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# Santa Claus at the
'Bargain Store'
Hi inn the children to MM him. lie's a fine jolly ko<hl fellow,
and Ims brought us just the largest UMHortinent of Chi-i.stiiiiis
Toys Oils year Hint we have ever sliohii. For Friday wo
offer one six-rial from nidi lh-|uu (mint that is so very .sjir*
cml we limit quantities to a customer.
Walnut Fudge, maple and Mixed Nuts, New Crop, a
chocolate flavors. Friday mixture of almonds, wal
special, (*-, nuts, filberts and 17*'«
l-2-lb DC Hr.i/.ils ,a 1b I I all
Limit 1 Ib. to a customer. Limit 4 lbs. to a customer.
\fe:j^3r^sfi&^^ A 50c value. Frl- OQ/»
, , . . . day special LwC
1-1-mch (iil..-«. il ustrnt.-d „ , L> , () , ( . usto ,,, pr
in red and bine letters, mi- _________^__ — _____
morals and animal design*!
absolutely the finest block f°3 fo^(n)lV?,sf If you can
ever offered for 25c. I°^ "'»«' get the
Friday IQ. -h^B) , values
special IJO ff- V //^>v_ anywhere
Limit 2 to a customer. l-' |i J Vsasssf ''lsi lllat
—————————— V) ]_/ZSksSh*- we are
(i v T Tilitr-in j;tHjr/-%^ k offering,
200-yd. spool., Nos. from * > v/^—' wo d lik n
D | ft Kin i ' a ' to tie shown. Regular 50c
M )(1 ' 4C I!00k8 We Stl] at -:'('- Our
limit - 6 "to"a" customer. Friday special is Young
____ -^_____________ __ Peoples Library, Young
„....,, „.,„..,. WAGON American BhercSo» BThe
1 <>l 1.-W 111.1.1, \\.\(.<).N Hoauty, Mother Goose, The
o*, s v c««tj^w«oN Home Primer, g antft Claus
r* ■ hi ii. i 'lifTiji Story Hook. Regular IBe
V >'.^^M, viiliifs. Friday O«
Bright painted, Imt. rubber CANDLKS
tires, wire handle, size of Asst. colors, 36 to a box,
box 4 'I:X7 Inches, Kri- lOp Friday special, Crt
day special \ L\j a. box DC
Limit - to a customer. Limit '■'> boxes to a customer
( MIIDKINS <j.\l!.mi:xt HANGER
In 2 BtseSi a special value C^
at 2 for JO
Jl^& Christmas Trees
jl -01 9 -*y Complete with stand, all ready set up, deliv
ii I* » I? erc(* to your door the day you want it. Price
*^/..<^o^ .-^J BOc, «lO<- and 73c, according to size. Place
4f^a3g^ " your order now.
Paulson Bros. Co.
' The Store for Everybody.
j Phone Muln 2:»2. • 1103-7 C St.
bMsbsssbHbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbbbbbsbbbbbVbbbsbbbbbbbssbblbbbbssbbbbbssssbl i
Those Who Helped Lessings
Here is a list of those who contributed food, clothing and
money for the relief of John LeHHliiK and lii.s family:
, C. XV., overcoat, sack potatoes.
XV. J. Bin ton, ladiM coat.
XV. Q. rißissrc, raincoat
Mrs. M. H. Casimer, clothing, jelly.
Mrs. C. A. l-'ui latt, clothing.
Unknown woman, canned vegeta
bles, preserves, a live, chicken for
Christmas dinner.
A. XV. c, children's clothing.
"3628 So. K." basket provisions.
Mrs. Brucckner, clothing, etc,
A. H. Muller, boy groceries, cloth-
K. Reynolda, bedding.
K. A. Carpenter, box fruit.
' Mrs. S. frailer, vegetables.
"Friend," bundle clothing.
Unknown, bundle clothing.
John Hlnnock, bag flour, bundle
clothing, banket groceries, box
Frederic Thompson presents
In the great dramatic success,
And a notable company of play
. ers. St. Leon family of bareback
riders and gymnasts.
Same excellent production.
I Prices, 25c to $1.50. Seat sale
Friday. ,
The Curtis Picture Opera
The Unique Entertainment of the
Season, as Seen in New York at
the New York Hippodrome and
Carnegie Hall.
! Prices, BOc to $2.00
Mail Orders Now.
. *- -
;' Doc. 20 and 21
* Mail Orders Now • ™
.: For the Most Beautiful of Christ
> , mas Holiday Spectacles—
X". New Theater Production
Special Orchestra. 100 In Cast.
:V-: i PRICKS—Main Floor, $1..10
I And 92; Fiwt .Three Rows Hal
::>lcony, $1.50; Next Three Rows,
ft. 91; Balance," 75c.:
;-f 10 —Winders 2 mid jT. l>iiii<-era — 10 "
canned (foods.
Mrs, K. A. J., clothing, fruit.
Mrs. T. It., clothing, fruit.
Miss Flare. 2 jars preserves.
Mrs. .1. J. Wallln, basket provisions.
11. 8. Owen. Hark potatoes.
Dr. J. ]). Pearaall, bundle clothing.
Mrs. O. W. Holt, clothing and pre
.1. H. Pitta*. clothing,
Miss Ada Kiiliiiih, clothing.
W. 0. Campbell, 1 dozen <juart Jars
preserves, clothing.
R. N. a., clothing-.
"1015 No. Stevens," jelly, reading
Mrs. J. ]•:. Cody, clothing.
Mrs. ■*. A. P., basket preserves.
Mm. W. <;. Carrottc, provisions,
groceries, clothing.
Qua Carlson, fruit.
J. K. I'ucluk. fruit.
John XV. Carroll, .li,thing.
M. ■ C % .59
C. XV 1.00
J. P. Berg M
C. M. H 10
By letter 1.00
.1. 11. Uunvalson 1.00
J. II 25
It nodes Urns, employes 4..
11. S. Owen 50
H. XV 75
U. N. G .50
Mrs. J. K. Cody 2.00
Strangers 1.50
W. T. XV.. Gig Harbor 50
10. Uandall 1.00
Carl Kkvull 50
Johnson 1.00
Total $17.15
a new member
The application of A. .1. Bell,
who coached Aberdeen High
school football team when It
scored a victory over Tacoma
High this fall, for a place on the
staff of teachers of the Stadium
High next semester, was accept
ed by the school board at a meet
ing yesterday afternoon. • He will
come here with the beginning of
the new term In February to
teach in the commercial depart
ment and to act as one of the
coaches of the track team in the
spring. •
\nk*w, J. n.. 32 years, yesterday
at his home, 1732 North Prospect
at. A widow and four small chil
dren survive him. Funeral ser
vices were private and burial was
in Tacoma cemetery. ,
\VII»on. William H., today at
10:30 a. m.. from his home 1608 So.
Mil, st. Interment, Masonic cem
etery near Stellacoom. , .•'
llnmnirr,' Anthony J., ' today nt
1:30 from St. loco's church. . Cortege
leaves Hoska-Duckley-King'a at '1
o'clock. Interment, Calvary.
] V- . ;■- -v MARINE .: -,- ■-:_;.•"
■ Tlmo/Wi*r-£»«tt3»saKi'<* Height. i I
12:21 a. m ;, .%-.: .. i /.'.. "."."7*1.4« feet
■ 8:39* a. ; m. ..............11.4 feet
I Tacoma's Bridge the First Vertical Lift Structure In West
This is Tacoma's new half mil
lion dollar bridge which will be
done according to present plans
about the first of the year.
It is the first vertical lift struc
ture in the west excepting two
new ones just finished at Port
Tile top of the towers rise near
ly 200 feet above the water a:
(By United Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON, I). ('., Dec. 12.
—To cover the expenso of a gov
ernment exhibit in the 1915 ex
position in San Francisco, Presi
dent Tuft will send a message to
congress urging an appropriation
of $2,000,000, according to relia
ble Information here today.
It is expected that congress
will endorse the recommendation.
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.— As en
aftermath of the Titanic disas
ter, two survivors, Miss Hessie
McCoy of New York and Thomas
MeCormick of Bayonne, N. J. (
are to be married, according to
announcement here today. lio-
Cormick leaped into the water
just before the big liner sank
and was pulled into a lifeboat by
Miss McCoy.
<3> «
.§> , <j,
*-> Tacoma — Tonight, Erna <?■
•♦' Muehlenbruch, pianiste. Sat- '!'■
*?> urday, "Polly of the Circus." •$
>$> Coming, "The Kiss Waltz," ♦
♦ "Naughty Marietta," and <$•
4 "The blue Bird." <$>
<8> <8>
<«> Pantages—Vaudeville. <J>
<$> <$.
<!> Princess—Dark. <$>
<$> Empress—Vaudeville. <$>
<$> <?.
<?>!?> <$> <§> <?><s> <J> <8> <§>'&<§■ <»> <$><$> <$> <j>
—_ o
Frederic Thompson's produc
tion of "Polly of the Circus,"
with Elsie St. Leon in the title
role, will be seen at the Tacoma
Saturday night
One of the most striking films
to be shown by Edward S. Curtis
in his picture-opera at the Taco
ma Tuesday evening, Dec. 17, Is
that of the weird Snake dance of
(he Arizona Indians, in which the
priests of the Snake fraternity
dance while carelessly handling
living rattlesnakes.
(S- ■$, <;, <*. <§' <$>'? > <■> .-.S <■;-. >». „J. .?> <J, /i, ,§>
Atnoshlm Yoslildo, Stockton, Cal.
and Kawayo Nakann, .Inpnn; Wal
ter C. Oettfl anil Miss M. It. Cox,
Dupont, Wash.; 11. H. Steelc, West
minster, B. C, and Myra I. Hilde
brand, Tacoma; A. E. Lunileen anil
Anna S. I.uinlrcn, Rochester,
Wash.; M. .1. nurke anil Krna Hel
flicb, Tacoma; Hradley l^eKny Ben
eon, Seattle, and Edith Vern Lash.
Cashmere, Wash.; Anton Boe and
Selma Hlnderlie, Lakevlaw.
This delightful stomach regulator brings relief in.
five minutes- Puts an end to Stomach
trouble forever.
"Rpally does" put l>ad stomachs
In order —"really does'" overcome
Indigestion, dyspepsia, gas, heart
burn and sourness in five minutes
—that—just that —makes Pape's
Dliipepsin the largest selling stom
ach regulator in the world. If
what you eat ferments into stub
born lumps, you belch gas and
eructate sour, undigested food and
acid; head is dizzy and aches;
breath foul; tongue coated; your
Insldes filled with bile and indi
geetible waste, remember the mo
ment Diapepsin comas in contact
with the stomach all such distress
vanishes. It's trul; a«tonlshing—
low tide and boats 135 feet hlgTi
will be able to pass under at
high tide.
The big concrete weights whic'.i
will be suspended on wire cable:
to balance the weight of the lift
section are still to be put in be
fore the false work now holdin;;
the lift can be taken out.
A leal ure not yet shown In
The Voters' Educational league I
will moet in the auditorium of Ute
Y. M. C. A. tomorrow afternoon
ai 1:80 to discuss the laws in I
this state pertaining to women
and children,
W, A. Whitman spoke on tne
subject of the I',mama canal at
the Church of the Holy Commun
ion last Bight.
Harbormaster Grccshenphas re
ported that Taeoma port received
UG vessels last month and sent
out 149.
Manual training and domestic
science equipment Will be in
stalled in the Willard and Rog
ers schools as soon as it seems
feasible to the school board.
Victor Ambrose, 11 years old.
was yesterday placed in the cus
tody of a Catholic school Tiy
Judge Clifford. Both parents,
divorced, wanted care of the Doy.
The report of Miss Arizona B.
Wimple, the new food inspector,
shows she visited 241 places dur
ing the last fifteen days of No
The theft of a brown leather
suit case from his room in the
Howard hotel, 1340 1-2 Pacific
avenue, was reported to police '
this morning by Wm. Shafer.
Order your Xmas flowers in
advance. Ilinz, Florist, So. 7th
and X st. "Advertisement."
R. W. Jamleson, sheriff-elect or
Pierce couiyi.y t is preparing To
contest the ballot recount asked
for by Sheriff Longmire. The
hearing will be before Judge Card
Fire insurance agents will hold
their monthly meeting at noon
today at the Commercial club.
Milwaukee Hntisnßo now in.
Duemvald's, 313 11th, near C St.
The monthly report of Dr. Wil
son, city bacteriologist, shows 2 OT>
tests of Green river water in No
vember. Many of them were
made on guinea pigs. If it kills
the pigs, the water will be consid
ered not good.
Taeoma High school has a free
employment bureau which will
furnish merchants additional
clerks during the holiday season.
Answering the suit In federal
court brought by Uncle Sam
against the company for working
its trainmen 1G hours the North
ern Pacific denies the charge !n
toto, declaring ft never did It.
The new city contagious hospi
tal which Is now about finished
will be formally opened with a
almost marvelous, and the Jojr la
its harmlcssncES.
A large fifty-cent case of Pape'a
Diapepsln will give you a hundred
dollars' worth of satisfaction or
you druggist hands you your
money back.
It's worth Us we'ght In gold to
men and women who can't get
stomachs regulated. It belongs in
your horne —should always be k«pt
: handy in case of a rick, sour, up
set stomach during the day or at
night. It's the quickest, surest
and most harmless slumach doctor
in the world.
the picture will be a big water
main that will go up to tho top
of the bridge and then span the
distance across, coming down on
tlie cast side to furnish water
for the tidellats.
The old bridge shown in thf
middle of the picture below the
Dew one is to be taken out and
the pier on which it rests remov
ed from tup channel,
I public reception presided over By
Tacorua club women next Satur
day. Everybody is invited.
Gehri & Co. were low bidder Tor
the job of installing heating ap
paratus in the new Central school,
the price being $20,572, other
bids running up to $31,000.
Bwi watches for $10 at Waffs
Jewelry Store. We give Green
Stamps. II 17 C st., near 13th.
George Board man used to be
in the first precinct in his ward
but the shifting of lines put him
in No. 13. He kicked' at the
hoodoo number yesterday 'out the
council paid no attention to him.
Dlx Rowland says he Is not in
the race for speaker of the house.
He will let Holmes of Eiverett
and Murphine of Seattle light it
out for the bull moose support.
The Northern Pacific has
started work on an ice house at
Pasco 4SO feet long, 90 feet wide
and 51 feet high.
About furs. See Mueller. 921
South C. "Advertisement."
Mrs. William Rost, Mrs. Jennie
Ross and Mrs. Katie Scott are all
I dead at Spokane as the result of
drinking whisky from a bottle
bought at Conrad Smith's saloon
and Smith is under arrest.
John L. Wilson's estate, worth
$300,000, was left to his widow
and daughter at Seattle.
Little Falls is now lighted lay
electricity, current being turned
in Saturday.
Airtight heaters, $I.CO and up.
Ewing Hardware Co., 1111 C st.
Main 7750. "Advertisement."
DeWitt C. Smith, prominent
Puyallup resident, while handling
his gun shot himself in the head,
but will recover.
District Attorney Coiner Eays
If he fails to Indict the Seattle
commission combine he has
enough evidence to get action
from the county prosecuting at
torney at least.
REDDING, Cal., Dec. 12.—The
charges of murder against Daniel
Thompson .and Marcus A. Griffith
in connection with the slaying of
William C. Landis by William E.
Clements, who was recently ac
quitted, was dismissed today.
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Dec. 12.
—That a number of Sacramento
churches own and rent houses
that are an offense against nu
nianlty is the charge made by
Secretary F. W. Snow of the state
board of health. „
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 12.
—That the Standard Oil com
pany plans to continue Its ex
pensive prospecting on land tliat
may be oil bearing is indicated
today by its purchase of 860 acres
near Fullerton, adjoining prop
erty they already hold.
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.—Cap
tain W. C. Rose of San Francisco
la dead at the Waldorf Astoria
hotel here today from heart fail
PARIS, Oct. 12.—"Last Sunday
they gave me a big bowl of tasty
soup," wrote a convict names
Telemaque Passage from hie pris
on at Mont Auban to the French
attorney general, "followed by a
lump of meat, with some gooc
white wine. Please, ; Monsieur,
let me stay here. I don't get sucn
fare outside." , ■ ,
Moving ) and I Storage
• Merchants' Delivery •. .•- '•■-.":.'
Main 108.
As the result of a "you tickle
mo and I tickle you" policy, the
city council yesterday made the
most sweeping salary raise ever
known tit the city hull. Commis
sioners Mills ami I-.nw.son led the
onslaught on the city treasury.
When the rest saw how they were
going they all -jumped in ami
before they not through the sal
aries of nearly 300 city employes
had been raised anywhere, from
$5 to $100 a month.
Controller Meads had not
thought of asking for any raise
in his department, but when he
saw the way things were going
he leaped into the arena and got
a raise for all his $00 clerks to
$95, bad his brother-in-law creat
ed a deputy and raised from $100
to $125, and raised his lady
stenographer from $75 to $90.
Commissioner Freeland had not
thought of raising his men, but
he too caught the inspiration,
put all his $00 clerks to $96, and
then after the meeting started
out to get raises for the balance.
Commissioner Lawson went
right through his office and
raised practically everybody from
$5 to $25. Mills did the same in
both police and fire departments.
The mayor had his municipal
dock employes raised, as they
were the lowest paid employes in
the city.
Commissioner Woods raised
the engineering department scale
all along the line, excepting the
chief, and got a raise for Chief
Clerk Metzger from $153 to $175.
Elks will hold their annual
"old cloths" social tonight In
their club rooms. All members
will bring garments which are
still good although they have
been discarded, which will be
turned over to the poor during
the holidays. Joe JlcGinuity, new
owner of the Tacoma baseball
club, will be honor guest at tne
smoker held in connection with
the social.
Dr. 11. A. Button, veterinarian
of Tacoma, says the disease caus
ed by forage mold, which took
$20,000 worth of horses from
Kansas farmers causing them a
loss of $6,000,000 because of in
ability to harvest crops, is also
in this state. The mold on the
plants is due to lack of sunlight.
It causes a spinal. meningitis in
the horse and unless given radi
cal treatment within 2 4 hours
after it starts there is little hope
of saving the animal.
Only about 50 per cent of
those treated from the start can
bo saved anyway.
How John
Quit Drinking
¥ The Happy Reunion* I
I Golden Remedy Did It. 1
Cosls Nothing to Try.
Golden Remedy Ik Odorlens find
'I'iiM lean—Any Lndy Can Give
It Secretly tit Home In Ten,
Coffee or l<"uoil.
If you have a husband, son,
brother, father or friend who Is a
victim of liquor, all you have to
do Is to send your name and ad
dress on the coupon below. You
may be thankful as lons as you
live that you did It.
• 1 111:1; TRIAL PACKAGE!
Dr. J. W. lliiliu-H Company,
3510 Glenn Bills., < In. 1n,,;.
Please send me, absolutely free,
by return- mall, in plain wrap
per, so that no one can know
what It contains, a trial pack
atro of Golden Remedy to prove
that what you claim for it Is
true in every respect.
Name •
Street .........
State ...-. ..
Strs. Indianapolis
and Chippewa
The faateat and flnrnt day
ateamera <>« the coaat.
' Leave* Tacoma from Mu
nicipal Dock at 7:00. 9:00, 31:00
a. m.; 1:00. 1:00. 6:00. 7:00
--9:00 it. m.
Leave Seattle from Colmnn
dock. 7:00. 9:00. 11:00 a. m..
1:00. 1:00. 00, 7:00. 0:00 p. m.
-?* * HOUND TIIIP OOe -,--,:{
A Stenmer Ifiverjr Ton Hour*.
A ;>,; 1.. K. puncEi.i... Ann.« ■
ilt-a i». ■ Phone * Main ■ 3448 •*-^J<a
After exhausting the city pay
roll, Mills insisted on tacking $25
to the salary of Dudley Eshel
man, secretary of civil service,
and a loyal democrat.
Then the council capped the
climax by raising the salary of
City Attorney Stiles from $300
to $400 a month.
After he thought it over
awhile, Mayor Seymour conclud
ed it was a bad day's work, and
spells disaster for the administra
tion. From present indications,
it will mean about $35,000 added
to the already swollen roll,
which reached the figures of
$81,043 in November.
f-JSBfth' '"^ A^^i JL^^
BBMK^3BBS«KwjfISgK'JOC ■■-■■■ !■'■ ". Wnmii, n;nu Siiuiii I-t ,
JgjP3lßEßaKsn'Bff^sSraß Win. ;'.::■■.. f. i. m.in round . .
fisBStMBEBBBMIiiSIMKMB supt. SolillerF' Home, ortlug Wasli
rat H^lSwa H s •'■ Slnll>> ' ')r::- Poutii X si ; t.
Iw ItHKw^ ■ • "■' ''■ ' : Western I'liti.n Telegraph
BRMHE3L?*'ffy*-JL -'---iJPitWI nffic-i ; It' v. It S Slubbs, 392S North
Wffßr^P-^ '■"»P|" > A- Peterson,' 2901 Pacific
,\S^mm9(:'^ff^'-: '}> ffl^*BpH ;tl IK. H Perry, Count> Treus r<
kS KtJaV^4SFW9S^BB99 <>rrii-«--. .John n rote: ,on, sun south
HHs mISE«^^S^!bSPSI Bb ''' ' 'AA "' ''■' ' lawyer li;ink-
JnßßHffTßJrMiKlfltfnrlßi^MnßM " 'in n». < > ■ ■■ ■
jlfp 3toBWBWw6S^6MKmI Bm clerk, Taroma hotel; 'I' V Kuller,
-liri^a*T^^ffßMy^BT^^l dlypjitcher, Puget Sound Electric R.
kV BHHBuhBHhB '' • Mrs- A- r°rJ. Ortlng.
Open Saturday Evenings
Chicago Eye Specialists
Rooms 332-333 Provident Bldg.
JJSS^I Our Store at 13tli and Cls Open All Night. lEJCpS
™ Tr? McMillan ill
iBPSi x Specials for Friday and Saturday j|S||
|Ok£«3 Patent Remedies Toilet Articles jfi&Sf3 \
(^^^^ 50c Can- 9On 50c Pompelan QQ« <^&^m'
ffllFQ throx OCX* Cream OuU BK&|
fifiXM 2. r )C nrorao IQ rt 50c Stadium QOn :fi«ilia
FSS^ Quinine .... I 01; Cream Oui/ Bil'Vfl
$1 Stuart's CC« ■-"«■ Milk 00-, »*y(
Wwwv ) Dyspepsia... Oul» Weed Cream Oilli I™*™.
"!BjT"juTi '"c Pape's QQn -''lc' Rice O-» ;'''Sj*
KW-.Nj Diapepsin... vlUb Powder .... U*IU K^Ktl
rfli^ 50c Syr. 90« sOc Theatrl- QQ« r«ll
ifcw'J Figs ut.li cal Cream . . www jC-vjj^
■ItSffl •"'"'■ Menthol- 00/» 50c S«mpre 00/» IKiSrj
1— » atum dwli Glovine iltb ' ~IXICC
'■"b^THI fi-oo Scott's 7Q 50c 00-> fftT^B'
ip/flrl Emulsion... I «JO Robertlne. . . \3%J\j iPifvl
:|3iira| *1 Pure Cod 70, ■"'"<• Almond QO~ PrapS
ifc^'J Liver 0i1... IUU Cream- ..... UUu l^|
v'-'*" 25c Piso'a lOn -lll(> Cream 00, [OtSlmS
Z^l^ Cough Hem.. l«fb de Camella.. JUb
jE^ffl roMi-i.iii: mm: OK LA OIKS' hand I{A(;S. I*jM|
tr~~~^\ Coupon Fountain Pens ftjp-'imj"
JKi^a Good for 10 "S. & • Kifi?B
fMftgl H." Green Stamps Complete line of $Mmlw
!ffl With ora purchase of WM.iamson's Pens, M
llffiffl 50c or over Friday Williamsons Pens, |^^
vXJSSiJ and Saturday. $1.00 to $10.00. BECSBH
Look over our line and compare our prices. flh-'fitfß
'^pXCv We carry a complete line of separate pieces— -^^^
JPT^SI Brushes, Combs, Buffers, Mirrors, Nail Piles, ErS^l
igMJ etc., as well as a most complete line (if sets. FTikl
iElai $1.00 Alarm CC« 10c Nursing C n K?gS
iSSSHLf, Clocks Udlf Bottles Ob cSSSS.
ign boK^si.oo ••••„-■■-■ ioc "2^
IratillM $'' 00 Kino (PI OC •»• w kCjJi!
raj Steel Razors 89c qt. Hot Water SI
■■» si"""... 89c arras. $1.25 Hi
ißT^n ?2-50 Razor C 1 70 2 Qtl ""t Water Dag. SrsM
!Rml Strops $lifU Guaranteed. O1 fit) ■ ffll
him 60c Shaving QC« H-B. $1.50. . I illU MJW
\W*Sm Mugs UOb 3 qt. Combination. HhG/J
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Thursday, Dec. 12,1912.
(Hy United Press Leased Wire.)
Despite the decision of the su
preme court, which declared ille
gal the relations between the
Union Pacific and Southern Pa
cific, the former company will
probably form a simple traffic
agreement with the latter, thus
maintaining control of the road,
according to the belief current in
railroad and financial circles here
today. While such an agreement
might be construed as a viola
tion of the spirit of the decision,
it is not believed that the court
will interfere.

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