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LKIUIC Or MEWIPAI'EItI. Tr|r. v blr News
tuilw «»f the I ■Me* I'rru A«a«rl«tlua ky direct
l.l—ii Win. .
»■«•«< at «■• rMtifflw, T>»n>, Wash., am
■«—« »!■■■ aaattrr. fabiuai-d kr lk< Tirnaia
Tilla Pak. to. Btur K>r a | at F.irrpl »aadar.
The most perfect and best of all characters, in my estimation, is his
who is as ready to pardon the moral errors of mankind as if he were ev
ery day guilty of some himself and at the same time as cautious of com
mitting a fault as if he never forgave one.—Pliny.
The Horse "Comes Back"
Not so many years ago "They kept their hone and carriage" was tlie
mark of wealth and fashion.
Then came the automobile. The people with honet and carriages were
back numbers. Really swell 4'olks had their "cars".
Ou a recent fair Sunday the benches along the drives in New York's
Central Park were filled with people watching the automobiles go by. Noth
ing but automobiles. Touring cars, limousines, runabouts, taxicabs, silently,
Bwiftly they .scooted along. The watchers on the benches turned on eveu
the most luxurious and costly a bored gaze.
Suddenly the spectators were roused to attention. "Look!" said one to
another. "Aren't they beauties! That certainly is some swell turn-out!"
Along the drive there passed a handsome victoria, drawn by a pair of
beautifully groomed bays. The harness was silver-plated; it shone and
clanked. The coachman and footman were in lively. An elderly man and
woman occupied the carriage—a well-dressed, dignified couple, who looked
neither to the right nor the left.
Automobiles have become common. Your milkman takes his family out
in his car. The people on the benches in the park knew that many ot: the
passing automobiles were occupied by folk of no better social standing than
themselves. But the victoria—its clinking, gleaming trappings, its high
stepping steeds—there was unmistakable aristocracy.
The horse, and not the automobile, is again the mark of fashionable dis
tinction, even as it was before the first gasoline car was ever built.
Some More Swatting
Put your <-at in the safe! The Biological Survey is after her in a hot
campaign to wipe her off the face of the earth. It is going to he '"Swat the
Oat!" until you'll believe that swatting the fly was mere recreation.
Pussy is charged vrHh being a destoyer of useful wild birds and young
poultry and a fraud as a destroyer of mice and rats. They also allege that
she loves places but not persons and, as a circulator of disease among chil
dren, she's a perfect caravansary.
Far be it from us to advise a combat with the Biological Survey in behalf
of cats. Our knowledge and intimacy with cats are largely confined to the
office cat and all we know about her is that she will destroy fresh paste, will
fall into the barrel of press ink about once a month, and that she is a good
thing to kick when Hie proof reader is too big for it. But we submit, how
ever, that what the Biological Survey charges against the eat is in large part
chargeable against man. Further than this, we leave the defense of this fa
miliar domestic creature to housewives who have the cat habit. Keep an eye
on your cat, anyway, because several cities have begun active war to reduce
her number.
To the Back Seats
The presiding officer of the U. S. senate cannot be kicked off his perch,
as was done in the case of Speaker Joe Camion. But, a reform of similar ef
fect, should be attempted in the matter of the chairmanships of important
senate? committees. These committees can strangle legislation and, indeed,
virtually exercise control of legislation, and it has been in conformity with
"senatorial courtesy", or some other foolish policy to put senators of experi
ence in tho chairmanships. The result has largely been the embarrassment
of progressive legislation, if not its actual defeat/
The people have declared for a new deal. Let's have a new deal in the
U. S. senate; such as will consist in retiring standpat chairmen to the back
Pie That's Cooking
In October last, President Taft ordered some 3fi,000 fourth-class post
mastors upon the civil service list. The hungry democrats arc K°inS to *ak
President Wilson to rescind that order, so that there may be more pie to pass
It will be very interesting to observe what "VVoodrow does in this matter.
Thirty-six thousand soft jobs for democrats are not to be sneezed at. On the
other hand, Woodrow undoubtedly believes in the principle of the civil ser
vice and he may say that, inasmuch as the mass of people don't care a con
tinental who gets the spoils, those republican postmasters who can pass the
civil service examination may stick.
Montenegro's king claims to be a
poet. Let the cholera rage.
According to the school board ticket
it takes two men to keep even with one
Woman in the game of politics.
A lot of very high priced midnight
dinners are being mussed up by ban
queters who do not want them these
nights that would look fine to a lot of
little hungry wait's in town.
Green river gravity line is getting
plenty of inspection at all events—
such as it is.
Nobody likes to stay with a loser —
•yen the prisoners are trying to break
away from Sheriff Longmire now.
Do not postpone th« opening of a savings account simply
because of tbe smallness of your first deposit. All things, you
know, must have their beginning. The big things of today were
Uttle things of yesterday—Remember, we receive deposits as
low as a dollar.
4 o/o BANKERS TRUST 00. BANK 4 o/o
CAPITAL 9500.000.00
editorial Paae of Cfte Cacoma Cimcs
Carnegie says he always laughs when
with kings. We did once but three mis
erable little deuces knocked the laugh
right out of our mouth.
Ohio has 673 divorced husbands
drawing alimony. She must be for
woman's right to pay alimony, any
Again there talking of revising the
Bible. Bet 30 cents the suffragettes
arc trying to cut out Genesis 3, para
graph 6, which has so long been a com
fort to man.
It certainly would be great to see the
city get ready for its sheet work in the
spring and then sock demurrage on the
contractor who did not finish on time.
Mulcch the Nation Gasp
The awful llgt of Injuries on a
Fourth of July staßßers humanity.
Set over against It, however, Is
the wonderful healing, by Buck
len's Arnica Salve, of thousands,
who suffered from burns, cuts,
bruises, bullet wounds or o\i>!<>-
Blons. Its the quick healer of
"boHs, ulcers, eczema, sore lips or
piles. 25c at Ryner Malstrom
Drug Co., 938 Pacific «r.
An eastern congressman has been campaigning in Mis
souri for Taft. Arriving at a small town he went to the
dapboarded hotel and stacked up against the rough looking
The hotel man opened the thumbed and blotted guests
book, and the congressman With considerable dignity and a
flourish wrote down his distinguished name. Whereupon the
proprietor pointed with the pen down the hall, and remarked:
"Take yer bag up the stuira to Room 2, right at the end
of the passage."
With a patronizing smile, the visitor said:
"I am Congressman lilank."
"So I see," replied the countryman, "and your room's
number two. You can't miss it."
With increased hateur the guest repeated impressively:
"I am Mr. W., member of —"
Turning round with a look of exasperation, the other re
torted :
"Well, what do you expect me to do —kiss yer?"
"Every mail brings th' Beeleys
port Weekly Whang a cord or so
of long-winded deadhead matter
from a dozen different publicity
bureaus. Some people still think
th' rural press ia bard up fer
sometliin' ter fill up th' paper."
Mine. Simone, the French act
ress who was over here last sea
son, evidently is an expert with
the hook. She said to the Parts
newspaper in interviews, "I saw
some very good actors in America
notably the Irish players."
i ' H''£l3ir*sil(s'io!i
They eat off a trunk and they Bit on a box.
The floor Is all cluttered with* fiah-nets and socks,
They live on spaghetti and red ink and cheene
And talk about "Art" with tome unction and cas*.
Their hair's never trimmed, and it's seldom they shavfc.
At "puritan morals" they sn«H>r and they rave;
They care not to sweep or to scrub or to dust,
They go tn for fads in their manner of dress,
They revel In dirt and they're fond of a mess.
Of "base money grubbers" they frequently rant.
Referring to artists who "sell" —which they rant!
Yet give them a chance where the rash is the test,
They're just as commercial as all of the rest.
They strut and they swagger, they poise and they pose,
And each haß a horn which he constantly blows,
Their minds and their rooms with disorder are rife—
And they call this "Bohemian Life!"
Considerable Judfte.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Moose
of Pennsylvania left for Detroit,
.Mich., last night after spending
■evera] days as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Daubert. Mr. Moose
holds the position of probate
jud)re of Lebanon county, Pa. He
is also starting judge and horse
judge at state fairs in Pennsyl
vania, New Jersey, Maryland,
Delaware and Kentucky.—Spring-
Held, 111., News.
The bank of Italy's chairman
estimates that 9 00,00 0 foreigners
visit Italy annually, the avernge
stay of each being 30 days, and
the average daily expenditure of
each being $14.
Misdirected energy—
Borrowing money to buy an
CliYing a mirror to your stenog
Telling a barber how you wish
him to cut your hair.
Explaining to a woman how to
carry her money to escape pick
Yelling, "Forward in the car."
English exports by parcels post
were *3G,374,683 last year.
Spain has abandoned its mint
because >ts money wa* so easily
counterfeited, and has given a
contrast to a private concern to
make its money.
ON TO Hl'lll JOB.
"Do you ever permit your hus
band to havo his own way?"
"Oh! yes, occaslonaly. He 18
sure to make a fool of himself,
and that makes him easier to
manage next time."
The 12,000,000 farmers of the
United States add each year $8,
--400,000,000 to the national
wealth. They do this on Bor
rowed capital of $0,0 10,000,000
paying annually 1500,000,000 In
A Chicago sociologist says a
man with a pick is of more value
than a college graduate. And
that's true. Just think of the
«ood a man with a pick could do
in a football Rame.
GirsVi Another Tune.
Wo have reason to be proud
that we havo such a fine violinist
iv Mar.shfield. A violin artistical
ly played is grand, but a violin
poorly played is the worst music
that I know. The piano at the
Swift's Is a new upright piano
just purchased of Mr. Fairbanks,
who came down to try it, and be
ig thoroughly tested, we do not
hesitate to say that it Is certain
ly a first-class piano in every way,
and may the Swift's enjoy it, and
hope they may not bo at all bash
ful to invite their friends again,
to listen to its sweet melody, even
if not on so elaborate a scale as
was the last Thursday night inusl
cale. —Marshlield, Mass., Mail.
It's the other fellow who gets
rich in a get-rich-quick game.
American railways carry more
than l,(»00,UU0,00u tons of freight
Philadelphia statistician figures
the residents of that city will save
18,000,000 through the investiga
tion of the hard coal trust. The
money no doubt will be placed In
the bank, along with that whicli
men save by shaving themselves.
An Alarm Clock Gets
What Every Alarm
Clock Deserves
nflnlTPC nnstnesa Office Main 12.
Hllnlr Clrculntlon l).|,f. Main 111.
■ ***'*»*•«»"' Editorial llept. Mnin 704.
—770-778 OOMMERc:: ST.
Mayor Says City Must
Obey 10 Commandments
The citizens of Canto, 0., are
now busy studying the Ten Com
mandments. You can hear 'em
mumbling, as they walk absent
mindedly along the street, "Thou
shalt not—tliou shalt not—thou
shalt not"- —just as they used to
do at Sunday school.
"Why? Oh, they're just brush
ing up on municipal law.
Canton has a new mayor, and
he says he's going to enforce the
Ten Commandments, whether
they're good law or not. And so
far, no leading citizen has threat
ened to take any of 'em to the
supreme court in a test case,
even though it does seem very
nconventionai to insist on obedi
ence to the Decalog—ln Canlon.
Harry s. Schilling, the Decalog
burgomaster, doesn't mind that.
He's an extremely unconventional
"I am still a socialist," says
Schilling softly, vising to the
height of his feet fiv e and do
ing a Colossus of Rhodes pose.
Whereupon comes a roar from
the Canton socialists, who have
read him out of the party after
electing him on a socialist ticket.
That election occurred a year
ago, but Schilling has just taken
fit* €r£MMMmi
*O7 ■ ■ ■W I IB■ ■•••»•) I
Everybody about the city hall
was much disturbed yesterday,
excepting City Clerk Edwards,
because Mayor Seymour had gone
off to the good roads convention
to make a speech and had not
signed the salary warrants for
November pay. There are about
1,000 of these to sign* and the
average city employe supposed it
took a week to do it. They did
not see how they were { ng to
get their money this week, as not
The following poem, which is said to hare been written by »
tramp at It«>no, Nev., in August 1011, is believed to rank with "The
Ballad of Rending Gaol" us a commentary on the last hours of a
man about to die. It has bee nrareljr published.
3><S><3><B><s><S><3>3><S><!>«><S''S>-S"?>«<?><S><J. <$><$><&<s>■s><s>■s><s>&■ss<s><&
<§> Night falls, and with each lingering, loitering ray, <$>
<S> Of daytime's radiance left, the man whose doom <*
<$> ■ His peer have fixed for him looks dimly out ♦
■$> Through bars of steel upon a lasting world. •»
<$> With mind a blank and soul confusion-tossed, <s>
<s> He feels, as never else, his helplessness— <$>
<S> Feels with his dulled, enfeedbled sense - •*
<?> the last hours of a world from which he's spurned. 9
<3> Tomorrow's dawn, too swift to come, brings on <8>
<e> The dead march to the shabby ibuilded thing, " <3>
<3> Man-schemed, man wrought—the engine of his death— •?>
<$> The gallows, rudely reared beyond those bars, <J>
<$> From whose unhallowed arm he soon shall hang. <S>
<& Shall hang! Ob, ignominious exit from <$>
<£ The stage on which he played his wretched part <»
<s> And which, now cleared for him, shall be the scene <5>
■§• Of action like to his, but with the parts <$>
<4> Performed by other actors, earth's great scheme <&
<$> Allowing one great climax to a man. <$>
<$> A murderer! God knows he was. And yet ■ <S>
<$> The love of life within himself is not <»
<S> An easy thing to cast aside—the hope • 4f
<S> Of heavenly pardon, so remote in this <$>
3> Dark hour, a last and feebly made attempt <$
<& To gain a sanctuary, and to save ■ <?>
<§> From man's damnation an immortal soul, . ' <$
<3> Throws the unfortunate with tremulous plea <S>
<& Upon his bended knees, and 'Mid the dark <&
<S> Of his last living night he pours his woes *
•$> : Into the ears of One, invisible • <$
<$> But who has even ibeen a gleaming light <?>
<$> Amid the deepest earthly gloom, and prays <5>
<$> His Savior to receive his sinning self. V
<* Who knows what joy, what peace7what saving hope <$>
<$> May now be his who In the morn shall die <8>
<S> By human agency upon a tree <S>
<$> When in his last hour's vigil he shall see, •
<£ - • Perhaps through penitential tears, the words <!>
<$> :Of Christ, accused of crime, hanged—cruiclfied: <S>
♦ "Come unto Me, ye weary, heavy laden; : <?>
* Come unto, Me, and I will give you rest." *
<?>♦<?><•> •S><j><4'-<J><S><J><*><?><j><J) <J. <$><£> <$><$.<s><S>^-(s»<s><J>A.<t.<3><4> *>'<»> A.
Thursday, Dec. 5, 1912.
office. It Is a pretty political
The socialists put up Schilling,
and the reform people backed
him against Mayor A. R. Turn
bull, who had been mayorlng
from time immemorial, or there
abouts. The vote was declared a
tie. Thereupon Turnbull and
Schilling guessed on the number
of grains of corn in an ear, and
Turnbull, being the better gue&s
er, was declared elected, and kept
right on mayorlng in the aamo
old way, to the joy of Canton's
"jungle folk, and the chagrin of
the uplifters.
Then Schilling got sore and ap
pealed to the courts. A few daya
ago they decided that he wan
legally elected, and 3,000 citizens
Clocked into the city council
chamber and saw to it that the
hostile council approved Schil
ling's bond and let him take tna
The socialists dropped him be
cause he had gone back on hta
word to abide by the ear-of-corn
guessing contest.
The town now expects a thor
ough overhauling.
Mayor Schilling is a printer by
a warrant had been signed yes
terday afternoon.
Clerk Edward)) said nothing.
He used to have the same notion
about how long it took the
mayor to sign the payroll, but
when the mayor won a good din
ner off him by signing the whole
lot in just two hours Edwards
got an Idea of the speed of the
The warrants were all signed
and the employes are cashing in

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