4fißfi_sj_s bJf ■ 1"1 BECAUSE wo give the
Ij^^^Va^klHßß^M^Mid people the best material
El Vf ■ *■*] WAI "14 -and the best workman-
I|B Wm^% 1 HVJ V^*J ship for much less money.
- TAcmiA THfiTfit nnm versal written guarantee
Cor m^l C Hta insuring your dental work
Cor. 9tU and C Sto. BECAUSE operator* are
n«r • . .1 all graduate dentists of
I 63TS 111 the years of experience; care
_, . .. _ m ful, courteous gentlemen
Same Location I wno perform their work
cmme Location wlth BkUI
Pa!^u^;,i X -. BUR.-50c * METAL°"> «**™.
Gold Crowns . «5 are our specialties, as
Bridge Work *3 they are the lightest,
Gold Fillings li op most sanitary and will
Platinum Fillings ./..-.;... «i stand more stress than
EXAMINATIONS AND ' - any.other plates made,
; ESTIMATES FREE regardless of kind or ma
' :WE GIVE GAS terial, and the price is
OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 a m. Zi^"J 6-*^ 'of all ~
to Bp. m. daily. Sunday 9 to *^W - *■
12. Saturday night to 8 p. m. Call and See Samples.
Do not postpone the opening of a savings account simply
because of the smallness of your first deposit. All things, you
know, must have their beginning. The big things of today were
little things of yesterday—Remember, we receive deposits a*
low as a dollar.
CAPITAL 9800,000.00
?><?>>£> <$><?><S><S>.s><3><!><s><s><S><s>3><s,
♦. • . <g>
<? The McHugh Case in Brief. <$>
<S> . „_, £ <§>
•$> City gave P. E. McHugh <$>
• contract for Green river •$>
♦ pipe and telephone line con- •$>
♦ Btruction from McMillan res- <S>
4 ervoir to Wright avenue and #
<•> South J street, May 29, «>
♦ 1911, at bid price of $402,- <8>
<$> 609.80. . <$.
<S> During construction city <S>
';> ordered location of line and <§>
♦ specifications changed. <$>
<s> Amount received by Me- <$>
• Hugh $551,059.37. <$>
<«> McHugh now asks $12 7,- <S>
♦ 576.31 more because of <$>
# changes in the contract <S>
<$> made by the city. 3>
Introduce Photos
of Work in Court
Contractor P. T. McHugh took
the stand in Judge Clifford's court
yesterday afternoon to testify In
his own behalf in the suit against
the city for $127,000, asserting
that changes were made in the
Green river pipe line entirely
against his will, cusing him to cut
through a much harder forma
tion in digging the ditch than was
called for in the contract.
According to C. A. McCoy, \Tc-
Hugh's foreman two-thirds of the
excavation was hardpan. Thirty
photographs were admitted as
SAVANNAH, Xov. 15. —Among
the remarkable exhibits at the
state fair at Tifton Is a woman's
hat constructed of pine needles.
The hat is the handiwork of a
South Georgia minister's wife.
COST HIM $400.
John l.ukasko know he was
throwing pepper in Joe Ansak's
eyes on a certain night at the
Mechanics' bar, but he hardly
realized that he poured $400
worth. It turned out, however,
that he did, when the jury re
turned their verdict in Joe's favor
today, giving him $400 for the
Inconvenience at any nearby drug
store for fifty cents and one dol
lar a bottle, the latter size being
regularly bought by those who al
ready know its value.
Syrup Pepsin is so mild and
free from any form of narcotic
that it is given to tiny infants, ami
yet it will be found effective in
the most stubborn case of consti
pation which has resisted all other
If no member of your family
has ever used Syrup Pepsin and
you would like to make a per
sonal trial of it before buying It
in the regular way of a druggist,
send your address— postal will
do —to Dr. W. B. Oaldwell, 415
Washington St., Monttcello, 111.,
and a free sample bottle will be
mailed you. Results are always
guaranteed or money will be re
►' I 1 Mill wt
Jack Denise, the Northern Pa
cific fireman whom the railway
has Just presented with an en
graved gold watch as a badge of
honor for rescuing the lives of 11
dying men in Stampede tunnel
last August. Denise faced death
for an hour while he carried the
limp forms of his comrades to
the engine of one of the two
trains which had "stalled" in the
tunnel, unhooked the engine and
piloted it to the air. He lives at
2409 1-2 South Pacific avenue.
<$ '$''$*$<-£<3><S>.s.<s><s.<s><e><3>.3><s>
♦ <g>
♦ , <!>
♦ Tacoma — Nov. 18, 19 <•>
♦ and 20, Maclyn Arbuckle in <3>
♦ "The Roundup." <$>
<?> <j>
♦ Princess — Stock. "The <»>
<$> Bishops Carriage," this <?>
<?> week. <$>
s* «
<?> —Vaudeville. <?•
«> $>
•> Pantages—Vaudeville. <£>
■$■ <$>
Maclyn Arlmckle In "The
"The Koimd-rp" Coming.
Maclyn Arbuckle in Klaw and
Erlanger's stupendous production
of "The Round-Up," the greatest
and most thrilling dramatic pro
duction of the age, comes to the
Tacoma theater for three nights
starting Monday, and will unques
tionably be well patronized.
"The Round-Up," with its exciting
and romantic story, is a vivid re
production in the most realistic
manner imaginable of scenes of
life on the Western plains and
desert, in which Indians, cow
boys, ranchmen, cavalrymen, ven
turesome men and women and
dozens of bronchos are concerned.
The company numbers 134 peo
ple and 20 horses.
Clara Crist, suing Rudolph
Crist for divorce before Judge
Chapman, said she thought her
marriage was a joke and never
intended it should make any dif
ference in her mode of life or
conduct when she married Crist.
Louis Fowler could neither
ride the bicycle he had on Pacific
avenue nor tell Detwtives Milone
and Geary much about where he
got It or why he could not ride.
They thought it queer, so Louis
Is languishing behind the bars to
see if someone has not missed a
bicycle about like Louis had.
Tacoma Masons today will cele
brate the 18th anniversary of the
Scottish rite here with the con
ferring of degrees on a number of
candidates. The festivities, as
usual, will be topped off with a
big banquet this evening.
Women Get Pockets
By Adopting Vest
PITTSBURG, Nov. 15. —The
National Association of Ladles'
Tailors of America has decreed
that the mannish note In femi
nine raiment must be emphasized
this winter by the donning of
vests with cravat effects, waist
coat braiding and stripes.
Takes Razor to Bed
DENVER.—CIyde P. Pitman, a
traveling salesman, applied to
the county court for divorce from
Hannah Pitman because, he said,
Mrs. Pitman insisted on sleeping
with a razor under her pillow.
resting on a huge pumpkin, which
in turn rested on a bale of hay
up-ended to make an improvised
pulpit, the Rev. W. Rlley Nelson
preached a sermon at the Watson
Memorial Church.
Waldorf Miller, who was parallz
ed by diving from the rocks at
Hudson Park, New Rochelle, July
3, 1911, led the grand march at
a dance given in his honor at
Metropolitan hall.
OAMDEN, N. J. —It cost the
New York Shipbuilding cc«npany
$2,000 more than it would ordi
narily to settle a damage suit of
an employee, because the employ
era' liability act of New Jersey
bad to be observed.
It will cost $100 to get Into the
Commercial cjub now.
The club last night adopted the
new bylows which raise the an
nual dues from $36 to $50 which
with the $r.<> initiation will make
$100 the first year.
The boost went through 170 to
53, the advocates of the boost
having organized thoroughly and
aroused those In favor of tne
The club also adopted an
amendment authorizing the fin
ance committee to commit tue
club to debts when deemed advis
The club will go to the armory
tomorrow night and boost Tacoma
made goods.
Try the Great Kidney Remedy
It always gives me pleasure to
recommend anything that Is right
and so I feel It my duty to herald
tho praises of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
l'"or years I was troubled with
kidney dlnease and it was so intense
that I was bedridden for days at a
tlinp. I gave up all hope and doc
tors for miles around gave me no
help. Incidentally I ti/Jd several
patent medicines and at last tried
Swtimp-Root. From the first it gave
me relief and it was no time be
fore. I was able to be up and around
and now I am perfectly well and
able to work as I used to before *hy
terrible sickness.
So now let me thank you for your
wonderful discovery and take this
opportunity to recommend it to all
who suffer from kidney troubles.
Yours very truly,
Hope, Ark.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me, this 25th of March, 1912.
A. V. WARE, Notary Public.
I Letter to
Hi Kilmrr A Co.
NliiKliuuiton, V Y. I
Prove "liiii Snamp-Root Will Do
For You.
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Dept.
M, Binghamton. N. V., for a sample
liottle. It will convince anyone.
You will also receive a booklet of
valuable in formation, telling all
about the kidneys and bladder. Rpg
ulai 1 fifty-cent and one-dollar size
tmttles for sale at all drug stores.
Be a
Every Man
and Yonng
Man that
has had a
Pair of our
Shoes is a
Why not join in
All One Price
Values that sur
prise. You will
save $1,00 if you
try us for your
next pair of shoes
Third Floor
Bankers Trust
gSS^^^'- ■•:• ' 3 wit-. 11
&. -'■ ■; * /V^{«■ j;>'; : ■!"■:■:. ■ W- 'S|
■■:■:-.. ■■<■■■■ ■ ■■' jjr '^BB^B V;-''':^"-' '■vS':^'4l
> Starting at 7 o'clock. No-Phono Orders and None
Now Seeded Knisins, Package .... . . . . ;■ C n
No. 1 carton. Not over 4 to a customer-. wl»
4 Cans Corn for 9 C n
Not over 4 cans to a buyer tub
■I Itiirs Ix-nox Soap for 1 fl "
Not over 4 bars to a buyer I lib
Fresh Coffee, ivr I'ound 00'p
When most dealers are advancing coffee we iLL'iXi
name a lower price for 3 hours. Not over 4 lbs. to
■ buyer.
Shoulder Hams, Per Pound 12 —A purchase be
fore recent advances enables us to sell fine sugar
cured picnic style hams Saturday at, 10'p
per pound 1 1- -L
Sweet. Juicy Oranges, Per Dozen 8 l-Be— Fine thin
skinned, sweet, juicy Valencia oranges, the 250 size
• that have been selling at 15c a dozen. While Op
they last Saturday, per dozen o:{u
Breakfast Ilucou, Per Pound IS l-l!c—Sugar cured
';California style breakfast bacon in whole or 1 Q'ft
half strips, per pound I U2l»
! . Smaller cuts, per pound 20c.
; Pork Sausage*, Per Pound 15c— Home made IC.
nice little pork sausages, per pound I ill*
Welnerivurst, Per Pound —Correctly seasoned
German style Frankfurters or IKp
Weinerwursts, per pound I Jl»
Ham Sausage, Per Pound loc—Freshly made, delic
iously spiced ham sausages, IR*»
sliced to order, per pound I*lo
Veal Loaf, Per Pound 30cMade from a tested Ofir»
recipe in our own kitchen, per pound *lUU
Hum Salad, Pint 15c—Made from the best 1 Co
boiled ham in our own kitchen, pint lillf
Young Chickens, Per Pound —Fine, medium sized,
milk fettneed young chickens, weighing Oflf»
3 to 3 1-2 lbs., per pound CUlt
— • r — f •*f*^^s&=~^~^ 2"Til>. 11l ii U Majj
fijjp777r^*~~~*p —* r" fc**^_7^T»i^^ J -pZaLt^lTnT^ net Rutter 7Hc—
|;W////^arr7Ajj,^yg|ij^g^^^^ Fresh from the
WlWi/I/l/fn ~£g f'*'*!£'mZ/?i)Tin!?aA wood creameries,
wU /} (kEk^BnWiiiJMd put up in conven-
I M///M VP^££zzF&g&4 lent Na 2 bricks.
mflMf/M -tup pEOPL£pvv«s^s24 which is worth
n ' T*c^2l- — "^ 40<3 lb. 7*}
2-Lb. llricks Primrose Butter Osc— fine pure
eastern rich flavored creamery butter, freshly cut and
wrapped in No. 2 bricks, is better, cuts better, more
economical and more sanitary than old fash- CK#»
loned tub butter, 2 lb. bricks OuC
Kippered Salmon, Per Pound 15cSelected pieces,
'freshly cured and smoked salmon, . IKp
per pound .•.-. ........... i I Jo
•Fancy Bacon, Per Pound 29c— very finest cured
[from well fed, properly matured young hogs, 0Q«
(per pound COU
;Boiled Hams, Per Pound —Best brands with sur
[plus fat removed, sliced to order, Q0«»
(Saturday, per pound uUb
[Solid Pack Tomatoes. 12c—Delmont's brand, solid
'pack, red ripe meaty tomatoes in No. 2 1-2 01 <>C
jeans, dozen $ I nJU
Su^ar Peas, Can 12c—New pack, sweet, ten- PI «)C
der sugar peas, in No. 2 cans, dozen ...... $ I i«JU
Corn Meal, Sack, 2.lc— ground white or OK*
yellow corn meal in No. 9 sacks i-\J\j
Amber Coffee, Per Pound 27 —The best 30c cof
fee in town, specially priced for Saturday, 07**»
per pound . • ...... i. I2u .
.Ceylon Tea, Per pound 40c—Chase & Sanborn's fancy
bulk Ceylon tea, a 60c grade, ftOi%
Saturday, per pound *t»IC
On Sale Until 11 o'Clo<k. No Phone Orders. None
Delivered Kxcept With Other Oroceiino.
3 Bars 1 N apt ha Soap for .::. .;..... .. Irt~
One lot to a customer ................... IUU
10 Llm. Sweet Potatoes for V .............. 10«» '
One lot to a customer .............V..... I tils
4 Cans Tomato Soup for ......... . ..'... AF"'
Not over 4 cans to a customer .......... C vIU
4 Cans Milk for . ..... ...............;.. t% C „
One lot to a cußtomer ;.'.....■..;'.".;. .V.'.'.-,(fc*ll»,.
These Are the Best
Clothes In Tacoma at
s^h 111 b99 IKh ■•■■ fiw*9 Eh KBH bn Rjj

—All the nobby new fabrics in rich winter browns, navy
blue serges and fancy striped materials, and every gar
ment is made by union labor.
—The tailoring is superb in the minutest detail and we
want you to COMPARE these with suits that sell about
town at $15.00 or even $5 more —we are sure of our ground
and know we will win a customer.
Men's Overcoats $7-75
Men's heavy dark Oxford gray, navy blue and black over
coats, principally heavy meltons; also a good showing of
fancy mixtures, serge linings, velvet collars; overcoats
that retail at $10.00, $12.50 and $15.00. d^T 7C
Choice, this sale / ■ / O
Men's $1.50 Qlßr*
Corduroy Trousers at . 27 OC
Heavy dark brown corduroy trousers, with taped seams
and patent buttons, regular $1.50 aq
grade, for , 9OC
"Sphinx" Soft Hats In all new fall *n Cf| SL^^^/A
block* and colors fLiUu ■ IT ////i\.
Mallory Cravenetted, Soft and Derby style, ■' A I //////iiS.
all shapes and colors, ££,so -^^/ / 1 ////|//'
at fO.UU I<Y1 <V i\Wtf/\ ll'W
The Stetson Soft and Derby styles CO Cfl A /// 'i/// \ 1
for . $J.3U '. 11l fffl V^
Donnatello Vellour ©Q flfl to O"f rtfl //// //jiZ/fCXii
Hats gOiUU pi ,UU //// rfttoggGt-
Fancy Cloth Hats In English checks, shades //' II "f///
of brown C 1 CO and CJO fifl V II '/
and gray pl l JU «]>£.iUU ''
|\ at Kfl/» Men's heavy fleeced natural gray or ecru
jft UUO cotton Underwear, in all sizes, 60c a gar-
Vj AT C 1 fin Men's good heavy cotton ribbed fleeced
$ I iVIU Union Suits, all sizes, at $1.00.
AT PI ye Men's fine two-thread worsted ribbed
111 J natural gray Union Suits, at $1.75.
AT On CA Men's heavy two-thread worsted Union
$£iJU Suits, natural gray color, at $2.50.
AT O1 QC Men's natural gray -wool Shirts and
i) liZj Drawers, at $1.25 a garment.
AT PI Cfj Men's natural gray wool Shirts, double
«p liUU breast and back, also drawers, at $1.50
a garment.
[email protected] TWO TROUSER SUITS
J3 FOR THE An fv-i
jaj I J Suits for boys 7 and 17 years of age, in
Im \ I Norfolk and double-breasted styles,
(|| i made up in fancy mixtures, medium and
rsSn I oxford grays and good shades of brown j
mJ°^V. »*>/ —coats are bottom faced, trousers have
yS4ss' taped seams and belt straps. Special;
I I j Saturday
$3 QC
Our Own Raking, Which In a Guarantee of Quality. and Satiafacrion.
2-I<ayer —Choice Angel Food IC. Piirily Bread, OK»»
of several OC- Cakes, 25c and IJU 6 for ........ (fcUO ,
lclnKß LJC Spanish Cook- IQI. Chocolate Drops, 4Q n '
3-Lnyer Caktw—Choice les, d0z....... I £2O per pound . .'•..' I 3l# |
of variety of QCf» Milk Bread, ft* #» Peanut Crisps, 4 O*»';
icings ........ OJu loaf .......... Otfw per pound ..... IwO 1
Orders for afternoon deliveries must reach us by noon. '•"V£~ JS{fS J
EDWARD E. HORGAN, President. - ~ - -

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