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2 Tuesoay^ovTvLSlz^
Hazel Walker, queen of the
Pendleton Hound-up and the
moat daring girl broncho buster
that has been seen in this man's
country in many a moon, and
Miss Goldle Evans, world cham
pion straight rider, will be the
spotlight features at a Little
Round-up wihich will be given lv
the Armory tomorrow night.
Miss Walker and Miss Evans
arrived in Tacoma from Pendle
ton today and the exhibition of
broncho busting, trick and fancy
riding and all that goes with a
little round-up will be offered in
the Armory tomorrow night as a
.benefit for the brother of Miss
Walker who is lying desperately
111 in a Vancouver hospital.
Here is the program that has
been arranged:
1 Battle Royal by Armory
2. Burking horße riding by
All you need is a 25 cent bottle of "Danderine"—
Hair gets lustrous, fluffy and abundant at once.
Immodiate?—Yes! Certain?—
that's the joy of it. Your hair
becomes light, wavy, fluffy, abun
dant and appears as soft, lustrous
and beautiful as a young girl's
after a Danderine hah' cleanse.
Just try this —moisten a cloth
with a little Danderine and care
fully draw it through your hair,
taking one small strand at a time.
This will cleanse the hair of
dust, dirt or excessive oil and in
just a few moments you have
doubled the beauty of your hair.
A delightful surprise awaits,
particularly those who have been
CATCIeM, whose hair has been
/fec^j^vy Why Not Give a
xJsJ^pSg^ ror Chistmas
Are you not thinking about giving a VIC
TROLA for Christmas? You will gladden
the whole family with a world of music and
entertainment if you do. But do not wait,
until the week before Christmas to select
that VICTROLA. Come in now and select
at your leisure. We will hold the ViC
TROLA and deliver it any day—Christmas
day if you desire.
Victor Victrolas $15 to $200
Victor Talking Machines $10 to $68
Easy Terms on Any Victor or Victrola
Sherman May & Co.
Miliiiiin anil Oilier PliinoM—Apollo find « « * Iliiui Playrr PI-
Buiia— \ Ictor TulkiuK Mncbluea—Sheet Music aud Mv nival
928-930 G St. Tacoma.
"Fifty Years Ago, When Golden Wedding I
k\/a Wac ■ nn ntf ■
Many people do not know that whiskey can have
an agreeable taste. They do not know that it can
have the mild, mellow thrill, without a single un
pleasant after-effect.
They do not know
has the agreeable Flavor and Quality which :- —__
they have Imagined, but never found in ordl- fill
nary whiskey. . r- JIB .
Golden Wedding is made differently from I STSvaiiSm I
ordinary whiskies. I STAMP!
its formula and process of manufacture L-JHILI
keep the original quality absolutely pure all >a^Hs<v
the way through. . /jflßlj
Try Golden Wedding. {jUHBBM
The flavor and mellowness ripened into fK3ueatjfi?
the finest grain by the sunshine, and kept in ri -** ur^
by the marvelous science with which it is dls- #*^h.^
tilled. . "hHiii
That's why it is the preferred whiskey for hn?**U
the sideboard. ;.; ; , , I»S 6
"Made Differently' W&J
:(66)..-"-.,:.:. ■ ■■ ■ ' ' - Eat- 1832 „.:.
Miss Hazel Walker.
3. Broncho riding by local
4. Trick riding by Miss Hazel
0. Riding two bucking horses
by Miss Hazel Walker.
G. Miss Evans, world's cham
pion straight rider, appears in
7. Anyone who wants to can
ride outlaw horse.
Clem Ohiser of Alder, who,
with his brother John, were ar
rested Sunday by Constable Ash
by for alleged selling of liquor
without a license, appeared yes
ttorday before the county com
missioners and asked that a li
cense be grantetd him. He was
neglected or 1b scraggy, faded,
dry, brittle or thin. Besides
beautifying the hair, Danderine
dissolves every particle of dand
ruff; cleanses, purifies and invig
orates the scalp, forever stopping
itching and falling hair, but what
will please you most will be after
a few weeks' use of Danderine,
when you will actually see new
hair—fine and downy at first —■
yos—but really new hair growing
all over the scalp. If you' care
for pretty, soft hair, and lots of
it; surely get a 25 cent bottle of
Knowlton'u Danderine from an\
drug store or toilet counter aud
ust try it.
Some Linguist, Is Countess—Can
Talk English With Week's Study
The Countess Candido Mendez
de Almeida, wife of the head of
the Brazilian agricultural depart
ment, has the distinction of being
probably the only woman to
whom a reception has been ten
dered at which all the women in
a large city were invited.
Usually such affairs are exclu
sive "society" events with finan
cial magnates, railroad owners
and various plutocrats and their
wives in attendance.
3j^[email protected]
Just as T«lly Marshall held all
the honors when "The City" was
first produced, so does Ogden
Crane take a bit of luster away
from the recognized star in "The
Round-Up," which opened a three
nights' engagement at the Taeo-
nm theater last evening. Thp
stirring western play tame back
to be welcomed by a well filled
house, and there isn't a dull mo
ment in the four acts. The big
scone in the third act, wherein a
band of Cherokees are engaged in
battle with troops, is realistic to
the limit and brought down the
house. Macklyn Arbuckle is the
same old Slim Hoover, sheriff,
and the supporting company, on
the whole, is good. Miss Grace
Beham as Echo Allen Is the only
Jarring note in the piece and falls
far short of the demands of the
character. Ethel yon Waldron is
capital as Polly Hope, and Ogden
Crane raises the psrt of the half
breed "heavy" to almost stellar
dignity. It is worth the price to
witness and enjoy the work of this
capable, painstaking character
Owing to the extreme mid-day
heat in Equatorial Africa, all the
pictures taken during Paul J.
Rainey's now famous expedition
were secured either early in the
morning or late in the afternoon.
During the rest of the day it. was
necessary to bury the plates and
films deep in the earth to protect
them from melting. These now
famous pictures, recognized to be
the most interesting and instruc
tive of any ever taken, will be
seen at the Tacoma all next week
starting Sunday with daily mati
If there ever was a better,
more acceptable show than Pan
tages theater is giving its patrons
this week, it must have missed
Tom I .intern and his Six Jungle
Girls is something of a headliner
that is worthy of the applause it
brings down. The plot deals with
a missionary who has the choice
of being eaten by cannibals or be
coming their king, and the fact
that he plays the part twice the
same evening indicates that he
doesn't decide upon being made
Into a pot-pie.
Everybody who travels has
trouble with the customs men.
Particularly is this bo of one
Heinrlch Blatz, who with his
daughter, appear in a comical
farce played on a New York dock
called "A Matter of Custom."
Sol Burns somehow leaves you
NEW YORK, Nov. 19.—1f
Fanny Ward, the actress who is
going to take anotiher dip into
vaudeville, has her way, the
"varieties" will be elevated with
a vengeance.
Here are the conditions which
Miss Ward insists shall be ob
served in her contract:
"I will accept $1,750 a week
for two appearances daily;
"I must have my own musical
"I will not appear on the same
'bill' with a divorced man or
"I will not appear on the same
'bill' with acrobats, contortion
ists or animal acts;
"I will not appear on Sundays,
or on Christmas day."
Mis* Ward has just returned
from England where she won a
damage suit against a big music
hall syndicate for $22,000 be
cauße she refused to play the
same week that a "tank act,"
that of Annette KeUermann, the
diving Venus, wag advertised.
"1 draw the line at seals and
When the countess arrived in
San Diego, Cal., on a tour of this
country with her husband, a re
ception was given in the city's
biggest hotel and the reception
committee told all the women in
the city that they were invited.
They attended, several thousand
of them.
Countess Almeida hag the add
ed distinction of having learned
to converse in Kn^lish fairly well
with a week of study.
holding your stomach from an
overdose of laughter at his jokes
and parodies.
Eccentric dancing ' and good
songs make the act of Duke John
son and Mac Wells a little classic
in vaudeville. They are colored
Paul Florus is an adept with
the Xylophone, and Thiessen's
dogs are exceptional.
A veritable ambush of fun is
what those who attend the Em
press will find they have walked
into this week. Beginning with
the Three Stanleys, who open the
bill with a lot of "bouncing," as
they call it, there is not a dull
Dale and Boyle have a little
surprise all their own within a
Betting of clever songs and neat
There's a Rag Doll, who is
probably the beet fun-maker of
the lot, and her partner, Leonard
Hyman R Adler & Co., in a
"Miser's Dream," would perhaps
do better in a better sketch, but
there is a deal of good acting and
Miss Grace Leonard, back
again, is pleasing.
Time. Height.
1:41 a. m 7.9 feet
6:02 a. m 6.2 feet
12:51 p. in 10.6 i.c t
7:49 p. m 4.0 feet
mermalnds," said Miss Ward, . as
she flounced out of the 'all*. -
. And the strange British court*
decided that' Fanny was right, .
James H. Dege last night feast
ed his 27 employes at the Com
mercial club in the celebration of
the 11th birthday of the James
11. Dege Co.
Telegrams that bore all the
earmarks of having come from
Woody and Big Bill and Tom
promised that the next four years
would be even more prosperous
than the last, so everybody was
Everybody made a speech, and
Southern ditties were given by
the Sunny South Glee club.
An esculent menu was dis
posed of, and all hands are back
at work today determined to make
the next year break all records.
Randall Uubb, 41, realty deal
er in the Provident building, was
arrested Saturday afternoon at
the instance of A. J. Storrs, a sa
loonkeeper, who says Uubb pass
ed a $6 worthless cheek on him
away back in 1910. He refused
to withdraw the charge. Uubb
says there is nothing to it, that
possibly his bank account might
havo been behind at the particu
lar time the check was presented,
but that it would have been hon
ored any time since, as he has
had cusli iv bank most of the
While the lineup of state sen
site and representative bodies
fenis to b<? pretty solid republic
an, it is claimed by progressive
party men that nearly half the re
publicans in both houses are at
heart bull moose, and the tend
ency of things will be towards bull
moose principles. Senate: Re
publicans, J7; progressives, 7;
democrats, 7; socialist, 1. House:
Republican!, 49; progressives, 30;
democrats, 17; socialist, 1.
PUYALMTP, Nov. 19.—The
only library in the Northwest
provided with an auditorium will
open in Puyallup some time dur
ing J>ecember. Puyallup's Car
negie gift cost $12,">00. The
problem of raising money for new
books now presents itself to the
library board.
(lly United l*r»\ss I/rased Wire.)
NEW YORK, Nov. l'J.—With
the resignation of Frank L. Dyer
as president of the Edison com
pany and allied interests, Thomas
A. Edison assumed charge today
of his own varied interests.
The city commission, with Bion
.1. Arnold, chief of the board of
supervising engineers of Chicago,
and otic of the greatest engineer
ing experts In the country, are in
consultation with P. 11. Hebb over
his White River power plant to
(By United Tress Leased Wire.)
OAKLAND, Cal., .Nov. 19.—
Charles Hershel, financial secre
tary of the I. W. W. local at Se
attle, is under arrets here today
charged with embezzling $300
from the Oakland union. He will
be returned to Seattle.
Recovered From
Severe Lung Trouble
While we all know that plenty of
fresh air and good food are neces- i
nary to persons suffering from lung
trouble, something more is needed
to bring about full health. Eck
man's Alterative Is a medicine for
throat and lung troubles, and so
many reports have been received
■hawing that It brought about good
results in a number of cases which
were declared hopeless, that all
sufferers who are not beneflttlng
Otherwise should at least Investi
gate what it has done for others.
It'may be the means of restoring
you to health. Investigate this
•i Madison Lake, Minn.
; '"Gentlemen: — In December, 190S,
nil.l March. 1909, I was taken with
litninrrhageti of the lungs which ,
nvfifined me several weeks, each
Kane to my bed. These left me very
pEak and I coughed at nights and
[fAuli! not sleep. My appetite also
■jnied me. My doctor advised me
to ' " Went. Ho In September, 1909,
lsl>lanned to go, but I had four
More hemorrhages, which put me
If, bed for three weeks.
Kin November I started for Den
ver, Colo. After my arrival I met
Michael Drody, who, upon learning
of my condition, urged me to take
Kckman's Alterative. In about two
months I began to feel better. I
kept on taking the medicine and
improved fast. In March, 1910, I
returned home. I think I am en
tirely well, have a good appetite
and sleep well. When I left Den
ver my weight was 130 pounds. I
now weigh IKB. my normal weight.
I thank Cod and your Alterative for
my health. If I can help any other
person suffering from Tuberculosis,
I will glady do so."
(Sworn Affidavit.)
Kckman's Alterative is effective
In Hronchltls, Asthma,, Hay Fever;
Throat and Lung Troubles. «nd .In
upbuilding the system. , Does < not
contain poisons, opiates" or habit
forming drugs. For sale by leading
druggists. Ask for booklet telling
of recoveries, and write to ICckman
Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa., for
additional evidence. • ■■-•-..
It developed this morning that
Nick Lawson has made no ar
rangements for emergency power
in case the city's plant at the
Nisqually breaks down or the
transmission Is interrupted.
The commissioners had be
lieved Lawson had made all ur
rangements to protect the city,
but Manager Bean of the Stono-
Wobster interests said no agree
ment had been made with them
for emergency power, lie further
said if the city wanted such pow
er it would have to pay an an
nual retainer.
Some months ago the city of
Seattle sent a communication to
the city of Tacoma asking for a
reciprocnl arrangement by which
each city would protect the other
in case of a breakdown.
Lawson stormed against the
proposition, and said he would
handle it and make arrangements
with Stone-Webster, but it ap
pears he never did it.
Now it seems he cannot do it
unless the city is willing to pay
the power trust a fine fat retainer
John W. Arkley of the Tacoma
I-and company this morning
brought to the city hall deeds
transferring to the city the gulch
below the tennis club grounds
running down to the bay.
This gulch has been laid out
for :t park, and platted accord
ingly. Around the odgy runs a
fine boulevard, and Arkley want
ed permission to build the boule
vard, which the city will willingly
The city gets about eight acres
of land from the company for
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| Dare Devil Jump From a Blazing
Balloon Gets Him $1000 Prize
Hero are two pictures of Rod- j
man Law, dare-devil balloonist,
who got $1000 for going up In a
balloon over the Hudson river,
alongside of New York city, dyna
miting the balloon when 600 feet
up and dropping to the river him
self with a parachute. The snap
shot showing him half way down
from the burning balloon Is a re
markablo sample of news-photos

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