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-flmrsday, Dec. 12,1912.
Special Features of Interest To The Times' Women Readers
Mrs. Chas. (Judfrey, 7243 So.
Fife, Arlington park, entertained
the Golden Rod Five Hundred
club Thursday afternoon.
• • •
Honoring Mm. H. Holden Hlcli
ards of LaGrande, formerly Miss
Susie Garretßon of Tacoma, Mrs.
Chas. L. Richards will entertain
next Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Arthur Sturley will enter
tain the memlvers of the Aurora
club Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock
at her home, 915 South Sheridan
• * •
The newly organized choral de
partment of the Woman's club,
under tho direction of Dr. Clem
ent Shaw, will meet tonight at
the Y. W. C. A. for class work
In voice culture.
General Wright circle will hold
a meeting Thursday evening at
which the officers for the ensuing
year will be elected. All mem
bers are requested to be present.
• • •
Ontral W. C. T. U. held its
regular meeting this afternoon
at headquarters, 810 South Ninth
• • •
William Oliarnook, a resident
of this city for 32 years and dea
con in the First Baptist church.
Is celebrating his 90th birthday
anniversary today. A reception,
to which all of his old friends
were invited, was given this aft
• • •
TTie Parent-Teachers' associa
tion of the Horace Mjann school
Will hold a meeting at 2:30 Fri
day, the 13th, at the school. Tea
will be served.
• • •
Witennagemoto Hound Table
held its regular meeting Tuesday
at thp home of the president, Mrs.
O. W. Hullard. giving a Christ
mas entertainment. The next
meeting will be held the second
Tuesday in January.
• • •
Members of (lie Altrua dub
were guests of Miss Lillian
Yunckor Tuesday at her home on
Park Heights.
• t •
Cußter corps, W. IX. C, has
elected the following officers for
the coming year: President, Mrs.
Clara Elsom; senior vice, Mrs.
Itobb; junior vice, Mrs. Patee;
guard, Mrs. Gay lord; treasurer,
Miss Gable; conductor, Mrs.
Young; delegates and alternates
to G. A. H. convention in Port
Angeles, Mrs. l.evine, Mrs. Millie
Ball, .Mrs. Hastings. Mrs. Foss,
Mrs. Kean, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs.
Patee, Miss Cable, Mrs. Yon
Kuntz, Mrs. Young.
Tho Parcnt-TencJiers' associa
tion of the Franklin school met
this afternoon in the eighth grade
room. A program was given by
the pupils.
• • •
A twin son mill daughter Imvc
como to the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. Rowland of 1104 North
Steele street. They were born at
Portland November 21.
Tlte Thcoimu Hu.siiicss (.ills'
club gave a banquet at the Y. W.
C. A. Tuesday evening.
• * *
One of the oiM-ning affairs of
the Y. AY. C. A. rooms was the
silver tea yesterday afternoon.
• • •
A party will be given Friday
night for the students and former
students of the State Business
college In the school rooms on
the top floor of the Fidelity
• • •
Tiiroma court, No. 5, Order of
Amaranth, will hold its annual
election of officers Friday even
ing. All members are requested
to Attend.
Grapes, 2 lbs., 25c
Japanese oranges, 60c box.
Strawlea, SiOc box.
Huckleberries, 2 lbs. 25c
Pears, box, 11.00.
Oranges, 101/ 50c.
Lentous. SO©soc.
Cncoahuts, 10c.
Bananas —30c dor,.
Apples, box, 76c<951.28. "
Aop'es—ariJvonstein, box, $1.36©
Apples (»xtra fancy) Delicious,
11.90 box.
Caaabas, 200. 26c, 300.
Grapefruit, 10c.
Spare Robs, 15c lb.
■y><U SteW. 16c lb.
Pork Tenderldin 45c.
Koast Beef, prime rib, lb. 18030 a.
Pot Roast, liVt®lso.
Hoillns; Beof, $0100. . v
slTloln. 2«c
Porterhouse. X 60280.
l'-feone, 2 2f2(c
Hound Steak. 180.
Lee of tamb, spring, 20a
>t of Ijimb, spring. 100.
Lamb Chop*, shoulder, 15o: lola
and rib, 20c.
Shoulder Of Lamb, ISHc.
Lamb Stew, lb., 7c •-
Roast Pork, 18-20-250.
Pork Chops, shoulder, 20o; lota
MO rib, 2Bc. _
Veil Roast, 18035 a. .'> . , ,
Veal Cutlets, iO&tio.
Hate, siloed, 26 ©308. .
Holt Pork. 15c ■ •*"~- ■
Pork Sausage, link, SCo; bulk, 15a
Bacon, ljgrfic.
CbtntA B^*'' boneless, 16a
Trfo^l; ie«,
Drains. ISa
Mv«r, Vi',i9.
Spring Cilekens." i&
Hens, IW. ■
The Stars Predict a Brilliant
Future For This Little Girl
BeTiold a brilliant woman of
the future.
This is little Miss Grace Wini
fred Jensen who was born Sep
tember 22, 1911 and since she
made her entry into the world
under the sign of Virgo, the stars
say that she will enjoy a long life
and will be a leader among her
sex. These Virgo people are na
tural philosophers and possess
IS.v Killie Iturkc.
be well groomed is to look
as fit as a tine bans after
it has been perfectly curried,
♦ * *
"I cannot afford the time nor
the money to be always well
groomed," salil B woman to me
the other day aft«r bewailing the
fact that she was losing her
youthful freshness of complex
ion and daintiness of form.
Just then her husband, who is
a well-known actor, camo in
from rehearsal. He was clean
shaven; his hair was cut to just
the right length; his shoes were
polished to a glass-like luster;
his finger nails were nicely
manicured. I noticed this as he
took from his mouth a fat and
Spring Ducks, 26c.
Squabs, 85c.
Halibut. 2 lbs. 25a.
Crabs. [email protected] aoz.
Trout. 25c Id.
Salmon, lfe.
Black Cod, 2 lb*. 25c.
Hock Cud. I .<•
Bound Smelts. 3 lbs. 26c
Shrimps, 15c.
Codfish, brick. 26c.
Olympla Oysters, fl qt.
Anchovies, quart. 25c.
Kippered Salmon and Cod. 18a
Kippered Herring. 18c.
French Bermuda Onions, 3 lbs 260
HrusHel's Sprouts, 10c lb
Cauliflower. 16® 20c.
California Head Lettuce, 2 lbs. ISO
Celery, bunch, 6-6-100.
Cucumbers, 2 for 25c.
Tomatoes, lb., 15c.
Squash, lb.. 2c.
Bell Peppers, lb., 15c.
Eg* riant, lb., luc.
Glob* Onions, 4 for 10c.
Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Onion*.
Radishes, all bunch stuff, 3
bunches for sc.
Cabbage, bit 10c
Potatoes, suck, 75 5 95c.
Spinach, lb.. Be.
Sweat Potatoes, solected, 18 lbs. 25c
Bermuda onions, 2 lbs. 25c.
Butter, tub, 35c lb., 3 lbs. $1.00.
Best tub, 40c lb.
Fancy Bricks, 4Be
Washington, 4»<\
lowa, :iso, 3 lbs. $1.00. ;
Ckrcu >
TUamook, 22c.
Wlsoonsln, 22c,
New York, «oc.
Imported Swiss, 40c
Roquefort, (Oc. (,< ■
* -■■-•■-.- „-■ MM* ■ '-'„'
Fresh Ranch, fancy, 40c, \ .
Regular, Eastern, 3035 c
- ■■-.- •....-■..... ;- ■■ „- -
most accurate Intellectual dis
crimination, winning the confi
dence and admiration of associ
ates by this very power.
Wednesday is their best day.
The weeks following May 10th
and December 28tii will be most
■ favorable for their enterprises.
So, little Miss Jensen has a
bright vista opening before her.
hasn't she?
dark-colored cigar. Kvidently
tho gentleman could afford both
time and money for immaculate
Most women can spend the
Bliort time and tha litilo money
that is necessary to keep them
selves in perfect, cleanliness anil
sweetness, but they don't have
the inclination. The name lady
that made the remark about
time and money being scarce
commodities with her was com
placently munching chocolates
from a box that stood at her el
bow. At her neck was a frilly
little chiffon bow that was al
ready soiled with one wearing.
Her handkerchief proclaimed that
she had money to spend for per
fume. Her stockings were un
deniably silk, although there was
b hole in one of them which was
shown by the run-down at the
heel slipper.
Good Brooming is not so ex
pensive that the working girl of
very moderate salary cannot be
always trim and neat. Good soap
can-be bought for loss than good
perfume and a splendid cold
cream is more to be desired than
foolish chiffon neckwear that will
not stand laundering.
A dollar invested in a sham
poo has five times the value of
that Invested in candy, and It
does not take so long to care
fully manicure one's nails as it
does to darn silk stockings, and
holes come in the flimsy hose
•boat as often as one's nails get
Talking about handß, I am go
ing to tell you a fine thing for
the girl who has continuously
moist hands.
Make a mixture of four ounces
of alroliol and a half ounce of
belladonna. Moisten the palms
of your hands with this and let
the mixture dry on.
Dust your glove with a powder
made as follows: One dram,
each, of oxide of zinc and boracic
acid, powdered. Two drams of
lycopodium powder. Half an
ounce of starch and a quarter of
an ounce of powdered orris root.
Mix carefully and sift many
Little bags of this powder, with
a small glove mender and some
fine needles and a spool, each, of
the fine white and black thread
that is used to mend gloves,
would make a nice Christmas gift
for one of your girl friends.
• * *
—Ilememb'er that mending
your gloves and keeping
your bands in good order
are details of good groom
ing. . . ' /
She tried and tried, this thing, that
thing, then the other thing. All no
Rood. Then she thought of Hall's
Hair Kenewcr. Talked with herdoo
tor about it. Thon bought it, used it.
Her hair stopped falling out at once.
Now she is telling her friends. No cot
oring or staiuing of the hair, either
New styles, elegant but not ex
pensive. Eyes tested.
~ Masonic Temple J
734 St. Helens ay. 7
Cynthia Grey's Answers
D«* Miss Grey: What
would be a nire present for
v little 7-year-old girl to
Klve her school teacher, and
would a tie or a small book
l>e nice to give a gentle
ThunkhiK you kindly. We
have not known the gentle
man very long and I don't
(■n to give only us a re
iiii nilii'iiim-. C. K.
A.—dive your teacher a little
memorandum or [address book,
or a letter-opener. The tie will
be suitable for the gentleman if
you select a color he likes.
Dear Miss Grey: I don't
consider your office a qiils,
but rather an advisory board.
Now, Miss Grey, I met a
you iik girl, a senior In 11 lain
school, and am engaged to a
fine young man. We shall
be married in three years,
when I have finished col
lege. We keep up an al
most steady correspondence,
he being awuy at present.
What is a |iro|>«T and yet
fitting salutation and clos
ing for our letters?
A.—Begin your letters with
"Dear Tom" or "Dear Jftck,"
and sign yourself, "Sincerely,
Kate," or whatever your name is,
and above all don't fill your let
ters with "slush." Put nothing
in a letter that you would regret
should you ever break the en
gainent. You will be on the safe
side, and be saved humiliating
Dour Miss Grey: I am a
young 111:111 of 32. There is
a Kill going to school in one
of the business colleges here.
She lias led hair, bountiful
hair, (nit that is not tin- only
thing about her I like.
Now, Miss Grey, 1 be.
licve I could learn to love
this girl— at least that's
what 1 intend trying. There
is one obstacle, however,
which I cannot overcome,
and that is laziness. Do you
think she could In- happy
with a man afflicted with
this disease?
A —My dear boy, laziness is
something that no right-minded
girl can i>ut up with for long.
Conquer this fault, or at loast
make such a good start at it that
you know you will continue, be
fore risking a girl's bapplnoM.
I>ear Miss Grey: I am
engaged to a young limn of
-I, I lovo him dourly and
know lie loves me, but he
corresponds with other K>rl«,
which 1 do not think li^ht.
Should a Hum who is «mi
gaged (Jo .such a thing?
A.— Do you want him to drop
all his former friends because he
loves you, or do you not trust
him? It all depends on what
THE $100,000 BRIDE
This is Mm. Lewis A. Jeffs,
formerly Miss Selina Ward, known
as the $100,000 bride.
Mrs. Jeffs has been honeymoon
ing in the Orient. She has Just
returned to take up her residence
Turn to the ||lflE Want Ads
kind of letters he writes; if just
friendly, no harm is done; if oth
erwise, he is not a safe man to
Dear Miss Grey: I am a
girl of 14 and would like to
ask you for a little advice.
There is a boy who is al
ways hanging around after
mi- and I know that girls my
age are usually crazy about
the boys, but I am not, and
I wish you would tell me
how 1 can get rid of that
Thanking you. DOTTY.
A. —Tell your parents or
guardian at once. If you have
none, go to the juvenile judge,
who will make nothing public,
but will advise the young man
to attend to his own affairs. Do
at once what I tell you.
Cynthia's Answers to
Many Questions
There is no law prohibiting the
giving away or selling of litera
ture which is not obscene or unfit
for the public to read.
For information concerning
homesteads and timber claims,
apply to or write the United
States government land office,
Federal building, Seattle.
With the teacher's or superin
tendent's permission, country
school houses can be used for
church or political meetings or
anything uplifting; and 1 see no
reason why this should not in
clude socialists.
At an informal reception nnrve
salad, dainty sandwiches, some
thing hot to drink, a frozen (iiuli
with cakes, and salted almonds;
if desirable, one can serve either
tho first or the last part.
The face may be cleared of
blackheads by steaming each
night with a Turkish towel and
very hot water for It or 20 min
utes; then rinse in cold water iv
(rail h a few drops of alcohol
have been added. The alcohol
tends to reduce the pores.
When a lady and her escort
enters a room, the lady is intro
duced first. The old-fasliii.ned
way was to Introduce the guests
to everyone in the room; but this
has been supplanted by the mod
ern way of introducing them to a
few near them, and these In turn
introduce them to others.
Macaroni is a peculiar paste
prepared from wheat flour grown
in the southern countries of Eu
rope and mixed with hot water
until a stiff dough is formed.
This dough is forced into a hol
low cylindrical mold and a heavy
iron plate is driven in by a pow
erfttl press, forcing the paste
through the holes. It is partially
baked by a fire under the cylin
der and after hanging up for sev
eral days, is ready for use.
In Salt Lag* City, where her
father, Col. K. A. Wall, mitlion
alre, who gave her a weddtog
present of $100,000 in stocks and
bonds, lhaa provided a "cottage"
for the couple, said cottage cost
ing quite a few thousand dollars.
Scenes From the Life of Christ
(Reverently portrayed on tlio exact spot where it took place nineteen hundred years ago— •
pint of the elaborate and costly moving picture production of tin- Kulein Company, to b« first
shown nt Christmas time.)
And Jcmik, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon, called l'ott r, nnd Andrew
his brother, canting a net into the sea; for they were fishers. And he said unto them, Follow mo,
and ,1 Will make you fishers of nun. Matthew iv: la*l9.
(Th" editor BUgSJSStS that these pictures will piovo of pemMUIMM interest, especially to chil
dren. TIT TIIKM OUT and SAVK TIIKM. If you miss any picture, hack numbers (> f the TinieM
may be secured at this office.)
The fight against the fly mnai
not bf> forgotten when the warn
weather ends. There is serious
menace la taking down tUe
screens from window and door
too soon. Probably there is
more typhoid-spreading by flies
now than there was la the sum
mer months. A typhoid-laden fly
does no harm as long as it stays
out in the grass. But as soon as
the cold nights begin, he flits in
to the house lor warmth. And if
he cannot get in through the
windows or cracks in the screens
he will ride to safety and warmth
on the wearing apparel of any
one who chances to be going into
the house.
So now's the time to keep the
screens carefully closed and the
food well covered. The campaign
should be k<|it on as religiously
as it was in the hot. summer
months if this menace to health
is to he Hubjugated.
The "fear of the fly" la one
that might well foe instillpd Into
the heart of the child and the
grown person every day in the
3t35 if at some future date th«
public hopes to bo free of one of
tho most parniciona disease-car
riers and typhoid-brocders exist
Every fly forced to die in a
cold night duriiiK the next few
weeks will be ono less against
which to campaign next sunnnei'.
* *
* *
* SAVING is *
* *
* only a HABIT *
* *
* Better start the *
* Habit now with an *
* account. *
* #
* ■ *
* *
* «
* Paid Capital $300,000 *
* *
* 4 o/o Interest 4 o/o *
» ' «
* • » •. • ««»« «
' IT. Ton, rhiD#««
Medicine Co.
fPPs^ I have been suf-
H9 I tißva been »uf-
Ea-75r53l from kidney trou-
W.i tie «nd rheum*-
TEfctfiW tlim tOT "'• p«»>
V^^H I yr«, and have
BMBofck^ been doctoring
fll Mout relief. After
""""•"^■^tryln* your won
««rful remedies, under your
treatment for • weeks, the pain
and «or«n»«i have entirely dis
appeared. Toura truly, P. A. gnl
der. 8714 80. Vaklma «v., Taooma. •
A wonderful Chinese m«4lcine.
Send to ilarop (or quantum blank
to 114IM Paiiflo *T. Main (lit. -,
No Poisonous Lead or Sulphur
In Parisian Sage Hair Tonic
Onnlshe., Dandruff and Slops
Falling Hair or Money
If you want a Kootl, clean, de
lightful hair diTßFlng, free from
harmful Ingredients, one that
will stop falling hair, itching
sr.nlp, banish dandruff and add
liistro to dull, faded hair, then
ask for Parisian Sage and see
that you got It.
The girl with the Auburn lialrj
1h on every cartnn and bottle of i
Purisian Sage which Is nianufai-j
tured only In AmerlcM by Olroul
iitg. Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Prlre
only 50 cents at drug and depart
ment stores and all counters
where toilet goods are sold.
Here's more proof:
"I taJte great pltasurp in wrlt
Attire of Quality Moderately Priced Our Motto
■ — . i . — ,
A Grand Array of Christmas
Gifts at the New York &
Washington Outfitting Co.'s
ETbD THE 1 /4rl. ?
i v/iv inju (BC^ ILj
WOMEN iwmk
A class}' suit, or a fine jf^w^'iV^m
coat, or a swell dress, or per- ft /|flrfc»
haps an exquisite .set of Curs i|\s#jlf!f mm j^a
will suit her bettor than jM]| \ Ij ft nMYf*^
some frivolous gift. We are ]JXssri^ffll\¥
prepared to help you over Un lWf|\|^\
this trying time by extend- »\V™ ffljffp||\\
ing to you all the credit you \jm jj|jl|J[|\\\
desire and plenty of time in V fTjf fjlrMt \\\
which to pay. \\ 1 |||| BrIUU
. SPECIAL FOR TWO I ill ill '
DAYS ONLY If ||lll|ll\ H *
Ladies' Plain Tailored Suits | \|Sl|l|||| \
in blue and brown cheviots 1^)1. \i|mJ'
and serges, up to HÄ» 1 A C A \>JPj!!II l'^
$35. Now ...... V 1 **.OU ; '^^'^Wf :
The New York &
Washington Outfitting Co.'s
924-926 C St. WSmP
————-—'. .',;. —' v..;..;.:..'" .. ... . i
: Tacoma's ■ Oldest and - Largest ] Credit • House:
Ing to you and thanking you for
tho benefit I have derived from
your great hair tonic I'mlsts.ll
Sage I was co&ttned la St.
John's hospital in this city for
over two months with typhoid
level- and my hair was falling out
ho much I thought I would ba
bulilheadad in a few months.
"1 saw your advertisement In
tho Uegteter of tills city and got
a bottle and used it according to
directions and the first bottle did
the work. 1 have used many
other tonics for tho hair, but
I'Ai-intan Sago Hair Tonic has
them all beat. J wish you good
luck in all ways and thank you
again for what it has done for
me." Mr. Mat Delaney, 921
North 11th St., Springfield, 111.
VlrgM Drug Co. guarantees
ParKiiin Sayf Hair Tonic.
■tf^y" : mi -t^i.'nTn'iin-i;

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