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Swings His
Club in the
Dark and
Hits the
Wrong Man.
Words by Schaefcr
Music bjr Coudo.
Eatonviile will be a hot old
town tonight.
Joe Bonds of Taconia and
Frank Farmer of Kapowsin are
booked for a ten round fight.
Friends of Joe Bonds arc picking
up a crowd in Taconia this after
noon for an excursion to the little
town, and it is expected that at
least 130 people will go to the
scene of battle.
Joe has Immmi putting in some
■food licks the past week and with
0. A. C. TODAY
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 23.
The big game is being played to
day between the University of
Oregon and Oregon Agricultural
college stalwarts.
A specially prepared field is the
setting. This is the first time tho
teama have gotten together since
If ft.
Special Sunday 50c
' Sunday, Nov. 24, from 12 to 8 p. in.
Deviled Crab
•Soup ' «
Cream of Chicken ' '
Crisp Celery Dill Pickles
Fish * •
naked Halibut Au Gratin Potatoes Princess
Young Duck Baked Apples
Leg of Veal Vienna Dressing
Cream Potatoes Sphegetti Neaopolitaa
Vanilla Ice Cream Lady Fingers
Chocolate Blanc Mange, or Plum -Pudding Brandy Sauce
Tea Coffee Milk
Orchestra from 5:30 to 8 p. in.
Under the Direction of Prof. Jensen.
Miss A. Rooney. Miss Rhoda Green*
Mrs. Housekeeper: Why spend the whole day cooking
and washing dishes, besides the additional expense, when the.
above dinner, nicely cooked and elegantly served, can be
purchased for fifty cents?
• , . - -
"Fifty Years Ago, When Golden Wedding
Rye Was Young"
V^X.ir A\ *-■ _* j <*uCjP^KXU^rf4BBMk~U^BJBn^f / tJf i^AJ|J|UL3IHIUHIL^B^ HHOh*^?E4 ■
K3aBUyHA"*WPfI^EBJBBBr J^Ma^i' -i^tMr^^fik^^FfA jJj /fjBHM ■wt^'/^rKl
KaCTm\amm'^.Bttt. fffßfc^--4 ffj^cPJ-^a^aK^B BroSflßMn^v I
The natural goodness 2 and mellow, mild
smoothness of flavor produced from Nature's
best grain by our exclusive process is apparent
at once in Golden Wedding. For fifty years we
have maintained that perfect standard.
Contains the rare virtues that belong only m
to absolutely pure whiskey. * _»_jLli£.
It Is made differently from ordinary whls- JpJJJJjfetJJJ
The special formula and process of dls- •^mmtg^
tilling; Ooldtin Wedding keep in the original /M Bt\
finality—the natural mellowness and mild- hE| Q|
Not* the pleasant, effective stimulation It tgWBfoW
affords, without undesirable after-effects. itfJ^JP^l
See that it has the Government stamp over *• fl"
"'Made Differently" *2kd
(73) K««. lASa £
the able assistance of Kid Brandt,
a Whit*) hoplst from down the
coast, the Bonds boy claims he
lias originated some corkscrews
that will make thin man Farmer
look more of a farmer than the
name indicates. "1 feel flue,"
says Joe, and he looks it.
On the other hand Farmer,
backed by a lot of Kapowsin
"reals," says he Is going to put
Joe's white hope aspirations on
tho blink.
Watch for results.
Well Known Golfer
CHICAGO, Nov. 23.—Known to
Kolfing enthusiasts as Bessie An
thony, for yearn champion woman
goiter of the west, Mrs. Bernard
C. Home is dead today at her
home, "OJenview," near Weswick,
I'll r« < l HIM IV <l TO 14 DATS
Tour dru«lst will refund money If Paso
Ointment falls to cure Itching, Mind, t;|- - 1-
Ing or l'rotru.'lng Plica In 8 to 14 day*. Ma
Millie Ilitrlile in training to flßlit Ad Wolgast on Thanksgiving flay for the world's Ilcht-
H.-iulu championship, believes that the presence of four Kills and a Hilly <iout at his camp (the
KOHt being named Wolgast) will help toward the downfall of the champion. From left to right
Ifce four Kills are: Hilly HiUhie, Hilly Nolan, his manager; Hilly Friu hie, his trainer, and Hilly
shannon, <\-|.iit;ilisi and owner of the famous training camp at San ltafael, Cal. Of course the
animal in front is Wolgast's supposotl goat. ' !
"Just wait until the price drops
to 10 to 6, and then all the
family plate will go down on
the result."
This) wan the word Willie
Ritchie sent over from San
Rafael today wheu told that the
odds on his Thanksgiving day
battle with Champion Ad Wol
gast at Daly City had lengthened
to 10 to 7.
■lust remember," continued
I Short Sport |
The McAleer Gun club and the
Tacoma Rifle and Revolver club
will shoot turkeys Sunday after
noon at McAleer and Menlo park
County Game Warden W. W.
Thompson has today withdrawn
from the race for reapointment to
the job. D. G. Moser and Ira
Light are said to be flirting for
the position.
Harvard and Yale graduates
will thin afternoon congregate at
the University flub to receive re
turns of the big game in the east.
The High sohool second tWUn
and the University of Puget
Sound second raters are playing
in the stadium this afternoon. The
High school boys will play the
second team of the Lincoln high
on Thanksgiving day prior to the
big contest.
The Stadium high school Mid
gets play Lincoln high 115
pounders this afternoon in Seat
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
Otto Berg of Astoria, Ore., is the
victor today oTfer Fritz Holland
of Spokane here today after two
rounds of fighting. Attempting
to land a left swing, Hollands
fist struck the back of Berg's
head and the bone just above the
wrist snapped. Although In
great pain, Holland finished th«
round, but when he went to his
coiner it was evident that lie
could not continue, and his sec
onds lukscil up the sponge. The
fight was given to Berg.
The Demons of Uie Swamp
arc mosqultos. As they sting
they put deadly malaria germi
in the blood. Then follow the icy
chills and the fires of fever. The
appetite fliea and the strength
fails; also malaria often paves
the way for deadly typhoid. But
Electric Bitters kill and cast out
the malaria germs from the
blood; give you a fine appetite
and renew your strength. "After
long Buffering," wrote Wm. Fret
well, of Luoama, N. C, "three bot
tles drove all the malaria from
my system, and I've had good
health ever since." Best for all
stomach, liver and kidney Ills.
60c at Ryner Malstrom Drug Co.,
938 Pacific ay.
Ritchie, "that when Battling
Nelson defeated Young Corbet i
tho latter was a 10 to 4 favor
ite. It is natural to expect that
the c-hampion should be a top
heavy favorite and when the odds
tumble to 13 to C>, and I expect
they will, I'll risk all on my
"I am in fine shape for this
battle, and I am going to be the
next champion. Wolgast is put
ting on a bold front, but he i.s
(By InKed Press l.rasi-il Wire.)
—Jack Dillon is the holder of a
decision here today over Kid
Clark of Colunnbus. The bout
went but two rounds, when Clark
was so badly beaten that the po
lice stopped the light.
pi / /.'/ ,!iM ■■> •?••• '"i"'"H.J* 3 d fl" Im/I £^ O H
In .^mjEfSji&Sfm2K3i>~— !!' t 'i'm Jit *"*if j// *jiil >/* *^£f / l^L tS £^ *^VL 1^ lIV
Km lit I'htt iff '"'/ /'* "''.'|' /;» £P^li7^9feS^Hfe^tak. B^B
; * Isp#^w^Hr O1 sleep. X
\^^j^^^ajjiß?^SE^^^^ai§B^Hßpßß^afM|^PM JiSc^fetß? F mm business. $ j
H '■ ■:■ *^_ . ■ ' : i.:- ~ '-': ; H. D. BAKER M
inn ■■ nXnnniniß On ■■ nI&l If 502 Savage Scofield Bldg., Tacoma. M
111 II nil IE 111 I I 111 ISI H IHII 1111 V Telephone Main 962. :M
11111 IV r I I i r A J H « I IMS J Alia I R H staffeed m
111 II 111 I 111 lIIS H 13 ki I 111 nil! -305 Crar Building, Seattle. M
IU U ill I I UUI ill II U U 111 1111 I Telephone Main 8670. I
Wolgast, after an Idle day
yesterday, announced he would
box six rounds this afternoon,
and later, with a party of
lriends, would engage in some
baseball and surf bathing. The
champion has a sore hand, but
• xpects it to be as good as ever
when he steps into the ring with
Kitehie next Thursday afternoon.
The sale of seau for the bat
tle will open Monday.
(By Vnitefl Press leased Wire.)
CHICAGO, Nov. 2?,. —Declaring
that he Is a real "white hope,"
Jack Leon, heavyweight wrestler,
who lias turned fighter, is here
today ready to prove his asser
> LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23.
■ —Double the usual confl
• nee that exudes from
• fighters' training camps is
• oozing today from the Doyle
■ and Beach ramps, where Joe
> Mandot and Joe Rivers are
> winding up their prcpara
• tions for their 20-round
• meting here, Thanksgiving
I day. Here are the roaso-us
> sons for toil certainty of
> victory, outlined by the box
■ era themselves:
» Mandot — I've beaten Riv
-1 «>rs and have that edge. I
• beat him when his methods
• were new to me. and before
• 1 was ac('lnitiated. Now I
■ have his every move/and am
■ In excellent shape.
Rivers—l've never yet
• been beaten decisively. Wol
■ gast was handed a win over
■ me by a rattled referee, and
• Mandot caught me out of
• condition and managed to
■ outpoint me.
> Charley Eyton will referee
> the mill.
(Isy United Press Leased Wire.)
NEW HAVKX, Conn., Xov.
ii'-i. —With odds at 5 to 8,
Harvard is a favorite over
Yule in the big foot bull strug
gle to be waged here Ibis
afternoon. Little Yale money
is in sight.
H|>p<'iiil trains arc bringing
thousands of sficrtators to
the big game, and it was esti
mated that the attendance
would bo more than 34,000.
Front the dope sheet Har
vard figures to be the better
eleven, and to have a better
chance of victory.
The second regular meeting of
the I'arent-Tenchers' association
of Harlow High school was held
yesterday afternoon at the South
Tseonui bnlldinv. A program was
I'ollmvc'l hv 'l iMllchi'Oll.
Tom O'Malley, convicted of an
attempt to rob the National Bank
of Commerce with a wooden sun,
has been re-sentenced by Judge
Chapman to serve from one 10
two years in the Monroe refor
The judge imposed a sentence
the length of which was optional
wllli the prison board. They later
informed him this was not al
lowed by law and he changed tiie
<?/<J><s.^>^>^>cj><j>cj>^.3><s>^.<s>^> <®cs> 3><s>>3><3><S> ■&s■<s>s> <$••<s■<?>■s' <^ <J>
<3> _ <|>
•$ BERLIN, Nov. 23. —That the kaiser's capital is the ♦
♦ champion race suicide city in the word was, in effect, the •>
■•> declaration of Mr. Julius Wolfe German, in the statistical con- ♦
•■ gross, which has just closed a week's session here. <?>
♦ Statistics show that while the falling birth rate of Paris ♦
♦ from 1880 to 1910 was 7.C per cent that of Berlin was 18.4. <*
There is no better way to acquire a compet
ence, a bulwark against worry when unlooked
for burdens come, than your Savings Account.
Our Savings Department will pay you inter
est on your semi-annual balance at 4 per cent.
Good as bonds.
Fidelity Trust Co.
Capital $500,000.
Surplus $480,000.
11th St. and C, Tacoma.
Saturday, Nov. 23, 1912.
Jaes Mador, charged with hav
ing beaten his friend "Shorty"
Lawson over the head with a
steel bar in the Tourist hotel, will
be arraigned in all probability
within a week, his alleged victim
being reported improving rapidly
at the hospital. Mader expressed
surprise that he should bo made
defendant in the case, maintain
ing st.il that ft was "Shorty" who
started the light.

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