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Tuesday, Nov. 19,1912.
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NEW YORK, Nov. 19.—Pri
vate Detective John Allen, who
with Detectives Kay and Louis
Gerade, was shot down in a
Haines law hotel here by Joseph
\ osel and a woman companion
while attempting to arrest the
pair, died in the hospital at 10
o'clock this morning. His body
was tuken to the morgue, where
an autopsy will be held.
It was learned today " that
Voxel's right name was Therirdo
Kazyesky. He formerly was a
substitute cheC at the hotel Neth
erlands. Vogel and the woman
were suspected of being accom
plices in a diamond robbery for
which Sophie Beckendorf, a do
mestic, was arrested. The de
tprtive 8 trailed them to the hotel
in the Bronx. Vogel and the
woman whne cornered opened
fire, emptying two revolvers at
the detectives, all of whom were
hit, ;im well as two other men.
Vokol then turned and killed the
woman after which he blew out
his own brains.
Jacob Hetz, fiit, capitalist and
former mayor of Walla Walla be
fore coming to Tacoiua, died with
heart trouble Saturday. He own
ed the Hetz block at Pacific ave
nue and 16th streets and other
valuable property bore. A widow,
two daughters and two sons art
WABHINGTOV, D. C, Nov. 19.
—Because of the democratic
plurality in the recent election, a
new sergeant-at-arms will take
his plnce in the United States
senate on March 4. It is ru
mored here today that Colonel R.
.1. Bright, who at one time held
the place, will be reappointed.
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The Demons of the Swamp
are mosquitos. As they sting
they put deadly malaria germs
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tles drove all the malaria from
my system, and I've had good
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stomach, - liver and . kidney gg ills.
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(Hy liiited Press Leased Wire.)
RALKIGII, N. C, Nov. 19.—
Five persons met death, accord
ing to reports received here, in a
collision between two express
train? today on th-e Seaboard Air
Line near Granite, N. C. The
wreckage caught fire. Physicians
»nd nurses were rushed to the
scene on a special train.
Kour trainmen and an express
messenger were killed.
(Ily Initod PNM LMMd Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 19. —
Suffrage circles are today dis
cussing the inonatpr banquet in
the Multnoruah hotel attended by
TiOO friends of the cause of both
sexes, including (iovernor West of
Oregon, Governor-Elect Lister of
Washington and Mrs. Abigail
Scott Duniway, "mother of suf
The banquet was in the nature
of a testimonial to the last
Both West and Lister made n
stirring appeal for the cause, and
they were supplemented by many
others of hardly less Importance,
who were scheduled for briet
<*3>3> <s><s'<s> <S ><S'<s>'^'3><&<S><s><S>s>
# LOS ANGELES, Cal., <?>
*• Nov. 19. —A. E. Mackenzie <«>
<•> last night smoked a 15- <s>
<$■ year-old cigar, left by his <$>
♦ father's will to be smoked <?>
*• only when a democratic <$>
• president was elected. <$■
•> "Best smoke I ever had," <$>
♦ he warmly declared. <»>
• <$>
#<J><J><S><J><J. '$>>$■.•><s><§■<s•<s><s•<s><s>
19.—Yeggmen early today dyna
mited the safe of the Munn bank
at Portage, near here, and es
caped with $5,000. It required
five explosions to wreck the safe.
The entire town was aroused by
the reports, but confederates
stood on guard with Winchesters
and warned citizens to stay away.
(By United Press leased Wire.)
RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 19.—
Governor Mann of Virginia
granted a respite today until De
cember 13 to Floyd Allen and his
son, Claude, convicted of first
degree murder in connection rvith
the murders committed in the
Hillsville county courtroom by
the Allen clan of bandits. The
men were sentenced by the trial
judge to die November 22.
<2><S><s><s><S><J><s><S><j><S><S><j><j> <:> <$> <j>«>s $><s>«>4>^^><s><s><s><s>^><s><s,^)
<$• '■ <$>
<» BELGRADE, Nov. 19.—Issa Boletinatz, tthe famous <s>
<?> brigand, who with his men Joined the Servian army, wag or- <$>
• dered by General Zivkovitch to lead the advance against <$>
♦ one of the Turkish positions. He refused, contending that. <$>
♦ the Servians should lead, whereupon the general accused <$>
<» him of meditating treachery. Bolentinattz started to draw <$>
»$> his revolver but the general proved the quicker and shot the <$>
♦ brigand dead. His followers were then promptly cut down <S>
<S> by the Servians. • ■ <3>
* «>
Somewhere in Tacoma, it is
believed, is Bernard Edward An
derson, or "Bennie," as ho is
more often called, who, through
the death of his father in Nor-,
way, has become heir to a large
Detectives are holding a letter
(By United Press leased Wire.)
ROSEBURG, Ore., Nov. 19.—
Fire originating from unknown
causes did several thousand dol
lars' damage to the Roseburg
Review building today.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 19. —
It was announced today that on
account of their having failed to
secure one-fourth of the con
gressional vote in the state, the
Job Is To Save 300,000 From Massacre
Admiral Sir Archibald Berkeley >lilne, rommnmler-in-rhief of
the British Mediterranean isquatl run, it nil who is senior ollicer of
tlie big iiiteriiiitional fleet, 14 jbnttlohips, 22 cruisers, 15 .!«■
--.stroycrs and auxiliaries, wliirli |s vu ;i.nf, to «'i)iistiiiitinn|>l- to
sure ".>>;»,ooo !nri'iy;iii'rs and list in ( liristiiins in that city from
the defeated mid lrantic TuiUlsii Kililiers.
(Ry United Dress leased Wire.)
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov. 19.
—Five persons were killed and
a dozen others seriously injured,
several fatally, in a lire which
early today destroyed the St.
George hotel, on East Third
The dead:
Mrs. Charlotte Harring
ton, l'll;i Mormi, 20, actress,
.Joseph Martin, 3», jewelry
clerk, in In lit child of Mrs.
Mrs. Arthur jumped and
was crushed to death on
the pavement.
Three persons are believed to
have been fatally injured, while
a score more are suffering from
lmins or injuries received when
they leaped from window*. Those
who may not recover are:
Julius Malone, 38, engineer
severe burns.
Frank J. Bock, 23, sprained
Mrs. Frank J. Bock, 23, broken
There were more than 100
guests in the hotel when the fire
sLarted. Many of these are ter-
from E. H. Hobe, St. Paul Nor
wegian consul, announcing "ISeiJ
nie's" good fortune.
It Is thought he is marrieH
and still living here, although
the police have not been able to
locate him. *
The letter does not state thje
amount of the fortune.
members of the progressive party
will be unable to participate In
the direct primaries hereafter
until they can legally show that
they are entitled to so partici
(By United Press leased Wire.)
PASADENA, Cal., Nov. 19.—
Rev. K. P. Mac Donald, In charge
of the Preßbyterlan missionary
province of Camarines in the
Philippines for three years, de
clared today that the Islands are
unfit for independence.
ribly injured and tho police
fear other deaths may be re
The fire started on the second
floor of the hotel, which was a
six-story structurte. The flames
soon cut off escape from the up
per floors and scores of guests
were compelled to leap into the
fire nets.
Oscar Bell, an elevator boy,
saved the lives of many persons
by running his car through the
flames and smoke until compelled
by the police to coase.
Reviling their first report that
five persons had loxt their lives,
the police announced today that
the known death roll of the fir*
that destroyed the St. George ho
tel here early today contains three
names. They are:
Mrs. Charles Harrington, 35,
an actress, whose stage name
was Klleu Jloran.
Joseph Martin, 38, Jewelry
Julius Malone, 35, hotel engi
Mrs. Harrington's isx months
old baby girl Is fearfully
burned and probably will die.
Others who are believed to be
fatally injured are Frank J.
Boi k, who received a sprained
back, aud his wife, whoso back
was broken.
Wonder what upsot your stom
!fx\\ —which portion of tho food
did th<> damage—do you? Well,
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lt guMit<ul into stubborn lumps; your
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food; breath foul, tongue coated —-
.just take a little Dlapepain and In
■ five minutes you truly will wonder
.what became of the indigestion
an,l distress.
• Millions of men and women to
day know that it is needles* to
(lave a bad stomach. A little Dla
pepuin occasionally keeps this deli
cate organ regulated and they eat
!,their favorite foods without fear.
If your stomach doesn't take
care of your liberal limit without
rebellion; if your food is a dam
age Instead of a help, remember
the quickest, surest, most harm
less relief is Papa's Dlapepsin
which costs only fifty cents for a
large case at drug stores. It's
truly wonderful—it digests food
and sets things straight, so gently
and easily that it is really aston
ishing. Please, for your sake, don't
go on and on with a weak, disor
dered stomach; It's so uaueoes
CKNTKALIA, Was-i., Nov. 19.
—Due to the discovery of a sec
ond bullet hole in the head of
Charles Newell, found murdered
in a dittoh here, while the body
was being prepared for burial,
the authorities are today of the
belief that a woman assisted In
his slaying. The wound last
found was undoubtedly the one
that killed the youth, "the police
being in possession of evidence
that the- shot which ploughed
through his head, was fired
while he was dead on the ground.
VRANJK, Nov. 19.—Rather
than olioy a command to with
draw his company fro man ex
posed position. Lieutenant Mil
itch of the 1 Sth Servian infan
try blew out his brains.
(Ily United Pivss Leased Wii'C)
PORTLAND, Me., Nov. 19. —
Major Honry Clay Morriam, IT. S.
A., retired, is dead today at his
home here, aged 85, He had been
an invalid for two years.
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 19. —
Mrs. John Hajrei Hammond is ap
pointed today by (lovernor Foster
as a member of the Mauachu-
Betts conimitteo to reiirpsont this
•tate at the Pacific-Panama ex
position in Baa Fianrisco in 1916.
lor Infants, and Invalids
. j Get
It means (be Original and Genuine
The Food-Drink for all Ages
Rich milk, malted grain, in pefwder form.
For infants, invalids«ml growing children.
Purenutnlion.upbuilding the whole body.
Invigorates nursing mothers «nd the aged).
More . healthful than tea or coffee.
Take no substitute. Ask for HORLICK'S
HORLICK'S Contain* Pure Milk
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IN'DIANAPOUS, Ind., Nov. 19.
—Orttie McManigal will resume
his chronologiral story of dyna
mitiriKs to the jury, sitting at the
trial of the 47 union men charged
with illegally transporting dyna
mlte, probably tomorrow, accord
ing to the announcement here to
day of Prosecutor C'liarlea \V.
.Miller. It now seems certain that
the trial will la.-?t until the mid
dle of January.
OHIOAOO, Nov. lit. — Two
masked bandits held B-P tlio
Southwest Limited! of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee Ai St. l'iinl rail
road near Mystic, lowa, early to
day and robbed four pMmagera
of |185, Recording to advices re
ceived hero by company officers.
The robbers held tlie train for
an hour.
• m
liuni, Herbert 11. 4S years old,
yeaterd&y ut him home, Bouth 7»>th
ut. ami Tacoma ay, A widow and
five children aurvlve him. Re
mains arc at IfeUlnger'a.
i;kiin«r. Mrs. Jessie, Wednesday,
1:10 p. m., from the reslden c, 2101
South X liuriul ut Tacoma oem
< Kiviii. Mrs. Mary Christina, Fri
day, lo a. m,, from Melllnger'a
chapel, Burial ai Tacoma ceme
MftrrlnKr I.lcpiimcm
Louli Blrchler, Baatb Tncoma,
and Rosle fox. Bouth Tacoma;
Krank y. Oaakl, Medford, ore. and
KomatSU Skinui. Japan; I' 1. Xishi
tnaati, Portland, ore., and Tanl
Fukayatna, Japan; K. okimoto, Sac
ramento, Col., anil Shina finumo
ta, Japan; Arthur Kr<'«l Btoltl, Ta
loma, and .TcM:ili! UcCllntock, Tu
coma; Theodora Hiebar, Tacoma,
uml Aravvanu CoHIa, Tacomaj Jaoob
Anton i.und. shuttle, and Florence
KeCaia, Beattla.
Timnnrinl, Minerva, against C. N.,
non-support, granted by Judge B.
M. Card.
O. Dowo McQuesten, who ia
close to the'bull moose represen
tative-elect in the 3.".th district,
says he will demand a recount of
the ballotH In that district aa soon
aa the official count ia reported.
(l!.v l rlifted Press Ijtmtea Wire.);
KILWAUUn, Wis.. Nov. 19.
—John Schrank, who attempted
to murder Colonel Theodore
Koosevelt here ig insane. He will
be sent to an asylum for the
criminal Insane, probably for life.
Five alienists who were ap
pointed by Municipal Judge
Backus to Inquire into Schrank's
unity today unanimousl) agreed
that the would-be assaasii is iu
bane. t
Today's "down" prices are con
fined to bacon and ham, while la
the "up" class Is found coffee,
lard and ranch eggs. Hum took
a Blight decline hint night, coffea
went up half a cent, lard la
ICBroe, therefore high, and eggs
gone to BO cents. Celery from
California will be the only vege
table of that Rort to be found In
the market today, the local sup
ply having become exhausted.
Country Wild Over
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idly Incraaatni demand (or Kadl
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been discovered. While tills new
treatment for baldness, dandruff,
gray hair, falling hair. itching
■calPi etc., Is remarkably simple, it
la a fact that nothing like It has
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fore, mill It ran readily bo Been
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I'ommon-aenae treatment, and that
success must- follow In an aston
ishingly short space of time.
The proprietors of Itiulizenc real
ize the fact Hint the public has had
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lonic." and after giving tlio R idl«
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gome of the worst cases of baldness,
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