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Thursday, Dec. 12, 1912.
(Ny United Press Leased Wire.)
SALEM, Ore., Dec. 12. —Carry-
Ing letters of protest from the
governors of all th e states where
capital punishment has |boen
abolished and armed with other
material which they hope to
crystalize into a successful plea
for a respite for the five men
doomed to die in the penitentiary
tomorrow until the people can
again vote on the question or
hanging, 100 prominent Portlaml
ers are here today.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 12.
—Further investigation into the
Darrow affair and oilier matters
growing out of the trial of the
McNamara brothers will be made
by a new county grand jury, ac
cording to generally credited re
ports. It is said that the Jury
will bo called upon to investigate
circumstances connected with the
receipt by Darrow of a $10,000
<$><$> ++++ ++ + <;■■ <?><s>•s><s><s•<s> #• <?.'<£" <$•<«>•?> <J> <$• >•> <S> <$ <$> <$• «><?>
<8> „ _ <S>
• WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 12.—Seeking to enjoin the «
<$• Masters Horseshoe National Protective association known as <$>
$> the "Horseshoe trust," its officers and manufacturers of •
<$> drilled horseshoes adjustable calks and rubber hoof pads, <?>
<$> from continuing a combination in restraint of trade, Attorney <$>
<8> General Wickersham filed today in the fr-Jeval court here a !>
<$> petition in equity. <?>
><s><s><§>'s>3> <?><£>>£'<§><?■'s<?•'?> <S> <?■<?> ♦;♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ •> <$><$> ■$■■?> <?> <$> <y
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 12.
-— Indignant denials of allega
tions in newspapers here that of
ficers of the New York stock ex
change are unduly held in Wash
ington to testify before the com-
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931 O St.
The letters are from the gov
ernors of Kansas. Mklne, Wiscon
sin and Rhode Island and mere
aro further mlsaivei from Lord
George Dorborough of England
and Walter Missive of the Ham
burg-American steamship line
asking that the. governor postpone
the executions until the people as
a whole can again he heard from.
Governor West, however, reit
erates what he has been saying
since the result of the vote was
known, "The men will positively
hang; everyone of them."
cherk reported to have been sign
ed by Samuel Gompers and easii
ed by Olaf A. Tveitmoe in San
Francisco during the McNamara
Two witnesses arc reported to
have been summoned from San
Franrisco and District Attorney
Fredericks is now visiting In In
diana and other states examining
mittee investigating the money
trust, was made today by Repre
sentative Pujo, chairman of the
"The most sensational testimo
ny," said Pujo, *"is yet to come.
There are 50 more witnesses to
be examined. When W« finish
with these men they will be ex
cused, and not before."
It was expected that the hear
ing would adjourn at 7 p, m. to
day until Monday. The commit
tee will probably excuse the wit
nesses early next Week until early
in January, adjourning for the
Roast $1.30
Fruit 40
Celery 15
Cakes 25
Snails 15
Cigars for Miller HO
Tobacco for Miller 5 0
These are a few of the things
Sam Ambrose carried to his son,
Victor, when the child was in the
hands of the B. L. Miller family,
according to testimony produced
in Judge Clifford's court Tues
Ambrose is asking the court to
allow the custody of the child
to the Miller's rather than to its
mother, Mrs. Elsie Ambrose, now
The father claims his son will
be bolter cared for in their hands
and introduced the list of dele
cacies as proof of what he himself
had given the boy while the di
vorce action was pending.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
SACRAMENTO, Dec. 11!. —It
took just ,'S3 days to complete the
official election count of Califor
nia's most hotly contested politi
cal battle which was last night
certified to Governor Johnson.
Roosevelt's plurality of the popu
lar vote officially is 174.
Following is the official vote
for the top electors of the six
parties: Roosevelt, 283,610;
Wilson, 283.43 C; Debs, 70,201;
Chafin, 23.3G6; Taft, 3,914.
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spiration that Is unnatural you will
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on the back of your hand. You'll
be as sweet as a May morning;.
Nothing on earth like It, too, lor
removing all body and perspiration
odors. It Isn't a greasy, hair-gum
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A free powder pad in each box.
PKRSPI-NO, Bold at drug and
department stores, 25c a box, or
sent on receipt of price by The
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Drug Co., Bonney Phcy., Rolce
Phcy., Stone-Fisher Co.
(By United Tress Leased Wire.)
NORFOLK, Va., Dec. 12. —Un-
der hurry orders the battleship
New Hampshire is today steam
ing toward Santo Domingo, hav
ing left Hampton Koads at mid
night with less than a normal
supply of coal in her bunkers.
Members df the crew who were
on shore leave, it is said, did not
sail with the warship.
Don't Worry About the Conduct of V oitr Children Just Now. The Watch
ful Spirit of Santa Clans Will You eh for Their Good Behavior Dur
ing the Next Few Weeks.
•■■ ■ c
Specials in the Day's News
LONDON, Dec. 12. —Diplomats here today predict that a
l formal ambassadorial conference of the great European powers will
I be held in Paris early next year as the result of the meeting of am
bassadors here. The ambassadors plan daily informal non-com
mittal "conversations" next week while the peace envoys of Turkey
and the Balkan allies are holding their conferences.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 1 2.—Despondent because of a long sep
aration from his wife, who now resides in New York, H. C. C. Leon
hauser, believed to be a wealthy mining man from San Diego, is dead
here today, having committed suicide in a local hotel.
LONDON, Dec. 12.—Plenipotentiaries of the allied Balkan
states and of Turkey arrived here to open negotiations for peace.
It is believed the basis of the bargaining will be Turkey's renunci
ation of all territory the allies have taken. >*
• -••
ATHENS, Dec. 12.—Fighting hag been resumed between the
Greeka and the Turks in the district of Janina. A battalion of
Greeks occupied the village of Driseo near Janina after several
hours' fighting. Many Turks were killed and wounded in the affray
and the survivors were driven from the field in utter rout.
OREGON CITY, Ore., Dec. 12.— R. L. Holman, undertaker, haa
received from Mabel Davis, Newark, N. J., widow, a letter inferen
tially suggesting matrimony. Holman declares be doesn't know the
fair Mabel, but believes she has in some manner secured a picture
of his handsome face.
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 12.—Charles Gillespie reached through
the broken widow of a waterfront cafe and grabbed a bottle of cat
sup from under the nose of a patron.
"S'bum licker," he remarked Jaggily as the bereft patron, who
was a copper, nabbed him.
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 12.—A masked negro footpad got the sur
prise of his life when he ordered Mrs. Walter Wallace to throw up
her hands. She complied, knocking both the gun and his head spin
ning, and following with an attack on his shins. He fled, scream
DES MOINES, la., Dec. 12.—Jerry B. Sullivan, aspirant for the
secretaryship of commerce and labor, may become a member of the
new cabinet. Sullivan is in receipt today of a letter requesting that
he meet Prealdent-elect WiUon in New York upon the latter's return
from Bermuda.
* (United Tress Leased Wire.) <$>
♦ CHICAGO, Dec. 12.— ♦
♦ Jubilant over the work ac- <§>
♦ complished here by the na- <$>
'«> tional progressive confer- <f>
*> ence, Col. Theodore Roose- <$>
♦velt started for New York <?>
$> at 10 a, m. today. <?>
Because her husband was neg
ligent about caring for his fam
ily and because he refused to
lake orders from her nursemaid,
Mrs. Mary Ellen Dunkerly, 804
North Ij street, sued for divorce
which has been granted by Judge
Kasterday. All Dunkerly's time
recently had been devoted to
study of deep subjects, according
to the wife.
CIIICO, Cal., Dec. 12. —
Local surgeons here today
refused to accept the body
of Miss Hilda Cooper, who
killed herself Monday be
cause she was a hopeless
paralytic. They claim that
no benefit could be derived
by science from an autopsy.
Miss Cooper, before tak
ing her life, made her par
ents promise that in case of
death her body should be
given to science.
(My United Press Leased Wire.)
VERA CRUZ, Mex., Dec. 12. —
Four United States battleships
under command of Admiral
Flaeher are due to arrive here
this afternoon. Mexicans gen
erally view with distrust the
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tain a large quantity of plain syrup.
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as good syrup as money could buy.
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pint bottle, and fill It up with the
Sugar Syrup, you will have as much
couch syrup as you could buy ready
made for f 2.50. It keeps perfectly.
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cough syrup you ever used —even In
whooping cough. You can feel it
take hold — usually stops the most
severe cough In 14 hours. It Is Just
laxative enough, has a good tonic
effect, and taste Is pleasant. Take
a teaspoonful every one, two or
three hours..
.Mt Is a splendid remedy, too, for
whooping cough, croup, hoarseness,
asthma, chest pains, etc.
Pinex Is the most valuable con
centrated compound of Norway
white pine extract, rich In gualacol
and all thq healing pine elements.
No other preparation will work In
this formula.
This reclpa for making; cough
remedy with Pinex and Sugar Syrup
Is now used and priced In thousands
of homes In the United States and
Canada. The plan has often, been
Imitated but never successfully. .
A guaranty of absolute satisfac
tion, or money promptly refunded,
goes with this recipe. Your drug
gist has Pinex, or will get It for
you. If not, send to The Plnex Co.,
it. Wayne, lad.
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<?> SHE OKTS IT ALT/. <£•
<•> <e>
♦ (United Press Leased Wire.) <?>
<s> LONDON, Dec. 12. —May ♦
♦ Kinder Astley, an American <?>
■$■ comedy actress, is nr/ned to- <?>
<?> day as chief beneficiary in •
$> the will of Henry Astley, the <?>
# aviator killed at Belfast Sep- ♦
<$>tember 1 last. Astley mar- •
4> ried Miss Kinder shortly be- ♦
•fore his death. All of the ♦
♦ $328,005 estate goes to the ♦
.*> widow except $20,000 be- <;>
•■ queathed to relatives. <?>
• <?>
$><$><$><$■<?><s> <$><$>■$><$><$>■§> &■s><s><s■
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
OREGON CITY, Ore., Dec. 12.
—Posses are today searching for
William Lilly in bis daughter
Hazel, the father having kidnap
ed his girl after having held oft
a constable and Mm, Lilly at the
point of a revolver. The kidnap
ing comes as the result of a war
rant sworn to by Mrs. Lilly
against her husband, the woman
alleging that her daughter need
ed protection.
(Hy United Press Leased Wire.)
SALEM, Ore., Dec. 12. —John
J. Stanley, serving seven years for
forgery, and his cellmate, Louis
Huffmann, are in solitary con
finement today as the result of an
alleged discovery that Stanley
was responsible for the fire of
December 3, which partially de
stroyed the auditorium at tne
penitentiary It is believed a gen
eral jail delivery was planned.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 12. —
While Deputy District Attorney
Pago was making his closing ar
gument to the jury In the trial of
Harry Leese for manslaughter to
day Attorney J. P. Logan, for
Leese, took exception to a state
ment, passed the lie and before
anyone could Interfere made a
forward pass at Mr. Page with
volume 1 of Lord's Oregon code.
The latter fumbled and the heavy
book went on, striking Juror W.
E. Jackson in the face.
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
CINCINNATI, 0., Dec. 12. —
Congressman Nicholas Long
worth, son-in-law of Col. Roose
velt, defeated candidate for re
election, will not have to worry
about a job when his term ex
"I will take care of Nick," said
W. S. Rippey here today. "He
can have a position as vice presi
dent of the Central Trust com
pany any time he wants it."
(By United Tress Leased Wire.)
SALEM, Ore., Dec. 12.—Wom
en of Oregon cannot serve as
jurors. The recent enfranchise
ment of women did not invest
them with the legal Qualifications
required of jurors.
This Is the opinion of Attorney
General A. M. Crawford given to
day to J. D. Venator, deputy dis
trict attorney at Lakeview.
Local people are surprised at
the QUICK results received from
simple buckthorn bark, glycerine,
etc., as mixed In Adler-i-ka, the
German appendicitis ;jj remedy.
The Owl Drug Co. states that this
simple remedy antlscptlcizes the
digestive system and draws off
the impurities so thoroughly that
A SINGLE DOSE.; relieves sour
■ stomach " and ' tlpation ■ IN
STANTLY. "AdvertisenuMit."
IN S. F.
To rob the loan shark of his prey
and to afford the needy a Chance
to borrow small sums at a "live
and lot live" rate of interest, tho
San Francisco Remedial Loan as
sociation i.s preparing today to
open for business next Monday.
At first tho loans will be con
fined to two classes —pledges ami
chattels —hut it is expected later
to add a third, the salary loan.
Hates for pledge loans will be
11-2 per cent per month and on
chattel loans two per cent.
LEFT $500,000
SBATTLM, Hec. 12.—The late
Senator John I>. Wilson left an
eatate valued at $,".00,000, ac
cording to the will filed here to
day. The entile estate is be
(lueathed to his widow and daugh
ter, Mrs. Helen Stuart C'hapin.
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menta you will be amazed. Your
hair will be wavy, fluffy and
abundant and possess an Incom
parable softness, lustre and lux
iriance, the beauty and shimmer
>f true hair health.
Besides beautifying the hair,
one application of Danderiue dis
solves every particle of Dandruff;
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«i tKi •■ * talking—this is the
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TL. Bc^cf CMit, pleasure to look at the bot-.
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(By United Press Tensed Wire.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec 15..;
—The prosecution in the Im
peachment proceedings against;
Judge Kobert \V. Arclibald of tHa
commerce court probably will rest
its case the last of this week.
The defense will present 50
witnesses, making it improbable
that the case will end. 'before
I January 11.
President W. H. Truesdale ana
Vice President B. B, l.oomis of
the Delaware, I>ackawanna &
Western railway were star wit
nesses yesterday. Lootnls said
Archbald asked him to confer
with Watson with a view to set
tling the Iloland claims against
the road. Watson wanted $101,
--000 but the railway was unwill
ing to pay that.
R. A. Phillips, also of the rail
way, said Arcbbald had nuked
him up to his home to talk over
the settlement. It was charged
that Archbald offered for a con
sideration to settle the case out
of court.
(United Press I/cased Wire.)
blooded white Orpington
pullets, part of II brood of
the famous $10,000 white
Orpington "leggy," weie
stolen lust nic.lii from the
.i.i.i<-n peas of Mis. <i. is.
Moi'Kiiiii'otli. She paid !».'><>
•■mil lor them when five
weeks old.
The Hey. S. S. Healey, pastor of
Park Avenue Congregational
church, has been named successor
to diaries Head, county probation
r looks soft, fluffy, lustrou3
lling hair or dandruff.
cleanses, purifies and Invigorates
the scalp, forever stopping itching
and falling hair.
Danderine is to the hair what
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You can surely have pretty,
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